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*****This is the first chapter of the Book intitled "The Dawn's End"*******

Backround Information: humans have consumed all that there was to consume. Now without anything to go to, the world begins to die, towns have been abandoned, and so has family, can one girl change the fate of the world, or will it not be enough?


Her eyes looked unsettled, staring out the window. Watching as the October rain fell. Gabriella, looking up saw no rain clouds, yet thunder and lightening viciously fought to win the sky. The sun was shining brightly with no explanations to why it was raining.

Gabriella’s older sister Maria looked at her softly. As she turned away tears rapidly fell from her ocean blue eyes. She turned back and stared at Gabriella, and then finally grabbed the bags, which were lying on the floor next to her. She then walked toward Gabriella in a sudden move.

“Its getting worse isn’t it?” Maria whispered into Gabriella’s ear.
“Yes indeed…but it seems so fascinating don’t you think?” Gabriella replied while looking up toward her sister’s face. She could tell something was wrong with Maria, her facial expression showed strongly, seeing her eyes Gabriella knew she had been crying. Although Gabriella wished to ask her what was wrong, she stayed where she was; she knew her place not to ask.

“Im just going into town for a while okay, just to get enough food for the week,” Maria whispered with a fake smile. Gabriella didn’t answer; she gently shook her head slightly up and down then turned back toward the window she was peering out earlier.

One month later

Although that was the last time Gabriella saw her sister, she still believed she would return to her. Like a bird that had lost it’s way through the off settled winds.

“She’s just gone for a while,” Gabriella would mumble as she thought of her sister. Gabriella would hold on to that feeling, that wisdom she had, that wisdom she wished to yell out.

Gabriella tried to keep the surroundings clean. Even though the house looked clean, the truth was it would never be pure. Gabriella’s fond memories were apart of this place, the good and the bad, but mostly the ones who carried a lesson within them stayed. The ones she longed to get rid of.
As the days crumbled by the hour, the weather would shift. The shining sun was never to be released by the clouds, and the warm weather to be taken over by the coldness.

Town’s people packed up and left because of these changes. They would drive until they couldn’t drive anymore. Other towns received a busier crowd, and local’s left to another; circles were formed, but ended once they reached the oceans coasts.

Gabriella never thought a world like this would ever happen. Scared once she had read the daily news each morning. Seeing the words, “End Of The World,” bolded in each paragraph. Even hearing the town’s people hold rallies and speeches everyday, and if the wind didn’t blow hard Gabriella could hear each word that was spoken. She mostly heard words barely used anymore. Words used so the children wouldn’t understand, let alone words that Gabriella didn’t understand. Once while She was eating she heard the word “apocalypse,” once she had time to register it she ran to find a dictionary, mumbling the word over and over trying not to forget it. Finally finding the definition, noticing it went along with what was happening now.

As the weather got worse for Gabriella she relied on crackers and water, even the common rabbit found in the mountain behind her house where impossible to find. When she would read the news, she found it more difficult to finish an article without crying, articles on hunger sweeping the nation where the worst for her. Always having to deal with suffering made Gabriella uncomfortable. Once she read a horrible article on what they did to the children under thirteen years old. First they would kill the new bourns, trying to safe the food and uncontaminated water for those who where above twelve years old. Kids older then one would be sent to a school, never to be heard of or seen again. Although Gabriella didn’t know what they did to those children she did have her guesses.

Population laws were necessary now, although it didn’t apply for Gabriella she still felt very deeply for it. Reading it over and over as it stated:

Families cannot have more then four in their family. If so, the family must choose one to leave, or how many family members it takes to make a family of four. (In house hold.) If the family cannot pick one, they all must leave.
The committee of the people
The committee of the people

Although families had the choice, most left all together, saying it was a blessing to leave this hell. Gabriella saw it as a suicide, a sacrifice that didn’t have to be made.
As Gabriella grew with more information to what was happening in the world, many things started to change. Government was no longer as aspect to the country. There was no president, not judges or police officers. Only lonely streets open to those who were insane.
With wind blowing harder in town, more buildings fell, although Gabriella was not affected by the winds as much. She was still exposed to, mudslides, flash floods and trees harming her house. Gabriella’s sleep life was harmed as well, although she slept quietly, she didn’t sleep long. To many worries and doubts.
Gabriella had dreams about what she looked like. Wondering every second of the day. Yet Gabriella never had the guts to look in the body mirror that stood before the front door. Scared of what she might look like Gabriella had always just walked toward her room, and laid there thinking of other things. Finally curiously exploded in her head. Gabriella stood up quietly and walked slowly toward the mirror, closing her eyes, placing her body straight in front the mirror. In her head counting down from three, One…Two…Three… Finally her eyes opened, and silence over came her whole body. Gabriella looked in the mirror, but did not see her self. Only a stranger, one she didn’t know, and didn’t care for.
Someone peered back at Gabriella, someone with long black hair, and a shine of silver within there eyes. There complexion not white, yet not brown, it worked well with the white silky dress that laid loose a firm body. A corset of white rapped around the waist, Making the breast bigger then usual, and the stomach smaller. Gabriella finally peered at her feet and arms. Straps of white fabric rapped around her fore arms, knees and feet. Covering places were cuts were easily made. Looking homeless, was what Gabriella thought as she started to cry. Strong, yet hurt at the same time.
Gabriella walked away from the mirror, walking around the house she knew she had to leave. Realizing Gabriella had nothing here but a hallow shell, full of bad memories and stories she wished never to tell.
When she walked around, she noticed everything was clean; firewood had been chopped inside, and stacked by the kitchen. Selves clear of dust, and food running low. Gabriella knew deep inside that seventeen years in this house was long enough. Never being able to see what was out in the world, never being able to smell the ocean breeze that traveled along the mountain range.
As Gabriella dreamed her perfect world, everything outside was falling apart.
There’s nothing for me here to do anymore, Gabriella thought. She peered past the table, straight to the front door lock. Gabriella had tired to over come her fear before, but never succeeded. Although she knew the door was locked, she could never bring her hand over it. It remained locked, and locked it remained in her head.

Even though Gabriella’s mind told her it was right, she could never leave her house alone. She would never be able to step through that door until she learned.
As tears fell from Gabriella’s left eye, she fell to her knees, bringing all her thoughts to subject.
I know I should leave, yet what is so special out there? What is it that I want out there? Could it be that this house is keeping me from living? Could it be that I wish to die young? Gabriella’s head filled with questions that she knew already, yet she amused herself by using these questions against her own will.

Gabriella looked up to the door; she realized she would have to leave. She knew it would be for the best.
She walked slowly toward her bedroom door. Stopping once she got in front of it. She noticed chipped wood on the doorframe. Looking back she realized it must have chipped when she slammed the door in her sister face. Tears started to roll off Gabriella’s face as she came back to the present. She looked closely to the door, rubbing her finger against the frame. Tracing her name within the frame she finally kissed the door, and walked into her room. Gabriella went straight to her dresser, pulling out a bag, and opening it. Gabriella touched the dresser faintly, remembering when Maria had given it to her. She was at school. When she arrived it had been in front of her bed. Loving it so much, Gabriella kept it in the same spot Maria had put it in. coming back from the past, Gabriella opened up the dresser doors. Grabbing clothing that looked suitable. Has she stuffed her bag she realized it would be too much to care for? Gabriella then put the clothing back. “I will wear what is on me, I will die in this dress,” Gabriella whispered softly. Instead she walked to her closet and grabbed a small jumper, she then grabbed a first aid box, food, and other important things she thought she would need for her journey. Although Gabriella did not know where she was going, she planned it out very carefully. Once Gabriella grabbed the items she needed she walked out of her room slowly. She turned around and peered to her bedroom. Only memories, and a photo in her mind would hold this house together.

Gabriella moved quietly yet swiftly across the house, making sure everything was nice and strong for the winds. She made sure that all the electricity was turned off, and the stove was turned off all the way as well.

Gabriella looked at everything that stood; she started to cry faintly, but knew this had to be done. She then walked toward the front door, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Still she walked toward the door not stopping.
Gabriella eyes focused on the lock that held the door shut. Knowing that she would have to turn it to open the door. Standing there as if petrified Gabriella eyes widened. This was it. This was the time when Gabriella left her memories, bad and the good to start a new life. She slowly, but steadily turned the lock left. The door popped open as if it had been waiting for the day Gabriella had enough guts to open it. She peered out, and then quickly slid through the door. She locked the door shut. And made sure it was steady. She then turned around toward the road, the winds barely blowing but enough to make her sick. Yet she still remained strong. Gabriella walked away from the house, with tears in her eyes, barely being able to see, she marched on. Until the house was out of sight, She looked back. And realized that once she goes down this mountainous road she could never go back home to her bed and childhood memories.

If only...I could last til winter

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The following comments are for "The Dawn's End"
by starmaiden

Hey people,
Hey if you would be so kind as to leaving a comment, on my story....that would be nice of ya. thanks

( Posted by: Starmaiden [Member] On: June 27, 2005 )

A Lit Secret Revealed
Meg- The quickest way to seeing comments at your post, is for other "writers" seeing your comments at their posts. "We" all have our faves and/or regulars, which we read and comment on...It's just way it is...Until folks get used to seeing/hearing you, it's tough. It's an eclectic group, from all walks of life..Young to old..Many interesting styles and "takes" on things. Take a bit of time to "introduce" yourself. You will receive comments.

Your story has interesting premise. You use Gabriella's name a bit much. Try "she" after just using "Gabriella."...Or "tears ran down "her" face."...Keep writing .

Robert William

( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: June 27, 2005 )

Occasionally, I will read a story. Unfortunately, I don't have the attention span to really get in deep enough to be of any assistance to a fiction writer. I think you'll see that there are more poets than story writers here, but stick with it and you'll get the results you're looking for. People won't let posts go lonely for long!


( Posted by: GibsonGirl [Member] On: June 28, 2005 )

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