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In a very posh Manhateen apartment , Lady Constance lived. She moved from

England to New York and along came her cat, Princess. Her apartment was elegant, all

Done in pretty pink , purple, and golds. She was already in her 50’s but had sadly never

married. She once was as a young girl in London, was in love with a young painter, but

he was way beneath her and she and her family forbid it.

It was an beautiful April day and her cat Princess lay in the window sunning herself.

She was spoiled and loving it. In the lap of luxery, her lady, as she called her owner

Only fed her the best and out of a crystal bowl.

“That’s a good kitty , my Princess, what a treasure you are.” You too Allistaire,”

she said giving her great dane a quick glance and little pat on the head.

As Constance put on her make up, eye shadow mascara, lipstick and took out her

Curlers, Princess came over to sit on her lap.

Now now Princess, what did I tell you about sitting on Momma’s new dress. Naughty

Princess, now be good. I have an important engagement today, tea with the Richards,

They are only one of the wealthiest family’s in New York. So bye bye she said,” as

She gave Allistaire, a light pat on the head. I’ll be back from tea and shopping in time

For your din din,” she said merrily as she closed the door to her apartment behind her.

Princess hoped over on the window sill again to be near Allistaire. True he

Was only a dog, but he was the only friend she had to talk too.

“Oh Allistaire, our lady leaves us home all day by ourselves and we never

get to have any adventures!”

“Adventures, pooh, you haven’t the slightest idea of how dangerous it is out there for us

fur folk. .”

“Dangerous, oh posh, it’s no more dangerous then you are Allisaire.”

“Listen Princess, I’m older then you are and wiser and I know. The outside world it’s


“Oh, I know I know, Allistaire,” she said as she rested her paw on the wise looking

great dane. I was born in a cattery, a pedigreed cat and I heard about out there.”

“Everything you heard is true, it’s no place for a beautiful and elegant cat like you.”

“Well, thanks Allistarie, I didn’t know you could be so sweet.”

“Oh chucks it was nothing.”

“I was living in the streets and…”

“You were a tramp,” said Princess haughtily.

“I guess you could say that,” Allistaire replied a little coldly.

What was it like out there do you remember?”

“I only remember it was lonely and cold and I had the life of a dog.”

Princess laughed.

“Please Princess let me finish , it was rough I had to find my own food, live in cardboard

boxes and in between time worry about the pound coming for me.”

“Well Allistaire,” Princess said as she was grooming herself I wouldn’t want that I’m

so glad I live indoors.”

“I’m sure glad I have stolen our lady’s heart.”

“You stole her heart, it was I ,” said Princess proudly.

“I’m the one that won her all those ribbons, she said pointing proudly to the

Array of beautiful ribbons on the wall.”

“You did,” said Allistaire, it’s me she’s fondest of., just loose one contest and see if your

not out the door, before I’d count three.”

“Oh Allistaire really your just envious that I’m cat kind and far superior to dog kind.”

“Ha, Allistaire “ laughed that’s a hot one ”

“Now now,” said Princess lets not argue like cats and dogs. “

“Agreed,” said Allistaire, what do we do today?”

“Well, we can car watch and people watch,”

“Ok, but I do sure wish Allisatire our lady would make more time for us, aren’t we

special too.”

We sure are, Oh humen’s I’ll never figure then out.”

“Me neither.”

Meanwhile down in the wild streets of New York city, which is one of the most

Frightening places in the world for small animals, there lived a very smart, a very street-

Wise cat named Fredrick Franscis Fonsworth, Freddie, for short.

Freddie sadly came up the hard way living in alleys, and under porches all his life.

His only meals came from garbage cans and back street restaraunts. He had never known

Or had a loving home, and how he longed for one.

He had is hard but lived for the day to make it to easy street. To having a loving owner

And maybe even be a wealthy paw. Even though he had it rough , he was always

Loyal, extremely loyal to his animal friends.

One particular Sunday Freddie was strolling through Central park and was people

Watching. It was his favorite pass time, He’d see the rich and the poor homeless people.

Usually, the poor people were always the kindest to him. He would often beg people

For scraps of food and sometimes they’ d give him some. He spied and and old guy on a

Park bench reading a newspaper and hoped up on the bench with him.

“Get away you cat shoo, ska-dattle.”

Freddie was use to such indifference, and ill treatment from humans.

Freddie continued his stroll through the park, and watched the boats on the lake. As

The sun was shining bright and everyone was dressed in their Sunday best. But

Freddie saw no food in sight and by sunset he was back in the alleys of NY.

As Freddie was walking upright, with his tail up in the air, he heard a loud meow.

He looked over too the dark alley to his left and saw two big bull dogs surrounding

Something small.

“Meow , you bullies, you think you can catch me, ha ha ,”

As the bull dogs moved around a bit, Freddie spied a tiny black and white tuxedo kitty.

It’s paws were extended in the air, ready for a fist fight. The dogs were growling

, it was obvious the little tuxedo, was putting on a front, and was really scared.

“The poor little guy,” said Freddie he’s shivering in his fur. I got to save him.”

“Don’t worry little guy Freddie is here to the rescue! I can easily take you guys down.”

The two big bull dogs turned their attention to the little white, grey, and black ball of fur.

“Common Clyde, we can take care of this little shrimp easily,”

“Sure can Elmer. Let’s tear him to shreads!.”

The two big bulldogs forgot about the little tuxedo kitten as all their attention was on

This kitten who claimed to be super cat.

Freddie smiled reassuringly at the scared little tuxedo.

“You guys think you really are something because your big and bully’s.”

“Here that Clyde,” the little guys full of blarney.”

“Lets have dinner Elmer,” Clyde laughed.

“That’s what you think,” said Freddie

Freddie ran up to the two big dogs as drooling saliva came from their mouths.

“Put up your dukes,” said Freddie, his two paws in the air, standing on his

hind legs.

The two dogs doubled over with laughter.

“Like he can scare us.”

Freddie and the dogs began fighting as the tuxedo paw watched on in horror.

There was shrieks and meows and plenty of barking. But Freddie scratched like he

Never scratched before. He used every trick he new and every fight move he

Learned growing up in streets. Finally , to the little black and white kittens surprise,

The dogs ran away, scared.

Freddie laughed as the big dogs ran away scared of a cat.

“Immagine, to big dogs afraid of a cat,” Freddie said laughingly as he looked kindly at

the tuxedo.

“Ok my boy?, I say are you all right?” Freddie said reaching out his paw.

“I’m fine now, thanks for rescuing me ,meow,” said the little kitten gratefully.

“Not at all ,” said Freddie I was glad too.

“But son aren’t you a little young to be in the streets all by yourself?.”

“The little kitten looked down sadly.”

“Hey your not a boy you’re a girl!,” he said looking at her more closely.

“meow,” she said. “Yes I am a girl and my name is Lizzie.

Freddie apologized for mistaking the little tuxedo cat for a boy.

He and Lizzie shook paws and promised to be friends. They pledged to stick together

Through thick and thin, through dogs and thunderstorms. Lizzie thanked Freddie again

For saving her life. For the dogs would have surely eaten her. Freddie kissed her paw.

“How gallant,” she said smiling.

“My pleasure, for a sweet kitty like you.”

Lizzie blushed shyly.

Freddie and Lizzie became like brother and sister. They roamed the streets and

Looked after each other. Freddie helped Lizzie find food and let her share his shelter out

Of the rain. He knew the little tuxedo tried to look tough but was really helpless.

It was a rainy night and Lizzie and Freddie slept under a grocery stores porch.

“So Lizzie, how’d you come to live in the street?”

“I was born there. I know I had a momma and I still look for her. I just can’t find her.”

“I know how it is Lizzie,” said Freddie thoughtfully. I gave up looking for my mamma

long ago.”

“But surely my Momma must love me,” said Lizzie with tears in her eyes. I just

know I”ll find her someday.”

“Don’t cry,” Freddie said putting his paw around her shoulders. I’ll be your new mamma.”

“Besides they don’t love us or they wouldn’t have abandoned us,” Freddie said
in a hardened tone.”

“No Freddie all Mamma’s love their kittens. I’m sure mamma will some back for me

one day.”

Freddie smiled at her hopefulness.”

“Maybe she will little one, maybe she will.”

They cuddled up and snuggled in the cold, trying to keep each other warm.

“Now go to sleep little one, and tomorrow I’ll show you how to cross the street.”

Lizzie rested her head on Freddie’s shoulder and fell asleep.

“Don’t worry little one I”ll take care of you,” Freddie said softly I promise, he petted her

little head and smiled down upon her fondly , as he kept watch.

Meanwhile Princess and Allistaire were waiting for their lady to come home form

Her Shopping expedition that lasted all day.

“Don’t you see Allistaire, she doesn’t care or have time for us.”

“Maybe so, but..”

“But what Allistaire, are we not important in her life.”

“I agree Princess, it’s awful it hurts me too.”

“I feel the same way, she said laying on her lady’s bed.

“Here we have a roof over our head the best food a cat or dog could want, but.”

“But what Princess,”

“But no one to love us,”

“Too true,” replied Allistaire sadly.

Princess snuggled up against her mistresses satin comforter and walked over gingerly

To The nightstand ever the proper lady. She tried to get her mind of her sadness by

Reading her lady’s newspaper. As she scanned through the paper she noticed and article.

Famous London artist to showcase exhibit in New York City’s Museum of Art.

“Oh my Allistaire!”

“What is it Princess?”

“You’ll never believe it. Remember our lady use to be in love with a poor painter

and her family forbid it?”

“That’s right Princess, that’s why she never married and that’s why she never gave

any guy a chance whom we tried to introduce her too.”

“Yes Allistaire, well John Briggs is in town now and showcasing his work at

New York’s museum of art. It say’s he’s a famous artist now and has been for

Years and is very loved and respected in England, but only now coming to showcase

His work in America for the first time.”

“How nice for him Princess, but how sad for our lady, she should have married him,

she loved him.”

“Yes she should have, but Allistarie it’s not too late, we could bring them together again. “
“Hm ,” said Allistaire but how?”

“We could go over to the museum ourselves, wait for him and bring him to our lady.

Tell him about her.”

“But how can we talk to him, you know we can’t talk to human’s Princess like we

can to animals.”

“I know , we could bring along a photo of our lady, one when she was younger.”

“Good idea!”

“I always knew I was brialliant,” said Princess proudly with her tail up in the air, as

she went to the closest to look through her lady’s photo albums.

“There I found one!”

“Your forgetting something Princess.”


“It’s too dangerous outside, it’s full of cruel human’s

“Oh pooh, it’s worth the sacrifice for our lady,” Princess said proudly.

“And maybe it will make her loves us,” she said sadly.

“Maybe, but she’ll probably just skip off with this artist and not take care

of us anymore.”

“Our lady wouldn’t do that, she’d take us wherever she goes.”

“Ok we can go Princess but tomorrow morning, and we must be back by dark,

we will run out when the maid comes to clean the room.”

“Good that’s my brave Allataire,” she said cuddling up to him.”

“Now let’s get some rest, we have a big day tomorrow.”

“Ok Princess anyway ,” said Allistaire Id love too see our lady happy and with the

man she loves. She should have married him years ago.”

“I agree.”

“But so many years ago maybe it’s too late Princess,”

“It may be but I heard usually the spark can be rekindled if the two people

really loved each other.”

“That’s you the ever optimistic romantic Princess.”
“I know that’s the way I am. Now get some sleep.

As Princess and Allastaire slept Freddie and Lizzie were rudely awakened by a terrible

Monster, the constant honking of a car horn.

Lizzie and Freddie now fully awake, decided to practice crossing the street.

“Now Liz, just follow me and do what I do.”

“I’ll try Freddie.

Lizzie followed what Freddie did but she was so slow on her paws a big car was coming

And Freddie helped carry her to the other side for safety.

“I guess I messed up again Freddie, I’m so sorry I’m so helpless.”

“Now now, no your not sweetheart, were try again some other time. I’ll look

out for you Liz.”

Lizzie meowed gratefully. He took her to central park to play in the grass and find her

Some food. Lizzie and Freddie walked along the outskirts of the park.

“Just look at those trees Liz, aren’t they beautiful,” Freddie said staring in admiration.

Freddie did a double take as he saw Lizze going into an open taxi.

“Lizzie come back here, don’t go in there! Freddie hoped in the taxi to try to

pull her out but it was too late an elderly man had gotten in, and the big door was


“Oh Liz how could you,” Freddie said a bit irked.

“I’m sorry Freddie she said sniffling and nuzzling against him, I didn’t know any better.”

“Don’t cry Liz, quick hide under the seat before the man sees us!”

“Lizzie squatted under the seat as far as she could go.

“Where too?” asked the taxi driver.

“Long Island.”
“Right,” said the taxi driver.

The car took off with a zoom that scared Lizzie and upset her breakfast.

“Where’s Long Island Freddie,” whispered a frightened little voice.

“I don’t know I’ve heard of it as a kitten, but have never been there. It’s supposed to

be a pretty nice place for cats.”

“Lizzie smiled, then I did us a favor Freddie it’s a good thing I got us into this mess.”

Freddie couldn’t help but smile.

Freddie was relived the elderly gentleman was so engrossed in his evening paper that

He didn’t seem to notice the cats in the cab with him. He knew they were just

Lucky. Maybe this was a break for them he thought. He had heard tale that

Long island was a safe haven for cats compared to other places. Maybe he could find

A better and more secure place for he and Lizzie to find food, water and sleep. He

Thought on this as he watched the little tuxedo cat shivering.

“Poor poor dear,” he thought to himself. She definitely wasn’t made for the streets.

She needs a loving home and care. I just got to find her a home. This is no

Kind of life for her.”

It seemed like the ride would never end. Finally the door to the taxi was opened

And he helped carry Lizzie out quickly. The taxi sped away and they ran so the old man

Wouldn’t see them. They walked the streets of Long Island and saw the beautiful

Homes. Freddie held Lizzie’s paw and showed her the pretty houses to cheer her up.

Oh no a loose dog, some on Liz let’s run on the count of three 1 2 3 run!”

Liz ran as fast as her little paws could carry her till her little paw pads were sore.

Freddie told her they could finally stop running, that the dogs were nowhere in sight.

“Whew that was a close one Liz.”

Just then they heard the most pitiful meow they ever hear in their entire lives. It

Sounded like a baby crying.

“Meow Meow,” their eyes soon saw where the sorrowful noise was coming from. In the

backyard of a brown shuttered house a cat was being tortured. A man was hitting it

with a broom.”

“You evil cat, you ruined my new coat and teethed it to death, get away you,

just because my wife and kids want you around , doesn’t mean your staying. Get out of

here. The little cat shuddered and still rubbed up against it’s owner, trying to make


“Don’t give me that you stupid cat!”

Before he could say another word Freddie got on one side and scratched while

Lizzie got on the front side of him and scratched.”

“Get out you cats get away, you monsters what are you trying to do murder me!”

They scratched away till the little honey colored cat could get out of harms way.

The man started running away to get away from the scratching, let go of the broom

And ran down the street.”

“Good job Lizzie, we got him good show.”

“Lizzie smiled proudly.

They both turned their attention and concern immediately too the poor little

Honey colored cat shivering under a tree.”

“It’s all right honey, you’ll be all right now,” said Freddie reassuringly. We will take

care of you.”

“We sure will,” said Lizzie kindly patting the frightened kitty gently with her paw.”

“What’s your name,” asked Freddie kindly.

“I I,” she stared I have no name.”

“”No name, said Lizzie sadly. Poor dear.

The little kitty began to cry and they comforted her.”

It will be all right honey,” said Freddie giving the frightened cat a hug.

“We shall give you a name.”

The frightened cat looked up hopefully.

“We shall call you Annabelle, you look like an Annabelle,” doesn’t she Liz?”

“Annabelle,’ the little honey cat repeated happily.”

Lizzie smiled, “She sure does, a pretty name for a pretty kitty.

Annabelle smiled up at Lizzie.

Lizzie licked her fur to clean her off.

“Thanks for rescuing me you too,” said Annabelle softly.

“Your so welcome honey ,” said Lizzie happily. Your like

the sister I never had. Consider me your sis,” Lizzie said giving

her a hug.

“Your very welcome Miss Annabelle,” Freddie said, as he gently kissed her paw.

Annabelle blushed, and looked down shyly. Freddie could tell she was a very shy and

Frightened little kitty.

“Gosh she’s beautiful,’ he thought.

Annabelle looked up at him again demurely and their eyes met and violins started to play.

Freddie felt an all consuming love for this beautiful young paw. He knew then and there

He was very in love for the first time in his life. She was his perfect one his love , he

Would do and die for her. His highest goal was to win her heart and her paw.

Lizzie stood there grinning. She knew Freddie was in love with her and was happy for

Them. She had a small crush on Freddie when she first met him, but it was replaced

By a sisterly feeling. She saw how shy Annabelle was and knew Freddie would be

Patient with her and win her heart. She grinned.

But before Freddie could say anything more to Annabelle the man who was beating

Annabelle came running back with some other men with him. It only took one

Glance for Freddie to recognize who they were. It was the animal catchers.

“Come on lets run for it,” shouted Freddie.

He could see Annabelle was too weak to run, so he put her on his back and told her to

Hold on. He told Lizzie to run beside him. She ran as fast as her little paw would take

Her. Freddie told her too hop on his back too, but she was starting too get too weak.

Her pace got slower.

“Freddie I can’t make it, I’m sorry, you two go ahead, I’’ catch up I..”

Just then the poor little black and white tuxedo was swept up and put in a cage.

Freddie and Annabelle stopped in their tracks.

“No Freddie meowed let her go or take us too.

“Come said the men,” we’ll never catch the other cats lets take her in.

“Wait Freddie yelled come back he ran after the truck.

“Take us to she shouted, come back,”

But the truck drove away without them.

Freddie and Annabelle started to cry.

“Oh Freddie it’s all my fault if she wouldn’t have tried to rescue me , she’s

me fine.”

“It’s not your fault at all Annabelle. Lizzie loves you and wanted to rescue you.”

“So do I.” Said Freddie

Annabelle looked up.”

“We’ll find Lizzie, “ said Annabelle we must she’s so good and cute.”

“I promise you will find her. First we need to take a taxi back to the city. I;m

sure that’s where they are taking her. That’s what the van said on it.”

“I love Lizzie, so much Freddie, her only thought was to rescue me.”

Freddie smiled. He so hoped that Annabelle would grow to love him too.

The two of them searched till they found a taxi back to New York city.

Freddie helped Annabelle inside and curled up next to her so she would feel safe

And not cry.

Meanwhile Lizzie was taken into an animal shelter in the city. She was scared

Frightened and she missed her new friend. She worried she would never see them

Again. They locked her in the cage that night and she prayed that Annabelle and

Freddie would soon find her and rescue her. Oh how she missed them. She

Wandered what would become of her. The shelter was so dark and cold and

She hated being in a cage. She had no one to nuzzle with or give her affection

Which she always craved, so she nuzzled up against the cage till she fell into a

Heavy and troubled sleep.

Freddie and Annabelle hoped out of the taxi and began their search for Lizzie. They

Gave each other a hug for good luck in their search.

Lizzie woke up alone at the shelter a loud barking dog was in the cage next to her. The

Shelter was so crowded and really dirty. She was so scared. She saw a lady deciding on

Who too adopt. She came over too Lizzie’s cage.

“Oh a cute little boy,”

He’s not a boy,” said the man in charge. It’s a girl tuxedo kitty.

“Oh I see I wanted a boy, show me some more of your cats.”

Lizzie looked relieved. She didn’t take to that lady and besides she wanted to be

Back with Annabelle and Freddie.

Allistaire and Princess mad e a run for it that morning when the maid cam in. They

Soon found themselves in the streets and Princess had never been so scared in her entire

Life. She was shaking . All of that traffic scared her.

“It’s ok Princess,”I’ll take care of you,” said Allistaire calmly.

Allistaire who was used to rough city life helped Princess cross the street. They

Searched for the museum of art. They knew they’d have to have help.

They saw two cats walking down the street. It was Freddie and Annabelle.

They introduced themselves.

“Hi I’m Freddie and this is Annabelle. We’d be glad to help you find the Museum of art

I happen to know where it is.”

“Thank you so much,” said Princess and Allistaire in unison. That’s very

kind of you.”

Oh it’s nothing,” said Freddie kindly. “Anything for a fellow animal.”

They all followed Freddie.

“I couldn’t help but notice,” said Princess thoughtfully you two look worried, is

there any way we could help you. You two look like you just lost your best friend”

“Actually we did , our friend a little tuxedo kitten named Lizzie was captured by an

animal shelter yesterday.”

“Oh no “ said Allistaire.

“Poor dear,” said Princess.

“We shall help you find her,” said Princess.

“We will what?” asked Allastaire.

:No Allastaire we will be glad to help these poor cats.”

“Well thanks so much,” said Freddie.

“It’s very kind of you,” said Annabelle.

“And we will help rescue the kitty first before the museum, it’s more


“No ,said Freddie you don’t have too.”

“But we insist,” said Princess.

Meanwhile back at the pound Lizzie was getting adopted by a young couple.

“Isn’t she a dear,” said the lady smiling. Holding Lizzie gentle. Lizzie

nuzzled up against the Lady and pured.

“Yes she is,” said her husband happily. She’s beautiful.”

“She’s yours dear,”

“Thank Robert your so good to me.”

The young couple took Lizzie home with them to their Manhatten apartment. Though

Lizzie was very happy to have a warm and loving home, she missed her friends. She

Even tried to make the couple understand, but they didn’t. She tried running away. But

They had her in a carrier were she couldn’t. The apartment was beautiful, with shades

Of green, pink, yellow, and blue. She was cuddled by the Mrs. And she could tell

The ladies husband loved her too. He scooped up Lizzie and held her close to him. She

Purred like crazy and nuzzled up to him.

“See Robert she loves you.”

“She sure does Ellen.”

The couple kissed and embraced with the kitten between them. Lizzie smiled, she

Loved to see love and affection. Lizzie got tons of new toys when she arrived. She so

Wished Freddie and Annabelle were there to enjoy them too. She even had a

Beautiful big cat tree waiting for her.

“Let’s see Ellen,” what should we name this little one?”

“Let’s see Ellen, so many pretty names would suit her.”

Lizzie smiled up at him.

“please you name her Ellen, I’d love you to be the one to name her.”

“All right, thanks. How about Lizzie?”

“Lizzie’s ears perked up, she couldn’t believe these human’s had guessed her name.

They were smarter then she had given them credit for.

“Yes, Lizzie a fine name, very beautiful Lizzie smiled and snuggled more with her new

family. Then she felt a deep pang of sadness. How could she live without Annabelle and


Meanwhile Freddie and Annabelle were searching the streets and shelter they could get

Into to find little Lizzie. It was very dangerous sneaking into the shelters and they both

Knew that they ran into a great risk of being caught. But they knew they’d do anything

For their little Liz. They searched and searched but never gave up. They had checked

Every shelter in town, but no Lizzie.

Oh Freddie I miss her so,” said Annabelle tearfully.

“I know darling, we’ll find her, I promise.

Annabelle was so touched when Freddie called her darling. No one had ever called her

Darling before. She felt light as a feather and so happy.

Freddie kissed her paw and gave her a kiss on the check.

“That’s for my sweetheart,” Freddie said softly.

“Sweetheart,” Annabelle repeated to herself.

“Annabelle suits you sweetie. Your like a southern paw a true lady.

“Anna smiled gracefully.

“I’ll also nickname you Anna capana,” Freddie said with a giggle.

Annabelle giggled also.

Annabelle was a soft bundle of fur. Her fur as soft as snow. She had been owned by

Owners who had abused her daily, so she was very leary of trusting people. She hoped

Not all people were cruel. She so wanted a loving family. At first she got use to being

Beaten and swated at, almost docile after while. She cried every night, where you slept

In the garage. It got so cold in there. She was so grateful for being rescued.

Freddie Annabelle, Allastaire, and Princess continued their search for Lizzie, but

Decided to let Allastaire and Princess go to the museum to find their lady’s former bow.

Freddie showed them where the museum was and thanked them for their help. He

Made them promise to keep in touch. Allastaire and Princess were sneaking around the


“I guess were lucky Allistaire, we got past the door without anyone seeing us. That

was a close one. Let’s continue to be sneaky.”

“Yes if we get caught off to the pound we go, “ said Allistarie,” angrily.

“Not if were clever Allistaire, and you have nothing to worry about.

“Why?” asked Allistaire dumbfounded.

“Because you have a cat on your side.”

“Ha!” said Allistaire.

They were sneaking past the one guard and were right under his nose. How blind the

Man must be, they both thought. They looked at the artwork as they went. They also

Looked at the wall and saw when John, the artist would be there with his exhibit. It

Seems he wouldn’t be there till that evening. So they had to hide out in the museum till

Then and be as sneaky as possible.

Evening finally came and Allistaire and Princess waited and watched. They finally saw

A man come in who they thought they thought could be John. He was tall thin and had

A graying beard and hair. A group of people came in looking at the art work and

Enjoying it. They seemed to be gathering around various paintings. Also the cats

Noticed they seemed to be asking the bearded man a lot of questions about the


“That must be him,” whispered Princess, under a plush sofa.

“Yes it sounds like he’s the one,” said Allistaire.

Princess and Allastaire waited till all the people were leaving, and after they

Had their snacks and conversations. Princess swapped some of one ladies plate and she

Didn’t even notice it. She generously shared it with Allastaire.

The artists looked tired and worn out after all the people left. They could tell he was

Ready to leave, and decided to soon act quickly.

Then they heard him talking to himself.

“Oh I’ve gone so far, much farther then I ever excepted. The people here love and

appreciate my work. And I appreciate them. Oh, he said thoughtfully yet sadly

at the same time. If only Constansce were here to share in my success as well as my

failures he added. Oh dear Constansce.

“So Allistaire you see he does still remember her, and it sounds like he still loves her.”

“It sure seems like that,” said Allastaire happily.

“Now this is where we come in,” said Princess.

Out the two cats jumped right in front of John.

“My oh my,” said John. What do we have here, a cat and a dog. My word how

did you two get into the museum. Trespassers? He asked good naturedly.

“Don’t be afraid of me I love cats and dogs. Come on sweethearts come closer.”

“What a nice man,” thought Princess

Princess and Allisatire came closer to him. He saw Princess had something in her mouth.

John took it from her and was shocked to see a photo of Constansce his beloved.

“Oh my Constansce it’s Constansce. Where did you get this photo,” John asked


Princes and Allistaire smiled at each other in approval. They were pleased with


John had to sit down, he was too stunned to talk. He was amazed. After all these

Years. Princess jumped on his lap and purred and John petted her. Allistarie also got


“Princess then jumped off and started running and waited for John to follow her. He stood up shocked.

“She’s trying to tell me something, he said following her, as Allastaire followed behind them.

She must be trying to take me where Constansce lives. I heard she went to live in

America about 15 years ago. She must be here now. Oh no, I can’t go, he said
Slowing down, not following Princess anymore.

Princess looked disappointed and stopped for a moment and listened to him.

“Oh no I can’t go, it’s been too many years. Too many years have gone by. She

probably has forgotten me totally by now, and it’s too late.

Princess and Allistaire looked up at him sadly. They felt bad for him. But

Tried to encourage him , by jumping up to his knee and clinging.

“I know little ones, but it is too late. Suddenly he brightened up.

“Then maybe it isn’t. If there’s a chance she still love me or could love me again.

I can’t let this only opportunity to see her again go by. I just can’t. All right

My friends lead the way!” he said giving Princess and Allistaire a big hug.

Back in the streets Freddie and Annabelle, were still hard at work trying to find

Lizzie. But it was nightfall and they had to get some rest. They promised to get up early

The next day and search from dusk till dawn.

Annabelle was extremely tired from her days traumas. Freddie really felt for her. He

found her a good place to sleep in a shaded window box on the first floor of a building.

He saw there was flowers in the window box and picked one for her. It was a beautiful
Pink rose.

“A little pink rose for your little pink nose,” Freddie said gallantly.

It was true Annabelle had a pink little nose. She also had beautiful light green eyes and

The softest fur that ever graced a cat. She was a beauty and a southern belle.

Freddie got lost in her eyes and was captivated by her beauty and her soft little meows.

Annabelle blushed.

“Thank you so much sir.”

Freddie bowed gallanently

“Your so very welcome my lady.”

He kissed Annabelle’s paw, his Anna Capana .

Annabelle and Freddie both talked about missing Lizzie and planning how to

Get her back. They reasoned she must not be in the shelters and probably luckily got

Adopted. That word adopted scared Annabelle. As she was well aware of the cruelty

That humans do too animals. Freddie tried to reassure her that not all humen are like

That. She seemed to relax more. He kissed her nose and held her paw as she fell asleep.

Freddie wandered how people could not believe in God with such a beautiful creation

Like this as proof. He loved her from her ears to her paws.

Allastaire and Princess were leading John to their lady. John’s heart was pounding

With anticipation and fear. Would Constansce still love him. He knew he still loved her.

They led him across the street and finally to a big apartment.

“So he thought, she lives in the heart of Manhatten.”

He followed them up the steps and into the elevator. Finally to the apartment.

Princess and Allistaire forgot that the door would be locked when the maid left and

Locked up for the day.

My the look on the cat and dogs eyes. He decided to wait till she came back. He must

See her he knew he must. He truly did still love her. He took a seat on a bench in thehalloway and Princess and Allastair curled up beside him.

You two little angels you led me to where she lives. You obviously went through

All this trouble for oyu rlady you must love her very much.

Princess meowed.

Then I’ll wait and hope for the best, he said fondly petting them both.

“I know were going to love him Allastiare.”

Definitly barked Allastaire. He loves animals

and out lady Princess reminded him.

John fell sleep waiting for her, with the loyal and good animals beside him.

He woke up to the sound of footsteps.

He saw Constansce’s surprised expression she looked like she would faint

He got up and prepared to catch her but this was not the case

She remained perfectly still

“John she said through tears it cant be you is it you?

Its me Constansce he said gently I’ve come back .

“You’ ve what” asked Constansce through tears waiting for an explanation

he finished his sentensce of come back for you

Oh John its been so long too long she said holding out her hand to him

He took it and kissed it

You’ve grown a beard

He touched his beard thoughtfully hoping she approved

It suits you she said smiling

“Constansce he said squeezing her hand I love you you must know it.

Is it possible you could love me again?”

“Again?” she asked sadly I never stopped.

The reunited couple embraced and kissed.

“Oh I love happy endings Princess said pleased with herself

Just remember I had something to do with this reunion too Allastaire said proudly

They both laughed happily so glad to see there lady so happy

“And look said Princess at the nice new dad we just got

Yes I never thought of that said Allastaire happily

Maybe shell love us now said Princess hopefully

Were see said Allastaire

Constansce came out of Johns embrace and invited him in for tea. He complemented her

on her apartment but most of all they talked together a lot. Most of how they had missed

each other. Constansce admitted what a fool she had been not to marry the man she

loved. She admitted she should have never let her parents friends or herself talk her out of

Marrying the man she loved. From what Princess and Allastaire could make out of all the

human talk. They planned to marry and move to a home in Connecticut.

“Horray!” meowed Princess

Allastaire did you hear that? were going to the country!

“Yippy” barked Allastaire

They were so happy and excited. Constansce came over to Princess and Allastaire

hugged them and thanked them She told them she loved them both so much and would

never leave them and always love them. John came over and held them too.

“Here that my dear said Constasnce were going to the country

Princess and Allastaire cuddled up happily to their human parents and then their

Thoughts drifted from their new found happiness too the two little kitties they

Met in the street who had lost their best friend

Oh please God les them find Lizzie Princess prayed silently

It was early morning and Freddie and Annabelle had awakened. They yawned and

stretched and Freddie got Annabelle some sardines for breakfast They then started down

the streets of NY looking for their little tuxedo friend Lizzie.

Lizzie was so enjoying Robert and Ellen’s pampering. She had a cat tree all the toys she

wanted a continuous supply of food. Lizzie found out she loved to eat and had a big

appetitte. But as happy as Lizzie was she was still very sad deep down for she missed

Her dear friends Annabelle and Freddie She had came to look upon Annabelle as a

Big sister and Freddie a big protective brother. Though she put on a big front to be tough

To make it in the streets. She was really a very scared kitty who need lots of affection

Luckily Robert and Ellen were loving parents and gave her lots of it.

Days went into weeks and two whole weeks had gone by and Freddie and Annabelle had

Still not found there friend. They were convinced they’d never find her, but on the other hand still held out hope. They vowed to never give up.

Wake up little Lizzie said Ellen kindly were going for your first walk in the park

Lizzie awakened from her slumber and her eyes brightened as she heard the word walk

and park, now was her chance to escape and find Freddie and Annabelle

Robert and Ellen put a pink harness on her and then put her in her carrier to be taken to

Central park

Oh no a harness thought Lizzie now Ill never escape to see my friends

Freddie and Annabelle were strolling through central park asking every stray cat or dog

they say if they had seen or heard of a little back and white tuxedo kitty named Lizzie

There hearts were heavy hearing the word no constantly

Freddie and Annabelle looked around and saw lots of cats on leashes being taken out for

their Sunday stroll but no black and white tuxedo

Freddie and Annabelle sat under a bench sharing a hamburger for lunch Freddie gave

Annabelle the most.

As they were eating they spied a young couple walking with a cat with its back to them it was a tuxedo.

“Oh no said Freddie looking at Annabelle I’m sure its just another look alike but I”ll go


Freddie got out from under the bench and Annabelle followed

Their eyes showed with surprise, and so much happiness when who do they see on a

harness and leash but Lizzie herself their favorite tuxedo

Lizzie meowed Freddie and Annabelle in unison

It’s you we love you and missed you!”

Lizzie looke dup in surprise and meowed in delight

“Now now said Ellen softly don’t get excited Lizzie its just two other kitties,
You’ve seen other kitties before.”

“Yes,” Robert said “you can sniff them,” he said jokingly.

They were surprised when Lizzie flew towards them on her leash dragging the young

couple with her.

Sister and brother Lizzie shouted joyfully as she ran to Annabelle and Freddie and they ran

to her

Our little baby sister Annabelle and Freddie said joyfully in unison

Robert and Ellen noticed how al three of the cats licked each other cuddled like

Old friends

If I didn’t know any better said Robert Id think their having a reunion

“Your right Robert Ellen said happily it really looks like they are.”

Freddie’s ears perked up happy that some humans were actually very intelligent

We thought wed never see you again Liz said Annabelle kissing and lickingher Lizzie

licked and kissed her back

“Yes,” said Freddie sadly we were so worried but no were so happy he said brightly

because we have you.”

“We have Pooh corrected Annabelle she’s our Lizzie Pooh.”

“Yes Pooh said Freddie licking Lizzie lovingly we have Lizzie Pooh.

“I cant get over how the cats are acting,” said Ellen

“We better go,” said Robert pulling back Lizzie’s leash and harness

Lizzie struggled with all her might to pull the other way every time

They’d pull Lizzie. She pulled towards her friend

“Oh this wont work said Robert it will hurt her little neck.”

Wait Robert I really do think they know each other

And love each other said Robert looking at her lovingly and planting a kiss

On her cheek.

“Why not?” She said smiling

“You know woman are usually right I’ll take your word for it.”

“They could be long lost friends they don’t look like their from the same litter remarked

Robert but they could be friends.”

Lizzie feeling bad for her human parents went to them quickly to console them and rub

up against their shoes.

And then she ran back over to Annabelle and Freddie and rubbed up against them.

“Look Ellen she’s claiming us and them as her territory.”

“Yes she is,” said Ellen brightly

“Do you think they have a home? Ellen asked.

“Well they have no tags or collars honey I think its safe to say they don’t they look not w

Taken care of like they’ve been living in the streets.”

“Oh Robert could we? asked Ellen Pleadingly.”

I know what your going to ask Ellen and he paused did you really think id

“Say when you look up at me with those beautiful sad green eyes of yours.”

“Oh Robert she said hugging him and they embraced and kissed.

The cats were glad to see the couple showing affection and loving each other

Lizzie and Annabelle and Freddie embraced.

It was a happy ending that would never end. Freddie and Annabelle were adopted by

Ellen and Robert They took good care of Freddie Annabelle and little Lizzie

And gave them plenty of love and affection and had many toys and a big cat tree

Looking out of their apartment they were finally one big loving family

Annabelle and Freddie looked after little Lizzie like she was their baby. They took

Good care of her. She was a very needy kitty and needed so much love and affection

She was starved for love and food. She also loved to nuzzle. Annabelle and Freddie

Were so happy they were sweethearts. They were engaged and would marry sometimes.

Lizzie voluntered gladly to marry them and be the minister.

The all lived happily ever after in the loving home of Ellen and Robert, who loved them

To pieces and always said they were the best kitties ever and little angels sent down from

Heaven to bring them love and joy. Freddie’s Annabelle’ and Lizzie’s adventures were

just beginning they had much mischief fun adventure and love to get into.

As for Princess and Allistaire they were happily moved to the country with their human

parents John and Constansce .

The End

Rosella Ann Myles

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double kittens
I think you have a technical problem while using MS Word. It appears that you use double carriage returns as double spacing, and the Word automatically capitalizes the first word of each line:

[quote]a very street-

Wise cat named[/quote]

[quote]After all these


[quote]every time

They’d pull Lizzie[/quote]

Otherwise, a very endearing, sweet story. I am biased, though, I like kittenish women.

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