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Sarah Mary, flight attendant, walked with a seductive rotation of her hips that day. Ever since she was a preteen, she’d worked on that walk and now she had it down to perfection. She had also taken a break to put more make-up on. She was a beautiful, long legged girl with brown hair and shiny green eyes.

Generally, Sarah had grown bored and indifferent about her job as a flight attendant but today, there was a beautiful guy on the plane. He was a muscular six feet tall with a shaved head of golden hair. More importantly, he was wearing an Armani and was seated in the first class section.

Often, they had smiled back and forth as she passed. He was reading a red leather bound book but she couldn’t see what it was. It would have sent a chill down her spine if she had only seen the title, “Methods of Ax Murder”. Lucius smiled relaxedly as his eyes darted over diagrams showing how to chop a human’s head off. With his super-charged werewolf mind, he was able to pick up new methods of murder much more quickly than a human killer ever could.

As Mary went by his seat to serve drinks, she even went as far as to drop an empty cup and bend down to pick it up. Her eyes caught him watching intently. She smiled. He smiled back and handed her a pre-written note. When Mary was done serving the drinks, she took it out of her pocket and read it. It said:

Meet me at five o’clock tonight at the front entrance of the L.A. airport. I’ll be in a purple Porsche behind the bus loading station.

Mary frowned as she walked away. She didn’t have a break from work tonight but this man was obviously wealthy. She felt butterflies in her stomach as she thought about the note. Mary’s mother had always told her how wonderful it would be if she could find a rich man. It was as if the blonde man had cast a spell on her. She’d go. She’d quit and she’d go.

At five 0’clock, Lucius pulled up behind the bus loading station. Sarah was already there, dressed in a beautiful red dress. He smiled at her and opened the passenger door. She got in. “I’m Mark Vladimir. What’s your name?,”said Lucius.

“Sarah Mary.”

“You look enchanting.”

“Thanks,”she said smiling. She liked his strong deep voice. Although he looked European, he spoke with no accent whatever. He must be American, Johnston thought.

The Porsche took off. Lucius checked his computerized gold watch. Good, it’s a full moon, he thought. I won’t have to do this in human form. “Where are we going?,” asked Johnson.

“How about the Black Moon Dance Club?,”said Lucius. The Black Moon was very exclusive.

“Are you sure we can get in?”asked Sarah, a little doubtfully.

“Yeah,” said Bonvar. He must be rich, thought Johnston. She liked him already.

“What’s your name?,”asked the doorman, a hugely muscular black man. “Mark Vladimir and this is my date,Sarah Mary.” The doorman skimmed the list carefully.

“Yeah, here you are, Mr. Vladimir,”the doorman said in a tone of extreme respect. The real Mark Vladimir was the only son of one of the nation’s wealthiest computer moguls. Can I see some I.D., sir?” Lucius produced his fake I.D. and gave the doorman a $100.
“Have a nice night,”said the doorman.

“Yeah, you too,”Lucius said as they walked inside.

Inside, the club was packed with rich people in wild clothes. Many had dyed hair and wore studded leather neck bands but they were all money. Distorted techno music blared over the loud speakers and the dance hall was crowded. People looked enviously at the handsome couple as they walked past. This place is magnificent, thought Johnson as she walked through the ambient wonderland. Mary had been raised in a lower class background. Her mom had been a grocery store clerk and she’d never known her dad. Surrounded by the splendor of the dance club, she felt like a queen.

As she’d done before in so many social environments, she looked at what the other girls were wearing. She looked at the well strapped sandles, the revealing skirts and the bright colors. One pretty girl about her age, with blond tied back hair, smiled at Mary as their gazes met. Mary was proud of her red dress. It was the finest outfit she had; she saved it for the most special of occasions. It was a little longer than most of the dresses at the dance club and had a seductive slit leading up her right leg.

Mary was a very good techno dancer, after all techno was all the rage now. She was surprised at how good Bonvar was. Very few guys techno danced. Bonvar danced with a certain strength and gracefulness that was reminescent of a wild animal. It was this very brutal strength that fascinated girls about Bonvar, but it also scared them a little.

“Where did you learn to dance like this?”Sarah asked.

“In Scotland,”said Bonvar in his deep, masculine voice.

“Do you live there?”

“No, I have a vacation home.”

Just then, the couple were interrupted by a tall man with spiked Orange hair and a black leather jacket. “Robert,” he said. Lucius ignored the man. The man with the orange hair tapped Lucius’s shoulder and repeated, “Robert.” Lucius turned around. Who’s Robert?,thought Sarah. For the past five years, Lucius had lived under a vast array of human aliases.

“Peter, good to see you here.”said Lucius. Peter was a British techno artist. Lately, his career was on the rise as the fame of his band, “Bloody Fangs” started to spread outside of England. Many thought Peter would be the next big techno star. “This is my date, Sarah Mary.”

Peter smiled. “And this is Ruby Leary,” Peter said as he introduced a short black girl with red hair and a leather jacket.

Lucius and Sarah danced till nine, taking frequent breaks to drink at the bar. Lucius noticed Sarah was a little unsteady on her feet.

“Why don’t we go now?”asked Lucius.

“Where?”asked Sarah.

“A motel.”

“Okay,”said Sarah. She giggled nervously.

The next day’s L.A. times ran a story about a strange mass murder at a local Red Lion. Nine people had been hacked to death with an axe, including the managers of the hotel. Sarah Mary, a guest, was one of the victims. A pretty snapshot of her smiling face was put on the front cover along with those of the other victims.

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The following comments are for "City of Death Ch.3"
by Seanspacey

to Seaspacey
I think I might have missed something here. This is a well-written,paced chapter full of suspence but I can't see any connection of it to the rest of the story yet. I thought Lucius was worried about his city. Why did he commit the murders? To ease himself, a habit? It came across slightly pointless because you presented a problem in the last one and I thought he is going to try and solve it now and I see no developement in this particular chapter. I think you really need to get the personality/motivation of Lucius across a bit more, so far, he is intriguing, but extremely vague. These comments of course, are mainly because this is an unfinished story.

( Posted by: Furius [Member] On: May 10, 2002 )

thanks Furius
I'll remember to clarify the context of this chapter when I edit.

But as for how this chapter fits into the rest of the book, Bonvar just arrived at the LA airport, in America. The rest of the story is set in LA. The earlier section about the skatepark was a prelude to the very beginning. This prelude was set in LA. But I should re-arrange the story to make it more clear and give the beginning more of a context. But from here, the story is chronological and easy to follow.

( Posted by: Seanspacey [Member] On: May 10, 2002 )

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