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*******this is the second chapter to my book intitled, " the dawn's end"**********

Backround information: humans have consumed all that there was to consume. Now without anything to go to, the world begins to die, towns have been abandoned, and so has family, can one girl change the fate of the world, or will it not be enough?

Without a glance

Gabriella walked down the lonesome road for what seemed like hours. As her legs began to ache she started to cry more. Finally exhausted she stopped on a boulder that stood out more then all the other rocks. With a flat surface Gabriella became quiet comfortable on the stone. She looked around for a while. Looking down the hill, and then back up. She had walked along way with teary eyes. As she lifted her foot up to see if any new cuts had emerged she heard a noise in the trees across the dirt road. Gabriella not up to any games stared at the trees for a long time. Finally she guessed it must have just been the wind.

Gabriella tightened the straps of fabric tied to her legs. Although she was not yet bleeding, Gabriella felt the skin rip in two.

As she covered the wounded spot she searched in her bag. Making sure everything was where it was suppose to be. She didn’t worry about forgetting anything. She had enough money to buy food in town, and other appliances. As she got up the boulder, she heard the last of the skin rip. Feeling the coldness to her feet. She did not check if it was bleeding badly or not. Blood was one of the things Gabriella was not fond of looking at, although it didn’t make her sick, she still felt as if it was something was wrong with showing it.

As Gabriella walked down the rocky road, she found her legs to hurt more and more. With a trail of scarlet blood be hide her, and a town before her, she kept looking forward. Although the winds blew harder she kept walking in her straight line, making sure not to be blown of course. As the mountains opened up winder, Gabriella felt colder, she did not feel cold outside, but something inside her, coldness yelled.
Gabriella got use to tripping and falling as she walked. Although her body ached, it seemed she was in a trance, not stopping until she reached the towns limits. Although she rested a lot along t dirt road, she didn’t rest long. No longer then five minutes. Tiredness over whelmed her as well. Closing her eyes every second was a danger.
Finally Gabriella gave up on making it to town that day. She climbed a part of the mountain, until she reached a grassy area. Although she had packed a blanket she didn’t use it, instead she hung it from a tree that over hung the grassy area, putting rocks on each side of the blanket helped it stay down. A tent now hovered over the spot where Gabriella would stay. She looked at it promptly, and smiled, although it was not big, or fancy, she had made it without anyone’s help, without really knowing having any training what so ever.
Gabriella found her bag once again, and threw it into the tent; she got on her hands and knees slowly but surely gradually made it inside as well.

Gabriella tired of walking and climbing feel asleep instantly. She did not dream however, even her mind was to tired to think of something peaceful.

That night the winds were calm, yet the sky was darker then ever. Gabriella didn’t move through out the whole night, as if paralyzed.

Gabriella woke up to talking. She leaned up, and realized she was indeed awake. Scared of what could be out there she barely made a sound. Finally curiously filled her head, and she started for the opening of the tent, she barely peered out, when she saw three boys standing next to her tent. She quickly moved back in. Breathing softly, Gabriella’s eyes widened. Her heart pounding deeply, she almost felt as if they could hear it.
“Who are they, what do they want?” Gabriella asked oneself. She felt fluttered, she wondered if they were sent to kill her, or if they were muggers.
A slight movement toward the tent made Gabriella jump, she quickly, assumed the position as if she were asleep. She kept her eyes closed, and tried not to let curiosity take over again.

Gabriella felt the tent shift, knowing someone was looking into it yet Gabriella remained quiet. Shaking hands made it hard for her to keep still, hoping they were gone, hoping they thought she was just a young girl with nothing on her that was valuable.

Gabriella finally pulled her mind together and pretended to be asleep perfectly. A minute or two later, she felt something on her leg, she realized they hadn’t left, and curiosity had over came there senses. Disgusted by the interruption, Gabriella leaned forward rapidly. She screamed as loud as she could, and as long as she could. The young boy jumped up, in a surprised fashion, turning to quickly, and breaking the branch that the blanket was on. The tent fell, as did the branch.

Gabriella felt a large object come on top of her, but before she could do anything, a dizzy feeling hit her head, and darkness led into Gabriella’s mind.

¨ ¨ ¨

“Who is she?” Seth asked?
“Im not sure,” Carver answered in a strange way.
“Well what do we do with her,” Seth urged,
“Don’t look at me,” Canyon said with a disturbed face.
“We cant just leave her here, were going to have to take her with us,” Carver answered, looking toward the ground.

Carver leaned forward, and picked up Gabriella’s body, he carefully moved the hair out of her face and started to walk away,
“Grab her things Seth,” Carver yelled
“Yeah canyon grab her things,” Seth laughed.
“Damn it Seth stop playing games and pick her stuff up, Canyon, you grab the blanket.”
Carver walked slowly, yet quickly for a guy who was holding a girl. Trying not to fall as he moved down mountainside. Thoughts rushing to his head, wondering whom this girl could be. Thinking to his self, louder and louder, until he dropped the idea, and would wait until she woke up.
Carver looked up toward Seth and Canyon, being the oldest one, it was his duty to keep them safe. He looked at Canyon the most, knowing he wouldn’t make it to where they were planning on going.
Carver was eighteen years old, with dark black hair that hung like he didn’t have a care in the world. Ice blue eyes, that seemed to hold more secrets then truths or lies. A skinny, but steady body, stronger then most, kept him going. His skin tone tanned, by the years before, and a descriptive face, that showed no fear, and no compassion for anything. His clothing included, a black jacket over a white shirt, and regular jeans with regular shoes.
Seth was fourteen, but strong for his age. His gray eyes were detailed, and showed everything that had happened in his past, Blonde hair, shorter then Canyons was what separated him from the other two. His height was about the same as Gabriel’s, and his face showed more attitude then carvers. His skin was a shade of brown, which looked quiet nicely on him. His blue jeans were ripped, and his yellow T-shirt was covered by another yellow jacket.
Canyon, the youngest was twelve years old. He had the same eyes as Seth, and same detail. His hair was short, and brown. He had a strong look on his face, but a weak heart. His body was well, like Seth’s.
Canyon had the personality of a child; He loved being with his friends, all the time. His clothing was simple, jeans and a black shirt, and a small jacket. He was also the reason that Carver was so worried.

Carver managed to take Gabriella down the mountainside; still not tired he kept going. He was determined to reach the point of their stop. Once there he would look for food, and ask the girl questions, and try to get clear answers from her.

Gabriella woke up to the sound of rushing water, not knowing where she was she started to panic. Remembering the day that seemed so long ago, of her leaving her house, and venturing off. Now that idea seemed so stupid to her, staying would have been better.

She got up quietly, noticing she was under a tree. She looked to the ground where footprints led off in different ways. She looked around the tree, and picked up her bag. She looked through it quickly, and started to walk away from the tree. Gabriella’s mind wanted to get out of there quickly, yet the feet told her to wait and see who those boys were. Still walking away, Gabriella heard the sound of a young man. Once again her eyes widened, and she changed directions.

She moved swiftly through the trees. Guessing she was in the woods, down the mountain. Not knowing which way she had came. Hearing the voice get louder, she realized she was going toward it. Once again she changed directions, toward the rushing sound, hearing another voice, not the same, seemed younger then the other, she realized she would not get out of here unless she ran.

She walked toward the river, and looked up and down stream. Seeing know one she moved closer the water. She pulled a water bottle out of her bag, and opened it, she poured it out quickly, and refilled it quickly as well. She washed her face and her hands. Going back to her bag, she noticed her blanket wasn’t there. She pictured the tree, she was laying on something softer then the grass itself, knowing now it was the blanket.
Gabriella didn’t want to go back, yet she had to get that blanket, that was the only object that would provide shelter out in the middle of no where. She started walking the way she thought she had came, walking quicker and more nerve-racking then ever. Making sure no one was within fifty feet of her.

She walked for a little, and finally found the tree she was at. She peered around for a while, then walked up toward the tree, she leaned forward, and grabbed her blanket, she folded it neatly, and stuck it into her bad, she started to walk off, when she felt a hand on her shoulder, and realized it was probably one of the boys.
“So your leaving us are you?” a deep voice whispered into Gabriella’s ear.
“It depends on what im leaving,” Gabriella answered back.
“ Were not criminals, were just trying to get away like you are,”
“ Well im not trying to get away, im trying to find a someone that did get away,” Gabriella mumbled.
“Well I wish you would stay with us, it would be safer,”
“Yet I do not know your name, or what you look like, so how is that safer, in your eyes?” Gabriella said irritated.
“ Oh excuse me, my name is Carver, and who said you couldn’t look?”

Gabriella turned around, and faced Carver; she looked up, and instantly felt safe. His eyes were like the sea, a protective sea.

“There are others?” Gabriella asked,
“Just two, not my family, just close friends,” Carver said back,
“There around here somewhere,” Carver added slowly.
“ Where are you heading too?” Gabriella whispered?
“To the city, we need supply, everyone is leaving, making the city an open market,” Carver answered.
“What is happening?” Gabriella asked? “ Most don’t know, but some have an idea, the world seems to be falling at our feet,” carver said steadily.
“ Then where are they running too, if it’s the world there is no place safe?” Gabriella sadly said. “If I knew the answer I would have told you already,” Carver said dismayed.
Gabriella didn’t answer back, she thought that was enough to know. She walked a few steps away from Carver, and stared into the water.
Carver left her alone for a while, and went to find Seth and Canyon.
Gabriella stayed, staring at the water, knowing if did run, she wouldn’t get far. She decided to stay with Carver, and the other two he spoke of. It would give her a better chance at surviving.

Gabriella sat down from where she was standing. She sat there patiently and waited for Carvers return. With thoughts in her head, that stirred up more then she wanted it to. Feeling sick, and weak she started to cry, knowing she would not find her sister at the city, she would not find anything, but a ghost town.

Gabriella heard different voices, and looked over her shoulder, three young men were standing before her, the two she didn’t know bowed down, and acted kindly, they smiled, and introduced themselves,
“ Im Seth, pleased to meet you,” he put his hand up; Gabriella got up and shook his hand gently.
“And im Canyon, pleased to meet you as well,” Canyon put his hand out the same way, and Gabriella shook his hand also.
“Im Gabriella, and im also pleased to meet you both,” She said while looking at all three of them, and then peered away.

“What’s wrong with her?” Seth whispered,
“Nothing she’s shy,” Canyon Said back
Carver moved toward Gabriella,
“ There is something on your mind isn’t there, you don’t have to tell, im just wondering,” Carver whispered,
“I guess you can say that, I don’t know what im doing down here, I left to find my sister, and now that I know that everyone left, I have no reason to be out here,” Gabriella answered, quietly.
“Oh but you do, if you were to stay, up in the mountains right? You wouldn’t have made it,” Carver whispered back.
“Yea, I guess so,” Gabriella answered.

Gabriella turned to face all of them; she looked at each one of them closely, and smiled,
“So are we going to stay here, or are we going to leave this internal hell?” she yelled, and started to run. Carver, Seth, and Canyon all ran next to her, and started for the trip.

If only...I could last til winter

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