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Part Five
Chapter Twenty-Five February 3rd
Well, I was able to write you today. Well, I had my monthly check up on the baby and I only got 6 more months to go and Andrea will be born. Luna and Tiffany’s due dates are close to mine. Except Luna’s is a girl and Tiffany’s is a boy. Luna and Salem don’t know what they are going to name her. Tiffany and Adam are going to name theirs Dwayne Alexander Ritter. Well, I gotta go. Sorry for being so short.

Chapter Twenty-Six February 4th
Well, a lot of things have happened today, but last night, there was a basketball game that me and Tiffany went to last night and I forgot to mention to you. But when I got to school the announcements came on and instead of Assistant Principal Talent, it was Principal Right. But this is what Principal Right said,

“Good morning students of Sony High. There was a huge basketball game last night. Our school went against the Carleton Calibers. Our team ended up beating the Calibers by 60 points. But, on the way home, one of the team players, Adam Ritter, got into an accident. He suffered major injuries. He is in the hospital and is expected to make it. We do not know what caused the accident but there will be consoling starting today in second hour.

“Also, there will be no after school activities. I repeat, no after school activities. Also, there will be no community service for the rest of the week. The lunch special for today is Crab Cakes. Will the following people please come to the office: Yuna Ying, Tiffany Richards, and Daniel Duster. Thank you and have a nice day.
Well, I don’t know what I was going to do. After I found that out I was bummed. Tiffany didn’t even talk to him last night because of that fight that they had. She hasn’t talked to him since then. I guess there giving each other the cold shoulder or just letting each other calm down.

When I went to the office, Ms. Wertenburger wanted to take Tiffany and I to her office. When Tiffany and I was seated Ms. Wertenburger then said,

“Tiffany and Yuna, can I ask you girls a few questions?”

“Sure I don’t mind.” I said.

“Me neither. And I got something to say. I didn’t cause it because I never talked to him since January 15th. Him and I got into a fight and I’ve been staying with Yuna for a while.” said Tiffany.

“What sparked the fight?” asked Ms. Wertenburger.

“Yuna was over and Adam got pissed. Only because to Adam—“

“—Tiffany don’t. Your gonna make us stress and we don’t need that.” I interrupted Tiffany.

“Your right. Do you have any other questions?” said Tiffany.

“Yes. Were you at the game and where you spotted by Adam?” asked Ms. Wertenburger.

“Yes I was at the game and yes he spotted me.” answered Tiffany.

“What kind of questions are these? There hasn’t been a single one for me. Are you going to ask me a question?” I asked impatiently.

“Yes Ms. Ying. What caused Adam to cheat on you? Your ability to be a female dog? Your rudeness?” asked Ms. Wertenburger.

“Oh, you didn’t. I don’t know and I wish I knew. Tiffany lets go. I can tell that this is starting to getting me stressed.” I said.

“Good idea.”

We then went to the office and Principal Right then came to us and said,

“You guys can sign out and go see him. All he is asking for is for you two. That’s the only people he’ll allow in the room with him. So sign out and go be with him.”

When we got to the hospital and into Adam’s room, he noticed the both of us and told us, “Boy am I glad to see the both of you girls.”

“Adam I missed you!” said Tiffany.

“I missed you , too. I can’t forget you either Yuna. And why are we crying? Worried about me? I’ll be fine. I promise.” said Adam.

“Oh, Adam. I’m sorry.” I said.

“It’s alright. We can talk. Now if you want to. Ask me a question, but let Tiffany ask a question before you.” said Adam.

“I got a comment though. I’ll come home the night you return from the hospital. But, I need to concentrate on my education if I’m going to support us, for a while.” said Tiffany.

“That’s alright. Alright Yuna, go ahead and ask me a question.” said Adam.

“Why did you cheat on me when I was in a hard time and pregnant?” I asked.

“I was afraid. I didn’t know what to do. So I saw Tiffany everyday and told her that me and you were having hard times and that I didn’t know what to do. So she said that she’d be my friend with benefits. She knew you, but you didn’t know her. You would always come and get food and after you left I’d tell her that was you.” answered Adam.

“Why didn’t you talk to me about your feelings? I was always there for you.” I asked.

“I figured that since I wasn’t the father you weren’t going to talk to me and that you were going to pay more attention to Ryan. And you did.” answered Adam.

“Adam Lee Ritter. I wasn’t going to let that get into our relationship. Why did you think that I was?” I said with a question.

“I didn’t know what I was even thinking about sometimes. Sometimes I would just be so confused that I found myself dialing Tiffany’s cell instead of yours and just continued and didn’t figure that you’d find out something. I was selfish and I admit it. Jealous. I thought about killing you, but I loved you dearly but just cheated. I attempted suicide but the thought of you and Tiffany stopped me.”

“Well, if you and I were to continue, if we didn’t have that fight in the cafeteria, what would Tiffany and your relationship be?” I asked Adam.

“Friends that could merely trust each other.” said Adam quickly.

“Do you still love the both of Tiffany and I?” I asked.

“Absolutely. You two are the angels that fulfill me. That night we all got into the fight, I started drinking and didn’t get up till 5 o’clock the next night. That’s why I wasn’t in school the next day. I was sleeping.” said Adam, honestly to the point where he was crying.

“I forgive you Adam.” I said.

“So do I Adam.” said Tiffany.

Adam, Tiffany, and I ended up talking until 7 o’clock in the evening. Tiffany and I ended having to tell Adam that we’d see him tomorrow after school. We told him that he was doing much better since we came and that w e where going to see if we couldn’t get an assembly or an announcement and say how Adam was doing. Tis the end till tomorrow.

Chapter Twenty-Seven February 5th
I got to school early enough to talk with Principal Right about how Adam was doing. We talked for awhile. Before it was time for me to go to class Principal Right asked me if I wanted to read the announcements today and for the rest of the year. I didn’t refuse because I always wanted to read the announcements since I entered into high school. When the bell rang I started the announcements,

“Good Morning students of Sony High. This is your favorite senior with the announcements. I got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, I’ll be doing the announcements for the rest of the year. The good news is that Adam is in fair condition. Tiffany and I went to see him yesterday. When we got there he was in critical condition and by time we left he was in fair condition. The nurses and doctors say that it was God and us that healed him.

“The police say that there was no other cars involved in the accident and that they are ruling it an attempted suicide and that there was no alcohol involved. Many people might think that Adam isn’t suicidal but boy, you are wrong. Here is a tape of what Adam wanted me to play for you.”

This is what the tape said:

“Hello there my fellow classmates and the student body. I know that since I’m the team’s captain and most valued player I will have to be out the rest of the season, but I will help coach them. This was an attempted suicide and was the second one that I tried but wasn’t successful. I guess I could say that I have two lucky people who where in my heart at the time of the accident and helped heal me from the time that they really did come to the hospital. Those two lucky people in my life are my best friends which are Tiffany Richards and Yuna Ying. I would have to say thank you to God for also being there. Now I would be going to church regularly.

“Also, to Coach Pilbeam. I hope that you understand what I did would be very hurtful and helpful for the team. Now I will be assisting you in games. To my fans, sorry that I let you down. I would just like to say a thank you to my #1 fans, Tiffany and Yuna. Thanks you two.”

When the tape was over I then said, “Adam will be hopefully rejoining us in school in a week or two. If you want some consoling today, you can come to the Distance Learning lab starting second hour. The lunch special for today is Spaghetti. Thank you and have a nice day.”

Then I went to the library, with Tiffany. We then set it up, a sign-in sheet at the door. Then they were to take a seat. We were thinking we would get a lot of people. By time it was second hour I went on the loudspeaker and said, “For anyone who wants consoling they can come. The distance learning lab is now closed.”

When school was let out, Tiffany, Luna, Salem, Ryan and I went to the hospital. Tiff and I told Luna, Salem and Ryan to follow in Ryan’s car because we weren’t going to have room for Adam. That’s right, Adam is coming home. Doctor’s prescribed him with pain medication, and with an anti-depressant. Tiff then said, “So is he allowed to come back to school?”

“Yes, they are specially made in our lab for students. He only has to take them twice daily for a month. Then I need him back here for a daily check up. No physical therapy needed. He is excellent.” said Dr. Galling.

“Great. Thank you Dr. Galling for treating Adam.” said Tiff.

“No problem, ma’am.” said Dr. Galling.

On the way home, Adam, Tiff and I were talking about were they were going to stay. I told them, “Look, Salem moved into Luna’s room. Ryan moved into my room. So we have two more extra rooms. If you guys want to accommodate into the house, you guys can. For as long as you want. Though you’d have to keep up with the daily expenses. Just give me any receipts.”

“Why?” asked Tiff.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you one good thing about Yuna, Tiff. She is an accountant. She takes care of all our stuff. One week I tried to but I just couldn’t do it as fast as she did it so she does it all the time. It’s really funny to watch her do it also. Looks like a real accountant at hand.” said Adam.

“Well, thank you Adam. Yeah, I even keep track of what we sell or earn by paychecks and receipts. It’s really easy.” I said.

Well, by 9:30 we got home and was in bed. Adam was glad that I moved him into the house only because he didn’t want to pay rent at the apartment. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Chapter Twenty-Eight February 7th
Well, Adam is happy that we are friends. Luna and Salem are a little sketchy about me moving Adam and Tiffany in because of what Adam did to me with Tiffany. I tried telling them,

“We already talked. I understood him. Just give it sometime. This is what God tested us on and so far, we are passing it.”

“Alright. I guess we won’t mind.” said Salem.

“I knew you’d understand. It might even help out our income. We’ll find a plan for the kids too. We’ve got three rooms downstairs, three in the basement and four upstairs. We got enough room.” I said.

Since it was a Saturday and we didn’t have school, we went to party over at a friends house. They ended up giving all the credit to me. Only because I am the brains behind it all. Well, I’m really tired, so I’m going to bed.

Chapter Twenty-Nine February 12th
Well, good news. Adam is back on the basketball team. It surprised everyone. Even Luna, Salem, Tiffany, Ryan, and me. He looked up at Tiffany and I and smiled. Ryan thinks that I’m still in love with Adam, though he isn’t as jealous as Adam was when me and him where talking. Oh well. Ryan’s just happy that me and him are back to being friends, I guess I am too.

The boys basketball team won, though. They then took Adam, Tiffany, Luna, Salem, Ryan, and I out to eat at Applebee’s™. That was nice of them to do that. Then Coach said,

“Adam, I’m glad that you are back on the team and that Tiffany and Yuna made it happen, thank you girls. As Coach of the basketball team, we are asking that you girls be our managers. We’d like it if you join us and help keep record of the boys health, all the crap that managers do.”

“Well, thank you Coach I accept.” I said.

“I do too coach.” said Tiffany as well.

“Well, welcome to the team.”

Surprisingly, I forgot that Ryan was on the team but has to sit out because of his probation. Maybe I can call Judge Tibit and see if I can get it lifted. But as I was discussing that with myself, Coach then said,

“Ryan, I had Judge Tibit get a Private Investigator because I suspected something with you and Yuna. To the surprise, the P.I. saw you guys kiss once and told Judge Tibit that you guys were now together. Judge Tibit then said, ‘I am not to surprised. I knew that was going to happen.’ So he has lifted your probation and is allowing you to play at the next game,” he said with a pause, “So welcome back to the team.”

“Wow, I’m speechless. Thanks coach.” said Ryan.

We didn’t come home till eleven thirty and got right to bed. Well, what an exciting day. See you tomorrow.

Chapter Thirty February 14th
Well, today we went to the court, finally, to talk to Judge Tibit. He told us,

“I understand that you guys forgot or didn’t’ think that it was necessary that you needed to come to me at the time. But I had already lifted Ryan’s probation and community service for the rest of the school year. And no I’m not going to give you a fine.”

“Thanks, I went through a couple accidents with friends and had a stressful 3 months. Thanks for understanding Judge Tibit.” I said.

“Your welcome.” said Judge Tibit.

We then went to the school because we had to get to the bus before it left for Carleton. Tiffany and Adam were already on the bus and Tiffany had saved a seat for me, and Adam saved a seat for Ryan. Every player and manager has there own seats. The managers get to sit in the middle of the players so we can talk to them. On the way to Carleton, Tiffany and I had a conversation.

“Yuna, I’m starting to get moody. Adam is dealing with it and lets me have my own time.” said Tiffany.

“So am I. Ryan knows how it goes cause shortly after he left his parents house his mom was pregnant. He gives me advice that he learned or gets from his mom. Him and his mom talk at least every other day. She doesn’t like me.” I said.

“Why not?”

“I have no clue. Wait.” I noticed something with Patrick’s weekly test with all his others. I then asked Tiffany, “Do you see what I see with Patrick’s weekly test. I wonder why the doctor didn’t tell him. Think we need to talk to him and coach.”

“Yeah, it looks serious.”

We talked to both of them and the coach didn’t know but Patrick did. He then asked to talk to me in private. I then said,

“Sure what’s the matter Pat?”

“Well, I was at a friends house last summer and I was in the hospital for a couple days and they gave me a medicine that wasn’t steroids. Then when I went in for my monthly check up they gave me a steroid to take for my medicine. That’s why. And I know that the coach won’t like that I’m using steroids. But I can’t help it. I don’t want to get kicked off the team.”

“Well, Pat. I think you should tell coach. But not now. My little brother Andy, had that same problem and now he isn’t taking the medicine that you are on. Also, tell your doctor that you can’t have steroids because your in a school sport. It’ll be better if you didn’t.”

“Thanks Yuna.” said Pat.

“Your welcome.”

We ended up winning by 40 points. The score at the end of the 4th quarter was 100-60. It was a shocker because the team was slacking until the second quarter of the game. Then the other team thought that they would win, slacked and got behind 40 points at the end. The other teams fans were booing them and ended up cheering on Sony High. It was funny, the coach of the Calibers got frustrated at the end, came to us and coach and said,

“Hope your flippin’ happy that your team won. Now you might get to the high school basketball playoffs and not us. Hope you are just over excited.”

Never talked about a rematch because he probably knew that there was no since in that. Then coach looked at Tiff and I and said,

“Guess I’ll be buying the dinner tonight. Usually, if we win I end up paying for the whole team’s dinner at a McDonald™ or the team buys there own food. I always end up with a wad of 10’s for the whole team almost everywhere we go. Oh well. Let’s get dressed team and get on the road.”

We didn’t end up getting home till 10:30. Hopefully tomorrow isn’t so hectic like today was.

Chapter Thirty-One February 15th
Well, today was weird because I got called to school early in the morning by Principal Right. When I answered I said,

“Hello. This is Yuna speaking.”

“Yuna, this is Principal Right.”

“Oh, hello there Principal Right. Why are you calling at 5 in the morning?”

“Oh, Superintendent White wants to have an emergency meeting right now. All we need is you and we can get the meeting underway. Can you make it in 15 minutes?”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be there soon.”

I got to the school in 10 minutes and got to the Superintendent White’s office. But there was also something different about the building. It had changed drastically overnight. There is 3 other levels. It was weird because it wasn’t like that it yesterday. Then the meeting was started by Superintendent White,

“Welcome and Good Morning. Thank you for coming on short notice Yuna. We’ve been planning on changing around the school a little and we needed the president of the Senior class to approve of these changes. So we needed you right away. As you can see, your college Jenna Whitely is here. Now, we have everything almost completely changed. Some of the changes is already done and on a different web address. Now, all you guys need to do is do the following on these pieces of paper, which will be read by you Yuna. This morning.

“Those are the announcements. Since you agreed to read the announcement, these will be last announcements that you’ll ever read for the year. Because everything I was going to explain is in that announcement that both of you have a copy of, and everyone will too. Now, you guys can check out your papers. Attached is your personal information. Everybody will be getting those information packets first thing in the morning when they walk into there rooms. Every teacher is to set those kind of packets with students name.

“Students also have a copy of the announcement in there e-mail account. If you want you can check it out and activate your e-mail account. Also as you can see there is something different about the school. It has added ‘living areas.’ Yes, you’ll get more info first hour.”
I looked at it and these are all the things that Yahoo!™ provides for it’s users is what the school is providing to the students. The schools new web site address is (note to readers: not a real web address) So I went to the school site and I liked it. I then asked Superintendent White,

“How long have you guys been working on this?”

“Since the end of the school year last year.”

“It’s great, I like it.” said Jenna.

“Yeah, it’s awesome. Is all the services free?”

“Yes, completely free. And we even have an exclusive feature. That is where it never ends. When you guys graduate, you keep your e-mail address and even the account. It’s cool. The governor granted us permission and is having us be the only school that is testing it out. Then if we like it, we’ll tell him that we’ll allow other schools to use it. So you gals really like the idea?”

“Yeah, it’s a really awesome idea. I definitely approve.” I answered.

“I have to agree with Yuna.” said Jenna.
By then me and Jenna had already checked our accounts and applied a password. My e-mail address was Also Jenna gave me hers and her’s is Everybody’s e-mail was basically there first initial and last name and I then looked around and noticed that the e-mails where for 7-12 graders. I wondered if my brother had an e-mail and looked it up and sure enough my brother had one.

His is I then checked my e-mail and saw that I had a copy of the packet and announcement in my inbox. I then asked Principal Right,

“So does this mean that announcements and stuff are going to be sent to the students e-mails?”

“Every question is answered for you in the packet.”

“Oh, okay.”

When it was 6:30 in the morning Ryan called me on my cell and said,

“Where are you?”

“At school. Why? Didn’t you get my note on the desk.”

“No, I didn’t see it.”

“Oh, Thunder must of gotten it then.”

“Yep, I just found it and it’s almost all chewed up.”

“Well, when you come to school go right to your first hour class. You’ll see me later.”

“Alright. I will see you later.”

When first hour came, I came in late because I had to do announcements. Then when I got to first hour Mrs. Rhover was just waiting for me to show up to explain stuff. That I guess I don’t know that Principal Right didn’t want to tell us. Then she started,

“Good morning students. Today, we will not be doing any book work. We’ve changed everything to were education will be done by internet mostly. Today, in every class, you’ll be giving back every textbook for every class, only because there is a pdf (personal data file) for every textbook online. We’ve been told by the government that we’ll be having to house students. Also, we’ll have to let the junior and senior’s live in houses that’ll fit 3 family’s. That’s why they made it that big.

“We have sent notices ahead of time to family’s so that they know ahead of time. We’ve changed it because of the accident involving Luna Webbs, Jazmin Jeremiah, and Graig Manning.”

Under my breath I said to Ryan and Adam, “This is bullcrap they shouldn’t do that. That wasn’t there fault. It was because of Rich Turner. If he turned this world of education around because of that accident, then they can—“

“—Is there anything you want to tell us Yuna?” asked Mrs. Rhover.

“Yeah, I got a couple comments. And I’m not saying this for the whole senior class. I’m saying this for the whole education in this school. This is bullcrap. Pure bullcrap. I don’t think that I like this idea. I like the idea of the other parts. Your basically invading the freshmen and sophomore student classes. Having them stay in this hell hole you call ‘education’. That is pure crap. My group already is in a house and I like that idea.”

“Well, thank you for that comment. Do you understand why they are doing it Ms. Ying? Or would you like to go to the office for your language?”

“You know what I think about that. Every kid in this place cusses. And I know you shouldn’t have virgin ears. Unless you are Virgin Mary—“

“—By the way. No I’m not.”

“Well, I wasn’t meaning it for—“

“Yuna, you should just let it go. Your adding stress to yourself. Mrs. Rhover, I think Ryan, Yuna, and I should leave. Have Principal Right e-mail us this.” said Adam.

“Actually it’s already in your inbox.” said Mrs. Rhover.

“Then why are you wasting your time explaining this stuff and just collect the textbook and quit adding stress onto my fiancé.” said Ryan.

“Fine you guys, give me your textbooks and go to the office. Just go and calm down. I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll not give any of you a hard time. Just hand your textbooks forward and check out all your informational stuff online.” said Mrs. Rhover.

“Thank you Mrs. Rhover. Sorry for giv—“ I said getting interrupted.

“—Don’t mention it.” said Mrs. Rhover.

I then went to the office with Ryan and Adam and talked to Principal Right. I then said, “Principal Right, please let me sign out along with Salem, Luna, Tiffany, Adam, and Ryan. I’m getting stressed. I know Luna and Tiffany probably is also and it be best if we all left. And would you also explain what the hell is going on.”

“Yes, you all can sign out and yes I’ll explain all of this.” So he explained it all to me. It took a whole hour just to. “So you see. It’s for your own good. For your protection. Only the government, your parents, friends, and us know where you live. No prison detainees. Eventually, other schools will be doing this to protect students. But the students get to pick who they live with.”

“Oh, this is better. Well, I better get going. Thank Principal Right.”

“No problem. Hey, I’m here when you need me.”


“So what took so long in there.” asked Adam.

“Oh, he explained to me what going on. I’ll tell you guys when we get home.” I answered to the whole group.

When we got home we had a meeting in the living room. I was elected to go first since I knew more then they did. I then explained to the them everything that Principal Right told me. I told them how the high ranked educators, such as the principal, assistant principal and superintendent are called by there rank and last name. They then said,

“So basically we still have our basic rights still, but we get to live with each other.” asked Tiffany.

“Correct. Until we can stand each other.” I answered.

“Good. I think we should check our e-mails to do the important stuff by tomorrow.” said Adam.

“Good idea. I just need to go some where. Alone.” I said.

I then left to go see Bobby. I called him on my way there.

“Yeah, what do you need Yuna.”

“I need to tell you what is going on.”

“I already know Yuna. I read your mind. Let me guess. Your stressed and you need to talk to someone other then Principal Right, Adam, Ryan or anyone else.”

“Yes. I—“

“—Your in my driveway.”

“Yes, I am. Also I know that you can read my mind.”

“So does Luna.”

I ended up staying there for a while until I got a call from Principal Right, “Where are you Yuna. Adam says that you’ve been gone for three hours.”

“I’m at Bobby Clayborne’s house. Don’t worry I’m in perfect condition. Bobby’s just helping me out. It was too late to go to my therapist so I came to Bobby’s house.”

“Well, you should’ve let me or Assistant Principal Talent know. You—“

“—Adam and them knew where I was going.”

“Next time call.”

I then told Bobby that I had to go now. Only because I probably would’ve gotten a community service. When I got home from Bobby’s Principal Right was at the house and said, “Next time you do that you’ll definitely will get a community service slapped to you.”

“But Principal Right, I’m a senior. You can’t do that.”

“Oh, yes I can.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll remember to call you and let you know. I’ve just been so stressed lately Principal Right.”

“It’s alright. Just remember to call me. This is not just pointing to Yuna, but to all of you.”

“Alright. We will.” said the rest of the gang together.

Chapter Thirty-Two February 16th
Today was a much better day. When we went to school we were following the schedule that we got to pick last year. Mrs. Rhover pulled me aside and said, “Ms. Ying, I heard of your little scare last night. Principal Right told me that if I notice any changes I was to release you to him. He has a mental therapist at the school on the second floor. Actually a couple of them. One of them is actually yours.”

“Oh, I didn’t rea—“

“—It’s alright. Your not use to this yet. None of the students are. There just as confused as you are. You’ll get use to it soon.”

“Thanks for understanding, Mrs. Rhover.”

“No problem, Yuna.”

Then I went and took a seat and continued to read my e-mail from Principal Right. I then jumped out of my chair and said, “Yes, I was just appointed head of this idea. I just remember that when the choir went to the capital of the state, I talked to Governor Milham I suggested this. They finally had a thing to enforce it. Now I really understand this.”

“Well, congratulations Yuna.” said Ryan.

“Thanks.” I then continued to read the announcements and read that the basketball team and the managers had to leave at 1 o’clock to get there awards and go to there next meet. Which was a two hour drive. I was glad because Ryan would be getting out. I then got an e-mail from Luna and Salem congratulating me and telling me good luck.

At One O’clock….
Well, the team and us managers got our laptop carriers and sweatshirts. They look great on us. We were able to wear them to the game that we were going to. 15 minutes into the ride up there I was called to the front of the bus by Coach Pilbeam.

“Yuna. I realize that you are getting close to showing that baby of yours. And I told my wife about it and she got you a shirt. Here it is. There’s also I card from the whole team..”

“We love you and well be there on the delivery date Yuna.” read the card.

“Well thank you, you guys. You all are sweet. But the sweetest guy is Ryan Tazewell.” I said and then kissed him.

I then started playing this Sims Online™ and I meet my roommate and told him what was going on. I even gave him my new e-mail address. He told me that he found out on the news that I was raped. I asked him how and he told me that news casters where at the school yesterday. I told him how I got stressed and left school that day. He understood. I then played and got some goals.

I then signed off and started getting nervous, got my nervous pill and passed out. When I woke up, Tiffany, Adam and Ryan were in a room. I then said, “Were am I?’

“You ended up passing out cold after you took your nervous pills. Your in the girls locker room. We brought you in here a—“

“—Why aren’t you guys out there playing.”

“We just got here.” said Adam.

“That’s one of the side effects. That was even my first pill. I guess I’ll ask Rina to give me a different pill.” I said.

“You better. We better be getting dressed.” said Ryan.

“Go hon, I’ll be fine.”

I then went out there and Coach said, “You worried me. You okay.”

“Yeah, don’t worry. I won’t be taking that pill anymore. Rina asked me to try it and I told her that I would but would stop if it made me pass out. She understood.”

“Good. Let’s get ready to win this game.”

We ended up winning by 1 point in first overtime. Tiffany, Adam, Ryan and I didn’t get home till 9:30 at night and since we were really tired we went to bed. Hopefully tomorrow is really better then today.

Chapter Thirty-Three February 18th
Today was hectic; I had to go to the hospital because I had stress attack. Adam and I were in the basement working on our senior vacation project and were doing it together and Adam said that he saw the whole thing. And the weird thing is, I don’t remember a thing. He said that I started sweating and that I told him that I was going to lie down and then he said he couldn’t see my chest moving.

Then the next thing I remember is waking up and saying,

“Where the hell am I?”

“In the hospital Yuna. You had a stress attack while we were working on our project. You scared me.” said Adam.

“Where’s Ryan?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Tiffany, Salem, and Luna are looking for him.”

“I thought they were with him upstairs when we were downstairs?” I asked.

“They were,” said Adam with a pause, “They said that he went upstairs for awhile, came back down with a suitcase and left.”

“God dang it. He left me.” I said as I started crying.

“Don’t do that to yourself Yuna. Your gonna hurt yourself.” said Adam.

“What about the baby?” I asked questionly.

“It died. The doctors said that it was dead when you arrived at the hospital. They still got the womb and is investigating. They think that it died before your attack. What’s been going on with you and Ryan lately. I heard you crying last night.”

“He beat me last night. When he got home from work he came over to me and starting yelling at me and calling me a dumb whore. He wasn’t even drunk. I then started telling him to calm down and he then hit me in the…” I said looking down.

“Yeah in the what. Stomach?”

I then shook my head in the yes form. He then said, “That’s why he left. Well, I better call Tiffany and tell her to get back here. There’s no way I’m letting you marry him. You don’t deserve him.”

A couple hours later…
Tiffany, Salem and Luna are in the hospital room with me and Adam. Adam then had the doctor come in and talk to all of us. Then Adam tells him what I just got done telling him. Then next thing I know, I’m back at square one, pressing charges on Ryan and dumping him. Then the cops came in the room with Ryan in hand cuffs. I then ask,

“Can I have privacy with Ryan? Though I would like Adam in the room.”

“Sure Ms. Ying.” said Office O’Brien.

I then said, “Ryan, I hope your happy at what you did to me last night. You killed our baby and then you made me have a stress attack. I hope you know that I’m having to call of the wedding. I have no choice. It’s the best thing for me. Also, I’m going to make sure all your stuff is going to be shipped to your jail cell or to storage. Hopefully you don’t feel ashamed. Now I got a question. Why did you come home and hit me?”

“I heard rumors that Adam and you were starting to like each other again and have a new affair with each other. I then felt like I had to show you whose boss. So I came home and deliberately hit you to kill Andrea.”

“Adam, did you hear that?” I asked Adam.

“Yes I sure did. Now I got a question for you Ryan, why’d you run? You knew something was going to go on, and you knew that you were going to cause Yuna a stress attack. Plus you probably knew that if you didn’t get put behind bars, I’d come and kill you myself. You made a big mistake. I’m not like that anymore. I let the government do the deciding on this stuff.” asked Adam.

“I ran because of what you just said.” answered Ryan.

“Alright, Adam. Bring the police in. But before you do, Ryan, I want you to say what I’m going to say. I want you to tell Officer O’Brien that you don’t want to go to trial because you already plead guilty as charged and that you need prison time. If you don’t, I’ll make sure you get embarrassed in court.”

Then Adam got Officer O’Brien and then Ryan did what I told him to do. They then dragged him out of the building with cuffs. The doctors then told me that I could go home, but I need to get some rest. Tiffany and Luna then helped me into my clothes and outside to the car. When we got to the house, I was going to immediately pack all of Ryan’s clothes and have Adam take me to go take them to the Police Department. On the way there Adam then said,

“Tiffany told me that you and I should go back out.”

“Why? Is it because of what just happened?”

“No, her parents gave her money to go get an abortion because when we went over there she got up in their face and told them off. They knew that it wasn’t a right pregnancy and that she was too young to go through that. So she did.”

“That’s why she hasn’t started showing. I wondered what was up.”

“Yeah. Also that day we got in that fight, I didn’t propose to her because I knew that something like that would happen. I knew that we’d get back together because me and you are meant to be together. We hardly ever got into fights. Plus, I can’t sleep anymore without having dreams about you. I don’t know why I was cheating on you with her, may be because I was jealous and figured that you were cheating on me so I cheated on you.

“Hormones were kicking in and I knew that you wouldn’t give me pleasure. So I met Tiffany and she gave me the pleasure that I needed. I also know that if I was troubled I should’ve came to you to talk, not to Tiffany or any other girl. Jealousness was just over powering. Sometimes I thought that I was going to loss you to that over selfish pig Ryan. Which I did and now I got you back. Some nights, I could tell that you weren’t happy with him. You almost always cried when alone. I’m just saying. Will you forget this ever happened marry me?”

“Sure, I’ve actually almost thought of just getting an abortion from the first day it happened but if Luna found out, she’d have a fit. Just because I said this doesn’t mean I had Ryan deliberately hit me because I didn’t. He did it on his own self.” I said.

“I just don’t want to see you hurt. Oh, by the way, do you think that Tiffany can stay in mine and her room so she don’t have to find new friends. We’re the only one’s that really know her all that well.” asked Adam.

“No I don’t mind.” I answered Adam.

By the time me and Adam got home, we’d told everyone what was going to happen from here on out. Rules are going to be tight in this family. We also said that most rules about the finances are going to stay but from here on out, Salem and Luna are in a room, Adam and I are in a room, and Tiffany will have a room. No one is to answer to anyone they don’t know. Just to stay on the safe side. We don’t want anymore accidents happening again.

Chapter Thirty-Four February 26th
Well, a lot’s happened since I last written to you. Ryan is now on trial and pleaded guilty the first day and then the jury backed him up and gave him life in prison. If he wasn’t, Judge Tibit would’ve just told me to write what happened to me the last time we were here and then why we were here this time. But Ryan didn’t want me or him to go through any of that humiliating stuff. His family doesn’t care for him because I got a call from his parents and there sending me $10,000 dollars for sending him to prison.

I told them that any other girl would do that if he did that to them. I’m just lucky that no other girl got hurt but I did. They then told me of how he was wanted anyway. The government then gave me and additional $10,000 dollars which excluded me from telling the government because they already know about it.

Tiffany then wanted to go shopping so I told here that I didn’t mind. So I gassed up my SUV and we headed to the mall. Adam had to go to school for practice and the coach said that we’d probably have fun therapy shopping. We were surprised when those words came out of the coach’s mouth. We didn’t get back till 9:30pm. I didn’t fall asleep 12 in the morning because I was updating my computer.

Why can't we all get along, screw it, LET'S PARTY!

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