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It was once again the eve of Halloween in the small town of Caped bay. A fisherman’s town, where the famous caves promoted tourism. The cave complex was one of the biggest in the world. No one actually went trough all the caves and knew how far and deep they reached. It was a mystery and no one cared to solve it for it was just a thing the people of Caped Bay never really took interest in.

One boy, named Joseph had an unusual display of curiosity for the caves. During most of his free time he would go to the local library and take out books that would be related to the caves. He read about how they were developed and that sort of gibberish until he found a certain book. The book was old, weary and looked like it would crumple to dust if not handled with care. It was bizarre for it seemed that he did not find the book the book found him. He was walking in the aisle going to his seat with his set of books when suddenly he heard a thump. He turned around and saw it lying there on the floor. Curious Joseph had to see what could possibly be in such an old book. He had always wondered what kind of information they had contained but never got the chance to see for himself.

As he sat, first thing he did was make sure no one was watching him. He made a pile of books so he was certain no one could see what he had found. For he thought not even the librarians knew of this book, for if they had it wouldn’t still be in the library but in a museum. As he opened it a cloud of dust rose from the book. Joseph delicately opened the first page. He saw a drawing of the bay, it was so detailed it was like a piece of art. As he kept reading through the book he obtained little information, only that the book was written by a priest. This priest must have been horrified because some of the written was shaky.

616, the passage to hell. The tale spoke of a prophecy where once every millennium there was a way to hell. The passage had to take place on the last Halloween night of the millennium. The passage 616 was in the cave complex, the priest had even drawn a map.

As soon as Joseph had seen the map the text in the book began to vanish. Joseph was panicking, had he done something to cause this strange occurrence. Surely not, he had been so gentle with the scared book. It began to vanish faster and faster word by word soon it became page by page. The second before it had gotten to the page with the map on it Joseph ripped the map out. The pages kept on vanishing but the map was safe in Joseph’s hands.

Joseph walked out of the library at a rapid pace. Too puzzled too run and yet too scared too walk. It was an awkward feeling Joseph didn’t like. He then went home and put the map in between the pages of one of his books so it would be kept in good condition. Joseph fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

Joseph awoke the next day. As he was about to walk out the door he looked at the calendar, today was Friday the 30th, 1999. It sent a chill down his back as he remembered the so called prophecy he had read the day before.

As he arrived at school he was anxious to tell his friend yesterday’s story. Joseph wasn’t a popular guy. Most people found him creepy and nerdy. He had one best friend and that’s all one needed Joseph thought. His name was Daniel, Daniel was a lot like Joseph in physically but there interests with two very different things. Daniel was more like a common nerd. He liked DnD and Fantasy books and whatever else he could gets his hands on. Daniel was 14 the same age as Joseph. Together they were an odd duo. Still there separate interests did not affect a strong relationship built throughout the years.

“Daniel! You’ll never ever ever EVER guess what happened last night at the library! It was like a story out of a book.” Joseph said with such speed it was almost gibberish.

“Slow down, tell me what happened, one word at a time,” Daniel prompted.

“Well yesterday as I was getting books in the library and this book fell. An old book, so old it should be in a museum. As I went through the book, it talked about a place which gives you access to hell via a passage called 616. It only can be accessed once every one thousand years and today is the day! Can you believe it, the odds, the chance, the luck!” Joseph was talking so furiously that Daniel wasn’t quite sure what to believe.

“First of all, I can’t even believe this story! Is this some joke? Did you seriously think I would believe this? Tales out of an old book, such nonsense.” Daniel replied sceptically.

“When did I ever play such a foolish prank on you? Joseph demanded

“Well do you really want to get me started on that subject, because it could go on and on. Your boring life has made you pull so many crappy pranks.” Daniel said with a proud tone because he knew he had won the argument.

“Okay, okay but that isn’t the point do you realize what we might have found? I think you do not nearly comprehend the situation. We have found something that can prove that the eternal battle of Good and Evil exists. God versus the Devil. If the Devil does exist so must God and that will be something all history books will have a place for, the great discovery, the proof of a God.” Joseph exclaimed.

“Well how do you even know it’s for real?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t know for a fact nor can I prove anything to you that it is evidently real. What do we have too loose though? A few measly hours on Halloween night and some pretty freaky stuff happened to the book last night that makes me believe strongly that there is something perhaps not the devil but definitely something.” Joseph said with a tone of dignity for he knew he had proved an excellent point.

“Fine! I will join you in your little charades but if it was just a joke well I swear to the devil himself it will not end there. You will regret it. Since you are my good friend I will trust you once more.” Daniel exclaimed with an irritation in his voice.

“Excellent, trust me my good friend you will not regret it! Meet me at my house at ten o’clock P.M and please do not ring the doorbell my mom will be asleep I’ll come down and open the door for you as soon as I see you come. See you tonight.”

“See you.”

Joseph was exhilarated he couldn’t believe he had convinced Daniel. Daniel had always been a person who liked adventure so long as it wasn’t real. Daniel would have a special surprise tonight Joseph thought.

Never had a day gone so slow for Joseph, his mind filled with mystery and wonder. What could possibly await him tonight? He wondered, so many things he thought of maybe it was all nonsense and Daniel was right. It couldn’t be though, Joseph had a feeling he didn’t know what it was but it seemed to comfort him with his decision. Joseph could just imagine the day where he would be telling his children the story of the sacred book and 6-1-6. For the rest of the day Joseph wasn’t in any festive mood. He sat all day quite, imagining just what would happen this Halloween evening.

Late that night, at ten, Daniel was at Joseph’s front porch. Daniel waited patiently for a few minutes as Joseph had to sneak downstairs and open the door for him.

“Hey, follow me to my room and be very silent.” Joseph whispered

They both went in Joseph’s room. Joseph shut the door tight to make sure his mom would not wake.

“What exactly are we doing in your room?” Daniel asked.

“Well we have to go over a few things. First of all are you sure you want to do this? We don’t know at all what may happen to us. The devil himself might show for all we know.” Joseph said.

“I don’t believe in the devil and yes I’m sure I don’t want to hear you for the next year wondering at what would have happened. Curiosity might have killed the cat but where not cats are we?” Daniel replied

“No, were not. Okay now let’s go over the details. I have the map here that shows us where we have to be. I’m guessing that something will happen at midnight because its usually always midnight in the stories and such and if nothing happen we wait a while and then if still nothing happens we return home knowing we tried.” Joseph said as he was rustling to show Daniel the articles he prepared for the trip.

“So what exactly do you have in that backpack?” Daniel asked.

“Some flashlights, rope, a cell phone just for an emergency, first aid, food, helmets and a compass in case we get lost.”

“Were not going on a god damn camping trip, where going to a cave 15 minutes near our homes.” Daniel exasperated. “Why does God put me with such a fool?” He asked aloud so Joseph would hear. Joseph ignored the comment. He knew it was just the anxiety in Daniel speaking.

“All right then lets go.”

“Good, the sooner we leave the sooner we finish.” Daniel said. Joseph was starting to ask himself why Daniel had come if he did not want to do this at all. Joseph didn’t know but Daniel knew if he didn’t want too he could just leave, no hard feelings Joseph would continue on his own even without him.

The trip to the caves was bizarre for he saw more kids dressed as satanic things then any other year. The popular trend this year Joseph guessed. Was it a mere coincidence he thought? Obviously, how can so many people be related to this trip? He decided to change thoughts for he knew he would find no conclusion to it.

They arrived at the caves. There were so many of them, Joseph knew them well, better then any teenager that was for sure. He decided to take the main entrance into the complex.

“This is spooky I haven’t had the butterflies like this for as long as can I remember.” Daniel said with unease to his voice. He jumped at the howling wind.

“Getting pretty scared for some charade aren’t you Daniel?” Joseph exclaimed with a mocking tone.

“No, I just felt like jumping. I like the motion, the exercise.” Daniel said. Joseph just rolled his eyes. Was it so hard just to admit he had the willies? Joseph had them but he had always liked them because of the adrenaline it gave him. This is going to the best Halloween ever Joseph thought. They kept walking in one direction and they were getting deeper and deeper and it was getting darker and darker. At one point they were so deep inside the caves it seemed the flashlight was fighting the darkness to light the cave. Pitch black it was but not a normal pitch black that you have when you go to bed wit the lights turned off. This darkness seemed to be a void, consuming everything in it. As if nothing existed in it. Joseph knew that wasn’t true. There were so many creatures that lived in the caves, bats, bugs and other nocturnal animals.

“Joseph are you sure you know where you’re going? It’s so easy to get lost down here.” Daniel said frightened. Joseph understood perfectly why Daniel was afraid the noises in the cave were quite terrifying. The sounds that lurk in the darkness. Little voices speaking to each other along with their footsteps. It was growing tense and they were both growing more fearful with every step. Something came out of the darkness; Joseph had no time to see what it was. It caught both of them by surprise and Daniel dropped the flashlight. It was pitch-black and all they heard was the sound of scuffling feet.

“What the hell was that? It looked like a rabbit with horns.” Daniel screamed. The echo of his outburst where sent down the caves, rabbit with horns….. With horns… horns…h-o-r-n-s.

“Don’t worry about that for now first of all where are you? Sit down and stay seated. Do not move not one hair, It is very important that you stay still. I have a back up flashlight in my bag but I dropped it. That thing made me jump ten feet high. Hold on and let me find it.” Joseph said reassuringly.

“Okay I’m seated and that’s how I’m going to stay.” Daniel felt a gooey texture at the bottom of his back. “ Ahhhh, what the hell! There's a snake or God knows what and heading towards my crack.” Daniel screamed. Once again Joseph heard the scuffling of feet and then there was silence. Silence before Joseph even had time to answer.

“Daniel? Daniel I found the bad. Daniel are you okay? Are you there? ANSWER ME! Daniel where are you!” His echo went throughout the cave and then there was silence again. Joseph found the flashlight and turned it on right away. He pointed it to where he thought he heard Daniel’s voice. It was empty, there, laid just a small puddle of water. Fear struck Joseph as strong as an iron sword. What had he done? He was to blame, he convinced Daniel to come and now he’s lost him .What was he to do?

Was he to go looking for Daniel or return home? He looked at his map the supposed location was not far from where he was. He looked at his watch 11:10 P.M. Joseph did not know what to think anymore. Courage ran strong in Joseph and he mustered all of it that he had and decided that he would go looking for Daniel as far as the passage in the book. At that he will accomplish two things. He tried his best too look for Daniel and would not blame himself for his disappearance and he would get too see if the prophecy was true.

Joseph walked the silent caves as he grew distant into the caves the caves grew narrower. When he was almost near where he wanted to be there was only room for Joseph. He had to squeeze to get threw. Going head first, it was dark but he felt the space around him. He brought his flash light, this cave was like a dome. A perfect dome smooth to the last bit. Perfectly circular, strange that a natural cave would have something so smooth and perfect as though it was man made. He looked at his watch it was 11:53. What to do for an other 20 minutes or so Joseph thought. He screamed Daniel’s name over and over. His cell phone rang at 11:58.

“Hello?” Joseph answered.

“What are you doing boy? Do you know what you’re getting into! Run while you still have the chance do not disturb what shouldn’t be disturbed.” Said an old, slow voice it sounded as though his voice was going to crack. After that the phone went dead. Joseph turned it off then on too see if he was getting any reception. Of course not, as he heard the sound of a dead phone. Were in a bloody cave!

“Beep, beep, beep” his alarm on his watch went off.

Let’s see what all this is about. Daniel was completely out of his mind by now. The anxiety swelled up over him. A minute near passed, Fifty-three seconds, fifty-four, fifty-five, fifty-six, fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine.

As it became 12:01 creatures of all kinds began to appear on the walls all sorts of colours. The most common colours were black and red. The drawings filled up the whole cave. They all fit together perfectly it was stunning in a disgusting way. Soon they were screams and shouts of pain. Then there was laughter. The creatures on the wall began to blur as though they were moving faster and they went until the room started to spin and Joseph was the only stable point in the dome.

A slide then formed and it engulfed Joseph. It was soft and an easy way down. Though, it was a bloodcurdling decent. On the way down Joseph saw things he thought couldn’t exist. Demons with whips, howling skeletons he saw souls as well if that is what they truly were. He could feel the aura of pain and regret from the damned and an ecstasy from the punishers. Downwards he still went until he fell flat on his behind.

“Welcome to the most unfathomable and horrendous confines of the entire world.” Said a man seated in a massive black chair. The chair had spikes sticking out and skulls on the tip of each spike. For the armrests, there were human bones and skulls. Babies, children and adults all made quite a large contribution to the making of the chair. The black chair was in the middle of a vast empty cave with magma flowing off the walls.

“I see you fancy my chair? I chose only the few worthy to be used.” The man said with a curl to his lips. The man was dressed in black and had black hair and a goatee. He had red snakeskin leather boots and a belt buckle saying DEVIL.

If I was going to die in hell so be it but at least I’ll have talked to the devil.
I mustered up my courage and spoke my words.

“Is this what the devil looks like? I would have thought Satan to look more ruthless.” I asked with no fear because I knew he would probably have smelt it. A little laugh escaped the man’s lips.

“Looks can be deceiving I'm afraid. Tell me Joseph why did you come here? Do you even know who you are, or more likely who’ve you’ve been?” The man said.

I am Joseph Hummins and no one else. I came because I demanded to know the truth. I wanted to know if the devil existed and he does. If you exist so must God.” Joseph said defensively.

“I know who you are pitiful fool. I know more about you then you do and apparently I do exist don’t I? Well, well, well since your mine forever I guess you deserve these last minutes of explanation. In one of your previous life’s you were a great priest, an exceptionally powerful one. A deadly threat you had become to me. We waged war between each other I sent countless murderers and minions to kill you. Yet, I never prevailed. Before you took one of my most valuable souls that you knew I needed to become strong enough to pose a threat to God. I swore to you I would get you in your after life and so I did. I couldn’t send any slaves to kill because you are just a mere mortal of no importance. I had to lure you in. I waited life after lifetime until this one because of 6-1-6. The passage to hell that happens once every thousand years. I had only one tool one of my best slaves had been given a second chance by God. He once again became a mere mortal that was reincarnated as well. God does not know that he is my minion still to this very day. His name is Daniel Goodstein.” The devil explained. Confusion, fear stroke Joseph like a charging bull.

“How?” Joseph asked confused and not able to accept the reality. He was his only true friend. When hard times came they would go out and play and talk together. He was always there for Joseph and Joseph for him. Joseph sometimes thought he would not have continued living if it wasn’t for Daniel.

“How what? How is it possible well I told you that. How did I use him without killing you and why let me explain. I could not use him to kill, for God would send him to the banishes of hell and he would once again become useless to me. I had to lure you with him thinking it was your idea. How do you think that book fell? By mere luck? It was Daniel that put it on the top of the shelf and pushed it over. I personally added the vanishing part.” He said with admiration. “Then I made you believe he didn’t want to go it was all you but I knew your feelings to explore would only get stronger if someone opposed you.”

“Well what happened to him? Last time I saw him he was gone just vanished.” Joseph said clueless. Joseph began to see a shadow getting larger till he was standing in his shadow. He dared not look back for two reasons because of what might be there and because he did not want to turn his back to the devil.

The devils lip’s curled once again as the shadow got bigger. “There is your little friend behind you. You see Daniel is special just as your soul is. You’re the elite of good and if I had not lured you here you would have been a huge problem in the near future. Daniel is the king of evil except for moi of course. As he came closer within my domain his natural state called to him and he changed. For the better I think. Have a look and tell me what you think of his make over.” The devil said always with a hint of slyness and humour to his voice. It was the most terrifying thing for Daniel his way of speaking as he loved doing all of this. It was his great pleasure in life, his ecstasy.

Daniel slowly lurked closer and closer to Joseph. Joseph turned and saw a titanic beast with spikes in his back and horns on his head. The colour of his skin if that was anything close to what it was was a black molten lava colour. His eyes were as if they were two rubies made of blood. His mouth had fangs the size of blades and his nose went up so it looked like a snout. He stood on his two feet which made him that much higher. His feet and hands had long nails which made them fatal. His tail had a ball of spikes at its end and was waving frantically like a dog playing with his chew toy.

Before Joseph could muster a word aloud he was struck by the creature’s tail so rapidly it hit. Joseph went flying twenty feet in the air then he hit the wall of the cave and fell harshly to the floor. Before an eternal sleep washed over him, he heard the devil and Daniel laugh. How horrible it was hearing the devil laugh with his pet. It was a laugh with such cruelty and pains to it.

The last words he heard before death swelled up on him were “Excellent let the soul harvesting begin. I think he will make a delightful new touch to my chair.”

We Live To Die


The following comments are for "6-1-6"
by Mclellan17

Interesting Story
I can see much talent and much imagination here.
This is the first I have read of your work,but, would like to read more in the future.
Needless to say I enjoyed reading your story though it seems a little bizzare to me it kept my attention and that is a hard thing to do.

( Posted by: Doc [Member] On: May 10, 2005 )

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