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Executive Report on Life

Born an army brat, moved home every two years. Classed as the lowest of the low. No real roots.
Difficult education.
Physical Disability, monocular vision excluding me from many careers.
Parents argued and fought 24/7
Beaten child
Periods of depression

Passion and drive.
Strong sense of morality.
Love of Life.
Forms lasting relationships easily.
Ability to find the best in everything.
Tolerant of mistakes.
Supportive wife.

This is a blog, I can say anything, can't I? I have 15 minutes spare so I feel it is time to analyse the past 59 years. Maybe somebody out there is able to tell me why I am happy, contented and enjoy life. The story I could tell (and maybe will one day) could lead to a broken miserable sod and yet maybe it's insanity for I love life, people, and what I consider to be my achievements as I've played the game.

What is achievement? I suppose at different times it is different things to everyone. To me, it is what is inside your head, what your intentions are, how you feel in your heart. I have done many jobs along the way and I'll list them to get my thoughts in order:

Office Junior - Greyhound Race Track
Switchboard operator - plugs and cables
Signals Sgt. - Cadets and territorial
Water Ski instructor - British Forces Families
Bus Conductor
Motor Mechanic
Door to door salesman(commission only)
Service Patrol - RAC
Sale Managers - RAC
Service Manager - RAC
Salesman - RAC (yes redundancy is a hard master!)
Vehicle inspector
Field Operations Manager - FirstLine Digital

Nope.. none of these are considered by me to be achievements, enjoyed them though.

Mentoring, raising kids, helping people, writing poetry, making new friends, these I consider to be my achievements. Especially if I play some small part in pointing somebody in the right direction to find themselves. Yes I mean 'find themselves'. I try never to give advice but would rather be the sounding board for people to bat their ball against until they finally catch it.

Anyway back to the task in hand, I'm analysing me this time. Why did I suddenly start writing poetry, why has my muse stepped aside while I get to grips with my new role. Rather like an old friend...knows when to listen and let me get on with things.

The big question. I had eyesight problems, I lost my job, I have a massive mortgage and at my age I was likely to have to go on the knockers again as nobody want to employ 'older' people nowadays. God, I could have been suicidal given a different nature. Support of family, friends and you guys and girls played a big part in my head staying right.

I think I've finished this analysis it's just that no matter what life throws at me, my attitude is simply what is in 'my' mind. Outside influences are a pain at times but for all the abuse, wickedness and problems we encounter, I for one find that me, and only me, is responsible for how I feel and I intend to continue having fun well after I draw my last breath in this lifetime!

Have Fun,


The moment created this second, is a moment that's going to last.
It lives the full spectrum of time, the future, the present and past.

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The following comments are for "Executive Report on Life"
by ivordavies

Blog or Rant?
I'm not sure if this is a Blog or Rant, what is a Blog Anyway?

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: March 30, 2005 )

You are among a small handful of men that I have grown fond of and admired. It has always been your gentle kind-hearted nature that drew me to you, like a bee to a floral garden. Your poetry is a corridor into your soul. You write honestly and very well.
Your eyes have given you a wonderful way to observe our world, your mind a beautiful ability to paint picturesque views of your small part of our world, your arms have held many a needful child, as mine have and still do.
Step outside yourself and re-analyze your paths. You have accomplished much in life and never sat down letting it just go by you. Achievements....I guess those could be the initials after your name....but to me, they are the ones to which your friends and family call you. Father, brother, Dad, Son, companion, friend...POET.....those and more,
I appreciated you sharing this with all of us Ivor...

( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: March 30, 2005 )

Not to be Beaten?
I always appreciate comments from you, as you have a tendency to know about some things that are not always accepted by others.

I am not sure whether you can atribute attitude to what you encounter throughout your lifetime, though I agree with you that it can be a good 'learning' ground for survival. I have know exceptional happy people from all walks of life and exceptional misable people with the same sort of track record also.

It is something more than this, maybe possibly from many lifetimes, but I do not really believe this either. More likely from the intermingling, combining, and seperating from many minds? Or just God given personality (or insanity, however you look at it.) It is scary to know that 'burning' out depression centres in the brain can 'cure' depression indicating there may be a physical trait in this? But again this is not my opinion. Living in several bodies with physical differing attachments? To hell with it it's driving me nuts!

Thanks for the comments I'll get back to being just a bad poet... but as Maxii pointed out in a recent article I have to be insane to want to do that!

It is the support of people on this site and others that help make life fun. I would disagree that I am a strong man, though I suppose 'strong' defies definition. Cut me and I bleed, and yes I have been through hell at times and this has taken part of my soul with it. It does make you take stock of the bit that is remaining though and give you greater empathy with those who have been there also.
Yes my poetry has mattered... to me. The person who has had most benefit from this is me and the reason is not only the releasing of feelings, but the feed back I get.
'I try never to give advice but would rather be the sounding board for people to bat their ball against until they finally catch it.'
This is a two way street and people on this site have been my sounding board and I would thank you and the others for this.

Again thank you for you kind words, I said I never try to give advice, but your words contain the most important advice I know for anybody trying to connect with themselves.

'Step outside yourself and re-analyze your paths.'

To be able to detach oneself from your physical and mental situation and then analyse yourself as an outsider is the key to starting any self healing process or curing depression. Not an easy task when you are faced with family death that tears your soul apart, but the only key to survival!

Gosh, I'm starting to sound serious now...thanks anyway I am just stressing the point you made for anybody else who cares to try it! Mind you it is also the way start a pathway to spiritual enlightenment...but that's another story.

Well I'm still convinced I just don't have the good sense to know when I'm beaten and just keep getting up with a smile for more!

Have Fun,


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: April 1, 2005 )

Ivor's reporting ...
Ivor: Enjoyed the read and comments, as well. Hope you continue having "fun" and reporting.


( Posted by: Bobby7L [Member] On: April 1, 2005 )

Ivor Davies
I feel very fortunate to have found and read your poem, "I See Me" as well as your blog.

What may be failing in your eye sight is being enhanced in your heart. Thank you Ivor Davies.

( Posted by: JetfireK [Member] On: May 2, 2010 )

5 years on!

Thanks for the comments on this post some 5 years on! I have been very grateful for the suppoprt I have received from the Lit community during the time I was a prolific poetry writer. Unfortunately I now seldom get on site due mainly to a very busy workload.

I have published about half of my work in my book 'Ivor's Ramblings' available from any online bookseller but fully intend toopublish my complete works together with the new material I intend to write, possibly when I finally retire!

Thamks for the 'nudge' and hopefully I will appear on Lit again in the near future and look forward to seeing any of you work if you post.

Thank's again....


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: May 3, 2010 )

Once upon an Ivor....
Ivor, after re reading your life stories (but a few of them I imagine) I find that you are no different than most of us.

I do regret that your parents were not supportive and respectful towards you which leads me to believe that one or both of them drank heavily.

Presently, you have everyone on Lit.Org looking for you and very concerned and worried sick over your whereabouts. Here I find that your cruelty of not answering us must feel much like the way you were treated as a child and hopefully it is not (our) pay back time.

Your eyesight that you speak of I find to be that you see the world and all in it completely clearly. That you inspire all of us and everyone who reads your poetry to believe in themselves. You got your intelligence from your parents and they deserve a big Thank You from all us, you included.

You say you get depressed? You had best read Lit.Org and those who are looking for you everywhere and who may not be depressed only because we first have to overcome our feelings of Where is Ivor?

I am even receiving personal emails at home. Today some of us spent the morning searching the obit column in UK. Do you think this is fair? No it is not. It is not fair of you nor your loved ones, we need to KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON? We deserve that much.....and you know Admit it and let us hear from you...

Even, Ivor. if its to say , Bug off....leave me to my misery....we deserve an answer...And if anything is mispelled here or out of meter...Please know that I DON'T CARE...I just care to hear that you are somewhere....and are okay...

( Posted by: JetfireK [Member] On: September 28, 2010 )

Ivor Absent?
You cannot believe how surprised I was to receive 4 comments, one private message and one personal email from lit members today.

As I last posted (pension returns) on the 10th August just over a month ago I did not feel my 'absence' (not intentional) would have caused concern. My apologies to those who wondered where I had gone and thank you for the reminder that I should still be looking in at tmes.

Well, reasons not excuses, I'll list briefly:

Follow up with hospital appointments etc. No fault found to date so I continue as normal.

Take over of my firm causing my redundancy, actually 'retired' on the Friday 13th August but as a senior manager (answerable directly to the MD and the board of directors) I was still considerably involved with the take over process long after my retirement date. Some employees also losing thier jobs wanted direct consultations with myself following the 'official notofications'. Also I was involved in advising on 'neccessary changes'.

My middle son's partner is now carrying our first grandson (already have two grandaughters by number one son) and I have been busy fitting a new bathroom and foorboards in their home.

Retirement is twice as busy as the 24 hour job I had and I now realise how lucky I was to have the time to go to work!

There is actually a lot more which I may blog if I get the time, but for now I will just reiterate my apologies and assure you that I am not dead yet.

Thanks for caring,


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: September 28, 2010 )

Ivor, my friend
I was just about to post that I had heard from you yesterday, when I logged on and saw you had already posted today...See...I TOLD you that you were missed!!!!!!!!

See ya on the thread!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 29, 2010 )

Ivor Returns
"""Retirement is twice as busy as the 24 hour job I had and I now realise how lucky I was to have the time to go to work!"""

I toldja that Ivor. I kept looking around for you here, then saw that massive hurricane come in out in the Atlantic a couple weeks ago, I watched it almost mnake the East Coast of the USA before I realized it was not you. It's name was Igor, not Ivor. LOL

( Posted by: veebdosa [Member] On: September 29, 2010 )

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