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I’m a chaplain, and I thought some of you might be interested in a very different point of view about this. I’m not suggesting that you believe me, nor am I arguing for a “side.” This is just what the Sanctuary teaches, and this is what I believe.

Terri’s soul is alive and well, and it’s still attached to her body. The essence of Terri, her soul, is not in some state of limbo. Her soul is aware of everything going on around her just like near-death experiencers can be aware of their surroundings. Terri is actively participating in a spiritual change in society. This is a test for us…to see if we are spiritually mature enough to do the right thing.

And what is the right thing in God’s eyes? God gives life, and He brings it home when it’s time.

To withhold food and water from any living creature with a soul is unthinkable. Even though Terri’s brain might not be aware of it, and even though she might not suffer physically from it, our society would be held accountable for its choice. Food and water is not a matter of artificially extending life. It’s an act of mercy. If Terri is given food and water, her body will digest and metabolize it. When it’s time for Terri to die, her body will stop doing that.

We all understand the difference between being humane and artificially extending life. When Terri’s lungs stop functioning, it will be because her soul has shut them down. When she stops metabolizing food and water, it will be because her soul has shut down her digestive system.

The Sanctuary teaches that the soul is the “living” part of us. The physical body is just a temporary chemistry and physics lab. When the soul detaches, the body dies. The soul is not “inside” the body. It interfaces with the body at the autonomic nervous system.

The soul is the source of all our thoughts, comprehension, imagination, and memories. (Neuroscientists have recently discovered that those are not in the brain. They’re still trying to figure it out.) Terri, the living, thinking, remembering part of her (her soul) is not horrified with the condition of her body. It’s not important to her anymore. What is important to her is the spiritual growth that can come out of the furor going on all around her.

And she’s praying for us.

Copyright 2005 RobinRenee Bridges

About the Author:

RobinRenee Bridges has been a chaplain and officer in The Sanctuary for more than thirty years. She is the author of “A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth: Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife.” For more articles about death, dying, and the afterlife visit her web site at:

RobinRenee Bridges
"A Bridge of Love between Heaven and Earth:
Self-Induced Contact in the Afterlife"

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The following comments are for "Looking through Terri Schiavo’s Eyes"
by robinrenee

Not to be combative, but the courts have repeatedly determined that Terri is in a permanent vegatitve state and that it was her will not to be kept alive by machines.

Her husband has nothing to gain by killing her...he is being vilified...he is being hounded...all because he is trying to carry out his wife's wishes.

If those weren't his wife's wishes...if he didn't truly love her, he'd just turn her over to the first hospital that wanted her....His life would easier...

The simple fact that he is determined...7 years of carry out his wife's will to the detrimant of his own life proves to some extent the legitamacy of his claims.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: March 24, 2005 )

Finally, I get to somewhat meet you, my name is
Robin Renee Childers...I must side with your thoughts and like yourself, this isn't for debate. I know, all involved with this issue beleive they are doing what is best...I only say
this because I wish to believe that all our hearts are in the right place, I do not know that as fact...My heart wants to think this, yet
my heart has misled me in the past, I know love,
I have had horrible things happen to myself, yet
I still do not know what hate feels like.

To Terri, I was a nurse for many years, caring
for many aspects of such tragedy...In my heart
from experience, I truly believe she is very
aware of her surroundings. Maybe not like us as
fortunate to have the ability to communicate as
"normal", but, I trust my heart and experience
as a very qualified nurse that specialized in
this type of care...I could go on and on...
For those of you that disagree with me, please
do not judge me, for I do not judge you for your
feeling on the matter...Had I not had extensive experience I could not write this...I steadfast beleive, she was quite aware, at this time I know her awareness is slipping due to a lack of strenght physiologically, as anyone of us would
without nourishment...?Why take her water, one way or the other water will ease the dying process without thirst, and yes, she is in thirst...Any somewhat comatose or semiconcious
person will thirst, dying patients I cared for in
the past, when the feedings were stopped, as with cancer(due to the fact of irreversible immenent death) were still given water, and when
no other words were spoken, yet they said "Give me some more of that good stuff", they did not respond in any way form or fashion, except WATER...I never starved a dying patient of water, actually eases the dying process, water
does not prolong life, I assure you, actually eases the process...Let the lady have a drink of water, please...If she must die, let her die
holding her mother and fathers hands, she will not be in any way of peace without her parents.
My heart compels me to speak, I know I can't change anyones idea...If she has to die let her hold her mother, her mother, whom has known her longer than any of us, she carried Terri within body approx 280days prior to the introdution to this world, let her mother comfort her.

I'm a humanbeing with the ability of speech, if you do not agree with her being tube fed and
beleive she should not be kept in her state, I ask you say a tiny prayer that she find peace and
know this innocent woman will always know only love for us...She is our Angel, we are not hers...for we are a confused people, including myself...Robin

( Posted by: Robinbird [Member] On: March 24, 2005 )

I agree
Regardless on where someone stands on the issue of who has the right to decide or whether Terri wanted to live in such a state or not, to me those facts are of no consequence now. I do not think that anyone wants to die in this manner. It's terrible that our country has gotten to the state where I will spend time in jail and be fined for caging a dog and starving it to death, where mass murderers are given humane, quick injections so they do not suffer, and a helpless woman lies starving to death and nothing is done to prevent it. It is a double standard, plain and simple.

( Posted by: Deelyte [Member] On: March 29, 2005 )

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