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Note to reader:

Dear reader

I cannot say this is the greatest book, but I can say it will teach you something valuable. This novel takes many years, and struggles I have today all rolled into one. While writing this book I realized the character is a lot like me.

She brings me hope that someday I will be important.
Like I said before, this book isn’t the greatest, but it worth while, and im grateful for whoever reads this book.

Gabriella (17). Hitome (23). Kira (15)
Carver (18). Megami (21). Andrew (16)
Seth (16). Kusabana (27). Saylyn (16).
Canyon (14). Maria (22). Kayo (15).

Back round information: humans have consumed all that there was to consume. Now without anything to go to, the world begins to die, towns have been abandoned, and so has family, can one girl change the fate of the world, or will it not be enough?

Her eyes looked unsettled, staring out the window. Watching as the October rain fell. Gabriella, looking up saw no rain clouds, yet thunder and lightening viciously fought to win the sky. The sun was still blazing, with no explanations to why it was raining.

Gabriella’s older sister Maria looked at her softly. As she turned away tears rapidly fell from her ocean blue eyes. She turned back and stared at Gabriella, and then finally grabbed the bags, which were lying on the floor next to her. She then walked toward Gabriella in a sudden move.

“Its getting worse isn’t it?” Maria whispered into Gabriella’s ear.
“Yes indeed…but it seems so fascinating don’t you think?” Gabriella replied while looking up toward her sister’s face. She could tell something was wrong with Maria, her facial expression showed strongly, seeing her eyes Gabriella knew she had been crying. Although Gabriella wished to ask her what was wrong, she stayed where she was; she knew her place not to ask.

“Im just going into town for a while okay, just to get enough food for the week,” Maria whispered with a fake smile. Gabriella didn’t answer; she gently shook her head slightly up and down then turned back toward the window she was peering out earlier.

One month later

Although that was the last time Gabriella saw her sister, she still believed she would return to her. Like a bird that had lost it’s way through the off settled winds.

“She’s just gone for a while,” Gabriella would mumble as she thought of her sister. She would hold on to that feeling, that wisdom she had, that wisdom she wished to yell out.
She tried to keep the surroundings clean. Even though the house looked clean, the truth was it would never be pure. Gabriella’s fond memories were apart of this place, the good and the bad, but mostly the ones who carried a lesson within them stayed, the ones she longed to get rid of.
As the days crumbled by the hour, the weather would shift. The shining sun was never to be released by the clouds, and the warm weather to be taken over by the coldness.

Town’s people packed up and left because of these changes. They would drive until they couldn’t drive anymore. Other towns received a busier crowd, and local’s left to another; circles were formed, but ended once they reached the oceans coasts.

Gabriella never thought a world like this would ever happen. Scared once she had read the daily news, seeing the words, “End Of The World,” bolded in each paragraph. Even hearing the town’s people hold rallies and speeches everyday, and if the wind didn’t blow hard Gabriella could hear each word that was spoken. She mostly heard words barely used anymore. Words used so the children wouldn’t understand, let alone words that Gabriella didn’t understand.
Once while she was eating chunky tomato soup, that was cold down to the last nerve, she heard the word “apocalypse,” once she had time to register it she ran to find a dictionary, mumbling the word over and over trying not to forget it. As she found the definition, she noticed it went along with what was happening in the world.

As the weather got worse for Gabriella she relied on crackers and water, even the common rabbit found in the mountain behind her house where impossible to find. When she would read the news, she found it more difficult to finish an article without crying, articles on hunger sweeping the nation where the worst for her. Always having to deal with suffering made her uncomfortable. Once she read a horrible article on what they did to the children under thirteen years old. First they would kill the new bourns, trying to safe the food and uncontaminated water for those who where above twelve years old. Kids older then one would be sent to a school, never to be heard of or seen again. Although Gabriella didn’t know what they did to those children she did have her guesses.

Population laws were necessary now, although it didn’t apply for her she still felt very deeply for it. Reading it over and over as it stated:

Families cannot have more then four in their family. If so, the family must choose one to leave, or how many family members it takes to make a family of four. (In house hold.) If the family cannot pick one, they all must leave.
The committee of the people
The committee of the people

Although families had the choice, most left all together, saying it was a blessing to leave this hell. Gabriella saw it as a suicide, a sacrifice that didn’t have to be made.
As she grew with more information to what was happening in the world, many things started to change. Government was no longer as aspect to the country. There was no president, not judges or police officers. Only lonely streets open to those who were insane.
With wind blowing harder in town, more buildings fell, although she was not affected by the winds as much. She was still exposed to, mudslides, flash floods and trees harming her house. Gabriella’s sleep life was harmed as well, although she slept quietly, she didn’t sleep long. To many worries and doubts.
Gabriella had dreams about what she looked like. Wondering every second of the day. Yet Gabriella never had the guts to look in the body mirror that stood before the front door. Scared of what she might look like Gabriella had always just walked toward her room, and laid there thinking of other things. Finally curiously exploded in her head. Gabriella stood up quietly and walked slowly toward the mirror, closing her eyes, placing her body straight in front the mirror. In her head counting down from three, One…Two…Three… Finally her eyes opened, and silence over came her whole body. Gabriella looked in the mirror, but did not see her self. Only a stranger, one she didn’t know, and didn’t care for.
Someone peered back at Gabriella, someone with long black hair, and a shine of silver within there eyes. There complexion not white, yet not brown, it worked well with the white silky dress that laid loose a firm body. A corset of white rapped around the waist, Making the breast bigger then usual, and the stomach smaller. Gabriella finally peered at her feet and arms. Straps of white fabric rapped around her fore arms, knees and feet. Covering places were cuts were easily made. Looking homeless, was what Gabriella thought as she started to cry. Strong, yet hurt at the same time.
Gabriella walked away from the mirror, walking around the house she knew she had to leave. Realizing Gabriella had nothing here but a hallow shell, full of bad memories and stories she wished never to tell.
When she walked around, she noticed everything was clean; firewood had been chopped inside, and stacked by the kitchen. Selves clear of dust, and food running low. Gabriella knew deep inside that seventeen years in this house was long enough. Never being able to see what was out in the world, never being able to smell the ocean breeze that traveled along the mountain range.
As she dreamed her perfect world, everything outside was falling apart.
There’s nothing for me here to do anymore, she thought. She peered past the table, straight to the front door lock. She had tried to over come her fear before, but never succeeded. Although she knew the door was locked, she could never bring her hand over it. It remained locked, and locked it remained in her head.

Even though her mind told her it was right, she could never leave her house alone. She would never be able to step through that door until she learned.
As tears fell from Gabriella’s left eye, she fell to her knees, bringing all her thoughts to subject.
I know I should leave, yet what is so special out there? What is it that I want out there? Could it be that this house is keeping me from living? Could it be that I wish to die young? Gabriella’s head filled with questions that she knew already, yet she amused herself by using these questions against her own will.

She looked up to the door; she realized she would have to leave. She knew it would be for the best.
She walked slowly toward her bedroom door. Stopping once she got in front of it. She noticed chipped wood on the doorframe. Looking back she realized it must have chipped when she slammed the door in her sister face. Tears started to roll off her face as she came back to the present. She looked closely to the door, rubbing her finger against the frame. Tracing her name within the frame she finally kissed the door, and walked into her room. Gabriella went straight to her dresser, pulling out a bag, and opening it. Gabriella touched the dresser faintly, remembering when Maria had given it to her. She was at school. When she arrived it had been in front of her bed. Loving it so much, Gabriella kept it in the same spot Maria had put it in. coming back from the past, Gabriella opened up the dresser doors. Grabbing clothing that looked suitable. Has she stuffed her bag she realized it would be too much to care for? Gabriella then put the clothing back. “I will wear what is on me, I will die in this dress,” Gabriella whispered softly. Instead she walked to her closet and grabbed a small jumper, she then grabbed a first aid box, food, and other important things she thought she would need for her journey. Although Gabriella did not know where she was going, she planned it out very carefully. Once Gabriella grabbed the items she needed she walked out of her room slowly. She turned around and peered to her bedroom. Only memories, and a photo in her mind would hold this house together.

Gabriella moved quietly yet swiftly across the house, making sure everything was nice and strong for the winds. She made sure that all the electricity was turned off and that every line that when into a plug was removed.
She looked at everything that stood; she started to cry faintly, but knew this had to be done. She then walked toward the front door, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Still she walked toward the door not stopping.
Her eyes focused on the lock that held the door shut. Knowing that she would have to turn it to open the door. Standing there as if petrified Gabriella eyes widened. This was it. This was the time when she left her memories, bad and the good to start a new life. She slowly, but steadily turned the lock left. The door popped open as if it had been waiting for the day she had enough guts to open it. She peered out, and then quickly slid through the door. She locked the door shut. And made sure it was steady. She then turned around toward the road, the winds barely blowing but enough to make her sick. Yet she still remained strong.
Gabriella walked away from the house, with tears in her eyes, barely being able to see, she marched on. Until the house was out of sight, She looked back. And realized that once she goes down this mountainous road she could never go back home to her bed and childhood memories.

Without a glance

Gabriella walked down the lonesome road for what seemed like hours. As her legs began to ache she started to cry more. Finally exhausted she stopped on a boulder that stood out more then all the other rocks. With a flat surface Gabriella became quiet comfortable on the stone. She looked around for a while. Looking down the hill, and then back up. She had walked along way with teary eyes. As she lifted her foot up to see if any new cuts had emerged she heard a noise in the trees across the dirt road. Gabriella not up to any games stared at the trees for a long time. Finally she guessed it must have just been the wind.

Gabriella tightened the straps of fabric tied to her legs. Although she was not yet bleeding, Gabriella felt the skin rip in two.

As she covered the wounded spot she searched in her bag. Making sure everything was where it was suppose to be. She didn’t worry about forgetting anything. She had enough money to buy food in town, and other appliances. As she got up the boulder, she heard the last of the skin rip. Feeling the coldness to her feet. She did not check if it was bleeding badly or not. Blood was one of the things Gabriella was not fond of looking at, although it didn’t make her sick, she still felt as if it was something was wrong with showing it.

As Gabriella walked down the rocky road, she found her legs to hurt more and more. With a trail of scarlet blood be hide her, and a town before her, she kept looking forward. Although the winds blew harder she kept walking in her straight line, making sure not to be blown of course. As the mountains opened up winder, Gabriella felt colder, she did not feel cold outside, but something inside her, coldness yelled.
Gabriella got use to tripping and falling as she walked. Although her body ached, it seemed she was in a trance, not stopping until she reached the towns limits. Although she rested a lot along t dirt road, she didn’t rest long. No longer then five minutes. Tiredness over whelmed her as well. Closing her eyes every second was a danger.
Finally Gabriella gave up on making it to town that day. She climbed a part of the mountain, until she reached a grassy area. Although she had packed a blanket she didn’t use it, instead she hung it from a tree that over hung the grassy area, putting rocks on each side of the blanket helped it stay down. A tent now hovered over the spot where Gabriella would stay. She looked at it promptly, and smiled, although it was not big, or fancy, she had made it without anyone’s help, without really knowing having any training what so ever.
Gabriella found her bag once again, and threw it into the tent; she got on her hands and knees slowly but surely gradually made it inside as well.

Gabriella tired of walking and climbing feel asleep instantly. She did not dream however, even her mind was to tired to think of something peaceful.

That night the winds were calm, yet the sky was darker then ever. Gabriella didn’t move through out the whole night, as if paralyzed.

Gabriella woke up to talking. She leaned up, and realized she was indeed awake. Scared of what could be out there she barely made a sound. Finally curiously filled her head, and she started for the opening of the tent, she barely peered out, when she saw three boys standing next to her tent. She quickly moved back in. Breathing softly, Gabriella’s eyes widened. Her heart pounding deeply, she almost felt as if they could hear it.
“Who are they, what do they want?” Gabriella asked oneself. She felt fluttered, she wondered if they were sent to kill her, or if they were muggers.
A slight movement toward the tent made Gabriella jump, she quickly, assumed the position as if she were asleep. She kept her eyes closed, and tried not to let curiosity take over again.

Gabriella felt the tent shift, knowing someone was looking into it yet Gabriella remained quiet. Shaking hands made it hard for her to keep still, hoping they were gone, hoping they thought she was just a young girl with nothing on her that was valuable.

Gabriella finally pulled her mind together and pretended to be asleep perfectly. A minute or two later, she felt something on her leg, she realized they hadn’t left, and curiosity had over came there senses. Disgusted by the interruption, Gabriella leaned forward rapidly. She screamed as loud as she could, and as long as she could. The young boy jumped up, in a surprised fashion, turning to quickly, and breaking the branch that the blanket was on. The tent fell, as did the branch.

Gabriella felt a large object come on top of her, but before she could do anything, a dizzy feeling hit her head, and darkness led into Gabriella’s mind.

¨ ¨ ¨

“Who is she?” Seth asked?
“Im not sure,” Carver answered in a strange way.
“Well what do we do with her,” Seth urged,
“Don’t look at me,” Canyon said with a disturbed face.
“We cant just leave her here, were going to have to take her with us,” Carver answered, looking toward the ground.

Carver leaned forward, and picked up Gabriella’s body, he carefully moved the hair out of her face and started to walk away,
“Grab her things Seth,” Carver yelled
“Yeah canyon grab her things,” Seth laughed.
“Damn it Seth stop playing games and pick her stuff up, Canyon, you grab the blanket.”
Carver walked slowly, yet quickly for a guy who was holding a girl. Trying not to fall as he moved down mountainside. Thoughts rushing to his head, wondering whom this girl could be. Thinking to his self, louder and louder, until he dropped the idea, and would wait until she woke up.
Carver looked up toward Seth and Canyon, being the oldest one, it was his duty to keep them safe. He looked at Canyon the most, knowing he wouldn’t make it to where they were planning on going.
Carver was eighteen years old, with dark black hair that hung like he didn’t have a care in the world. Ice blue eyes, that seemed to hold more secrets then truths or lies. A skinny, but steady body, stronger then most, kept him going. His skin tone tanned, by the years before, and a descriptive face, that showed no fear, and no compassion for anything. His clothing included, a black jacket over a white shirt, and regular jeans with regular shoes.
Seth was sixteen, but strong for his age. His gray eyes were detailed, and showed everything that had happened in his past, Blonde hair, shorter then Canyons was what separated him from the other two. His height was about the same as Gabriel’s, and his face showed more attitude then carvers. His skin was a shade of brown, which looked quiet nicely on him. His blue jeans were ripped, and his yellow T-shirt was covered by another yellow jacket.
Canyon, the youngest was fourteen years old. He had the same eyes as Seth, and same detail. His hair was short, and brown. He had a strong look on his face, but a weak heart. His body was well, like Seth’s.
Canyon had the personality of a child; He loved being with his friends, all the time. His clothing was simple, jeans and a black shirt, and a small jacket. He was also the reason that Carver was so worried.

Carver managed to take Gabriella down the mountainside; still not tired he kept going. He was determined to reach the point of their stop. Once there he would look for food, and ask the girl questions, and try to get clear answers from her.

Gabriella woke up to the sound of rushing water, not knowing where she was she started to panic. Remembering the day that seemed so long ago, of her leaving her house, and venturing off. Now that idea seemed so stupid to her, staying would have been better.

She got up quietly, noticing she was under a tree. She looked to the ground where footprints led off in different ways. She looked around the tree, and picked up her bag. She looked through it quickly, and started to walk away from the tree. Gabriella’s mind wanted to get out of there quickly, yet the feet told her to wait and see who those boys were. Still walking away, Gabriella heard the sound of a young man. Once again her eyes widened, and she changed directions.

She moved swiftly through the trees. Guessing she was in the woods, down the mountain. Not knowing which way she had came. Hearing the voice get louder, she realized she was going toward it. Once again she changed directions, toward the rushing sound, hearing another voice, not the same, seemed younger then the other, she realized she would not get out of here unless she ran.

She walked toward the river, and looked up and down stream. Seeing know one she moved closer the water. She pulled a water bottle out of her bag, and opened it, she poured it out quickly, and refilled it quickly as well. She washed her face and her hands. Going back to her bag, she noticed her blanket wasn’t there. She pictured the tree, she was laying on something softer then the grass itself, knowing now it was the blanket.
Gabriella didn’t want to go back, yet she had to get that blanket, that was the only object that would provide shelter out in the middle of no where. She started walking the way she thought she had came, walking quicker and more nerve-racking then ever. Making sure no one was within fifty feet of her.

She walked for a little, and finally found the tree she was at. She peered around for a while, then walked up toward the tree, she leaned forward, and grabbed her blanket, she folded it neatly, and stuck it into her bad, she started to walk off, when she felt a hand on her shoulder, and realized it was probably one of the boys.
“So your leaving us are you?” a deep voice whispered into Gabriella’s ear.
“It depends on what im leaving,” Gabriella answered back.
“ Were not criminals, were just trying to get away like you are,”
“ Well im not trying to get away, im trying to find a someone that did get away,” Gabriella mumbled.
“Well I wish you would stay with us, it would be safer,”
“Yet I do not know your name, or what you look like, so how is that safer, in your eyes?” Gabriella said irritated.
“ Oh excuse me, my name is Carver, and who said you couldn’t look?”

Gabriella turned around, and faced Carver; she looked up, and instantly felt safe. His eyes were like the sea, a protective sea.

“There are others?” Gabriella asked,
“Just two, not my family, just close friends,” Carver said back,
“There around here somewhere,” Carver added slowly.
“ Where are you heading too?” Gabriella whispered?
“To the city, we need supply, everyone is leaving, making the city an open market,” Carver answered.
“What is happening?” Gabriella asked? “ Most don’t know, but some have an idea, the world seems to be falling at our feet,” carver said steadily.
“ Then where are they running too, if it’s the world there is no place safe?” Gabriella sadly said. “If I knew the answer I would have told you already,” Carver said dismayed.
Gabriella didn’t answer back, she thought that was enough to know. She walked a few steps away from Carver, and stared into the water.
Carver left her alone for a while, and went to find Seth and Canyon.
Gabriella stayed, staring at the water, knowing if did run, she wouldn’t get far. She decided to stay with Carver, and the other two he spoke of. It would give her a better chance at surviving.

Gabriella sat down from where she was standing. She sat there patiently and waited for Carvers return. With thoughts in her head, that stirred up more then she wanted it to. Feeling sick, and weak she started to cry, knowing she would not find her sister at the city, she would not find anything, but a ghost town.

Gabriella heard different voices, and looked over her shoulder, three young men were standing before her, the two she didn’t know bowed down, and acted kindly, they smiled, and introduced themselves,
“ Im Seth, pleased to meet you,” he put his hand up; Gabriella got up and shook his hand gently.
“And im Canyon, pleased to meet you as well,” Canyon put his hand out the same way, and Gabriella shook his hand also.
“Im Gabriella, and im also pleased to meet you both,” She said while looking at all three of them, and then peered away.

“What’s wrong with her?” Seth whispered,
“Nothing she’s shy,” Canyon Said back
Carver moved toward Gabriella,
“ There is something on your mind isn’t there, you don’t have to tell, im just wondering,” Carver whispered,
“I guess you can say that, I don’t know what im doing down here, I left to find my sister, and now that I know that everyone left, I have no reason to be out here,” Gabriella answered, quietly.
“Oh but you do, if you were to stay, up in the mountains right? You wouldn’t have made it,” Carver whispered back.
“Yea, I guess so,” Gabriella answered.

Gabriella turned to face all of them; she looked at each one of them closely, and smiled,
“So are we going to stay here, or are we going to leave this internal hell?” she yelled, and started to run. Carver, Seth, and Canyon all ran next to her, and started for the trip.

Trip To Aranican City

Gabriella felt nice with company. Although they didn’t speak much, they did however stare at each other often.

They rested time to time, but never long. The winds started picking up once they got past the open mountain, making it harder for them to stop.

Carver’s mind was set on Gabriella, staring straight at her, yet Gabriella didn’t bother noticing.
His eyes fixed on her; nothing else seemed to come into focus. Canyon looked at Carver sharply, and simply elbowed him on his side. Carver lost track and stumbled, by the time he figured out what had happened, he was on the ground. Seth stared at Carver, and then busted up laughing, Canyon started to giggle, until Carver gave him a dismay look.

Gabriella looked back and smiled, she gently walked back up and leaned forward, she grabbed Carvers hand and pulled him back up. Once up Carver stared at her wisely. her eyes upon his. They stared at each other for a while, and then Gabriella faintly turned away. Carver bushed the dirt off his pants, and turned toward Canyon and Seth.

Seth was staring down at his feet, and looked straight at Carver, then like Gabriella turned away. Canyon turned like Seth, and Carver was left alone with his fantasies.

Gabriella felt unsure now, about going to the city, although she did not want to leave the boy’s, she felt as if they had something to give, something that compelled them to go. Yet she had nothing, not a sister, not a home, just a life that was soon to end.

Gabriella said nothing about this. She kept it inside of her, buried down within her cautiousness.

Gabriella kept quiet for a long time. Hearing all the subjects the boys were talking about yet she didn’t say or comment on any of it.

Another twenty feet down she stopped and looked back at the boys. Seth looked at her and stopped as well. Canyon stopped once he looked at Seth’s impression, and then Carver stopped.

All three of the boys were staring at her, waiting to see if she would speak.
Gabriella felt nervous, then spoke,
“ Were are we going to go after the city?”
“Were not sure, maybe another city,” Carver replied.
“Were will that lead us? We wont have a life; we wont have any reason to live. Everything is dying, ending as it says in the papers,” Gabriella yelled.
Carver scratched his neck and looked around,
“Were not sure what’s going to happen, we are going to have to wait and see,” Carver said while looking at the ground.
“What if we don’t make it, what if we can’t stop our death from happening?” “Then what?” Gabriella shouted.

“I don’t know, damn it” Carver screamed.
Gabriella looked at him, and the started to run down the dirt road.

“Wait” Carver yelled, as he started to chase after her. Seth and Canyon looked at each other,
“ What just happened,” Canyon asked,
“Don’t worry about it,” Seth replied.
“Well are we going to follow?” Canyon asked,
“Yes,” Seth said while running down, Canyon followed.

Gabriella didn’t hesitate to stop running, even though everything seemed to disappear, her thoughts were still flying everywhere. Her eyesight got worse, from the wind blowing on them, everything seemed like a blur.

She kept running, and noticed in a near distance that there were rooftops. Astounded, she stopped running. She looked up and focused, the boys were no were in sight. She peered back down the mountain,
“About another mile,” she said to herself with a dehydrated voice.

¨ ¨ ¨

“Carver what are you doing,” Seth screamed.
“Nothing now,” Carver replied.
“What did you lose her,” Canyon asked,
“No, I figured we’d meet up with her in the city,” Carver replied.

“Good thinking let her have her time. What set her off anyway?” Seth asked?

“ Im not sure, but I could tell she was hiding the reason why she was even out here, it seemed as if she just gave up,” Carver whispered.

“Well are we going to go, our are we going to stay on this dirt road forever?” Canyon asked?
“Lets go, there’s nothing on this road anyway.” Carver said with a grin.

They all started to run after that, Carver in the lead, followed by Seth, and finally Canyon.

Gabriella walked the rest of the way, letting her eyes rest, and her feet. Gabriella looked back from where she was standing and noticed a scarlet trail was following. She didn’t look at her feet, already knowing that she was bleeding.

Getting closer, and more excited, Gabriella’s heart seemed to pound louder. She could see the entrance to the town, and the small houses that surrounded it.

She felt relieved that she had made it to the town with out any serious injuries.

Yet at the same time she wished she had not made it, knowing she would not find what she was planning to find there in the first place.

Carver rushed down the road, seeing the town’s limits near, Seth a few yards away had started walking. Canyon was beside Seth, talking and making no sense whatsoever. Carver peered behind his shoulder, and smiled at Seth.

“Is it just me, or does he seem happier?” Canyon whispered to Seth.
“I think your right actually, I mean ever since that girl… he seems to have a connection between her,” Seth answered quietly.

“He seems to have fallen hasn’t he?” Canyon whispered.
Seth was looking down, as if he had something on his mind,
“Hasn’t he?” Canyon repeated,
“ Yea, he has. “Seth answered. Looking away from Canyon, and carver.

Seth was started to look at everything differently, for the first time, he thought of someone other then his friends.
“That girl, she seems so nice,” Seth said to himself.
Seth dreams and thoughts were cut short, after Carver yelled to catch up.
He ran slowly at first then ran into full blast, catching up to Carver instantly.
Canyon ran after Seth a few moments after. It was easy for him to catch up, because Carver and Seth had started walking by then.

Carver looked at his friends, and then looked back down the road, he could see the town perfectly by now. He just hoped that Gabriella would be there.

Although he did not show it, Carver always thought of the day that his parents died. The day that emotion was so great he could not deal with it. Having to bury your own parents is enough, but having to leave them there, without saying a word seemed worse to him. Cut off by the world, an emotion cocoon formed around Carver’s space. Even his own thoughts were separate from his emotions.

¨ ¨ ¨

Gabriella entered the town slowly, still in “ah” when she looked upon all the houses. White was the main color she saw, the streets were bare, and windows smashed. It seemed as if the town had been abandoned. Yet the feelings of eyes upon her stayed. She glared everywhere, hoping to find someone to help her. Only vermin filled the streets, passing her feet trying to find any scraps of food left behind.
Gabriella wondered if leaving the guys was such a good idea. She hoped to see them here, yet at the same time hoped not to. Yelling at them like that, and then running back to them seemed a little immature, yet that is what she was. She thought for a minute, what makes her so mature; nothing came to mind, besides the fact that she had ruined her life when she stepped out of that damn door.

She loved the air, the peacefulness of the town, yet it had a secret within it. She felt as if that secret would be told to soon, or too late. Wondering what was going on at her house made her feel uncomfortable. She wondered if she locked the front door, and turned off all the electric items in the household.
She got lost for a while, thoughts over clouding her mind. She stood still in the road, not noticing the rats that began to climb up her legs, a cold scarlet color leaking out from the cuts the rats left.
Gabriella thought for a moment, losing time thinking of her sister, wondering what could have happened to her, or where she was.
Gabriella flinched to a noise, she peered each direction she could, finding nothing. She finally looked down toward her legs and noticed they were bleeding badly. She looked at the ground and noticed the rats around her legs, she cried at first then started to run away. Feeling the rats underneath her feet, she knew she needed to find a shoe shop then.
She walked down the sidewalk, shaking in fear, trying to forget the rats. Her legs were throbbing with pain, and her feet were still wet from the rats she stepped on.
Looking through each window she passed, she noticed that most of the buildings inside were emptied.
Nothing but dust and empty counters lay, the doors and windows broken down, by the harsh winds.

Walking through broken glass she tried to stay quiet. Feeling the shards grow deeper into her skin. Leaving behind a very dim scarlet red. Gabriella was starting to tear when she heard the same noise as before. She turned around gently trying not to make the glass go in deeper. Peering once again in each direction she noticed nothing. She stood there, hoping that someone would come and take her off her feet. Just hoping, yet the streets remained bare, and the sound of the winds blew heavier. She turned around once again, and started to walk down the sidewalk. Stopping every time she felt glass go in deeper. The pain was intense yet she kept with it. Trying not to let it overwhelm her. Breathing was hard enough for Gabriella, with the harsh winds blowing her towards the shops, not letting her lungs fill will air. She felt light headed, as if she was tied to something that was spinning. The ground around her seemed to move, making matters worse, although she had not consumed food earlier the skin of what she had ate last came up toward her mouth. Holding in all of it, and still trying to breathe made her stop walking.

She crept into a shop, and sat down. Rubbing her arms, she began to cry. Feeling the tears run down her cheek, and fall onto her legs, leaving a trail of clean skin behind. She felt sick, although she did not look or sound like it. Her stomach was in knots, as well as her head. Still her feet throbbed, not giving the sliest hint that it would stop.

She longed to go into her bedroom and sleep. Longed to go back to the house and forget the town. Her mind stayed negative, as well as her body.

She wiped the tears minutes after, knowing she would have to pull out what was in her feet. She looked toward bag and brought it closer to her, she pulled out a long thin piece of fabric, white like her dress. She laid it on the ground, and started to remove what was on her feet already, removing it slowly trying not to make the pain worse.

She grabbed a water case and dabbed it on the new fabric, slowly she moved it up and down her feet, cleaning them making sure she could see the pieces of glass in them. Frightened of pulling them out herself, she looked pale. She knew that if she did not pull them out soon, her blood might get infected.

¨ ¨ ¨

Carver stopped before entering the town. He noticed the sign that hung over the entrance reading “ARANICAN CITY,” below it, written in what seemed like spray paint, “The first to go…must be the last to anew.” He looked at it, trying to figure out what it meant. Yet his mind remained on Gabriella, and his two friends.

“Do you think you can run any faster?” Seth cried about three hundred feet away.
“ Come on Seth you’re a big boy, you can do it,” Canyon yelled, now standing by Carver.

Seth laughed as he made his way towards his friends, reading the sign as he approached them.
“Did you…” Seth started to say, but was cut off by Carver,
“I know.”

Canyon looked at them both, and then started to walk slowly into town, breathing deeply, making sure Carver and Seth could hear.

Carver looked at him funny, glad that he had made it this far without any serious harm. He wondered how long he could hold, before he actually cracked, or got to hurt that they had to leave him behind, hoping that it would never come to that, but he wasn’t sure.

They all walked among the bare streets, facing closed up windows and boarded up doors. Noticing the ground covered in rats Canyon began to speak,
“My god…what the hell happened here?

“It’s as if no one lives here, they all left,” Carver hesitated to say.

“I’m not sure if I like this…”Canyon started to say, until Seth butted in,

Carver and Canyon looked to where Seth was standing, noticing a dark but fresh trail of blood.

“Gabriella,” Carver whispered, while jogging following the trail of blood.
Seth and Canyon jogged after him. Trying not to lose their balance by stepping on rats.

Carver jogged only for a few seconds, then stopped. He started to walk, making sure to follow the blood, and not something else. He looked back; to make sure that he hadn’t lost Canyon and Seth, they were walking slowly behind him. Once he looked back he noticed the blood had stopped. He looked at the shop that stood in front of him. Glass below his feet, knowing she must have cut herself by stepping bare foot.

Canyon and Seth were now standing beside him, looking toward the shop, trying to peer inside.
“ I need you two to do something for me,” Carver quietly said, looking at them both in the eyes.

“Okay…whatever you need, im there,” Canyon said almost instantly.
“Depends,” Seth said, followed by, “yeah of course I will.”

“Okay, well before we have to find Gabriella,” Carver said while stepping through the shop. He walked slowly at first, and then walked normally. He peered behind the counter, and found nothing. He stepped through a door, which was hanging by a nail, the dark color almost hiding all the rough edges.

He looked before he entered, noticing a bag on the floor beside a far counter. Slowly moving he started to speak,
“Hello again, you know you ran out before I could explain, im sorry I yelled at you. I mean im not good with answers, im not good at anything really,”

Gabriella froze behind the counter once she heard his voice. Knowing it was Carver, (the sound of his voice deeper then the other two.) She replied a while later,
“Your good at being a jerk,” Gabriella got up and turned around, facing him she felt strong but weak at the same time.

Seth and Canyon walked in, moments later,
“Hey Gabby,” Canyon seemed to yell.
Gabriella looked at him strangely, trying to figure out where he got “Gabby.”
“I mean Gabriella,” he said quietly, trying to redeem his self.

“Oh, I was going to ask, what size do you wear,” Carver said peering back at Gabriella in the eyes.
“Size?” Gabriella responded with a hazy look.
“I mean shoe, the size of your shoes, what size do you wear.” Carver said, realizing what he just said.
“I mean, were going to get you shoes, that’s what you need right, I mean the roads are rough and…” Gabriella started to speak,
“ I wear size five.”
Seth and Canyon looked at Carver,
“Smooth,” Seth said, while laughing, Canyon giggled as well.

Carver turned around, facing Canyon and Seth,
“I need you to find a size five in women’s shoes, and a jacket…cloak,”

“Yeah okay Carver, just be careful with what you say,” Seth managed to say while still laughing.

A few seconds later, Seth and Canyon were out of the room, and once again Carver and Gabriella was alone.


Eyes to remember

Silence filled the small-boxed room. Neither Carver nor Gabriella spoke more then three words.

Gabriella stared at Carver, then looked at the floor, making it seem like she wasn’t “interested” in him.
Carver did the same thing, but he never took his eyes off of her. Finally bored of silence he spoke,
“How are your feet?”
“There fine, all the glass is out, I rewrapped them and im not bleeding as bad anymore,” Gabriella answered while smiling and looking at him.

He gave a grin, and began to talk more.
“I hope they’ll be back soon, we should leave this town, head north-east, to where all the towns are, maybe reach the ocean and cross,”

“Sounds nice, but I have to find my sister, well try at least. Im sure she has gone to a town full of people, she use to dream of getting lost in the crowd,” Gabriella said, while looking at the ground, rubbing arm trying not to cry.

“If I can ask, why did you live in the mountains, I mean nothing there, and if she loved the town, why didn’t you move or something?” Carver said, with a questionable face.
“It was my parents house, we didn’t have to pay for it, because my father had built it. When they died, well my sister promised to raise me there, and never let me get hurt. She took it a different way, she never let me go outside to venture off, never touch anything sharp, or anything that wasn’t a “safe proof Item” I learned to live like that and I loved it. Don’t get me wrong she was good, and my parents were good people. They just weren’t quick enough you can say.” Gabriella began to cry, but simply wiped the tears away.

“What happened to them?” Carver asked,
“ Well the wind was strong, and the rain was as well. When they drove down the mountain they thought they could make a turn without stopping, they had done it so many times before, but that time…” Gabriella hesitated to finish.

Carver walked over toward her,
“It’s fine, in time maybe you can finish…Im not saying you should relive your past or nothing, just in time maybe it will help to get it off your chest.”

They stopped speaking to the sound of laughing. Carver had stood up to the sound and was back at the place he was sitting before. Canyon and Seth walked in with smiles bigger then their faces could fill. They handed a box and one bag over to Carver and started talking,
“There you go lad, one pair of shoes and one cloak, both for the lady,” (they spoke as if they were in England.)
Gabriella laughed, covering her mouth; she stood up, and thanked them. Seth walked toward her and helped her get over across the room. Carver looked at him weird, and then shook it off. He opened the box that contained the shoes. He looked at them for a moment, Canyon and Seth waiting for a thank you,
“Thanks guys, there great.”
Canyon and Seth patted each other’s backs, and once again left the room.

Carver pulled out a pair of white snow boots, they were shined up, almost seemed new, and for all Gabriella knew they were.
He set them on the ground, and then grabbed Gabriella’s hand, helping her into them he smiled.
After she walked back and forth, breaking them in, getting her feet comfortable, She smiled at Carver, and thanked him.

Carver grabbed the bag that was under his left arm. He looked inside first, and then pulled out a Black cloak. He looked at it and then walked toward Gabriella.
“This is also for you, just to keep you warm,” He said, while putting it on her back.
Gabriella grabbed the ties in the front and tied it. She then twirled in it, Carver watching every move. She stopped and leaned into Carver hugging him, and thanking him again. She felt the cloak, noticing a hood on the back of it, and a built in pocket. She then grabbed her bag, and removed a white flower that was already on a small white sweater, she then smelled it for a few seconds then walked toward Carver, and put it toward his nose, He laughed, and grabbed the flower, slowly he unhooked the pin and put it towards her cloak, clasping it, making sure it was on. He backed up and looked at her eyes again, remembering how the silver made him feel relaxed and then worried and somehow…different.

He looked away after a good minute, then looked toward her again, but this time grabbed her hand and started for the door with one nail.

He held the door open, making sure she wouldn’t get snagged on it. Looking at him before stepping all the way through she smiled, and then turned back.

Gabriella noticed Seth and Carver outside; they were stepping on rats, and laughing. Seeming to be having a good time.

Seth turned to face the shop, and noticed Gabriella. He paused for a while, and then waved, Gabriella catching his arm in the side of her view waved and smiled back.

“I see you like the stuff we got you miss Gabriella,” Canyon said, with a handsome face.
“Yes, it’s comfortable, and warm now, thank you both.” She said walking toward the entrance.

She stepped out, knowing that they cared for her. She decided not to bring up what happened earlier…although she knew they hadn’t forgotten.
Carver walked Toward Seth and Canyon, he glared at them for no longer then a second and patted there backs, Then walked next to Gabriella, he didn’t stare at her this time, just simply walked by her, with his hands in his jacket pockets and his face toward the road.

Gabriella looked at all the shops and houses, one after another connected by walls. They were white, turning gray, all the windows bored up or broken. It seemed like an old battle town with narrow roads, houses with walls more then twenty feet high. They probably had courtyards on the other side, with fancy fountains in the middle.

They walked through the town, hearing the winds whistle and the rats moving. Not saying a word, they were all lost looking to different spots, noticing the turned cars, and dead plant’s everywhere.
They came across an ally way, big enough for one person at a time. Carver went first making sure it was safe. It wasn’t tremendously long, but it wasn’t short either. Canyon went second, speaking as he did,

“My god…how the hell do you fit in this, I mean your older then me. Does this mean I have a bigger build then you?” he laughed the rest of the way. Once he got out Carver rubbed his head, making his hair fluff.

Seth laughed as he went though,
“You know it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t eat all those cupcakes before we left,”

“Seth you ate them?” Canyon yelled with a disappointing but happy face on. They both laughed as Seth reached the end.

Gabriella walked last. It was easier for her because of her size. Although it rough getting everything to fit she made it though quickly.

Once on the other side, Carver grabbed her bag,
“Here I’ll hold it, you can rest your arm,” he smiled toward her.
“Thanks,” she said quietly.
Seth walked up next to her; he looked at her softly then turned away.

Seth started to think to himself, he knew Carver had an interest in Gabriella, So did he. Although he did not show it like Carver did. He knew if he challenged Carver he would lose, it was impossible to win against Carver. Seth started to get lost in his thoughts when he heard a high-pitched scream.

He looked and noticed Gabriella in Carvers arms, her head turned toward his chest. Seth turned and faced where Carver and Canyon were staring.
There in the gutter laid a figure of a man. His clothing torn and his expression seemed scared. His body was not decomposing, which made his death resent. He’s eyes had a gray glow to them, as well as his skin. The body’s chest was exposed; there it showed two bullet holes, and trails of darken blood surrounding it.
Although its odor was not great, Gabriella felt light headed, and lost her breath in Carvers arms.

“Seth!” Carver yelled, as he held on to Gabriella’s body.
Seth turned around quickly and took a step forward, helping Carver with her hair.
“She couldn’t take it what do we do… we can’t go on carrying her, we need our energy,” Carver said while looking at Seth.

“Im sure we can find a car, Canyon knows how to hotwire them.” Seth answered while looking at Canyon.
“Yeah okay, I’ll go look for one…Seth come with me okay,” Canyon started to turn away and walk.
Seth looked at Gabriella and then Carver,
“Take care of her, and be careful,” he said while getting up off of the ground. Seth ran toward Canyon, and patted him the back, they soon began to run and then they were out of sight in a moments notice.

Carver picked up Gabriella, and started to walk toward a building. He looked at the body that laid in the gutter,
“I shouldn’t, but we could use some money,” Carver said to himself. He sat Gabriella down, and walked toward the body, he turned it over, and started to search for a wallet. In the back left pocket he found a brown leather wallet. In it a picture I.D and forty dollars, He grabbed the money and then took out the I.D card. He then read the name on the card,
“ Steven S. Hampshire” he looked at it closely, and then put it back. He then sat it down by the body, and walked back to Gabriella.
He looked at her closely, she looked dead as well because of her complexion. Her white dress looked nice against the black cloak. Her dark hair glimmered toward his eyes.

“You know when I first saw you, I thought it was to good to be true. You know I do like you; I don’t want you to get hurt.” Carver directed it to her, but was looking at the ground. He felt short of stupid, talking to her like this.
He looked at her again, and noticed the bag. He grabbed it quickly and then sat down, and started to look through it.
The first couple of objects he didn’t want to see again, he laughed when he thought about them. He continued to look and reach to the bottom of the bag; inside he found a smaller bag.
He pulled it out and looked at, and knew something was inside it. He felt bad doing this while she was asleep, yet his curiosity took the better of him and he opened it.

Inside was a picture of a family; He knew it was Gabriella’s when he saw the mountain behind them. It was a black and white photo with a family of four standing in it. He looked at it closely and then put it back in. He looked inside again, and found money, he wasn’t really interested in it, and in fact he put the forty dollars he had grabbed from the wallet inside her bag then closed it up. He then put the small bag back into the bigger bag. Everything he had taken out he put back in, and then sat it down underneath her head, giving her a soft pillow like object.

He stayed sitting down next to her. Awaiting the arrival of the car.

“ Where are we going to go…” he finally said, he stood up for a while, and then pulled out a folded piece of paper out of his back pocket. He unfolded it and sat back down. Carver was peering at a map. It seemed to show the west coast all the way back. It was a world map, and it showed every city that still remained.

¨ ¨ ¨

“You know I can’t seem to stop thinking about what he’s doing with her…I mean you know Carver he could have gone with her, somewhere…” Seth began to say.
“Look how about this one, its perfect I mean it has four seats and it looks strong enough,” Canyon said, ignoring what Seth had said before.

“Yeah it looks fine to me, do your stuff and we can take it,” Seth said while rolling his eyes.
They both walked over toward a black car. Its windows broken, but its seats still clean. All four tires were still inflated, and the wires were already showing.

Seth opened the passenger door as Canyon went around. They both held their breath while they were clipping the wires covers.

Canyon grabbed the red and black wires, and twisted them together, he asked Seth to watch, just to make sure no one was here. After a few minutes the wires began to spark, and the engine roared. Canyon smiled, and then laughed,
“Well done delinquent,” Seth laughed.
They both closed the doors and started to drive off.
“It has enough gas to get us as far as the next town,”

“Okay that’s good,” Seth replied. He looked to the road, noticing how well Canyons driving was.
They both seemed to like driving, just the two of them,
“You know we can take this car and not go back,” Seth hesitated to say.
Canyon looked at him then stopped the car,
“What the hell are you talking about, just leaving Carver and Gabriella alone?”

“Yeah, well we don’t need them…I mean it would be easier wouldn’t it?” Seth whispered, while looking down.
“Seth what is wrong with you? Carver is our friend so is Gabriella, so what if its easier, If we don’t have our friends its not worth it.” Canyon yelled as tears began to fall from his eyes.

“I know it’s hard, the world is dying, and everyone is starting to die with it, but we have to trust what we got, we have to make it like we started it.” Canyon went on, for another five minutes or so. Seth was zoning him out.

They sat there, as if paralyzed. They didn’t speak, and it didn’t seem like they were breathing either. Finally Canyon took a deep breath, and started the car up again. He waited before he put his foot on the petal, and then once again they were off.

They drove slowly, but it was quicker then walking, and less tiring. Once they arrived where Carver was, they realized there was a road that disappeared into the forest.

Canyon stopped the car, and got out, He went next to Carver and started to speak. Seth remained in the car, Sitting there waiting for Carver to come up and smack his head. Although he could have easily climb over to the other seat and leave, he didn’t. Seth thought for a while, zoned into his own world, he was recalling memories, of when Carver and Canyon were there for him.
“I should have never said those things,” Seth whispered to himself.

Moments later Canyon was opening the back door. Carver gently put In Gabriella’s bag, and then sat her down.

Once she was in Canyon rushed to the other side, and climbed in he looked at Gabriella, and smiled. Carver opened the drivers door, and grinned at Seth,
“ We’re off to Plorical City,” Carver announced, as he put the car into gear.

Plorical City: A rundown

Carver took the road that headed into the forest. Plorical City was a good ninety-five miles away. Unlike Aranican, Plorical was the city where most people stayed.

It was always busy, most people there were greedy about money, and didn’t bother with what was happening around them. Plorical was filled with markets, and housing.

It was also headquarters too, “Kanzen Shi,” also named “the perfect Order.”

They came for one reason thinking their “ideas” were the best of the best, and that the world should follow their beliefs. Their army was the biggest, and had the best weapons and armor made. Every kingdom, or leader had fallen at kusabana’s feet. Kusabana herself was a monster. She believed that mortals were not worthy of land, or life. She claimed to be the answer to all questions, a goddess in her eyes. Megami was the leader below her. She made sure no one was able to harm Kusabana, not even herself.

Although many fought, no one could defeat a Kanzen solider. It was as if there bodies were forged from flames themselves. If you meant one, begging and pleading for your life was probably the best way to escape from death. Those who ran seemed to insult the soldiers.

The head quarters of the Kanzen Shi army hovers over the city itself. Battle cars are sent five miles in each direction. Making sure Kusabana is safe. Although most soldiers Hate Kusabana, none are willing to face her. They serve her, only to make sure there family is in good care. (Most families are murdered soon after their sons; daughters, wives or husbands leave.)

The army does not care who they kill, its as if they are brain washed. Although Kusabana’s costumes are evil and dreaded, her beauty is was catches men off guard, and her hospitality is what catches the women off guard.

Gabriella’s eyes opened, as they began to enter town. Carver and Seth hardly noticed until canyon started to speak,

“Hey there, glad to see you’re still alive. You short of took a rest after seeing the body in the gutter.” He smiled then turned to look out the window.

“You know Gabriella, you sleep a lot,” Seth said while turning to face her.
“We’re here…look how many guards are here,” Carver said while turning his head.
“It’s infested with guards…damn it’s going to be hard to get food this way,” Canyon said stunned.

“Guards for what?” Gabriella said franticly.
“You don’t know what’s going on?” Carver said in “ah”
“If I did I wouldn’t be asking,” Gabriella snapped.

“Well you know the world is dying. Cities are being abandoned, and well…Kusabana is in charge you can say,” Carver whispered.

“Kusabana?” Gabriella said worryingly.
“She’s the one that controls everything now. She’s taken every king, lord, duke, or anyone that was in head of people down. She claims she’s a god, sent here to remove humans. I don’t really blame her, I mean the world was weak, and she took advantage of it when it was at its lowest. Her army kills whoever stands in her way of killing everyone. Most know she is going to kill; yet they don’t stop her. Everyone is afraid too.” Carver said in a low whisper.

“Why are they afraid of her?” Gabriella asked
“Because she has gifts. Powers that’s how she wins. Her strong damn army and her gifts have lead this world to an end.”

“ Can anyone save this world?” Gabriella hesitated to say.
“Well legend has it, that there is one with the gift of creation. A girl that will sacrifice her life for everyone,” Seth said in a high voice.
“ Life for everyone…I don’t think I could do it.” Gabriella said.
“Well, its not like she does it herself really. There is a mountain, about four thousand miles from here. When the moon is full, she will be called to that mountain. Once there she will sing the song of the moon, and dance while she falls into the mountain. Her life will call a short ending of this world, but it will start anew once the balance is restored. Kusabana wants to destroy this world, and claim it for her “fellow” subjects. Anyway, no one really knows what is in that mountain. To dark, no one dares to go in.” Seth continued to say.

“Well who is this…who is this girl?” Gabriella hesitated to say.

“We’re not sure, I mean no one has seen her, they don’t even know if she’s alive, hell they don’t know if she even existed. It’s just a legend.” Carver answered. He stopped the car moments after,
“It’s better if we walk,” He said while opening the driver’s door. He got out and stretched for a while, and then walked to the back door. He looked at Gabriella for a moment, and then opened up the door, he put his hand out, waiting for her to reach and grab it.

Gabriella didn’t know what to do. She started looking at his hand, until he pulled it back and scratched the back of his neck. Carver tried to cover it up by laughing.

“We should go…” Seth said while staring at Carver.
“Yeah, lets go,” Gabriella, said while getting out of the car.

She reached around, and started for her bag, once she had grip, she stopped.
“Maybe I shouldn’t carry my bag, it would give people a reason for stealing it or something. That and I think it’s to much.” She said looking at Canyon.

“It’s okay with us,” Canyon said politely. He got out of the car, and walked around next to Seth.
“Yeah okay.” Gabriella said, reaching in again. She opened the bag, and went straight for the bottom, grabbing a smaller bag she turned away. She looked at all the boys with a smile, and then put the small bag into her cloak pocket.

She wrapped the cloak around her, and put her hood over her head. She seemed to love being in a big crowd, without anyone noticing her. Carver walked up right beside Gabriella, and put his arm around her shoulder. Gabriella loved the feeling of warm around her. She felt safe with the Guys, especially Carver.

Seth peered at them both, and then in a snobbish fashion looked away. Tears began to fall from his eyes, but as soon as they did, he wiped them away and kept walking.

Plorical city was full of people, women selling items on the street. Men sitting down, causing scenes, there were also groups of soldiers posted out, as if they were trying to keep something in, or something out. There were no children out on the streets; the youngest seemed to be around the ages of twelve to fourteen.

Gabriella looked at a solider that was passing by. He stared at her, giving her a look like he didn’t want to be there. Carver removed his arm and stopped moments later after the solider had passed. He looked around franticly,
“ Is it just me or are there soldiers all around us?” He said in a freakish motion.

“Its not just you...” Seth said while moving toward the middle.

Soldiers were circling around them. They had their shields in front of them and there guns ready to fire.
In a split second a man stepped forward. He on the other hand, held no weapon or armor of any short.

“I am Hitome, leader of the Kanzen Shi army,” He walked forward stepping in front of Gabriella. He slowly put up his hand, and removed the hood from her head.
“I see, just a child…I am sorry we mistaken you for a thief.” He said kindly.

“Its alright,” Gabriella said slowly.
“Let us invite her to our headquarters men,” Hitome said with a smile,
“ The boys can come as well,” he added.
“Thank you sir,” Gabriella said while bowing her head. Carver looked at her strangely, Gabriella just shrugged, and started to follow Hitome. Canyon followed Gabriella, and then they all started to follow him. Hitome seemed to have a very big ego, proud to be in charge of something so large. Gabriella didn’t say a word, nor did she glance anywhere. She kept her eyes forward, and walked like a polite lady would have.

They walked for miles, non-stop, soldiers surrounded them as if they were precious cargo. All the locals stared at them, as if they were evil or up to no good, wondering what they had done. Or what they were doing.

They walked until they reached the head of the town. In the middle was a large fountain, the water black of course. Towards the side of the fountain was a box that led up to a ship.
“You will come with me, unfortunately the elevator can only fit four people at once, and because of my gown it can only fit two.” Hitome said has he put his had out for Gabriella.
“Yes alright then,” Gabriella engaged as she put her hand on his. He gripped her hand, and slowly walked to the Elevator, one of the guards opened the door, and then closed it after they where in.
“Sir what do we do with the others?” a guard yelled,
“Kill them…” Hitome said with a laugh

“What!” Gabriella said. She tried to untie the door so it would open, but Hitome held on to her tightly. She began to cry almost instantly, seeing the boys on the ground fighting there ways through the guards, seeing Carver fall to the ground and not get back up, Canyon falling on top of Carver and Seth Falling further away from them both. She could see the guards carry the bodies to a large building on the other side. Gabriella looked to Hitome, he smiled, and then Gabriella fell into a sleep.
¨ ¨ ¨

“You know you won’t win Hitome’s heart this way,” Megami stated, facing Kusabana.
“What do you know, Hitome is a gentleman, and a lower rank then I, He will have to fall in love with me.” Kusabana Yelled.

“Don’t yell at me your lord, I was just stated my opinion,” Megami said.
“Megami don’t push your luck, the way I see it your lower then me as well.” Kusabana said viciously.
Kusabana turned around, facing the tinted windows. She slowly played with her hair, and then laughed,
“I feel her, the girl that will bring peace to the human race and this world.” She whispered.
“Your lord you mean…she’s real?” Megami said confused.

“Of course she is real, she is very real. Another life she did the same thing, she sent those mortals to a beautiful waiting room you could say. Of course when they were given a second chance, they did the same thing they did before. They messed it up. Now that im here I can make sure they never mess up again,” Kusabana screamed toward the end of what she was saying. She started to face Megami.

“My lord, where is she…if you can feel her she must be close,” Megami said worryingly.
“She is in this very ship, this building.” Kusabana laughed. She fell to her knees and kept laughing,
“Megami leave me at once,” she announced.
Megami fled the room quickly. Her shoes tapping against the floor as she did. She opened both doors and closed them both at the same time. Not looking back.

“She’s here, I have waited for this day to come, and it has arrived, she’s actually here, I cant wait to put my sword through the heart of her, watch her suffer as I had to do for thousands of years.” She laughed for a while, tears falling down her cheeks, leaving tear trails showing her true skin. The white make up she wore was starting to rush down, until she wiped the tears away with her komodo.
She got up off the floor and wiped herself off. She smoothly walked to her vanity, powdering the tear trails covering them up. She grabbed her lipstick, looking at herself in a mirror as she put it on. Her pink lips became a sudden red, which went perfectly with her eyes.

¨ ¨ ¨

“Megami,” Hitome whispered, while carrying Gabriella’s body.

“What is it Hitome, I need to watch out, there’s a girl on board….” Megami stared at Hitome, and then looked down. She stared at the girl within his arms. Wondering what he had done.
“She is the girl that will set this world free, is she not?” Hitome whispered.
“You brought her here, if Kusabana finds out she will have us both killed, she will take the girl and kill her, we cannot have that Hitome you know you have to hide her, she can feel her in this building…my god what have you done,” Megami whispered, as tears fell from her eyes.

“Don’t your Megami, I love you…remember, she will not kill us. We have to make sure this girl gets that necklace, so she knows. She must not wake up.” Hitome announced quietly.
“Why heavens not?” Megami asked.

“If she wakes up she will think I am the bad one here, she will run away from me, and run in Kusabana,” Hitome mumbled.
“Why…why will she think you’re the bad one?” Megami asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Because she thinks I killed her friends,” Hitome said shamefully.
“What!” Megami yelled. Hitome stepped forward and covered Megami’s face.
“If I brought them, they would be to much to handle. The guards would have said something to Kusabana you know them. I told my troops to make it seem like the killed them, but all they’re doing is moving them to a barnyard on the other side of town.” Hitome said, without taking a breath.

“What are we to do?” Megami asked, with glazed eyes.
“We have to get the necklace, then take her to the barn yard. And explain to the boys, but we have to do it quickly, neither her nor Kusabana can find out what this necklace does. They can’t find each other either.” Hitome explained with a deep voice.

“Were going to betray Kusabana?” Megami said frustrated.
“We have no choice Megami. My dear this world has to be set free, you know what Kusabana will do to it. You and I are only mortal, she will kill us too, and then we can never be truly together.” Hitome whispered. He kissed her cheek softly, as tears fell from her face.
“I will hold off Kusabana my love,” Megami said, stepping back.

“Yes you do that. I will be in my chambers,” Hitome said, walking off.
Megami walked slowly, reaching Kusabana’s chambers. She wiped her tears, and then put her hair over her face hiding her watered eyes. She knocked on the door slowly,
“My lord…can I enter?”
“Megami fetch me black ink immediately, then you may enter,” Kusabana screamed.
“Yes my lord.” Megami walked slowly, and then picked up her pace. She knew that if she didn’t go quickly enough there plan would be foiled.

“Young girl, you are prophesied, your life for others, my dear child you can not be a year over nineteen.” Hitome said quietly into Gabriella’s ear. Tears of sorrow began to fall from his eyes as he reached his room. He stared at the door. Wondering if what he was doing was right.
“It has to be, I love her,” He said to himself. He opened the door slowly, and then walked swiftly to his bed, he sat Gabriella down, then ran back to the door and closed it; he then locked both of the doors.

He stared at Gabriella, noticing how young she was. Tears rapidly fell from his eyes as he walked to his grand mirror. He looked at himself in it, and then walked toward a desk that lay in the right corner of his cambers. He reached for the back of his neck and unclasped a necklace with a key. He removed the key from the silver chain it was on, after he removed the cover that went over the desk, showing in the middle was a keyhole. He placed the key within the hole, and turned it left, then right, and then left again. The desk clicked, and a secret compartment opened up.

Inside was a small black box; it also contained a keyhole. He set down the small box, and walked over to his grand mirror, he then grabbed a candlestick, crossed his heart and struck the mirror with all his energy. The mirror shattered, showing a vault behind it. He put the candlestick down, and walked up next to the vault. He looked around at Gabriella, making sure she didn’t wake from the noise. He was relieved to find she was still asleep. He looked back at the vault, slowly he did the combination to it, 32-21-4, it clicked and he pulled it open. Inside was plate, which had another key on it. He grabbed it quickly, not wasting time. He walked over grabbing the small box; he opened it quickly and pulled out a necklace.

(At the same time Hitome is in his chambers)

“My lord, I have the ink you requested.” Megami announced.
“Yes come in Megami,” Kusabana yelled.
Megami entered slowly, closing the doors behind her. She bowed toward Kusabana, and handed her the ink.
“My lord, what are you to do with the ink,” Megami whispered.

“Tis not concern you Megami, you can leave me at peace for now, maybe later I shall tell you,” Kusabana whispered back.

“Yes my lord,” Megami answered, she turned around and started for the door, picking up Kusabana’s sword on the way out.

She closed the doors with rage, and walked fast down the hallway, making her way to Hitome’s chambers. She hid the sword underneath her komodo and ripped a hole in her outfit so she could grab it quickly. After five minutes she made her way to Hitome’s Chamber. She waited in front of the two steel doors, thinking if she should knock or not. Finally she made up her mind and raised her arm to the door, she knocked twice and waited.

Hitome looked to the door as he heard the knocking. He gently set down the necklace and walked toward the door,
“Who goes there?” He yelled,
“It’s me my love,” Megami said as quietly as she could.

Hitome walked over toward the door, unlocking both of the locks quickly. He opened both doors at the same time. He looked at Megami softly,
“Come in,” he said pointing his hand in. She walked in slowly, and made her way to the bed. She looked at Gabriella, and then looked at the necklace on the desk.
“Is that is?” she asked.

“Yes that would be it. We have to put it around her, then carry her out to the barn yard.” Hitome said in a quiet manner.
“You make it sound easy my love,” Megami whispered.

“If we do it right, it will be easy,” he mumbled.
“Well we should get it around her then shouldn’t we,” Megami said, as she walked toward the desk.
“No…don’t touch it!” Hitome yelled.
“Why” Megami asked, puzzled.

“No one can touch the necklace of the moon, not with bare hands. It is made only for her, and her alone.” Hitome said pointing at Gabriella’s body.

“My love…why can you touch it,” Megami asked, confused.
“Because I am the one who…Megami lets not get into it, we do not have time for it now.” Hitome said, grabbing the necklace.
“Okay, I do what you ask, because I want the world to be safe. Megami answered.
“ Oh…I have Kusabana’s sword,” Megami added, as she pulled out the sword.

“What, why did you get that…if she figures out its gone she will come and find you.” Hitome yelled.
“Calm down she’s having a nervous breakdown, she’ll be like that for a while.” Megami said smiling.
“Are you sure,” Hitome said raising his eyebrow.
“Positive,” Megami said slowly.
Hitome held the necklace within his fingers; he looked at the pendent that hung from a silver chain. It was in the shape of a crescent moon, slowly it changed, getting smaller, by each minute.
“Hitome, it changes?” Megami said quietly.
“It changes as the moon changes, she has five months to get to Fallen Mountain.” Hitome said almost instantly.

“Hitome, she can’t go there, most who try going to that mountain never make it. The cold Hitome it will kill this girl.” Megami said worried.
“No not her, she is a fighter, she will make it, the power of this necklace will make sure of that.” Hitome said, looking at Megami.

“You will take them to the wall by horse.” Hitome said to her. Megami stayed silence, thinking of what she had just heard.

Hitome moved toward Gabriella, he picked up her head, and clasped the necklace on.
“Look away,” Hitome, said as he turned away. Moments later a Flash of white light came from the necklace. Gabriella’s body began to lift, as the light shined brightly to every dark corner of the room. Her body stayed in the air for no more then thirty seconds, the white light faded dimly, and the body slowly returned to the bed once more.

Hitome turned around slowly making sure it was over. He noticed her hair had changed to the color of the moon, and that her dress had been destroyed.
“Megami, can you fetch this girl some new clothing,” Hitome asked looking at her.

“Yes of course, wait one moment.” She replied. She got up from the floor, and walked quickly out the door.
¨ ¨ ¨

“Where are they taking us,” Canyon whispered to Carver.
“I’m not sure, but they must be helping us, considering were not dead,” Carver replied.

The boys were in the back of a wagon, their hands and legs tied to the floorboard, making it difficult to escape. Bags of grain were piled up by there feet, making a perfect view of where they were “attending” to go.

“I think they’re going to kill us here, I mean of course they didn’t kill us over there, to many public witnesses.” Seth mumbled,
“Don’t say that Seth,” Canyon said disappointed.

“Both of you shut up… and look,” Carver whispered.
They all looked at the same time, noticing a barnyard. It seemed to be old because of the rundown fence and part of the barn actually missing.

They looked at each other puzzled, wondering what they were doing here of all places.
“I told you they didn’t want the public to see us killed,” Seth stated in a “show-off” voice.

“Seth shut up for once,” Carver said in a grimy voice.
“Carver since when do I listen to an a…” Seth began to say until the wagon stopped.
They all looked at each other, and then to their feet. Waiting for the soldiers to come.
After a few minutes, they heard talking.
“So this is the place right,”

“Yeah I believe so,”
“Well then we better get them out and explain,”
“Yea okay,”
Two soldiers came from the left side; both of them looked at the boys and began to speak.
“Listen you three, Hitome the leader of the army requested us not to hurt you, until Lord Megami comes.” One of the soldiers stated.
“Okay,” Carver said looking at them both.
“You will remain here, until they come,” The solider added.
“Okay,” Carver repeated.

The soldiers walked away, and stood on the side of the wagon, there hands on their guns, waiting for Megami to show.

“So is this going to be long…I have an itch on my nose,” Seth yelled.
“Quiet, we can’t have anyone know you’re here,” one of the soldiers replied.

“Not to be a little straight forward on this, but won’t you draw attention. I mean two soldiers guarding a wagon don’t you think that’s a little strange?” Seth said with a giggle.

“The kid has a point lieutenant,”
“Damn kids, always making it seem like there smarter then us adults,”
The two soldiers walked to the other side of the wagon, and sat down. Their hands were still on their guns, ready to fire. They began to speak about their families, and how difficult it was leaving them. They were excited that their time serving Kusabana was almost up.

“You know they could have made this more comfortable,” Seth whispered.
“Quiet, or we’ll tape your mouth shut,” one of the soldiers snapped, after they both laughed.
“Bunch of morons,” Seth mumbled.

¨ ¨ ¨

“Are these okay my love,” Megami asked as she walked in to the room once more.
“Yes perfect.” Hitome replied.
“My love…how are we to get it on her body,” Megami asked embarrassed.

“I will leave, that is up to you Megami,” Hitome laughed and started for the door.
“Yes okay.” Megami answered. She moved more towards the girl and started to remove Her old dress. It wasn’t difficult because of the large tears in it. Megami looked at her hair, remembering the darkness it once had in it. Now it was different from any other color seen, it was white, and had silver streaks through it. Only one clump of hair remained as dark as the night.
Megami started to put on the other piece of clothing. Getting it to go around her arms was difficult. She laughed when she got near the breast part of her body. Knowing that the child had a smaller bust then her. Once the outfit was on her, Megami started to tie the back to it, once tied Hitome came in.

“Okay let us leave,” Hitome said while walking toward the girl. He picked up Gabriella’s body slowly and looked toward Megami.

“The clothing is neatly done,” He whispered.
“Thank you my love, I tired my best to make it fit her.” Megami whispered back.
“Yes well it looks great…let us leave.” Hitome said looking toward the door.

“Are you coming,” Megami whispered.
“Im afraid not, I will carry her body down to the horses that await for you.” Hitome walked toward the door, and paused.
“Horses?” Megami whispered back.
“They’re four of them, one for you, three for the boys, they will have to carry Gabriella on one of them.” Hitome added, as he opened the door. Megami stepped through quickly, making sure the halls were clear. Once she waved him on, he walked down the hallway swiftly, not bothering to close the door afterwards.
They walked to the main lobby, meeting a guard posted at the Elevator,
“Harris you know what to do,” Hitome whispered.
“Yes sir.” Harris replied. He then opened the door that led to the Elevator, leading Megami in first. Hitome was careful setting Gabriella in, making sure she didn’t get hurt.
“Watch her my love, and be careful,” Hitome said, he leaned in and kissed her cheek, making her blush.
“Well Miss Megami I’ll see you in a little bit,” Harris said, breaking the moment.
“Yes okay,” Megami said, while looking at Hitome.

“Lord Hitome, I bring you a message from The Great Kusabana,” a young girl started to say walking toward him. Hitome turned around quickly blocking Megami and Gabriella out of her sight.

“Yes ill be right there,” Hitome answered franticly.
“Harris go ahead,” He whispered.
“Yes of course,” Harris replied. Harris pulled down a metal lever that was beside him. Slowly but surely the Elevator started to go down.
Hitome looked at Harris,
“Thanks Harris,” he finally said while walking away.
Harris nodded his head quickly, and then looked down making sure the elevator landed neatly.

Hitome walked slowly, not worried of what was going to happen. Knowing that Kusabana must have felt the girl enter the building. He put his hands together, and started to pray for Gabriella hoping everything went the way it was written.

“Lord Megami, we have waited for you. Here …here these are the horses you will be taking.” A soldier announced.
He grabbed Gabriella, waiting for Megami to get up on the horse and steady herself. After moving a bit she nodded her head in improvement. The soldier nodded back quickly, and then walked toward the horse, He lifted up Gabriella and sat her down in front of Megami, making sure she wouldn’t fall.

“Now my lord, the horses are all tied, you do know where you’re going right?” the soldier added.
“Yes I do, thanks for your help, I’ll return as quickly as I can.” Megami answered with a smile. She gently kicked the horse’s side and began to move.

Hitome reached Kusabana’s chambers. He looked at the steal doors in front of him, noticing a dragon that went through the two doors,
“My respect for keeping a worse creature then you inside,” he whispered to himself. He walked closer to the door, and knocked, waiting for her voice to seep through the doors.

“My lord it is I Hitome, you asked to see me,” He said following the knocks.
“Yes Hitome, come in…come in…” Kusabana Replied.
He put both of his hands on both doors; he paused for a moment, thinking he could run; yet he stayed …paralyzed.
He took a deep breath, and began to open the doors. He noticed Kusabana right away, standing right in front of him. He looked puzzled and then looked to her hands.

“You have betrayed my love, and now you will not see the light of another day.” Kusabana announced. She stepped forward, sliding a sword through his chest. Tears fell from her eyes, as she pushed it in more.
“You will never be with that whore,” Kusabana yelled as she pulled out the sword.

Hitome looked at her, and then fell to his knees,
“ I did…what…I had to…do for the…” Hitome fell to the floor, basking in his own blood.

Kusabana looked at him. She fell to her knees and started to brush his hair with her fingers.
“My love now you will have no one,” she whispered.
She got up off the floor and walked out of her chambers dropping the sword in the hallway. She made her way to the main lobby, and stopped.

“I want all guards to go after Megami, Kill her and anyone else you find, but leave the young girl with white hair to me. If you harm her your life will be mine,” she announced with a dreadful rage.
“Tell the guards Harris,” She added.
Harris looked at her, and then turned around. He pushed a loudspeaker button and began to tell every Guard what to do.

The Bridge

Megami reached the barnyard quickly. Noticing the two soldiers first.

“You know you could have been found…I mean it does look a little strange to have two guards guarding a wagon does it not?” Megami asked with a laugh.

“I told you,” Seth yelled, laughing knowing he was victorious.
“Lord Megami nice to know you made it save,” one of the soldiers, said.
“Im sorry boys, but I have no time to waste, I must get back as quickly as I can. So where are they?” Megami said quickly making her way to the wagon.
She looked inside staring at all the boys,
“You know you could have untied them…” Megami stated.
The two soldiers looked at each other and remained speechless.
“Well don’t just stand there untie them,” she added.
“Yes of course,” A soldier replied. He lifted himself up on the wagon and started to untie the ropes around Seth’s wrists.

“Who is that with you?” Carver asked while being untied.
No one spoke for a moment, waiting for the answer.
“Hum…oh are you speaking to me?” Megami asked.

“Yes” Carver answered.
“I believe this is your friend, one named Gabriella,” Megami said with a smile.

“That’s her!” Carver said surprised. He stood up and walked over toward the horse.
“What happened to her hair…and her clothing” Carver asked.
“She has gained the power of the moon. That is why I’m here, to explain what happened.” Megami whispered.

Seth and canyon jumped off the wagon moments later, they stretched first, and then took steps forward standing by Carver.

“Explain…” Carver said angrily.
“Yes.” Megami answered.

“The story of one who will give this world a second chance, well this is that girl that will give everyone a second chance. The power of the moon runs within her. That is what turned her hair this color. You have only four months to get her to the Fallen Mountain. There you will wait until the moon glows red, after that she must sacrifice her life and jump within the mountain…”Megami finished with tears in her eyes.

“She’s the prophecy.” Carver hesitated to say.
“Yes.” Megami answered quickly.
“Okay then…” Seth said with smile.
“We should head off then…” Canyon said looking toward the road.

“Yes I have brought you three horses, you will have to carry Gabriella with one of you.” Megami added, as she wiped the new tears aside.
“Just do me one thing, she cannot know…not from you and not yet anyway.” Megami said quickly.

Carver remained quiet; he walked toward another horse untying it from the rest. He got on quickly and trotted over by Megami’s horse. He slowly picked up Gabriella, and put her in front of him. Making sure she was save. He then looked to Seth and Canyon waiting for them to get on their horses.
They looked at him weirdly, and then ran to their horses, untying them from each other. Seth had no problem getting on his horse. Canyon fell the first, second and third time.
“Damn horse.” He yelled. One of the soldiers went over to assist him. He grabbed Canyons leg and swung it over, almost hitting himself as he did it.
“Good luck,” the soldier whispered, and then stepped back.

“Make sure she gets there in time, and unharmed.” Megami said slowly. Carver remained silence, but nodded his head in acceptance.
“ Good luck to all of you and be careful,” she added. Megami looked at them all, and then kicked her horse, and started to move back towards the keep.
Carver stared at her,
“Good luck to you as well.” Carver yelled, as Megami went out of sight.
The boys looked at each other and started toward the road when they heard a noise from the lieutenant’s walkie-talkie.
“All soldiers, I repeat all soldiers, find Megami…kill her on spot. Those with her Kill as well. Find one female girl, with White hair. Bring her to the keep whoever brings the girl can leave to there families immediately. That’s all for now, over and out.” The soldiers looked to the boys. All of them were in shock.

“Go” one of the soldiers shouted.
“And hurry too.” He added.
“Thank you both,” Carver said. He kicked his horse
and started to trot toward the road. Canyon and Seth followed.
They went faster after hearing shot guns go off, knowing that the soldiers who helped them were dead.
Carver looked toward Gabriella, noticing that she was waking up. He stopped his horse in the road.
“Gabriella, wake up…” he shouted. He started to shake her body and
“Im up” Gabriella yelled back.
“Thank god,” Carver whispered.
“What the hell happened? I feel so weak.” Gabriella whispered.

“Its okay…just rest for now.” Carver said with tears in his eyes. Gabriella lifted up her arm, and wiped the tears from his eyes.
“Okay.” She whispered back.

Megami made her way back to the keep. She noticed everyone was gone. She went towards the elevator, and rung the bell. She waited there for a while, and then realized no one was coming. She grabbed the rope, and started to climb it. Getting rope burns along the way. Once she got on the top she noticed Harris’s body lying in a pool of blood. She glanced away as tears ran down her cheeks once more.

She didn’t stay long in the lobby, and ran towards Hitomes Chambers and grabbed the sword that was on the floor.
“Hitome” she whispered going into the hallway.
She walked quickly to Kusabana’s Chambers. She looked at the door, and noticed blood seeping through it. She cried for a moment. Then opened both doors.

“Carver we can’t go on horses anymore they’re too tired. We have to walk.” Canyon yelled.
“Yeah okay.” Carver answered.

“Can you walk?” he whispered to Gabriella.
“Yes,” she answered back.
They got off their horses and let them go. They could hear the rumble of soldiers gaining on them.

“Carver we can’t outrun hundreds of soldiers.” Seth yelled.
“I know…” Carver said hesitant.
“ We have to take Gabriella to the bridge.” Carver said quickly.
“Yeah okay that’s not to far from here…right?” Seth asked.
“ No…I think it’s just at the end of this road, about another mile or so.” Carver replied.
“Okay then we better get moving.” Seth said.
“Hey look…”Canyon yelled.
“What now,” Seth said as he turned around
“My horse has a bag on it.” Canyon shouted.
“Why did you tell us that before,” Seth screamed.

“Both of you shut up... what’s inside the bag Canyon” Carver said frustrated.
“Hum…Weapons,” Canyon whispered.
“Enough for all of us,” he added.

“Okay get them out…it will do us some good to have them.” Carver said as he scratched the back of his neck.
Canyon opened the bag. He reached in and grabbed the three swords and one bow.
“Okay who has what,” he asked.
“I’ll take a sword,” Seth replied,
“Me too,” Carver answered.
“I’ll have the bow,” Gabriella whispered.
“Okay then I’ll get the last sword. Oh there’s Arrows in this bag as well.” Canyon said as he reached inside the bag once more. He pulled out a tube that was stocked with arrows.
“Here you all go,” He said as he gave out the weapons.
They started to practice with them as they walked down the road.
“Nice hair Gabriella,” Canyon whispered.
“Thanks…I think I look nice in It.,” she laughed.

Gabriella could hear the soldiers running now. Getting closer and closer to them. Filling in the gab. They walked quickly making good time. They had about another hour and a half to get to the Bridge before the sun went down.

Megami looked to the floor, noticing Hitomes body on the ground. Tears fell from her eyes like the rain.

“Ah…Megami I have waited for you,” Kusabana said with a distinct voice.
“You killed him…you monster,” Megami screamed.
“Yes I did…and now he will never see your face again.” Kusabana laughed. She turned around and raised her sword.
“And you will never see his face again,” She screamed as she ran toward Megami.

Megami swung out the sword and blocked Kusabana’s first Attack.
“ So that is were my sword went…I want it back,” She screamed.

“I’m afraid you wont be getting it back my lord,” Megami yelled, as she lunged toward Kusabana slicing her arm.
“ So you think…I’m not fond of thinkers,” Kusabana whispered.
She stayed where she was waiting for the right moment.
“I betrayed you…we betrayed for the world, after all were only mortal,” she whispered back.

Megami lunged once more with a perfect shot. Before her sword touched Kusabana she turned around blocking the attack.
“Your weak…you’re a weak little tramp,” Kusabana yelled.
“Im the tramp…look at you.” Megami yelled.
She looked down at Hitomes body, and then peered back.
“Poor child, I didn’t want to kill you, but now I think I must.”
Kusabana said as she leaped forward. Megami moved away just in time.
She lifted her sword over her head, with a perfect shot at striking Kusabana.
“I will save this world,” Megami screamed. Kusabana turned around swiftly, she blocked the attack and then she shoved the sword within Megami’s stomach.

Megami looked at the sword. Losing all thoughts and memories she had stored. Kusabana removed the sword quickly and through it down.
Megami fell to her knees next to Hitomes body. She began to laugh as she grabbed Hitomes hand and stroked it softly.
“Why are you laughing,” Kusabana screamed.
“ You think you have separated us. You think you have won, when really your bringing us together at peace…finally we can be together.” Megami whispered.
She fell once more to the ground still holding Hitomes hand.

“Forever my love, we don’t have to worry or hide any longer…we can…be at…peace.” Megami whispered softly. Her eyes fluttered quickly as if deleting everything in her mind, she looked to Hitomes body for the last time and smiled.

“There getting closer,” Carver whispered.
“Yeah no kidding,” Seth replied.
“There’s the Bridge…” Canyon screamed.
“Quiet,” Carver whispered.
“Oh yeah…sorry,” Canyon replied.
They all ran the last fifty feet towards the bridge.
“ We have to hold them off, or they will get us crossing the bridge,” Seth said slowly.
“Yeah that’s a good idea,” Carver replied.
He turned toward Gabriella, who was read to fight.
“No…You go on…we will hold them off, its about a six day walk to the other side, but there is a town not to far from here, if you look closely you can see it from here. Get there we’ll hold them off.” Carver whispered to Gabriella.
“What if you don’t make it…I don’t know what im doing out here.” Gabriella whispered back.
“Just try to make it to Fallen Mountain within the next four months,” Carver replied.
“Stay in the city for a while, we will come I promise we will come.” He added.
“Okay,” Gabriella said after a few minutes.
She hugged Him, and then Hugged Seth
“Be safe for me,” she whispered into his ear. He nodded and turned away.
She hugged Canyon last but the longest.
“You be safe, you’re the young one. So prove them wrong about you not being strong okay.” She whispered. She started to walk away from them.
“Just be safe,” she yelled with tears in her eyes.

She walked quickly the first hour, turning back just in case. She couldn’t hear anything yet and she was relieved that she couldn’t. Tears fell from her eyes as she imagined what could happen. Still she kept going, non-stop.
She saw the town within the next twenty minutes. It was off to the side of the bridge itself, as if floating on water. She noticed her clothing as she lifted her arm. Thinking back she couldn’t remember when she changed. She checked the clothing just in case it didn’t have any tracking gear on it.
She found a pocket that was in the sleeve of what she was wearing. Inside was her little bag. It still had everything inside. As if someone knew it was valuable to her.
She walked as she looked at her clothing, she thought if she was making a clown of herself, but thought it really didn’t matter. She put her white hair inside of her clothing and put the hood on. Making her not stand out as much. She walked into town with many people staring at her.

“I guess they know im not from around here,” she said to herself softly.
She walked more into town, noticing how run down it looked, a very poor town next to Plorical.
She stopped at a small house, and had her name on it. She felt weird for a little bit, puzzled at her own name. She walked toward the house and knocked on the door.
She waited there patiently until the door opened.
“Excuse me…but why do you…” she started until she got interrupted.
“ My god its really you…come; come in my dear.” A little old woman said. She grabbed her hand and brought her in.

“We have waited for you moon child,” she added.
“Moon child?” Gabriella whispered.
“Yes of course, that is what you are known as, don’t you know?” the old lady said interested.
“No I guess I don’t,” Gabriella stated.
The old lady brought her to a room with many blankets on the floor, and a small table.
“Here child sit,” the old lady instructed.

Gabriella sat down slowly, making sure she was okay.
“She has waited for you here,” the old lady whispered.
“Who has?” Gabriella said worried.

“ Look,” the old lady said. She pointed towards a blanket hanging from the ceiling.
A girl walked out from it, Tears were running down her face.
Gabriella looked at the women, stunned. And then whispered softly,

Plan Of Betrayal
(Two years earlier)

“I don’t like sneaking around like this,” Megami whispered into Hitome’s ear. She held him tightly, as they watched out the window, the rain getting stronger by each minute and the city below them beginning to flood.

Hitome leaned toward Megami more, embracing her as if she was the last rose on earth, which she might have been.
She blushed and turned her head toward him, her eyes glossy.

“I wish to ask you something Megami,” Hitome said softly. Megami nodded in acceptance.
“Will you…will you be with me forever,” he asked, his face turned a bright pink, as if embarrassed by what he said.
“Of course I will,” Megami, answered, she embraced him tighter, tears running down her cheeks.

“I love you miss Megami,” Hitome whispered, he glared back at the window, scared of what her reaction might be.
Megami looked down, and then back toward the window,
“I love you too,” she said faintly.
Hitome turned to her, picking her chin up so they meet eye to eye.
“I want to be with…” Hitome was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Miss Megami, Lord Kusabana wishes to see you immediately.” A young voice announced.
Megami looked at Hitome with puppy dog eyes. She stepped back, and bowed (a costume when leaving.) she looked to the grand mirror that hung on the wall, fixing herself up.
“How do I look,” she whispered.

“Like an rose…like always,” he answered. His head turned toward her, and then he looked toward the ground…He didn’t know what to do to step in and kiss her or just simply bow.

“What is he waiting for,” Megami thought to herself.
“What do I do…” Hitome wondered.
“Yes okay thank you,” Megami said as she started to walk away, breaking the silent moment.
Hitome sighed and turned back toward the window.
“Bye my love,” Megami whispered as she slid through the door not making a sound.

“Damn,” Hitome whispered to himself.
“Im such an idiot…I should have kissed her goodbye, what’s wrong with me,” He added. He walked toward the door, wanting to run after Megami and kiss her softly…
“No that’s to desperate…next time.” He thought. He let go of the door handle and began to walk towards his closet. He searched throughout his clothing, trying to find old ragged pieces, so he would fit into town more.
Once he found a shirt that had holes he changed quickly, and started for the main lobby. He wore his cloak over the clothing, making sure no one would see him. It was forbidden to leave the building if you were a higher rank. Most in the town would love to shoot Kusabana, Megami, and Hitome, just because they were part of an order.

Hitome reached the main lobby quickly, and then ordered the soldier stationed at the Elevator to let him down.
Once he was in the elevator he could hear someone running down the main hall,
“Please hurry…” He asked the soldier politely.
“Yes sir,” The soldier answered. He pulled down the lever and kept it down, until the Elevator reached the ground. He pulled it up, and watched as Hitome walked away from the building quickly.
“Soldier have you seen Lord Hitome…” A young girl asked.

“No im afraid I haven’t, but If I do I will be sure to tell you,” He confirmed.
The young lady walked back through the left hall. Once she was out of sight the solider pulled out a walkie-talkie.
“ There looking for you already sir, I say you have about a good half an hour before they discover your gone.”

“Thank you Harris…I’ll keep that in mind. Hitome answered.
“Until then keep me posted,” he added.
“Yes sir,” Harris whispered.
“Over and out”
“Yes over and out.”

“Damn boy going to get hurt someday…ah well worry about it then,” the soldier whispered to himself. He walked to the other side of the Elevator, there he sat down on a chair and began to eat a sandwich.

Megami walked slowly toward Kusabana’s Champers, making sure she looked neat, and not sweaty. Once she arrived she knocked twice, and waited for approval to be let in.

“Megami is that you,” Kusabana yelled.
“Yes my lord,” Megami yelled back.
“Yes come in then child,” Kusabana added.
“Yes ma’am,” Megami answered.
She walked in quickly, and approached Kusabana. She bowed, and then stood back, waiting for acknowledgement.

“So I hear you have been spending time with Hitome,” She said as if interested.
“Yes my lord, I have…I speak to him about your Ideas, and how wonderful they are going,” Megami said while looking at her, making sure she fell for it.

“That’s nice to hear…my plain is working isn’t it,” Kusabana said in glory.
“Yes…yes wonderfully.” Megami stated, while nodding her head.
“Okay…well I called you hear because I needed your help.” Kusabana said while twirling her hair.
“Yes my lord,” Megami said, as if excited.
“Well I need you to make Hitome fall in love with me,” Kusabana said with a smile.

“Yes my lord, he is perfect for you, I will get right on it.
Megami said with a fake smile.
She bowed again, and started for the door.
“Wait,” Kusabana yelled,
“Yes my lord,” Megami managed to say.
“ Tell him good things about me okay,” she said with a high voice.
“Yes my lord.” Megami opened the door, and walked out.
She went straight for Hitome’s room, although she knew he wouldn’t be there, she liked the feel of his room, Soft and welcoming, and at the same time dark and mysterious. She reached his room, and knocked twice, she didn’t wait to be told to come in, but instead let herself, peek in. The room was empty,
“Again with the city,” she whispered.
Megami headed toward her room, stopping by the main lobby before.
“Harris did he,” she said quickly.
“Yes He did,” Harris answered.
“Tell him when he gets back to go to my room okay,” Megami asked.
“Yes of course Miss,” Harris replied.
“Thank you Harris,” Megami said as she started to walk away.
Megami walked toward her room slowly, imagining Hitome knocking on the door with wet clothing, and then embracing her while they kissed. She shook her head and came back into reality. Noticing she arrived at her chambers. She opened the door slowly, walking in as if she had never seen it before. She closed the door quickly, and walked slowly forward into her room. She started at her bed, and then moved toward it. Her eyes were glazed as she jumped on the bed, pretending Hitome was right beside her.
Her eyes got heavier by each passing minute. Slowly she began to drift to a place where the grass was still green and Hitome was there beside her. She smiled at him, as they sat next to each other, watching the sunburn through the sky, leaving colors at the end of the day.
“I love your smile,” Hitome whispered.
Megami stayed quiet, peering into his eyes. Wondering what secrets he was hiding. She remained staring at him…and then the scene changed slightly. They were at his chambers, laughing and talking like little children would, when they heard a knock at the door…Hitome got up, and walked toward the door, turning around at her and smiling as he grabbed the door handle. He pulled it quickly,
“Yes” he said.
There in the hallway was Kusabana her face in shock, she grabbed her sword and pushed it through Hitomes stomach.

Megami screamed as she woke up. Her four head watery from her dream. She got up from her bed, and went towards her vanity. She grabbed a small comb and started to slide it through her hair. Her hands were shaking as she tried to get a knot that had formed. Tears rushed down her cheeks landing on her vanity desk. She felt weak, as she crashed to the floor. Moments later she heard a knock.
“Help Me,” she yelled, but somehow it only came out as a whisper.
“Help…” she yelled again as her eyes began to flutter.

The door opened slowly, as Hitome peered in, he noticed Megami quickly, and ran toward her.
“Megami…are you okay,” he quickly said.
He waited for her to respond; yet he knew she wouldn’t. He grabbed her off the floor, and rushed toward his chambers.

He laid her body on his bed, and rushed toward his desk. He then unclasped his necklace and removed the silver key from it. He opened a box that lay on the desk. It opened quickly, and in the middle laid a small capsule. He grabbed it and walked over to Megami. He slowly put her head back, and opened her mouth, sticking the capsule under her tongue.
He set her down firmly, grabbed a blanket and laid it on her. Making sure she would be save if he left.

Megami woke up to a knock at the door.
She stayed in the bed, and looked toward her left, noticing Hitome beside her. He was dead asleep, but still looked wonderful. Megami giggled a bit, she then leaned up quickly, and then stood up. She still felt weak, but not like before. As she walked toward the door Hitome woke up.
“My god your awake,” He whispered.
“Yeah…” she started to say,
“ I was so worried, I mean you, I found you on the ground I didn’t know what to do,” he rushed toward her with open arms,
“I thought I lost you,” he said as he embraced her tightly.

There moment was cut short as another knock came from the door.
“You stay in bed, and put the covers over yourself, it could be Kusabana,” he said softly.
“Kusabana,” Megami thought to herself, she then walked quickly over to the bed, covering herself up.

Hitome opened the door slowly.
“Yes what is it Kayo,” he asked with an eyebrow up.
“Lord Kusabana wishes to know where miss Megami has ventured off too,” Kayo responded with a strong voice.
“I assure you Kayo, I have not seen Miss Megami for some time now, the last I heard she was in her room. Have you checked her bathroom,” Hitome said as if he was concerned.
“I’ll be back if she isn’t there lord Hitome,” Kayo answered with a snobbish remark.
Kayo marched off, and in an instant he turned the corner and was gone.
Hitome closed the door, and walked back to the bed.
“Okay well you better get going, you can take the west wing, and get to your room in an instant, trust me I’ve done it before.” Hitome said with a laugh.
Megami showed her head, and smiled.
“Okay,” she said quietly. She got up from his bed and started for the door.
“Megami wait,” Hitome yelled with his hand in the air.
“Yes?” she said looking toward him.
Hitome walked toward her slowly, and hugged her again; he turned toward her cheek and kissed her softly.
“Be careful,” he whispered. Megami touched her cheek and smiled, she turned toward the door again, opened it and walked out slowly.
“YES!” Hitome yelled, as he walked toward his desk. He grabbed his key and put it back on his necklace, clasping it as he went toward his bed. He removed the top of his outfit, and jumped in his bed. He stared at the ceiling, wondering what Megami was thinking of, slowly, he fell asleep to the sound of the rain.

Megami took the west wing, at first she couldn’t decide, but then remembered what Hitome told her.
No one really used the west wing, because of poor floor wood, and because it was isolated from the rest of the building.

She ran down the dark hallway, almost as if she was hiding from someone. Once she neared her chambers, she took a risk and ran for it, hoping that Kayo wouldn’t turn the corner once she got to the door.
She prayed for a moment, and that started to run for it, knowing her door would be unlocked. Once she got to the door she could hear the soft noise of shoes against the tile floor. She rushed in, and headed straight to the bathroom, she immediately got undressed and turned the water on, she jumped in and put almost half the box of bubbles in. slowly the tub filled. She heard the noise of her door open, knowing Kayo was in she felt a little uneasy.
“The perv,” she thought to herself. She grabbed some bubbled and placed them on her hair, making it seem like she was in there for a while.
“Miss Megami, are you in there,” Kayo yelled, he knocked on the door twice.
“Yes im taking a bath, what do you want Kayo?” she yelled back.
“Lord Kusabana wishes to do lunch with you in an hour or so,” Kayo yelled.
“Yes okay…Tell her I’ll meet her in the main lobby in an hour,” Megami answered.
“As you wish Miss Megami,” kayo said as he walked out.
“What does she want now?” Megami whispered to herself.

By then the tub was full, so she decided to stay in. she thought about how Hitome had kissed her on the cheek. That feeling still stayed with her. As if a butterfly had landed on her finger softly.
She then thought about Kusabana, and how she wanted Hitome to be at her side.
“I can’t let my love fall in love with evil,” Megami whispered to herself.
“I have to tell him,” she added.
She stood up after that note, grabbing a towel that hung from the toilet. She wrapped herself quickly, and went toward the bathroom mirror. She brushed her hair with a comb, and then did her make-up.

Once she looked fit and clean she removed the towel and put on her pink komodo. She grabbed a butterfly hairpiece and clipped it to her hair. Making her look more attractive.
She looked in the mirror once more, making sure she looked perfect, then she walked toward the door and stepped out.

She walked quickly toward the main lobby, checking if Kusabana was already there waiting. Knowing her she would be.
Megami kept her finger crossed, hoping she would have enough time to tell Hitome about what Kusabana wanted, and to make it to the main lobby in time.

Once she reached the main lobby she saw no one but Harris, sleeping on a rocking chair next to the elevator.
She tip toed her way a crossed, to the main hallway, and then made a dash for Hitomes room.
Once she arrived she knocked twice, and waited.
Hitome came to the door quickly, as if he knew she would come.
“What are you doing here,” he said worried.
“I had to tell you something,” Megami whispered.
“Is it so important that you risk being late to lunch with Lord Kusabana?”
“YES!” Megami screamed.
He looked at her, as if he was observing her.
“Megami what is it?” he finally said while looking into her eyes.
“ Before you found me in my room, I spoke to Kusabana, he asked me to make you fall in love with her.” Megami said as tears formed.
“Is that what your worried about, we will play her game, but I will not love her, I only love you. Trust me, she will not find out about us.” Hitomes words seemed to calm Megami. She wiped the baby tears from her eyes, and looked at him.
“What are you planning my love,” she asked firmly.
“She wishes to rid the world of mortals, I cannot let this happen, we will have to betray her. And kill her.” Hitome answered.
“Kill the lord.” Megami said with pleading eyes.
“She’s not human, she will kill us,” She added.
“Don’t worry, in two years the girl will come, the prophecy girl,” he whispered into her ear.
She nodded quickly and started to walk away.
She didn’t turn back, knowing Hitome was still watching her. She did feel a little better that he knew now. Still she wondered what Lord Kusabana wanted with her.

She walked down the main hallway, peering in the main lobby to see if she had arrived. She was relieved to find only Harris but again was sleeping next to the elevator.
She walked toward the middle of the lobby, peering at the golden chandelier that hung almost twenty feet high. She could hear the sound of shoes across the tile floor, and looked toward the right hallway. In a moments notice Kusabana came out, next to her was Kayo.
“Miss Megami, nice to see you,” Kusabana yelled with open arms.
“Yes wonderful to see you again my lord,” Megami said as if she was happy to see her. Kusabana rushed over and gave Megami a hug.
“Oh Megami, please call me lord, I mean after all you are my favorite little sister,” Kusabana said with a smile.
“Kayo leave us,” she added.
“Yes my lord,” kayo answered, he walked away slowly and disappeared into the main hallway.

“Megami let us go dine,” Kusabana said with her arm around her neck.
“Yes Lord, lets” Megami answered as if excited.
They walked down the east wing, toward two grand doors, which were the opening to the kitchen.
They stepped in, arms linked, as if they were the best of friends. Kusabana was laughing as she sat down at the table. Megami bowed and headed toward the other side of the table, she sat down and smiled toward Kusabana.
Megami stilled wondered what Hitome meant by betraying Kusabana; she wondered how they could, and how they could pull it off.
“So tell me how is things with Hitome going,” Kusabana asked.
Megami was pulled from her mind and answered,
“Well…things are going really good.”
“Good, now tell him I wish to see him in my chambers for dinner tonight.” Kusabana smiled, and then looked at her food.
“Eat Megami, you look like you could use a good meal,” she said with a fork in her hand.
“Yes okay,” Megami said with a grin.
They began to eat, first was royal duck, with potatoes. After an hour of duck, they began to bring out roasted pig and a small chocolate cake.

Megami was full by the time she finished the roasted pig, yet Kusabana urged her to eat more. After three hours of goring food Kusabana got up and walked toward Megami. She grabbed her hand and started for the door.
“Now Megami, tell him good things, not bad all right,” Kusabana said as she looked in her eyes.
“Yes, I promise I will tell him everything that he needs to know to make him fall in love with you,” Megami answered while biting her tongue.

They walked out, heading toward Kusabanas chambers. Once they arrived Kusabana said goodbye. And told Megami to see Hitome at once.

Megami left Kusabanas chambers quietly. At first she headed toward her room, wondering if she could get away with an hours nap.

Once she arrived at the main lobby she noticed Harris standing up.
“Harris, how was your nap,” she said quietly.
“Good, thank you for asking Miss Megami,” Harris replied.
“Well I’ll talk to you later alright Harris,” Megami whispered.
“Yes okay, goodbye for now Miss Megami,” Harris said, as he turned around. He bowed half way, and then turned back toward the window, making sure the elevator stayed safe.

Megami walked down the main hallway. Although she didn’t want to go, she decided it would be for the best.
She raised her hand to Hitomes door, and knocked twice.
“Hitome,” she whispered, then checked both sides of the hallway.

Hitome walked toward the door quickly once again.
“Megami what are you…is your lunch over?” he asked as if surprised to see her.
“Cut the bull,” Megami said as she let herself in.
“Lord Kusabana wishes to see you in her chambers around six for dinner.” Megami said with a smile.
“She really likes you,” She added.
“Well to do this right sacrifices must be made,” Hitome said with a grin.
Megami smiled with him, and then leaned on his bed.
“You know your bed always has that nice touch to it,” she said with a giggle.
“That’s always good to know I guess,” he replied as he walked toward her.
“Can I ask you something Hitome,” she said with a fake smile.
“Yes of course, anything” He replied.
“When you said you loved me…did you mean it?” Megami whispered, and then turned away.
Hitome walked toward her, and grabbed her chin, staring at her eye to eye,
“Of course I meant it,” he whispered back.
Megami stood up and embraced Hitome, she leaned back and looked at him. Then closed her eyes softly, leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.
It lasted for a minute or too, until they took a breath, Megami pushed back and stared at him.
“She will have us killed by her own hand if she finds out where…”she looked down,
“Together” she added.
“She won’t find out, I will pretend to love her, and in doing so she will trust me, then we can betray her,” Hitome said with an evil look in his eye.
“Hitome…you’re asking me to betray my sister, the lord,” Megami yelled.
“Quiet…no she is not doing good, and you know it Megami, look around you the world is dying we don’t have time. We have to do this for us and everyone else.” Hitome whispered back. He turned around and faced his grand mirror.
“Just to more years,” he thought to himself.
“Megami, if I knew there was another way I would have done that, but there isn’t you know we have to do this.” Hitome said still looking in the mirror.
“Okay Hitome, I trust you…just don’t let her find out about us, or this betrayal plan.” Megami said as she rushed for the door.
“Megami where are you going,” Hitome said with a whiny voice.
“Im tired…so im going to go to bed, I will speak to you tomorrow or later on tonight,” she said with a smile.
“Okay goodbye love,” Hitome whispered.
Megami started down the hallway, second guessing Hitomes idea, yet she stayed positive.
Once she reached her room, she removed her clothing. She brushed her hair, and teeth, and then jumped into bed.

Faces Full Of Sorrow

“Maria…” Gabriella whispered.
Maria looked at her closely, and then walked toward her. She grabbed Gabriella and started to squeeze her.
“You made it!” Maria screamed.
Gabriella’s eyes widen and she began to cry.
“I thought…. you were dead,” she mouthed.

Maria let her down, and brushed herself off.
“Come with me into town,” she asked with a smile.
“Alright,” Gabriella answered.

They both walked out of the small hut, smiling at each other. Once they reached the market they began to talk.
“I thought you were dead, you abandoned me and then you think I’ll forgive you,” Gabriella whispered.
“Gabby, you know its not my fault, I had to,” Maria whispered back.
“Don’t call me that, you are no longer a sister, and I hate you,” Gabriella yelled. She ran from Maria as fast as she can go.

About an hour later She reached a wooden wall that stood more then thirty feet high.
Tears rapidly fell from her eyes as she fell to the ground. She grabbed her knees and put down her head. Making sure no one would find her. Once she stopped crying she felt guilty of what she said.
She stood up and began to walk down the hill. Half way down it began to rain. She felt dirty, and unwanted.
She thought about Carver, and the other boys. She wished they were okay.

Once she reached the market she noticed Maria was gone.
“She probably went looking for me,” she said to herself.
“Stupid,” she added as she hit her head.
“You know if you hit your head hard enough you can get brain damage.” A voice said behind Gabriella.
She turned around and stared at a person who was covered in cloak.
“I got you a new one,” the voice whispered.
“Carver…” Gabriella whispered.
The dark figure removed the cloak from his face and put it on Gabriella.
“The one and only,” He said with a smile.
Seth and Canyon came up from behind him. They weren’t badly injured but they had some scratches on them.
“Hello there Gabriella,” Canyon said, with a faint voice.
Seth just looked at her, his head was bleeding badly, and so was his arm.
“How did you get out of there,” Gabriella asked with tears in her eyes.
“Well the soldiers came, we fought until we couldn’t fight anymore, so we ran toward the bridge. Im surprised you didn’t see or hear the explosion. Those soldiers who helped us, in the bags of hay were explosives, they used them the blow the bridge to buy us some time.” Carver said faintly, he fell to the ground and put his head down. Blood quickly ran down his forehead and fell to the ground.
“Carver!” Gabriella screamed, as she tried to pick him up.
“Carver, are you okay,” She yelled.

The ground started to get think, as if it were quicksand. As the rain grew heavier, Gabriella’s tears began to fall quicker. She yelled for help, yet no one came.
Her voice was lost within the rain.
She tried to pick him up again, this time Seth and Canyon helped her. They walked down the road, trying to reach the small hut off to the left side.
“Look!” Canyon yelled. Both Gabriella and Seth looked back; they noticed mud making its way down the road.
“It’s a mud slide we have to get him to the hut,” Gabriella yelled.

They moved quicker, trying to beat the mud.
“I can’t hold him anymore,” Canyon yelled.
“Just Try damn-it” Seth screamed.
They looked at the mud again, feeling their life’s slip every step they took. Gabriella looked back once more, trying to run.
“Watch out,” Seth yelled. Once Gabriella looked forward she tripped on a rock and fell. Carver’s body fell on top of her, as she yelled.
“I can’t get back up.” She yelled with tears.
The mud kept pushes as it crushed all the empty market stands.
“Gabriella, we have to get you up.” Seth yelled.
“I can’t,” She yelled back.
Although she should have feared for her life, Gabriella felt stronger then ever.
“Canyon…Look” Seth yelled.
Canyon looked at Gabriella, peering he noticed the necklace around her neck was beginning to glow a faint blue.
“What the hell is that,” Canyon shouted.
“I don’t know” Seth answered.

The blue light began to get stronger, in seconds it was circling around them.
“What is it doing,” Canyon screamed.
“I think it’s protecting us,” Seth replied.
The blue light went over their heads, making a “dome” shaped barrier. Seth looked at the light and felt save.
“Are you sure its going to protect us,” Canyon yelled.
“Yeah im sure,” Seth whispered.

The mud came down quicker heading for the barrier.
“Are you sure,” Canyon said looking at Seth.
“No im not…we’re just going to have to find out,” Seth yelled back with excitement.
“Not to put a downer on you boys, but Help!” Gabriella screamed.
“Oh yeah, sorry Gabriella,” Canyon said with a giggle.
“Just a question, can I call you Gabrielle, instead?” Canyon asked.
“Do whatever just get him off of me!” Gabriella screamed.
“Okay,” Canyon yelled. He got on the left side of her. He began to push Carvers body to the right, moments later his body rolled off, and Gabriella stood up.

The mud came down, and began to touch the barrier; once it did it spread around it. Seth was amazed how not a single bit got inside.
“Look, were going to be alright,” Seth yelled.
“Yea I guess so,” Gabriella said. She looked down at her necklace.
“I don’t remember having a necklace,” she whispered to herself.

An hour later the mud stopped moving, once it did the barrier immediately went down. Gabriella looked around, noticing a strong image of a circle around them.
“So that thing came from you Gabriella?” Canyon asked, looking puzzled.
“I guess so,” Gabriella said with a grin.
“We should get him up,” She added, as she looked at Carver.
“Yes, good idea,” Seth said still lost in his mind.
They picked him up slowly, this time it seemed easier because they were on flat land, they were also close to the hut.

Once they got inside the hut, the old lady looked at Carver. She noticed two of his ribs were cracked, and that his left wrist was broken. She pulled out some bandages and wrapped his chest, along with his wrist.
“Is he going to be okay?” Gabriella said hesitant.
“Just fine, he must rest of course,” the old lady answered as she cleaned her glasses with her apron.
Gabriella walked toward the back room; slowly she opened the blanket and peered in. She noticed Maria on the floor reading. She signed and walked back toward Carver.
She looked at him slightly, and then kneeled, she put her hand over his forehead, making sure he didn’t have a fever.
“Carver wake up,” she said with a tear in her eye.
“Come on we have to go, we have to finish our adventure,” she added.
“Gabrielle,” Canyon spoke softly.
Gabriella turned toward him and looked at him with sorrowful eyes.
“Your necklace, we were told you have to make it to Fallen Mountain at the night of the red moon.” Canyon said with glare.
“What does that have to do with anything?” Gabriella yelled.
“Well the legend we spoke about, the girl, that’s…. that’s…. you,” Canyon said as he turned around and closed his eyes.
“You’re joking,” Gabriella yelled.
“No he’s not,” Seth said looking into her eyes.
“You guys weren’t going to tell me were you?” Gabriella said with a frown.
“We weren’t suppose to tell you,” Canyon yelled. He walked toward the front door and looked back, he then walked out and started to run toward the bridge.
“Canyon,” Gabriella yelled.
“Let him go Gabriella, I’ll go after him,” Seth said with demanding voice.
Gabriella nodded her head, not knowing what to say. Moments later Seth got up and walked slowly out the door, not saying a word.

She looked back at Carver, noticing his eyes were opening.
“Carver,” she whispered.
“Yeah, I guess something happened” Carver said with an attempt to laugh.
Gabriella leaned on him, hugging him softly.
“What did happen?” he said as a reaction to the hug.
“You almost died, I thought you were dead,” Gabriella whispered softly into his ear.
“Well we need to get you to the mountain, we have to leave soon,” Carver said with a hesitated voice.
“Not in this condition,” Gabriella whispered, holding back the tears.
She looked toward him with a sorrowful face, knowing he was staring at her, studying her every second that passed.
“Gabby, lets go, im good enough,” He said surprising her.
“Okay,” Gabriella said. She didn’t mind Carver calling her Gabby it fitted when he said it.

For the first time Gabriella felt attracted toward Carver. Her feelings toward him grew every second she spent with him. She looked at him and got up, she put her hand down, and pulled him up as he grabbed it.

Carver tried to stretch, but realized the piercing pain it would bring, instead yawned and held on to Gabriella’s shoulder. They walked toward the back room, and then Gabriella stopped.
“You stay here, I need to talk to them alone,” She said while walking through the blanket, not giving him time to comment on what she said.

Gabriella walked toward her sister, looking at her distressed.
“Im leaving,” She said with a hint of weakness in her voice.
“Do well my sister, if you need me I will be here,” Maria answered not turning away from her book.
“Goodbye, and thanks for that offer I will hold you to that,” Gabriella said she turned around and started for the blanket once more.
“Good luck,” Maria said looking toward her.
“Thank you, I will remember you my sister, do well,” Gabriella said, she lifted the blanket up and walked through it. She looked toward Carver who was standing against the wall trying to keep his balance.
“Lets go find Seth and Canyon,” She said as she grabbed his hand.
“Sounds good to me,” Carver replied.
They walked out the front door, Carvers arm around Gabriella. They noticed Canyon and Seth standing by the bridge quickly.
“Wonder what they’re talking about,” Carver said faintly.
“I haven’t have the slightest clue,” Gabriella whispered back.

Gabriella and Carver walked up by Seth and Canyon, not saying a word.
They looked as far as they could, noticing the sun was setting in the east.
“Its beautiful isn’t it,” Canyon said with hesitation.
“The sun itself is confused,” Seth said, adding on to what Canyon said.
“We better go,” Carver said, spoiling the moment.
“The soldiers probably have the bridge fixed,” He added. Gabriella turned around and started toward the hut again.
She left Carver with they boys, leaving them alone to clear up some things.

“You like her don’t you,” Canyon said with a smile.
Carver looked at him, then looked toward the ocean once more,
“Yeah I do, she’s well not like…she’s different,” Carver answered, He seemed surprised about what he said.
“You know you always got what you wanted,” Seth said looking pissed.
“Seth why the hell do you always say that, I hardly get what I want, so stop being a jerk and realize not everything goes your way,” Carver yelled.
“We have to take to her to the mountain within four months, how are we going to do that?” Canyon said trying to change the subject.
“Kusabanas troops are on us, who knows who’s looking for us now, everyone has heard of the legend, and if they find out its her they’ll try to kill her and along with her us,” He added.
“Well we have to protect her, we still all have our weapons. We’ll stay out of the main roads and small cities,” Canyon said looking toward the hut.
“Small cities?” Seth questioned.
“They will think we wont go into large cities because it’s a better chance at finding us, therefore they will look for the small cities ones we would be more attracted too you could say,” Carver said with a smile.
“ Sounds like a start of a plan to me,” Canyon said.
“Yeah well we can’t walk thousands of miles,” Seth said putting a downer on their plan.

“Hey you guys,” Gabriella yelled.
They looked toward the hut where Gabriella was standing; in back of her was a small jeep.
“There you go Seth,” Canyon whispered.
They walked toward her and smiled,
“Full tank, that’s good,” Canyon said.
“Who’s driving?” Carver asked,
“Aren’t you?” Canyon said confused.
“I would its just that I think I might pass out any second,” Carver said sarcastically.
“I will,” a voice yelled.
Carver looked behind him, and stared.
“Who the hell are you,” He asked, as he stepped back.
“Sorry, I should have introduced myself, my name is Saylyn.” She said with a smile.
“If you need someone to drive, I can help, Im a really good driver.” She added.
“Okay it doesn’t matter, lets get going.” Carver said getting into the jeep.
They piled in, and Saylyn started the engine. They looked at her as if she was not from the world.
“Hh…Hh…. Hi” Canyon whispered toward Saylyn.
“Hey there,” Saylyn said back.
She looked toward him and tilted her head, showing off a beautiful smile.
“Not to be bother, but can we get going,” Seth intruded.
“Yea sorry again,” Saylyn said hitting her head.

She put the car into gear, by then Carver and Gabriella were asleep leaning on each other.
“Do you want me to take the back roads or the main ones?” Saylyn asked as they came to a fork in the road.
“Back” Canyon said excited.
Seth looked toward him with an unsure look.
“ So what town are we heading too?” Saylyn asked to make sure.
“I think we should stop at Willington.” Seth answered.
“Sounds good to me,” Saylyn yelled back.
“Well not to sound snooty in all, but what are you names?” She asked slowly.
“Im Canyon,”
“ And these two love birds,” Saylyn asked,
“Gabriella and Carver,” Canyon said with laugh.
“They seem right for each other I can tell you that,” Saylyn said striking a conversation.
“Why…Why is that,” Seth said interested.
“Well just look at them, they seem like they’ve been through a lot, and then at the same time nothing, He seems hopeless, she seems full of hope. Like a puzzle piece you can say,” Saylyn said trying not to get distracted from the road.
“So Willington a, We’ll get there by Tomorrow afternoon,” She said quickly.
“Sounds nice,” Canyon said.
“You two can get some sleep if you want, im energetic, so I don’t need it for at least another three days,” Saylyn said with a laugh.
“Okay, wake us if were not awake by the time we get there,” Seth said.

They closed their eyes, and tried to sleep.
Saylyn looked behind, and felt alone. She began to sing, knowing they were still awake, as if she was performing.

The night stars tell a story
Of the one who will save our memory
One who will give us all hope
In order to move on
Yet in this darkness the fear comes to mind
So I hold on tight to the moon and the stars of the night.

She sang the phrase over and over, glaring into the treetops.
She looked back and noticed they were all asleep, as she turned back tears fell from her eyes, still she drove into the darkness, singing along the way.
Saylyn The orphan
Smile of pain

“We’re here,” Saylyn yelled loudly.
“Where is here exactly,” Gabriella asked.
“Well Seth and Canyon told me we should stop at Willington, so now we’re at Willington.” Saylyn answered.
“Oh, okay then,” Gabriella, said as she ran through her hair with her fingers.
“How did it happen?” Saylyn said with in interest in her voice.
“What do you mean?” Gabriella replied.
“Oh sorry, no one else has white hair, I mean not even the elderly have white hair, it’s a big thing being different from everyone else, not blending in.” Saylyn said with kind words.
“Oh that, im not really sure, I mean I don’t remember,” Gabriella said with a smile.
“Okay that’s fine,” Saylyn said sounding disappointed.
“Saylyn, can you stop the car here, I need to take a walk.” Gabriella said faintly.
“Okay,” Saylyn said as she pulled over. She stopped the engine and looked toward Gabriella. She smiled, then turned the other way.

Gabriella got out slowly trying not to wake up Carver. Once out of the jeep she covered her hair, and started to walk up the road.
“Where are you going,” Carver yelled.
Gabriella stopped walking and turned around,
“Just for a walk.”
“Is it alright if I join you,” Carver asked politely.
“Are you up for it, I mean your not healed all the way,” Gabriella said worried.
“Yea I’m up for it, better then staying here,” he replied as he got out of the jeep. He walked slowly toward her.
Gabriella started to giggle a little, hiding it with her hand.
“What are you laughing at?” Carver yelled.
“Nothing at all sir. Gimp,” Gabriella said.
“Hey, I don’t call you names miss. White,” Carver said with a laugh.
Gabriella walked toward him and hugged him, then turned the way she was before, and starting walking, Carver beside her holding her as if nothing in the world was bad.

“Carver, im afraid.” Gabriella whispered into his ear.
“Don’t be,” Carver said, holding her hand.
“Well I am.” Gabriella said faintly.
“What are you afraid of?” Carver asked.
“What I have to do… the red moon… death… you leaving me,” She replied.
“You will never lose me, never.” Carver whispered back.
“You can’t stop your death Carver,” Gabriella yelled.
“No, but mortal death doesn’t mean im not with you.” He said holding her tighter.
“I love you Gabby, so I will stay with you as long as I can,” he added. He leaned toward her, kissing her softly on the cheek.
Gabriella blushed, and looked at him with glazed eyes.
“ I love you also, so I will do everything that I can to make sure you stick with me,” she said with a smile.
“Should we be heading back?” He said looking down the road.
“Yeah I think that’s a good idea, we can get into town and fill the jeep with gas,” Gabriella said quickly.
“Sounds like a plan,” Carver said, he looked at her, and grabbed her hand once more, and then began to walk back toward the jeep.

(Same time Carver and Gabriella go for a walk)

“So Saylyn, what happened to your family,” Canyon asked softly.
“They’re dead,” Saylyn answered.
“Oh, im…” Canyon began to say
“Don’t be sorry, they were stupid, fighting against Kusabanas troops, they were out numbered. Foolish people if you ask me.” Saylyn said getting off the jeep.
“Oh,” Canyon said thinking a moment. He didn’t know what to say really, she hated her parents, that was all to it, and she ordered him not to say sorry, so he kept his mouth shut.
“Yeah well were all just friends really, all of our parents left us, thought we were to young to give food too.” Seth said while tearing apart a leaf.
“That what parents do, so what happened next?” Saylyn said interested.
“ A merchant family brought us in, taught us everything we needed to know in life, then when Canyon here turned eleven they turned us loose, and we never went back to them,” Seth said looking at her.
“Im sixteen now, I’ve been on my own ever since I turned thirteen. I learned how to drive when I was fourteen, and learned how to fight when I was fifteen.” Saylyn said making a fist.
“There’s not to much in this world to fight for,” Seth whispered.
“So she’s it huh?” Saylyn said changing the subject again.
“She’s what?” Seth said trying to figure out what she meant.
“I mean that Gabriella chick, that’s the prophecy right?” Saylyn said hitting herself in the head again.
“Yea that would be here,” Canyon said laughing.
“Here the come now,” he added, as he pointed up the road.
“Yep the love birds,” Saylyn said, she glared at them, envying there romantic hold.

“Finally you’re here,” Seth said looking at Carver.
“Yes we’re here, so lets go,” Carver said with a deep voice.
“Okay let’s leave.” Saylyn yelled.
Canyon looked at Saylyn then got into the car. He fancied her looks, and her attitude. Still he thought, every time she smiled, it wasn’t happiness, it was just to hide the pain that was kept inside her.

Willington: A city of wealth
Kusabana & Gabriella

Saylyn drove toward the outskirts of town. Trying to find a gas station that was cheap, and opened. Most stores in large cities closed around noon, they thought if they closed sooner, people wouldn’t come out late at night, boy they were wrong.
“Its useless, there is a single gas station opened.” Seth yelled.
“Don’t worry I know where to find one, I’ve been Here many times before.” Saylyn yelled back.
“I’d advise you miss Gabriella, to cover that hair of yours, just in case,” Saylyn said firmly.
Gabriella gave her a dirty look, but didn’t argue. She shoved her hair in more, making sure no one could see it.

As they drove deeper into town, the more people there were. They clumped together, and walked down the streets, as if nothing was going wrong, but like the other town, there were no signs of children under the age of fourteen.
“Do they even know what’s happening,” Canyon asked disturbed.
“They probably do, but they don’t have that stop them. Molding into what ever happens is what these people do best,” Saylyn answered. They drove passed a small Café, and then took a left turn. On the corner there was a small gas station, with only one pump.
“This is it,” Saylyn said as she drove up to the pump.
“Is it open?” Gabriella said looking around.
“Yep it always is,” Saylyn said, as she got out of the jeep.

She opened the gas tank, and reached for the pump.
“Do you want regular?” She asked with a smile.
“Yeah why not,” Carver answered.
“Okay,” Saylyn replied. She pressed the button, and pushed her black hair aside.

Saylyn was thin, and had strong blue eyes. Her hair went down to the middle of her back, and at the end she had blue tips. She seemed friendly, and loud, and held all her feelings inside.

“So how do we pay for this?” Gabriella said puzzled.
“We don’t,” Saylyn said laughing.
“Isn’t that theft?” Gabriella asked.
“It is, but not now and days, no one really has a car to put gas in, plus the price is only five cents.” Saylyn said in a convincing voice.
“Oh all right,” Gabriella said, wanting to end the conversation.

Saylyn pumped the last bit of gas into the tank, and then hopped back into the jeep.
“Off we go?” She asked quickly.
“Lets stay around here for a while, get a nights rest,” Carver, said holding his side.
“Sounds good, lets go find a hotel.” Saylyn said as she floored the gas petal.

They arrived at a small hotel called, “ Willington Inn,” They got two rooms, one for Saylyn and Gabriella, the other for the boys.
“Okay, see each other around dinner time?” Saylyn asked.
“Yea sounds good,” Carver said as he grabbed the key from Saylyn’s hand.
“Im going to go look for stuff,” Canyon said firmly.
“Im going with,” Saylyn said with a smile.
“So will I,” Seth said laughing.
They all ran down the road that was near the hotel, laughing as they did.

“We’re alone,” Carver said looking at Gabriella.
“Yes we are,” She said uncomfortable.
“What do you want to do?” He asked nicely.
“Im starving I cant wait to eat,” Gabriella said as she giggled.
“Then lets go get some lunch,” Carver whispered.
“Sounds nice to me,” Gabriella wanted to say, instead she nodded.

Carver linked her arm, and started to walk quietly down the road.
“Don’t you want to take the car?” Gabriella asked.
“Na, lets walk,” Carver answered.
As they walked down the road, Gabriella felt a hold between them. As if destiny was finally found.

“My lord we have found the girl,” Kayo said deeply.
“Good, where ever they are, storm the place with troops,” Kusabana yelled back.
“Yes my lord.” Kayo said as he headed toward the door. He turned around and bowed softly, then exited the chambers.
“So it was a good thing coming to Willington,” Kusabana said to herself as she peered out the window.

She could see the town from where she was at, about another hour before she actually arrived there. Kusabana decided to get ready, knowing she would meet the girl for the first time in thousands of years.

“How about over there?” Carver said pulling Gabriella from her thoughts.
“The pub?” Gabriella questioned.
“Yep!” Carver said loudly.
“Sounds wonderful,” Gabriella said sarcastically.
“Good,” Carver shouted, not catching the joke.

He grabbed her hand and started to walk quickly toward the pub’s entrance.
“Carver,” Gabriella whispered.
Carver turned toward her and smiled,
“Don’t worry,” he mouthed.
He then released Gabriella’s hand and turned facing the bar.
“Two beers,” He said firmly.
“Coming right up,” the bar tender replied.

Gabriella made her a way to a small table in the back. As she sat down she looked toward the bar where Carver was and shook her head lightly in disapproval.
Suddenly a sharp pain made its way to her stomach. As she clenched the spot she noticed her necklace was beginning to glow a faint blue.

“That will be to pints,” the bar tender said as he gave the two beers to Carver.
“Alright,” Carver said as she gave him the money. They bar tender winked and went to another customer.

Carver walked toward the table and notices the necklace glowing right away.
“Gabby, are you okay?” he asked sitting down net to her.
Gabriella could hear his voice in a distance, as she tried to answer the pain came harder.
“Gabby,” Carver said in a high-pitched whisper.
He grabbed her hand, and noticed the necklace was glowing brighter now.
“ Gabby, come on, if you don’t want to be here we can leave.” He said as he covered the necklace. He grabbed her and put her on his back, the pain for him was also overwhelming. As he headed toward the door, he noticed all the men staring at him.
“Hell, Kusabanas troops.” He said as he looked around the room.
“We have orders from lord Kusabana to take the girl,” One of the men shouted.
Carver looked back toward the door noticing three men blocked it.
“You can’t take her,” Carver shouted, as he felt overpowered.
“Do you guys know who she is?” he added, looking around again. The pain started to form more in his stomach, knowing he couldn’t hold her for much longer.
“Yes she is the girl Lord Kusabana instructed to see,” a soldier answered.
“No she’s the prophecy girl, she’s the one that will help us all,” Carver yelled. He fell toward the floor as said the last word.
The soldiers ran toward him, picking the girl up quickly.
“May the lord accept your soul,” The soldier said with a frown.
“Come on men, we have orders to fill out,” The soldier said hasty.

They ran out leaving and headed toward the middle of the city, leaving Carvers body behind.
As they arrived at the middle, they noticed the small elevator again, and a big crowd of civilians.
“Lieutenant” A soldier yelled.
“Yes soldier?” the lieutenant replied.
“Here’s the girl,” The soldier said proudly.
“And the boy?” The lieutenant hissed.
“Oh…we were suppose to get him as well?” the soldier said with wide eyes.
The lieutenant looked at him, and then struck is face.
“Go back and get him now,” the lieutenant ordered.
“Yes sir,” the soldier answered.
The solider bowed and then headed toward the pub once again.

The lieutenant looked at Gabriella in shock.
“This can’t be the girl, she’s only a child,” he whispered to himself.

As he walked toward the elevator, he noticed Kusabana staring down at him.
“That wench,” he whispered.
He boarded the elevator, and tried not to sound, or look weak.
“Lord Kusabana, the girl,” He said as he arrived at building.
“Yes thank you for bringing her up here lieutenant,” Kusabana said with a hiss in her voice.
“Yes My lord, I was now wondering, can I go…home?” He said taking of his hat.
“Of course you can.” Kusabana said with kindness.
“Kayo, let him go home,” She said turning around.
“Yes My lord.” Kayo answered.

Kayo looked at the lieutenant with sorrowful eyes.
“May the home you go to, have your family.” He said toward the lieutenant.
He then quickly pulled out a gun and fired toward the lieutenant’s head, not giving him time to answer, nor realize what was going to happen.

Kayo dropped the gun, and ran toward the main hallway.

“Hello there,” Kusabana said smiling.
“Who the hell are you,” Gabriella said looking confused.
“Oh let me introduce myself,” Kusabana said bowing.
“I’m Lord Kusabana, leader of this world.”
Gabriella went wide-eyed, thoughts rushing through her head. As she thought for a moment she realized everything Canyon told her was true, and that she was in the stomach of the beast.
“And you are?” Kusabana whispered.
“What a nice name,” Kusabana replied.
“I think so,” Gabriella whispered.
“So I hear you’re the one that’s going to save the world,” Kusabana said staring at her.
“I guess I am,” Gabriella answered back.

Kusabana stared at her for a while, looking at her from head to toe. She looked at her necklace long, and then stared at her face again.
“I see, Hitome gave you that trinket,” Kusabana hissed.
“The man, I don’t remember how I got it,” Gabriella said not making sense.
“The man that took you, yes well you won’t see that man again,” Kusabana laughed.
Gabriella stared at her, and knew he was dead.
“Yes sad isn’t it,” Kusabana added.
“I didn’t know him, for all I know he killed my friends, that’s not really kind now is it,” Gabriella said strongly.
“Yes well lets just say it wasn’t nice about introducing himself,” Kusabana replied.
She turned toward the window and started to laugh.
“You’re a monster,” Gabriella wanted to shout; instead she stood up, and walked toward the door.
“What the hell do you think your doing,” Kusabana snapped.
“What does it look like, im leaving.” Gabriella answered.
Kusabana quickly ran toward her, swiftly pointing her sword toward Gabriella’s throat.
“You’re a smart one aren’t you,” Kusabana whispered.
“That can get you killed,” she added.
“It will now?” Gabriella hesitated to say.
Kusabana put her sword and grabbed Gabriella’s neck.
“You think you are smarter then me child? I will tell you this is not a fairy tale, its real life,” Kusabana whispered taking her time.
Gabriella began to gang, slowly she felt Kusabanas nails dig into her. Finally she let go and Gabriella fell to the floor.
“I’m going to enjoy killing you,” Kusabana yelled. She lifted her sword up and swiftly brought it down.

Gabriella looked and noticed the blue light had formed another barrier around her.
“Thank you, whoever is up there,” Gabriella whispered to herself.
“Damn it!” Kusabana yelled. By the time she brought her sword back up Gabriella was gone.

The Blue Moon necklace

Gabriella ran fast, trying to memorize the hallways and turns. She felt drastically dizzy, and overwhelmed of what just happened, her mind still trying to process it.
“Damn, is it this way,” she whispered as she looked down two twin hallways. As she turned right her necklace glowed, as she turned left it stopped.
“Damn!” She whispered again. She looked at her necklace again, and decided to go with it, and ran down the right side of the hallway, coming to a lobby at the end.
“The door,” she yelled as she made her way to the opening.
Her eyes seemed to freeze as she looked down, realizing the elevator was still on placed on the ground.

“Come here Miss Gabriella,” Kusabana yelled. Gabriella turned around,
“Damn,” She whispered again. She looked down once more, and shook her head. She then grabbed the rope that pulled the elevator up. Quickly she jumped off the small platform she was on before, and starting making her way down.
“I can’t believe im doing this,”
“My god im going to die,” Gabriella whispered on her way down, trying not to look.

Kusabana reached the lobby, and looked down toward the elevator.
“Gabriella, you fool,” She yelled as she pulled the metal lever.

The elevator starting to make its way up, making Gabriella go up as well.
“You stupid girl,” Kusabana yelled.
“Stupid,” Gabriella exclaimed. She looked down and stared back up,
“I hope this necklace saves me again,” she thought to herself. Quickly she let go of the rope, making the elevator quickly accelerate up.

As she fell, a bright blue light came from her necklace once more, surrounding her completely. Her hood came off her head, and showed the white hair. Making her feel embarrassed. AS she landed the light quickly left, and she ran off toward the pub.

“My lord,” kayo said slowly.
“Don’t worry, I will get her, I have dozens of soldiers out there,”
“My lord you mean Saylyn right?” Kayo whispered.
“She is a good soldier, I will not kill her for this mess up,” Kusabana turned around and headed toward her Chambers again.
“My lord,” Kayo yelled after her.
“What is it?” Kusabana replied.
“Can I go down there?” Kayo said with a pleading voice.
“Go ahead Kayo, just don’t get yourself killed, or caught.”
“Yes my lord,” Kayo replied.

As Gabriella ran toward the pub, she felt her hair flying above her. People glared as she passed by, not knowing if what they saw was real, or just a hallucination. Her cheeks got red every time she passed a person, as if her hair was to make her embarrassed on purpose.

Moments later she reached the pub. She could here the sounds of soldiers laughing, and kicking the ground.
“Carver,” she whispered as she stood next to the door. She slowly began to turn the knob, trying not to make noise.

The door opened wildly as she barged into the pub. Her eyes began to glow blue, as well as the necklace. The soldiers glared at her, as if frozen stiff to the ground.
Gabriella walked slowly toward Carver, and without realizing it she was out of the pub holding him.
“What the hell was that?” Carver shouted.
“I don’t know, its this necklace, it protects me,” Gabriella answered, as she lifted the necklace up.
“Well take it off,” Carver hesitated to say.
“I’ve tried, it doesn’t work,” Gabriella said worryingly.
“Then lets go find someone who can tell us what and where the hell it came from,” Carver said patiently as he grabbed her hand.
“Okay,” Gabriella answered back, still staring at the necklace.

As they made their way back to the hotel they noticed Seth, Saylyn, and Canyon were already they’re waiting for them.
“About time,” Seth muttered.
“Suck it up Seth, we got in a little trouble,” Carver replied.
“What kind of trouble?” Canyon asked excited.
“Well little miss Gabby here met the lord,” Carver said pointing a thumb behind his back.
“You mean Lord Kusabana,” Saylyn said wide-eyed.
“Yes,” Gabriella said quickly and quietly.
“You met the lord!” Canyon yelled.
“Yes,” Gabriella repeated.
“If you don’t mind me asking what the hell is wrong with you?” Seth said directing it toward Gabriella harshly.
“Hey watch it,” Carver snapped back.
“Im sorry Carver, but my god where here together, you can’t hide things from us,” Seth said in brutally honest voice.
“He’s right Carver,” Canyon said standing by Seth.

Gabriella looked at Seth closely, she could tell he was hurt inside, but couldn’t place a reason.
“Its this necklace,” Gabriella whispered hesitantly.
She looked to the ground and sat down quickly.
“What is?” Canyon replied.
“This necklace, I didn’t have it before the man took me, I didn’t have this hair before. But I don’t remember any of it.” Gabriella whispered again.
Carver looked to her, surprised but what she was saying.
“Gabby, you don’t…” Carver began to say but was irrupted by a loud call.

“Attention Willington civilians, we believe that there are five kids trying to kill the lord. If you find them capture them, and bring them to Town Hall, reward will be Five hundred pints. That is all.”
“Damn” Seth yelled.
“Not to be the big bad wolf in all, but let’s get the hell out of here,” Canyon yelled with a smile.
Gabriella stood up, and put her cloaks hood back over her head, covering her hair.

Carver grabbed Gabriella’s hand and ran toward the car. Saylyn started the engine moments later; she turned wildly down a small narrow road, and headed straight for the ocean bridge.
“Where are we going?” Carver yelled.
“I don’t know,” Saylyn answered back.
“Where do you want to go?” She added.
“Lets go as far as this pile of junk can take us,” Carver replied.
“Okay,” Saylyn answered.

“My lord, they have left the city,” A soldier announced.
“Alright, let them go for now, we will make our way to the Fallen Mountain, for now, kill all those who travel with the girl.” Kusabana replied looking out her chamber window.

“Also my lord, Kayo has left,” The soldier added.
“That’s fine, let him go,” Kusabana answered.
“Yes my lord.” The soldier bowed and left her chambers quickly.

“I don’t think we’ll get to far in this car,” Saylyn yelled.
“Why not?” Carver replied.
“Well because were almost out of gas,” Saylyn answered.
“Why is that, didn’t you fill it up just a while ago?” Carver hesitated to say.
“Yes but, there seems to be a hole in the tank, look behind us,” Saylyn shouted.
Carver looked behind, and noticed gas pouring out the back of the jeep.
“Damn” He yelled hitting his head.
“Its almost out, what do we do?” Saylyn yelled back to him.
“Stop the car, we’ll have to walk,” Carver answered.
“Right now? We still have gas?” Saylyn questioned.
“Yes right now, I don’t care, lets just start walking,” Carver shouted.
“No we still have gas, we can go another ten miles,” Saylyn yelled back.
“Fine,” Carver said softly, admitting defeat.

Saylyn smiled and kept driving.
“Carver,” Gabriella said faintly.
Carver looked behind him and noticed Gabriella’s necklace was glowing.
“What it happening,” Carver whispered so the others wouldn’t hear.
“I don’t know,” Gabriella said worryingly.
“Can you make it stop,” Carver asked.
“I don’t know,” Gabriella said looking up at him.
“Just cover it up,” Carver said quickly
Gabriella grabbed her cloak and put it over the necklace softly, still the bright blue light showed.
“Now what?” Gabriella said in a firm voice.
“I don’t know,” Carver said starting to sound worried.

As Gabriella uncovered her necklace, Seth and Canyon looked back with wide eyes.
“Saylyn stop the car,” Seth yelled.
“Alright,” Saylyn yelled, quickly she drove to the side of the bridge and stopped the engine.
Saylyn looked back, with questioned eyes.

“Let me up!” Gabriella yelled.
Carver stood up and grabbed her hand. Slowly he brought her down to the ground and stepped away.
Gabriella’s eyes began to glow blue. Her hair flying around her as if a strong wind had picked it up. Slowly she lifted on the ground.

Hovering about five itches above the ground, a blue light struck out and stopped in front of Saylyn’s face.

“You are not welcome,” Gabriella said as if being possessed.
“What?” Saylyn said slowly.
“You are not welcome here,” Gabriella repeated.
“Why not?” Canyon yelled.
“This girl is one of the lords spies, she is not welcome here,” Gabriella yelled.

The blue light pushed down on Saylyn sending her to the ground.
“Stop that,” Canyon yelled standing in front of Saylyn.
“She is working for the enemy,” Gabriella said tilting her head slightly.
“I don’t care, she’s still human, your trying to save them remember,” Canyon yelled.
“Canyon the legend says she can pick either way,” Carver said staring at him.
“I don’t care, she’s human she cant hurt her.” Tears began to fall from Canyons eyes.
“If she goes, I will not harm her,” Gabriella said quietly.
“Okay,” Canyon answered.

The blue light faded from Gabriella’s eyes, as well as her necklace. She slowly came down to the ground, and fell to her knees. Carver went next to her, and grabbed her hand.
“What happened?” Gabriella asked slowly.
“Your awake?” Carver said amazed.
“Yes I guess I am,” Gabriella answered.
Carver got up off the ground and headed toward Saylyn.
“You’re the one who told the lord we were at Willington.”
“Yes,” Saylyn replied.
“Leave us, you’ve done enough,” Carver added. He turned away from her and pulled Gabriella off the ground.
“We have to walk, Saylyn can take the car,” Carver said in a pissed off voice.
“No we can’t just leave her!” Canyon yelled.
“Listen Canyon you can stay with her, but she betrayed us, and if you can see through that then you’re not our friend.” Carver shouted.

Carver grabbed Gabriella, and started to walk away from Saylyn and Canyon. Seth followed, glaring back at first, then turned away.
“Im sorry Canyon,” Saylyn whispered.
“Listen I barely know you, and you betrayed me and my friends, I’ve know them for a long time, I could never side with you,” Canyon whispered back. He stood up and started to walk away.
“Im sorry,” Saylyn shouted.

At first Carver wanted to say something, but decided silence was the best to go. Canyon ran up next to them and smiled.
Carver looked toward him, and rubbed his head, messing his hair up.
“That’s what I thought,” Carver whispered.
Canyon just smiled, then looked toward the bridge.
“We have a long way to go,” He said dragging his words.
“Yea, we have less time, the red moon is in three months and two weeks, and we need to hurry to get there on time.” Carver said looking toward the sky.

Gabriella looked at him, and then looked down.
“Im sorry,” She whispered faintly.
“For what?” Carver questioned.
“Im sorry about Saylyn,” Gabriella replied.
“Don’t be, she was a trader, its good that your necklace protects not only you but us,” Carver said with a smile.
Gabriella liked the fact that Carver made her feel like she was okay, safe in every way possible. Still she couldn’t pull a way from a gut feel that something would go wrong and go wrong soon.

As the sky approached darkness the necklace began to glow again, giving enough light to see the path ahead.
“So you don’t know where you got that thing huh?” Seth asked.
“I don’t remember, Hitome, that was his name.” Gabriella whispered.
“The necklace changes,” She added.
“What do you mean?” Carver said looking at her strongly.
“The necklace, it use to be a crescent moon, now it’s a half moon.” Gabriella answered.
“It is?” Carver questioned.
“Yes,” Gabriella said with a fierce face.
“Ill try to take it off for you okay,” Carver said with a smile.
“Alright,” Gabriella replied.

Carver went behind Gabriella; he lifted her soft white hair up, and tried to unclasp the necklace.
“Its stubborn, isn’t it,” Carver said with a laugh.
He tried again, this time a blue light came from behind and pushed him away, making him fall down toward the ground five feet away from Gabriella.
“Are you okay?” She yelled.
“Just peachy,” Carver replied.
He got up stoking his lower back.
“That hurt,” He said faintly.
“It won’t come off, I guess I was meant for it or something,” Gabriella said with a grin.
“I guess so,” Carver replied.

Kayo the Lord’s helper
A night with fate

Kayo walked motionless towards the ocean bridge. As he glared to the sun rising from the west, he felt a soft breeze of salt-water flood around his head; the tingle of the smell ran through his nose and made him feel peaceful. As he listened to the waves of the early morning, going up and down like a carousel ride, he felt free for the first time, as if he didn’t have to worry about the lord, or the world for that matter. It was only he, and the waves of freedom, rushing through his body as if he was the conductor.

The suns colors faded away moments later, covered by clouds, never to be seen again that day. The waves stopped moving, and the ocean became a flat desert wasteland once more.

Kayo looked down the bridge, and back toward the town.
“Damn” he thought. He wished to run away from the lord’s grip, but it was she who gave him a second chance at living. He owed her his life, his freedom, his dreams, and wishes.

He walked back toward the town, feeling the chains that Kusabana had on him.

Kayo entered the elevator with a sad grin on his face. Knowing that Kusabana was going to be they’re waiting for him.

As the elevator reached the top, Kayo could see the lord. Once there he smiled, and opened the door quickly.
“My lord,” Kayo said loudly as he bowed.
“Kayo, you know you don’t have to bow,” Kusabana said firmly.
“Yes my lord I know, but I feel different if I don’t,” Kayo responded.
“You are different Kayo,” Kusabana snapped.
“Go get into your regular clothing now,” she added.
“Yes my lord,” Kayo answered. He looked at her with glazed eyes, and a small smile, and then slowly turned away and headed down the main hallway.

Kayo opened the door to his large chambers. As he walked to his oversized closet, he picked his uniform out and put it on quickly.
He didn’t like spending time in his room. He knew it belonged to his dear friend.
“Hitome,” He thought.
“You coward, had to get yourself killed,” He whispered as he headed toward the door.

He walked out and slowly shut the door, hardly noticing the faint running of tears down his cheeks, building up and falling to the floor.
“Kayo,” Kusabana yelled as loudly as she could.
“Coming my lord,” Kayo mumbled. He walked away from the door, and stuck his head up; at that moment he felt the wetness on his neckline. He looked up, and rubbed his eyes with his uniform sleeve.
“Happy,” he thought, just think about happiness, and nothing can go wrong. He smiled greatly, and began to walk gracefully toward the lobby once again.

Kayo looked at the lord with a strong smile that reached a crossed his face.
“Yes my lord?” Kayo questioned.
“I just got word that Saylyn was ratted out,” Kusabana snapped.
“What shall we do about this Kayo?” she added.
“Im not sure my lord? Who was it that exploited her?” Kayo asked gulping quickly.

“That retched girl, her necklace has enormous power, and good senses,” Kusabana said stroking her chin.
“My lord, what are we to do now?” Kayo asked.
“We will see her soon, she is heading for Fallen Mountain, the day of the red moon draws near.” Kusabana whispered.
“Yes my lord,” Kayo answered.
“Until then, I want to see the friends, around her die, kill them one by one, make her suffer,” Kusabana yelled.
“Yes my lord, I promise we will kill them,” Kayo said in a rushed voice.
“Good Kayo im glad to hear that,” Kusabana whispered. She reached over slower quickly, and rubbed his shoulder,
“Now like a good little boy, go fetch me a cup of tea,” She said with a smile.
“Yes my lord,” Kayo answered. He quickly walked away, not looking back.
“In time Kayo, your death will come as well,” Kusabana, whispered to her self. She turned around and faced the window slowly she began to hum.


Silence filled the seawater air, as Gabriella looked toward the bridge. Nothing but pavement far beyond her eyes seemed to compel her forward. The thought of civilization was pounding in her head. She longed for a drink of water, and a piece of nice homemade bread, with garlic and cloves baked into it. With the ocean around them, her craving became stronger with every breath.
“Gabby,” Carver whispered, staring at her face to face.
Gabriella moved her head toward him, and answered

“Are you okay?” He asked nicely.
“Im not sure,” Gabriella whispered back.
“What’s wrong?” Carver questioned.
“Im just getting dizzy,” Gabriella wanted to say; instead she decided not to worry Carver,
“Im fine.”
“Are you sure?” Carver said tilting toward her.
“Im positive.” She responded.

“How are you doing back there?” Carver shouted.
“Just find,” Canyon shouted back.
“Are you thirsty, or hungry?” Canyon yelled toward him.
“Of course,” Canyon shouted back.

“Well I think there should be a town coming up, im not sure,” Carver said looking back toward him. He smiled, and then turned back around, facing the never-ending bridge.
“What is it called?” Seth said with a high-pitched voice.
“You’re not going to like this one,” Carver yelled with a laugh.
“What is it called,” Seth repeated.
“Lords Town” Carver said looking up.
“You’re joking?” Seth said faintly.

“No, sorry,” Carver said.
“So are we going to stop?” he added.
“Yeah might as well. We really need food and water,” Seth said, jogging up next to Carver.
“We can’t let anyone find us,” Carver said worryingly.
“It’s a big town, lots of people, we’ll get in, and out, no problem.” Seth said with a smile.

Canyon jogged up toward Carver, his lungs out of breath.
“You make it sound easy,” He said between breaths.
“Yeah, well it short of is,” Seth, said laughing.
“I guess your right,” Carver whispered.

“Gabby, are you alright with it?” Carver asked.
“I’d kill you if we didn’t stop,” Gabriella said giggling.
“Okay then, our next stop will be Lords Town.” Carver said fiercely.

As the entered into town, Gabriella felt the slight present of worry. Her palms became wet, and her forehead began to sweat quickly. Her stomach tied in massive knots, rolling over as if it where a dog.

Still she stood standing straight, not showing any of these symptoms to her friends.

“We have to hurry,” Carver whispered to Seth.
“Canyon, go with Seth, Gabriella and I will head further into town.” he added.
“How are we going to find you?” Canyon asked.
“I don’t think that will be a problem, just head in the heart of town after your done.” Carver answered.

“Carver…” Seth said impatient.
“What?” Carver asked.
“We need money,” Seth said with a grin.

Carver turned toward Gabriella, reaching into her cloaks pocket; he grabbed the small bag and removed it. He opened it up quickly, and gabbed out twenty pints.
“This should be enough,” Carver said handing the money to Seth.
“Don’t spend what you don’t have too.” He added.
Seth shook his head, and walked off.
“See you in a bit,” he whispered. Canyon followed beside him. And in a moment, they were out of sight.
“Lets go,” Carver said returning the bag to the pocket.
“Yes,” Gabriella answered.

They walked into town quickly, Carvers arm around Gabriella.

She kept her head down; making sure her hair was covered, as well as her necklace.
“Carver,” Gabriella whispered.
“Yes,” he said looking down toward her.

“Never mind,” she said looking away.
“No what?” He said interested.
“The lord, she will find me again,” She said as crystal tears fell down.
“I have no doubt about that, but you are stronger then that monster.” He said reassuring her.
“Hitome’s dead.” She whispered.
“Hitome?” He questioned.
“The guy that grabbed me, when I went on the ship the first time. His name was Hitome, he’s dead now.” Gabriella answered.

Carver stayed silent, not knowing what to say.
“Its okay, I think he’s in a better place now,” she said for him.
Carver nodded his head,
“I hope he is,” he said looking down.

They stood in the middle of town, looking in each direction, waiting for Seth and Canyon to return.
“There are many soldiers here,” Gabriella hesitated to say.
“Yes,” Carver replied.

“Canyon keep up,” Seth whispered.
“Im sorry, it’s just that we’ve been walking around, and still haven’t found any sign of food or water in the markets.” Canyon replied.

“There are lots of soldiers, I can’t lose you Canyon,” Seth said worryingly.
“You won’t Seth, lets just hurry up okay.” Canyon answered back.

Seth nodded quickly, and began to walk down a small alleyway.

“Look!” Canyon yelled, as he pointed to a small a building.
Seth peered toward the building.
“Good going Canyon,” Seth said laughing.

They walked to the small building, reading the sign as they went in.
“Coast Pub.”

As they entered, they noticed the place was nearly abandoned. Only the small bar tender, and a couple of men playing cards in the corner of the room, made it feel welcoming in a sense.

“Hello boys, what might I do for ya?” The bar tender asked, as if surprised to see them.
“We were just wondering if you have plain water, and some bread,” Seth answered.

“Well boys, I have water, but no bread. There should be a bakery about two blocks north of here.” The Bar tender smiled, as he grabbed three bottles of water.
“How much sir?” Seth asked looking at him eye to eye.

“Its on the house,” The bar tender said with a smile.
Seth walked up to the bar and grabbed the water.
“Thank you sir.” Seth whispered. He turned away, and headed to Canyon.
“You boys be careful now,” The bar tender added.
“Yes sir.” Canyon said nodding his head.

Seth and Canyon waved goodbye, and left the Pub slowly.
“He was” Canyon whispered.

“Yeah he was,” Seth said knowing what Canyon meant.
Seth looked down, trying not to make eye contact with Canyon. Knowing if he saw him cry, he would worry.
“There it is,” Canyon said in a high voice.
Seth looked up, and saw the Bakery sign.
“Okay let’s hurry.” He said running to the door.

“Can I help you two boys?” A woman asked politely.
“We just need four loafs of bread.” Seth said smiling.
“Four loafs huh.” The woman repeated.
“Yes ma’am,” Canyon said walking up to the counter.
“Alright.” The woman said.
She went through a small door to the side, moments later she brought out white garlic bread.
“That will be thirteen pints,” She said smiling.

Seth grabbed the money out of his pocket, and handed her fifteen pints.
“Keep the change.” He said softly.
“Thank you,” the woman responded.
“No problem lady,” Seth whispered as he headed toward the door.

“Good luck boys,” the woman whispered back, holding her hand tightly.
“Thanks,” Canyon said as he opened the door.

Canyon waved goodbye as they walked out. Slowly they began to walk toward the heart of the town.
“They’re staring at us,” Canyon hesitated to say.
“Who?” Seth asked.
“Look around you,” Canyon whispered.

Seth began to look around, realizing the soldiers around them were staring.
“What the hell,” Seth whispered to Canyon.
“Lets hurry Seth,” Canyon whispered as he began to run.

Both of them began to run, not looking toward the soldiers.

“Hey there they are,” One of the soldiers, shouted.
“Stop The lord wishes your capture and death,” Another soldier shouted as he began to run.

“Hurry Seth,” Canyon yelled as he looked behind, he noticed Seth was dangerously close to the soldiers.
“Im trying,” Seth yelled under his breath.
“Canyon I can’t go anymore, just go,” Seth yelled as he stopped.

“No!” Canyon yelled as he looked toward Seth. Soldiers were already surrounding him, holding their guns to his head.
“The lord wishes your capture, and death.” The soldier yelled as he hit Seth with his gun. Quickly Seth’s body fell to the ground. One of the soldiers grabbed his led, and began to drag him away, leaving a small blood trail behind.

Rain, which falls like tears

By the time Canyon reached Carver and Gabriella, he was out of breath, and out of tears.

“Where is Seth?” Carver asked worried.
“He’s gone…they took him,” Canyon answered as he sat down.
“What!” Gabriella yelled, looking shocked.
“The soldiers found out about us…so we ran…he couldn’t run anymore…he stopped, they hit him and took him away.” Canyon said pausing through ever word.

“Its okay Canyon, its not your fault,” Carver said firmly, as he clenched his fist.
“Carver what are we going to do?” Gabriella asked.
“Go get him,” Carver answered strongly.
“Carver,” Gabriella said slowly.

“What He’s my friend, I can’t lose him, I promised.” Carver yelled, as tears rolled off his eyes.
“Carver, you don’t have to prove anything, they got him, we can’t risk Canyons life and yours for Seth,” Gabriella yelled.
“What do you know, you had no real friends, you were brought up alone, I wasn’t,” Carver yelled.
“Don’t say I didn’t have friends, my parents were friends my sister was my friend.” Gabriella yelled back.

By then everyone around them was staring, loving the tension between them.

Carver turned toward Gabriella and looked at her strongly.
“Your willing to risk Canyon’s life, for one that is already gone.” Gabriella whispered to him.
“Shut up!” Carver yelled, he brought his hand up and slapped Gabriella to the ground. Quickly she fell, her hood falling off her head as she hit the ground.

Everyone looked to her hair, stunned.
Gabriella looked at carver, and shook her head. Slowly she picked her way up, and began to walk away.
“Carver,” Canyon said slowly.
Carver turned toward Canyon,
“Lets go,” He said quickly.
“Carver, im not going with you,” Canyon whispered. He then turned away from Carver and jogged up next to Gabriella.

Carver stayed where he was, looking at Gabriella, and then Canyon.
“Damn,” he yelled, as he turned away.

“Gabriella,” Canyon said softly.
“Im fine Canyon,” Gabriella answered.
“Your hair is showing,” Canyon whispered.
“I know, I like it better that way,” Gabriella answered, as she began to walk faster.
“Gabby,” Canyon yelled.
Gabriella turned around at him and stared.
“Im sorry,” Canyon whispered.
“Canyon, im fine, don’t worry about it,” Gabriella said with a smile.
“Alright,” Canyon answered, as he stared at her hair.
“Can I ask you something?” Gabriella asked, looking toward Canyon.
“Yes, of course,” Canyon replied.
“Is it nice looking?” Gabriella hesitated to say.
“Your hair?” Canyon questioned.
“Yeah,” Gabriella said.

“Of course, I think its really pretty,” Canyon answered with a smile.
“Thanks” Gabriella replied.
“Where are we going?” Canyon asked quietly.

“I don’t know, as far as we can,” Gabriella answered looking up toward the gray sky.

Rain slowly began to fall, covering the ground with a darker brown. As Gabriella moved, sadness filled her body. She rubbed the spot that Carver had hit, remembering how angry he was. Tears fell from her eyes, blending with the rain.

Canyon looked at her quietly, and then looked away.
“We better rest for the night,” He whispered.
“Yeah, lets go find a spot.” Gabriella answered.

Carver walked with both hands in his pockets. His hair covering his eyes half way, looking down, trying not to be noticed.
“Why,” he thought,
“Why did I hit her?” He showed every case of sadness, yet he kept it back, locked in a cage deep inside.

He began to walk down the same empty alleyway that Seth and Canyon had walked down earlier. As he came to the pub he noticed a boy about his age waving to him.
“Hey there, you must be Carver,” He said smiling.

“How do you know me?” Carver answered looking up at him.
“I don’t know, it’s just a guess,” The boy said smiling again.
“You’re getting on my nerves.” Carver said clenching his right fist.

“I get on lots of peoples nerves,” The boy answered as he walked away.
“Wait,” Carver yelled toward him.
“Yes,” the boy said as he turned around.
“How do you know me, really?” Carver asked.
“Because I watched your little show with the girl,” He said laughing.

“Oh,” Carver whispered looking away.
“My names Andrew.”

Carver looked up at him and started to grin. Slowly he walked toward him, and put out a hand.
“Nice to meet you,” Carver said as he shook his hand.

“So what are you looking for? The girl turned the other way,” Andrew said confused.
“A friend of mine, He was taken away with the Lords troops.” Carver answered staring at him.
“Oh, well do you need help?” Andrew asked nicely.
“Its okay,” Carver replied.
“No please, let me go with you,” Andrew insisted.
“Can you fight?” Carver asked.

“ I’ve killed two of those soldiers, of course I can fight,” Andrew replied clenching his fist up.
“All right then, lets go,” Carver replied shaking his head in approval.
“Thank you,” Andrew whispered as he began to follow Carver down the dirt road.

“The lords ship is over there,” Carver said grinning.
“Yes, and what do you plan on doing? Killing over one-hundred men, then getting on the elevator, killing another fifty men, and then finding your friend, and bringing him back without a scratch?” Andrew said worried.
“Well yeah, do you have a problem with that?” Carver replied looking confused.
“No; no none at all,” Andrew said smiling.
“Well good,” Carver answered punching his hand.

“Gabriella can you please stop.” Canyon yelled.
“Come on Canyon, we have to reach the next town before sunset.
“And why is that?” Canyon yelled again.
“Well for one, Kusabana’s troops might be following us now.” Gabriella replied. She looked back and stopped.
“Any other reasons?” Canyon asked.
“I don’t like the dark,” Gabriella hesitated to say.

“Lots of people are afraid of the dark…I was, and still am.” Canyon whispered as he stood by Gabriella.
“Its not that,” She replied looked toward the emptiness of the sky.
“Then what?” Canyon said looking at her.
“I have dreams, I see myself on that mountain, not knowing what to do. Kusabana is behind me, yelling, getting closer to me. In the end, she stabs me, and I die, leaving the world in a stand still.” She replied. Tears rolled off her eyes, the moon catching them, making them shine as the hit the ground. Gabriella fell to the ground. Sitting upon her knees, shielding her eyes from the looks of Canyon.

“Gabrielle, You said I could call you that. There is nothing to worry about, dreams are warnings, if you see that, make it different when your there.”
“And if it were that easy, I would not be sitting here crying of what the day of the red moon will hold.” She whispered.

“Yes the red moon draws near, and before it comes we will reunite with Carver, and face the lord.” Canyon said strongly.
“There are other lords that will try to stop us. Kusabana is just the head one. Others will come.” Gabriella faintly said.
“So let them come, we will fight them too.” Canyon replied.

“Canyon, how do you have so much hope?” Gabriella asked.
“I guess when Seth was taken, I changed. I knew this was real, that we weren’t safe, and that no one will save us, only you could, and I need to protect you.” He answered looking down to her.

Gabriella looked up to him with a smile.
“Thanks,” She whispered.
Canyon reached down toward her, picking her up off the ground.
“Yeah, well lets go,” He replied with a hidden wink.
“What’s the next town?” he added.
“Im not sure, Carver had the map.” Gabriella replied looking sad as she mentioned his name.
“We’ll find him again, don’t worry.” Canyon replied trying to make her happy again.
“Until then, can you use your necklace as a light?” Canyon asked with a small smile.

If only...I could last til winter

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