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All in quotes is on the website below:-

“The handing out of National Lottery funds to so-called ‘modern art’ projects that insult and degrade (as of course they are intended to) the very name of art, has become a minor national scandal, almost as bad as the way in which money from the same fund is repeatedly handed to politically correct rather than popular causes.”

The bnp wants freedom of speech for everyone except those whose ideas about art don’t agree with theirs.

“10. We recognise that the Labour policy of closing special needs schools and forcing their pupils through the mainstream education system is a policy imposed for reasons of egalitarian dogma and short-sighted cost-cutting . . . We would therefore reverse the closure of special needs schools.”

Special needs schools are to be used to help segregate children from their disabled peers.

“We will systematically de-fund nonsense disciplines [at Universities] and will not provide grants or loans for such studies.

Our education system must be reconstructed with the emphasis on
mathematics, science and hands-on experience to prepare the new generation
of engineers and technicians needed to design, build and maintain new breeds
of environmentally friendly, safe and efficient transport.”

Studies that may encourage students to think for themselves will be ruthlessly cut and only disciplines that suit the bnp will be permitted.

“The BNP is widely known as the only British political party warning of the danger posed to our democracy, traditions and freedoms by the creeping Islamification and dhimmitude of Britain. This does not, however, mean that we are against Islam per se. As far as we are concerned it is simply another foreign mindset whose adherents are welcome to do whatever it instructs them to do – in their own countries.”

Conveniently forgetting that Christianity is a ‘foreign mindset’, the bnp will persecute anybody who tries to follow their own religious beliefs in Britain.

“The [BNP] believes in genuine ethnic and cultural diversity and the right of ALL peoples to self-determination and that must include the indigenous peoples of these islands.”

Erm – the bnp believes in ethnic and cultural diversity in Britain, including Islam, as long as it isn’t in Britain?

Y’know, the writers of this steaming pile of horse-droppings called the bnp manifesto have definitely missed their vocation. Having said that, who knows, may the Monty Python team are planning a come-back? (perhaps they invited Terry Pratchett to be a guest writer).

Take care

In five hundred years time, most of us will be forgotten dust. But Hitler will still be remembered, God loves irony.

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The following comments are for "British Nitwit Party 2nd and last dollop of bulls**t"
by Ogg

Scaring the Tourists

Well you have clearly hung our dirty linen on an international line for all to see, alas I think you have scared Macbeth away from our little island!

Prejudice exists everwhere and the BNP make it easy for people to see what they are because of their pejudice against anything that differs to their all white, all British, all abled bodied view!

Your explanation of their manifesto was hardly neccessary as they clearly make no excuses for their policies, however I would like to assure our overseas friends that not all Britains are like this. We are just the result of the mixture of races that has been put in the melting pot over the years to produce a mongrel race that once dominated the world! (along with the romans etc. etc.)

Now should we get along as Irish, Welsh.. Scots....well that's another question.

The English are the only ones here who do not have their own ruling body...strange that isn't it?

Paul, you did an excellent job of exposing this party for what it is and I applaud you, if you sweep the rubish under the carpet it never gets swept away!


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 18, 2005 )

Ivor's comment
I hope you'll excuse the timing of this-coming as it does in the aftermath of both the London 'evenments'.

I 'daresay ' was extremely touched by all that Ivor has said here about severely limited world views and the bane of racist that as it may.

However -let's face it :how many white westerners would deign to exchange a few words with an Indian or a Pakistani , much less have them over for tea- considering that a scant 50 years ago their forebears were the colonial masters of much of the subcontinent.Not too many ,i would think.

To illustrate the point i'm trying to make - I know of a guy called Rajmohan -an Indian ,based 'over there'. Assuming for a moment it were possible ,could any of you conceive of inviting him over to your homes for tea.

Of course if one learnt of his antecedents it might put an entirely different complexion on things : he being the grandson of Gandhi -as well as Rajagopalachari ,who took over from Mountbatten as Governor General of India.

That being the case ,i get the 'sense' that much of what is being said about multiculturalism and racial tolerance is only by way of lipservice.Deep down people are at daggers drawn ,across the racial divide.

Let me also say that I see nothing reprehensible about this phenomenon : for it is entirely in keeping with the natural order of things.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: July 22, 2005 )

Family of Man

First to set the record straight in case their was any confusuion, I was admiring Paul for pointing out the view of the majority of British that we totaly reject racism in any form and we have even developed specific laws to fight it. My comments abot the Wesh etc. were in jest, but things have got to such a stage that even this now can be taken as prejudice!

I have spent many years in multi-racial societies and my own family is multi-racial, I only point this out in order for you to understand how my personal views have been developed.

' I see nothing reprehensible about this phenomenon : for it is entirely in keeping with the natural order of things.'

On this I disagree, White supremacy sickens me, The 'cast' system sickens me, as does any form of prejudice. I agree that we have inbred instincts that drive our feelings in this direction at times, but these are the same instincts that lead people to cheat, lie and steal and, as with all evil temptation, they should be repelled and we should fight to do what we know to be right.

'how many white westerners would deign to exchange a few words with an Indian or a Pakistani ,'

In a nutshell, I would say most of us! It appears that you have a very poor view of us lot and that is obviously our fault. This was the one worry I had about Paul airing our dirty linen on Lit, but the the reason, I believe, for the piece was to show that we will not tollerate this evil!

Living in Asia for a few years I saw the conflicts and acceptance between different races and this problem is universal, but I for one do not check the colour of somebodies skin before inviting him into my house or communicating with his soul.

Again, may I explain that I am not being critical of your response, you tell it as you see it and I am grateful for that as I see we all have a lot to do to put things right. The recent poetry of yours I commented on screams this at us! I am always intested in others views as to how the Family of Man feels that they are getting on together!

Have Fun,


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: July 22, 2005 )

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