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The town of Kilmarie is your basic countrified area; one small school, elders everywhere, and old fashioned movie houses and soda parlors. Enough to peak anyone's fancy...I doubt that. Mitsue Thompson and Yumiko Sanders find themselves falling into a mad world filled with serial killers, mental patients, and suicidal schizophrenics after stumbling upon the supposedly abandoned asylum located on the outskirts of the city and becoming trapped within it's walls. As their hopes collapse, their friendship grows stronger...Of course, one needs someone else to confide in when you're stuck in the hell that is known as the Kilmarie Asylum.

**Note: The layout of the story goes from present to past...each part differing ^.^ I'm sure you'll get it! Part 1: Present...

Chapter 1-

“I wonder what all has changed since we've been in here...Do you think anyone misses us?”

“Of course they do...Why are you asking this, now?”

Mitsue turned to look at her friend laying on the padded floor next to her with her once dazzling orange and gold speckled eyes, now turned into a cold slate of greyish yellow from the experiences that had happened in the past few months. Her black hair was now frizzed and tangled, showing the obvious signs of no pampering for quite some time, the once rebellious bright red highlighted strand of hair, usually draped against the paleness of her left cheek, was now turning into a sulky blood stain.

“I was just thinking...Mitsue, do you think we’ll ever get out of here?”

The young woman next to her now turned her slim face to look at her. Every Saturday for the past four years, this beauty queen had turned down a date with some hot football jockey to hang out with her out-cast, gothic friend; her name was Yumiko, but everyone knew her as Yumi. Her blonde hair was turning a sandy grey from the dirt that had gathered in it, her normally well fit body looking dainty, threatening to break at even the slightest touch of a feather. Behind those grey eyes, which once use to be an attractive blue, Mitsue searched desperately for the friend she once knew and loved...but she was gone, replaced by this death-hungry creature. Mitsue couldn’t hold back her tears as she stared on at her beloved friend.

“Of course we will, Yumi...I’m confident of that...” she lied, forcing a smile upon her face for her friend; Yumi only turned her blank stare to the padded ceiling.

“You’re a bad liar, Mitsue...We don’t stand a chance...”

“Don’t say that! Please don’t, Yumi...What happened to that ‘I can do anything’ attitude everyone envied?”

Yumi continued her silence as she stared on at the lid of their chamber with blank, emotionless eyes. Mitsue stared at the inactive Yumi before quickly checking her chest, fearing she may have become ill and may have...! Fortunately, her chest was heaving under her restricted arms, bound together tightly by the white straight jacket that was worn by them both. They kept their silence for some time, only the soft rustling and mumbling of their “cell mate” Michi in the corner. Her soft whispers and gentle rocking surrounded the room as she spoke to her multi-personalities...Michi the well known schizoid of the asylum and most troublesome.

A soft creaking echoed outside the dim hallway outside the cell, a shadow passing under the door eerily. The sound slowly faded away as the dreary wheeler of a rusted stretcher descended onward. A soft thud was heard as Michi fell onto her side, whimpering quietly as she tried to roll over without the help of her bound arms. Mitsue looked down past her feet at the hapless mental patient, a large wave of pity washing over her as she looked on at this pathetic soul. People stereotype Goths, automatically thinking of death and black when mentioned; Mitsue was more of a tame Goth, preferring the style to the ways, even if she was agnostic. She moved up the stuffed wall, using her head and stiff back, until she was sitting up, raising herself onto her weak muscled legs as she made her way over to the corner to join Michi. The piteous aboulic stared up hopelessly at Mitsue with her emerald eyes which had maintained an elegant sheen, as if the eyes didn’t even belong to someone suffering so horridly. The stringy, dark brown hair fell onto her face in strands as she gave a slight twitch, squirming again and mumbling something to herself, something that Mitsue couldn’t quite make out.

Many people misinterpret the schizophrenic community, as the most common is the stage of multiple personalities and a constant mumbling of nonsense to one’s self. Mitsue was diagnosed as a schizoid when she was thrown into this asylum, even though it was very mild; the lack of reasoning clearly, preferring to be by herself, not having the energy to do what she wishes, and lack of emotional expression. Michi, on the other hand, was quite the model of a stereotyped aboulic. Michi has been diagnosed with severe hallucinations and illusions, delusions, inappropriate behavior, violent behavior, severe anxiety, and hearing voices that aren’t there. In this case, and at that moment, Michi felt as if she was being threatened. Her inner eyes saw a hellish demon standing over her, ready to slit her throat, instead of an innocent girl trying to help her up.

In response to this, Michi began to throw a fit, screaming loudly and lashing out at Mitsue with her legs. Mitsue gasped and fell back as she was hit across the cheek by a flailing leg, attempting to move away quickly but finding herself only more vulnerable to this girl’s violent booting. The bare feet began to thrash against Mitsue’s legs, bruises quickly forming from the unbelievable strength of the fretting teen. Yumi stared at them wide eyed, her mind in shock from this sudden arousal and was glad when she heard heavy footsteps quickly hurrying down the stone floor of the hall to their room. The door to the cubicle flew open as three men in white coats stood in the doorway, looking horrifically at the scene in the corner. Two quickly ran in to try and grab the screaming girl’s flailing legs, the other having run out for a way to ‘help’. Michi’s legs and head ached horribly, the bruised areas heavily throbbing as she lay there and panted with her eyes shut tight, trying not to think of a possibility of a broken bone.

They quickly had Michi down, one volunteer sitting on her legs and holding down her arms as the other tried desperately to keep her head still, as she was already starting to bite at them with her rather sharp teeth, crying out desperately loud. Before long, there were more footsteps echoing through the eerily silent hall, two men jogging quickly into the room; one had a rather large injection of a strange, shimmering green liquid. They quickly kneeled to either side of her, blocking Mitsue’s view of the still squirming girl as she stared on in horrified curiosity. She didn’t have to see in detail of what was happening as Michi gave a few final whimpers and slowly started to calm down, the volunteers moving away slowly after the injection of the drug had entered her body. Two of the white coated men lifting the dazed Michi up and carried her out carefully as another followed with the needle, the final man walking over to Mitsue and kneeled down next to her dreadfully.

“Are you okay?” he asked cautiously, obviously afraid of her craziness as well. Mitsue only stared up at him with fearful eyes, keeping her silence. Yumi somehow made her way over to her friend during the frantic situation that had happened only seconds before, quickly sitting on her knees and peering down at her.

“Mitsue, are you okay!?” Yumi cried out at her, leaving the volunteer blinking in bewilderment from the half-decent conversation between these two nut cases. Mitsue nodded slowly and closed her eyes almost involuntarily as her consciousness slipped in and out of herself, the smarting pain throbbing heavier throughout her whole body.

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