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A Liberal View (3/20)
By Pythagoras

Congress At Bat: This week Congress stepped up to the plate and took a swing at major professional sports. After all, these multi-millionaires are role models for children and evidently, they are to blame for our high school athletes taking steroids. Congress could simply impose tougher regulations on the production and distribution of said products, but then the pharmaceutical companies would take a hit in the piggy bank…and we know that our major political parties can not allow that.

Instead, its easier to grandstand on national television and pretend your doing something to help the children all while you’re squashing legislation to limit advertising aimed at children, easing regulations on air and water pollution, and selling our public schools low quality food products through the school lunch programs.

By the way, I kept hoping that one of the ball players would ask about Congress’s own drug policy. How often are they tested? Aren’t they role models as well? And since they are asking the players to give up their constitutional rights to privacy, wouldn’t it have been a great show of good faith for all of the committee members to voluntarily submit blood and urine samples for testing and public scrutiny?

I know, I know….not a rat’s chance in hell of that happening, but until our leaders are willing to take blood tests, I don’t think they should be asking others to do it.

ANWR: Well, big oil has gotten a little closer to destroying America’s last patch of wilderness, and it’s all under the guise of lower fuel bills and energy independence. Both of which are a crock of crap, as ANWR contains less than 2% of the world’s oil reserves and even if we opened it up today, it would take about ten years before a drop of it reached our pumps.

Then again, if Bush really wanted to lower fuel prices and to ensure America’s energy independence, he’d pass regulation that requires all vehicles to get just 10 miles per gallon MORE! This would eliminate our need not just for ANWR’s oil but also Middle Eastern as well. It wouldn’t cost a penny of taxpayer money, and it wouldn’t destroy the environment.

Further, how do you think this would affect our gas prices? That’s right, the legislation wouldn’t even have to pass to cause gas prices to plummet. All we really need is for George Bush to just friggen say he was thinking about it…

Again, what are the chances of this happening? Slim, none….never.

Why? Because George Bush is big oil, and this type of legislation would lower his and his party’s over all wealth. Besides, when you have your fists wrapped around the golden teats you don’t pass legislation that will undervalue the milk. George is stupid, but he isn’t a moron.

Stupid Things They’ve Said?:

Hannity on guns: "It seems that people, and politically speaking on the left, have this misconception about weapons being something dangerous. They're only dangerous in the hands of a criminal." (About 15000 accidental gunshot wounds are treated each year.)

Limbaugh on our forestry: "…we have more acreage of forest land in the United States today than we did at the time the Constitution was written." (This is so ridiculously false it hardly deserves comment.)

Coulter-isms a plenty: She’s called Clinton “a very good rapist,” has said the very witty, “Liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole,” and that she’s “…never heard of anyone who thinks abortion should not be 'available' to save the life of the mother." (First, can you imagine a liberal saying something like that about Bush, and still being able to have a public voice? Second, is there anything more disgusting than using the blood of a murdered mother for your own gains? Thirdly, I assume that Ann doesn’t speak to members of her own party very much since poll results show that as much as 20% of conservatives feel this way including Republican Senate candidate Tim Michels and Republican Representative candidate Bill Federer.)

Bill O’Reilly on CNN: “…there isn't one conservative commentator on CNN. Not one.” (Ahh…Bill, there’s Bob Novak (One of the biggest conservative voices in America and he’s on at least three different shows). Plus Joe Watkins, Jerry Falwell and Katie O’Beirne all regularly guest host or appear on a variety of shows.)

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

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The following comments are for "A Liberal View (3/20)"
by Pythagoras

Very well..
put together. Its nicely put that the FOX news ideal, isn't just a bunch of morons but the idea of documented moronacy is mind boggling and don't get me started how much i think ann coutler is the anti christ.

( Posted by: ryangilr0y [Member] On: March 19, 2005 )


This sounds like a moderate and sensible view to me. Carry on- I'm suffering from an outrage outage since the (re)election.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: March 20, 2005 )

My $0.02
Interesting pojnts of view. Although I have nothing to say about ANWR, I have a lot to say about your first comment.

I highly disagree that ball players (like Mark McGwire, whom I strongly commend for his refusal to bring up his past; I think he's so brave to focus on the present and future on the case at hand, though I think less of Canseco) shouldn't be role models for children, rather their PARENTS should. Parents are very quick to blame sports figures, pop stars, etc. for how out their children are acting, and not blaming themselves enough. I had a discussion about this last year with my cousin Greg, a Britney Spears fan (who I lauded for a racy concert performance at the time, though I can't believe she lied about her alleged "virginity.") In agreeance, it inspired one of my opinion pieces, "'Blame The Parents,' the Pop Star Said." Go down to my latest opinion piece about stay-at-home dads and women working ("Should June Cleaver Be A Man?"), scroll down to the previous title, click on it and read it. It will give you some insight on what I'm talking about.

All your stupid things, on the other hand is right on. I don't agree that what Hannity said about guns is stupid (who said that?) especially the part about criminals. Earlier this moth, we Canadians had suffered a tragedy where four Mounties were shot to death by a gun-toting criminal, who shot himself afterward. I can't speak on behalf of myself, but some of my fellow Canucks are still reeling. As for Limbaugh, well I'm not surprised. After his racist comments about black NFL quarterbacks like Donovan McNabb, it should be clear to everyone that Limbaugh is a grade-A asshole who needs to resign from the political game... and quick.

( Posted by: davewriter [Member] On: March 21, 2005 )

Interesting as always. I always enjoy your work.

Regarding davewriter's comment, though: indeed, it's sad whenever someone is murdered, either by individual criminals or by the state. But I cannot, for the life of me, understand why it's considered a national tragedy when police are killed. First, they aren't worth any more than anyone else. But second, their job necessarily involves putting themselves in harm's way. It shouldn't be surprising that police officers get killed now and again. Sad yes, surprising no.

Yet the Canadian media could talk about nothing else for two weeks, oblivious to the actual news going on around the world. Someone explain this to me.

(Sorry for hijacking your post, Pythagoras!)

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: March 24, 2005 )

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