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GW’s Presidency: A Re-Cap
by Pythagoras

President Bush has been in office nearly 5 years and though he has spent nearly one full year on vacation, he has still managed mess up many aspects of our country.

For instance, under his watch the Twin Towers and the entire city of New Orleans have been destroyed. He has erased a budgetary surplus by giving the bulk of it to the super wealthy, and he has blossomed the deficit, one that we were on pace to pay off when the Supreme Court elected him president. As a result of the deficit, roughly thirty cents of every tax dollar we pay goes to our lenders, like China and Saudi Arabia. He deceived the American people to garner support for an ill-fated war with Iraq. For which he did so despite warnings from intelligence officials and Colin Powell, and it has resulted in the death of nearly 2,000 American soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqi citizens. Further, it has resulted in the injury or maiming of 10’s of thousands of American soldiers.

He has passed NCLB legislation that undermines public schools and the quality of education that our students receive. Additionally, it costs tax payers millions of dollars as our schools try to reach unattainable goals. He has pushed for tort reform to curb medical costs when his own General Office of Accountancy has said that the only way to reduce these costs is to regulate the insurance industry. He has funneled billions of tax payer dollars to Halliburton despite their repeated price gouging methods. He has pushed for the repeal of the estate tax by deceptively stating it will protect family farms. His transportation bill is a frivolous waste of taxpayer money that builds roads and bridges in areas that do not need them. His energy bill gives trillions of tax payer dollars to the oil industry primarily so they can research alternate means of energy and effectively put themselves out of business. Needless to say, since they are earning record profits I don’t suspect any energy related discoveries to occur in the near future.

During the 2004 election campaign, his main platform was homeland security, and to support his re-election bid, he manipulated the American people by moving the terror code up and down whenever his poll numbers dropped. Additionally, he sided with the chemical industry and blocked legislation that would have required them to beef up security around their plants and as a result, a terrorist attack on one of these facilities, many of which are located near large cities, will result in untold deaths. He fired the head of FEMA when he criticized the president for cutting funding to the levee system that protected New Orleans. Bush would later place someone in this position that had no emergency response experience, and as a result the American people and the world, was able to watch as thousands of Americans starved and dehydrated to death. Bush and his administration spent the next two weeks begging people not to play the blame game all while they blamed the crisis on the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of Louisiana.

Adding insult to injury, Bush has lifted federal legislation that requires workers to earn a minimum wage supposedly to speed up the re-construction process. He has NOT put a cap on the amount of profits that companies like Halliburton can receive. Evidently, paying a homeless person minimum wage is bad, but allowing Halliburton to buy a $300 hammer with tax payer’s dollars is good.

The question now becomes, “Have we had enough?”

At what point will the American voter realize that the Republican Party does not represent them, but our wealthiest citizens and corporations. Bush touts his tax cuts for having spurned the economy, but if they have, only the wealthy have reaped the benefits. Since 2000, the average American household has seen their wages drop by $1700, and the number of people living below poverty has increased as well. Further, Bush’s bankruptcy bill is about to be activated and people who have covered their loss of wages and medical benefits through credit will find themselves buried beneath their credit card company’s spiral of negative amortization.*

Kayne West recently stated that Bush doesn’t care about black people, but this isn’t entirely true. A more accurate statement is that Bush and his republican cronies do not care about poor or middle class people regardless of race or color. If nothing else, Bush’s presidency has proven that. It is unfortunate that we’ve had to pay such a high price for this realization.

*The spiral of negative amortization is a nasty little creditor trick. When someone misses a payment, their interest rate can sky rocket. As a result, people who make the minimum payment will actually fall deeper and deeper in debt.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

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The following comments are for "GW’s Presidency: A Re-Cap"
by Pythagoras

Don't Hurt 'Em Hammer
Well, if a hammer is worth $300.00, Someone has to pay. The fact is, that hammer cost $800.00 buckaroos when James Earl Carter was Prez. I'd say that's quite an improvement over the peanut man, don't you think? I mean in inflation adjusted dollars or real dollars.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 11, 2005 )

re: ...hammer

I don't know where you got that number from, but mine comes from the over charging that took place during the Reagan administration...and I actually toned it down. During Reagan's term, we paid $1700 for coffee makers, $435 for hammers, and $640 for toilet seats.

Even still, the cost of the hammer wasn't the point...I just found it interesting that Bush makes it okay for companies to pay homeless people less than minimum wage, because he feels this "high" wage will slow down reconstruction...yet, he has done nothing to limit Halliburton's ability to price gouge.

It's just one more example of who Bush sides with...See? He limits the earning power of poor people all while clearing the way for Halliburton to reap more excessive profits at our collective expense.

Anyway, that's my point.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 11, 2005 )

Hammer Down
Many homeless folks don't have jobs, they receive gov't benefits,pyth. I could give a shit less about Halliburton. But, they do employ many thousands of people who otherwise would not have such a good job. Meaning, you don't have to have a good education to work for them. I know, I've worked alongside of them in the Gulf of Mexico. Next, most of, if not all of Halliburtons contracts are bid contracts. In the few cases they don't bid and receive the contract anyway, it's because of the magnitude of the job, and the fact that no one else is capable of handling it, ok. I really don't think you can name many, if any companies that compare to their expertise. If you want to get angry about them overcharging, I'm with you 100%. But some of those contracts are bid at cost-plus. Do you know the concept and reality of cost-plus bidding? I doubt it, otherwise you would be chipping away at CONGRESS, because they are the dirty bastards who approve the budget, not Bush. Yes, he could veto, but then the Democrats in congress would make a political issue of it.And all of those poor folks who are homeless wouldn't get their checks from old Uncle Sammy. See. Look, I disagree with most of your philosophy, but you can find honest arguments to fight about that we AGREE upon. Believe it or not, there are things which we do agree on. Try some of those instead of throwing "Liebombs"around. You'll get more moderates and conservatives like me to agree with you . Fancy that.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 11, 2005 )

Blaming Bush for the hurricane
I love how people are blaming the president on Hurricane Katrina. The fact is it was natural disaster; NATURAL. Oh wait I forgot that all those oil rigs off the coast our the president's hurricane machines! How stupid of me. And of course, the president could have easily put up the New Orleans force field, rebounding the hurricane back to Cuba. But he must of known that all the liberals would have started to cry about how abusive we're being to the al quaeda prisoners we have down there once they were pounded by the storm. So i guess this was the president's fault.

( Posted by: ArturHawking [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

re: Will

I'm very familiar with "Price plus Profit" contracts and the republican's fondness for them. This is where Halliburton is reimbursed for the price of an item they buy plus a percentage of that price as profit. Therefore, if they buy a $20 hammer, and their profit rate is 10%, they would get the $20 back plus .20 cents in profit. If they were to buy a $400 hammer, they would be reimbursed $440...or earn $40 in profit. They can make even more money if they buy the hammer from one of their subsidiaries because they'd make a profit on both ends of the deal. These kinds of contracts were very popular under Reagan.

As far as Halliburton goes, they were a small oil servicing company when they made Cheney CEO...Cheney had no experience working in the oil industry....and yet, he managed to turn this company into an international force...primarily through gov't contracts. As for them being the only company that can handle certain jobs, I believe that is a direct quote from Dick Cheney...and completely false. There are lots of companies all over the world who can reconstruct, provide food service, and every thing else. So, the republican party can corrupt OSHA, FDA, EPA, and every other oversight branch of our gov't by placing industry insiders in these positions...but the bidding process is above reproach. Ayuh.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

re: Blaming Bush
Mr. Hawking,

I'm not blaming bush for the hurricane, but I have heard hannity claim that liberals are...and this is nothing more than political spin. Understand that Hannity, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Fred Barnes, Krauthaimmer, Tucker Carlson, Kristol, Hume, and Fox news in general, are all mouth pieces for the republican party...meaning, they are paid specifically for putting out republican spin. I wouldn't take their side of the argument without fact checking first.

As for your points, I didn't blame bush for the hurricane. I pointed out that he cut funding for the re-building of the levee system that he had been warned about. Also, I stated that he fired the FEMA director who criticized him for this. And, I mentioned that he eventually put a person in this position who had no crisis management experience. He is responsible for all of these things because he DID them. If he had acted more competently, less people would have died. Period.

I'm not blaming him for the hurricane, but his failed response to a crisis. Keep in mind, this was a tragic event that occurred with several days of would bush and his administration respond to one that gave no warning?

The answer to this question should should scare the hell out of you...because if nothing else, his very public ineptness most certainly has emboldened our enemies.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

"Liebombs"? lol
This five-year-and-runnin' Bush debacle would be funny if it weren't true. Schadenfreude just isn't as fun when the miseries are real.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

Pyth--Name One Company
You stated there are many companies all over the world who can handle the job. Ok. I'm waiting. And by the way, while you're checking that out, make sure you find one without a single political tie to either party.


You are soooooo funny, Viper. I am glad to make you laugh this morning. You know you needed it. Auter Hawking is right too.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

It goes and humanity.....
I knew i would find this, Mr. WH....I know where you coming and going...I stand by you, not because I follow, because I consider myself a leader...I'm still "USING" other's smart boxes...without explaination, I feel and I know...Take care, all...Robin

( Posted by: Robinbird [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

yeah, I gave a damn 4, to me, you are you ,I am I
I disagree with this article, no damn fault at you as a writer, my at the lit, we have the constitus write of fore fathers, that's somewhat of a blah, blah,...."snake with big smile, I still would like to be your friend"....just ROBINBIRD

( Posted by: Robinbird [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

re: One Company
William...I don't need to provide you with a company. If you want to believe that Halliburton is the only company in the world that does construction, food servicing and oil servicing...go right ahead....even though its obviously not true.

I do find it interesting that one of the Republican's "reasons" for privatization of government is that free trade will save tax payer's money...however, you can see that since only one company (Halliburton) always gets the job...there really is no free trade...and no real tax payer savings...the only thing you end up with is tax money being funneled to a republican front company who then funnels it back in to republican campaigns....and the cycle goes round and round.



( Posted by: pythagoras [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

re: RobinBird
I don't really know why you gave me 4...All I posted where facts that frustrate me. Do you disagree with those facts? Do you not like my writing style?

More info please...and thanks for taking the time to comment.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

If they are the only company that ever gets the job, then that would constitute a monopoly, wouldn't it? Isn't there Laws against monopolies. Doesn't congress and the attorney General frown upon such activity. I'm still waiting. Just one company... please. Just one. BTW, Halliburton has been a very Large company for 20 years prior to ol' Dick Cheney becoming CEO. You should already have known this. Bechtel and Brown&Root are in the same vein that Halliburton is. Geez, if I know this stuff, Shouldn't you? I know you can do better research than this. Come on.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

Will...tee hee
Do you honestly believe that Halliburton is the only construction company in the world? You believe this? I need to name a construction company for you? Have you noticed large buildings in your area? Do you believe that Halliburton has built them all? From sea to shining sea?

I need to name a food servicing company for believe that Halliburton is the only company that prepares fricken food? Whew!

Further, Halliburton was a tiny company relative to the multinational force they are today. And yes, they do seem to monopolize Bush's governmental contracts....and from where I'm standing, the republican congress doesn't frown on anything Halliburton does...and his Attorney General is the one who advised this administration on using torture "legally." So, I don't think Mr. Gonzalez is going to be challenging the president anytime soon.

But Will...I get your love the republican party...they can do no wrong...they are above reproach...Thanks for sharing.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 12, 2005 )

The Rebel Yell
"All I posted were facts that frustrate me" claims Pythagoras. Well yes, they are frustrating, but too bad they're only half truths and I think someone should take a closer look at the "facts" that Pythagoras has conjured.

What about Pythagoras's claim that many members of the intelligence community were telling Bush that Iraq should be left be. Despite what lies Py would say, MOST of the intelligence community was certain that Iraq was a danger, especially under the leadership of Saddam Hussein. According to the intelligence we had then, it was the smartest move for many reasons, for instance, Saddam was using weapons against the Kurds, he was using WMD's against the Israelis in the first Gulf War, and was even poisoning his own people with gas. All well known information that is proven FACT, a word Pythagoras obviously doesn't know the definition of. Oh, that and Saddam himself was claiming to be in possesion of WMDs. It was also very suspicious that despite the UN weapon inspectors right to search any every square inch of Iraq, they were constantly thrown out? If your kid refuses to let you look in his closet, your obviously going to think he's hiding something in it. Well, you decide. Keep in mind that Iraq is the size of California, it may be years before we find anything so the jury is still out on the WMDs.

Then concerning public education, how is it undermining our children's education to hold the teachers responsible if the students don't learn anything? Is it such an unattainable goal to believe that students in America could actually do BETTER?

And yes, Pythagoras, you are blaming the Bush administration for what happened in New Orleans. It seems pretty obvious what your agenda is when you're constantly linking Bush to all the problems with the events before and after Katrina. Apparently the DEMOCRAT governor and the DEMOCRAT Mayor of New Orleans are completely clean on this issue because they really have no power--like all other politicians in this country--so only Bush could do something. I guess you're forgetting the four hurricanes that slammed into Florida a year or so ago? Like with Katrina, we knew about the hurricanes days in advance and GOVERNOR Bush, a REPUBLICAN acted quickly and got his people out of town leading to minimal loss in life. However, the governor of Lousiana dragged her feet and a still unknown number of people were lost. Don't you findd it interesting that a REPUBLICAN lead state dodged the bullet so easily while a DEMOCRAT lead state took it in the chest? Certainly says something about the leadership qualities of each party . . . And concerningthe slowness in getting the people of New Orleans supplies, the blame mostly resides with the governor. The national security office in Lousiana's plan in a sitaution such as this was to WITHOLD food and water because the Super Dome is considered by their rules as a refuge of last resort, meaning that they were to not drop supplies because they believed that it would make them stay when they wanted to keep them moving. The governor had the final say on this and we all know how that turned out. Let's not forget the FACT that the governor waited until after the hurricane hit before she issued a command for evacuation. Oh, you're not blaming Bush, right? Even though this entire piece you've written is about Bush, a funny thing for you to say otherwise. But of course you already knew all of this, but that would mean that you simply ignored this crucial information.

Then to my disbelief, you criticize Bush's transportation bill, claiming that he spends frivolous money on highways and bridges that aren't needed. According to who? You? Oh, but of course, your opinion IS fact.

But then of course, you then begin tearing into Haliburton. In case you didn't know, Haliburton is building up a country in a WARZONE and what they're doing isn't price gouging, they just need more money because they're SELF INSURING themselves because no other insurance company would cover them because the terrorists are too busy murdering our soldiers and killing their own people, destroying structures in the process. You complain that other companies could do the work that Haliburton does and liberals drone on about Cheney being a board member, but the simple FACT of the matter is that no other company can do all the things that Haliburton can do at once. If we didn't have Haliburton, we would have to pay many companies to do the countless number of jobs that Haliburton does, It's just easier to have Haliburton handle it all.

Why is it that you hate corporations and the wealthy? Obviously a statement written out of pure envy like most who criticize both do. I myself am not wealthy, far from it actually, but I'm logical enough to know that a high percentage of Americans work for the big bad corporations of which you speak and if it weren't for them, millions of Americans would be out of the job. Had you spent more than five seconds thinking about this, you would have realized that.

People like you, Pythagoras, and that pompous clown that's always drawn to these liberal, hateful, spiteful, opinions like some vulture to a fresh carcass, are always so quick to point out the "problems" you see but rarely do I hear a solution ever given, unless it involves some sort of traitorous revolution or some other stupid drastic thing. Maybe if you would take the time to think through your views, perhaps you would be more sensible. This was just the icing on the giant turd that you served us, hoping to fool us into believing opinion and fiction were actually fact. Chew on this for awhile, and then respond, I'm interested to hear some more of your nonsensicle diatribe which you'll no doubt write.

Oh and to Artur, you forgot the giant ice beams that could freeze the oceans into place.

( Posted by: RedRebel [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

Rebel yellin'
As far as the invasion of Iraq... I'll post a url, and hopefully y'all can deduce.
Ok. The "No child left behind." I am VERY involved in my daughter's education, and so I talk to her teacher just about everyday. This is what I've learned, and since I want to teach as well, I listened to the warriors on the front lines, the teacher.
I was told that the Federal and State governments basically hold funding like a carrot on a stick. If the school system doesn't perform up to snuff, then the funding is pulled. Period.
This leads to the teachers teaching a test, and not curriculum. Social-promotion etc, and like so many other meant to be good but ended up bad, social programs this one too will fail, inevitably.
Another URL for you in regards to contracts. lol
Having fun yet? I am.
The transportation bill is next on the hit list.
Ok ok, all partisanship aside.
Let's not BS each other folks. The things our "elected" officials are doing is not in our best interests or in the name of national security. Look at things with a critical eye. I know most of you do already, but keep in mind that you belong to one party first and foremost, the Party of Humanity. The President isn't the best we've had, granted. Neither are any of the other thieving bastards that have perverted the way America should be. You don't want an abortion? Don't have one. You don't want gay marriage? Don't have one. I'm tired of this ideological war that will benefit only a very very very few. Most American's don't really mind these things. We all want our children to have the opportunities that we never had, giving them a freer more unified society than we inherited is the greatest gift we can give them. To hand them a world that is more shattered than the one we received is a shameful blot on our generation's name.
"The earth wasn't a gift from our parents, it was loaned to us by our children."

( Posted by: robert walker [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

re: Robert and Will
Thanks Robert for chiming in and saving me some research time. :)

Will, while much of the intelligence community thought that Iraq had some weapons programs going, there was significant disagreement on the need to invade. There were many who predicted that an invasion would lead to the quagmire we now find ourselves in. Further, Saddam gased the Kurds 20 years ago under Reagan...and Reagan was so offended he took Iraq off of the list of countries that support terrorism so we could do business with him. And as Robert has pointed out, others doubted the need for war as well.

Regarding public education, NCLB forces schools to teach to the test...and as a result, teachers are forced to use teaching methods that will improve test scores...but not real learning. Further, a public school can be considered in need of improvement if only one subgroup fails to meet its benchmark. (Sub groups are blacks, Native Americans, Special Education, ESL) Therefore, even if every group passes, but special education the school must post that they need improvement. Keep in mind that to be classified as learning disabled you must be two grade levels how can you be 2 grades behind and pass a grade level test? You can't and our publics schools are held to this impossible standard. Notice, that private schools don't have to meet NCLB. So, how is a parent supposed to choose between schools that aren't held to the same standards? hmmm.

As for the transportation bill, it has been widely reported...and many politicians republican and democrat have admitted that its bloated with pork...Will, you look silly even contesting this. Haven't you heard of the multi-million dollar bridge in a Alaska to nowhere?

Halliburton has been caught several times price gouging or overcharging. But my favorite line of yours is that its easier for Halliburton to handle them all. Tee hee. The whole republican argument for privatization is to have many corporations competing for these jobs to lower prices. If Halliburton is doing them all, than they should have stayed in the gov'ts domain. In this way, we'd have saved a small fortune as the gov't doesn't need to make a profit.

As I've stated before regarding the hurricane, Bush cut funding for the re-building of the levee system that he had been warned about. Also, I stated that he fired the FEMA director who criticized him for this. And, I mentioned that he eventually put a person in this position who had no crisis management experience. He is responsible for all of these things because he DID them. If he had acted more competently, less people would have died. All of these are undisputed facts.

As for the differences between Florida and New Orleans, New orleans is below sea level and the bulk of its population is poor! Meaning greater flooding. Further, Government analysis before the hurricane indicated that only about 60% of the people would be evacuated....Nagel managed to get at least 80% out... he should be applauded.

Plus, his evacuation plan called for the people to meet at the Superdome and to stay there for two days...I don't know where you get your information, but the gov't was SUPPOSED to be there within that time frame. Of course that didn't happen...Bush was too busy accepting a Guitar in San Diego and Brown was incompetent. Don't you remember Brown going on TV before the hurricane and saying something about having a fleet of supplies? Of course, that was all BS.

Jeb Bush, the guy who stole hundreds of millions during the savings and loan scandal, had Brother Bush respond immmediately...and yes, that also helped.

Finally, the Hurricane was a multi-state event which means the federal gov't should have been better prepared to respond.

As for the corporations providing jobs, if they didn't have workers they wouldn't exist...its a necessary relationship to exist. That doesn't mean that their workers are treated fairly...But this has nothing to do with my I'll leave it at that.



( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

MY daughter
This is true here in the States too Fairplay. Unfortunately for our future too many parents don't take the time to simply ask their child what they did in school, or what they learned! I intend on giving a speech to the PTA (Parent-Teacher Organization). Ours actually gets some things done, but they lack direction. The problem is that too many parents drop their kids off at school and expect them to become magically educated. They don't realize that it is an everyday thing, a cooperation between educator and teacher. The teacher being the parent. I understand people get tired. Work all day, have to deal with asses, pick up the kid, get home, cook dinner, etc. It can get to be too much. However, if we don't invest the time necessary, this world is doomed.

( Posted by: Robert Walker [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

Guess who's ranting back
I guess trying to convince people who are small on common sense and logic and simply act on their emotions was just wishful thinking . . .

One final thing in the transportation bill, what politicians are saying these things? You've obviously chosen to either ignore or not simply not research the positive aspects of it. Thanks to this bill, we, as in the people of Colorado, got the funding necessary to start the TREX project to widen highways that badly needed it because of our increase in population. Guess you didn't know that. Now let's use some common sense here, why would they spend "trillions" of dollars to build frivolous things? What possible reason could they have?

Concerning education, we're all given it equally in America and don't give me that crap about poorness being a barrier because that's simply not true. Bush is just holding people accountable for their purposeful idiocy.

Then back to Katrina, you're still saying that the governor is basically a powerless figurehead. Considering that New Orleans is under sea level, an evacuation of only 80% of the people is still pretty dismal. Most of the blame rests with state and local officials and to place it all on the President is unfair. Concerning Brown . . . I think Bush did drop the ball on that one, but you know what, that's politics for you and it works the same on both the left and the right. Bush may have cut funding but the federal gov't still gives the state a budget. Huh, perhaps the governor could have used money from that budget to strengthen the levee which no one anticipated to break but claimed to have forseen it after it had all happened.

Next lets look at your hatred of Haliburton. Some more common sense coming your way. Just because a company is making a profit off of a war doesn't mean that they're greedy bastards like you imply, they are, after all, a business and NEED to make a profit to live. Try looking at the situation logically rather than emotionally for a change. I'm perplexed at the at why you hate Haliburton so much, you seem to have no reason except that they're a big bad business and that companies can do no good in your eyes. We're just trying to get the job done, Pythagoras, so why hire many companies when you can just have one that can do the work of ten? Hiring Haliburton seems like the most sensible choice to me, and if there are other companies that covers just as much ground as Haliburton, why not have Haliburton? So you say why, I say why not.

Oh, and one more thing, Hussein and Iraq. What quagmire? You lefties are so intent to turn this war into another Vietnam that it almost seems like an obsession. Pessimists see it as a pit, optimists like me see it as progress in the making. Just because Reagan took Iraq off the list of terrorist threats doesn't exempt them from being investigated by America. If 'dam used WMDs 20 years, ago why shouldn't we think that he had them before the beginning of the war? COMMON SENSE would dictate that he probably did have them and who knows, there may still be some somewhere in the vastness of Iraq. It may be fifty years before we find a thing. Besides, WMDs was not the main reason for our invasion, just one of many, and neither was oil mind you (I think current gas prices pretty much dispute that theory). Saddam Hussein was a blossoming threat, a Hitler in the making, and we pulled him up by his roots.

Py, get your facts straight and think them through. Opinions are fine but don't try to pass them off as fact that could be easily be looked up and just because you say it's undisputable doesn't make it so. You must be Canadian, like Viper, seeing as how you're both clowns (as your disturbing avatars might suggest) and the strange fact that most liberals on this site seem to be Canadians who are fascinated by American politics apparently because their own country is too dull.

Have a nice day.

PS: Erasing my username and password isn't going to deter me from making my points, just to let you know lit . . .

( Posted by: TytusTolshem [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

Tytus Heiney
Calm down, man, you're making the natives nervous for God's sakes. You are right, you know. Jolly good show, old chap. (I'm learning to speak British for when "They" take over.)


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

Not much logic there, buddy, but in any case logic's only as good as the information is uses. Care to back up any of your claims?

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

I think I've spent enough time on this rant, if you wish to see if I speak facts (which I am) you can look them up yourself. As for logic, I guess it's a hard thing to see when one doesn't use it too often. I'm simply countering the "facts" that Pythagoras has given, so check those out too while you're at it. Funny to call what I say claims since that's what you and Pythagoras spew out in every single opinion and rant that you post and never ever back them up except with your own words. Enough said.

Onward an upward my liberal friends.

( Posted by: TytusTolshem [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

As far as I understand "TREX" project is for the City of Denver and its' surrounding suburbs. Specifically improving (17) seventeen miles of highway and building a rail system.
Poor people and education. I've taken that argument on as well. I know where you're coming from on that one. At a certain point in a child's life, he/she has to make the conscious decision as a budding adult to dedicate themselves to the books. As you (I'm sure) know the formative ages are critical ones. They tend to form our opinions and predispositions to things. A child whose family is alright with the cash, comes to school with less issues than the child whose parents don't. I got into that argument before too. My platoon sgt. was from East St. Louis, and claimed that it was the man's fault etc. I asked him if he'd ever been to the St. Louis library before, etc. In any library there is enough information for one to attain several doctorates. It wasn't my fault he felt basketball was more important to him. (He was also the center for the USMC team) He said something in retort that made me think, as my last had made him think. He said, "The odds of me succeeding by playing ball were much better than the odds of succeeding in academia." Paraphrasing but you get the gist.
As far as the rest of the return rant with Halliburton, Katrina etc. I'm done with that you all knoow how I feel about that.
On to Iraq. You seem to mention "Common Sense" as if it were something you have a store of locked in a trunk under your bed, my friend.
How's this for common sense. Cut n paste this bad boy. Get the kids out of your room, and be prepared. It is a first-hand account of the genocide in Darfur. Ol' Noah claims it to be something like "the systematic extermination or destruction of a political, racial, or cultural group. We should NOT have gone into Iraq. He was a madman, yes. But he was a contained madman.
Kinda makes you wonder about this "Democracy" and such dunt it? Kinda made me wonder why we have soooo many other threats out there that I guaran-frickin-tee we could find evidence of (Kinda hard to hide 180,000 bodies), and we wasted a critical moment in world union. We (he) wasted our allies' support. We wasted international credibility.How long has it been since anyone has heard the man say the name "Osama Bin Laden"?
More urls
So get ignored the U.N. to invade a country.... for ignoring the U.N.?
Where's the common sense my friend?
Wish to speak of Hitler" Read this, I know it's kinda long, and there aren't any purty pictures, but bear with it._____
Ok. funfunfun As far as the name calling of some pretty good writers, Viper most of all (Sry Pyth I'm just not as familiar with yours), getting facts straight, and Canda goes.
I'm from Boston, born and raised. I was an altar boy, and wanted to be a serve God. I was the captain of the football, and track teams. I played volleyball in the Bay State Games. I joined the United States Marine Corps on my eighteenth birthday. Graduated runner-up Honor Grad at Parris Island. I am a five time rifle and pistol expert. I was on my battalion's super squad. I performed the first in water HST ever done by an American unit. I was on the T.R.A.P. mission to save O'Grady's sorry ass. I've run tewelve miles barefoot, and a three miler in 18:03... with a cigarette in my grill. What have you done, mouth? Spew the word "Patriot" and "traitor" when you have no concept of either word, other than lessons in books? Or is Ms. Coulter screaming in your ear? Or as my Senoir Drill Instructor (baddest man I've ever met) used to say:
"Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know." I've DONE my duty, and I am getting ready to do it again, billy bad ass. What are you doing to back up your man? Sit and rant away.
or as you put it soooo quaintly, "Onward an upward my liberal friends. "
I will Tytus, so you don't have to. Why? Because I know you couldn't handle it anyway.
Lovingly and respectfully yours,

( Posted by: robert walker [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

Almost forgot to paste my link there for the Hitler reference.
Go ahead and challenge my points there.
I dare you.

( Posted by: Robert Walker [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Primary , Secondary and Technical Education
I do realise I'm going off on a tangent here ..but the only way US and the rest of the West can stem their rapidly eroding advantage is to begin -on a war footing to beef up the educational system -on the broadest possible basis.Currently the whole thing is in precipitous decline -for a variety of reasons ,the principal ones being cultural and economic.In contrast Asia ,which has all along put heavy emphasis on education , is fast beginning to narrow the gap.

If little is done to arrest this slide , then in the not-too-distant future Asia , taken as a whole ,will begin pulling ahead of the West.

The only silver lining is that nothing will shake the overwhelming might of the West's Military Industrial Complex and the Drug Barons- both of which should remain impregnable ,as they have always been.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Can't back it up, eh? Well, as I tell my students, if you can't back it up, don't waste my time.

I suppose you're right about the logic, though. I have no idea what I'm talking about, since I only studied it for years, teach it now to students with attitudes similar to yours, and use it in my professional work.


I'm not saying you're wrong, necessarily. Justify your claims, that's all, then we're cool. Pythagoras at least gives references that can be checked, much of the time.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Common Sense lacking

Here's a response to your illogical post:

Regarding the transportation bill...have you been under a friggen rock?!?! It’s been in the paper and a topic of discussion on almost every cable news channel for months. But you want's one article:

Regarding education, we are not all given an equal chance…not even close to one. Schools are mostly funded through local taxes. Therefore, wealthy kids go to wealthy public schools and poor kids go to poor public schools. Further, college costs a small fortune and not everyone can afford it. Lastly, I was reading “Learning to Read” yesterday and in the chapter on how students learn to read for comprehension it pointed out several distinctions between poor and wealthy students. Wealthy kids come to school having been exposed to more reading materials (having been read to or reading books themselves), they have a better understanding of phonemes, and of all the kids in the study that were poor readers, not one came from a wealthy home. Further, students who are behind in reading by the end of 1rst grade will most likely continue to fall behind. (This is called the Mathew principle.) Since, most of the poor readers in our society are poor…and they will continue to fall behind, all of the libraries in the world aren’t going to help. So, to say that all have equal access to education in this country is simply not true…no matter how much Bill O’Reilly wants to say it. Instead, it is a classic example of blaming the victim.

Concerning Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers, who is responsible for the levee system and who I’m going to assume is under the federal government’s jurisdiction, asked for $78 million in 2002 and Bush offered $30 million….congress gave them $36.5 million. So in your version of twisted logic, Louisiana is responsible when Bush cuts funding for federal projects….gotcha, NOT Bush….but Louisiana. Interesting….this is common sense to you?

In regards to Halliburton, you evidently don’t comprehend the republican’s argument for “privatization.” Most of the projects that Halliburton does (Food service, etc.) were once completed by the government which does so without making a profit and as a result, it saves tax payers billions of dollars. The republican argument is that competition will reduce the cost of these projects and thus save tax payers money. If Halliburton is the only one getting the jobs, then there is NO competition and no tax payer savings. In reality, tax payers are being bilked out of billions of dollars through this privatization. I’m sorry, the republicans stealing money from me…pisses me off. If you don’t mind, write a check to Halliburton every month and donate an additional $50 bucks…because that’s what the republican policies are causing you to do…in an indirect fashion.

Finally, Saddam was not a blossoming threat…he was virtually powerless, which was the entire world’s argument against an invasion. Further, the fact that Reagan took him off the list of countries that supports terrorists after he gassed 200,000 Kurds shows that the Republican Party didn’t care much about those people when it happened. The fact that they were suddenly so upset about it in 2000 causes one to question their sincerity…especially considering how they have ignored the deaths in Darfar and other places where mass deaths have occurred.

Thanks for chiming in…even if your version of “common sense” seems to mirror republican spin.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Re: to Many
Tina…thanks for taking the time to post a small list of Halliburton’s competitors, and thanks for your entire “Bewildered” comment. It’s well reasoned and articulate in a brief fashion…I wish I had better command of this trait.

Viper, thanks for drawing attention to Titus’s lack of supporting evidence…its ironic that I’m supposed to source every fact (even obvious ones like Halliburton having competitors), but they can spout paragraph after paragraph of opinion without ever sourcing a thing…of course if they did post a source, it would be from Fox News, Limbaugh’s news letter, and O’Reilly’s talking points.

RJKT, the American system of education is eroding for many reasons, and as a result, American companies are looking over seas for skilled employees more and more. The primary difference between the American education system and the Asian/German systems is that we tend to skim the surface of topics where those countries dig much deeper. Sadly, NCLB only encourages these bad habits, as teachers…desperate to improve scores, are trying to cover an endless number of topics in a short period of time. In the end, you have students who can regurgitate a few facts, but are masters of none. Worse, NCLB is based off of the Texas education model…and their students are currently among the poorest performers in our country! One would think that if someone wanted to reform public schools they would base it off of the countries highest performing schools…but that’s not the Bush way.

( Posted by: pythagoras [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Many faces of Will
Will, how may screen names do you use? You have Williamhill, red Rebel and Tytus Tolshem?

Proof that these are all you, despise the tone and debating style, is that your Tytus comment begins with "I guess trying to convince people who are small on common sense and logic and simply act on their emotions was just wishful thinking . . ."

Yet, Tytus hadn't posted anything here yet.

Anyway, I think its interesting that you support your own claims in this way. ;)


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Leave him alone
More crap as I see from you and Viper, but I've already made my points, if you're too hard headed to see, then that's your problem. I am RedRebel but I am not Williamhill. Williamhill is a geniuine guy in my opinion that (unlike me because I've given up hope on that) at least tries to come to an agreement. I don't want to get any dirt on Williamhill on this (*cough*) fabulous website, he's done nothing but voice his opinion. So you have two people that disagree with you. Then only reason I created Rebel then Tytus (And I do have posts, I guess you're too new to this site to remember the original Titus Tolshem) is because they erased Rebel. I guess this site can't stand Republicans, apparently conservatism is just too offensive no matter how mild. I just want to set the record straight, the only face of Williamhill (As far as I know) is williamhill. (Imagine a sing song voice) Believe it or not it's just him . . .

( Posted by: TytusTolshem [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

You'll notice that above I responded to redrebel's comment by referring to red rebel as Will...This is because when i read the post I instinctively thought knew it was Will's writing. It wasn't until several posts later that I noticed the different screen name.

Not that that matters...because when you log in you leave a finger that is very easy for Crowe to compare screen names to. So if crowe had the inclination, he could verify that all three screen names are you....though any one with an fifth grade I.Q. can figure that out from your posts.

Good day,


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Couldn't agree with you more.But let me say that its not just the American one that's in steep decline -but also the British one. The causes are legion -significant among them being a total lack of discipline , teachers being an object of derision , next to no emphasis on academics ...

The sad fact of the matter is if any society has to advance and prosper you need a large and growing pool of highly skilled Technical , Scientific and Healthcare professionals . And it all has its genesis at the school level -which is why schooling is so critical.

To carry on stating the obvious-only a vibrant economy will be in a position to support adequate numbers of creative people and intellectuals. However the way things are going ,it may not be long before poets writing abstruse poetry , artists doing bizarre art and musicians making weird music will become luxuries that society will no longer be able to afford .

A while back I did make this very same point in a mail on the subject to the BBC. Of course ,the Brits being what they are ,chose to turn their collective noses up at such inconvenient and unpalatable truths ..infinitely preferring middle- of- the- road 'we shall all muddle through ...somehow..' type of opinions from dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue Brits...

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

I find this all very amusing . . . I can't wait for Crowe to look into so he can prove one and for all to your obsessed self that I AM NOT WILLIAMHILL!

( Posted by: TytusTolshem [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Titus and Will
Whether you are the same person or different people, I want you to know that you have my love.

But not RedRebel. I can't stand him.


( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

To Tell The Truth
Well, I'm no Kitty Carlyle. I just had to drop by for a sec. I don't have time to talk right now, I'm going to the doctor to fit my alter ego with a new prosthetic so I can kick my own ass a little better.

I'm batting my eyelashes at you right now,Viper, you HOTTIE,you.

Yeah,Eric, where is that Tefster?

Love to all, even Old Pythagoras


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Too funny
Alas, they have erased my name again so I'm simply going by Tytus.

I just had to write more about this mix up between me and Will. It looks to me like your instincts are just about as sharp as a slow kid with a 4rth grade IQ. It's a pity I can't see the surly look on your face when you finally figure out that your claims are about as factual as this rant. Ah, this made my day, it's just so funny that you would stoop to this level to insult both me and WH. As much as I diagree with you, I thought you were better than that. Guess I was wrong, but at least you gave me a chuckle.

You have a good on Pythagoras!

( Posted by: Tytus [Member] On: September 14, 2005 )

Pres thread: looks like a party!
I have read this, and followed the thread with great interest. You guys are as good as "All My Children", but with relevance, and sooo much less sex.
Maybe studies could be done on housewives/soap opera ratings; detergent sales/Richard Simmons shorts... what ever.
As a former teacher- in rural VA- I can attest to the fact that NCLB is screwed from the get-go.
As a teacher I have been severely frustrated that when an intelligent question was asked, I was denied the opportunity of exploring an answer. Instead, had to search for "guide-lines' and keep these brains 'on track'.
Push, push, push them to remember insignificant details, while telling them to put significant questions to the side, because they weren't covered in th "Standards-of Learning".
This is not the way to teach someone to think.
It may be good ground-work for mental manipulation.
As a mother, I hate the fact that my child comes home frustrated with her ability to get ANSWERS at school.

She is a lucky one. We have a computer. Mom is a reader.

Perhaps that's what's been going on. For a while I have been at a total loss to understand why a great number of my fellow Americans are seemingly mindless lemmings. No one reads, eg., no one thinks for themselves anymore...

As to differentiating between claases:
We live in a very rural area of Virginia. The county encompasses some 300,000 acres with around 16,000 inhabitants. (Two, count em, 2 stop-lights in the entire county!)

There are kids here who have never seen a city, or a beach, or a museum. Their idea of a great night out is seeing Nascar on a big-screen T.V. (Probably at the local bar.)

Working with special-ed kids, young kids, I was heart-broken each time I went to their houses. These kids had NO paper, pencils, crayons , or books. None.
But they had Jerry Springer or Maury Povitch in their living room, figuring out who their daddy was, or if momma slept with her brother’s friend who was actually female, or some such garbage.

One boy I had was a sweet faced, intelligent 4-year old. Mom had 8 other kids, mostly all different fathers, and was in jail for drugs. Dad was in prison for a more major offense. Dante’ lived with ‘Grandma”, who told him daily that he was unwanted and a burden.
Don't get me wrong. Some kids were well loved, but needed feeding tubes or what ever.
Dante would cry every day when I put him on the bus for home. I would too.

I’m not saying that Dante’ might not be a doctor one day, or president, just he’s got a tough row to hoe. And a sweeter face you never saw. Just I think he stands more of a chance to be a criminal than a supreme court justice.

Children ARE left behind.

If we start teaching our children to mindlessly react or respond, instead of think, there may be no child left behind but, perhaps, George Orwell will be observing from a short distance.

I will not comment on the other issues in this thread because I would take up too much of your time. Besides, I don’t have time in my life to try to express to someone what a MORON ‘dubya’ is. It is so f-in obvious at this point that if you don't KNOW it, you are one of those I spoke of earlier- happily obliviated, duct tape and plastic sheeting in hand....

Thanks for lots of thought on this thread-

Blessings to all and to all- good-night!


( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: September 15, 2005 )

re: Emaks
Wow...what a great comment...and accurate as well. Here was my favorite part:
Push, push, push them to remember insignificant details, while telling them to put significant questions to the side, because they weren't covered in th "Standards-of Learning".
This is not the way to teach someone to think.
It may be good ground-work for mental manipulation.

Yep, that says it all. As I've said, the primary reason we have fallen behind in education is because we have been teaching our students to regurgitate facts and mindlessly apply formulas while other countries have taught their students to think, to problem solve, and to understand.

NCLB only promotes more bad habits.

Thanks for the comments Emaks...Its one that everyone should read.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 15, 2005 )

Pythagoras and identity theft
Well, pyth, I guess I have a lot to answer for, don't I? OK. Here Goes.

I don't have any other user names on this site. As others will tell you, it's against policy. A while back, I commented as my wife's user name by accident. I had forgotton to change over screen names purely as an oversight. It caused quite a bit of grief, for me, for my wife, some for Crowe, and some for others who previosly trusted me on this site. Others took advantage of the opportunity to knock me around a little. I apologized for it, publicly, and privately.
I believe others on this site do have multiple usernames. I can only guess their motives. Anyway, it's not my place to accuse. There are a couple of other people who have admitted dual usernames, and have come clean about it. You should take care when making unsupported accusations, there is nothing that will ruin what credibility you have faster than that with the Lit. community. That's a small bit of advice you should heed, in my opinion.

Second, I am my own man, and don't feel the need to hide behind anything or anyone to express my honest held views. I take a lot of grief for that too. Why do I bother? Hopefully to make liberal minds full of caca like yours think and back up with real(not contrived) facts about their writings. It's called integrity. I have a smidgeon of it. Not a lot, but a little. I could give a shit less what you think of my opinion, so I don't feel the need to backchannel a damn thing to you or anyone else. Get it?

Third, I don't know the folks who disagree with you, (or agree with me) This is a virtual website. I personally know maybe two people on it. I like most everyone in this place, regardless of political or religous beliefs or sexual preference. I've never told anyone not to comment on my work or threads, unlike others who have. I have heated debates with people I disagree with from time to time, but as some might tell you, We still give respect at the end of the day.

What I really like here is that you have attacked other people thinking that they are me. I consider it the highest compliment I have ever received. To think that you think that I have clones running around is way cool. Way Cool. What should upset you the most though, is that there are others with the ability to think independantly and express those opinions. There are more of us than you know. Liberals like yourself can disparage us all you and they want. In the end we will prevail because we're, well, right. I really want you to "misunderestimate" George Bush until more Conservatives are spawned,
until enough are spawned that we'll keep folks such as yourselves in terrariums on display, so that our children will know what a liberal was. We'll feed you and water you from time to time, and let you watch Michael Moore movies to keep your spirits up, but in the end I think you will become extinct. I say these things with all love in my heart because your words give me hope,especially when others of my drift comment on your silliness. I thank you and forgive you your mistakes. All of them. Keep on writin'.

Your soon to be terra keeper,


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 15, 2005 )


Quite honestly, I could care less whether you use one screen name or three or 5. But you've already admitted that Tytus and RedRebel are the same now its just a matter of linking you to them...which is easily done since you both write with the same tone...use basically the same sentence both personally attack the people you debate both highlight your points by using all CAPITALS and questions (ex: Why do I bother?)...

But the clincher for me was when Tytus said "Get your facts straight." This is a WilliamHill word cluster. Word clusters are used in literature to identify writers...its how we know which plays are Shakespeares. Will, when you argue with people it is your common while it is possible for someone else to make this same is unlikely that this person would also mirror all of your other habits as well.

It's possible...but highly unlikely. The point is...if it walks like a duck...if it talks like a duck....well, it's probably a duck.


( Posted by: pythagoras [Member] On: September 16, 2005 )

You know I always enjoy your stuff, man, but I think you're on the wrong track here. I don't see any deep similarities between Tytus/RedRbel and Williamhill.

As for "Get your facts straight," everyone and their dogs (okay, not their dogs) says that where I come from. To me, the resemblences between Tytus and Williamhill are superficial, probably the result of coming from the same region, where certain turns of phrase are common.

The biggest difference I can see between them is that william, though we've had many a disagreement, has some self-control. Tytus was kicked off the site a while back for being utterly unable to control himself. He was like a bitter junior high kid with ADHD. Despite many a warning, he couldn't stop insulting people.

That's my two cents, anyway!

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 16, 2005 )

Perfectly said, er, partly
Well said WH, and Viper9 as well. That's me, as I'm sorry to say and have said in an earlier post that I don't have as much control as WH (You liberals just make me so damn mad!). As for the ADHD part . . . that I don't agree with because I don't(naturally) simple as that. But maybe if I can't and WH can't convince you of the truth, maybe Viper can. Py, drop it, this accusation got REALLY old REALLY fast. Besides, I don't even write poetry. Just let it go Py.

( Posted by: Tytus [Member] On: September 16, 2005 )

Pyth and me, the same person?
pyth, I've been accused of being a duck, too. I never admitted red rebel and tytus were anything. He did, you dolt. BTW, Someone on this thread corrected me a while back about my verbiage. I will do you the same favor.__It's," I couldn't care less"

I used to think that you were an educated person. You may be. But I'm having all kinds of trouble here on your thread, trying to understand how you keep missing things in other comments that are reasonable, about me, about the subject on which you wrote, about making snap judgements and assumptions that anyone with your backround would be loathe to do. Indeed, methinks maybe you are cracking up under the strain. There are pills for that, and Shrinks too. Or maybe you don't really have the education that I thought you had. If anyone on this site sounds like me on this site, it's you, except in a liberal way. Hell, come to think of it, you may be me. I'm going to go have myself checked out. I hope I'm wrong. I am off to check my radio dial right now and see if it's tuned to Al Franken. I can't bear the thought.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 16, 2005 )

Until I started posting on Lit, I'd never been accused of being a liberal. I'm still getting used to it. You Americans seem to have reduced everything to liberal OR conserfvative, as if there were no other options! And what you call liberal we call "moderate".

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 16, 2005 )

re: Will
I know who said what....but from my perspective you are the same person. Even if you don't share the same are the same. As I pointed out, you both argue by insulting your opponent, you both argue by asking questions, you both highlight your points with all capitals, you both recite republican propaganda verbatim, even your tone of anger/irritation is if I made a mistake it is only because I assumed that two human beings would be more their own person.

However, I do agree with you on two the American cliche' "I could care less" is an American bastardization of the European version "I couldn't care less." Though I believe its a little petty to question my education because of an American cliche...but so be it....I'll try to avoid using "ain't" in the future.

Secondly, you are also correct that we're both passionate about our beliefs...and in that way we are similiar. In fact, its the first comment you've made that I agree with 100%.

I also admire the fact that you're willing to argue your point against so many opposing voices....Further, I'm glad that you it gives us a chance to see where each other is coming from.


( Posted by: pythagoras [Member] On: September 17, 2005 )

. . .
That was by far the lamest thing you have said to date, Py. Never mind the three posts you have spent accusing me and WH of being the same person. I guess you just want us to forget that you ever said anything about it. I guess as much can be expected by an emotion driven liberal, seeing as how facts can't stand in the way of your agenda. You accuse me an WH of being tools of the Republican party and of spewing out the "propoganda" of the conservatives. Not so, we're just being rational and are simply using common sense and logic to debate your liberal ranting. And please excuse me (and WH) for not simply folding to the overwhelming left wing mind set of this website. I can also say the same for you, Py, that you and every liberal on this website are basically the same person because you share similar views. Have you considered that it's maybe you who is the tool, who is the puppet of the Democrats? You certainly seem to be saying much of the things you hear said by the clever fat man Michael Moore or on Air America. Sounds kind of hypocritical to me . . .

But you know what, Py, we all now know that you're wrong and you've been made to look the fool, clearing any misconceptions about your background and character. Yet I ain't gonna say no more about this because I could care less about your bitter resentment towards free thinking, rational people.

I love you anyway, Py ;)

( Posted by: Tytus [Member] On: September 18, 2005 )

Still waiting
This "liberal" (?) is still waiting for that logic, common-sense, and rationality, Tytus. C'mon, don't tease us! Let 'er rip!

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 18, 2005 )

Oh Viper you clever old dog, how your zingers do slay me! Your last post was obviously a joke, right? I mean for an alleged proffesor that teaches logic (?) surely cannot be too blind to see it when it's right in front of his face? But since you asked, I'll show you. Simply look at every post written by WH and I and you will see perfect examples of all three. And when you do actually read them, and I mean REALLY read, you will you slap yourself on the forehead and exclaim, "Oh! How could I be so stupid? It's right there, in plain view! I guess I just don't know what I'm talking about!"

Happy hunting Viper ;)

( Posted by: Tytus [Member] On: September 18, 2005 )

How did I miss this? More baffling, how did I find it? Pyth, I miss you.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: March 16, 2006 )

Say What?!?!
Disregarding the pages and pages of pointless, deprecating, and immature arguments between tytus/rebel and williamhill and pythagoras i would like to add my opinion on the actual article. Pythagoras states many half truths, for example "under his watch the Twin Towers and the entire city of New Orleans have been destroyed."
Admittedly, the Twin Towers was intelligence errors, bush's stupidity and a shameful, horribly dirty attack on the U.S. by al quieda. Can any one person be exclusively blamed? Why not focus your anger at the terrorists who atacked us and and continue to attack the civilized world?
But exactly how was bush supposed to stop New Orleans from being destroyed? maybe he should have turned on the anti hurricane weather or something? held it back singlehandedly? the city would have been destroyed no matter how quickly people were evacuated or relief brought in. i can't see how you are blaming Bush for the NATURAL disaster which was absolutely unavoidable and impossible to stop. And somehow, I don't remember watching "thousands" dehydrate to death in the weeks following the disaster. You should check your facts before you spew forth a plethora of half truths and lies perpetuated by the liberals as propaganda!
But until I read your personal attacks on Williamhill which had no bearing whatsoever on your article i believed that you were simply expressing your point of view with facts you believed and, who knows, some of them might be true - and I was fine with that. It's a free country. I enjoy reading other people's viewpoints and learning where they're coming from. But I can't take someone seriously who acts like a high schooler bent on revenge!

but ne ways... thanks for the FASCINATING insight into human mentality.

Senoritaburrito ~Que triste! porque hoy es adios.~

( Posted by: senoritaburrito [Member] On: August 26, 2006 )

Senior Burrito
Hi Senior burrito,

Nice name...very clever. I want to thank you for taking the time to post a comment to my article. I disagree with your points if you don't mind I would like to address them.

First, I didn't blame Bush entirely for the loss of the twin towers and New Orleans, I simply stated that under his watch both had been destroyed. This is it not? Further, since he cut the funding to repair the levees shouldn't he be held responsible? Also, since he was giving a memo that stated Al Queda is preparing an attack on the US and he ignored it, didn't even end his vacation, should he be held responsible for this action? This negligence? You see, I'm not blaming him for the distruction...but his managerial incompetence...which his has displayed over and over again.

As for focusing my anger on the terrorists, I do and have. I wish Bush would. We were attacked by Al Queda which was stationed in Afghanistan. Bush had him trapped in Tora Bora and let him go. Instead, he invaded Iraq, a country that as bush has admitted had nothing to do with 9-11. Should I be angry that Bush has let this murderer go for 5 years...that he has been allowed to plan another attack on us for 5 years? Again, doesn't this speak to his managerial incompetence?

Finally, I said that we were able to watch as thousands of people starved and dehydrated to death. And yes, they were starving and dehydrating to death...did they all die? No, thankfully Nagin ranted on TV and Bush, Condi and the others finally ended their vacations and got the government moving. Again, when a president has been warned of a disaster years in advance and again, weeks in advance, and he doesn't even end his vacation as Americans starve, dehydrate, drown, or die from lack of medicinces...should he deserve our scorn? Doesn't this make you anger? Isn't this negligence in the highest order?

I'm sorry if you feel my frustration with bush is unfounded...but his negligence and incompetence has simply resulted in too many deaths for me to feel anything else.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: September 4, 2006 )

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