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I’ve noticed that there has been a fair amount of discussion on the site recently about "The Way Lit Works" and the relative merits and demerits thereof, particularly in regards to posting, commenting, replying to comments, etc. I’m sure this is nothing new. Much of this current debate seems to have popped up more or less spontaneously in the middle of comment threads, whether or not the original post has anything to do with the subject or not. I thought it might be prudent to put in my one cent’s worth (year-end closeout price!) in an independent post, if indeed it could be judged prudent to touch the subject at all. Consider this a feeble attempt to confine the food fight to one room.

Admittedly, I participated in one of these earlier exchanges when I posed the age-old question, "What does a chick have to do to get a comment around here?" I then posited a few half-a**ed theories of my own, inspired by my own ignorance and impatience to see response to my very first post.

I obviously spoke too soon. If the chair will permit, I’d like to revise and extend my remarks.

There’s no way I can be sure exactly what may have triggered it. It may have been taking the advice of an older (longer-term) and wiser member to move my post from Blogs to Short Stories. It may have been posting an in-your-face, slap-ya-around smart-a**ed (This IS the correct spelling of "a**", isn’t it?) first attempt at poetry. It may even have been as simple as putting up a few strategically-placed comments of my own, but I was very soon overwhelmed with thoughtful, useful, and even enthusiastic reaction to my writing.

What I found most overwhelming was not the volume or the positive nature of the response, although I was pleasantly surprised and flattered by that. I was overwhelmed by my own internal reaction to the response! I immediately wanted to gratefully acknowledge each comment. I hope that’s not considered bad form: I realized replying to comments bumps up my "comment count" (Are we keeping score?) and keeps my name visible in the "Comments" section of the front page. However, it seemed rude to have asked for recognition and then fail to let my commenters know that I WAS paying attention to what they had to say. I also liked the idea that something I’d written might spark dialogue with intelligent, creative people.

Furthermore, I found I wanted to "pay it back" AND "pay it forward." I wanted to read the work of my commenters and, if I felt moved and qualified to do so, comment upon their writing. I also wanted to pass along my good fortune by making a point of reading "Lonely Posts" and providing such feedback as I could at this early stage in my writing life.

Finally, of course, my mind started racing with ideas for more posts. When the comments on my first three pieces naturally subsided, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed. I figured that a whole bunch of other writers had since posted new works that were certainly as good or better than my own. I took that as the cue that it was time for me to start writing again. I’ve started my next story. You have been warned.

Please consider this my somewhat belated – and characteristically long-winded – way of saying "Thank you!" for the warm welcome I’ve received here at I look forward to reading and writing so much more! Too bad my year-end vacation has just ended and I had to go back to the ol’ day job yesterday. That may (mercifully) slow my posting pace, but I sincerely hope that I can keep the momentum going and continue to more actively participate in this fascinating, maddening, inspiring community.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. - Groucho Marx

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The following comments are for "A Newbie Rethinks Lit's Dynamics"
by LinnieRed

LinnieRed/cheap at half the price!
Not only was this a well written piece, you also showed a natural instinctive and well mannered approach (barring, according to your own admission, your first faux pas -all is forgiven?) to getting on and along, on the dear ol' Lit. (also the forums)

"I was overwhelmed by my own internal reaction to the response!"

I daresay this is as much due to your own good nature and manners as it is to the (I believe anyway) excellent quality of people and work one finds on here. Both seem to add up to a pretty good environment to grow as writers and enjoy the company of different individuals that have a like minded love of words. Goodness! Look what your piece has gone and made me do! Where's that darn blushing icon when I need it? Can I say darn in front of Americans? Enjoyed your blog a lot Linnie, I'll shut up and go home now. huni.

PS welcome by the way and I'm off to look at some of your work. Hope it's poetry. Don't read much else.

( Posted by: huni [Member] On: January 5, 2005 )

Linniered - Newbie Rethinks
Linniered, Welcome to Lit.Org! Whatever happens, I assure you that the majority of members here are not just very nice but helpful too. You’ll notice some rabble-rousin’ but they just make this place a more interesting and exciting site.

I admire how your mind works judging from what I see you’ve written here, and how your reaction have been after getting responses to your posts (pardon me if I haven’t checked on anything yet). To have wanted to ‘pay it back’ and ‘pay it forward’ is the nature of a gracious human being, I would say. To be thoughtful about the ‘lonely posts’ is the character of a sensitive soul.

If you’ll just dig into the lowest pits of Lit, you’ll find that I wrote a series of articles that tells about tips on getting/giving comments with the subtlety of how lit works, most of which based on my own observation as a newbie then. If you have time, please read on and the feedbacks I got from some of the members might help you, though I can’t promise you those writings of mine are as eloquent as this blog of yours. Somehow the article(s) survived its own generation, I am thankful for that, and I am not sure if some things there were already obsolete.

They’re here:

I would also like to reiterate what I said in one of my comments on a member’s blog (about the same topic):

“What matters is one’s own true motivation (in matters of posting and commenting).

( Posted by: peterpaulino [Member] On: January 5, 2005 )

"but I sincerely hope that I can keep the momentum going and continue to more actively participate in this fascinating, maddening, inspiring community."

Hehe, you desrcibed Lit.Org perfectly, it can often be maddening but always thought provoking and inspiring. I read a lot more than I comment because of my current lack of time to wipe my own a**. This is a wide community and the two guys above me who have commented are some of the nicest people you will meet and some of the most talented writers on this site.

Welcome to Lit.Org, sorry I missed you at the beginning but keep it coming.

Alex :-)

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: January 5, 2005 )

Welcome to Lit. Linnie
This was an engrossing read Linnie. With that I am looking forward to reading more of what you have to offer. Your mind and heart were together on this write. I agree with my friends Peter and Huni I am also favor Poetry. Yet I do spend time reading other things, just not enough time to comment all the time. Take care and keep that ink flowing, with that.....and how cliche to say, but I will say it anyway...hehehehe

Write on Linnie....


( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: January 5, 2005 )

What a wonderful gracious blog you have created. You have summed up my feelings as well. This websight has offered me so much healing since I climbed aboard in early summer.
I too always try to thank anyone who takes the time to comment on my work as well. It just seems so natural a thing especially when they take the time to do so.
I have read your other posts and I look forward to reading much more.
Again, welcome, and keep the mind open and let the words flow.

( Posted by: CJHerlihy [Member] On: January 5, 2005 )

Damn, I wish
Hi Linnie,
Thanks for your comment. The world is so complex, and the slightest disharmony can produce alarming results....sort of like out of focus. You got it!

image carver

( Posted by: imagecarver [Member] On: January 5, 2005 )

Cheers LinnieRed
Great write. Wonderful sentiment. Glad to have you here, reading, writing. I'm going to go check out your work right now!

: )

( Posted by: everybodyelsesgirl [Member] On: January 5, 2005 )

Follow up re: Lit Dynamics
Wow! Thanks a ton for the quality and quantity of the response! And nobody even called me a prissy little Pollyanna kissass!

Peter, I checked out the articles you cited. They will be invaluable to me. Gracias!

Huni & Dar, I've since posted another poem, as Windchime has discovered - and commented upon (Merci!) If you happen to come across it, I hope you enjoy it. Other than a few misguided attempts to write song lyrics, I haven't tried my hand at poetry since high school - until now. I'm beginning to enjoy it!

Pardon my delay in following up: this morning, my mother finally passed away (not unexpectedly) from the slow effects of Alzheimer's Disease. (I hope soon to write an epilogue to "My Little Christmas...") For the next week or so, I may be tardy in commenting or responding, and certainly in submitting new posts, but I will still be reading Lit as much as I am able. I'm beginning to feel right at home!

( Posted by: LinnieRed [Member] On: January 8, 2005 )

What awful news, but it sounds as though you were prepared.

This is a home for alot of people all for different and only sometimes the same reason.

I hope your well.


( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: January 8, 2005 )

Linnie - Gracias
Thank you for reading my articles.

My heart goes out to you. My condolences, Lady.

( Posted by: PETERPAULINO [Member] On: January 9, 2005 )

A Perfect Opportunity
For all of us who agree with you to stand up and say so as Jessica pointed out. Count me in. I don't get to come to Lit as often as I'd like but when I do, I try to read and comment whenever I'm inspired or think I can be helpful.

I too write poetry, which isn't easy for me and I am currently re-writing 2 parts of a four part collection. But I try to stay involved by reading and commenting.

Brava. -Philo

( Posted by: Philo [Member] On: January 17, 2005 )

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