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Genesis 3:1 David isss sssaying: “Did God really sssay ... ?”

I am saying: “God said ‘do not’ ... and furthermore don’t even tempt yourself for if you do here’s the consequences”

David isss sssaying: “Oh, you won’t die (you’ve got grace!), you’ll just make God a little jealous because you’ll KNOW
what isss right and what isss wrong just like God doesss.”

I am saying: “Hmmm, I guess I need to know what is right and what is wrong. It would be such bliss if I did not” (That’s
the bliss of ignorance which we have ALL given up, by the way! Christian or not. Now that we KNOW, we have a
responsibility to that knowledge. And sometimes the burden is heavy.)
So they traveled to the center of the garden and actually took a look for and at the tree (they SOUGHT it). When she saw the fruit hanging there, it was pretty. She now desires that fruit. Whether it be because it looks good enough to eat or because she now desires the knowledge of good and evil or whether it be curiousity or self improvement, the reason she desires it is now not an issue. She “bought” it and then she “shared” it. Now I could “rewrite” this story in a hundred different ways. I could change the settings, timing, genders and objects all around. I could add taste, touch, smell and feelings. But it would not change the sequence of events as they still happen right down to today. It’s not a bad thing to be tempted. It happens every day and sometimes every hour. I don’t quite yet believe that a baby is born knowing right from wrong. They have to be taught how to wait, share, be greatful and not to be self centered and more. But they don’t have to be taught how to be tempted. Just how to resist. If you don’t teach a child “NO” at the age of 2 or 3, the cops (or some other form of law) will be teaching him/her at 12 or 13. I will not even mention 22 and 23. All this happens AFTER the temptation and as a result of not resisting.

As to all the bad things that ever happened in history: There have been plenty of them haven’t there? God is still winnowing the wheat and dressing the vine. I don’t HAVE all the answers. I’m still looking at the back side of His great tapestry of history. I have a VERY long list of my own questions. But I DO believe that God is in control even if He NEVER shares with me all the whys and wherefores. It isn’t what happens to us but how we react to what happens that makes all the difference. In other words; attitude not altitude

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The following comments are for "Genesis 3"
by Gramma

To Bob
Thank you for your comment. One topic does always seem to lead right into another when discussing this subject, doesn't it. Your references to free will are interesting to me because of the attitude toward God that is revealed. He is also a LOVING God. What is there in that fact makes you think He would bother to stand on your neck? I guess for me, so VERY much depends on why I think we were put here in the first place. It is my interpretation of scripture that we were put here to be faithful (not "happy" as in the secular world). And this faithfulness, when chosen freely,produces Joy which far surpasses happiness any day of the week! Just because He set a very high standard and I can't achieve it certainly doesn't mean I'm groveling in the dust. Do you suppose He KNOWS what I'm going to decide before I do?

( Posted by: Gramma [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

To Eric
In brief: Exasperating, frustrating and putrid
Look up! Not down!! If you’re a Christian it is suggested that one approach this entire subject “as a child”. I don’t KNOW what that means to you. For me, approaching “as a child” would mean with curiosity and no preconceived ideas. Therefore, the later in life you approach, the more difficult that would be, don’t you think? Open (lacking experience) and looking up since a child is usually physically short. My point being, as with the lousy “stuff” that passes for research today, the whole approach of this site is backwards. You don’t “make a statement”, gather evidence and publish only the results that support your statement! You ask a question, do your research and see where it all falls and fits together. If your premise is wrong, your premise is WRONG! You then adjust the premise and do more research, etc.

This is EXACTLY why I am having such a problem with “David”. Rather than approaching scripture with a “what do you need to tell me today, Lord” attitude, he approaches with a “this is what I know and I can prove it here” (and beat everyone else over the head until they agree with me) attitude. He spent the first 12 years of his schooling learning how to read what was on the printed page and understand it. He then spent the next 4-6 years learning how to insert insinuation and innuendo (in the name of reasoning, mine you) to MAKE it say what it DOES NOT SAY. My advise to David has always been “keep reading”. Over in Genesis 5:2 it says he created “THEM”. What more do you want? We have used stories and fairy tales to entertain and educate our children for endless generations. As they grow in experience and understanding they often answer their own questions. If it were not for the position “David” holds I would have no problem with his delusions. He can live any way he chooses. For me, it only shows how much growing he has yet to do. My problem is when he begins to indoctrinate our youth (which includes my grandchildren) with his blasphemy.

Thank you for asking. I always appreciate an honest question. It makes me think. That’s never a bad thing. Today, your question has made me think back down the trail of my long walk with the Lord. I can now see that I’ve been extremely fortunate to have several excellent pastors to “shepherd” me along the way. One of them taught me there are many ways to study scripture. He compared it to studying a fine painting. You can stand across the room and study the whole effect. You can get closer and study one part at a time. Or you can draw closer still and study each individual “chip” of paint. There are benefits and pitfalls of each method but he cautioned me that when you study a “chip” one must be very careful not to put it back in there upside down or askew in any way. He also taught me that what I was learning was FOR ME O-: and not to beat my unbelieving husband over the head with?;-D He also taught me that walking with the Lord is like walking with a flashlight through the dark in that you are standing in the dark, the light is just one step ahead. As you step up into the light, the light moves forward and you have new territory to cover. Just the same as we grow, one step at a time. And if you don’t step up, you just stand there until the batteries die. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. But if you don’t continue to feed the spark it goes out. Of course, if you’re going to feed it rocks.............

If I may impose upon you for about 20 minutes of your time check out the book of Jude. Sit down and read the whole thing in one sitting. Read it as if it were a letter written to you by your great-great-great grandfather.

( Posted by: Gramma [Member] On: September 13, 2005 )

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