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Patriotism having become one of our topicks, Johnson suddenly uttered, in a strong determined tone, an apophthegm, at which many will start: 'Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel' But let it be considered, that he did not mean a real and generous love of our country, but that pretended patriotism which so many, in all ages and countries, have made a cloak for self-interest.
~ James Boswell "The Life of Samuel Johnson"

For the student of History, the supplied subject is likened to the “Holy Grail”. While each historian has his/her own specific epoch to be specialized in, for example Ancient Egypt, or American Revolution, truly the first and most important premise learned by each historian is “If we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.” This motto is generally credited to George Santayana. We study this thing because we realize we are minimized by it. We realize that when our grandchildren’s grandchildren die... so will we, and the memory of our deeds. That is, unless we can make a significant impact upon the annals in which we dedicate ourselves.

Much has been recorded of the deeds of evil men and women. One universal word is ascribed to these people, “Tyrant”. Quotes of all kinds from people of varying backgrounds have also been recorded. I propose that regardless of the form of government, or even the lack of a governing body, is one proclamation away from a tyranny. Thus is the peril of humanity and the societies to which we swear allegiance. In times of great human peril or crises, oftentimes it is the common man that rises to the occasion. Indeed, it is the common man who, in uncommon circumstances, that inevitably becomes a “hero”. The Hero in the course of the heroic actions does not consider the historical ramifications that may result, nor do they consider the actual results, real or possible, to their own mortality. They simply act. The result is left to circumstance. Tyranny knowing no racial or ethnic bounds is thus designated to be a universally human fault. Only under the guise of “Patriotism” or blind servitude does it prosper. This is not to say that true patriotism is faulty. No. I simply say that the lie of false patriots is the stepping stone of tyranny.

The question that has recurred throughout history is this: “How do normally moral and good people allow such societal evil to not only exist, but prosper?” Here I will quote one of the greatest of the simple minds of our age, Benjamin Franklin.

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

In World War Two, there is an episode that speaks volumes of such ignorance and indifference. Americans had liberated a death camp, and confronted the local townspeople about the goings on of the camp itself. The people claimed to have had no idea, and when told about the sights the soldiers had just seen, the people could not believe it! The commander of the American forces then took the entire town to the camp, to see with their own eyes. Germans cried at the visions of horrible death they encountered there. The same commander then made the people give the victims a proper burial.

There is a disturbing trend in America these days, and I feel it is my duty as a citizen of this great nation, and as an admittedly terminus historian to point the similarities of our own great nation, to another once great nation.

The beauty of our nation, as I see it, lies within the common citizen. This has been the case throughout history. When a national tragedy strikes the common citizen steps forward from the rank and file to advance the hands of humanity and love. It is the common man that gives more than he can to help. Why? There is one simple and stark truth, because it is the right thing to do. A tyrant uses this commonality to advance individual gains.

The warrior has always lived by a certain code. It has taken on a variety of names, such as “Bushido” or the Rifle mans’ Creed”, but the basic premise remains the same. To conduct oneself with honor, to submit to the superiors and emit an air of loyalty, and to fight for those that can not fight for themselves. A tyrant uses this age old honor to advance individual gains.

The religious man too has lived by a certain code. The ideas of religion have been with us since before the written word. The idea that there is something greater than ourselves is and has been the basic thought. This ideal also begat the advent of “civilization”. The religious man’s code is as simple as the soldier’s, and no less admirable. “To love another as the love will surely be reciprocated.” The tyrant uses this love on principles of duality, to create hatred, and thus advance individual gains.

The concern Americans have shown for their fellow countrymen is disturbing. It ranges from giving almost everything, to neglect and even hatred and detesting the victim. Where has the humanity gone? Has it been bred out of us? Have we been lied to? No, my friends, we have allowed ourselves to become less humanistic, less caring. We have allowed it. Now is the time to stop it. This brings us to another point in our discussion.

How do tyrants seize power? This has been accomplished through a variety of methods, but we will use one of the latest examples to illustrate the point.

Destroy the idea of “personal liberties.”

Stem the flow of pertinent information to the masses

Deny the people the right to assemble without notice.

Cease their ability to fight, both ideologically and ballistically.

Take away the ideals of personal privacy and property.

Remove those that would recognize the seizure of liberties and all of the above.

This was the very basic paradigm that a group of evil people followed to seize power away from an otherwise knowledgeable and moral people. The evil ones were, of course, the Nazis, and the people were the Germanic nation. I do not refer to the nation of Germany, but the peoples of Germania. An analysis of the actual goings on will illustrate the “how’s and whys” of the entire situation. I pray that the reader can connect the dots and see the parallels before they are actually written. However, I will write them, regardless.

Germany, 1933: On the heels of an overwhelmingly costly war, and the subsequently more embarrassing and crippling terms of surrender, the Germans’ problems were compounded by the world-wide economic depression. This was also felt in America, as some of the elder citizens can attest to. A charismatic and forceful speaker named Adolph Hitler rose to power through the use of intimidation tactics, and his stirring orations. A soldier of low rank, he embodied the “typical German” to many that began to follow him. His ideology of hatred was “proven” through the force of the spoken word, and when combined with the conditions of the country, mixed together to form a nightmare the world may never recover from.

There was a fire that gutted the building that held the Reichstag, or the German Parliament, in 1933. Without proof of any kind, it was claimed that the Communists had set the blaze as the first act of a Communist rebellion that was sure to follow. The President Von Hindenburg was convinced that the state was in grave danger, and he subsequently allowed extra-constitutional measures to ensure the people were protected. While it can hardly be said that Von Hindenburg was at fault, his predecessor had done the same for another situation, he did not allow for the common liberties such as; the right to trial, know the accuser(s), or even the right to council or a timely trial. He allowed for the arrest and detention of any individual without the need to show cause.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, four American airliners were hijacked by nineteen men armed with box cutters and knives. Two airplanes were crashed into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and the last crashed 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.
The now infamous “Nuremberg Laws” were the precursors to the tyranny of the Germanic peoples, and indeed began the plunge into another destructive World War. Two laws were passed thanks to the Presidential decree. The first was to deny the rights of a German citizen to German citizens. These were of a particular ethnic group, the Jews. Jews were no longer allowed to vote or hold public office, no longer allowed to seek medical attention, they were labeled with a semblance of “The Scarlet Letter”, a large red “J”.

Article (15) fifteen of the Constitution of the U.S. reads; “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

However, in numerous of these United States, felons are not allowed to vote! In theory, detention in a state or federal prison is to be the punishment for various crimes. Once the sentence is over, the crime is then nullified or paid for. The “debt to society” is paid in full. Why, then are felons not allowed to exercise the right guaranteed by the very Constitution that is THE supreme law of the land?
Article (48) forty-eight of the German Constitution reads: “If public safety and order in Germany are materially disturbed or endangered, the President may take the necessary measures to restore public safety and order, and, if necessary, to intervene with the help of the armed forces. To this end he may temporarily suspend, in whole or in part, the fundamental rights established...”
The official name of the Enabling legislation was "Law for the Removal of the Distress of People and Reich." ** (
No doubt that in times of extreme emergency, and peril, some civil liberties are surrendered. According to the “Social Contract” theory, a pillar upon which the house of the United States is built, certain liberties are naturally surrendered to the governing body in exchange for that body’s protection. Liberties that are “inalienable” can never be taken by any person or body, regardless of the situation. To further this, not all “inalienables” are enumerated within the confines of the Great Document, thus retained by the people or the States.
The result of this and other legislation has been well documented. The tyrant’s watchdogs gave “scientific” proof that the Jews were an inferior race, their beliefs were ludicrous, and they even resembled apes to a degree so that pictures of apes and a Jew with an elongated nose were shown side by side. The Nuremburg Laws gave a sense of “National Identity”, and sealed the fate of millions of those that were not included. This included limitations on marriages.

The suspension of civil liberties allowed for ordinary citizens to further the hatred in the form of arson, rape, murder, etc.
Put bluntly, if one was not of this particular group, all civil liberties were taken.

The freedom to allow information to freely travel through various channels is next. Newspapers in the United States have been an invaluable resource for the common man. Since the very first newspaper was published, information was allowed to reach the common man with incredible speed. Happenings in Virginia came to Massachusetts almost immediately. Vice-versa. This allowed for the quickening of the Revolutionary War. Were it not for men such as Benjamin Franklin, perhaps the United States would remain a territory of the Crown to this day. The founders of this country saw the great effect that information readily available to the common man had, and designated it as such. Since, our newspapers have evolved into magazines, leaflets of all kinds, pamphlets, television newscasts, and now the Internet. While the content of some of the contemporary news agencies can be classified as, at best, garbage; the inalienable right to allow it to dissipate can never be abridged, hampered, or halted in any way. Matters of discretion and good taste must be left up to the readers or viewers.
To maintain an air of credibility our government must allow for plain and unadulterated access to pertinent information. Shutting out reporters that; do not ask the correct questions, do not write agreeable articles, or disagree with the policies of leaders is equivalent to the policies established under the Nuremburg Laws. If the state handicaps those charged by the public to report on the happenings of that state, the people are being betrayed. A sense of transparency is completely lacking in the United States government, is it any wonder there is so much disenfranchisement?
A man walks into a bank with a ski mask on. He steps to the counter and asks to make a withdrawal. The teller hands him a sack full of money, and the man leaves. Did he hold up the bank, or was it a misunderstanding on the part of the teller?
Credible and intelligent reporters have been denied access to key governmental officials. Questions have been asked and rebuffed. The assassination of character and defamation on all sides abound. Numerous contemporary news organizations such as CNN, ABC, (MS)NBC, CBS, and FOX, in addition to major newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times are owned by major corporations. It has the appearance of the clash of two titans. The big bad government VS Corporations. There is a problem with that equation. It is missing a variable, and that variable is the people. If the information can be controlled in any fashion, the masses can also be controlled. Thus the absolute requirement on the government’s part for transparency. Stem the flow of pertinent information to the masses.
Deny the people their right to assemble without notice. In any given assembly there is a question, series of questions, problem, or situation that numerous people have taken issue with. Oftentimes, the very location of this assembly holds importance in and of itself. An example from our recent past as a nation is the Selma to Montgomery march led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Almost every assembly of protest is held in a symbolic or functionally symbolic place. Recent Presidential elections have allowed for protestors to be corralled into “Protest Zones”. Those outside the protest zone and were protesting, were dealt with. The right to assemble is yet another “inalienable” that has recently been trampled, and not just by the current administration. The Kent State murder of four students is the prime example that comes to mind. If the people are allowed to be cut into sections or their sizes reduced then the frequency of collaborative action is greatly diminished. This is also an effective and approved method of captors. “Separate the leaders.”
Cease the people’s ability to fight, ideologically or ballistically.
There are numerous ways for a tyrant to accomplish this feat. From informational sabotage, false information, distraction from realities, false-patriotism, or simply disarming the populace. While I do not own a gun, I fully support the right to own one without regulations. A simple criminal background check should be the only restriction to the legal purchase of weaponry. However, it is altogether too easy for those that wish to purchase a weapon extra-legally. It is said that “A well armed populace is the best defense against tyranny”, and I agree to a certain point. I propose an amendment to this adage, a well armed populace and correct information is a guarantee against tyranny. If leaders are aware of transparency of government, and their masses are armed to the teeth, their willingness to commit lies and other traitorous behavior will concurrently lessen. One question remains, however. How can one wage an ideological war? The answer, again, lies within the annals of our profound are of study, history. Ideological wars have been fought since there was more than one ideology. Ideologies are by their nature inflammatory. They are a breeding ground for warfare, and killers. The only ideology that can succeed is one of universal humanity.

Tyrants on all levels have traditionally preyed upon the weaknesses of the masses, from xenophobia to simple differences in genetics. (The way people look.) The only safeguard the people have against these forms of tyranny can be found in another wise pursuit, religion. The savior of humanity can be found in religious doctrine, despite the words of more than a few nay Sayers. The saving grace of humanity can be summarized in one word, albeit a difficult one to define, we are all familiar with it, “love”.

The ideals of “Personal Property” have been around for a very long time as well. Unfortunately, it still exists. As it still does exist, it must be dealt with since it is a popular idea. The words “Imminent Domain” has been thrown around the country as of late because of a man’s refusal to submit. Imminent domain occurs when there is a desirous piece of land, and the owner has not created what another wishes to create there. Simple law really should prevail here, but the state refuses this. All too often a single man’s rights are trampled to make way for what is falsely dubbed “progress”.

As far as “personal privacy” the government can tap telephones, request library records, see where you have gone, who you’ve spoken to, the subject of such discussions, search your house, arrest you without telling you why, all without your knowledge or consent, and all based upon the words of “information”. The source of such information is not subject to scrutiny. If history has taught us something it has taught that if a law says one can do it, one will most definitely do so. Are these faceless agents to be trusted with our most private of things? Our most prized possessions? I am not speaking of your Grandmother’s China or your wedding rings, I am talking about freedom.
Finally, we move to the removal of those that would conflict with the progressions of tyranny. Those that expose lies and deceptions, large and small. An example of a deception would be; “Adolph Hitler was a great statesman that united his country, pulled an impoverished nation from the doldrums of financial extinction, and united them under the common cause of nationality.”

True enough, he was a great statesman, he did all of these things, however, he also exterminated over 6,000,000 people. That’s six million people. He was evil and so was his regime. Any philosophy that seeks to exclude predicated upon the ideals of “purity” are thinly disguised forms of hatred. That is the truth. His “Final Solution” was no solution at all. Unfortunately the nightmares that resulted from this failed artist are a lesson to the people of the world. “Beware blind nationalism.”

This section ties in to the previous section of “Freedom of the Press”. Although many reporters simply report what they are told to, there are certain breeds out there that dig for the truth; relentlessly seeking the knowledge that will arm the people with the second piece of the “Tyrannical prevention” puzzle. Governmental policies can be and have been oppressive. To infer that simply because a leader says it is good for the people, then it must be good for the people is neglect on the part of the people. This constitutes a willful and irresponsible neglect to the children of the people, and the ultimate miscarriage of justice. It is the responsibility of the people to ensure their elected leaders are acting in a responsible manner. Lying about extra-marital affairs is as punishable as ignoring the United Nations to begin a war against a foreign leader for ignoring the United Nations.

In conclusion, this has been a brief, all too brief, summary of the goings on. I could write more, but life calls me. The people need to recognize that their fate and that of their children’s is truly in their hands. There are steps that can absolutely be taken to ensure the future of our country. The people must demand a transparency in their government, openness to criticism from every direction. We must do these things now, so our children will not have to. The people of the United States either do not trust their elected officials, or completely trust them. Both are equally as dangerous in that one side refuses to take a constructive part in the workings of their own government and the other complacently acquiesces to every wish and whims of the leaders. Therefore a change needs to be effected, and it must begin with you, the reader. Make the conscious decision to listen to the “other side” until they finish. This is the only way to constructively discuss something. Make a personal commitment to understand and know the truth, never settling for “the official statement”. You are a conscientious and, hopefully, moral person. You care about your neighbor, and your children. You have felt the effects of love and hatred. You wish to work together, truly work together, to improve the conditions in which humanity exists. This is a call to arms for the people of the world. Never settle, never stop, and always charge forward with the courage of our generations waving the banner of humanity, armed with shields of understanding and swords of love and compassion. Charge into the lines of those that would oppose us, those that care only for themselves, those that would exploit us, those that would blind us. Wade through them and set humanity free from the chains of tyranny forever.

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