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This story was created by me. I own everything in it except the one word, Ivalice. This work is not based off of anything to call it fanfiction. Everything within it I create with my imagination although some things, like spells, do pertain to a game. However, this is in no way affiliated to that game. Now that that's out of the way, I truly hope you do not remove this since I don't think it constitutes as fanfiction. This is the first part to one of the short stories I'm writing. Please give me feedback. :)

Legends of Ivalice:
Dragon Skies
The past, the present, the future; you learn your entire life not to let the past effect the present, or it could ruin your future. In some cases that’s true. However for someone with a tortured past it can be very important to live with those memories etched in your heart forever. They will forever remind you, that despite your horrible past…you are still here….
-Nathan Robinson

The church bells rang loudly in the chamber but still seemed to resonate around the room softly and delicately to the welcoming ears of those within. The pastor walked around the room just as the bell rang the first time, and bowed to every person individually in the room and whispered “Go with God” To each and every one of them.

When the bell rang for the twelfth and last time he stood up in front of them on the hard wood podium and bowed one last time. Everyone in the room stood up from their seats and made their way to the door silently. Such is the power of this pastor. When he spoke, people listened and listened so intently that by the end they were without words.

The people that exited the building were mostly of noble birth, but a few were servants of other houses that somehow managed to sneak out to hear the sermon or were from the poor district of the city. The pastor turns away no one, so that’s why a few moments afterward the leather-clad Auriken was able to walk into the now empty hall undisturbed.

His feet made small clapping sounds on the polished floor even though he tried his best to be quiet. This is a holy place, he should show his respect. But then again, he did come in armed with a sheathed sword so the point was moot. He didn’t have much choice in the matter; he was just able to get away to pray at the church before he went off to battle.

The pastor had his back to Auriken but very well knew he was there, as he always was at this time, begging God for forgiveness for what he was about to do. “Hello, Sir Auriken.” The pastor said, looking at a pedestal carrying a bowl of holy water. He dipped his hands into it and cupped them, bringing the water up to his face and splashing himself.

“Greetings, my Lord.” Auriken replied and went down to one knee. The pastor didn’t see him do it, but he hardly needed to. Auriken did the same thing each and every day so the pastor had his every movement already memorized in his head. He took towel from the side of the bowel and turned, patting his face with the fabric before setting it back down beside the bowel.

The church bell rang once again and Auriken couldn’t help but smile at the all too familiar sound. For years he’s visited this church, and this very pastor, and he never got sick of the moment. “So, time to defend Ivalice again, child?” The pastor asked and all Auriken could do was nod slightly.

His amber colored eyes looked to the floor and his long black hair fell down around his face.

The pastor walked to his crouched form and bent down to one knee, taking Auriken’s hands and standing him up. “You have no need to kneel, my son. I tell you that every time you make your way into this church.” Auriken averted his eyes but a ghost of a smile crept onto his lips. “Heh…yeah, well I’m a slow learner when it comes to this stuff.”

“You seek forgiveness for the people you are about to kill?” The pastor questioned although it was indeed a rhetoric question and he expected no response, nor did he get one. “Walk with me…” The pastor said and motioned with his hand to one of two adjoining hallways that leads further into the church.

As they entered the hallway the pastor said, “Dragoons are honorable warriors. The code they follow matches only the strength and convictions of their heart. Few become Dragoons because such devotion to oneself is not an easy task.” They walk past several rooms as the pastor talks, all of them without a single door. No secrets are kept here in the St. Ivalice church. Nothing is obstructed from view.

Even in this place of worship, Auriken’s hand rested on the hilt to his sword. His years of training would not allow him to do otherwise. “Despite their honorable nature,” The pastor continued, “They are sent off to wars that no one should have to fight. With their dragons at their side they are a force to be feared. The pastor gave a sidelong glace at Auriken when he said that last part.

“It’s been six years since your family was killed hasn’t it?” The pastor questioned and the cringe Auriken made was enough to confirm his suspicions. “And yet…you come in here every single day, praying for forgiveness. Forgiveness for something you had no part in.” Auriken sighed and just shook his head. Even when he was young he was a man of few words.

“When I was growing up I was good at nothing. My father was a farmer, my mother…well…I never knew her. The only thing I was ever good at was fighting. With a weapon in my hand I was more then a farm boy, I was a person who could change my own fate.” A fluttering sound to his right stopped Auriken in his tracks and he looked to see a half opened window and a pigeon standing on the windowsill.

Gleaming light was filtering in through the window and he couldn’t help but smile as he started walking again. The pastor had turned to regard him when he stopped and watched Auriken’s reaction to the animal. When they started walking again the pastor couldn’t help but comment. “Odd, how a heart so tortured can still enjoy such beautiful manifestations of life.”

The church was large but this particular hallway was shaped like a “U” so they would soon be walking upon the main chamber. “You come in here, day after day, seeking forgiveness that cannot be given, and you know that, but you come in here anyway. Is it your love for your family that motivates you to do this?” The pastor asked just as they entered the main chamber again.

Auriken shook his head, “Not only that. It’s because I could die in my next battle, and if I do, I want to join my family in Heaven.” The pastor motioned toward the cross and said, “Then pray. Although…I know your family is waiting for you. Whether you are with them again today or tomorrow doesn’t matter. What matters is that you fight for them.”

Auriken nodded and as the pastor walked from the room he looked back one last time to see the young man kneel before the cross and pray. Not long after the pastor left, Auriken rose to his feet and turned around, making sure to be clear of the church long before his mind thought of the battle ahead.

Nathan Robinson


The following comments are for "Legends of Ivalice: Dragon Skies"
by Aydrian

Nice story
This is a very good story. I belive the game you got Ivalice from was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Anyway, I enjoyed the story very much. I have a story that is just like yours, except it is longer... like a short novel. The title is Crystal Wars: Legend of Prothima. It is a few links above your book. I'd appreciate it if your checked it out and left a comment. Thanks.

( Posted by: 15YearOldWriter [Member] On: May 1, 2005 )

Greatly Written
It really gives off a good impresion and feeling of a warrior seeking forgiveness i cant wait to read more keep me posted. What is he fighting for and who is this characteR? Is this the first chapter?

( Posted by: Mclellan17 [Member] On: May 3, 2005 )

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