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For better or worse, this is the truth.

It wasn’t time yet. I had to give Jeff time. That was the only thing keeping us all alive now. I hate waiting in suspense. A minuet can feel like an hour and an hour can feel like a day. Some say an hour sometimes feels like a minuet but I’ve never felt that before so I wouldn’t know. But this, God I’d give anything to be with Frank now. Just us two on the porch up front, sipping wine coolers and his arms around my chest. Just thinking about Frank sent a pain in my hart. I needed to call him after this. Shots! Fuck! I ran to another tree trunk and hid. I couldn’t hear anything. Damn it! Jeff, I thought, if your dead so help me. I ran for the back door and waited. I could make out Logins voice; hard, scruff, and mean. I peeked in through a hole in the door. Login was towering over Jeff, who was bleeding on his head. He wasn’t shot. Just hit his fat head on the damn heater. Logins pistol was between him and Jeff. Jeff’s 45. was still in his hand. What the hell? Why were they chit-chatting, when Jeff had the upper hand? I knew Login was alone in the house. Mines the four hostages in the back. I walked slowly to another window, closer to the back where the hostages were. They were all there, one..two..three..four. They would be fine but I needed to find a way to get them out without Login seeing. Think! Think! Think, damn you! Login was moving. Damn! Not yet! He had Jeff’s 45. and his own pistol. Lord fuck me! I searched my brain for something. It came to me. I angled Logins big frame in the square glass window. I pointed my own 45. dead aim in his back. If he moved he was dead. Login spoke, smirked from what I could see, and pointed his own pistol at Jeff. I poled back and let her go. A loud, shattering, of glass rang out. Some screams next, then a loud, low thud as Login fell to the floor at Jeff’s feet.. Jeff stared at Login then smiled gratefully up at me in the window. I ran around towards the front. “Jeff, you alright partner?” I hauled him up to his feet. I heard distant sirens coming here. Bout fucking time, I thought. “Dead eye saves my ass once again. Thanks Dick.” We patted each other on the back and helped the people in the back outside into the squad cars out front. “Taner! Jankins!” Jeff and I groaned with pain. Our chief of police, Chief Coligen, was a vein pop away from becoming a volcano. He wasn’t one to praise others for their good doings, but when it came to Jeff and me…he couldn’t give a rats ass. “What in hell’s name did you two dipshits think you were doing?” There goes Mr. Coligen the vein popper. “Our jobs, Sir.” I retorted coolly. He turned red, beat red. “Now you licen to me Taner. It may be your job but it’s not your job to just up and knock off some punk whenever!” I rolled my eyes. Just upping and knocking off some punk whenever I can should be part of the job. Make life sweeter if you ask me. “Your job is to keep all involvements alive! How are we supposed to convict a corps? Sentence him to death?!” “Chief, Taner did what he needed. He had my back all the way in. login had me dead two ways to Sunday. He was only watching out for his partner.” The chief stared daggers at Jeff. I noted that I would have to but Jeff a bear at the pub for what he just said. “Nevermind the saps Jankins! I want to see you two in my office bright and early!”
With that Mr. Coligen the vein popper stormed off. Jeff and I sighed and drove back to my place. “’Never mind the saps Jankins.’” Jeff mimicked in my kitchen with a bear in his hand. We laughed. “The chiefs got it in for you Dick.” I shrugged. “Yea, well. He has his life and I have mine. We stay out of each other’s way and hope for the best. It’s nothing personal, on my part at least.” Jeff nodded his head. “You know Dick, you could get a transfer to another section. I mean, I’m not saying I want you to or anything. I need Dead eye to save my ass as many times as he can.” We laughed. My phone rang, then the machine picked it up.
Message: “Hey Dick, it’s Frank. I guess your out with Jeff, on the call twenty-four seven right? I…~sighs in concentration~ I’ll call you again later.”
I stared at my bear bottle. Of all the times for Frank to call! Jeff also stared at his own bear bottle. I’ve known Jeff sins we both were in law school. He knew I was out of the closet and was comfortable about it. His younger brother, Garit who died two years back of HIV, was gay so Jeff knew a lot about the personal stuff. “You and Frank at it again, Dick?” Jeff didn’t look up from his bear bottle. I sighed heavily. Jeff was my work partner and closest friend. But Frank, I wouldn’t call us partner partners. I did once. But, we just have too many differences to work out. “Yea.” That’s all I could muster. I gulped the rest of my bear and tossed it into the trash. I’m not a bear fan but I couldn’t stand just water or wine coolers. I needed to get some cola. “How bad is it this time?” Jeff asked after awhile. Jeff, a straight engaged man, wasn’t one for the deep talks. Neither was I. We were “men” and weren’t comfortable with the deep things, like emotions. It’s not that he thinks I’m soft ‘cause I’m a homosexual. Far from it. Jeff’s seen me on the job and off it. He knows I’m nowhere near soft. But he also knows how hard a life some homosexuals live, watching his younger brother suffer through beatings and his disease. And, like on the job, he’s got my back. Making sure I don’t fuck up and pull a stunt like suicide. “Says he’s got some shit to work out. ~pause~ He’s at some motel.” I grab another bear. “You up for another, Jeff?” He finishes his bear and shacks his head. “I’m supposed to meet Glorya at ten.” He shrugs on his coat. I nod and open the door for him. “Dick, you’re going to be fine alone, right?” His eyes show concern and respect. A good guy, Jeff. Always has my back. And I always have his. “Sure thing, Jeff. Old dead eye isn’t going anywhere anytime son. Trust me.” He reads my eyes, satisfied, smiles and I pat his back as he leaves. I lock the door and turn off the hall lights. I felt like I was in clear fog. Suffocated yet, I could breath clearly. It was strange and familiar to my senses. I slurped my bear and dialed the phone. Frank picked up on the second ring.
Phone conversation:
~Frank~ Dick?
~Dick~ Hey Frank. How’s things?
~Frank~ Fine. I called earlier.
~Dick~ Yea, I know. I was here with Jeff. We heard your message.
~Frank~ why didn’t you pick up if you were there?
~Dick~ Jeff was here. That and I didn’t want to then.
~Frank~ OK Dick. Heard you got Login. Nice work.
~Dick~ who told you?
~Frank~ Tommy from the labs. I ran into him there earlier. Had to finish that paper work for the Simpson two case.
~Dick~ yea. How goes that case?
~Frank~ we have the guy nailed for sure. But you know I can’t talk more than that.
~Dick~ Frank ~pause~
~Frank~ Dick, what’s wrong?
~Dick~ nothing. I’m just tired. I was thinking, if you can, you want to go out sometime? For coffee. Try and work some stuff out maybe.
~Frank~ I don’t know Dick. I ~pause~ I want to. Really, I do. I just need more time to think. I’m sorry.
~Dick~ that’s fine. But Frank until you get things sorted out don’t call again.
~Frank~ Dick I’m sorry.
~Dick~ I mean it Frank. I’ve done my part over and over. Now it’s your turn. Don’t call until you’re sorted out. And if that never happens then good luck to you.
~Frank~ Dick pleas. I love you.
~Dick~ lets hope so Frank. Lets hope so.
I hung up the phone and chocked down the rest of my bear. I turned off the rest of the hall lights and collapsed onto my maid bed. Fuck my cloths, I’ll take them off later. Right now I wanted to sleep and screw any dreams that may come my way.



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