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You take yourself so
Damn seriously,
Sucking yourself deeper and deeper
Into the vortex
Of your self-absorbed little
Me-me-me-centric cosmos.

You think youíre so
Damn smart,
Convinced every idea you utter
Is profound
And every scribble scripture,
You think your belches
Are philosophy
And your farts aromatherapy.

Youíre the only creature
Who has ever known pain
Or fear.
No one else could possibly
FEEL things as deeply as you do.

Wanna know what your problem is?
Ya just THINK too damn much,
Thatís what -
Sailing from euphoric grandeur
Into freefall headlong toward despair,
Thoughts and thoughts and thoughts
Spinning in ever-tightening circles
All the way down.
Hit bottom yet?

I know. I was there.
Convinced my loss was deeper
Than any other that had ever been.
I, too, wanted to die,
But not really.
(Best impression of a zombie
Youíve ever seen.)
Just wanted to stop hurting.
Just took myself
Way too goddamn seriously.

Finally sent myself
A Hallmark card:
"Hope you get over yourself
Real soon."

Painís part of the package deal Ė
What you go through
To get to the good stuff.
(Not to mention where you get
Your best material.)
Finally figured out that if I checked out
Of life too soon
Iíd miss whatever was going to happen next.
Sometimes the best motivation to live
Is pure morbid curiosity.

Ride the wave, bro.
If youíre going to crash into the rocks on shore
Or face first into the side of a cliff,
Thereís not a hell of a lot
You can do about it anyway.
Enjoy the view
And the sea breeze in your hair.

For heavenís sake
Stop thinking for a minute!
While youíre busy
Consecrating the lint from your navel,
Thereís a world around you
With some pretty cool stuff going on
That you might actually enjoy,
Plus some work that needs to be done,
If itís not beneath your lofty intellect
To pitch in and do some chores
For someone else.
Try getting your hands a little dirty
And see if that doesnít clear your mind.
Worked for me.
But what do I know?

I think I finally know not to take myself so
Damn seriously.
Iím beginning to wonder Ė
You might even say I have
A sneaking suspicion
That when I fail to take myself so
Goddamn freakiní seriously,
Thatís when Iím most profound.

Pretty good trick, huh?

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. - Groucho Marx

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The following comments are for "You take yourself so"
by LinnieRed

Aw, Pshux!
Gol-l-l-ee! Thanx, De! (May I call you De?) I ain't no poet - I just slammed this puppy out while I was waiting for comments on my previous post. (Of course, it didn't hurt that I'd just returned from a long road trip with a bipolar barely-started-recovering alcoholic in tow! 'Course, he's not THAT bad - I exaggerated a little just for effect.) Didn't know if it would actually make the cut, but I figured I might get more views in Poetry than in Blogs. You're very kind to notice and to comment so enthusiastically! Mucho grassy-ass!

( Posted by: LinnieRed [Member] On: December 30, 2004 )

Linnie: Seriously Fine
Wow. This is right up my alley! Thank you, lovey, for posting this! I liked the idea, the ranting nature (many will say "you should have posted as a rant" but I say "can't you rant poetically? Duh!"), and the creativity. The fact that you went on for a mile was miraculous. I could almost not finish it except for the fact that it was very amusing. I only stumbled once:

"Convinced every idea you utter
Is profound
And every scribble scripture,
You think your belches
Are philosophy
And your farts aromatherapy"

Line 3 starts with "And", which leads me to believe it is a continuation of line 2. If true, then the comma at the end suggests to me that your "And" may have been intended to start line 4. You think? No? Please let me know.

Loved the navel bit. I'm and ADHD/bi-polar person, and I'll be writing a bit when "hmmm, what's that? Oh hey, check it out. Lint! Huh!" and the next thing I know I'm way off track. LOL!

Thanks! Keep writing poetry. You be good.


( Posted by: GibsonGirl [Member] On: December 30, 2004 )

ti'm not takin ur s**t anymore!
whata gem! ha-ha ha-ha! nothing worse than some a**hole with attitude an no sense of humor!
great stuff! good job! i like your style.

( Posted by: DieBaronHobskewward [Member] On: December 30, 2004 )

GG unt Baron
Thanks, GG! The fact that I went on for a mile isn't really so miraculous. I'm just long-winded. (Favorite exchange between me and the CFO at my office, who is equally long-winded: "To make a long story short...." "Too late!") Glad it was amusing enough that you soldiered on 'til the end.

Re: the "and" thing - Looking back, I probably should have put a period instead of a comma after "scripture," leaving that phrase in the same sentence with "You think you're so damn smart..." Then "You think your belches..." would start a separate sentence. Thanks for pointing out that awkward construction.

ADHD AND bipolar, huh? Some fun! Not only do you get the "1 + 1 =...butterfly!!!", you then get "No! No! It's death and destruction! We're all doomed!"

Danke shoen, Herr Baron! Actually, th a**hole isn't such a bad kid. Usually, he's got a GOOD bad attitude and a great sense of humor. He just forgets sometimes, so we have to slap him around a little bit.

(Wow! I'm in the Poetry section! Just like the BIG kids! Can I pretend I'm with you guys so they won't throw me out?)

( Posted by: LinnieRed [Member] On: December 30, 2004 )

Hey Linnie...
You took the words right out of my mouth!

Now, you just need to come out of your shell and express yourself!

Great stuff!

Grandma Bea

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: December 30, 2004 )

I loved the idea behind the poem a lot. And I also like the little things you added, such as the navel, the Hallmark card, etc.
Top notch writing, keep your pen to the paper!

( Posted by: amusedlilboy [Member] On: December 30, 2004 )

I love made me laugh...sounds like my ex...and I love a good fart joke...aromatherapy...hehehe...keep up the good work...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: December 31, 2004 )

You Take Yourself
I've been accused of reading too much into things and I may be committing the same crime, here, but I love the way your title works on several levels -- not just as an abrupt allusion to the first line, but as an apt philosophical take on the subject -- you take yourself to where you are so only you can take yourself back out.

There is something ironic in the fact that while berating your subject for not being able to step out of his own head every once in a while you can't help inserting your own life story into your advice. There's nothing wrong with this -- your poem obviously works as it's written. However, I do think it would be sharper and stronger without the compare and contrast between yourself and your subject. It'd be a bit shorter, too. And your take on the nature of your subject's real problem would resonate more poignantly. As it's written, I think you come across a bit like God in the book of Job -- almost too smug to be sympathetic.

With my own brand of arrogant-humility, I would suggest showing a bit more and telling a bit less. You do have an excellent narrational voice, a droll sense of humor and a remarkable ability to use the absurd to create a striking point. I wouldn't want you to hide your light under a bushel by chucking your tendency toward voice-over, completely. I simply think your flair for story-telling would work more compellingly if you used a slightly more judicial hand in it's application and allowed the concrete description of your subjects to speak for themselves a bit more often.

( Posted by: hazelfaern [Member] On: December 31, 2004 )

Yee haaa
Ouch and ouch again, I love this, Linnie. Pretentious prats everywhere beware, this lady bites and doesn't let go! I agree with Amused, the devil's in those little details. My fave line (there are so many, so this is a gun to my head job) 'to pitch in and do some chores'.
Why? Well the Buddhists say (I think it's them) 'menial tasks are a step on the road to enlightenment'.

( Posted by: Ogg [Member] On: January 1, 2005 )

I forgot to sign off, sorry (it's New Year's morning and I had a few drinks last night)

Take care
Paul the Ogg

( Posted by: Ogg [Member] On: January 1, 2005 )

Hazelfaern & Ogg - re: Take Yourself...
Oooooh! I LIKE your reading of the title, Hazel! I hadn't thought of that, but...Wait! No! Yes! Ummmmm...yeah, I MEANT to do that! ; )

Very helpful tips regarding the body of the poem, too. FYI, for me this was a bit of an experimental foray into poetry. I'm pleasantly surprised by how well it's been received, and I truly appreciate the critiques. For the time being, I expect I'll concentrate my writing on telling stories. Then, after I've finished releasing the flood of pent-up expression (this has been a LONG time coming, folks!), I'll try my hand at poetry again. By that time, I should be able to show a little more restraint. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Ogg, thanks! Glad you liked it, but sorry it stings! Want me to kiss it better? ; ) I don't really bite that much! Pat me on the head or scratch me behind the ears, and I'm likely to wag my tail, wiggle all over, and piddle on the floor. Happy New Year!

( Posted by: LinnieRed [Member] On: January 1, 2005 )

Be serious!
Well, maybe not then. But your hubby should consider house-training you? (shnee shnee!)
Read your blog btw - excellent and don't worry about being verbose.
One more thing - SIT!
Take care
Paul the (d)Ogg

( Posted by: Ogg [Member] On: January 6, 2005 )

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