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Team NOVA: The Assassins story

Chapter 1: AWAKE
"Argh!" Kerrigan woke up, sweaty from her nightmare. She had had it for the fourth time this week. She really needed help. She wasn't getting sleep, for she had had this nightmare for a month or two, and it was bugging her. She was falling asleep in Training, had huge bags under her eyes, and didn't have much energy. The bell sounded, alerting her that her training had begun.

It had been a year since she had signed up with Team NOVA, the beta, or, as they where called by those unsure about this, test team of so-called “space soldiers”. They where like assassins, shot down from there satellite, Sky lab III, made in 2049..... but that was 14 years ago. Now, on May 9th, 2063, she was ready for her last day of training. Then.... them she would be a real soldier.

She hoped out of her bed, moaning from the backache that this bed caused. She found her uniform, gray and dull, as usual, and put it on. She walked out of her room, Cabin U84, and went down to get a soda too cool her off. Along the way down the hall, she bumped into Ken, or as he liked to call himself, “Flash”. before she could say anything, Flash said, “ Are you ready?” Kerrigan replied, “ For what?”

Flash was a little shocked. He started muttering, then stuttering, and finally, some intelligent words came out. “ Yo- You don't remember? Today is the last day of training! We about to become soldiers!” “Right.” , even though she wasn’t sure that he would make it. He was asthmatic, and therefore, didn’t have much endurance.

She walked away, head towards the soda dispenser. ‘Bye Flash! I guess I’ll see you in training!”, she yelled, over her shoulder. “Seeya!”, as she walked away, unaware of what would happen him- and her- soon- too soon.

upon arriving at the soda dispenser, she took out a dollar, a green one, oddly enough. There weren't much of those left around anymore. She gently pushed it into the machine, and after getting it handed back a few times, she shoved it in. After that one came out, she happen to catch a glimpse at the date.... it was a 1995 dollar bill. That was an old bill, but it would explain why it was green, not red or blue, like the ones today.

“I didn’t think they made these anymore...”, she said, thinking out loud. “Wow.... I don't believe I have-”she was cut short by the thought that had just flashed in her head. “Training!” she said, again thinking out loud. She ran as fast as she could, hoping not to miss the first bell... if she did, she might not ever become a soldier. But she had the feeling- like she was forgetting something. Little did she know, she had left the dollar there.

She had made it there just in time. Just as she got in her seat, the first bell rang. Rubbing her forehead, she sighed “Whew.” She looked around for Flash, who was no where to be seen. “Flash?” she called, with a worried smile. “ Over her, Kerrigan!” came the reply, from Flash, over at the Major’s desk. He had a worried face on, and he was looking pale. “What's wrong, Flash?”

As Flash sat down, he croaked, “ I’m being-- I’m being-- held back” , saying “held back” in the saddest voice she had ever heard. “Why?” she asked, astonished. “ I wasn’t good enough... I couldn’t do it!” he sobbed back. Kerrigan wasn’t surprised, but she acted like she was. “That's Horrible! I don’t know why Major would do this to you. But... don’t worry... I have an idea.

“What? What are you going to do?” Kerrigan smiled. “You’ll find out, soon enough.”

The room was dimly lit, but about as noisy as a O.E. blast going off by you ears. Kerrigan sat down, finding the closest seat she could to the front, so she didn’t have to walk far to get her Guns. She happened to sit next to Jessica, with her friend Dawn. They had both been training to get there wings, to pilot the new models, or “Ghosts”. On her right was Tidus, who lived in the cabin next to her. He liked to listen to old music, such as Linkin Park, and The Offspring. It was often playing late at night, which caused her to sometimes go over there and complain. “Hi Tidus:, she said, nonchalantly. “Oh. Hi.” Tidus replied back.

She looked around for Flash, even though she knew that he wouldn’t be here. It was a habit she had, for he was always misplaced.... she was cut short from her thoughts as the ceremony started. The microphone cracked, as the Colonel, or Colonel Mark, as he was called, came on, knocking the microphone. Be hind him was the Majors from all 8 teams, NOVA, BLAST, ZETA, REPO, ZYBAR, DELTA, NON, and OPERATIVE EYES, the advanced team. “Hello future soldiers, fighters, and pilots. Are you ready to become part of the new Teams of Assassins?” There was a cheer from the audience, with a late whistle from the person who was behind her, which caused her to turn around.

“ Would Team NOVA please come up?” and with that, they all got up and started to walk to the stage. Kerrigan, Tidus, Flash- “Tidus!” Kerrigan said. “Flash couldn’t come- he was retained. He wasn’t good enough... those where his own words.” Tidus was shocked. “Awww... that really sucks, Kerrigan. Tell him I’m sorry.”

“I’ll do that. But, don't worry. I have an idea. You see...” her eye caught the Colonels arm. He was gesturing for them to come. Kerrigan ran, and Tidus followed.

I would like to award the Nova team for their expert jobs at shooting, and ground movement. Would- Kerri-” He paused as he asked one of the Majors how to pronounce the name- “ Kerrigan Maverick please come and get her guns? Kerrigan walked out from the rest of the team. She shook hands with Mark, and then took her two custom made gun- everything was custom made for everybody, even the pilots... they had Masks. Everybody, at the first day of training, was required to take a test to see what they would want. Kerrigan had changed her request after she say O.E. guns.

The guns that she received where called Misty, and Dark Shell, which shot shells of “black”. They would attach to someone... and slowly kill them. Misty shot one shell that after firing , exploded into many multiple pieces.... and burned. They where just like the ones she was eyeing, the ones that O.E. used.... she once was offered to be in O.E. but she turned them down. If Flash couldn’t come, she wouldn’t go. But, she was allowed there guns, so she was happy.

She walked off the stage, with a grin on her face.

Chapter 4: Kerrigan's Plan

Kerrigan still lived in her cabin, so she would probably see Flash allot more... she didn’t have to really do anything except Target Practice, and Hand to Hand combat, but that wasn’t till afternoon after training. So, she walked to Flashes cabin, U578.

Along the way, she walked by the soda dispenser. She had the feeling she was forgetting something. As she pulled out a dollar, for that one that she missed yesterday-- “My dollar!” she shouted, as she picked it up of the table. “I can’t believe was still there. I would have sworn someone would have taken it!”

As she walked away with a Mug Root Beer in her hand, saw Tidus, walking in front of her with his headphones on, as loud as they could go. He was listening to “Forgotten”, by Linkin Park. “Tidus!” Kerrigan shouted over the music. Tidus turned around, and put his headphones to his neck. The song changed to “ A cure to the Itch”. “Oh. Hi Kerrigan.”

“Your acting gloomy today. What's wrong?”

“ I just keep on thinking about Flash.... I mean, why would this happen to him? He is a good person, and, he’s been here longer than all of us. I know he's asthmatic, but still, he should be here with us. He tried harder than us, but.... in the end..... he should have been here with us.”

Kerrigan was taken aback. The trio had been friends for a long time, even before they had signed up. They had done it because of Flash, in fact, because he said that he wanted to join. They stuck with him, and thus....

“Don’t worry. You see.... I am going to see him right now. I personally am going to train him. Every morning. And if that isn’t enough, I am talking him to my practice. He can watch, and he will use one of my guns.”

“Ah. I guess I better let you go on you way. Bye.”


And with that, they both walked away.

Kerrigan and Flash walked away. Flash still had 2 hours before training, she Kerrigan had time. “You ready?’ she said, as they entered the dojo. “Yeah. I hope.” he said faintly. Surprisingly, there was a few people there, already training/practicing.

They started out doing blocks to punches, then punches to kicks, the full combos, and even a few fatal moves. After the training had finished, they did target practice. Flash got to use Misty, for easier targeting.

Kerrigan showed him all the correct ways to hold, shot, cock, and load a gun. “You’re actually quite good!” Kerrigan shouted of the constant fires of bullets. “Well, I’m only asthmatic, 'ya know. I’m not bad.” Kerrigan smiled at that.

This routene wenbt on for days, untill Flash had worked up the couage to show Major his true power.

Flash, finally, had passed.

(Stay tuned, readers! Part two coming soon!)

I want to be in another place
I hate when you say you dont understand
( You'll see it's not meant to be)
I want to be in the Energy, not with the Enemy
A place for my head
"A place for my head"-Linkin Park

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The following comments are for "Team Nova: The Assassins: Chapters one and two"
by Ken Trema

BTW, this is part one, and in part two, it will be inside the nightmare...... and I still have to do something with that dollar....

( Posted by: Ken Trema [Member] On: May 12, 2002 )

Sorry for the low rating, but this doesn't leave me even breifly concerned about what might be coming next, but it's still easily good enough that I would read the next part to find out what the plot is.... I would have given it a 7 if not for having gotten bored when I first started reading it and only just got back to almost a month later.

( Posted by: Ragath [Member] On: June 12, 2002 )

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