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Seven years can be a long time when you’re in love and unable to meet the one you love until you’re both ready, that’s what happened to me and Krysta. We fell in love after a nasty week when everything looked grim for our, then, growing friendship. We had spent the whole week worrying about each other, hoping the other was okay and then when the week passed, the pent up feelings we had for each other spilled forth and we told our feelings for each other, even though we weren't sure if it was the right thing to do. It was a surprise for both of us, I can tell you, to find out that you had fallen in love with someone seven years younger than yourself, yet not caring because you knew this was love, not some silly crush. Krysta is seven years younger than me and at first it proved a problem since we weren’t ready to be together at that point, even though the feelings and desire to be together were painfully strong. Every day we were apart, we worried about each other, wanting to be with each other, but we made the right choice and now after seven long years, we’re finally getting to meet. We’ve seen photos of each other, we’ve phoned each other, we’ve talked to each other over recordings and microphones, but now, now we would meet face to face and live together as we planned and wished so deeply. But something happened after we met and I’ll tell you of it right now, if this happens to you as well, then at least you’ll know you’re not the only one. So sit back and listen.

Meeting at last

I set the phone receiver in it’s cradle and smiled, that had been Krysta, she had gotten lost looking for the house I was staying at, so I had given her the directions she needed. My beautiful lost angel, well she’ll be here in a minute or so, so I’ll go and wait for her. By yon Gods I love her, I always have and always will. Both of us can’t believe that this day has finally arrived, I know I can’t, that’s for sure. I left my home in the UK a year ago and came here to Canada to stay with a friend until Krysta was ready, it’s been a hard year in terms of waiting, being so close to my beloved has driven poor Steve insane with my worry and pacing, he’s at work right now though, so I’m here by myself, waiting for my beloved after seven long years. I heard the sound of a car stopping and then footsteps nearing the door and I went over to the door as there was a knocking and I opened it. There she was, Krysta, looking even more beautiful than ever, but before she could even say anything, she passed out from sheer exhaustion and I grabbed her as she fell forward. Well that was a nice hello, I can’t blame her though, she’s been driving for three days with little rest and breaks, I did tell her to take her time if she had to, I didn’t mind waiting for her for however long it took. Well anyway, being careful not to let go of her, I managed to support her weight on my left shoulder and I gently and carefully, carried her inside and over to the sofa where I gently lay her down. I then sat down in the chair next to the sofa and watched her as she rested, she looked so peaceful, so calm. I sat and watched her for a couple of hours and then I got up and made some supper for Steve for when he got back from work, checking up on Krysta every few minutes to check if she was alright. When Steve returned from work a few hours later, I asked him to be quiet while Krysta slept and I spent the night packing quietly and checking up on my beloved. I went to bed after giving her a gentle kiss and I spoke into her ear.
“Love you, night.” She didn’t hear me, sound asleep and I went to bed.

I like cooking, so I decided to make Krysta some breakfast, I wasn’t sure if she liked eggs though and I didn’t want to wake her from her much needed sleep to ask, so I made her some scrambled eggs anyway. I had already had some cereal and some juice, so I wasn’t hungry and when I heard the sounds of someone waking up, I knew it had to be Krysta.
“Good morning.” I couldn’t take my attention form my cooking since I have low self-confidence, so I couldn’t kiss her good morning.
“Oh good, you’re up. Then I guess I won’t have to wake you. Good morning, my love.” Krysta sat down at the table as I finished my cooking and she spoke a little more, much to my delight, her voice was music to my ears.
“Did you sleep good, darling?” I asked as I checked the food, good, just right.
“Yes, my love. Dreamed of you the whole time. I’m so sorry for passing out at the door like that. I should’ve stayed awake for just a bit longer, but...” I shook my head and went over to the table with the pan of scrambled eggs.
“Say no more, it’s okay. I understand that you were tired. And what’s done is done, can’t undo the past. Oops, watch your arm there.” I empted the contents of the pan onto her plate and then after washing the pan out under the tap in the sink, I sat down at the table to watch her eat and to also talk to her.
“Aren’t you going to have any?” She asked and I shook my head.
“No, I already had some dry cereal and some orange juice. I’d love to sit here, and talk with you, though.” Krysta liked the sound of that and as she ate, we talked about the past couple of weeks since last we talked since Krysta had been working more hours in order to have more money ready, plus to make up for the hours missed when she came to pick me up. There was a lot to catch up on and after Krysta was finished eating, she grabbed her car keys and went out for her bag of clothes and toiletries and then had a shower when she came back in. We could have had one together, but I wanted to give her some time to do what she needed, I just cleaned up the breakfast dishes and tided up for something to do and once Krysta was done, she asked me if we could go shopping.
“Sure, my love. Let me just grab my coat, then we can be off. Want to walk, or drive?” I asked, just finishing tidying up. Krysta looks out the window, it’s a nice day. Blue skies mingled with some clouds and the branches of the trees softly swaying in the gentle wind, a lovely day for a walk I think.
“Let’s walk. I’m sure we won’t buy too much. We can’t buy too much, won’t fit into the car if we do.” I nodded at that and grabbed my coat from the hall, and then we left the apartment, holding hands and talking about what life could be like in the US together. It took us ten minutes to reach the store, it was a pleasant walk there the whole way, the company was wonderful. The breeze was warm, yet I still wore a coat since I still have an odd fear of people and being vulnerable to harm from something that happened when I was a child, I hated having this fear and I am still working on getting rid of it, not easy though. The place was nice enough, but it didn’t feel like home to me, just like back in the UK, for some reason I’ve never felt at home there and here it’s the same, I feel oddly out of place. In the store, we bought snacks, ingredients for sandwiches, two six packs of Pepsi, some ice and some bottled water for the trip to the US, to Krysta’s home in North Carolina. We talked about childhood memories about shopping, Krysta told me that she and her sisters used to run about the supermarket, racing the carts around the aisles and getting into trouble from their mum, I never did that when I was a kid though. I was just expected to stay quiet and not move much, if I did I would get smacked for just wanting to be a child. I hated my childhood, but there are days when I would be happy to get a second chance at it, to be a child for a change, but that’s something that can never happen. After paying for our things, we headed back to the apartment, walking faster than we did on the way to the supermarket. The bags were heavy anyway, so maybe that’s why. When we got back, we packed my things into the car, thankful it wasn’t too much, and then prepared the cooler and food for the trip back. I made some sandwiches and Krysta wrapped them up, it’s not a lot, but then it’s not as if we eat a lot anyway. Once we were done, it was time for lunch and I grabbed my coat again.
“How about a meal? Nothing special I’m afraid, not a lot of money on me, so how does Burger King sound?” I wasn’t bothered where we went, as long as I was with my beloved, nothing else mattered at all but being with her. We walked around town and I showed Krysta around, it wasn’t a big place, but it was nice. We talked and kissed some, just happy to be together at last, no more barriers between us anymore. It was a wonderful feeling to be with her then as it is now, pure bliss. We decided to just skip dinner and we went back to the apartment to find Steve waiting for us.
“Hi Steve. Thank you for helping us out.” Steve nodded his head and I helped Krysta with her coat.
“No problem. Just don’t think that when you two get married that you can keep me out of it.” We both blushed at that, we haven’t been discussing marriage yet, we don’t feel ready for that kind of long term commitment just yet.
“Oh, and Krysta? Take good care of him, huh? He’s quite a friend there.” Krysta smiled and nodded her head, I guess Steve is going to miss me, even though he won’t say it as such.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, Drew, we had best get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be an early morning.” I agreed with her, best to get some early rest since we would probably have to wake up early in the morning. We said our goodnights, which took us an hour since we couldn’t stop kissing each other, telling each other how much we loved each other and how glad we were to finally be together. I used to think of things like this as sentimental and mushy, but now I can see I was wrong, it was wonderful and my love for Krysta was and still is as strong as ever. I truly do love her and I still do, beyond all words.

Saying goodbye, going home and then something happens

The next morning, we woke up at about 4 in the morning and called out each others names, just like we always have for years, only this time getting a response. We kissed good morning and took separate showers since we didn’t want to rush anything, even though the feelings were strong between us at the time, as they always are. Once that was done, Krysta put ice in the cooler and woke up Steve, I grabbed a little bite to eat and a drink of water before hand since I would need the water as I always do, I get thirsty quickly. Steve still looked sleepy as we said our goodbyes and he shook my hand.
“Be sure to come back and visit, huh? Would love to try again to beat you at Harvest Moon someday. You know, maybe I’ll actually be able to beat ‘Hardcore: master of the Playstation” Me and Steve knew that Harvest Moon wasn’t exactly a team player game, but he still liked to try and make his farm do better than mine, he was never all that good though, he kept killing his animals by accident whenever he forgot to feed them, someday he’ll be good at it. He then turned to Krysta and gave her a friendship hug.
“And as for you, if things don’t work out between you and Drew, give me a call.” Steve and Krysta didn’t know each other all that well, but they have talked sometimes on the phone and online and she was used to his cheeky tone about me and Krysta’s love for each other, I guess he just wanted to make it funny at times, even though his tone could annoy at points.
“Yeah, sure I will. Uh huh, sure.” That was Krysta’s usual flippant tone to Steve’s jokes and the jokes ended there. I’ve never been fond of saying goodbyes, never, but I had to say it.
“Good bye, Steve.” I managed to say, fighting back tears, I never hide my emotions, so this was hard for me.
“Good bye, Drew. Good bye, Krysta. Good luck with your life together.” Even though he was hiding it, I could tell from his eyes that he was finding this hard as well.
“Thanks, Steve. Good bye. See you soon. We’ll call when we get home and settled.” With tears in our eyes, we said goodbye one last time and then me and Krysta left the apartment for the last time and headed out to the car with the cooler. I looked back and saw Steve watching us, actually fighting tears and then he waved goodbye and left to get back to sleep, me and Krysta got in the car, kissed and then headed home together.

It was a long drive home, three and a half days. Since I got motion sickness as well, we stopped for short moments so that I could take a deep breath and then we would get underway again. The stops did slow us down and I felt bad about it since it was adding on extra time, but Krysta didn’t mind since she didn’t want me to get sick from the long car journey. We made other stops as well for bathroom breaks, for when Krysta needed to take a nap from driving and for fuel for the car. I would stay awake to keep Krysta company as she drove, talking, singing to music we played and just generally helping her focus on driving. I had a drivers permit, but I would need a full license if I wanted to help Krysta out with driving and that would have to wait until we got home, for now though I would just be able to keep her company when she needed it. When we did stop, we would hug and kiss, glad to have the time together and to be in each others arms for short periods of time. We would also examine the map to check what roads we needed to go on, so it took three and a half days because of the needed and as far as I was concerned about my motion sickness, unneeded stops. I would fall asleep at times in my attempts to combat my motion sickness and I always felt bad about doing that since it was like leaving Krysta alone, but she didn’t seem to mind at all, saying that I needed the rest anyway. If we stopped while I was sleeping, we would wake up a little bit later in each others arms somehow, no idea how it happened either. Well on the last night before we arrived home, I had a strange dream where I seemed to shrink or was I getting younger? And I was in Krysta’s arms as a baby, looking into her face and seeing pure love in her eyes. I didn’t tell her of the dream though when I woke up, it wasn’t important, guess I should have thought twice about it then.

When the long awaited day arrived, we stopped outside our then home, an apartment that thankfully didn’t cause us too much problems money wise. I had offered to carry her over the threshold and she had refused, I wonder if she had known what was going to happen next, I highly doubt it though, not even I could have known that this would have happened. As Krysta unlocked the door to our new home, something really odd happened, I was looking at her and then she started to grow. I tried to say something, but for some reason, no words came out and I realised that my clothes were starting to get bigger on me and I was feeling different, younger somehow. Krysta unlocked the door then and turned round to welcome me in and then she looked around.
“Drew? Where’d you go?!” She asked and I tried to call to her, but I couldn’t make the words form and then she looked down and a look of shock appeared in her expression. I gurgled, unable to speak at all, I couldn’t even make my arms and legs respond to me, I was completely helpless, in fact I was a baby! How the hell did I become a baby? Krysta quickly got over her shock at seeing me like this and picked me up, leaving my clothes sitting in a pool on the floor, how could I be so small? Krysta quickly picked up my huge clothes and then took me inside, I couldn’t believe this, I was so small, so young and I couldn’t seem to make my adult mind respond to me, it seemed all muddled and confused, more like I was unable to understand anything at all. This was so weird, I had never felt like this before, it felt oddly nice. I was completely oblivious to everything around me, all I could feel was warmth and this feeling of being safe and secure. Krysta held me in her arms as she looked for a nappy for me, but there weren’t any, so she decided to go for basics and she got a towel from a closet and wrapped me up in it. She then took me into the kitchen and used safety pins to hold the ’nappy’ in place, I have to admit that the nappy felt good, soft and warm.
“I don’t know how or why this happened, my darling love, but we’ll find a way to reverse it, I promise.” I smiled at her, I wonder if she could see the worry I managed to make appear from my adult mind? I was only an adult a minute ago, now I’m a tiny baby, maybe no more than a year old, I’m not sure. I then started to feel tried and I think Krysta saw that and we went through to her room and we fell asleep together, I fell asleep in her arms, feeling warm, safe and secure as I’ve never felt before. It was.....bliss.

Being fed, bathed, taken shopping and just being a baby

I woke up and started to cry, I was hungry and I couldn’t tell her any other way. Krysta woke up and tried to calm me down and then got up from the bed and took me through to the kitchen. I had no idea if she had anything I could eat since my stomach was smaller and also unable to take the kind of things I eat as an adult, but after sitting me on the table, making sure not to leave anything I could destroy or be hurt from near me, and she started looking for anything for me to eat. She apologised to me constantly, yet she didn’t need to, it wasn’t her fault that this had happened, who could have known I would have reverted to a baby? Anyway, she made some tea and mashed up a banana which meant she was going to try something that I had read about years ago, it’s better than nothing I guess. She then fed me the banana by playing something that I actually found myself enjoying, she played the train and plane game with me and I loved it, which meant that my mind was also regressed along with my body, my adult mind just could surface at all. She then tried to make me drink the tea and my baby controlled mind kept refusing it so she started to sing our song, a song I had introduced to her seven years ago called Homeworld. I knew she was doing this to try and calm me down, even though she’s told me she has a terrible singing voice, even though I found it soothing. When the song didn’t work, she pleaded with me and rocked me and my body gave in and took the tea, I hate tea, but I would still take it if I had no choice.
“Soon, sweetheart. Soon, we’ll go out and buy you some food and a bottle so that you won’t have to drink tea, I promise, once I feel capable of driving again, we’ll go. Thank you for being so good as to drink the tea.” My baby mind and body liked that promise and I snuggled up to her, content to be in her arms.
“Oh my darling, if only this hadn’t happened. But now that it has, I guess I’ll take care of you as well as I can until it can be reversed.” Krysta then got up with me in her arms and took me through to the bathroom and took my ’nappy’ off me and then started to run a bath, which meant I was going to be bathed. Once the bath was ready, she sat me in the warm water and washed me gently. She then gave me a tiny splash and I splashed back and laughed, this was fun! She then got up and took a rubber duck from a cabinet above the sink and returned to me with it. We then played about with that, I loved it a lot, just playing, being a baby, it was fun. I splashed Krysta a lot and she just laughed as I played about, I had no control over my body at all and I actually didn’t care at all, I was enjoying myself so much. Once I was washed, she took me out of the bath and dried me off and then put a fresh ‘nappy’ on me, playing with me the whole time and I laughed and cooed like crazy, I was loving it. Once she was done, she then seemed to think of something and then making sure I was safe and secure enough, she went and got a packing crate that she must have used when she moved here herself. She then put the crate in a corner and padded it with pillows and cushions and picked me up.
“I’m so sorry, my love. I wish I didn’t have to do this, but I don’t want for you to get hurt, and I don’t have a playpen. I’m so sorry that I have to put you in this box, which seems to be a prison. Please forgive me.” She then set me down in the ‘playpen’ and I started to cry, hard. I didn’t want to be in here at all, I could tell, my baby mind and body hated this. She then rushed off to have a shower and I tried to make my body stop crying, but it wouldn’t respond to me at all and when Krysta returned after her shower, I was still crying and she picked me up to try and calm me down.
“I promise, Drew, I promise that I won’t ever put you back in there again, even for just five minutes. I promise, oh please forgive me? I’m only trying to do what’s best for you. It’s not as easy as it looks.” I wanted to tell her I understood, but my baby mind and body just sulked and it was impossible to take control, it was like I was nothing but a mere thought inside my own body, it was unsettling. My baby mind and body took a little while to forgive her and then tried to hug her and Krysta smiled. She then took me to her room and out me in one of her shirts as makeshift baby clothes and then she grabbed her car keys and we left the apartment, the whole time I tried to take control of my body and mind, but it was impossible, absolutely impossible.

The car ride was weird for me, my motion sickness didn’t appear and I played with my toes and giggled. I felt so good, yet so strange to be like this. Krysta had made a makeshift baby seat for me by using one of my bags and then using a seat belt, but making sure it’s loose enough for me, to hold me in. I even sucked my thumb a few times and enjoyed it, it was really soothing. When the car stopped, Krysta took me out of my baby ’seat’ and we went over to the trolleys where she sat me in one of the baby seats in that and we went in the supermarket. I felt like I was her son then for some odd reason and it felt unsettling for my own thoughts, yet nice for my baby mind, really confusing. After a bottle and a pacifier was put in the trolley, she looked down and me and smiled and I smiled back and then she started to make noises like a car of some sort. She then started to run, pushing the trolley like she was in a race, making noises all the time and I started to laugh and clap my hands. I was loving this! People did look at us, a few mothers in particular actually smiled at the sight and then Krysta stopped with a sudden braking sound, instantly putting her hand behind my head in case it whipped back, but I was fine. I couldn’t stop laughing though, I felt so happy and loved, it was wonderful!
“Hi there, Ronda. How are you doing?” Ronda? Ah, Ronda! One of Krysta’s friends that she told me about, but how is my beloved going to fool her since it would be hard to explain who I am and what’s happened to me.
“Oh hi, Krys! I’m fine. You? And whose baby is that?” Ronda asked and Krysta looked down at me, my baby mind was still in control and giggling away, completely oblivious to everything.
“His name is...” Krysta started to say and then she looked around at things, she told me that she used to make up names from things she saw and then she came up with a name for me.
“Orion. His parents just loved looking at the Hunter for so long, that they named him after it. I’m just watching out for him for a while.” Good call love! If I could speak, I would be praising her for her quick thinking once again. I then looked up at Ronda and smiled the most sweetest smile I think a baby can do.
“He’s absolutely cu…. adorable. Next time, if you can’t do it, just tell his parents that I would love to look after this sweet child.” Being babysat by one of Krysta’s friends? Hmm, I’m not sure if that would be a good idea unless my beloved could explain what had happened and I don’t think anyone would believe her.
“No problem, Ronda. Well, we had best be off. I’ve a lot to do today. Bye.” I played with my toes again and I giggled again, this is nice and all, but I would love to back to my adult age again soon.
“Bye.” Ronda said and then she moved on with her shopping and Krysta looked down at me.
“That was close, wouldn’t you say?” She asked and even though I couldn’t respond, I managed to make my body respond slightly by giving a serious look, but it wasn’t for long. Krysta then bought what she came for, nappies, ice cream and other things and then after paying for everything, we went home.

My first nappy change in years, plus more fun

When we got home, Krysta put everything away and then I did something I hadn’t done in years, I filled my nappy. I started to cry then and she came through to the living room where she had left me for a few minutes while she tided the shopping away
“What’s wrong dear?” She asked as she picked me up and she found out when her hand went to my nappy.
“Ah, that. Well lets get you cleaned up then.” She went over to where she had stored the nappies and after setting me down on a changing mat she had bought, she removed my nappy and I smiled a sorry smile, somehow, at the mess I had made.
“A messy little one, aren’t you? Well lets do this.” She removed my soiled nappy and using the wipes, cleaned me up fast, I squirmed the whole time finding it so strange to have my bottom wiped by my beloved. She then got a new nappy out and lifted my legs up and placed the new nappy under me, a disposable that would save on towels and washing. She then applied lotion to me and then powdered me and I suddenly found myself feeling pleasant at this, I looked in her eyes and she looked in mine and I think she saw something there that made her frown a little, could it be that I was becoming a complete baby now? Well once I got a new nappy on, she washed her hands and then picked me up, putting the soiled nappy in a laundry basket to be washed,
“Well that was unique, I don’t think any one has ever changed the diaper of their beloved before and you made quite a mess there, I’m surprised you hadn’t already needed a diaper change earlier with that mess. Well anyway, now that that’s done, lets feed you and watch some TV together, not much else to do.” I babbled a little then, my attempt at trying to talk, but I couldn’t at all, it was just too hard. She sat me down on the table, making sure there was nothing to hurt me or anything I could destroy, and made me a bottle of milk and made herself something that I would never be able to eat with my baby body. We ate together then, or rather I drunk with a contented look in my eyes and I did feel content while drinking the milk, very content. She then gave me some mashed carrots once I was done drinking my milk and I ate it all, I quite liked it, so maybe I was managing to get a little control at last. Once I was finished, she cleaned up and we went through to the living room and sat on the sofa, I sat on Krysta’s lap, sucking on my new pacifier and feeling really happy. We watched some Star Trek, I knew the episode from my own memory, I liked this one. It was called ’Lessons’, it was the episode where Picard had fallen in love with a fellow crew member called Neela Daren, it was a beautiful episode the there was a piece of music in it that we both liked and it made me feel a little sleepy. When it ended, Krysta looked down at me and I waved me arms at her and she gave me a small kiss.
“Bed time, darling. You look tired and I guess I could do with an early sleep myself.” She got up from the sofa and we went through to her bedroom and she set me down on her bed, where I played with my toes and babbled like the baby I was. Krysta undressed and slipped on some PJs while keeping an eye on me to see if I was alright as I played. Once she was done, she picked me up again and we went into bed, I was in her arms and I felt that lovely feeling of warmth and love again and I loved it. She then started to tell me a bed time story to help me sleep and I slowly and surely fell asleep in her eyes, as she sung a lullaby to me and rocked me gently. I closed my eyes then and I slept like, well like a baby.

A fun day and then back to normal

I woke up the next morning with a filled nappy and I looked into Krysta’s eyes as she opened hers.
“Morning love, I see you need changed again. Hang on then.” She got out of bed and picking me up, changed me quickly and then took me back through to the bedroom and set me back down on the bed as she got dressed. I looked at her as she dressed and I managed to take a little control in my mind and I looked at her as a lover, not as a son, but as an adult who loved her dearly. Once Krysta had brushed and cleaned up, she picked me up again and we went through to the kitchen where she fed me and made herself some breakfast. I have to admit that being a baby again isn’t half bad, but I really miss being able to kiss and hug Krysta, being able to walk, to talk. This is really nice and all, having my innocence back, but maybe it’s time I aged back. I don’t think Krysta will cope well with her lover being a baby and needing constant tending to and I think I understand why, changing your lover’s nappies is one thing, but having to raise him as your own, to be with him as he goes through all the stages of life again is just asking too much. Well once breakfast was finished, Krysta looked at me as I sucked my thumb.
“How about we have a day out? I’m sure you’ll love to play in the park and have this second chance as a baby, so let’s go.” She picked me up and after putting some nappies, a bottle and some food and other baby things in a bag, we left the apartment for the park.

I had a lot of fun playing in the park, the swings were fun and I loved to play in the sand pit, maybe a chance like this is nice, even if it could mean I’m stuck like this. I was so happy and content, this was complete bliss for me, but what about Krysta? What must she be thinking while I’m like this? I had a few naps when I got tired, my baby mind and body a little grumpy about this, but they were needed. When we went home, I was fed again, got a nappy change and then we watched another episode of Trek and fell asleep with the TV on, together and in love, but mismatched in age.

I dreamt of myself again and I was growing, aging back to how I was. I first felt sorrow at leaving behind my second chance, my baby days, but it was needed. But was I going to be an adult again? The dream ended than as I became an adult once again and I wondered if this dream had come true like the last time.

I opened my eyes and looked into Krysta’s eyes and I spit out the pacifier, even though I had actually liked it.
“Good morning, Drew, my love. Glad to see you awake and your normal age.” I sat up and kissed her, I can’t believe I’m an adult again!
“Thank you for taking care of me while I was a baby. Let me tell you, it’s not something I ever want to go through again. But you took such good care of me, thank you.” I told a small lie there, I do want to go through it again, but maybe not yet. Once is enough and I can remember it a lot better than my first time, so at least it’s not a complete loss. I kissed her once more and then hopped off her lap and went to the toilet, I could have just done it in the nappy, but I think I’ll just go for the adult method this time. As I took the nappy off, which I have to admit was still comfy and nice to wear, I decided to run myself a bath and relax and also get this baby smell off me, I guess I must have wet myself as I slept. Krysta then knocked at the bathroom door and I pulled the shower curtain to hide my modestly, even though it would be pointless since we would eventually see each other naked as the years passed, but I wasn’t thinking right yet, my mind was still a little confused. She set some of my clothes down for me near the bath and I thanked her and she left the room, even though someone to talk to about the past couple of days would have been nice, but never mind. Once I was done and I got dressed, I found Krysta in the kitchen with my nappies and I kissed her.
“Hard to believe I was ever that small, maybe one day we can wear nappies together, but as adults and for a laugh. They’re really comfortable too, getting changed is hard to get used to, but then it was better than sitting in a soiled nappy. Thank you for everything, my love. I love you.” And then we hugged and kissed passionately, at last being able to be together as adults for the rest of our lives.

Telling it as it was

Well ten years have passed since that day and it never happened again, we kept the baby things though and played about when we weren’t busy working. It was fun and I think Krysta will make a wonderful mother, in fact she’s pregnant so I’ll be a father soon, plus Krysta will be able to prove how good a mother she is. I have told her that she's a wonderful mother, but she doesn’t believe much, but I remember her care of me and she was wonderful. We married three, four years ago and I am in love with her as much as I have always been in love with her. It’s an undying love this one, no matter what happens between us, we just do what we can and manage. I love her so much and I’ll do anything for her, even be a baby again if I could do that. I still have no idea what could have made me revert to a baby though, my guess is that a wish was made and granted, but I don’t know. Well I’m off now, I’ve told my story and I hope you enjoyed it, live life all of you, take care. Bye.


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