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'Legend of Prothima' is the first book in the series, 'Crystal Wars'.

To view it, please visit

After reading, please retuen here and post comments. I greatly appreciate the support! Thank you to everyone who is helping a young author get started!

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The following comments are for "Crystal Wars: Legend of Prothima"
by 15YearOldWriter

I was surprised that when clicking on your story to view it, it wasn't there, but a website that would lead me to its whereabouts. I went to the website and was appalled that the site was asking for $4.99 for me to buy and then read the Crystal Wars. No way Jose. So instead I read the sample and now based on the brief excerpt you have afforded this broke reader, here's my review:

First off, let me congratulate you that one so young is getting paid for his stories. Good job. Now to the critical part . . . the sad thing is that I can tell that you are 15 just by your use of childish diction, like "puke green." Words were repeated too often like the word "goblin," I think you must have used it like seven, eight times in the first paragraph. There isn't enough to get me hooked. If you're going to post a story, actually do it . . . please. I really can't give a thorough review by what I was allowed to read. Otherwise, I'm still impressed by that achievement but please post it for us all to read.

( Posted by: TheGreatSage [Member] On: May 5, 2005 )

thank you
Thanks a lot for the animadversion. I have inserted below the full story so that you do not have to purchase it. This is, however, the only story I will post it for. It's the first book of the series. The first chapter is more of a description; it's not part of the actual story line. It is more than 40 pages on microsoft word, double spaced, so it may take a while to read. Thank you again for the comment! I hope you make more after you read this.

Crystal Wars
Legend of Prothima
Chapter I
The Legend of Azeroth is well known throughout the kingdom. It is said that the Creator placed four crystals throughout the world that held extraordinary powers within them. Those who found a crystal were blessed with the powers of a God. One warrior, Cell, discovered a crystal exactly nine hundred ninety-nine years ago. He selfishly killed innocent people and he could not be stopped. An extremely intelligent scientist, who is blessed by the Gods, invented a spell that would seal Cell in the underworld for a long time. Since Cell was not a true God and is immortal, the seal will eventually break and Cell will once again be on the loose. The anniversary of Cell being sealed in the underworld is drawing closer everyday. When this dreadful day comes, he will be released from the seal binding him in the underworld, and he will once again bring chaos to the Earth.
The music of the Kingdom of Azeroth rang high as clashing swords made contact. The Kingdom of Azeroth is based on the art of battle and teamwork. It is against the law to murder another citizen. Weapons are only used when training and when defeating enemies. Enemy nations are not the only threats to the Kingdom of Azeroth. There are far greater threats roaming the world. Incredible monsters run wild in the wilderness. They range from small goblins to gigantic dragons. It is extremely rare to see a dragon. The only recorded human to tame a dragon was Cell. Once every year the dragons leave their homeland in the south and travel north for a different source of food; humans.
All of the Nations and city-states in the past were never at peace and constantly at war. This all ended when the great King Arthas of Azeroth took power. He was the greatest king to ever rule any nation. He united all of the Northern nations, known as Prothima. The only landform connecting the two continents is a thin landform not more than half a mile wide, called Shilan. As he was crossing it, legend says that a gigantic sea monster swallowed him and his army whole. He was never able to unite Prothima and Kalimdor.
The Kingdom of Azeroth has the greatest army the world has ever seen. Not only is it the largest army in the world, but they have the best weapons and war plans. The foot soldiers, knights, and guards defend the kingdom from invaders and wild monsters. There are specialized units whose main jobs are to defeat and keep the dragons away from the Kingdom. They are some of the highest ranking officials because of their amazing skills and bravery. Without them, Azeroth would not stand a chance against the dragons.
Traveling was extremely difficult until the invention of the airship. The airship was designed by the same scientist who created the seal to lock Cell inside the underworld. Airships are very similar to ships that float in water, but instead of floating in water, they fly in the sky. They are powered by strong magic provided by the Benji race. The Benji look like humans, but are extremely short. The average height is three feet. Don’t mistake them by their size; their magic can summon great monsters and meteors from the sky. They are very peaceful, and never hurt people. They live in harmony with the people of Prothima. These amazing machines are extremely gorgeous and luxurious. Only the rich and high ranking citizens are able to fly these. Other people rely on ferries and animals to travel.
However, there is a large drawback to airships. Pirates, or the Mazta, roam the sky’s attacking airships and stealing anything they can get. These sky robbers came from the southern continent from the Kingdom of Mazta. They rarely directly attack a city. Their main goal is not to kill, it’s to steal. Their leader is Emperor Medivh. He is very selfish and is a terrible leader. Medivh is extremely disliked by his citizens because he does not protect his people from the terrible monsters and dragons. He is a short stocky man and wears dragon skin and armor. It is the best known armor ever made.
Survival and caution is very important because of the roaming monsters. It has been a tradition to create weapons and armor out of the monsters you kill. Popular body parts of animals include claws, teeth, skin, horns, and many other useful parts. The kind of animal weapons and armors you wear determine your rank in the social standing of the warrior’s guild. The most skilled warriors will have the rarer and more valuable skins. However, warriors do not have to wear the skins of their enemies. The trades of these items have been very popular and they have flooded the auction house. New industrial technologies have allowed people to create iron weapons, which often perform better than the monster parts. Only the rich are able to have access to these weapons because there are so little made. Within time all citizens will be able to have these amazing weapons for use against the dangerous monsters that threaten the kingdoms.

Chapter II

Kevlar approached King Arthas and bowed gracefully. Kevlar is a rather tall human. His father was one of the Kings knight, and his mother a Benji. Thus, Kevlar was blessed with the strength of a warrior and the magic power of a Benji. He followed in his father’s footsteps and is now a knight of the king. The king sends his knights on important quests, often if monsters get into the kingdom or if they are being attacked. Knights are rewarded with the latest iron weapons and armor for their prestigious accomplishments. It is extremely difficult to become a knight. There are only about two dozen.
“Rise, Sir Kevlar. I have an important quest for you. Let us retreat to the balcony to talk in private,” King Arthas stated, waving his arms in the air.
Kevlar followed the Arthas through the shining glass doors and out into the heat. The sun glared in their eyes, so they turned the other way. The king stood tall, his broad shoulders reflecting the sun rays. Even though the king showed a serious, battle scared face, Kevlar sensed that the king was worried about something.
“Kevlar, several citizens have gone missing while traveling between cities. I got very worried and sent out several scouts to explore the area for any problems. Only one has returned so far. He told me that there is an enormous herd of monsters living in the nearby mountain range. However, these are no ordinary monsters. These are goblins. We thought we whipped them out, but they must have regrouped. If they are indeed the ones who are killing the citizens, then we should try to get rid of them. It is very possible they will try to attack the kingdom,” Arthas told Kevlar in a somewhat worried voice.
“Yes sir! I will have to travel myself to see what forces we will need. Have the carpenters design at least four catapults to help destroy the watch towers. Prepare at least two-hundred warriors. If the goblin army is larger than we think, we may need thousands of warriors. Also, be sure to recruit some Benji. They are very useful in large scale battles. I will lead the troops, no other knights will be necessary.”
“Very well, best of luck to you. I will expect you back here within three days,” Arthas told Kevlar. “Any supplies you may need will be free, just visit the merchant shop in the kingdom. Oh, and Kevlar, do be careful.”
Chapter III
A small bell rang as Kevlar entered the room. A small Benji woman greeted him and led him to the storage room.
“Everything you need is here,” the small Benji woman told him. “Please visit the weapon shop for a new weapon and armor. It also may be wise to visit the quest guild before departing; they often have useful information. I’m sure you know all of this anyway. Oh, and make sure you do not talk about your mission in public. It is very private. Not even I know where you are going.”
“Thank you very much for your gratitude. These potions will be very useful,” Kevlar replied in a kind voice.
Kevlar took several potions and elixirs. Potions are useful in healing health when hurt, and elixirs are used to restore magic power. The potions are most useful to warriors, and the elixirs are very much favored by the Benji.
The street seemed much busier than when he entered the item shop. There were bazaars set up all along the sides of the street. Merchants screamed out advertisements such as “low prices!” and “half off!” to try and get more customers. The competition is very hard. That is a good reason why people use the auction house. They can leave the item there and have it sold without them having to set up a shop and wait.
A certain bazaar caught his eye. There was a small old Benji lady sitting behind it. She looked so much like the Benji in the item shop, that they are quite possibly sisters.
Kevlar approached the old lady. She didn’t seem to notice him. In fact, she didn’t even have any items for sale. The empty bazaar seemed awkward because they are always filled with interesting and unique items.
“Excuse me my lady, but are you selling anything?”
The old lady slowly looked up. Her blue eyes twinkled from the sunlight. Kevlar now noticed that she was synthesizing items. To synthesize an item means merging it with other items to create a more complex item. The only way to synthesize is by using magic, so that’s why humans have to pay the Benji to synthesize items for them. The items were small and large gems and crystals, and a few weapons. As she synthesized the items, they glowed extremely brightly. She finished each item in a matter of seconds. Kevlar has never seen anyone able to synthesize an item so quickly! It is a rather difficult task. Even he takes several minutes. The bright light stopped glowing from the sword she was synthesizing. He noticed that she had enchanted the sword with the power of fire. Flames surrounded the sword without burning it.
“Take this, Sir Kevlar. You know what to do.” The lady closed her eyed and suddenly disappeared. It was obviously a teleporting spell. She must be very skilled in the art of magic.
Kevlar touched the flame, but it did not burn him. He then remembered that the flame only burns his enemies; the magic works together with his mind. There are very few of these weapons actually made because people who try to synthesize it often break it, even the most skilled craftsmen.
Kevlar continued down the stone road, and headed to the weapon and armor shop. The shop was much larger than the item shop. It has many armor suits lined up against the wall with price tags too large to afford. He approached the counter and saw a rather young boy standing there helping a customer. Kevlar waited a few minutes until the customer left, then began to speak.
“Good day. I am Sir Kevlar. I was told by the king to…” The boy suddenly interrupted him.
“Father, father! Sir Kevlar is here for the…”
“Hush, boy,” the manager of the shop ordered the boy. “Go in the back and polish the armor for me, hurry.” The manager turned and looked at Kevlar, with a very welcoming smiling. “Sorry about my son. He is not very good about being quiet. The king told me about your quest. I have prepared the best suit of armor we have! Boy, are you done yet?”
“Yes father,” the young boy answered. “Here it is. But why, may I ask, are you giving it away for free?”
“I am sorry, but it is top secret with the king. If I told you, rumor may spread and then the whole kingdom will be in chaos. Do not worry, you will know soon enough.”
Kevlar interrupted before the son had a chance to argue back. “Thank you very much, sir. I must be going. I have a very busy day ahead of me.
“Sir Kevlar, what about your sword? You will obviously need one!”
“Don’t worry, I have that covered. Trust me…”
Chapter IV

Kevlar exited the kingdom gates and started on his journey. He decided he did not have to visit the guild because he had enough information. There was not any time to waste. Using his peripheral vision, he saw an arrow flying towards him at an amazing speed. All within a fraction of a second, he caught the arrow in mid-air. He squeezed it in his hand, breaking it into thousands of pieces and letting them all fall to the ground. He knew who the arrow was fired from. He had known her since he first went to military school.
“Hello Julien,” he said as he turned around. “It’s been a while.”
She jumped off of the kingdom wall, over Kevlar’s head and landed behind him. “Behind you,” she said in a cool voice and with a smirk on her face.
“Very funny. I would love to stay and chat, but I have to complete my…”
“I know,” Julien interrupted, “your quest. I am your partner. Didn’t the king tell you? We will certainly be unstoppable!”
Kevlar wasn’t sure if he should be excited or annoyed. He was looking forward to another quest lead only by him. On the other hand, he hadn’t seen his friend for many years. He decided that he should make the best of the situation. He didn’t want to destroy any friendships, because those that end friendships often need that friend later on in the future. He learned this when he left his father. His father could often be abusive and expected much from Kevlar. A few days after Kevlar left, he realized that relationships were very important because when you are in a time of need and you are alone, you lose all hope. You need other people to encourage and motivate you, or else you will never do anything by yourself. The people you love help you through the hard times in your life, and you have memories of them that last an eternity. Without the memories you feel like a nobody and that you do not deserve to live. Without friends and family by your side, is there a reason to live?

Chaper V
Without hesitation Kevlar invited Julien to join him. It would be nice to have some company around. They headed west through the Felwood forest. Kevlar did not get much fighting action because Julien killed each monster with one shot.
Her bows were as swift as a fox with each fire. Sometimes she shot several arrows at once to defeat the tougher monsters. Kevlar decided to use his magic power so that he could get more action. He is mainly a warrior and not a mage, so his magic did not kill in one hit. Julien took that as an opportunity to brag about her skills.
“C’mon, I thought you were a great knight of Azeroth and you can’t even kill simple forest monsters in one hit,” Julien bragged. “It takes me one shot; critical hit! I mean, these monsters don’t stand a chance!”
The two knights arrived at a cross-path. “We head right,” Kevlar ordered.
“No, we go left,” Julien replied.
“Julien, we are heading west. We must turn right and go northwest towards Stone Talon Peak. That is were the goblins…”
“I know where the goblins are!” Julien replied harshly. “We continue north across the Juda river.”
“Yes, but that takes you to the Nerubian Outpost where the goblins are located.”
“Exactly! That is where we are headed!”
“No, we are not attacking! We are going to climb Talon Peak and spy on them! We must figure out how many warriors they have and report back to the king.”
“Fine, I shall follow. I hope you are right, or I will pierce your weak body with my razor sharp arrows.”
“How about we stop making stupid threats and continue already! You are wasting my time!”
Kevlar departed without waiting for Julien. Not many monsters bothered him. Perhaps it was because of the ugly, angry face he was making. Whatever annoyed him now was going down. The forest started to get denser with plants so he drew his fireblade and started hacking like mad.
“Calm down big boy,” Julien said sarcastically.
“Leave me alone! I don’t know why I even invited you to come,” Kevlar replied angrily.
“So you don’t even want me here. Fine I’ll just leave.”
“Look, I’m sorry. I’m just stressed about the big mission. I didn’t know I would be accompanied by someone. I was looking forward to being alone for once. Not that I don’t like your company, it’s just that…”
“That what?” Julien interrupted. “Just forget it. We must continue. We don’t want to be late to report to the king.”
Kevlar, both happy that he won the argument and sorry that he hurt Julien’s feelings, led the way to Stone Talon Peak. The dense forest ended abruptly, as if something crashed here and tore a perfectly straight line, like a hedge. No more than thirty feet away was a large wall extending a great distance into the sky. Kevlar could not even see the top. It was obviously a mountain, again, cut perfectly straight like the edge of the forest. Kevlar had been here many times before, but this was Julien’s first time.
“How did this forest and mountain get to be so finely cut? It’s possible that someone may have cut the forest, but how can anyone cut this mountain? The rock is way too hard to cut through,” Julien wondered.
“It is from the Great War. You know, the war with Cell and his minions. Azeroth sent all of their airships, even the passenger ones to try and defeat the minion army. Many of the airships fell into the ocean, and some onto land. The airship that fell here fell so fast that it cut right through the mountain and forest. Also, at that time a few Benji put it under an ice spell to try and shield the impact so the airship would not explode. It’s believed that the Juda River was formed when the ice surrounding the airship exploded and melted.”
“But how does the mountainside stay perfectly straight all the way up?”
“Well, when the airship hit, the mountain cleaved and broke off in a sheet a few feet wide. When it collapsed, it cleaved into many small pieces. That is why on the other side of the mountain there are many rocks with perfectly smooth and flat sides. All of the large ones were stolen and sold by bandits. King Arthas is trying to make a law to protect the land so that it could be closely examined and therefore figure out what happened during the Great War. Anyway, enough history it’s time to spy. Oh, and by the way, if a goblin spots you… kill him. We don’t want it alarming the other goblins about us.”

Chapter VI
At about 10 o’clock at night, it started pouring out. Arthas spotted a stable that was built into the mountain. Arthas and Julien agreed to spend the night there. A faint sound of something breathing could be heard coming out of the stable. Arthas listened closely, puzzled about what it could be. He drew his sword as Julien watched in the distance. The fire glowed just bright enough to see inside the stable. There was a shadow leaning against the wall next to the entrance, slumped and apparently sleeping. He slowly raised the fireblade above his head ready to strike. Suddenly, the creature’s eyes shot open, revealing red, bloodshot eyes, hungry to kill. The creature reached for the pitchfork to his left and swung at Kevlar. Kevlar quickly blocked with his fireblade. He cut the pitchfork in half easily. He once again raised his fireblade over his head. The creature raised his right hand and leaned on his left, shrieking what sounded like the word “No!” Kevlar stabbed the creature where he assumed the heart was.
The eyelids slowly closed, covering the blood-red eyes for eternity. The creature fell sideways and laid lifeless on the hay floor. Kevlar lit a nearby torch on fire and it lit the stable marvelously. He heard movement behind him where the dead creature was laying. He turned around and saw two horses, one a beautiful white and the other a shiny black, sniffing and licking the face of a goblin, obviously the creature Kevlar previously killed. The horses turned away with disgust from the unbearable taste of the goblin. The goblin was an ugly green puke color, whose skin was bumpy with warts and whatnot. The teeth were an ugly yellow, darker in-between with plaque and garbage. The gums were a dark red, very vesicular as if he was punched several times or possibly tortured.
Humans underestimate the power of the goblins. One or two, even five goblins at a time will be simple to defeat, but with a gigantic army that he will soon see, there isn’t room for any mistakes.
Kevlar put the torch out and Julien and he spent the night. Kevlar was awoken by the sound of quick and heavy footsteps. “Julien?” he asked, but received no answer. He arose off of the floor and started to look for her. He turned into the stall next to his, and was suddenly face to face with the beautiful white horse. Alarmed, he jumped backwards and let out a yell of fear. He laughed at himself for doing so. The horse approached him, and knelt down, signaling Kevlar to get on him.
Without hesitation Kevlar jumped onto the horse. He set out to see where Julien may have gone to. He rode along the perfectly straight wall of Stone Talon Peak, marking his way in the mountain incase for some reason he gets lost.
The horse came to a hault. Kevlar wondered why the horse would suddenly stop. He looked around to see if there was something wrong. Suddenly, all of the small animals in the forest stopped moving and stood there like statues. Then, all at once they scurried away.
“Kevlar!” Julien shouted from behind.
“I was wondering where you went, Julien. We shouldn’t split-”
“I know, I know,” Julien interrupted. “But there is something more important happening. You know why those animals just ran away?”
“No, why?”
“They stopped because they sensed danger. I may be wrong, but I believe that there may be an earth-”
The ground suddenly started to rumble violently, cutting Julien’s voice off. The horses started to lift their front legs violently, almost throwing Kevlar and Julien off of them.
The rocks on the top of Stone Talon Peak started to shake violently. The large boulders that were piled on top of one another started to fall out of place. A rock fell off of one stack and rolled onto another, knocking it over like dominoes. At least ten large piles of rocks fell, and they all rolled downhill towards Julien and Kevlar. The horses took off, running past the part of the mountain that reached the sky.
Suddenly there was a huge crash. It sounded like the mountain may have split in half. The rumbling stopped, and the horses calmed down.
“That was the biggest earthquake I have ever felt, and I believe we are fairly close to the fault,” Julien stated.
“If anything this earthquake helped us… a lot.”
“What do you mean, Kevlar?”
Kevlar pointed to the mountain. The dust from the crash slowly settled to the ground, revealing a large hole about ten feet in diameter in the wall of the mountain.
“This must be the result of the crash. It totally demolished the pathway to the top of the mountain. Looks like we wont be climbing…” Julien said with a sort of sad tone to her voice.
“I’m not too sure about that. It looks like we already found the goblins. Not only goblins, but some of their friends too. A lot of them…”
Hordes of goblins and orcs were revealed. There were thousands of them
all in the mountain. The entire mountain chain was hollow! It was obvious why the goblins and orcs have left Azeroth alone so long; they were too busy digging in the mountain. Kevlar wondered how far the orcs and goblins may have dug.
Kevlar noticed a large difference between the goblins and the orcs. The orcs were noticeably taller than the goblins, about 9 feet tall. They looked just like the goblins, just taller and with shorter ears. They shared the same ugly green skin covered with warts and wounds. There was a large area with dead goblins and orcs where the boulder had fell, letting off a rather nasty and foul smell. Orcs picked up the goblin bodies and threw them outside of the mountain. Once they finished throwing out all of the goblins, they worked together to lift of the much larger orcs.

Chapter VII
Kevlar and Julien rode away so that they would not be detected. They followed the side of the mountain to see if there were any other openings in the mountain incase there were more goblins and orcs in the mountain.
Kevlar noticed a small flash of light in the distance, and pointed it out to Julien. It was a small black dot, and slowly grew larger. The object disappeared, and then reappeared a few seconds later, but much closer. Kevlar still could not make out what the object was. It continued its pattern of disappearing then reappearing.
“Ah, yes.” Julien said.
“What is it?” Kevlar asked.
“I am almost positive it is either something teleporting or possibly a dragon. I don’t see why a dragon would be flashing, though. “Should we wait here and see what it is?”
“No,” Kevlar replied. “Let’s go to it.”
“What?!” Julien shouted spontaneously. “Are you crazy?! We can’t take on a dragon by ourselves!”
“Julien, we are knights! If it is a dragon, we will have to report it to the king. Now let’s go.”
Julien sat on her horse watching Kevlar and his gorgeous horse ride quickly away. Her jaw was dropped. She couldn’t believe he was actually going towards the dragon. If the dragon spots him, it’s a sure death. There is no way his horse can outrun the amazing speed of a dragon.
Suddenly, Julien’s horse started racing forwards chasing the other white horse, possibly because they have always been together. Julien knew how it feels to lose someone. She is the last person in her family. Her parents died in a terrible airship crash. The benji that were powering the ship suddenly lost their magic powers and the ship fell into the Felwood Forest, the same forest she and Kelvar had traveled through earlier.
The horse quickly caught up, and they turned and nodded at each other, neighing in their unique language.
“Yes, it’s a dragon,” Kevlar announced as the horse slowed to a stop. “We should report this to the king immediately, and also tell him about the orcs and goblins in the mountain. For all we know, they may have dug through the whole mountain chain. If this is true, then we have a bigger problem than we expected.”

Chapter VIII
The sun fell behind Stone Talon Peak, dimming the once illuminated boulders. The mountain was indeed a mess, with dozens of boulders in random places, some split apart. The two companions continued through Felwood Forest to Azeroth. There were no fiends in sight to bother them; the earthquake must have scared them off. There were a few birds in the sky, but that’s about all.
The dragon they just saw before already build a fairly large nest on the top of Stone Talon Peak. Kevlar interpreted two possibilities for this; either the orcs and goblins were able to tame the beast, or the dragon is merely waiting for his prey.
“Argh, help! Is anyone there!?
Kevlar and Julien both turned their heads to see where the noise was coming from. The noise echoed off of the trees making it impossible to find where the man’s voice is.
A flare lit up a sky, possible a firaga spell, which is a very advanced fire spell. Kevlar and Julien raced towards the illuminated flare. Juliens horse suddenly disappeared causing her to fall on the ground. Kevlar ordered his horse to stop as well. As soon as Kevlar got off, his horse darted away. He knelt down next to Julien, feeling her forehead and checking her pulse. She was fine, just unconscious. Her head was laying on a thick log, which must have caused the damage. “How can her horse just disappear?” Kevlar wondered.
Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Kevlar saw a tall figure walking towards him. It was hearing a black cloak, and the face was dark and could not be seen. Kevlar could not tell if the figure was walking or gliding because of how smoothly is moved. Two red glowing lights glowed dimly where the eyes must be located.
Kevlar knelt perfectly still. He could feel his heart beating madly in his chest. Only one thought ran through his mind; Cell has returned.

Chapter IX
A small flame lit up as the dark figure lifted its arm. It sat in his hand and grew into a large fireball, giving off immense light rays. Streaks of fire shot out of the fireball in every direction burning everything in its path. Without the slightest twitch from Cell, the fireball flew at a great speed towards Kevlar. He drew his fireblade and amazingly blocked the fireball, bouncing it back towards Cell. Just moments before the fireball struck Cell, an invisible round shield flashed around his, blocking the fireball and sending it vertically into the sky.
Cell suddenly flashed like a hologram and disappeared into the atmosphere. Kevlar let out a sigh of relief as he rose off of his knees. He felt something grab his armor of his chest. He was slowly raised off of the ground. His exhausted heart started to beat frantically again, pounding out of his chest. He felt himself fly through the air, being thrown by something. He hit the ground with a large thump and turned around to see what had thrown him. Cell suddenly reappeared next to Julien. He carefully lifted her up into the air and started floating vertically.
Kevlar darted towards Cell attempting to stop him from taking Julien. Cell teleported just moments before Kevlar reached him. Kevlar felt Cell’s cloak slip out of his hands, letting Julien out of his sight.
Kevlar heard Julien’s voice, although very faint. “Five days… devastating attack… warn king… prepare… Cell… cryatal.. use the...” Julien’s voice faded away before she was able to finish he sentence. “Use the…” Use the what? And a devastating attack? Then she mentioned Cell… He must be up to something. There was only one obvious thing to do; warn the king.

Chapter X
Kevlar left the forest, now on foot. He remembered the sound of a man yelling before Cell appeared. He searched the flat terrain for any sign of footprints or a body. He noticed some smoke rising from behind a rock and he quickly raced towards it. He peered behind the rock to see what was creating this smoke. He turned away in disgust, almost vomiting. He covered his race with his bloody hands trying to absorb what he just saw.
Kevlar took another look to confirm what he had seen. He couldn’t believe what he saw. He was expecting it to be an ordinary man that Cell had seen and attacked, but this person was much more important than any ordinary citizen. Here laid the emperor of Kalimdor, the southern continent. It was obvious what Cell’s plan was; to kill all the kings and take over not only Prothima, but the whole world. If Cell had just killed the king of Kalimdor, the next reasonable target was no other than King Arthas.

Chapter XI
A deep mist glided slowly across the land covering everything and blocking the vision of objects no more than a few yards away. Even with a clear sky and a bright sun all seemed dark and gloomy. A bolt of lightning was visible above Kevlar’s head and a crack of thunder made the mist vibrate.
Kevlar heard high pitched footsteps coming from all sides. He stopped to examine the sound and checking to see if it was him making the unusual noises. The footsteps continued. Kevlar now knew where the footsteps were coming from; right in front of him. A heavy breathing sound erupted out of the beast in front of him. Kevlar’s heart was racing faster than ever before. Kevlar automatically drew his sword. Another bolt of lightning shot out of the sky illuminating what stood in front of Kevlar. The beast lifted his front legs, however not attacking Kevlar. A dark figure sat on top of the horse holding a fireblade similar to that of Kevlar’s, but an unusual shape, most likely handmade.
“Kevlar!” the dark figure shouted with might. “Come, we must make haste! We do not have time in our favor.”
Kevlar approached the man on the horse, noticing it was King Arthas. King Arthas was struck with a serious face, and his eyes seemed to beat steadily with his heart. Kevlar climbed onto the horse with ease, gripping the King’s cloak. The horse kicked its hind legs back two times then kicked its front legs high into the air like it was climbing a ladder. The horse landed with a loud thump before taking off.
“What took you so long!? I told you to be back within three days! It has been five days! I heard there was an earthquake over by Stone Talon Peak. Hopefully that stunned the goblins for a while. So, what do you have to report?”
“Sir, we have a much greater problem than we expected. First of all, there are not only goblins, but the orcs have joined their forces as well. Furthermore, the goblins and orcs have dug out an extensive tunnel system throughout the mountain of Stone Talon Peak. We are not positive how far it goes, but it is extremely long. Also, Cell has returned.”
“Ah, yes, I was afraid you would say that,” the King said with a worried voice. “Very well. We have even more problems to deal with than I thought.”
“There is some good news, however. The King of Kalimdor has been murdered. It was Cell who killed him.”
“But that doesn’t make any sense, Kevlar. I though that the Southern continent swore loyalty to Cell.”
“Perhaps that’s a lie, King Arthas. It is very possible that Cell is working with the Mazta.”
“You mean the sky pirates?” King Arthas asked.
“Exactly,” Kevlar answered. “It seems very probable. After all, they both attack innocent people and are both trying to be stopped by Prothima.”
“Now me must think of a plan,” King Arthas declared.
“Wait… They are both being stopped by Prothima! That’s it!”
“Please, explain.”
“With all due respect, My Lord, I do not think Prothima will be able to stop both the Mazta and Cell. We must unite with other nations. Now that the King of Kalimdor as died, his oldest son will take the throne. He is a rather intelligent man. I believe he may unite with us.”
“That’s brilliant, Kevlar, but there is a minor flaw.”
“And what will that be, My Lord?” Kevlar questioned.
“We still have to deal with the goblins and the orcs. There is no way they will join us. Cell is probably with them now forming an army.”
“Yes, sir, you are right. It seems we have another Great War among us. However, this one will be much different.”
“And how is that? Sure we have better equipment and such, but so do they. Plus, Cell is now on their side and stronger than ever.”
“But sir that’s where you are wrong. Cell is at a weakened state because he was just released. If we give him a few days he will be back to his full health. Not only that, but we have all the Benji on our side. The population has drastically grown since the last Great War. Their united powers can summon amazing things. We also have new jobs available for citizens such as a summoner, ninja, dragoon, beastmaster, and white mage.”
“Yes, I was recently briefed about our new technology a week ago. But will these new warriors be able to win the large scale battles soon to occur?”
“I strongly believe they will be able to pull it off. The summoner’s can summon amazing godlike forces in the form of aeons. I recall of few of the new summons. I believe they are Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut, and Carbuncle. There are others, but are extremely hard to summon and require a lot of power and experience.”
“We also have ninja’s, who are extremely quick and wield many small daggers. They don’t have many special powers, but their speed will amaze you. They can be very useful in the front lines of battle.”
“The dragoon is a very unique job. Small crystals have been found infused with the power and abilities of fierce dragons. We are not sure, but we believe it is the dragons heart turned to stone. The bearer of this stone is granted the ability to sprout wings and summon great forces of fire. I am convinced that Cell has one of these stones because he was able to fly and he summoned fireballs. His wings must have been hidden under his cloak.”
“Another very unique job is the beastmaster. Basically, they are able to control the enemies mind. They, however, are not capable of controlling intelligent species like humans, but it will work on goblins and orcs. The Counsel of Azeroth has come up with the idea of using many beastmaster’s at once to try and control Cell, but I am certain Cell will be able to resist the power. Maybe you will be able to talk some sense into them.”
“One of the most important jobs is the white mage. They are acolytes blessed with the holy magic of healing. As of now, the Benji are technically black mages, who can summon dark magic to defeat enemies. The white magic is used to cure the wounded on the battlefield. They, however, have very low defense, so are always at the back of the army. When they are blessed, they vow never to wield a bladed weapon and only use clubs and staffs for defense. They can be very useful for keeping the warrior’s alive. We also won’t need to supply as many potions. We will save a lot of money that we can use towards weapons and armor.”
King Arthas stared at Kevlar with amazement. “Kevlar, how do you know more than me! You should really be the next king. I’ll leave a recommendation for you.” Kevlar and the king both laughed at the thought. Sure Kevlar was strong and intelligent, but he lacks teamwork. He is very independent, and in the Kingdon of Azeroth, the King must meet with the counsel and work with them, something Kevlar would never do.
“That’s nice of you, sir, but I would much rather remain a knight and protect the kingdom, not rule it.”
“Indeed, just like your father. It’s weird how all of my knights are just like their fathers. And the female knights are like their mothers!”
“Yes, I suppose,” Kevlar replied in a fake voice, wondering why the king was telling him this.
“By the way, Kevlar, have you seen our other knight, Julien? There is a rumor that a guard saw you two enter the forest the day you departed.”
“Yes, she came with me. However, when Cell appeared, he ambushed us and grabbed Julien. There was nothing I could-”
“I know, I know,” the king interrupted. “It happened so quickly, right?”
“Umm, well…”
“It doesn’t matter. What’s done is done. Do you have any idea where he took her?”
“Well, no, but…” Julien’s voice rang in Kevlar’s ears, sending chills throughout his body.
“Five days… devastating attack… warn king… prepare… Cell… cryatal.. use the...”
“I see,” the king said with a worried look on his face. “I knew she should not have become a knight. Someone of such importance should not be fighting.”
“Sir, what do you mean? Someone of such importance?” Kevlar thought about what the king had just said. Has Julien been keeping a secret from him?
The king paused for a moment. “It is a very long story, I will tell you basically what happened. As you know, Cell was once a mortal human. When he found the crystal, he did not gain powers immediately. The energy from the crystal first had to enter his blood stream before taking effect. It normally takes a week for it to work on a mortal since a mortal is considered extremely weak compared to the greater beings.”
Kevlar tried to take this all in, listening carefully and anxiously.
“It all happened about one thousand years ago. While he was in the time period where he did not have powers but it was in his DNA, he had an affair with a lady. His wife had gone missing and the woman who was now having his child was taken care of by the church to protect her.”
Kevlar listened but was still very much confused. So Cell had a child? It is very likely.
“Cell had remained hidden in the city streets and was never found. About a week later, he gained the powers from the crystals and flew out of the kingdom. He often appeared and terrorized the city. However, he never attacked the church, probably because he knew his child was in it. That church is the Chateau Orcguil, and is still standing today. Anyway, the woman had a son. She told him the secret of his true identity and told him never to tell any common folk that he is the true son of Cell. That son is the scientist that invented the seal to capture Cell. He was able to make that extremely powerful seal because of his unique powers. Through the generations, each family only had one child that would bear the powers and swore to never have more than one because that can cause a rivalry between the two siblings. Julien is a descendent of Cell. She holds amazing powers that can stop him. How Cell knew it was her I am not sure. He kidnapped her so that he could kill her and stop the cycle of children with equal powers as he.”
“That’s very interesting, and explains a lot. We should save her, right?”
“Of course! She is the only one who can defeat Cell! We mortals are far too weak. Even these new job inventions cannot stop him. Either we find Julien or another crystal.”
“Sir, we must find Julien!” Kevlar demanded.

( Posted by: 15YearOldWriter [Member] On: May 6, 2005 )

your story,
I have to say, your story is well written, but i can also tell that your not a "skilled" writer, and that you are 15. I got to say you are young to write such a good fantasy book. they are very hard to write. I myself and 14, so i know how hard it is to get people to take you serious. its hard work but hey i like your story.
p.s. read mine:)

( Posted by: starmaiden [Member] On: June 29, 2005 )

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