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[written: 10-4-04]

The car screeched and groaned as it flew dangerously around the corner, screeches of energy bursting from the lungs of hormonal teenagers bouncing around in the back of the battered blue and white painted van; the pumping ongoing thump of dance music and the trees blurring into a green and brown blur as the van sped on into the night.
It was the best feeling in the world; the electricity pulsing through my body, my heart beating wildly, my body was like a thermometer; the excitement building quickly inside and bursting through.
Mick pulled me forcefully on top of him and started caressing the edge of my thighs. I let him. Not cause he and I were a couple, but I didn’t care. There was no anger in me tonight so I didn’t even care if he was taking advantage of my mood.
His lips were sloppy and wet like a dog’s would be, as he pushed his tongue into my mouth I imagined a picture of Brad Pitt in my mind and the disgustingness faded slightly.
Through the part-fogged windows I saw a flashing blue and red light though no-one else had noticed.
“Get off me!” I pushed Mick away more violently than I should have. His lips streaked across my cheek leaving a wet line as he fell onto the stained green carpet of the van.
“What the hell was that for?” his eyes were enflamed with fury yet an innocence of confusion.
There was no time to apologise, that could wait. I had to warn Kei about the cops chasing us.
Kei’s black untamed dreadlocks swayed everywhere in time of the music, I had to jab him to make him hear my pleas to slow down.
He relented in pain and fumbled with the knob of the inbuilt cd player, turning it down; “What’s the matter? Can’t you just chill, Christy! Do you want me to crash?!”
“I can’t just chill, you twit! Can’t you see the police are onto us?” I grit my teeth, fear makes its appearance and I can feel it gripping my body, sending it into a wave of tension.
“The police?! Damn, girl! I can’t go to jail!” Kei’s voice grunted angrily.
We thought this was the end, we were all going to jail. To live a tormented life behind cold iron bars, the loathing looks of the police wardens, unseen by the boss were the threatening remarks as our food was passed into our enclosed box. The pillows were too thin to block out the screams of pain from the women who were viciously raped of a night. Or to block out the crying wails that echoed through the hallway afterwards..

“It’s alright everyone. It was just an ambulance!” Kei spat out ambulance very slowly as he shot me a furious look.
Tyron and Sally hadn’t even noticed what was happening, they were both half naked and in an embrace of passion.
Sometimes I envied Sally. She had a boyfriend who actually cared about her, who when he kissed her, meant it. It wasn’t a hungered menacing look in his eyes, but a glazed-over, loving look. Her clothes didn’t end up torn like mine usually were as whoever my next sleazy moron boyfriend was, devoured me like I was a chocolate cake.
Plus, she could always be comforted in the fact that she would wake up the next morning wrapped up in a loving man’s arms, smelling his sweet aftershave and feeling his warm breath tickle her face.
She didn’t end up with “vampire bites” as I call them, the next morning. No, Tyron was the most gentlest boyfriend I had ever seen. Why did I turn him down all those years ago? I could have been the one experiencing the ecstacy..
The van kept up the slow speed; the fright must have made Kei paranoid. Despite the anger he reflected towards me I think he was a bit grateful for the warning, cause he gave me a warm apologetic smile. His large hairy hands loosened their strong grip around the steering wheel and there was a calming aura we were sending each other; for one moment we were nearly as one, I’ve never felt so at peace with someone before. All the tenseness had disappeared.

The van pulled in at a grassy crescent overlooking a deserted beach. The waves were gentle and lapped against the sand making it look like a smooth golden liquid shining against the moonlight.
Out further in the water was a white sailing boat bobbing up and down called “Misty II”
The lights from houses on the cliff-face lit up the darkness. They didn’t know what they were missing out here. Their minds being consumed by the hypnotic powers of night-time television when there’s a magical beautiful beach on their front doorsteps.
Kei and I looked behind us and smirked as Sally and Tyron continued their lovemaking, still unaware of anything else other than each other.
I giggled and sighed, suddenly as I looked up I met the eyes of Kei’s; soothing pools of brown. The moonlight reflected his wonderfully tanned skin and lit up his black chinese tattoo on his left shoulder which was a symbol for destiny.
We looked away, embarrassed. But the embarrassment didn’t last for long.
“Come, Christy,” his eyes pleaded and searched her face as he spoke the words softly.
We left Sally and Tyron on their own and wandered down to the sand. The sand felt so smooth against my skin, the cold breeze carelessly ruffling my hair.
We walked along in silence, nothing needed to be said. After a while we came to the rocks at the end of the beach.
“I don’t think that my outfit would suit walking on rocks” I bit my lip as Kei motioned for me to join him as he skipped freely amongst the rock pools.
“Just walk where it’s flat and I’ll carry you over any of the rock pools that you might slip in” he replied.
“I have a better idea!” I smiled seductively and gradually pulled my purple skirt down to my feet, exposing frilly white panties with red roses all over them.
“Or.. you could do that!” Kei laughed nervously and took my hand. His hands were like heated fires which seemed to unfreeze my whole body from the coldness that surrounded the night.

On our journey into the unknown mystique of the night, Kei showed me a cave hidden away by a single square shaped rock.
You wouldn’t even know it was there and would just walk past it normally.
“I used to come here when I was a little boy,” Kei frowned as if pained him greatly to tell me this. “My Dad showed me just the day before he died. He was always full of surprises and mystery. If he wasn’t inventing something new, he was exploring anywhere he could find, trying to discover different places. It was on that day standing in the cave that I felt something overpowering. It was strange, I felt relaxed and as though a whole new world was opening up for me. My dad told me there was something special about this cave but I never found out what it was..”
I smiled understandingly, stroking my fingers along his, “Must bring back heaps of memories. You never know, there could be something about the cave you don’t know about. Apparently everything happens for a reason.”
“Could be,” Kei nodded and then shook his head defeatedly. “But I guess we’ll never know.”
He led me inside, I could hear him shuffling around in his pockets for something but wasn’t sure what. A click and light from a torch came on.
Our faces were illuminated in the darkness, our shadows cascading the walls like oversized monsters.
The sound of water dripping into a puddle made me feel slightly vunerable. As though at any moment a murderer could leap out and grab us. Even though Kei was there I wished he could hold me so as I wouldn’t feel afraid.
My wish was granted a few seconds later. He pulled me onto his body as we stood together. His lips gently brushed my earlobes and I could feel his fingers tracing the outline of my face. His body shuddered as I escaped a quiet moan from my lips, twirling his thick dreadlocked hair around my fingers and running my hands down his muscled forearm.
His presence illuded my mind, I couldn’t control the electrifying burn in my body as I unbuttoned his light blue shirt with palm trees patterned all over it and removed his thin red shorts from around his waist.
We were pushed tightly against each other, I could feel a steady pulse rapturing below.
It was nice to have a man who would hold me and take things slowly for once. But there was that unescapable ongoing doubt in the back of my mind always; what if this is only a one-night stand to him?

Back at the van, Sally and Tyron were fast asleep; worn out. Mick was playing around with Kei’s wooden guitar, singing so loudly it was a surprise the whole neighbourhood wasn’t complaining; and thrashing his head about in boredom.
“Give me that! It’s not a toy!” Kei snatched the guitar away in frustration.
“Sorry man, so how was your walk? Been gone a long time!” Mick shot me an accusing look.
I ignored it. We weren’t together so why did he always act so jealous? We were simply a boy and girl who sometimes experimented with each other because there was no-one else in our lives who could symbolise a steady, stable love.
Well there was now. For me anyway. Mick would never find a girlfriend if he didn’t control his excessive slobber.. there was only so much a girl could take!
“We’d better head home now,” Kei brushed some hair behind my ear, out of my face.
Mick gasped, I could see his chest rising and falling in a panicked state. He grabbed Kei, pulling him backwards into the back of the van. I tried desperately to stop it, but of course he was too strong.
He dug his nails into Kei’s face, Kei’s eyes squinted in pain as a solitary tear trickled down his cheek.
“Let him go! He’s done nothing wrong!” I slapped Mick across the face.
Mick threw me forcefully against the window of the van. My head pounded and ached, I could feel blood soaking through my hair.
The next thing I knew, Tyron was tackling Mick, holding him to the ground and Sally was cleaning my face and head with a damp tissue, her kind blue eyes looking into mine sympathetically.
“Christy’s my girlfriend! MY girlfriend! You told me you loved me, Christy! You didn’t damn well mean it did you?!” Mick screamed as he was pushed out of the van by Tyron.
Kei started the ignition; we drove off along the road. I watched guiltily as Mick was brought down to his knees and held his hands above his head in defeat.

“Are you alright, baby?” Kei’s voice was as soft and loving as ever as I sat in a tired daze beside him, watching the glowing streetlamps as they flew past and wishing for time to go by faster so as we could be alone again.
I rested my head against his shoulder, breathing in the sweet musky perfume his clothes always smelt like.
It wasn’t too long before my eyes couldn’t stay open. I could feel the tranquility starting in my body and I could not longer fight it though with Kei it felt like I never wanted to go to sleep again because I wanted to spend every single moment looking up at his gorgeous face, kissing his lips which made me quiver inside, feeling him hold me..
When I awoke the only sound was the gentle hum of the engine and rain pelting against the windshield and windows.
There was a sedating warmness in the air because the van’s heater was turned on. It was so soothing in fact that I wanted to find that special spot on his shoulder one more time, breathe in the warmth and drift away to tropical island mirages, sailing the oceans with my man; the captain of the ship, making the most incredible love on the smooth decks: the only feeling of his hands moving slowly along my skin and the cool sea breeze air surrounding us.
I looked around in confusion, expecting to still see Sally and Tyron in the back but they weren’t there.
Kei gave me an amused look followed by another one of those amazing warm smiles, “You look so innocent and sweet when you’ve just woken up. Has anyone ever told you that?”
“No-one has ever told me that” I replied in a cut-off kind of way.
“Sally and Tyron decided to get out ten minutes ago. They’re going to a motel for the night then joining us again in the morning for our trek along the Marusia Hills” Kei explained. “I know you aren’t one of those indoor girls like Sally is, so.. I decided to surprise you by taking you to some place even better.”
After minutes of begging for him to give up his secret, I realised it was no use. He was absolutely definite and stubborn about this. He wouldn’t have let me know where we were going even if I threatened to grab the steering wheel and turn it into the traffic speeding the opposite direction.

When we finally stopped, I shook my head in disbelief, my mouth hanging open.
“You like?” Kei winked seductively as he tenderly kissed my shoulder.
“I LOVE!!” my eyes grew wider as I continued to shake my head.
Kei had taken us to a place which looked like an amazon jungle. All around us were looming palm trees, huge age-old oak trees and walking tracks pointing in every direction. It seemed never ending, no matter which way you turned, the jungle continued forever as far as the eye could see.
Tied to a couple of palm trees was a single green hammock swaying gently in the wind.
“Don’t ask questions, my love. Just enjoy. We are alone for the second time in our whole lives, let’s not waste anymore time, for the night is passing us by every second”
He made himself comfortable on the hammock, sighing calmly as he beckoned me to join him.
I lay upon his toned body. Staring in a trance, drawn to the rhythm of his breathing, the rising and falling of his chest, feeling him underneath me was making me aroused more than I could have ever imagined.
Was he feeling the same? His eyes showed love but was that really how he was feeling? He made no move to become any closer to me, maybe he was waiting for me to make the first move?

As if my prayers were answered once again, he wrapped his strong arms around my waist. Simply being pressed up against his body was the only security I ever needed. He untied my bikini, letting it slip to the gravel. I shuddered from the ecstacy of it all and besides, the night was frozen. Even his hands were cold touching my bare back. Though the scenery was exquisite, I longed to be in a proper motel like Sally and Tyron were. Then we would be warmer and could enjoy it so much more.
“Relax my darling,” Kei sensed my comfort was fading. “This night will not wait forever. By the morning we will have next to no privacy to be ourselves. Encased in our love, to experience each other”
It was at that moment things started getting very heated, very quickly. It was so sudden at first that it took me a while to begin feeling aroused.
He was kissing me with such speed it was as though someone had pushed the fast forward button and he was the video. Where was the gentleness? Bring back the gentleness, please!
His skin felt smooth yet still so cold on my lips, I kissed him and I could sense his muscles tensing in pleasure.
He came inside of me. It felt so good, not like I’d expected. Everything else about the night seemed icy but at that moment I could feel the heat burning through from his fingers, softly holding onto me, pushing himself closer.
After he recovered from his release, he turned me over so as I was lying on my back against him.
I could feel the tension in both of our breath, the sexual agony and hunger. He’d slowed down so much but I had become so turned on now, I couldn’t have even cared less if he started up again.
Breathing slowed, my hips rose and fell.

We met up with Sally and Tyron on the highway the next morning. It was such a beautiful day, not just because the sun was out and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, but also and mainly because last night had left me with a burning inside which wouldn’t stop. My body shook everytime I thought of Kei, everything seemed to be purely about his love, his body, his soul. His smiling face the vision in the front of my mind.
“Someone had fun last night!” Sally whispered cheekily in my ear.
“By the looks of things, so did you!” I replied with a grin and she laughed.
Could the journey be any longer? The road seemed to stretch for miles without end. Even Tyron was complaining and he usually didn’t even notice.
“Kei, where are you taking us?” Sally shouted from the back, she looked like she had developed a serious case of car sickness.. or should I say van sickness.
Kei pulled over to the side of the road but only for a couple of minutes while Sally heaved her stomach out.
He hurried us along, giving a knowing look in Tyron’s direction. What were they up to? Something had to be going on..
“Could you be any more insensitive?!” I didn’t mean to sound so harsh and angry but I couldn’t believe he was acting this way. One of his best friends was being sick on the side of the road and all he could do was just stand there tapping his feet impatiently and looking continuously at his watch.
“I’m willing to accept your remark for now,” Kei looked slightly hurt. “If you only knew why it is we need to hurry, you wouldn’t be so worked up.”
“Well what is it?”
“Just get in the car, please” he gave me that pleading look with his eyes. “Sally too”

“We’re back at that crescent!” Sally tapped on the window, turned her head to face Kei and shot him a menacing look.
“This is not our destination, sweety” I gritted my teeth and hissed in his ear. “What are you doing?!”
“Trust me babe,” Kei laughed, giving me a little kiss on the lips.
His laugh was the music that travelled directly to my heart. He was like a weakening drug, I couldn’t help but feel lighthearted and relaxed since he wasn’t being so serious anymore.
My attention was turned to Tyron. He was definitely in on this too. Whatever it was, Kei and Tyron had planned this.
Quite frankly I was sick of surprises. Surprises are nice when not done in excess. To be honest I was sick of guessing he had planned next. It should been a happy moment but thinking of the long drive back to Marusia Hills which was in the complete other direction made me feel already weary and tired.
A smile creapt up to my face as I remembered the first time our lips met in the cave. Kei was the greatest kisser in the whole history of mankind. No doubt about that.
My heart skipped a beat as I realised we were heading straight for the cave! What? This was our special place.. now Sally and Tyron would know about it too!
Suddenly the numbness love had created gave way, I could feel the jagged rocks digging into my skin as we walked along.
My heart was beating faster and faster. I gulped. I prayed for Kei to look back at me as I walked alongside Sally, to give me that look of promise and devotion, the look that would promise me he wouldn’t give away our secret.
It wasn’t just our secret, it was his dad’s too. His dad had shown him the cave, why tell this to everyone?
I closed my eyes tightly and tried not let the disappointment I was truly feeling inside spread to my face.
We were standing at the entrance of the cave. Sally and Tyron were looking in awe at the exact place we had our first kiss.
But of course they didn’t know this. Unless Kei had planned this all along and told Tyron before we went on the road trip.
Kei stepped forward. He looked to the sky, a couple of solitary clouds were breaking apart as they moved along. There didn’t seem to be a breath of wind even though they were by the sea. Only the silence surrounded the couples and the thumping of nervousness in his heart.
This is it the realisation hit Kei’s thoughts.
'You’ve dreamt of this moment for so long and now it’s actually happening. I’m proud of you my son. There's nowhere in the world i'd rather be than watching you, as you are now, holding the hand of the girl you love, and proposing to the one girl who has made all your dreams and hopes of love a reality. True love comes naturally, not forced. And I can assure you, you and Christy’s love is a natural as shells are to sand. Since hearing your prayers and thoughts for all those years, I could never have been more proud of you if I tried'
Now it was Kei’s turn for his mouth to drop open. But he smiled and gathered himself.
'You really came, Dad. I knew you could never be gone forever. Finally everything makes sense! it’s such a beautiful place I could think of nowhere else I’d rather do this. Dad? My heart’s pumping so fast it feels like it’s going to burst out.. and I’m sweating too. Isn’t a time like this meant to be absolutely perfect and you’re supposed to know exactly what to do?'

'Son, nothing in this world is perfect. Not the sun, not the moon, not even this place here. But there’s nothing you could do to make this day more perfect than it already is. You have your friends and your lovely girlfriend who you are about to make the happiest girl alive. Days can be perfect my child. Objects and people cannot. You’ve done your best to make this day special and I can’t see one reason why it’s not. Nervousness is to be expected, just let it wash over you and then pour out your heart and soul to the woman you love. I know you can do it, son. You’ve always been a strong boy'.

Standing in a daze, almost unable to believe all that had happened, Kei asked his father a final question: “Dad, all those years ago.. what was the thing that was so special about the cave?”
He waited patiently for an answer. The warmth he had felt when his father’s thoughts were in his head had vanished from his body; he now felt alone and suddenly cold.
There was no answer. The thoughts had disappeared into the sky like steam from a kettle.

This is it Kei took a deep breath, gulped and began to do what his father had told him, to pour out his heart and soul to the woman he loved: “Christy, I have never before felt so strongly or so passionate about anyone in the world and I’m sure that I never will. They say never is a very long time. I got that from a Peter Pan movie, I admit. But this is one thing I can promise and can use the word for. Never will I lay eyes upon anyone so remarkably beautiful, never will I want to touch the lips of another soul, only yours and never will anyone give me what you’ve given me: the proof of the existence of love,” He crouched onto his left knee and looked up into her liquid blue eyes. “Christy, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”
Tears filled Christy’s eyes, she was filled with so much emotion she nearly couldn’t answer.
“Yes. Nothing would make me happier than dedicating my life to making you happy. I love you”

Sally and Tyron clapped and smiled, they wiped tears from their eyes as well.
You’ve done it Christy, I knew you’d find someone who would make you so happy one day. Didn’t I tell you? Sally thought to herself.
She squeezed Tyron’s hand and looked into his eyes, melting her heart.
Tyron smiled weakly, feeling his body sink in dread and his heart break with sadness.
He tried to force himself to not do this; but it might be the last time he got to be so close to someone he had wished and hoped for, for so long. So he turned to Christy who was standing right beside him, and looked once more upon the sparkling green eyes which lit up like emeralds in the summer sun and just like the times when they spent those warm autumn nights together all those years ago playing in his background, he could sense the sweet scented perfume wafting through the air from the sea breeze. A thousand memories flooded back, each one cutting his soul apart.
“Congratulations and good luck Christy” he moved forward and gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek.
Christy gulped and nodded, “Thankyou Tyron. It’s sure great having a friend like you who cares so much.”

There was silence as the couples walked together along the rocks all occupied in their own thoughts.
Tomorrow and the days to come would be the beginning of something great. Christy and Kei felt it in their blood.
Christy’s spirit flew like it never had before in knowing that now she could too be comforted in the fact that she would wake up the next morning wrapped up in a loving man’s arms, smelling his sweet aftershave and feeling his warm breath tickle her face.
Sally sighed with a slight grin on her face, she couldn’t imagine anyone she’d rather be with than Tyron.
Tyron couldn’t shake the thought of Christy’s beautiful laugh; his heart still wept a million tears.
And above the clouds the sun seemed to surround the friends wherever they went. The glow lit the way along their journey.
Kei smiled and replied a silent prayer and thankyou. He knew his dad was watching over them. All would be fine.
'Well dad, I didn’t end up hearing the reason for why the cave was so special. But I guess it has it’s own reasons now; it was here I pressed my lips to the girl I love and promised my heart to her for all eternity. And I know we’ll always remember this cave as our own special place'.
Christy felt the cool breeze pass over her skin, her heart beating softly and calmly. She was undeniably thankful. Thankful that now she could always be comforted in the fact that she would wake up the next morning wrapped up in a loving man’s arms, smelling his sweet aftershave and feeling his warm breath tickle her face. Kei was the one and she knew it.

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The following comments are for "Journey Of The Heart"
by autumnmist

chinese - uncapitalized. There must be a good reason.

defeatedly - I think it works here, though he was not clearly pressured.

illuded - induced illusion? I think there is "eluded."

dreadlocked - isn't it dreadlock(s)?

pulse rapturing - did you mean the rapture of the pulse, or the pulse rupturing?

But these and other instances demand a diligent use of a spellchecker:
*vunerable*, *travelled*, *creapt*,*i'd*

Generally this story is long on the narrative, over-explaining:

"Only the silence surrounded the couples and the thumping of nervousness in his heart."

The image is successfully created: the couples are in immersed silence, and he, or an immediate neighbor, could hear the thumping of his heart.


"...Marusia Hills which was in the complete other direction made me feel already weary and tired."

To make it easy for the on-line reader, break up the paragraphs into smaller, 50-70 word logical clauses.



( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: February 14, 2005 )

hey thanks for your comment.
Oops yes there are some unnoticed-before spelling errors.. glad you pointed them out.
vunerable is vulnerable.
travelled is spell correctly - just looked it up in the dictionary.
creapt - is crept. Ok.
Oh yeah it does over-explain a lot but still.

( Posted by: autumnmist [Member] On: February 14, 2005 )

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