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The morning hates me! I awake with the sun glaring in thru the window of my dorm room at me. I rise out of bed and yawn sounding more bored then tired, considering that it felt like I only got a second's worth of sleep and I stayed up thru 1:00 a.m. to finish a report for a class I got after my geography class. My clock was blinking 6:00 a.m. Great! Now I'm going to be late on top of being half sleep! A normal day, a normal life… HA! That is a laugh! Nothing in my life is normal. Deciding that breakfast is out of the question, I get dressed. I put on my watch and set it to Alert mode. Placing the earbobs that connect to my glasses invisibly into my ears and put on my special dogtags, I check my appearance in the mirror. A mix of brown and silver hair that is in a permanent state of "Bed head", blue eyes looking at the world thru optic glasses, a twenty-three year old, six foot one chunk of humanity in full effect.
Smiling, I head out the door to class. To other people I am a normal college student with a normal schedule, but with a secret that none of them will believe even if I showed it to them all, first hand. My name is Jim Rensilver and I am a Knight from a different dimension called New Necropolis, though I tell people around here that I am "not from here" not quite a lie but not the truth ether, but what else am I to say? On the way the class, I touch the left side of my optic glasses and activate Scan mode. The glasses display a crosshair and a box where the information is displayed, I lock the crosshairs on a woman and scan her and check the information, most interesting about her is that she is 25, a crack addict and has implants in various places on her body.
I get to my geography class, laughing from other scans I did along the way. Sitting down, I turn off scan mode. Listening to my professor lecher (pardon my lisp) me on how Eastern Europe is warmer then most of the northern continents… blah, blah, blah. I was about to catch some more Z's when my watch began to beep intensely! Everyone, including the instructor stared at me with absolute contempt. Almost as if I intentionally maimed the mascot of the school, for the record I thought he was attacking me, I defended myself by broke his arm and leg, how was I to know that he was only pretending?
I turn off my watch and promptly apologized. When everyone turned to resume learning, I touched a small button on the right side of my optic glasses which causes my ears to be filled with an urgent alert message:
~ing... to repeat, All Knights are to report to their designated Camelot center for an important meeting! ~
I flip down a small microphone that is build into my optic glasses and engage the MDKB,(the Multi-Dimensional Knight's Band, sort of like a CB for knights) speaking in a whisper, I covered the mic and my mouth with my hand both to direct the whisper and so no one will spot the mic:
"This is Knight 417, I require a distraction and extraction, for I am engaged in classes… location: dimension 556, Campus Flats University, please hurry!"
A few seconds pass when a reply echoes over the earbobs:
~Roger, Jim one distraction and extraction is coming your way! ~
It was Holly from the K.D.D. (the Knight Dispatch Dept., What a gal!).
Sitting back I waited for it, but my professor caught me not listening to him anymore and became so mad that I thought that he would burst a blood vessel. Finally he storms over to desk (luckily I had put up the mic just in time) and yelled in a voice that make it sound almost personal, " what do you think you are doing?!?!" No sooner had he spoke those words at me then an explosion rang thru the whole campus. Everyone dropped what they were doing and stampeded out to see the source of the explosion. I, on the other hand, got outside and ran away from the source of the explosion, because if I know the distraction team; they enjoy their work… another explosion rocks the school, maybe a little too much, and can get carried away at times. Once I got away from the all seeing eyes of the panicking students and professors, I found a Dimplate waiting for me; a Dimplate is short for dimensional platform. I hopped aboard and the Reality around me and the Dimplate began to heavily twist and distort until absorbed into darkness. The next second, the Dimplate began to move and lights began to zoom passed me from time to time, it took several second for my eyes to adjust to the fact that I was now in a dark tunnel heading for New Necropolis.
Opening up a panel in the floor of the Dimplate, I put my backpack into the space. While keeping the first panel open, I unlock and open a second panel. Out of which I pull a care kit, and a change of clothing. In the care kit is hair gel, comb and a pair of optic shades. Taking advantage of the darkness of the tunnel, I change out of my school clothes and into the spare clothing which happens to be a suit. Halfway in redressing I store my school clothing in the panel where I put my backpack. I take off the optic glasses, the earbobs pop out of my ears and I put them in a case and put them with the rest of the school clothing and I close that panel and focus on the second panel. After putting on the tie, pre-tied by Holly, cause for the life of me I can't tie anything formal at all.
I hide my tags under my white button-down shirt. Flinching as the tags are cold against my chest. While hiding the chain for my tags, my fingers run by the tattoo of a very detailed flame on the left of my neck. At first glance everyone swears that the flame looks real. It gives off a slight glow but then subsides. I hike up the collar a bit more to hide the tattoo as well. To finish off my transformation, I slick back my hair with the hair gel and the comb, and I put on the optic shades, taking care to put in the earbobs and adjust the mic to the right level so when I need it, the mic will stop at the optimal spot. I put the care kit back into the panel and close the lid. Adjusting the suit, I straighten my appearance. Just as the Dimplate exits the tunnel and enters the heart of New Necropolis: A dimensional nexus, city of secrets and also my home.
New Necropolis is the largest city period; I tell people who first visit the city ( not including people from primitive tribal dimensions) to take the size of the two largest cities from what dimension they come from and add those numbers together and then multiply by three and you get a rough idea of how big is New Necropolis.
With scattered suburbs on the outskirts and condos in the city it has every possible way to live comfortable, not to mention every way to make a living, legal or not. Suddenly the Dimplate stops and suddenly drops. Leaving me to freefall for a mile before I get enough speed to catch up with the Dimplate, which continues to drop until reaching street level, where it suddenly stops falling and then continues onward down the road, leaving me flat on my face on the Dimplate contemplating on whether taking a Dimplate is hazardous to my wellbeing, as the Dimplate hovers along, I turn over onto my back as it passes a Taco King and a Burger Bell… I hate fast food restaurants that merge together, it just makes thing confusing as hell, because the Taco King serves burgers while the Burger Bell serves Tacos, its crazy.
I rise to my feet and dust myself off as I pass a billboard for Television being repellant, otherwise known as The Tele-Tazer, it was a strange day when television all over the world suddenly became sentient life forms and tried to take over the world, but that was several years back and now a few tele-beings walk the streets as citizens while others are content to live outside the city limits in tele-suburbs. Continuing down the road, I decide to watch the news, touching the button on the left side of the optic-shades, I flip thru the various modes including, scan, tactical, phone, and TV, picking TV mode, a box pops up as a small antenna extends out the top of the shades, the box turns to static, flipping channels I find KNN (Knight News Network) a blonde newscaster appears in the box and the audio is filtered into the earbobs,
~this is Gloria Fontana for KNN, Today's top story , a Tele-being was arrest today for trying to incite a massive Reality Riot, and in other news an emergency meeting of the Knights has been called and sources suggest that D.A.R.K. may be the subject of this meeting…~
I turn off the news and activate phone mode, I flip down the mic and say,
Ringing is heard over the earbobs until Holly's voice echoes as she answers,
~Hello Jim what is up? ~
"Hi, Holly, how did you know it was me?"
~ Caller id…~
"But you don't believe in caller id, because you said it takes the mystery of finding out, who is on the other end."
~that is true, but let talk about that later, what do you need? ~
"I saw KNN and they already know about the meeting and its possible contents, how did they find out?"
~Sherman thinks that there is a leak in the Knights' supervision dept., they always have had loose lips and are known for their utter lack of a conscience. ~
"True, true, I'll see you there, Holly."
~Bye, Jim. ~
A click is audible as Holly hangs up, I turn off Phone mode and flip up the mic as the Dimplate, continues onwards towards the Camelot Center.

The Dimplate inched forward until coming to a dead stop, before getting off I program the Dimplate to head for my house. I hop off as the Dimplate turns around and heads back the way it came, disappearing around a corner. I stood in front of the Camelot Center, Fire Division. There are eight centers each one dealing with an elemental force arranged around the city. Each one is as big as a planetarium and offsets the mega skyscrapers and other building that makes up the majority of the New Necropolis skyline. In the center of the city is a large domed structure, wider then several football stadiums and almost as tall if stacked. This building is the cornerstone for the Knights aptly named, Camelot Coliseum. The whole building telescopes upwards, when fully extended it can hold the general population twice over, making it ideal for the Knight Games and also can be used as a civil defense shelter in an attack.

I make my way up to the center only to be bombarded by several newscasters and radio announcers just waiting for some victim to interview about the emergency meeting, unfortunately for them that I know how to handle nosy reporters, once the questions started to fly at me, I raise my hand and they all quieted down and I clear my throat and say in a clear and commanding voice,
"Let me answer your questions ladies and gentlemen. To the lady in the front that complimented me on the suit and asked about the subject of the meeting, first off let me say, this suit was given to me by my girlfriend. Second, kiss my ass, brown-noser! Next to the gentleman, who asked about my reasons for being here? Fuck off! Lastly, the trio of radio announcers asking about my role in the operation of this center..." I step thru the crowd and reach the door, but before entering I turn to the crowd of puzzled journalists, and with my hands I proceed to flip several birds until finally turning around and entering the center, locking the angry, shouting reporters outside. Before joining the meeting I flip down the mic and turn on Phone mode,
I say into the mic, several rings and one pissed off desk clerk later I was talking to the chief of police,
"Hey Tim, its Jim from the Camelot Center, Fire Division, Listen there is several trespassers posing as reporters and they just mobbed me, so get some people down here to arrest them."
~ Hi, Jim, we have some Black and Blues in the vicinity, and they are now on route you don't have to worry about them again. ~
"Thanks, Tim; are you still coming next week for the bar-be-que at my place?"
~you bet I'll be there, I can't wait to try more of Holly's homemade pie…~
I hang up and turn off phone mode and with a smile the size of New York I go thru the large double doors and into the meeting area.

Author's Note:
i am going to be constantly revising it so i'll need some good input and i'll continue and provide a deeper insight into Jim and the place he is going and there will be more twists and more suprises i hope you will like it.

if the pen is mighter then the sword then the word processer must be mighter then the missile

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The following comments are for "The Knights of New Necropolis ch1. Return to New Necropolis"
by johntellall

i would appreciate any feedback on this and possably any comments on if i should continue the story or let it fall into obscurity

( Posted by: johntellall [Member] On: September 11, 2005 )

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