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BaDoom DaBoom!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, proudly brings to you, The DJ M, MISTER EMERID!"

Today, again, I will be off the subject of Humor, but because something big has come up in the world of Proffesional wrestling.
Oh yes, I know it's all fake, but it's a good show in my opinion so don't start bombarding me with e-mails about that. Look at soap operas, they're fake, and all Wrestling is, basically, a mix of Soap Opera and entertainment.
Now that we have that cleared up..
As many or all the WWF Fans know, The WWF bought WCW and about 24 persons' contracts from Time Warner after a Deal with Fusient and Eric Bischoff fell through. Now, The WWF is currently negotiating with Viacom to air WCW, and gathering refereee's, announcers, ring crews, etc. etc.
But while that's going on, several OTHER things are going on also, and it has to do with WWF Personell going to WCW.
Now, instead of just explaining here and now, I'm going to break down what I will think happen when WCW is up and Running, or things that WILL happen while it's being built, so let's kick this Shiz.

Let's face it, The WWF is over stocked with talent right now, and there's only about Five hours a week to give air time to superstars. Also, 24 people is not enough to really restart a federation and establish themselves. So what's going to happen is various WWF Personel, such as "The One" Billy Gunn, Essa Rios, and Gangrel may be transferred to WCW to help it in the ratings and firmly establish itself. I think I'll make a list of people who will be transferred to WCW based on the current roster.

"The One" Billy Gunn - Let's face it, this guy is damn sure one of the best athletes in the WWF, the Fameasser's a move very rarely seen anymore, and his Mic Skills are improving every time he cuts a promo. DESPITE all this, He's getting caught in the shuffle with no major angles or story lines to really elevate him. If he goes to WCW, he can be established as a Main eventer as he should be.

Gangrel - His fan base is small, the WWF currently relies on more realistic gimmicks, and the Goblet spittin' and various injuries have kept him down for a long while now. A New gimmick and new start in WCW could establish him as a high mid card in the New WCW.

Too Cool - I hate to say it, but this Team isn't faring too well in WWF right now. True, Scotty has a Ruptured Disc in his neck that's keeping him out of action, but they weren't really going anywhere BEFORE that due to lack of air time. Too Cool's popularity, though, is outstanding and could really help garner some ratings and a crowd for WCW.

Lo Down - Now, one of two things could happen if D'lo Brown and Chaz go to WCW. One, both could split and become high ranking Mid carders, or they could stay together and be a good Heel Tag Team to establish the Tag Team division.

Mark Henry - There's really no place for this guy right now. True, he may be a former Olympic challenger, but past problems might catch up to him. A Fresh start as a mid card in WCW will be very good for him.

Road Dogg - He was released by the WWF Due to a drug problem and several home related situations. Once he gets his act together, I could see all his hardwork in the WWF Pay off with him being a main eventer in WCW, or possibly even reforming his tag team with K-Kwik and go to WCW to provide a major Face Team.

As any WWF fan knows, the WWF as a few Farm Federations across the country, such as Memphis CHampionship Wrestling, Ohio Valley Wrestling, and Ultimate Pro Wrestling to name a few. Now, htere's quite a few guys down there that could make it big in WCW, so let's take a look.

Kevin McCullough - Not sure if that's his name, but this guy is loaded with talent. He looks like a combination of Kevin Nash and The Big Show, and at Seven Feet tall this guy can hurrancanrana like Taka Michinoku. His Mic Skills are on par with many others in WWF, and he could be a valuable asset to the new WCW.

Brock Lesnar - another Olympic guy, this guy has like 300 pounds of Pure muscle and can do SHooting Star Presses with the best of them. A Definitie Midcard Talent there.

Leviathan - He's big, he's bad, and his strength and look could land him right at the middle of WCW.

There are probably more, but only these people really stand out in my eyes.

I sincerely doubt that the WWF Will leave the WCW Superstars with their old entrance music. Now, what they will need is completely new music and entrances, but with that possibly a gimmick change. "Sugar" Shane Helms might be the first one, along with Hugh Morrus.
The Top stars migth get entrance music made by people like Limp Bizkit or Hip Hop Stars. Imagine Booker T with Limp Bizkits "My way."

It's already planned. Both companies are under one Roof. They got the talent from the opposition. All they need now? ONE BIG PAY PER VIEW. WCW Vs. WWF, it's been dreamed of since the beginning, but it's never been possible. Now it WILL happen, no matter what happens, one thing is DEAD certain. It is set in Concrete, covered with titanium, and welded to the ground. WCW Vs. WWF. Booker T Vs. The Rock, Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Three Count Vs. Too Cool, Kronik vs. APA. It WILL happen. Maybe not these matches exactly, but something of the sort WILL happen.

There you go, what will happen, or what might happen to the new WCW.

this is Emerid, and this has been BaDooM DaBooM.


Okay we're not quite done yet. Sorry, I know it must be SUCH a pain to listen to BaDoom DaBoom, but this is a good section here! It highlights authors from various Websites on fanficiton or stories. It's an interview section!!
Today we shall Interview a guy named MightyMaus! Writer of a humorous story called Holier than thou about an investment banker who, when he dies, finds out he was the second messiah and used up his miracles turning water into beer.

Emerid: What inspired you to Write Holier than thou?

MightyMaus: Well, I've been a big fan of Douglas Adams for quite some time. About nine
months ago, I had just finished Hitchhiker's Guide for about the ninth time,
and decided to write something in that vein. I thought, "Hey, why haven't we
had another messiah yet? Aren't we good enough?" The rest just sorta

E: Interesting. So what got you into Writing to BEGIN with? Douglas Adams?

MM: Actually, I started writing as a way to stay active. I'd get bored
otherwise. I've always been an avid reader, and one day I decided to write
something... it turned out okay, so I kept on doing it. The two things I've
posted on are the two that survived a great Hard Drive
Meltdown I had not too long ago. The rest are either lost, or in a notebook
somewhere. To get to the latter, I'd have to clean up... and who wants to do

E: I see your point. So what other stories did you have before the Meltdown?

MM: Oh, mostly some little goofy pieces I wrote on rainy days. Alot of the stuff
was a product of my Junior High years, when I still had enough free time to
really write. It was predominantly silly stuff, with a couple of dramas here
and there.. a total of about ten finished pieces and an uncountable number
of unfinished projects.

E: That sounds interesting. So tell me, any future projects planned? You seem very good at Humor..

MM: Oh, why thank you... I've planned to write some political stuff, as well as
a few stranger, Adams-esque things. It's hard for me to plan what to write,
though. I usually just sit down and start typing, letting whatever may come
put itself on the screen. I've been playing around with a story in which the
cast of characters is made up of former American presidents, dead and alive,
but I'm not sure where I'm going with it.

E: Well, what possible ways could it go?

MM: Oh, either a coffee talk in the afterlife, or a talk show, or a bunch of
them living together in some sitcom-esque setting. It would probably be
humorous, unless the mood struck me to make it something deep that people
can interpret as having many more meanings than I meant to include.

E: Well that's a unique way to write a story. Tell me, what kind of format do you use? Whatever hits you at the time or do you like putting things in notes and going from there in a methodical fashion?

MM: Oh, writing is certainly a spontaneous thing for me. When I start writing, I usually get a vague idea in my mind about where things are going to start, and where they're going to wind up... I leave the middle to the moment. Then again, most of the things I write aren't much larger than 10 pages in MS
Word. If I were to undertake something massive, such as a novel, I'd
probably keep a notebook.

Stick around for part 2!

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The following comments are for "BaDoom DaBoom! #8"
by DJ Emerid

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