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“Yeah…..I know…… I’m going in….I’m okay….alright, bye.” A beep sounded, the call ended, and silence followed closely behind. The cracked, dusty porch steps moaned as Lewis stepped upon them mercilessly. The only other movement was the rustling burgundy curtains. They danced with the wind, which had crept in through the broken glass. The front door let out it sigh of pain as he opened it. Hesitantly, Lewis entered the darkness and let himself be engulfed in it. In those few moments of darkness, his panicked heart was desperately trying to convince him to leave. It begged, and pleaded to go someplace else, anyplace but here. No. Not yet. I can’t leave yet. I’m not finished here.
The darkness melted a tiny bit, and Lewis was no longer blind, but his vision stood smeared in grey. He could see a lifeless living room, within the room stood a Maroon armchair. The chair grinned darkly at him. He could hear its cackling laughter as it called out to him. I see you’re back again. I knew you’d come back. Heh, Are you ready for him. He will come now that you’re back. You know he will come.
Breathing heavily, He pressed deeper into the shadows only to find a crooked stairway that lead up from the darkness. Each step squealed and cried as he pressed upon them. Finally, the cries ended, all sound stopped. Looking up from the small landing Lewis could see another man. Concealed in a dark shadow; this man focused his Beast-like eyes upon Lewis. His gruff, deep voice directed at Lewis.
“Where did you go… I’ve been looking everywhere for you…” The man spoke softly, but with the promise of pain.
Paralyzed on the steps Lewis couldn’t move, he couldn’t answer. I’m not ready yet!! I shouldn’t have come here!! I have to leave!!! I have to get out!! I have too…
The landing whined with movement, and Lewis looked down. In front of him, a small fair haired boy gazed innocently into his eyes. Something about this boy caused Lewis to wince in pain. The little boy turned, facing the man on the landing dead on. He’s voice, like a bell being caressed by a soft wind, spoke meekly and fearfully.
“I’m sorry…….I just wanted to play outside.. I didn’t mean-“
“Listen here you little piece of Shit!!” The man charged at the boy, grabbing him by the arm he lifted the small boy off the ground. One could here a distinct cracking sound as he lifted him off the ground. Lewis, still paralyzed stared horrified by the sight.
"DON”T YOU EVER DISOBEY ME, EVER!!!” The man roared over the screams of his victim.
His hands let go. The boy was falling, and all that could be heard was unnerving sound of a broken arm flapping limply towards the ground. Breaking free of fear, Lewis fell down on his knees, arms out, ready to catch the boy. He could feel the impact, the warmth of the child, the very soul of the being that he held. The pain filled child held in his arms met his gaze. His lips mimed the words ringing inside Lewis’s heart.
“You can’t be afraid…..”

There was a blink, a flash of light, and then there was nothing. No boy, no man, just a house shaded in darkness. Breathing heavily, Lewis looked at nothing, nothing but empty hands. Taking a few moments to breathe, he recollected himself and forced his body to keep going. The moldy, black hallway coughed up dust with each creaking step.
Lewis came upon the first bedroom and the door squealed with age as he forced it open. A small child’s bed was all that stood in this dark, little room. This little room had a different feel than the rest of the house. It seemed to smile at Lewis as if it knew him and for a few moments he felt at peace within the silent home. That peace was shattered by the heated howls in the room next to this one.
“You can’t just leave him in BED!!” A desperate mother cried out.
“You will do what you are told!! I will not hear another word!!” growled a familiar voice.
“You can’t his arm...”
A wave rippled along the wood, as someone feel limply on the floor. A deep silence could be heard across the house and what seemed to be a symphony of breathing began. The man, the woman, Lewis, and the boy. The boy. Turning his attention to the bed, the small innocent stared at him intensely as if every once of hope he had was in Lewis. His sweet voiced whispered like a gentle wind into Lewis ear.
“Mom and Dad are fighting again.”
The boy’s gaze changed, Lewis wasn’t there anymore, and there was no one there. The door let out its typical sigh and a broken woman forced herself inside. The boy said nothing, did nothing and he just stared at her, frozen in a bizarre way. She smiled at him lovingly as she moved towards him.
“Honey,” she spoke softly to him as she ran her hands through his hair, “I need you to be very quite,” she forced a smile out for him. She waited for no response before she lifted him into her arms. She moved quickly not thinking, and not caring about whatever sound she made. She quickened her steps and soon found herself in the kitchen. She sat the boy down on the table, grabbed her keys, and screamed. The glistening, gold key clanked onto the ground and then there was silence. Her horrified eyes locked onto the garage door and before her stood her husband. His demonic eyes piercing into her heart and his beast like growl as he spoke to her made her retreat till she was leaning on the kitchen counter.
“Where are you going?” He questioned.
She didn’t answer; the little boy frowned at her wide eyed and miserable. They both knew that he was about to open the gates of hell and let his horde of demons feast upon there flesh. They knew that there would be no stopping him that there was no escape.
“I……” She tried to find some excuse, some way out. She had to defend her son; he was all that mattered there and then. She let instinct guide her to a knife behind her on the cutting board.
“WHERE!? Hmm? Where in the HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’R GOING!?” He came towards her slowly holding himself back, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Her head rose, she looked him in the eyes, and stood up straight. She stood empowered and defiantly.
“I’m leaving you.” With those words he seemed to leap at her like a wild animal. Has arms high ready to thrash, his rage was so focused that he did not even see the knife in her hands until it dove into his chest. His eyes unfocused, his knees bent, and his body fell limply upon the floor. And there the beast lay, Gasping, Gasping…Gasping…….Gasping……….Dead.
She stared at her husband. Lewis stared at the man. She gripped the warm, wet knife with all her might. Lewis gripping the cold, dry knife was all his might. She stared at the rotting corpse before her. Lewis stared at the rotting corpse before him. And then the mother faded away, the child faded away, and the father faded away. Lewis stared at the brown bloodstain on the floor, hands frozen on a rusted old knife. Breathing rapid, body drenched in sweat he stood there frozen. His hand seemed to thaw out before the rest of him and it let go of the knife. He let it fall, fall straight to the ground; he let it clank upon the blood stained floor. He’s breathing slowed, his hear beat calmly, and a tear streamed down his cheek.
He left the house; he left the burgundy curtains and the dark cold rooms. He left its broken windows and creaky steps. As he left, the sun beamed down upon him kindly, and flowers danced with the wind just for him. The birds sang and flew into the midday sky, they where happy and free. And in the rear view mirror of his car a small boy smiled at him hopefully, and he smiled back at him, with the same eyes and the same hair and the same smile. His cell phone called out to him his familiar beep and he answered it.
“Hello?.......Hi Mom…..I’m okay…..Yeah…. It wasn’t easy….I’m fine….I’m strong…Just like you.”

Watch a falling comet,
Jump up and bop it.
Dance with a hobbit,
and leave me a comment.


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by BelovedGreatWolf

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