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In a recent response left on another poets work the commenter said that they had stopped looking at a lot of poets work here on Lit as they had read these individuals work and they were just regurgitating the same theme over and over again.

This at first made me wonder just how boring my own work could become. Despite making attempts to vary my work, I must admit that whatever I write seems to head off in the same direction of saying how much we should accept our lot in life, take responsibility for our actions, and above all have fun. This is not however deliberate. I can pick up a pen and decide to write on any subject, but my muse will take over and steer it the way it wants to go!

Do we, as poets, have a choice, is the personal responsibility I speak of really what I take in producing my work? There are times when I certainly do not know what I have written until I read it! However, when working at psychic levels I also have this dilemma, while I can hear what I am saying, the words flow freely from another dimension.

So what is personal responsibility, especially in the field of communication. When I have written a poem I have the option to alter it or not publish it. I also have the option to totally disagree with it and write a piece on my own views in its place.(Though in reality a different muse would probably take over, even with this).

On psychic levels I have the option not to allow words to pass through my lips or filter the messages being passed to suit the circumstances. I do not however have the option to alter any messages given in this way, but may add my own opinion as to the validity of them.

Back to the problem of becoming a boring old fart! I thought I would look at this from the eyes of the critic to see if I agreed and was surprised to say that, with the exception of my own work, I did not. I actively seek out poets and writers for the skill they have in writing on certain subjects. Yes I like variety, but would be totally disappointed if they never returned to the very things that I love their work for!

In summary, this critic has made me review both my writing and reading habits, but I must say I am glad that my thirst is not quenched by a person’s repetition. If I want to know anything I will revisit the fountain of knowledge continually to replenish my cup and savour the way the water changes taste with maturity.

I will however try to add a little spice to my own work, as I personally get bored with droning on about the same old subjects………..

Have Fun,


The moment created this second, is a moment that's going to last.
It lives the full spectrum of time, the future, the present and past.

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The following comments are for "Boring Old Fart"
by ivordavies

Always wished i could : one write in verse like you and two make mu pieces as witty and as tongue in cheek as yours .

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: July 24, 2005 )

Old Farts
Dearest Ivor, I am so glad you wrote this. You make my heart feel better. First let me say, YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT AN OLD FART, and I am not that polite so trust me I tell you no lie. Secondly, I was told on another site that I always write about the same thing. At first I felt so bad about it, but you know it just spills out. So sex, goes on and on in my world, lol. Thank you.

Nae ;0)

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: July 25, 2005 )

I just finished reading his poem and your comments and then followed your comment here. You two are hilarious. What an event it would be to have you both over for dinner!

Nae ;0)

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: July 25, 2005 )

Fairplay ..Ivor..
The F word seems a loaded one ..opening up a kind of Pandora's Box .. a plethora-very often whirling and swirling-of currents ,counter currents ..and ,of course ,the inescapable scents and smells..

From the little I've been informed : using the F word puts one in very exalted company -Mozart and Purcell composed tunes about it ,while the likes of Swift and Mark Twain came up with masterly pieces on the subject. There was even a great mind -whose name escapes me now - who devoted the last part of his life to the study of intestinal gases...

In a lighter vein, one of the spin offs -desirable or otherwise - of multiculturalism is the phenomenon of 'curry farts ' going off ,and willy- nilly mingling with the rather pristine airs of the Isles.

On a more serious note - one understands peoples' shining-eyed enthusiasm for multiculturalism .

However the main problem with multiculturalism is that in embracing it ,society as a whole ,might find itself gravitating towards and settling at the lowest common denominator. Specifically ,in the years to come corruption and sleaze may become far more widespread in western societies where it is currently at a minimum.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: July 26, 2005 )

Do people always sink to the lowest common denominator or strive to achieve the highest standards set? Somewhere in between I suspect, and has this really anything to do with multiculturism?

Corruption and sleaze is not soley contained within the 'non-western societies' and I am not too sure that it is actually a contagious disease.... of course some may say I am naive!


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 26, 2005 )


To be frank these are complex ,highly nuanced issues fraught with more pitfalls than a minefield.Neverthe less let me try to expatiate on my point.

First of all i am abstracting from particular experiences garnered over my lifetime into some sort of a generalization.Of course it may well turn out to be sweeping and incorrect.

Take education for example - as most in our generation might agree- standards have fallen precipitously . Yours is a case in point - you can come up with -effortlessly i'm sure - thoughtful pieces couched in elegant verse. The most today's youngster might be able to come up with are rantings in rap style.What passes off for great literature today ,pales in comparison to the literary quality of earlier authors.A while back, Doug Soderstrom posted a piece on Dumbing Down - after reading it, i couldn't agree with him more.

In area after area ,i suspect, this kind of thing is happening. In the cultural arena it begins innocently enough ..merely wanting to sample or try out some particularly beguiling facet of another culture.Subsequently ,without one being aware of it , it can turn dangerously heady..

Lowering of standards becomes particularly pernicious when one gets to Ethics -involving as it often does the taking of the line of least resistance ,for the sake of expediency.Willy nilly one sinks to the lowest common denominator - and in my opinion it can be infectious.

Of course given that you are a marketing man , i needn't tell you that there are segments that buck this trend and strive towards ever higher standards. But I feel these constitute sliver-thin segements of the whole.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: July 26, 2005 )

Me too Ivor!!!
It takes one to know one I guess you can add me to the list!

However...I comtemplate with much delight the knowledge that those who label us thus...will one it or not...join our ranks...Mother Nature always has the last laugh!!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: July 27, 2005 )

Boring Old Farts
Boring old farts, from a time that's gone by,
Still giving advice that they think we will try.
Things nowadays are all so different you see,
Non of them lived in the present like me.

It wasn't the same when they were a child,
They wouldn't survive now, the world's far too wild.
Our planet is no longer placid and tame,
Don't offer advice, for it's just not the same.

All things are now modern, with PCs and phones,
We don't stay in reading, in all of our homes.
We hang around corners with drugs and with booze,
The things that you adults were frightened to use.

So boring old farts, please remember today,
Your words are not relevant now any way.
The fact you invented the new things we see.
Don't mean your advice, could ever help me!

.......Mother Nature always has the last laugh!!

Have Fun,


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 27, 2005 )


Verse like higher algebra I find totally beyond this is the best i could come up with...

Look at where we began : with your thoughts and impressions on a poet's honing his craft...and where we ended up : with my sniping at irrelevancies like multi culturalsim. If ever one was guilty of 'dumbing down' and lowering the overall tenor of the discourse ,it would have to me me....

However you've rounded it off with a bit of brilliantly mordant verse.Just a point though -offering advice would simply be a waste of breath .Therefore one's thoughts would be best kept to oneself.

Can't help wondering how all that you've just said so very well would come across ,done in rap style, to the music of firecrackers going off in the background.


( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: July 27, 2005 )

Sir Ivor...
Wheeh! Dear sir, boring old fart, old my goodness! Is Mother Nature a Bitch? Just messing with ya', you know I love Ya'. Entertain....


( Posted by: Robinbird [Member] On: July 28, 2005 )

Interesting Title

Only recently did it strike me that your choice of titles was extremely intriguing to say the least.

Perhaps ,over the years, we've all been conditioned to associate much of what is loathsome and repugnant with age.

Thus f..ting has come to be linked with crabbed age . One wonders if the implications are that either the young don't f..t or manage to do so delicately ,in the most aesthetic manner possible .Much as the RCOP might like to establish it , there may not be a shred of scientific evidence suggesting that the f..ts of the likes of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton ,Beckham-and numerous rock stars ,forever spaced out on drugs -smell like roses in comparison to those of raddled old crones or dirty old

The larger issue at the societal level seems to be that at the current juncture age is an inconvenience best dispensed with .

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: July 28, 2005 )

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