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I have been actively observing this website for a couple of months now. I must get this opinion off my chest. When I first signed up for, I thought it would be a lot more useful than this. Site developers and moderators; please donít take this the wrong way. I am not criticizing the way the website was created or its user friendliness. In my humble opinion, the ďheartĒ of this community is not in its creators, but in its members. The creators have done a great job with the site, but it takes great members to make the site useful.

The main point that I wish to make is this. The potential of this site is enormous, especially for new writers who wish to improve their skills. The comment and rating buttons are extremely helpful to the writer because it gives him/her a sense of direction. Improvements can occur when we get feed back from others. Positive feedback gives us a sense of accomplishment and lets us know what we should keep on doing. Negative feedback lets us reflect on what we can do better to improve as writers. Both forms of feedback are essential to the essence of this community. But let me ask you all. Is this what is really happening here? Hell no!

Iíve seen pieces, which have over 50 hits with only 2 comments attached to them. Iíve seen stories and poems with over 18 hits with no comments at all. Am I to believe that out of the 18 people who have read those pieces, no one had anything insightful and intelligent to say? I donít believe it. So Iíve come up with a few theories. The first is this. The story or poem is so bad that the readers feel that they shouldnít comment if they have nothing good to say. Second, the story or poem is so bad, that once the reader sees a couple of the first lines, he/she clicks the ďbackĒ button due to loss of interest. Third, the readers are a little bit shy to make a comment because they have just seen that out of the 35 people who have read the story before them, only 1 person made a comment. Fourth, the piece is so good that the reader doesnít want to make a comment because he/she feels inadequacy, therefore doesnít want to say anything. And finally, people are just too fucking lazy. Until about a week ago, I fell into all these categories. Until one day, a member named Enforced Bliss wrote an interesting rant about being brutally honest with ďbadĒ writers. This rant got the most comments that Iíve ever seen on this website. I asked myself why. And I think it was because what he had to say captivated the audience. It made them disagree nonetheless, but at least it kept them interested. So I believe this. Every writer has something to say. They may differ in skills and grammatical structure, but they all have something that they want to express. To ignore this fact is hurtful and insulting. If someone has taken the time to write something and has posted it up for either public praise or humiliation, they at least deserve the respect of being commented on. Donít make them waste their time. Personally, I could be spending time masturbating or doing something unproductive, but I have chosen to write something. Is it good or bad writing? I donít know. Because no one bothers to comment!!!

I respect Enforced Bliss for what he had to say even though I didnít completely agree with him. But thatís what makes the commenting tool great. The fact that we can exchange ideas and give feedback can only make us better writers. Like Enforced Bliss said, if his writing is bad, he wants to know. I completely agree. I think every writer deserves the respect of being commented on. If something is bad, people should say what was bad about it and offer suggestions. If something is good, they deserve to know what was good so that they can continue, and possibly develop that aspect of their style. At the moment, I donít know how many members has. But looking at physical evidence, it seems that there are only about 12 active members who actually give a shit. And about 6 of them have either mentor status, or they run the site. So where are all the others? I hope that you all see my point. Together we can start to do something great here. We can all improve as we go along. Donít you want that?


The following comments are for "What Bothers Me About This Site"
by pengster13

A comment!
I must say that I agree with almost everything that you have said.
It ~is~ frustrating to log on and find that your work has been viewed another three times, and that STIL no one has anything to say about it.
I always think that no news is good news, but, by heck, even a one line, or even one ~word~ comment (Good/Bad) would at least give us some idea of what's on peoples minds.
I, personally, always try to comment, but have to admit, sometimes I don't *shrugs* I'm human. I don't like telling people that they failed to stir my interest with their hard work, and someimes, I simply don't have time to comment there and then, and forget to later...
So, to anyone who's work I've read and not commented on, I apologise. In future, I will comment, even if it's just that ~one~ word. How long does it take to type four letters?


( Posted by: Jasmine [Member] On: August 7, 2002 )

i completely agree with everything you have outlined (except masturbating which is a bit out of place, but yeah I get the me)

( Posted by: webguy [Member] On: August 7, 2002 )

The users have the power
Sorry about the masturbation line webguy, that's just my twisted sense of humor, if no one laughed it is ok =)

I'm glad that you all understand what I feel. Of course, none of this is a personal attack against any member of this online community. The website developers have created a great tool for us to use. And for this I humbly thank them. I believe that if the members took more of an active role, we would all benefit greatly. But if they don't, I guess that is their personal choice. As for myself, I know that I will be commenting a lot more. Just because someone else is not doing something, it doesn't mean you have to follow them right? Oh, interesting thought! How much money do you want to bet that the people who will comment on this are going to be the same 12 people I was thinking about when I wrote this opinion?

( Posted by: pengster13 [Member] On: August 7, 2002 )

no comment !!!!!
Just joking. I agree with the reasons you think most people don't comment. I am guilty of some of these myself. If I don't like something I feel that this is just my opinon. I try to comment on what I like but that also is just my opinion. Maybe there are more readers than writers visiting this site like me. Although I must admit sometimes I like to imagine that I could write if I really tried. But alas Mr. Enforced Bliss has probably ended my dreams of being the next Erma Bombek.(just kidding again) One of the other reasons I don't comment more is the fact that it takes me so long to type something that snail mail would probably be faster. I think if you love to write you should. But that doesn't mean you will be able to make a living at it. Just do it because you love it and if you happen to strike it rich good for you!

( Posted by: josey [Member] On: August 7, 2002 )

Josey *Points... her earlier comment*
Just ~one~ word is enough, Hon.
If you like it, type 'good', if not type 'bad'. How long does ~that~ take?
And use the rating system to say ~how~ good/bad you thought it was...Posting time= less than 30 seconds.

*asks nicely* Please?


( Posted by: Jasmine [Member] On: August 8, 2002 )

Just another point...
Some, like myself, like to revisit pieces, to see the opinions of others, but might not, necessarily leave an additional comment.
This would put the hit count higher than the comments count. Yes?


( Posted by: Jasmine [Member] On: August 8, 2002 )

a few things
Well, you make some good points. One of the things that is in the works, is separating the comments from the ratings. (when Crowe gets a free moment!) This will allow the casual lurkers to rate the story without the commitment of making a comment. This should give you more of the god/bad feedback that you crave. As for commenting, like Josey said, many people come here to read the stories, Although they may not comment at least you can gain some satisfaction that you are getting exposure. If you have a high read count, then maybe that in itself is an indicator of success. We would love it if more people would comment, but unfortunately you can lead a horse to water.......

( Posted by: kross [Member] On: August 8, 2002 )

It's about the math
I loath the idea that all things come down to math. Most of my friends are egg heads who are very good at math. They've alway said everything can be boiled down to the math. And it's true.

Lit.Org gets about 30,000 pageviews a month. We have less than 1000 members. Only 10% of those contribute. And of those 10%, only 10% are active. This is a pretty good ratio of active users. I've been running websites for a LONG time now, and I'm a member of some VERY VERY active community sites, and their average is 10% also. The difference is, on some of these larger sites, they have 200,000 registered users. What does that mean to you, and to me?

For one, take They have 47,463 as of this post. So they are around 47 times as big as my site. But that also incur's greater cost for them, so they spam their site trying to get people to buy more to cover costs. Your work does have more potential to be seen on - but it also has more potential to quicly get burried in the mayhem.

I'd rather be read and commented on by 5 people that I know and trust rather than a 100 people saying "good job".

We are growing at a pretty good rate. Most sites don't have a ratio of comments to submission like we do. Our comment to post ratio is pretty high, actually, and getting better all the time. As we grow, it'll only get better. The system works - though it can use improvement. I'm always trying to improve it. We just need more members. I'm doing everything I can and I always try to do more. I need your help! Tell more people about the site. It's that simple. And I'll love you for it :)

Consider this: If your post doesn't get feedback, maybe it just didn't make an impression on anyone. The key to getting feedback is that you have a short amount of space to make a personal connection with the reader. If you don't, they won't get involved. Don't think just because it's a site full of writers that we'll love everything because it's written work. Some responsibility is to the writer here, to create stories we can't HELP but comment on.

I found your post here to be a good one. And your points valid. Keep em coming ;)

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: August 8, 2002 )

Need Sleep
You make a very good point and amusingly enough I do not have time to say all that I'd like other than that...I need to go to bed.


( Posted by: Kine [Member] On: August 11, 2002 )

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