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Chapter 5: The Magic of The Bay

Four hours and an unpleasant family dinner later Silvio wasn't still quite sure how he had gotten himself into this nerve wracking situation. As he climbed out of the limo right after Jenny he couldn't help but notice the scent of violet in the air. His sister usually wore Chanel Number 5 and the difference felt rather refreshing to him as he inhaled deep the unknown aroma she had only put on since Mia started to insist on it as soon as she spotted the little blue bottle in her wardrobe. First Jenny had hesitated, but then cast her worries aside, after all, Silvio didn't mind to have her spending her first night at the Cannizzaros' estate in his shirt with the faint scent of his eau de Cologne engulfing her room, and giving her indeed a hard time falling asleep despite the exhausting day they had!

There they stood, outside of Palermo and in front of a building which would have looked more like an old, empty ware whose than a nightclub were it not for the colored lights shimmering on the windows and the faint sound of music coming from behind the time-worn walls, not to mention the dozens of cars parking in front of it. In the past two weeks they had gone clubbing quite a few times because Mia was dying to dance since the day they left Inter-High, but usually went to some smaller bars or other places within the city.

The Bay, however, was the number one checkpoint for Palermo's golden youth. It had been closed down by the police after a successful drug raid last summer with the owner ending up in jail. One of Alessandro's cousins had bought the place and spent quite a bit on renovations and decorating. The re-opening had been scheduled to the end of The Cup of Sicily and The Bay did actually shine with it's almost classical glory but also with a new, luxurious beauty on that evening.

Jenny walked up the stairs almost in total darkness led by Mario, cursing herself for letting Mia chose her outfit for the night. She actually liked the emerald top that emphasized her eyes but would have never picked the black satin skirt, with playful ruffles ending a couple of inches above her knee. Although she was not really used to wear her hair down she could make do with that and even with her make up done by Mia, a little too dramatic for her taste though. The worst part of the outfit were still the shoes! Being used to comfortable flats she had struggled through Ms Windsworth's ball room dance classes for four years and was still not able to walk on heels. If it had not been for Mario's support she was quite sure she would have stumbled right into Silvio's arms who was walking up behind them, with Mia and her fiancÚ leading the small group.

Jenny felt sheer fright rush through her veins as Mario let her hand go and stepped up next to his sister at the top of the stairs, in front of a closed door, while the music kept bouncing louder and louder around their ears with every step taken froward. Fortunately Alessandro extended his arm towards her, providing the urgently needed support, they have simply switched places with his brother-in-law-to-be. At Jenny's puzzled look he just shrugged his shoulders:

- An engagement can't stop the show from going on! - she heard him say, but his voice seemed to fade away in the loud beats and the cheers coming from inside as the door opened and the Cannizzaro twins entered the party.

They stepped in right behind them and Jenny found herself suddenly standing on what seemed like an elegant balcony with limelights flashing into her eyes as she heard someone shouting from the dance floor beneath them:

- Hey! The Cannizzaros are around! - followed by almost everyone turning their attention to them even at tables located on the first floor, overlooking the dance floor in the basement.

Mia smiled charmingly throwing small kisses into the crowd, while Jenny couldn't help the thought looking at Mario, that Caesar wasn't probably acting as arrogant and victorious when presenting his Cleopatra to Rome as he did, standing on the balcony an arm around his sister's waist.

Mia told something to Alessandro behind her without even turning around, then just glanced at her brother with an unfamiliar gleam in her eyes:
- Are you ready? - he asked, leaning close.

- Born ready! - came her sly reply.

- All right, lets teach these beginners how to lay the floor! - he grinned back at Alessandro victoriously as he led her gracefully down the stairs right into the middle of the crowd, giving a few signals to the DJ with his hands and later an approving nod as a new song started with a fast and sexy disco beat, while a limelight kept focusing on them all along their way.

- We'll see who laughs in the end ... - Martenza muttered under his breath as a waitress came up to them to show them to one of the best tables with a close and clear view to the dance floor where the twins were heating up the air.

They ordered their drinks and while Silvio seemed to scan the crowd of familiar faces looking in vain for the person to blame his miserable situation on, Jenny found herself starring openly at the twins' movements only two songs later. She had seen Mia dancing before even with her brother but that was nothing compared to the sight in front of her. If a stranger was to look at them he would have never guessed them being siblings not even for his life's sake, she thought stunned. Now the most interesting thing about their dance was still the careless expression on her company's faces. The big brother who made a scene in Rome and held a speech to her about Mia not being likely to wear offensive clothes, didn't even look their way though she thought that he seemed a little tense. And the obsessive fiancÚ who would normally compete all the time for Mia's attention with her twin brother looked at her moves as if he was under a spell, but he showed certainly no signs of anger.

Now Jenny felt totally confused.

- Relax, no need to worry. They put on a show like that on the floor every now and then. Mario loves to shock the public and she is usually more than willing to go along with him. - Alessandro explained while handing her a glass of champagne. - It has become part of their image, they are just polishing it up since the re-opening of The Bay is quite a big thing on the party scene here.

- Don't you mind her ... I mean ... dancing so ... - Jenny was struggling hard to find a less offensive word than the one that came to her mind at first, while she got caught up in watching the twins again, not even realizing that she was starting to move along with the beat sitting in her chair.

- Steamy? - Martenza finished her question with a wink, distracting her from the floor.

- Sort of. - Jenny admitted while a definite blush heated her cheeks, even obvious in the colorful dim lights of the club.

- Mia can be very passionate sometimes. I figured dancing is a way for her to release some tension and recharge. And besides she is also very stubborn, but I'm sure you've already noticed that for yourself. I don't think she would stop acting like that when Mario is around even if I asked her, it's just a part of their nature which gets unleashed whenever they come together. - he concluded taking a sip of his drink. - Maybe when he finds a nice girl and gets settled that will help her to come down a bit too. - he said looking as if he was just thinking out loud - And who knows, the way things are going, that might be even you! - he added ducking in his drink while a jingling noise caught their both attention before she could answer him.

The waitress was already rushing along with a clean cloth in her hand. Silvio's glass lay shattered all over the floor around his chair and he was swearing like drunk sailor. He must have dropped it, Jenny thought with her eyes go wide as she spotted his bleeding hand.

- You're injured! - she gasped reaching out for his hand without risking to waste the time on second thoughts but he stood and stepped out of her reach even faster.

- It's nothing! - he glared at her annoyed and walked off looking for a restroom.

- Shouldn't you go with him, just to make sure everything's ok? - she turned to Alessandro still worried.

- And risk Mia's anger for leaving you alone in this outfit with all these vultures around? No way! He'll have to handle it on his own. - he declared.

- I thought most of them were your friends and relatives? - Jenny questioned him looking confused.

- The more so! - he smiled at her charmingly - Not all Martenzas would be so nice and decent as to let themselves being satisfied by simply dwelling in the presence of such a beautiful and sweet lady, you know.

- Fool! - she tried to glare at him but wasn't able to keep a straight face. - Flattering around with compliments like that I can understand Mia wanting to slip a ring on your finger as soon as possible!

By the time Mia had made her way back to their table, tossing Mario playfully into Kyara's open arms as a slow song started to play, leaving a bewildered expression to die for on his face, the waitress had already cleaned up all evidence of Silvio's clumsiness.

- I need a soda! - she bumped down into her brothers chair right next to her fiancÚ.

- Feeling exhausted? - asked Alessandro while brushing a curly strand of auburn hair out of her face.

- Hmmm ... - she practically purred leaning into his touch. - I'm beaten! At least for the moment ... - she sighed resting her hand in his even after she leaned back in her chair. - So aren't we missing a grumpy brother of mine? - she asked looking into Jenny's direction.

- I'll tell you later - Alessandro whispered as the said grumpy brother reentered their company, sitting down reluctantly next to Jenny.

Always this childish games with the seats, he frowned inwardly.

He wasn't wearing a bandage, there was only a small line indicating the cut of the glass at the edge of his right palm.

With Mia and Alessandro absorbed in each other's company Jenny started to feel suddenly very much out of the place.

- Uh, ... care to dance? - she glanced over at Silvio her uncertainty showing clearly.

Sure, as if I hadn't already made a fool out of myself tonight ... Why does she even have to ask if she obviously isn't interested, he thought gritting his teeth.

- I don't dance! - he replied coldly.

- What a rude bastard you are Cannizzaro! - shouted a loud male voice from behind him, drawing everybody's attention to himself.

Fabrizio walked to their table with a sly smile on his lips, and good hearted humor glancing in his dark blue eyes. He greeted Mia first, receiving her personal congratulations on their victory. - Oh my! What a lucky chap my dear brother-in-law is! You look more and more stunning with each year darling, and as for what I've just witnessed on the dance floor I bet you'll have him worn out by the time he gets you in front of that altar! - he teased playfully.

After Mia introduced him to Jenny he greeted Silvio with a friendly nod and a bright grin:

- Remember me to thank you for dragging me along - he said coldly, gritting his teeth at him.

- Even I can't help a man who is an enemy to his own luck - Fabrizio replied cheerfully then turned his attention back to Jenny - Would you perhaps like to dance with me? - he asked with a charming smile.

First she looked a little puzzled but as she heard a new song starting with fast beats she took his offered hand immediately and didn't care about anyone starring at them on the floor or her uncomfortable sandals. Despite the fact that it had been a couple of years she found the rhythm fairly easily and got lost in the music pretty soon, enjoying every beat.

- For how many years did you take classes? - Fabrizio asked after a while as they were dancing with back to back to each other.

- Pardon? - Jenny wasn't even sure what he had said with the loud music around their ears.

- Ballet I mean! You're movements give you away - he shouted turning around to see her freeze on the spot as soon as his words reached her mind.

- What's wrong? Are you all right? - he asked stopping dancing and looking a little worried.

Jenny felt her head heavy and started to get a bit dizzy from the champagne too.

- I'm fine. Sorry ... uh ... could we just go back? - she stammered.

He slid an arm around her waist in order to support her as they ascended the stairs slowly. However, Jenny started to feel bad as the fog slowly faded from her head and stopped suddenly, looking up at him with something he could only interpret as guilt in her green eyes. He had been so nice and I'm acting like a jerk, she thought and said with a heavy sigh:

- I never took ballet classes. I was an ice-skater, but I got injured and had to stop a couple of years ago.

She didn't have to explain anything further, the pain and disappointment that showed on her face clearly reflected the emotions caused by her memories. If anyone else in The Bay that night could understand what being forced to give up a sports carrier meant, then it was the oh so celebrated Fabrizio Fagaldo.

They walked back to their table in silence and everyone seemed to get a little depressed by the sudden change in his mood.

- Where's Freddie? - Alessandro tried to break the silence that fell over them.

- No clue - his brother-in-law said his good natured smile returning to his face - I suspect her having planned something for to night, our anniversary being so close and all, but she wouldn't even give me a single hint. You do not know anything, do you? - he started to eye him suspiciously.

Alessandro just smiled as he heard the last beats of the song fade away and pointed to the balcony over the dance floor with most of the limelights focusing on it again. His sister stood there leaning lazily against the railing with a micro in her hand, literally shining as the drum solo drag everybody's attention up to her.

Fabrizio looked first a bit confused but his expression soon turned into an approving grin as he recognized their song and his enchanting wife singing along to it with a hint of seduction and longing in her voice:

"You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off you.

You'd be like heaven to touch.

I wanna hold you so much.

At long last love has arrived.

And I thank God I'm alive.

You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off you."

It was kitschy, it was in public and it was perfect, Jenny thought while a jealous sigh escaped her lips with all the love around her in the air, as Freddie slowly made her way towards their table during the second verse, followed by the limelights:

"Pardon they way that I stare.

There's nothing else to compare.

The sight of you leaves me weak.

There are no words left to speak.

But if you feel like I feel.

Please let me know that it's real.

You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off you."

Finally she stopped and sang the last few words standing only at arm-long distance in front of him. The crowd cheered as he pulled her close and chanted:

- Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! - breaking out in applause as their request got finally fulfilled.

Jenny was pretty much caught up in the scene and barely noticed somebody's hot breath on her neck, however she jumped the very moment Mario's lips brushed against her skin.

- Hey! Do not ever do that again! - she hissed at him, trying to avoid the other's attention, with honest and dangerous fury lighting up her green eyes.

- Easy girl! - Mario tried to calm her down. - I just got caught up in the moment I guess. - he said holding up his hands defensively but looking at her he realized that he had pretty much screwed up his chances for tonight, he could just as well return to Kyara, Anna and the rest of the girls more than willing to accept his company.

- Nice job bro! - Mia shouted after him as he hurried down to the dance floor again accompanied by her hearty laughter.

Serves you right, part one of the mission completed, she thought victoriously and set out to advance further in her plans, not allowing herself to be let down by the indifferent expression on Silvio's face who observed the whole incident along with her from the corner of his eye.

- Hey Freddie! That was so cool and sort of inspiring too ... - she started out carefully building up the idea.

Frederica was sitting by that time already in her husbands lap snuggling close to him, but the mischievous gleam in Mia's eyes looked very much worth her attention!

- So?!! - she gave her suddenly an equally wicked grin.

- So I was wondering if you were interested in playing along one more time. Not that I wouldn't manage on my own, it's just that technically you can't be my bridesmaid any more, so I thought maybe you could support me as a background singer and Jenny wouldn't look entirely like a deer caught in the headlights when we walk out on the balcony - she explained oh so innocently.

- Wait a minute, who says ... - said deer started to protest almost spilling her drink all over her skirt in surprise!

- I do. - answered Mia stubbornly without giving space or time for any further protests. She grabbed her arm pulling her off the chair and headed for the balcony, while Freddie rushed to the DJ to ask for the song they had agreed on previously.

- Jennifer Roberts, you ARE my bridesmaid and it is your job to support me. And I need your support right now and I'm not willing to argue about that! - Mia stated while dragging her along the railing.

By the time Freddie had caught up to them, handing each a micro, the limelights were already focused on the balcony again. Mia stepped forward and made a slight bow, earning thereby an encouraging applause in advance. The music started and Jenny felt her cheeks turn even darker red, if that was at all possible, recognizing the movie theme from her newest very favorite film which came out only early summer that year!

Mia sang the first verse on her own spotting Alessandro at the other end of the hall and looking directly at him while singing:

"Under a lovers' sky

Gonna be with you

And noone's gonna be around

If you think that you won't fall

Well just wait until

Til the sun goes down

Underneath the starlight - starlight

There's a magical feeling - so right

It'll steal your heart tonight

You can try to resist

Try to hide from my kiss

But you know

But you know that you can't fight the moonlight

Deep in the dark

You'll surrender your heart

But you know

But you know that you can't fight the moonlight

No, you can't fight it

It's gonna get to your heart"

The other two joined in at the chorus and would only sway to the beat while Mia seemed to drive the crowd crazy with her playful little gestures and winks. At least she had only asked for background singers not a duet partner, Jenny thought, wondering if she would have still stuck out her foot for Xenia to fall over it if she had known where their little friendship would lead ... It's been a long time since she had so many people watching her with the major difference that skating was something she felt comfortable with back then, which for singing wasn't true at all!

Her mother had a sweet voice and would sing to her often, sometimes even in Hungarian when she was little, but her father was as unmusical as everybody else in his family and Jenny seemed to come more after him, at least what singing was concerned. Still she gave in and decided to play along as good as she could, sticking to Frederica and trying to make the whole thing not more embarrassing for them all than absolutely necessary.

Mia would sing the chorus to the crowd on the dance floor, which was even sining along with her sometimes, but for her second solo her attention returned again to their table, focusing on Silvio's not so amused face. At least he had taken his sunglasses off, might mean he actually wants to see what's going on up here, she thought with new enthusiasm lighting up her cheeks already red from exertion:

"There's no escape from love

Was a gentle breeze

Weaves it's spell upon your heart

No matter what you think

It won't be too long

Til you're in her arms

Underneath the starlight - starlight

You'll be lost in the rhythm - so right

Feel it steal your heart tonight. ..."

The crowd was cheering as The Bay started to rock along to their song. Although Mia couldn't see what looks Silvio was giving her right now from across the hall, listening to the slightly changed words of the song, tailored to the situation so to say, she certainly delighted in the possibilities that came to her mind. One stewing brother can be as good as the other, she thought mischievously at the end of the chorus, spotting Mario swaying along with Kyara clinging to him tightly. That will teach him to ever question my instincts again, she smiled to herself pointing into his direction with a finger, causing a lot of people to turn around and look at the face he made while she sang:

"No matter what you do

The night is gonna get to you

Don't try then


He looked impressed at first but as the public turned its attention back to the balcony Mia saw pure humiliation spread out over his cheeks. It didn't matter if the whole world understood or cared at all! The two of them certainly did and that was enough to ruin his night and send new waves of energy rushing through her veins.

They finished off the song after two more choruses and Jenny felt pretty much relieved as they made their way back to the table after a couple of minutes of overwhelming applause and what seemed like an endless row of bows. Fabrizio came running up to them, taking Freddie into his arms, while congratulating the other girls as well.

- Whatever may or may not come out of this, you certainly deserved a Grammy for that one darling - he smiled slyly at Mia as she walked past him.

- Oh Really? Well it's actually an Oscar I go for, but we'll see! - she glanced back at him over her shoulder.

Reaching the table Jenny bumped down in her chair, her knees feeling very weak all of a sudden, even trembling in the afterglow of the excitement, showing just how nervous she actually had been. Her mouth went dry and she was grateful for the glass of champagne Alessandro handed her.

Mia only had a sip of soda still standing and took his hand:
- Come on charming prince of mine, I'm in the mood to move some more! - she declared with a broad grin on her face. Martenza let himself being led along although his reserved nature made him anything but a great dancer. Just like a puppy on the leash, Silvio thought annoyed as he found himself alone with Jenny.

Great! Now he had become her babysitter and was even supposed to make small talk. A comment on their performance, a compliment on her dress, nonsense about the weather, or the faint scent of violet which he could still smell clearly in her presence despite all the smoke and drinks around them. He was supposed to, he really should have, but he would just keep silent starring down at the dance floor, hiding his face from her view. The song and seeing Fabrizio and Freddie together at the same time gave him quite a bit to dwell upon but this was neither the right time nor the right place to start thinking. However he figured that he would need to talk to Doc Valentino the next day, even if they didn't have a meeting scheduled.

He was brought back to reality by the slight trembling of the table which caused him to look into her direction. Jenny was standing again, looking pretty unsteady on her feat. She glanced over to the dance floor from beneath heavy eyelids. He had already noticed her cheeks burning earlier in the evening but didn't actually give it a second thought besides from it making her look like a doll. It was indeed hot in The Bay with the typically huge Saturday night crowd fighting for the last bits of fresh air and all the smoke rising upwards from downstairs as well.

She was breathing heavily and felt her head spin, or was it rather the whole club itself? She wasn't sure anymore. Her vision got blurred and she could later recall having searched the dance floor in vain for Mia but then everything went suddenly black.

Next she felt a cool breeze sweep over her face, causing her to shiver from head to toe. She forced herself to open her eyes as goosebumps started to form on her arm, but closed them almost immediately, feeling a splitting headache that almost tore her apart.

It took a while until her eyes got adjusted to the darkness that engulfed her surroundings while she felt slight motion beneath herself. A few moments later she realized sitting in the back of some car that looked a lot like the Cannizzaros' limo. Turning to the side she met a pair of concerned pale blue eyes looking at her intensely. Silvio's expression slowly started to turn from worried over furious to cool ending up in the usual icy indifference.

- What a nightmare! - she sighed under her breath, watching him turn his attention away again.

- Indeed! - he said, his voice not quite as emotionless as she had expected.

Jenny was trying really hard to recall the memories of the evening, but the splitting headache wouldn't let her concentrate. She reached out for her purse lying right next to her on the seat.

- What happened anyway? - she asked while searching for some pain-killers.

If she had not been so devoted in her attempts to find something in order to ease her pain she could have seen Silvio make a tight fist with both hands and fighting hard to suppress a raging outburst before he answered her:

- It seems as if you had gotten your own taste of the magic of The Bay and it simply knocked you out - he said trying to remain as cool as possible.

- Knocked out ... - she repeated as the meaning of the words slowly reached her mind - But how did that happen?!! - she demanded astonished.

- I was hoping you would tell me! - came the quick reply along with a reproachful glance.

- Uh ... I don't know ... I remember coming back to the table and sitting down ... I felt so exhausted and then Mia and Alessandro went to dance and then ... I started to feel kinda dizzy and wanted to get some air and ... well, I woke up, here! - she came slowly to herself getting adjusted to the headache while she had recalled her memories.

- I see - frowned Silvio, looking anything but understanding, obviously having a hard time controlling himself. - But now seriously, what did you take?!!

- I had only a glass of champagne, no wait, actually it was two glasses. - she had to correct herself - I'm not used to drinking. - she concluded, grateful to have finally found the pain-killers.

- Nonsense! - cried Silvio, his voice sounding so dangerous and loud that it even made the chauffeur turn his head slightly backwards. - Drive! - he instructed him rudely, pushing a button to elevate a separation wall between them. - Nobody gets knocked out from two glasses of champagne! What did you take?!! Beans, powder, a few hits, a shut, what drugs?! - he demanded as she just kept blinking at him and wondering why she couldn't just wake up from this horrible nightmare, looking probably as frightened as she had felt.

Then he calmed down. All of a sudden, without any obvious reason, leaving her starring at him. What has just gotten into him, she wondered. After a while she remembered her headache and was just about to do something against it when he grabbed the medicine from her hand without any warning.

- Hey! I need those! - she glared at him, her fright ceased by the injustice she felt to suffer.

- What a surprise! - he replied sarcastically, before taking a closer look at it.

- Damn it! Why don't you understand! I am no junkie! Those are just pain-killers for my headache, I got them from the bathroom at your place! - she shouted annoyed, her cheeks heating up again but this time in anger.

He didn't look at her, but made something that caused her to smile despite her rage. He reached into his jacket and took out his reading glasses and put them on to study the printings on the small container more carefully. She couldn't help but stifle a giggle, he just looked adorable wearing them! So much better then those dark shades he had put on more and more often lately, she thought, they make him look a bit funny and sophisticated at the same time! This time she couldn't stifle the giggle anymore and started to laugh, causing him to turn his attention into her direction.

- No more headaches? - he asked in a cynical cold tone, that caused her lighthearted mood to cease as fast as it had come over her. She crossed her arms in front of her and scowled.

Two minutes passed without anything happening or being said. Then he took off the reading glasses and stuffed them back into the pocket of his jacket along with the pain-killers!

- Could you just give them back please! - she demanded stubbornly - I already told you that I am no junkie!

- No, obviously you aren't. - he concluded with a hint of amusement in his voice. -You are just a silly kid!

He looked at her with humor glancing in his eyes, so Jenny could tell he was making fun of her in one way or the other, despite his emotionless face.

- What did they teach you at that famous Swiss school anyway?! I don't suppose reading was actually among your classes ...

She just blinked waiting more and more impatiently for an explanation.

- Silly kid! - he shook his head - You've already taken some of these before, haven't you?

Jenny nodded in silence as the reason of her condition seemed to dawn to her as well.

- The champagne! - she sighed. - I shouldn't have ...

- That's about it. - he said finishing off the topic mercifully without another speech as the limo pulled up in front of the garages at the Cannizzaros' estate.

The chauffeur got out and opened the door for them. The cool night air was chilly but refreshing. Jenny felt still a little wobbly on her feet although mostly not due to her condition. Suddenly she bent down to slip off the unbearable heels and grabbed for the next best thing within her reach for support as she almost fell balancing on one foot. There were times when a little stunt like that hadn't been a problem at all, she sighed, grabbing the uncomfortable sandals. As they walked up slowly the narrow path which led to the main villa, she found herself still clinging onto Silvio's arm.

However, instead of the main entrance they walked to the back and entered the building through a side-door which led first to the winter garden. Orchids had been one of Signora Sabine's great passions and Don Francesco still kept a respectful collection of some beautiful as well as rare flowers in order to help him remember her better. Their smell made Jenny very sleepy up to the point of yawning which on the other hand caused Silvio to smile.

- Why this way? - she glanced up at him from beneath her lashes.

- There will be enough questions about your condition, but I guess they can wait until tomorrow. - he answered matter of factly.

As he dropped her off at her room he didn't even say good night or anything at all ... Jenny looked after him for a second, wondering once again why he acted sometimes so rude and indifferent while in the next second one might have almost gotten the impression that he did actually care about her. So moody, she sighed! I should see to find out why ...

As she entered the room she headed right for the shower, smelling nothing but cigarette smoke and alcohol from her hair and clothes. It seemed to clear out her head at least a little bit too. Putting on a robe she started to pack away the huge pile of dresses they left on her bed that afternoon, a result of Mia's search for the perfect party outfit for her.

Having finished the task she dropped down lazily on the cozy comforter to feel something press against her back. Twisting around and taking a closer look she realized it was a small drug container with the words "analgesic" and "alcohol consume possible" printed on it among others.

E. Solvay

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