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Cristy and the Dream Fairies

Not far from here, not too long ago, night settled at the little orphanage
on Maple Syrup street.
"Into your beds!" said the house mother in a melodious voice. "All little
boys and girls must get their sleep if they want to grow up big and strong!"
" Yes Ma'Am" said little Cristy. Cristy was 10 years old just last Tuesday.
Her Mommy and Daddy had been killed in a terrible car accident. She had
been in the car but had been spared because of the giant Teddy Bear she used
to have who would sit next to her in the car. It had been so big and soft
and fluffy, that it protected her when the car crashed. Now she lived in
the Happy Dreams Orphanage with many other little boys and girls. Each
night when she closed her eyes, she would dream of the life she once had.
Of how much her Mommy and Daddy loved her and how much fun she would have.
It was sad that there were so many children like her that lived in the
little orphanage but at least it meant that she had many friends.

So on this night as she closed her eyes and started to dream about the life
she once had, she felt a little tickle in her ear. She rubbed her ear and
it went away but then she felt the tickle in her other ear. She opened her
eyes and looked around. The other children had all gone to sleep and
started to dream about the happier times in their lives. She closed her
eyes again and started to dream when she felt a tickle in both ears. She
sat up quickly, rubbing both ears and looking around for what must have been
some little flying insect that wanted a warm place to sleep for the night.
Instead, what she saw at first scared her and then made her giggle. "Oh
my!" she said. "I've never dreamed of fairies before!" she said with a
little giggle. In front of her were two of the smallest little creatures she
had ever seen. On her left was a little figure who had what looked like a
Leprechauns cap and pointy shoes with little tiny bells on the end. He had a
big round belly and a little grey beard. His cloths seemed to shimmer with
little round sequins that would make sparkles of many colors as he floated
in a curious bobbing motion in front of her. On her right was what looked
like someone's dear sweet grandmother. Her hair was silver and done up in
many layers of twists and turns. She had little spectacles that were square
in shape. She was wearing what looked like a nightgown made of flowers.
They had many colors and what was most peculiar, was that each flower seemed
to have a smiling face. She floated in the same curious bobbing manner in
front of her giving off a soft yellow glow that stood in sharp contrast to
the purple glow given off by the little grey bearded specter on her left.
"Oh my!" she said again very softly so she wouldn't wake any of the other children. "I've never had this dream before!" In a tiny but strong Grandmothers voice the little fairy on the right replied, "No, you have not my child. You have never dreamed this before and you are not dreaming now."
Little Cristy giggled softly and said, "Well I must be dreaming because
everyone knows there's no such thing as Fairies." "Speak softly lass," said
the little creature to her left in kind of Irish drawl, "You'll not want to
be wakin the others, this is your special night and it will be gone if'n
the others wake up."
"Who are you, my fairy god parents?" she asked thinking perhaps she was
dreaming about Cinderella. "Oh know!" chuckled Bipsy. "We are the dream
fairies. I am Bipsy the fairy of selflessness." "Aye, and I am Blarney, the
fairy of fun!" "And this is your night Cristy, Tonight is your night for the
dream fairies!" they both replied together. Cristy laughed out loud almost
enough to wake little Billy in the bed next to her but he just stirred a
little, then continued sleeping. "SSsshhhh!" said Bipsy. "If they awake, we
will disappear. This is your night." "My night?" Cristy inquired, "what
does that mean?" "Well Lassie," Blarney replied, This is your night to have
one dream come true." "I've never heard of that kind of fairy" she said a
little puzzled, I have heard of the tooth fairy and then there's that story
about the flying boy and his friend." "Balderdash!" replied Blarney, "Just
a bunch of hoodwinklers and hornswagglers." "No, my dear, we are the dream
fairies, we are the only true fairies and each little boy and girl only gets
to see us once in their lifetime just after their tenth birthday." "Does
that mean your going to make all my dreams come true!" Cristy asked with
growing excitement at the prospect. "Oh, no lassie" said Blarney, "You get to
have only one dream come true." "Yes, my child," said Bipsy, "only one
special dream."

"Oh for real!" Cristy said with glee. "Oh boy, I want my Mommy and Daddy
back and I want us to have all the money in the world and.... " "Wait
there, hold on a bit lassie, you have to hear the terms. There are rules you
must follow if'n you want to get yer wish." "Rules, what kind of rules?"
"Well," replied Bipsy, "I am the fairy of selflessness. I am here to grant
you a wish that is not for you." "Not for me? Why would I want a wish that
wasn't for me?" Cristy replied confused. "Well my dear, there are many in
the world who do not have the fortunes you have. There are many who suffer a
great deal. There are rewards greater than wealth to be found in giving."
"Oh lassie, don't ya be buying into that." snapped Blarney. " I can tell ya
that there are many rewards to be found in gettin what you always wanted.
Just think of the fun you could have if ya suddenly had every toy ya ever
wanted and enough money to buy your own ice cream shop. You'd have so many
friends who'd want to play wid ya because of all the terrific things you'd
be havin" "Oh, that really does sound good!" Cristy said as she thought
about how she could wish new toys for every child in the world. "Wow, I
could wish my Mommy and Daddy had more money so they wouldn't have to go to
that place to get...." "Hold on there. You can wish for anythings ya like
but it can't help anyone." Blarney said sternly. "You can only have things
you want that has nothing to do with helpin people."
"That's correct Cristy." Bipsy interjected. "If you wish with him you can
have riches beyond your wildest imagination but it would not help a single
poor soul other than yourself." "And what be wrong with that? Being happy
and having fun is something every childs been wantin all their lives. If
she can't haves her Mommy and Daddy back, why not be happy when she be havin
the chance." Blarney offered. "True happiness comes from within" Bipsy
returned. "She could have all the riches of the world and they might not
mean a thing if she is not happy where it counts, deep inside. That is what
selflessness can offer, a chance to be happy from within. Great rewards
come when the life of another is changed by something you do out of
kindness." "Ba," Blarney squealed, "I've seen many happy faces appear
instantly when they chose me for there wish. Every time they chose you,
they just go back to sleep with the same unhappiness on their face. Don't
ya be believen a word she's tellen at ya lassie" "Wait!" Cristy said a
little tired and more confused from the bickering. "So I have a choice to
help someone else and change their life for ever or I can have anything I
want for ever but only for myself?" "By cracky, I do believe the lass is
onto us" Blarney said in a gleeful tone. "Yes' I do believe so" followed

Wow, what a thing to have happen to a little girl. All of her life nothing but
sadness and now, a chance for inner happiness or outer happiness but not
both. "It seems cruel." Cristy said. "Why do you even come around offering
things that will either make me happy with sadness or make me sad with
happiness?" Bipsy and Blarney looked at each other now aware that Cristy was
understanding things very clearly the choice she would have to make, the choice
every child got to make once in their lives. "Yes my dear, it is a
difficult choice to make, but it is yours to make and I do hope you make he
right choice." "Ya, I be feelin the same, I hope ya make the right choice,
you only get one chance to find yer kind of true happiness. Yer gonna have
ta look deep lassie, deep to find who you are to make the right choice and I
be hopin ya consider what havin plenty of new toys and the like can do for
yer happiness."
"And I will hope you will consider that you may never find happiness in any
choice you make for yourself, but a choice of well being for another will
bring happiness that will last a lifetime."

This was all too much for a young child who never had much good come to her.
Could she make the right choice? She looked around at the other children,
what fun they would all have if she were wealthy and had toys and ice cream
and cakes and candy to share. She could share her riches even if she
couldn't wish them for others. But if she chose the other choice, who would
she choose it for. Which of the little children would be lucky enough to
have they're Mommies and Daddies back while she still did not have hers,
such a dilemma.

She thought and she thought, she looked around at all the kids and imagined
their faces and all the fun they would have, she thought about how all the
other children would despair if they saw one of there friends get their
parents back when they did not. After she'd thought for an hour, she had a
pretty good idea of what she would do, all the fun they could have for the
rest of there lives, toys and money and goodies seemed like the right thing.

"I've got it!" Cristy said, relieved that she now knew what to do, it seemed
so great that she would wake up tomorrow with everything she always wanted,
everything except her Mommy and Daddy. As she started to speak she could
already see an ear to ear grin on the face of little Blarney, the fairy of
fun and sadness on the face of Bipsy the selfless. She started to speak
when something else popped into her mind, something she had forgotten.
"Ms. Feathercap," she said out loud. "Old Ms. Feathercap!" She didn't know
her real name but Ms Feathercap was what she called the little old lady who
sat out on the front steps of the orphanage and fed all the hungry birds
every morning. She was a kind lady who dressed in an old black dress and
wore the same worn red sweater and feathered cap everyday. She seemed sad
but always smiled. She remembered how one day she had been running up the
steps and had gotten her shoes crossed up. She would have taken a terrible
fall straight off the side down into the basement entrance 10 feet below.
If old Ms. Feathercap hadn't reached out and grabbed her arm, she might not
have made it to her 10th birthday. Suddenly something happened she hadn't
expected. A feeling came over her that was unlike any she could remember,
much different then the feeling she had gotten when she had thought about
being the local toy guru for all her friends. Then she understood, she
understood what Fairy Bipsy the Selfless had been trying to tell her. There
was happiness to be found in selflessness that was greater than anything she
had felt before. You could see the large grin quickly fading into a grimace
on Fairy Blarney the Funs face just as surely as the smile returned to
Bipsy's. "I know! I know what I want to do!" exclaimed Cristy. "I'm ready!"
"Ok lass, speak yer words, letís be done then." Blarney said sounding as
though he had lost his last ounce of usefulness in his Fairy world. "Yes
child, say your dream, what is your dream come true?"
Cristy closed her eyes and with all the hope and joy she could muster she
wished, "I wish that whatever made Ms. Feathercap sad, it would be undone
so she could be happy!" "Yes child, that is a dream come true!" said Bipsy,
"Very well done!"
With that, Cristy fell asleep.

It was a sunny day on August 1st of 1964. Mary Reilly was late for her date
to meet John. John and Mary had met in High School and fallen in love. He
had been drafted into the army but promised that one day, he would return to
marry her. She received a letter from him 2 years later saying if she still
loved him, to meet her at the Central Train Station on the 1st of August.
If she was there, he would know she still loved him and they would run away
together that day. This was her big day, the train had already reached the
station and she was
running late but nothing would stop her from her destiny. She was rounding
the corner on Fifth and Central in her old Buick when she saw that a load of
debris had fallen into the road. She was going too fast to avoid the jumble of wood
and nails that stood in her way. All her hopes and dreams were about to
come crashing down, it was her true destiny, she thought, having to spend
the rest of her life alone all because of a flat tire. Suddenly she felt a
slight tickling sensation in both of her ears, then, something strange
happened, she felt a floating sensation. As if by some magic, the car
seemed to lift off the ground, ever so slightly so that the on-lookers
couldn't really tell what was happening, but she could tell. She was floating down the street like a boat on the water, but there was no boat and no water.
My goodness, she thought as she cleared what would have surely stopped her in
her tracks and made her miss the train. She suddenly found herself back on
the ground and in control again, racing for the train. She arrived just in
time as the conductor was calling" BOARD!" "John!" she cried out. "Mary" he
replied. They ran to each other and fell into each others arms, so deeply
into love, that they would never again be parted. "Let's go Mary" John said with a smile as he adjusted her little feathered cap. "I'm with you" Mary replied. Mary
thought about how she almost didn't make it and how she seemed magically to float over the obstructions in the road.
"This is like a dream come true!" she said quietly to herself.

John and Mary got married that summer. They bought a nice house with a
white picket fence and within a year, had a new son, Paul. Paul was a smart
kid and got the best grades in school. He received a scholarship from the local college
for his high marks and soon went on to Medical school. Having had the best
education and being somewhat of a prodigy, he soon landed a job with a big
medical research firm where, within only two years, he had discovered the
cure for a terrible disease that had killed so many, now countless
lives could be saved.

"Mrs.Fairchild was one of those lucky ones who had almost died from the
terrible disease. Now, she was feeling herself again, so good, she was out walking
everyday, past the park, and the big buildings on Central St. She would
walk everyday, thankful for the gift that she had been given, "It was almost
like a dream come true." she said to herself.
One day, now a year after her recovery, she was walking towards the park
down on Central St. As she crossed the street at the corner, she
noticed that a little boy had accidentally kicked his ball out into the
street and was now running after it with nothing else in his little mind but
to get the ball back. No thought of the danger that he put himself into as
he ran past the parked car directly into the path of the oncoming traffic.
She also saw the station wagon that was quickly approaching and saw that the
little boy could not see it even if he had been paying attention. In a new
found burst of energy, she bolted out into traffic and snatched the little
boy up just missing the car and landing on the grass with the young boy safe
in her arms, saving him from what would have been sure tragedy.

Richard and Tilly had been having difficult times. Their house was about to
go into foreclosure and they had been seeking financial help from a number of
institutions. It had been 3 weeks of struggle and despair as they watched
their hopes and dreams seem to disappear. Today they were on their way to
what seemed to promise the end of their hardships. A small bank had
promised to secure their loan if they could make it down before 5:00.
Richard was usually a very safe and conscientious driver but today he was in
a hurry. His families future depended on him getting to that bank by 5:00,
he wasn't going to let them down. As he sped passed the tall buildings that
bordered central park, he suddenly caught a glimpse of something he
couldn't quite make out, standing only 20 feet in front of his car and he
was going 50 miles an hour heading for the intersection at Broadway and
Central. He suddenly went into a kind of shock as he realized what was
about to happen. Though he had a second or two to react and swerve, he
could only stare into the face of the little boy who was looking back at
him, watching his destiny unfold at the young age of 5. Just then, out of
nowhere, a woman bolted across the street snatching the child up just as the
car grazed the dress she was wearing. Suddenly out of his daze, he slammed
on the brakes and the car skidded to a stop with its nose coming to rest
right at the entrance to the intersection. Just then they heard the
squealing of tires as a huge trash truck had gone out of control and
barreled through the stoplight passing the nose of their car missing it by
just a foot.
"Wow, that was close!" Richard exclaimed to Tilly. "Wow, your telling me!"
she replied slightly in shock. If that lady hadn't caught that boy we would
have hit him and wouldn't have stopped in time before that truck ran through
the intersection." "Ya, I know" replied
Richard trying to choke his heart back down his throat. "We were awful lucky" Tilly said.
"Yes dear, we were lucky. Are you ok back
there?" he said turning to look at his daughter who was in the back seat. "Yes Daddy,
and so is Mr. Bear!" Cristy replied. "I love Mr. Bear and I love you too
Mommy and Daddy!" "We love you too Cristy" they replied together.

Somewhere, high up in the sky, two little Fairies gave each other a wink and
a nod and flew off to where ever Fairies go,
waiting for the next evening when some little boy or girl would awake to
find the Dream Fairies.


The following comments are for "Cristy and the Dream Fairies"
by Fasthinker

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