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Some of us are becoming like beasts of the field
The hairstyles are changing, personalities, the clothes
Rotating on its axis, the world is in turmoil
It seems as though man's heart is changing
Cruelty, violence, pride, and evil lies from within

But there is one thing I know of
If we can lose the attitudes, and put God first
Knowing that He witholds nothing good from us
The world will have a little faith, and hope for peace
But hear me, and hear me well 0 people

Stop the bragging, the boasting, and stop the foolishness
Be silence for just once. Ssssh! Ssssh! Ssssh!
We have what we have, because we speak it, and
Because of who He is. It can easily be all taken away
Just as easy as it was given to us

Acknowledge our Lord God, give Him some glory!
Do you really want to become beasts of the fields?
Instead of going around the fire, go right through it
God will be with you every step of the way. He wants
Us to call upon Him, and He will deliver an answer

"If we will seek the counsel of the One who keeps us, and not of our own understanding; Then we would accomplish much, much more" - ~Jeannie Simpson~

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The following comments are for "A Beast's Heart"

who is the real beast?
Youre poem sounds like a speech that talks down to everybody and it doesn't sound like a poem at all.

I'm beginning to get tired of my Christian friends who are so hard in judgement of others and I don't think that is the Christian way to be and I don't think that Jesus wanted us to stand around making people sick of us by making people close thier ears to the word of the Lord. What are you talking about the beasts of the fields? How about the Christians who are worse than the beasts because they are hypecrites and they are make people feel bad. I'm sick of it. You hate my brother because he's gay and I'm sick of it. Jesus loves everybody the same and theres nothing in the new Testement that says that love is ever wrong. Don't talk to me because your heart is dark and not filled with the love you say and neither is the heart of other evil Christians who say they believe but they are haters! Haters! I'm sick of haters. I'm sick of you all trying to make me afraid of God. My Jesus is good and loving and theres no one going to hell because they are guilty of loving someone else.

( Posted by: Agape [Member] On: June 25, 2005 )

I can see what you are trying to say...many people are turning to the ways of the world...When we turn our backs on God ...He leaves us to our own devices...and the blessings we were given disappear...we have to realize..apart from God ...we can do nothing.
If you speak and think negatively ...that is what will come to you...You have what you say...I have been there and know of what I speak ...I left Him for many years...and they were not good ones...when I came back ...I was healed of a terrible disease...and also my spirit was healed..I am now at peace...and there is happiness in my life....Praise God...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: June 25, 2005 )

Agape; You don't know me at all. The Bible says, Let God be true and every man a liar! If I were you

( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: June 25, 2005 )

Sorry! it Jumped on me
Agape; As I was saying, If I were you, then I would read the Bible coming from Daniel 4...Now if you can't get a revelation from that, then I feel sorry for you. But don't ever say that I don't love gays or lesbians, because I do. I hate the sin...there is a big difference honey. I would choose a prostitute over you anytime, because some prostitutes have a good heart, and that is what God searches out. The Bible also said , be diligently, be alert! Even Jesus called some hypocrites! Even Jesus hated sin, but loved the sinner. But anyway, you have your views and I have mine. Anyway, thank You for commenting. The Bible said come out from under them, you can't serve God and the world too.

Kacee; Thank you for your comments...I am not going to change for matter what they say. and you are right, we have what we have, because the Bible says, that we hold the power of life and death in our tongue.. Thanks!


( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: June 25, 2005 )

Jeannie and the Beast
Hi, Jeannie. The Book also speaks of another gospel, another spirit, another Jesus. Sometimes some people can't tell the difference in whom they worship, can they? Maybe she forgot to take her meds.
This poem seems to be a little more direct and conversational than some of your other work in a way. Nice change-up.

True Agape,


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: June 26, 2005 )

no condemnation in Christ
I still think your poem isn't a poem. It sounds like a lecture of someone talking to a little kid that they think is stupid. Talking down to them. lecture.Jeannie and Williamh you too are examples of why I'm glad not all Christians are like you. I know about hating the sin not the sinner and the difference of what the Bible says. I'm not stupid and I'm not on medication like William said I was. You didn't get my point that I was saying that you make people sick of hearing about the word of our Lord when you talk down to people. You can't treat people like there idiots and think that there is Christ's love in that because there isnt. You dont know me either because I have a good heart. I love everybody like Jesus does. I would pick an unsaved prostetute over a hypecrite Christian any time too! but I can see you are a mean spirit filled Christian just like that Williamhill. You show no love no compassion just lectures and threats. Jesus isn't about your kind of Christianity. In my Church we don't go out to tell gays that they are going to hell because they love each other. Dont tell me that you dont hate gays because you condem them! You do! At my Church they teach that there is no condemnation in Jesus! There is no condemnation! We shouldn't be hating nobody. Not even adultors. Or theives. Or murderers. No condemnation. You cant bring nobody to Jesus with threats and with lectures. That was my point but you didnt see that instead you just put me down and Williamh put me down. Good show for showing Jesus love especially to me when Im feeling so down yesterday. Discouraged about many things. I dont serve the world. I serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

( Posted by: Agape [Member] On: June 26, 2005 )

A Beast's Heart
This is all I have to say, and this will be it. When the spirit leads us, it leads us. there are all sort of spirits out there, but only ONE HOLY GHOST. lOVE IS WHEN GOG ABIDES IN YOU, THEN YOU LOVE EVERYBODY REGARDLESS, BUT IF ONE IS A SINNER, AND THE BIBLE SAID THAT GOD IS NOT A MAN THAT HE SHOULD LIE. SIN IS SIN; UNLESS YOU TURN FORM YOUR WICKED WAYS... TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE MAKE YOU SICK. IS THAT THE CHRISTIAN THING TO SAY? THAT'S MY POINT..NO CHARITY AT ALL. and I do not put people down, only pray for them and ask GOD to send His spirit upon them.


( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: June 27, 2005 )

Yes it does
The Bible speaks of a lot of things in the New Testament. Jesus, who is our Advocate and Intercessor. Thanks for commenting.


( Posted by: JEANNIE45 [Member] On: June 27, 2005 )

Condemnation vs Conviction
Many of your writings have convicted me...I know you are not condemning saying you must change how you think and act before it is too late...I think Agape has confused the two...and by the way ...Romans 8:1 says...So now there is no condemnation for those who (belong) to Christ Jesus...belong is the key must choose to belong to the Lord...sure we are called to love everyone ... but we can't love them into heaven...sometimes we all need a little tough love...I never thought I could forgive my ex for leaving me for another woman...but in time with God's help...and the church...I was able to love and forgive...I'm not saying I'm his best buddy and hang with him... no...but I do pray for his soul and health...I am 61 and have much to learn...I don't deny that but I am trying and I have a good personal relationship with the Lord...
God Bless you, Jeannie

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: June 27, 2005 )

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