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Klusy awoke to see the warm eyes of his close companion Dan Knight staring down at him.

“Glad to see you came through, they beat you pretty bad!” Knight greeted.

“Where are we? Beat me? What are you talking about? The last thing I remember was lunch at the “Frans Gourmet”.

“Well, I’m pretty sure we’re in Russia, but I can’t tell you exactly where.”

“RUSSIA! What the hell are we doing in Russia?”

“Well, the friendly men in the black leotards who crashed our tenth anniversary decided all five of us had won an all expenses paid, no questions asked, one way trip to God knows where.” Said Knight sarcastically

“Five of us? Where’s Kelly?” he asked in a worried tone.

He sat up hurriedly, and winced from the pain, probably coming from what he thought were two broken ribs.

For the first time, he took in his surroundings. He was in a desolate, concrete cell, with no windows, a stainless steel door, and a small cot in one end. Kate was leaning over Jesse, mending a bleeding head wound.

“Where’s Kelly?” Klusy asked for the second time, a bit more frantically.

“She’s getting it right now.” Was Knight’s only solemn reply.

“Getting what?” asked Cole, frightened of what the answer might be.

“Getting what ever you got,” said Dan,” Both you and Jesse got the something bad. Jesse was seriously hurt. The kids tough though, he’s been holding out.”

“Those Bastards!”

All of a sudden, the metal door was flung open, and a bloody and badly beaten Kelly was flung into the room. Both Knight and Klusy leapt to their feet. Klusy toppled over just as fast from a broken leg he had not suspected. . Knight, on the other hand, tried to lunge at the guard, reaching for the hunting knife he always kept strapped to his calf, but realizing too late that it was gone. He was knocked flat on his back by a guard.

“Damn, they took it.” Knight muttered.

Klusy, ignoring the pain, managed to pull himself to Kelly’s side. He softly squeezed her hand. He saw her face tighten and he looked down to see three broken fingers. She was grasping for air, as if the wind had been knocked out of her too many times. Her left ankle was inflated like a soccer ball. It was clear that the bones had been crushed. As she lay there, softly whimpering from the pain, Cole and Dan both silently swore they would have revenge.
Two men carrying Lugers came in through the thick steel door, and motioned Knight and Kate to come with them. Kate and Knight walked through the door and were led down the hall. They entered a room with a tile floor and a bucket of water, on the wall there was a place to have someone shackled. Knight was chained to the wall, and Kate was thrown into the middle of the room. She landed with a hard thud. The guards then left and a blinding light poured in from a previously unseen door that was opened.
All of a sudden the light was blocked by a huge shadow. As the immense apparition walked forward, the door closed behind it. Standing in front of him was the most grotesque man Knight had ever seen. He was huge, standing at six foot four, and though only two inches taller then Knight, he significantly dwarfed him. The man’s sickly-yellowed skin looked as if it had been stretched over one huge deformed mass of solid muscle. He was wearing only jeans, and his arms and chest had nicks and chips and scars all over it.
The most significant part of this mass of flesh was the head. A huge disgusting scar came down from his baldhead. His mouth looked as if it was bent in a permanent snarl. Something appeared strange to Knight, but then he realized it was the eyes. Only one moved, and it took him a long time to realize that it was glass. What made these eyes even more peculiar was that the iris was red. Not a bronze-brown like some normal ones, but a blood red, full of hate and death. This mean mass of muscle was known as Jose.
Jose walked up to Kate and stared down at her menacingly. She boldly stood up and returned his glare.
“Hmm” he said hungrily, “Fresh meat.”
“Fuck you!” Kate said as calm as if she had ordered french-fries from the drive through
“Ah, a feisty one. I’m going to enjoy breaking you!”
If she felt any fear, Kate Knight never showed it. She looked him up and down, a smirk on her face. Then, quickly her head snapped up and she spit in his face.
Jose made a fist and wound up, bringing a blow that made her fall directly to her knees in pain, spitting out her two molars from her left jaw. Blood came out bay the gallon with them. She then gathered a mouthful of blood and spat it onto Jose’s chest.
She boldly stood up once more and demeaned “Is that all you got?”
Jose fiercely whirled around, and with the back of his fist, sent Kate across the room, smacking into the wall next to Knight. She slumped onto the floor like a rag doll, and Jose approached, licking his lips.
As soon as he got near enough, Kate suddenly snapped out of her daze and gave him a vicious, well-aimed kick to the groin. The kick would have downed any other man alive, but Jose just gasped, bit his lip and continued forward.

Dan Knight watched in horror as this monster bent down and grabbed his beloved wife by the throat.
“I have to get out of these things!” He thought, looking at the shackles. If he had something to pick them with, he new it would be an easy job. Then something caught his eye, a flash on his sleeve, the pin! He pulled it out with his teeth and got to work.

Kate could barely breath, as the hand upon her throat grew tighter and tighter. She could see the black around her eyes, and didn’t want to think about the horrors that would happen to her if she lost conciseness. She failed around trying to kick him but with no success. Finally she reached up, and with her long nails, ripped deeply into the flesh of his face.
In a bloody shout of anguish he threw her onto the ground, like a wide receiver spiking a football. Kate only grunted in pain, she still had the ever-determined look in her eyes. She wasn’t beaten yet.
Jose kicked her in the stomach, knocking all the air from her lungs. Kate gasped for air, but it was only followed by another kick. Kate couldn’t breath. She desperately tried to pull the air into her lungs, while trying to pull herself away from Jose on her hands and knees. Jose reached down and picked her up. He unmercifully slugged her in the face. Then, the monster lifted her up above his head, and brought her down onto his knee with all his strength.

Knight had just finished picking the last shackle and he looked up to see his wife, smashed onto Jose’s knee. He cringed at the sickening crack that followed.
“No!” he screamed, his voice like a wounded animal.
Knight rushed the repulsive hulk with all his might, and leaped off his feet, plowing straight into him. Jose, completely caught off guard by this was sent into the wall. He kicked Knight off like a rag doll. Knight slid across the floor, and stood up getting into a fighter’s stance. Jose rushed him, but he stepped aside sticking out his foot, and sending the giant flying.
Knight was on him with Cheetah speed. He viciously kicked him in the face, kicking him again and again with all his might, while tears ran down his face. He didn’t even hear his cries or feel his bruised ribs; he was so full of hatred. Now dazed, Jose tried to get up, but Knight was on top of him. He grabbed him, and sent his fist straight into the glass eye, shattering it. Jose let out a blood curdling screamed, and dropped to the ground.
Quick as lightening Dan was at Kate’s side. He noticed a thin trickle of blood running down her chin, and a lump caught in his throat.
“Jeez, you look horrible,” Kate said, trying to manage a smile.
“Just like always,” Was Knight’s reply, “But you look great!”
“Liar. Hold me, I want to die in your arms.”
“Your not going to die,” Dan managed, “I’m going to get you out of here, and we’re going to go back to California and have five kids, and three dogs, and have that farm we always dreamed of.”
“Oh, Dan, I love you. I don’t think I ever told you that enough.”
“You did Kate, you did, and I love you, with all my heart and all my soul.” At this point, he was unable to stop is heart from being shattering. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.”
“But I do,” Kate weakly replied, “You and Cole will go on, being heroes, like you always have been for me, and saving the world, like you’re going to do right now.”
Dan Knight began to sob, he was unable to control it, his tears ran down his cheeks like waterfalls.
“But you gotta stand by me, Kate, remember,” Dan managed through cries.
“Sing that for me, Dan, just one more time.”
“So darling, darling, stand…by me…” but he couldn’t finish their song, for Kate’s eyes went empty and her body went limp.
With utmost care, he closed her eyes, kissing each one as he did, knowing that this would be the last time he would ever kiss the beautiful face of his wife, whom he had loved so much.
At that, guards rushed into the room, and grabbed Knight away. Knight did nothing to even resist. They brought him back to the cell, and Cole rushed over to him.
“Dan! Are you all right?”
Dan didn’t say anything.
“Where’s Kate, Dan?
Knight looked up at his friend, and Cole saw the shattered expression on his face. He put his big arm around Dan’s sholders.
“We’ll get the sons of bitches who did this Dan, I swear it.”

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