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"What time do you get off tonight?" Ralph said to the Night Watchman. "
6:00 Ralph, what brings you down here so late?" "Forgot some receipts I need
for tonight's tally, tomorrow's my daughter’s birthday so I won't have time
to take care of business tomorrow." " Ok Ralph let me know when you leave."
"Sure thing Mac," Ralph said.
Mac had been working as a security guard at the Green Tree shopping mall for
about two years now. Green Tree was a little town about 20 miles outside of Mobile,
Alabama and didn't even have a star on the map. Nothing of any importance
ever happened in Green Tree unless you count the abduction of two little
girls a year before. No one had ever solved that mystery and folks figured
it was either a serial killer or an alien abduction. Neither scenario seemed important enough to attract any attention from the FBI or anybody for that matter. The case got filed at the local police station as unsolved and Green Tree stayed nothing more than a crossroads on the map.

Mac usually worked the early shift but Sam had gotten sick that evening and
switched shifts, another uneventful day in the life of Mac the Security
Guard. 'Time to go,' Mac thought as he finished the last bite of his dry
turkey sandwich. 'One more round and I am out of here.' As he went to collect his
keys, Ralph called to him from across the concourse that separated the
plethora of stores in the shopping mall, "Ok Mac, got what I need. Take it
easy, see you tomorrow." "Ok Ralph, take'r easy yourself." As Mac reached
for his keys from the ring, the keys began to tremble. Mac stood there for a
second trying to understand what was going on. This was not California and
Tornado season had come and gone. The trembling started to subside as Mac
clutched at the keys like a father reaching for his child's hand in the dark and
finding it. 'Glad that was over' he thought. There were too many things to do tomorrow to
have to deal with some disaster that might cause havoc to the mall. He was
sure to have to pull overtime if something major opened up a security risk.

Ralph had noticed it too. As he stood there locking the pull down gate that
protected each storefront, the gate started to tremble with a loud rattle.
'No time for this.' Ralph thought. Fortunately the rattle came and went just
as fast. Mac looked over at Ralph and Ralph at Mac. "What next?" Ralph
yelled from across the tiled concourse dividing them, "A tidal wave?"
Just then the walls started to shake again, everything was shaking. It
knocked them both off their feet. Suddenly a light seemed to appear from the
center of the concourse and float in midair. Such a blinding light, it would
have blinded them both if wasn't for the sudden change in the air. In a
blinding instant the entire floor plan of the Green Tree mall changed. It
changed in a violent, yet structured way. In the space of less than two
seconds, Ralph and Mac went from everyday patrons of life, to red smudges of
unrecognizable film on the floor of the little mall. That was not all that
changed, there was a path of destruction through the mall that twisted and
turned in a swatch about 10 feet wide that seemed to meander left and right
and around in an unorthodox yet controlled manner. Unfortunately for Ralph
and Mac, they had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. For whatever
happened to that little mall, it happened right where they had been standing.
As the smoke started to clear and alarm bells were going off bringing the
sound of distant sirens, two little girls, and two missing little girls stood in
the middle of the concourse only feet from what had been ground zero.
Two little girls that would soon land Green Tree on the map.

"What do we have here?" asked Lorna, the field investigations officer for
the local FBI. "Don't likely know yet Ma’am." replied Sheriff Baker.
Sheriff Baker had seen his share of tragedy back in Vietnam and had moved
here and got himself elected sheriff because he felt it was the least likely
place to have to deal with things like this. 'Things don't always work out
like you want' he thought as he walked her into the mall entrance. "What we
got here is two missing girls suddenly showed back up and a hell of a lot of
destruction." "Can't figure what happed, all the destruction seems to be
internal, no damage at all to the ceiling. At first glance I would say it was a bomb,
but I never seen a bomb do this before, didn't just blow these poor fellas apart,
it squashed them as flat as my Mom's flapjacks, must have been a series of bombs
since the destruction here seems to be in a pattern. Now a normal bomb of
say C-4, would have taken this whole area out as you see it here, but there
wouldn't be any walls standing between the damage and those fellas there
would have been spots on the wall, not the floor." "I know what C-4 will
do," said detective Lorna Robinson. Lorna was a new field agent for the FBI
in Montgomery. She had been first in her class out of Quantico and was first
pick when it came time for recruiting. She was an expert in firearms and
explosives. She had thought she would be placed in the terrorist division or
something interesting like that but found herself in the cold case file room
trying to solve mysteries that had already been deemed unsolvable by an army
of investigators. She didn't think she was really supposed to solve anything,
they just needed someone down there to file the cases. A trumped up file
clerk, that’s all she was. Now for the first time in her short career something
interesting had happened. Two little girls who had disappeared under
similar circumstances a year back, showed up at the same place and time
and damned if there wasn't something right up her alley here with the bombs
and destruction. "Not C-4," she said tersely, "blast pattern doesn't match,
doesn't look much like a bomb at all actually. Notice the pattern on these
walls, very symmetrical. Grab me that broken two by four over there, the one
with the joist still attached." "What do ya see?" the sheriff asked, thinking
he would let the little Philly play around for a while before he spelled out
the scenario for her. "Notice the angles, notice how the destruction cuts
through plaster and board but at right angles to the floor and ceiling. Also
out here in the concourse there is no damage to the roof and as we go into
this store front, the damage only goes up 8 feet or so and forms what looks
like a perfect rectangle." "I don't know what you’re getting at Ma'am but
haven't you ever heard of blast cord? You can roll it out and stick it to
the wall and kazzam, a hole just like you see." "So your saying someone ran
around here with blast cord all night long, got themselves a ladder and took
the time to do this here and there and over there, through the whole damned
building? And then took the time to deposit those two missing girls
amidst all this destruction? I think your grabbing at straws here sheriff."
"Ok little lady, just what is your take on this pile of shit?"
"I don't know yet but there are three questions that need to be answered.
One, what was the purpose of the destruction, two, how did it happen and
three, what is the connection to the girls." "Don't forget four, where the
hell did they come from and where have they been." " Yes, that too Sheriff,
that too!"

"Have they said anything yet?" special agent Lorna asked the social worker
who was in temporary care of the two young girls. "Not a word. Haven't even
heard any crying from either of them, I'm waiting for the Doc to come down
and have a look at them. Maybe the bastards cut out there tongues or
even part of their brains?" "This is not space alien crap or any trash like
that. Even if it were, why give them back?" Lorna said with a look of
skepticism. "I think we have a case of classic abduction from what may be a
local cult. It is well documented that children have been abducted for
centuries by these creeps who do they're sexual abusive rituals on them and since
the explosion of technology in forensics, have begun returning them just to
quell any investigations that may occur if a couple of dead bodies were
found." "Well here are a couple of live ones for you. Let's see if you can put
that expensive education to work and get the bastards." "That is what I
intend to do" said Lorna as she stared at the two girls. "That is exactly
what I intend to do.

As she walked around the path of destruction studying the damage, something
odd struck her. She had been walking for about 100 feet and then she came to what
seemed to be a dead end. Turning and walking back, she came to a junction
that went left and right. Turning left, she walked in an arc that
led to the right and after about 200 paces, ended up back at the junction
point. This was peculiar because as she walked, she noticed that all the
mass of the missing walls, desks, products and other objects was not missing
but appeared to be on the floor. Like the two DOA's in the concourse,
smashed flat as if a giant anvil had dropped out of the sky and landed here
like in one of those old cartoons. She might have even considered the
possibility under the circumstances. Case 26673665-001, cause of accident:
giant anvil from sky, motive: masochistic humor. "I think I would find
myself working in a coffee shop with a report like that" she said to
herself. Besides, the roof had no damage, what ever smashed these things flat
had to weigh 10 tons and came and went without passing in or out of any
opening she could find. It was as though it materialized out of thin air
then went back to where it came from. As she was standing there pondering
the lunacy or "Looney Tunacy" of the situation, something occurred to her.
The pattern of destruction was exactly that, a pattern, what pattern? This had to have
some meaning. She grabbed the pen and tablet she carried in her brief case
with the rest of FBI paraphernalia, fingerprint kit, narcotics chemistry kit, all
the things someone with her training would never need on the cold case
files. She went to the end of the path of destruction, turned around, put
her pen on the paper and started to walk while simultaneously starting
to draw. Every time she walked 10 steps, she would draw a line the distance
between one line and the next for scale. She walked and she drew, forward, left,
around, back, forward, left, dead end, back, straight, dead-end and many
other directions. When she was done, she looked at what she had drawn on the
paper. "Shit! No way! No way are you going to drag me into one of these bull shit investigations."
As she looked at what she had drawn she couldn't help but feel like there was something ridiculous going on.
Where were they? The camera crew and the announcer who would jump out
and say," Surprise, your on Candid Camera!" But then there were the two dead
civilians. DNA had been positive, no red paint, actual dead guys, or dead
other from the looks of them.
Why her, she had been so good. She had crossed the T's and dotted the I's
and now there she was facing exactly what she did not believe in, did not
want to believe in. God forgive her for even saying it,
"Crop circles, it's a god damned crop circle!" she sighed.

"You know what you are saying?" asked SAC Darious McCall, her "Boss" if you
could call him that. He was a strong, handsome man who had been surprisingly
more like a gentleman to her than any of the agents she had worked with.
Being young and beautiful in a "society" of men is a difficult thing. He had
not even looked at her well rounded breasts once or at least he knew how to
hide it well enough.
"The FBI discovered the fraud behind those claims years ago." he said.
"Yes, but those were corn and wheat fields. Sure a couple of guys could get
out there with some cardboard, ladders and ropes and whip up a little work
of art. You know it was only a couple of guys who claimed to travel the
world doing this? It started out as a prank and became a global phenomenon.
Easy enough to get caught up in the hoopla and go too far. But this is
different, the shape is unmistakable, the means so far undetectable, the
outcome, ultra destructive and at the same time connected to some kind of
cult activity or damn me for saying so, alien abduction."
"Crop circles and human abduction? This is not the 50's, your going
to have to pull out that Harvard education of yours and come up with an
explanation here that does not involve little green men." Darius Said. Lorna had
considered the theories and had a lot to say about the issue.
"I've studied the possibilities of space flight from even the closest star
to our planet. The resources that would be needed traveling through the
reaches of space from any star system where their may be life would be
impossible to maintain. Even if you could, at the rate of change of
organisms and assuming a constant throughout the known Universe, any
creature capable of setting out on such a journey would probably be extinct
and evolved into something else that wouldn't give a shit about any ideals
of their predecessors. Any maintenance would be overlooked and certain
disaster would stop the cycle of life in any form. It happens on this planet
and this is a cohesive system with extensive cycles. Space travel over those
distances is simply not possible."
"I'm glad to hear you say that, and thank you for your Sagan-like review of
the Universe." "Your welcome" she said with just a slight smile, wondering
if those strong arms led to some other delectable portions of this man’s
"So, any plausible theories yet?" He said as he noticed her eyes moving
about his body in a way that suddenly made his manhood evident to both of
them. "No, but I am working on it." she said noticing the affect she was
having on his manhood. "Ooh" she said softly, "I am working on it." She
looked at him and him at her. "Have you had dinner yet," he asked. "You look
like you need a bite to eat." 'I need a bite' she thought as she said,
"I am famished. What did you have in mind?" "I can make a mean chicken salad."
he said looking straight in to her eyes. "Your place?" "How about your
place, my apartment leaves a little to be desired." "I'll get my car and
meet you down stairs" he said with a smile. That night she forgot about the
case at hand, she forgot about a lot of things save one little technique she
had been wanting to try out. Damn if it didn't work!

The next morning she was down at the Social Services department waiting for
the girls to be brought out. She heard a scream from the back room and suddenly
there were people running everywhere. "What's going on?" she called out to
anyone who would listen. "Dead!" she heard shouted. "They're dead!" "Oh shit, who
was dead, oh crap not the girls, but how." "Something’s happened to Mary and
Beth!" the social worker she had spoken to the day before yelled from across
the room. "The girls are dead? How?" she yelled back.
"No, not the girls, the ones who were watching them last
night. They're dead and the girls are missing" "Shit,let me in, where are the
bodies." As she came into the room, she saw the same unmistakable
destruction of life and property she had seen at the mall. Only this time it
was localized to a circle about 8 feet in diameter and in that circle
were the bodies, desks, chairs and whatever happened to be there, smashed to
less than pulp, now just what looked like a sick artists rendering of some art
deco design. "No sign of the girl's and this. What happened?" asked the social worker.
"I guess I will have to find out," said agent Lorna. "I guess I have to find out

Now, with no girls to talk to she had no where to get clues. The case was
now a missing person’s case again and damn her for not getting down there
last night. No, she had carnal knowledge to share and now look what she had,
Where was she to go next, what were the clues she had to work with?
There was a clear ability for something or someone to come and go at any time or
place of their choosing, where solid objects don't have any hindrance on the
perps and they seem to have an affinity for young girls. Maybe she needed to
go back and rethink the alien abduction theory? No, that was not an option,
whatever the cause, it was of this planet, of this world. She may have to
set aside some other factoid she knew for sure to answer this one, but what?
Where to go from here? Any time or any place, time or place, TIME, PLACE. In a flash
she was out the door and back down to her little room of cold case files.
Something hit her, something she had read that stood out. What was it,
it was important and she had to remember.

Where was it? "I know I saw it back here in the back." That was what
stood out. It was one of the first case files dating back to 1849.
It read similar to how this case would read were she were to finish the
report. Where was it? Here!
She flipped through the file looking for the page that had the location.
There it was,1849, a small jail house right here in this area, right here
in..... wait a minute, right in the same....? As she looked at the basic
directions for location of the incident, she realized there was something
unmistakable here. Yes, there it was. 'My god' she thought. What she had
realized was that the little jail house stood precisely where the mall stood
today. That 156 years ago, at the same place, precisely the same place, the
report described this exact incident only it involved a jail house. 'Oh my
god, there it was, right there on paper that was older than my grandfather' she thought.
Two young girls, left near the seen of destruction and then just as
mysteriously as they had arrived, they disappeared leaving the local
sheriff and his deputy dead in an unexplained and violent manner.
'Where was the page?' she thought as she flipped further through the old report.
Here, two young girls, both no older than 10, one with brown hair and the
other with blonde. They had appeared long enough to be described and then
the same day, disappeared just as mysteriously as they had arrived. 'Impossible!'
she thought, 'the same two girls?' But these girls were positively identified
as the two who disappeared only a year ago in 2003, not 1849. But same place,
same victims, same crime seen?
What she needed now was some Advil, and a bottle of Jack.

As she walked around surveying the damage at the mall, she was looking for
anything she had missed, anything that might break this case open and give
her some continuity between this nightmare and something that happened over
a century and a half ago.
"Give up?" As she turned she saw the sheriff standing behind her looking at
her like a kid who had trespassed in a grown-ups world. "Not a chance." she
replied. "When you gonna admit you need my help here sweetheart?" said the
sheriff with a smirk on his face. "Sure Sheriff, I can always use some
help, what do you think happed?" "Well little lady, I think it is clear
what has happened here. I think what we have here is a classic robbery
slash kidnapping. These guys wanted to come in here and steel some stuff, maybe
take off with some money out of that teller machine over there, then use
those girls as some sort of ransom. It is pretty clear to me that...."
Suddenly she stopped listening, something he said stuck in her head and she
didn't know why. As he rambled on with the corniest load of shit you ever
heard, she was thinking that something he said meant something. Not all of
it, but something. What, what was it? Then it hit her like, well, like 10
tons of bricks. Teller machine! There was a teller machine! She turned
around and there it was. It couldn't have been better, there was an active
teller machine standing there in the middle of the concourse facing the
direction of the two victims and the destructive anomaly. But would it hold
a clue, perhaps an answer?

As the sheriff continued to dribble on with his high school educated
theories, she broke into a run towards the teller machine.
Yes, there it was, the camera. Here was a camera that recorded 24 hours a
day and it was focused directly on the incident. She started to sweat as she
looked around for the tag that might show the address or phone number of who
owned it. "What the hell's the matter with you?" asked the sheriff. "Just
because your FBI doesn't mean you can have your way with our teller
machines" he said as if he were some sort of comedian. "Who owns this?" she
said not listening to a word he had said, "Who has the keys?"
"Look sweetheart, if you need twenty bucks I can give you a loan to get yourself some fancy lunch or something, no need to go breaking into the..."Who
owns the damn machine already?" she said in a way that the sheriff had to
step back. "Well that's Homer's machine. He owns that little shop right over
there." "I need to speak with him right away!"

Back at the headquarters in Montgomery, she took the small digital disk from
her briefcase and handed it to the technician.
"What are we looking for" asked Ken, the technician in charge of forensic
evidence. "I'm not sure but I want to go back two days ago to 4:00 in the
morning. There should be something on this that may answer not only one
unsolved case, but two, one from over 150 years ago." "Wow, sounds like my
kind of challenge!" he said as he loaded the disk into the labs and maybe
the countries, most expensive piece of digital imaging equipment money could
buy. "Here it comes!" she said, "I know it happened at about 3:58 AM since
there was a clock that was sheared in half but maintained enough of it left
to decipher what time it had stopped. "Ok here it comes, slow it down, way
down." "What are we looking for?" Ken asked, "I don't know," she said, "I don't
really know."

As they approached the time where she was sure all the answers would
suddenly become painfully evident, there came a loud crash from the other
room down the corridor. It was so loud and violent that it shook the
building. She fell to the floor unable to steady herself from the violent
disruption. "Holy shit, what was that, not another hijacked airplane!" Ken
said obviously ready to shit his pants. "I don't know but if you got a gun
bring it, lets move fast to get the hell out here." As she spoke she noticed
that Ken had stopped moving. He was looking at her like he may finally be
shitting his pants and wanted to get the frightful event over with before he
moved on. Then he slumped over on the floor. A trickle of blood seemed to
ooze from his head like a worm investigating its new home away from home.
But how, what, she had only a second to think as she noticed the lamp shade
directly in front of her suddenly form a hole in it and start to flame up.
My god, was it space aliens? Was she being shot at with an honest to god
laser gun? Whatever the source, she knew she had less than a second to hit
the floor. She dropped down just as the lamp exploded, actually exploded
into flame. Damn, now they were shooting at her with explosive laser guns.
What the hell was she going to do next? She heard a door open, it was not
the door to the office she was in and that made her think about how the hell
she was being shot at through walls and dead nuts on as well. It gave her
little comfort to think that at least, what ever was coming for her, it had
the ability to open and close doors. Perhaps these weren't space aliens
after all.
Just then the door opened, she was down on the floor crouching behind the
desk. Surely anyone who could see her through walls could see her through
the desk. Peeking under the desk, she watched as the door opened. She
thought about her Mom and all the things she had forgotten to say the last
time she had spoken to her. If this was to be her last moment, she would
curse herself for not being a little more real, a little less of a bitch.

Equally divided between horror and surprise, she acknowledged that what
entered the room was wearing boots. No, there were no three toed green feet
coming after her, these were men. If they were men, they could be killed and
god damnit, she was not going to let that top Quantico training go to waste
by curling up into a ball. She pointed her Glock 9mm right at the ankles
and, BAMM BAMM, she put one into each ankle. "AHH Shit!" she heard the guy
cry out in clear English as he hit the floor. "Oh Fuck," she heard another
down the hall say as he came running to help his fallen comrade. She quickly
turned and scooted out the rear door of the office she had been in just as
the other man burst into the office firing his silent and extremely deadly
weapon. Spooh... Spooh....Spooh Spooh she heard has the furniture around her
developed holes and lit afire from the shots coming through the walls. She
ducked left and out another door. "Come on, lets get the hell out of here
now!" said the soldier as he helped his comrade up and carried him back to
where ever they came from. She was running toward the elevator now as fast
as she was able which happened to be faster than she could ever remember
running. She turned left in the corridor and ran full bore in to a solid
circular wall that filled the corridor. "Ouch, shit!" she exclaimed rubbing
her nose, now realizing it might be broken. She was looking at a shiny metallic,
circular object that looked to be a cylinder about eight feet tall and eight
feet around. 'Damn,' she thought, 'this must be what appeared in the Social
Services office when the girls were re-abducted.' But it was nowhere near
the size of the object that caused the destruction in the mall. It had the
same mode of destruction however, and it was a solid, animate object that
stood right in front of her but did not belong there. There weren't any
aliens either. At least her reasoning had for the moment, proven sound on
that theory. But what was in front of her was fucking up some other sound
theories she used to subscribe to. Which one would be dashed to bits still
remained to be seen. Suddenly she heard a noise. She stepped back around the
corner. If sounded like something was opening on this thing, it was on the other side and
something or more likely someone just went in. Suddenly the metal started to
shimmer, it seemed to waiver in and out of clarity. It began to turn opaque,
then in a sudden almost blinding flash, just disappeared. As she looked at
the area where the object had been, she noticed how everything that used to
fill that 8 foot diameter space was now as flat as Sheriff Baker's Moms' flap

Where to go from here, she had the answers she was looking for and at the
same time she knew nothing at all. Why would they try to kill her? What did
the girls have to do with it? How many of these things were there? The
nearest she could explain with any sound explanation was that there seemed to be
a huge one of what ever that was that appears only in one spot where the
mall now stands and this smaller transportable model, kind of like the house and
the car.
The key to this must be on the disc, somehow they knew she was going to find
it and had to stop her. She had to get that disc back.
She went back to the office where she found Ken's body lying lifeless on the
floor. The equipment they had been using was destroyed. Where was the disc,
had they taken it? No, it was still in the player which at least still worked enough to
open the drawer.
What a stroke of luck, or not, she had to find out fast.

With the disk in her coat pocket she headed out toward the highway. She knew
another who had equipment similar to the division equipment. She hoped they
hadn't figured that one out and beat her to him.
It was 1:00 in the morning as she turned into the driveway on 571 Court Dr.
She hadn't seen Kevin since she left him for cheating on her a year earlier.
Now here she was at one in the morning knocking at his door. KNOCK KNOCK
KNOCK, she rapped in a frantic manner. "Who the hell is it", she heard come
from within, in a girl’s voice.
"How the hell do I know?" "It'd better not be your ex-girlfriend because if you
have been cheating on me I will kill you!" "I love you to sweetheart and it’s not
my ex-fucking-girlfriend I promise you."
As he opened the door he was taken aback. "Who the hell is it Kevin?"
"Uhhh, it’s my ex-fucking-girlfriend" "Fuck you" came from beyond the door."
"Ya, Fuck me" he said. "What the hell are you doing here?" "No time for
catch up right now sweetheart, I need your help!" she said as she pushed her
way passed him. "Come on in then, help yourself to a beer and some pizza and
why you’re at it there's some cash in my wallet." "Stow it, I need your help
and fast, it is a matter of life and death, possibly your life as well as
mine." "What the hell are you talking about? Who wants to kill you and what
the hell are you bringing it here for?"
"Look, I need your help with this digital disc. There is something in it I
need to see and you are the only one left with the equipment to get to it."
"What the hell are you talking about, you got all that expensive equipment
down at the Bureau, what do you need with mine." "Not anymore. Kens dead
and the equipments history, we need to get into this right away!" "Shoot girl,
you're always into something. What you got?"
"Here, 2 days ago, April 12th, 3:58 AM, I need to see what is on the video clip, I
have a feeling I know what is there but I am looking for something to
explain why."
"Ok, let’s see what we see."
Kevin started switching switches and a host of lights and screens came alive
all at once. "If there's something to find, we'll find it."
"What the hell is she doing here? I told you if she came back here... "
"Hold on," Kevin told his new and extremely young girlfriend. "I didn't know
you had a daughter Kevin?" Lorna said with some hidden disgust in her voice.
" You didn't tell me your Mom was here." said Kevin's young but of-age
girlfriend. "Cool it babe, this is business. Go make me a drink and get me a
smoke." "Oh, yes sir Daddyo. Aye Aye Captain Sir." she said looking rather
pissed. "I'm sorry hun, this is important, I'll be done in a few minutes
and then she'll be gone for good, right?" "You have my word" replied Lorna, now
enjoying the little spat she had created.
"Ok, here we go, 3:50, 55," "There wait, back it up and slow it down." Lorna
said with sweat now forming on her forehead.
"What'd you see?" Kevin asked with some puzzlement.
"There, 3:58, did you see that?" "I don't see anything but, 'HOLY SHIT!' Did
you see that?" Kevin said in surprise. "Those people just disappeared and
look at that building, it's all fucked up." "They didn't just disappear," Lorna
said, "there still right where they were, they're just not feeling too good."
" What the hell happened?" Kevin said with growing excitement like the
watchers of a Jason movie when they knew someone was about to get chopped
up. "Go back to 3:58 and stop frame, ok, right there, stop! Freeze it. Now
advance one frame at a time, keep going, one more, one more, there! There it
is!" "Holy Shit, what is it?" What they were looking at, what was only a
piece of the whole, was a solid wall of the same shiny metal she had seen
and had intimate contact with at the Bureau, only this was immense. It was
clear to her that what couldn't be seen had the shape and size of what she
used to call, a crop circle, now she didn't know what to call it. 'I guess
all the rumors about aliens, crop circles and whacked out kids on cardboard
now have a new twist, a new and more implausible twist.' she thought. What was the most
disturbing was that this was now attacking another of her "Bull Shit"
excuses for unexplained phenomena. If it wasn't for that damned report, she
could have found some new wild excuse to explain away what she was seeing.
She had now seen with her own eyes the object disappear into thin air and
now this photographic proof of that what happened in the mall was the same
phenomenon. Then, there was that nagging report, it couldn't be wrong because
it was now co-oberated by the current events.
"Freeze that frame and focus in on that." There appeared to be some kind of
doorway or opening about a quarter of the way down before the wall went into
the first store front. "Zoom in, closer...., closer....., there, that, focus in on that.
Center on screen, zoom in and extrapolate, again…, again…., there. Christ all
mighty, no way!" “What, what does it mean?" Kevin asked.
On what was a small plaque located next to the opening, there were words,
English words, words that read,
Established on this day, March the 16th, 2342. United States Time Expedition
Pod #1
In God We Trust.
"1849, God Damn 1849, Shit!" "What about 1849?" Kevin asked just dying
for another piece of the puzzle. "God Damn Time Travel! Why me?"
"What the hell are you talking about time travel, what's that got to do with
It was all clear to her, well, almost all clear. It explained everything to
her but the children, the missing children. What would children who
disappeared from their homes a year ago be doing showing up in 1849 and now
What was the answer? This was after all the reason she was called in, not to
solve a fucking time travel case.
What was the connection?
She didn't have to wait long for the answer. "Advance to the next frame." Sure
enough, in the next frame there it was. In the space of 10 frames that made
up the equivalent of one second, the door opened, the two children were
escorted outside, the capture returned to the craft, closed the door and
in a brief but blinding light, POOF, was gone.
She thought she knew now, as stupid as it sounded, it was the only thing
that made sense. For whatever reason, the girls were taken, perhaps they
weren't taken, perhaps they found their way into one of those smaller devices
a year ago. But now it seemed that whatever the circumstances, they were just
trying to get them back, back to their own time and place and somehow, maybe
because of a failed experiment or faulty whatchamacallit, they were unable
to get them back to 2003. Maybe that's it?
For now, that was all she had. The girls never did reappear, not in her
lifetime. Was it something she did? Did she somehow upset the experiment and
the rescue mission? If it was a rescue mission.
She would never know. She would just have to file it as case # 33948765-001


The following comments are for "Crop Circles"
by fasthinker

This is great. Very smart and enjoyable to read. Fix the spelling and you have a well written story to my mind. regards huni.

( Posted by: huni [Member] On: May 11, 2005 )

Thank you
No matter how many times I go over this I always seem to miss something, even spell check doesn't seem to get them. Of course some of the spelling is trying to express the way these people talk but I don't know the rules really. Anyway thank you. I actually developed this one for X-files but theres that agent thing.

( Posted by: fasthinker [Member] On: May 12, 2005 )

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