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The town of Kilmarie is your basic countrified area; one small school, elders everywhere, and old fashioned movie houses and soda parlors. Enough to peak anyone's fancy...I doubt that. Mitsue Thompson and Yumiko Sanders find themselves falling into a mad world filled with serial killers, mental patients, and suicidal schizophrenics after stumbling upon the supposedly abandoned asylum located on the outskirts of the city and becoming trapped within it's walls. As their hopes collapse, their friendship grows stronger...Of course, one needs someone else to confide in when you're stuck in the hell that is known as the Kilmarie Asylum.

**Note: The layout of the story goes from present to past...each part differing ^.^ I'm sure you'll get it! Part 2: Past...

Chapter 2-
Queer Little Asylum

Two friends giggled as they set off down the steps of Kilmarie High School into the packed lawn, full of students eagerly making their way home after the long 7 hours of school. The day was beautiful, the blue sky littered with only a few wispy clouds, fitting in here and there, and the blooming trees were a gorgeous green with a few specks of pink buds. Yumiko Sanders and Mitsue Thompson walked on, arms locked in a friendly hold, as they proceeding down the block into town, Yumi nearly ignoring everyone trying to talk to her as they hurried along. They passed a few coffee shops, a hand full of clothing stores, a Blockbuster movie rental, and finally came upon the Kilmarie town cinema, where they had to choose between the movie about the happy bunny or the weeping drama...they chose weeping drama. They bought their drinks, popcorn, and chocolatey goodness, taking their seats as the previews flashed by on the large screen. Throughout the rather boring flick, they threw popcorn at the loving couples making out and giggled hysterically at their mischievous behavior. Once or twice they were told to be quiet and act as the 16 year olds they truly are, but the only response given back was the sticking out of a tongue or just an innocent smile from the two teens.

After the boring, yet quite entertaining, movie, they headed to the same pizza parlor they always had since the start of the friendship, giggling the whole trip over from their fun at the theater. They made their way through the lonely town, arms locked and joking about the couple who had been in a fiery lip-lock only to be hit by a handful of buttered popcorn thrown by two impish girls. They shared a small pepperoni pizza as they sat at their favorite booth in front of the window, one of the few luxurious ones left. The Kilmarie Pizza Plaza was quite old, just like the town, having been in business for many years and it showed in the red leathered cushions of the seats and booths. Many were old and worn with quite a few rips and tears from all the jumping and weight put onto them. As they joked around and laughed, Mitsue’s jealousy of Yumi’s personality came flooding back. She always wanted to be like Yumi, so free spirited and humorous. Mitsue was the total opposite, with her soloistic behavior and low self esteem. After eating their pizza, only leaving behind one lonely slice, they set off on a small journey around the small town of Kilmarie. They passed many of what they already knew, and a few of what they have never noticed before, such as the Kilmarie Soda Parlor; they’d have to go there next time if they didn’t forget about it. After walking for nearly an hour, the sun now starting to set and casting a gorgeous array of pinks and purples into the clouds and sky, when they spotted a lonesome trail off the road.

It wasn’t at all obvious, it was graveled in brown rocks that had been sprouting grass and weeds between the spaces, making the pathway nearly hidden. As well, it was shadowed by the neighboring trees, their branches bending over it as if to make an eery tunnel for the 3 person trail.

“I’ve never noticed this here before,” Yumi said curiously, staring at the tilted sign of wood with faded, nearly invisible words.

“Neither have I...” Mitsue whispered, a smirk spreading across her face as she looked to her friend. “Let’s find out, shall we?” She suggested, holding out her arm.

Yumi smiled, having always loved an adventure, and locked her arm once more with Mitsue, and they started out down the forlorn drive together. Nothing disturbed them on their walk, and it was fairly well lighted, despite the denseness of the fall colored trees. A few dead orange leaves fell from the trees, and several frightened chipmunks scurried out of their way as they gathered various seeds strewn out across the trail. A gentle breeze swept past them, rustling the branches and sweeping through their hair, carrying with it the fresh scent of a nearby creek they had past moments earlier. The two girls still clung close to one another, as they did not know what await them at the end of the road...Maybe a demented old woman living in an old home, who didn’t like little children on her grown lawn and threatened to cut out their tongues with her blood stained kitchen knife so they wouldn’t be able to tell about the lifeless bodies hidden in the field. Maybe it was just a haunted mansion, left over from the 1800's by the rich lord who had mourned his wife’s death and went mad from the constant howls and cries of the woman’s remaining spirit. They didn’t have to think of the possibilities much longer, as they finally saw an end to the dark tunnel...but it wasn’t a very exciting end. Through the final arch of leaves and branches, they saw a large, white building, that had a remarkable resemblance to a hospital.

"Kilmarie Hospital for the Mentally Unstable...” Yumi read under her breath on a worn sign next to her, nearly identical to the one at the entrance. They both gazed up at the large asylum, it’s walls looking quite old and covered in ivy, slithering it’s way up to the roof. The windows were thick, as they all are in many asylums to steer clear of escapees or injuries; over a few windows were thick bars instead of the panes of glass, which the girls reasoned to believe were the puffy white cells that were for the tragically insane and under watch. The steps leading up onto the porch of the entrance were littered with leaves and dirt, ivy also creeping up the ancient columns holding up the ceiling above the porch, despite it was already falling in on itself. The cherry oak doors had many small cracks from age...or an attempted escape or even break in, as the cracks were violent and large, as if kicked in. The whole place looked quite abandoned.

“Should we go in, now...?” Yumi whispered, looking at Mitsue, who returned the look.

“I don’t looks really scarey... even if it is as abandoned as it appears...”

They looked back at the mental home to run over it once more with their frightened eyes, when they noticed something they had not noticed before. On the third story, gazing out a grimy window to the far left, was a tattered looking girl. Her hair was thin looking and quite stringy, her large eyes looking down at them fearfully. Her frail body was dressed in a very filthy patient gown, the pure white now turned into a vile sandy color and ripped in many places. On her left cheek was a cut that looked to be rather deep, the dry blood covering the side of her face and making her look even more haunted. Her face was filthy, very thin and bony, making it seem she had not eaten in a number of days.

A large chill swept down both Mitsue’s and Yumi’s spines as they gripped at each other tightly, staring back at this spooky figure. They quickly looked at each other with fearful eyes, both agreeing inaudibly, and then running frantically away from the scene, eager to get away from this moment in time.

The girl continued to watch them with her dark brown eyes, her frail fingers gripping onto the pane of the window as she continued to gaze over the tops of the trees, watching the dark figures of the young girls run back to leave her alone once more. She turned and gazed behind her at a rather large figure, slumped up against the wall with a limp posture.

“They're leaving...I suppose it shall be just us, once more...” the young girl whispered hoarsely; the figure showed no sign of moment or the slightest sign of a pulse.

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