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A few months ago I started noticing stories about the US Air Force Academy, wherein fundamentalist Christians are using nepotism and harassment to dominate the culture there.

I've already had my fill of troubles with fundamentalism, and I'm not at all surprised to hear of this kind of thing in America's military. However, I have a stirring in the part of my brain that is devoted to heckling nazis and fundamentalists.

The USAF is the most highly technological element of the American military, and the most advanced air force in the world. Not only is it in charge of the ICBM arsenal, but it is also an active force in space exploration.

Yet, it is being managed by people who are only one candle brighter than the Flat Earth Society. These people believe, of course, that we were simply put on the Earth and the Tower of Babel is the reason for differing language groups.

The fact that these people are obstensibly defenders of religious freedom is another reason why this is very disturbing.

The growing authoritarian trend has not shied from its connections to the hyperconservative religionists. In America, the land first raped and tortured by the Puritans, it couldn't be any other way.

There can never be an American dictator who doesn't swear on the Bible.

A US Army General recently declared that "George W. Bush was not elected President of the United States. He was appointed by God."

I can taste the flavor of the mania already. It tastes like shit.

The whole scheme is all the easier for them to accomplish this way, anyway, because the worship and indoctrination styles and techniques of the evangelical fundies is highly cultic and even intoxicating for those who prefer it. Some people are even 'slain in the spirit', meaning they faint at services when they're done screaming or babbling 'in tongues'.

I'm increasingly sickened by what passes for spirituality in America today. The shrill tenor of their present mode of pandering, plus the embrace of the authoritarians of the Religious Right indicate to me that we don't have long until we're right back to red scares and witch burnings.

The time for radical action is NOW.

The Alienist

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The following comments are for "America's Unique Mix: Religion, Fear & Patriarchal Hierarchy"
by the alienist

Radical action
You're quite right to be concerned, man. I totally agree with you. Leaving half-wits in charge of a massive arsenal is a dangerous thing to allow.

The Christian right has recently stepped up its attacks in the universities as well. It's no longer just the Campus Crusade's little campaigns (though they were well-organized and sometimes effective). Now they're taking action against professors who teach things they don't believe in -- which, in the end, will be about 95% of the faculty in North America, because educated and intelligent people tend to be at odds with religious half-wits.

Check this out, a recent statement from the committee for the defense of professional rights of philosophers:

"Philosophers on a number of public and private university campuses have become targets of a nationally funded and well-organized campaign to achieve what is seen as political balance and the reduction of liberal bias. Supporters propose the establishment of government oversight of curricula, teaching, hiring, and promotion, through Academic Bill of Rights legislation introduced in several states and the U.S. Congress. The APA Committee for the Defense of Professional Rights of Philosophers is also concerned about recent incidents that have employed harassment and defamation of character to express opposition to the alleged political views of professors of philosophy and other professors.
Such incidents include students' disrupting instruction (e.g., by posting unauthorized "class cancelled" signs) and publicly labeling faculty members "communists" or "terrorist sympathizers."
Because such actions have a chilling effect on academic freedom, they have been reported to the committee, which urges all APA members to
inform themselves about such egregious actions. It also urges them to study the implications of the "Academic Bill of Rights" campaign for the exercise of academic freedom. Further information, specific advice, and links appear on the committee's website."

Debra Nails, Chair APA Committee for the Defense of Professional Rights of Philosophers Michigan State University

It's enough to make you believe in the existence of evil.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: July 13, 2005 )

Viper. No shit?

( Posted by: Robert Walker [Member] On: July 14, 2005 )

No shit.

This sort of thing has been going on for years. The difference is that now these people are more organized and more aggressive. They're more confident in their ability to silence their betters.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: July 14, 2005 )

yes but
just wanted to sign the guestbook and think about it

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: July 14, 2005 )

What about the Muslims?
Yeah right man! The Christian fundamentalists yada yada yada! Yes, they are evil! So are the Muslim fundamentalists. Have you noticed their actions around the globe recently? Heard about what happened in the Netherlands recently to a certain Dutch movie director of the film "Submission"? How do you feel about what Muslim fundamentalist goal seems to be? How about their ideal form of government? Do you suppose they have a better plan for us all than to either kill us or offer us the choice of converting to their brand of Islam? Do you believe that their Jihad war cry is any different from the George W. Bush propaganda that what we are fighting for is freedom and democracy? I think the fundamentalists are all the same, Christian or Muslim or even the more radical Orthodox Jews. Fuck them all. Hypersensitive? Yeah, I'd say ALL fundamentalists seem a bit hypersensitive. The murder of that Dutch movie director by fundamentalist Muslims seemed a bit hypersensitive to me. Also the bombing of London's subway seemed a bit hypersensitive. How about all those suicide bombers around the globe in Russia killing children, in Palestine killing civilians, and in America blowing up skyscrapers!

But who is a greater threat to us all right now? Is it the Christians? Is it the Muslims? Is it the Jews? What is your opinion on that?

Check out the Paul L. Williams books.

( Posted by: Ashmedai [Member] On: July 14, 2005 )

Remember I told all you folks that Amerikkkans don't even NEED Big Brother? We do it to ourselves.

"Who needs Big Brother when we've got AMERICANS?!?"

- The Alienist

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: July 14, 2005 )

All fundies are a problem. On this you're correct; however, the Muslim fundies probably wouldn't have half their power or reach if it weren't for Bush and the Christian/Jewish Fundies taking their land or the capitalists making their oil so important.

Our Capitalists stirred them out of their sleep in the first place. The first and foremost problem is the Capitalists and the Christian Right, however whack some of the muslims may be.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: July 14, 2005 )

Muslims and Christians
Please can people at least make their rants educated?

A Muslim Fundamentalist is peaceful, an 'extremist' is not. There is an enormous crow bar between the two and to get the two confused in this context is causing considerable harm to the vast majority of Muslims who are peaceful.

This is an interesting article, but people seem to be forgetting that all religion can be used as a smoke screen to hide a group or individuals personal will to gain power, authority and fulfill their own wants in the world.

The real problem is not Jews, Muslims or Christians, but those trying to gain power through attack. Don't be fooled by the smoke screen.

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: July 14, 2005 )

In general I'm in agreement with Muslims on issues regarding America and its politics. I don't like fundamentalists of any kind because they try to direct society without regard to others' beliefs. People I have known for years, incidentally, who were very progressive thinkers have been falling into Christian fundamentalism because they are around Republicans, businesspeople or military. I find them becoming my enemies because I discuss my beliefs.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: July 19, 2005 )

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