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During my time in the SAS, there were a few occurrences of homosexuality in the regiment. These days, officially at least the Armed Forces are accepting of homosexuals but in reality homosexuals are considered to be a national security risk and therefore are dealt with according to a set military reconditioning programme

For example if a fighting force of strong young men are going into battle, a homosexual puts the life’s of those brave young men at risk due to their scientifically proven genetic deficiency. Homosexuals are well known to be cowards, so the idea that they should be allowed to see action without “Reconditioning Punishment” taking place is frankly ludicrous.

Homosexuals may prance and mince in peacetime, but in a time of war only strong individuals can be tolerated in an elite military unit, that is why I introduced the ‘Homosexual Reconditioning Punishment Programme’ into the regiment, know simply as ‘The Programme’, the aim was simple, the successful modification of the perverted state of Homosexual mind.

In the regiment every man must be broken down and destroyed until they effectively die. After this “death” a new superior fighting force will emerge ready to destroy the enemy. This simple philosophy was the basis for the programme, which I introduced into the SAS in 1979 to deal with the problem of homosexuals in the military. If a homosexual is destroyed then a new heterosexual soldier will be reborn from his wretched soul, that was the theory, all we needed was a homosexual in the regiment to test it on.

Jocky was a fine soldier; he was a Scottish chap with a great tradition of military service in his family. He was a peasant of course, but he was a good man with a beautiful wife and two young daughters. He was a very masculine, well built chap who loved to talk about the whores he had mounted in various exotic locations; little did I know that he was a dedicated follower of fashion in his spare time.

We were deep in the Jungle on a training exercise, we had found a good spot to set up camp for the night and had spent a few hours laughing and joking about typical manly pursuits, when one of the chaps, Nigel, excused himself for the purpose of defecating in the bushes (burying it to avoid traces of human activity being left of course). A few moments later Jocky also excused himself claiming he needed to recce the river for any sign of enemy movements.

Around ten minutes passed when we heard a terrible commotion in the distance, it sounded like a wild animal had been ensnared by a trap and was in terrible pain, but we decided to investigate anyway just to be on the safe side.

As we made our way towards the disturbance the sounds of wailing became ever more desperate, the sound was really quite disturbing. We passed a large section of overgrown bushes from where the screams seemed to be originating. I will never forget what I saw next; the site of Jocky raping Nigel greeted me, Jocky was buggering the poor chap mercilessly in a frenzy of homosexual depravity, we immediately hauled Jocky away from Nigel and forced him to the ground where we restrained him and placed him under military arrest.

As I marched back to the camp I realised that this would be the perfect opportunity to test out my new reconditioning programme on a real live poofter. I decided to work on a strategy over night so ordered my men to tie Jocky to a tree and leave him there until morning.

The next morning I awoke bursting with ideas on how to break this vile homosexual rapist until he was a mere robot following my orders without question. I decided seven days of reconditioning were needed to break this man, after that a further seven days of rebuilding would be completed.

The first punishment for the chap was to be whipped with tree branches, this may sound unnecessarily cruel but it is scientifically proven that pain opens the mind to new suggestions and thought patterns. Psychical punishment was an integral part of the programme; it was absolutely essential for this whipping to be carried out for any long-term results to be achieved.

The next step was to leave Jocky tied to the tree for a period of twenty-four hours; he would receive nothing more than water and constant verbal abuse. Verbal abuse was also an important part of the programme as Jocky needed to realise he had committed a crime against humanity and God for that matter. It was imperative that he was sufficiently shamed before he could be rebuilt as a heterosexual soldier.

Over the next few days we untied the by now exhausted and dehydrated rapist and took him to the river for the shock and panic stage of the programme. Jocky was subjected to periods of “thinking time” under the water. He was held there until he was violently struggling against us and then allowed up for some air before the whole process was repeated again. The fact that he was struggling against us was a good sign as it indicated that the devil was leaving his soul and we all know that the devil does not give up without a fight. There was hope for Jocky yet!

The next stage was to push Jocky to his physical limits by giving him various exercises to do such as carrying bags of rocks down to the river and washing every single one of them, or tying his legs together and instructing him to hop around a tree a thousand times whilst shouting “buggery is bad news”

The final stage of the programme was to rebuild Jocky, this started gently by allowing him to eat with us or by saying a few kind words to him. Due to seven days of punishment Jocky was a very confused and broken man, so thoughts could be placed into his mind with relative ease. For example I sat Jocky down and asked him how he was and if he had any concerns, the purpose of this was to demonstrate that I was concerned for Jocky and that I cared about him. A man who has been punished in the way Jocky was punished will be eternally grateful for any kindness shown to him and as such will be open to mental manipulation.

Gradually we integrated Jocky back into the unit, all the time reminding him that homosexuality was wrong and against Gods will. Jocky did start to show remorse for his crime and over the coming months made a complete recovery, he even went on to have another daughter with his lovely wife, which shows that the programme was an immense success.

It is also interesting to note that Jocky went on to become a war hero in the first Gulf War; this just goes to show that something which may appear cruel can actually prove to be for the best in the long run.

Sir Peter Maxwell


The following comments are for "Homosexual Reconditioning"
by sirpetermaxwell

Little peter weeter has been naughty and is going to get spanked!!!

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: March 10, 2005 )

Sir Peter Maxwell
Sir Peter

I've just been through all your posts.It would be trite to say that they were well written and extremely entertaining. One would like to believe that they are tongue-in-cheek,though - and not a case of the aristocracy using your shoulder to fire from.

Perhaps its my imagination getting the better of me - but I get the distinct impression that your country is finally getting its ,long overdue,written constitution -with your writings being enshrined as the preamble .

What intrigued me ,even more than your writing, were the responses you received.One was treated to the spectacle of people falling over themselves ,to offer fulsome praise of your work.Quite clearly ,the 'sir' before your name does make all the difference -disarming , defanging and stupefying individuals ,with highly developed critical faculties- who ,normally,are singularly outspoken.

Looking back ,I shudder to think that I must have been guilty of more than one act of 'lese majeste' during the period of my acquaintance with a few members of your aristocracy.I can say they certainly didn't believe in doing things by halves. One of these had a penchant for getting into scrapes - and then running for cover. The other , a product of Gordonstoun school ,could render the most depraved Roman emperor speechless with surprise ,and green with envy.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: April 21, 2005 )

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