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I just didnít want to get off the school bus. Apparently I just decided one day that I wouldnít. I crossed my arms and stared forward, intent on rooting my buttocks into the decaying leather of the cold seat. Trying to imagine myself now, I picture a ten year old with a scowl, but I was actually sixteen, which is embarrassing. Donít judge; Iím sure I had a reason, I just donít remember it.
You see, the walk from the bus to the school was very, very cold in the winter. I didnít like it one bit, and so I thought, Ďwell, why the hell should I?í It made perfect sense, I think. When itís cold, one wants to stay warm, so I went about it. I was quite content sitting where I was.
Texas is ugly in the winter. Everything dies. Now, where I come from, the plant life knows how to survive cold temperatures. The grass stays lush and dark, and the trees drop their leaves pretentiously. The trees do the same for the most part here, but they seem to die, as does the grass. Actually, thereís one nice tree, I donít know what itís called, but all itís leaves turn an invigorating red. That tree isnít near the school though. All I could see was brown grass and whimpering trees. Well, I knew for a fact that Iím not as strong as a tree, so Iíd be damned if I was going to suffer that cold too.
I got sent to the main office eventually. As far as I was concerned I hadnít done anything wrong; they had no right to try to cast me out into the rotten cold of the morning, I was at school nonetheless. Of course by this time it had warmed up outside, so I didnít mind so much the trip to the office. I was also missing my class. I received a good telling off by a relatively bewildered office man, the identity of whom I was unaware, and sent off to my lesson. I sat quite near the back and stared like a pervert at the back of a girlís head, and I liked the girl whose head it was. She was a very pretty blonde, short, with a fairly deep chasm of a cleavage, but with little shape otherwise. But, brother, did she know how to walk! Her butt swayed well, and thatís all Iíll say about that.
I was a virgin with a track record of one girl kissed and one girlfriend. Iíll leave it up to the imagination as to whether they were the same person or not. Actually, come to think of it, Iíd kissed a boy too, but thatís a funny story for another time. Maybe Iíll flashback to it later after all the interesting things have died down. Because if youíve heard another story like this before, it doesnít get any more amusing, trust me.
But anyway: this girl. I was perving on her from the back of the class, as one does. I probably had a boner, which was a tragically regular occurrence in any class and Iíd always do a terrible job of hiding it Ėnot that anyone saw it, I just looked like an idiot trying to hide it. I remember noticing that when she caught me staring sheíd look away immediately without the flattered appearance I wouldíve hoped for.
You know what makes me mad? I never lost my virginity! Do you know why? Well, Iíll tell you.
I suddenly had a heart attack in class and died. Thatís right, I died. Of a heart attack. Wasnít fun. So anyway, I came back to life with my head on my desk, and no one had paid any attention whatsoever to the fact that Iíd just fucking been pushing up daisies for about an hour. God, I was so mad. The bell went suddenly and we all cleared out. I went to my next class, sat through it, then went to lunch. That lesson I gave the teacher no attention Ė she didnít mind Ė and spent the whole time staring at my hands. They were whiter than an Englishmanís sock line in summer. I was very excited by this. Iíd never managed to achieve a tan of any sort before, and my skin never had a particularly nice texture to it, but all of a sudden it was soft, smooth, and consistently white Ė which I apparently found better than a tan. I poked it and it felt spongy. I actually managed to embed my fingerprint into my skin and itís still there now, so I decided that I wouldnít poke myself with my fingers anymore.
I went to lunch and deviated toward the toilet, and looked in the mirror at myself. My face had a healthier pigment than my hands, but there was a large red ellipse in the centre of my forehead. Apparently dying had caused my blood to pool into my forehead and stick. Now, Iím no science buff, but this didnít make much sense to me. Then again I had just been resurrected from sudden death, so I was rather open about it all. Suddenly the concept of my penis occurred to me, so I went in to a cubical and looked at my cock. Poking it, I managed to get fingerprints on it. This concerned me as it was, but what really concerned me was whether or not I was going to be able to get it up anymore. I tried to think of the girl Iíd been perving on earlier. I concentrated hard, and nothing happened. I decided to put it away and hope that it just wasnít the right time or situation in which to get a boner. Unfortunately, in trying to think of other girls to get up over, I managed to turn my thoughts to my mother. It wasnít meant as a sexual idea, she just appeared in my head at a bad time. I shoved my cock back into my zipper and hurried out back to the mirror. I wondered about my family for a moment. They would probably be a little bit upset that Iíd died. What if my bowels started to relax randomly like a real corpse and I started to shit all over the house! They would be so pissed. I started to worry about rotting and smelling and not being able to shower because of the fragility of my dead skin. I decided that maybe I wasnít dead. I thought perhaps I was just very sick with something and I should go to the nurse. First I went to get something to eat. I didnít have much of an appetite and ate only a few chips. During that time Iíd been rubbing my forehead, hoping to get my blood flowing and the red stain off. I checked in the bathroom again right before I went to the nurse and it seemed to have paled a little.
Just before I knocked on her door I started to think that maybe I was dead as Iíd suspected. Oh, I donít think I mentioned how I figured it out in the first place. To be honest, it was more of just a feeling than anything else. Maybe a memory. I woke up without the groggy sensation Iíd always had after naps. I felt like Iíd just been somewhere else and done something important, but forgotten it suddenly. I just seemed to have an unconscious acknowledgement that Iíd left my body and just returned to it. From this instinctual acceptance I quickly realised I was looking at the world from a different perspective. Everyone seemed more fragile than me. I felt segregated on as much of a spiritual level as a physical level, and I felt beyond.
Suddenly this feeling returned to me, and I thought I was dead again. The nurse checking my pulse and finding out could be extremely dangerous. I decided to try to play out the rest of the day and then just go home and crawl into my bed.
I didnít sleep that night. I hadnít eaten any dinner and I felt no great need to do anything. I was still worried Iíd shit everywhere. For many hours I just kind of sat on my bed and stared at the wall. My skinís texture was becoming more unpleasant than it had been in life, apparently staling and stiffening. I became horrified at the thought of what was happening to my innards. I worried what my blood was doing and if I was going to just kind of stop anytime soon. The detached sensation Iíd had from my body was beginning to subside, and a new bond was taking its place. I felt like a ghost in an animal shell, which was exactly what I was.
I was on my bed, still transfixed on the battle of gazes with the wallpaper, when the night started to unsettle and I found myself wandering outside. When I stood on the grass of my back garden, barefooted, my legs tingled. I dropped to my knees from the comforting familiarity the dirt was giving me. I slipped my fingers into the earth gently. I caressed it and dug my hands deeper until it seemed to be loosening itself to absorb me. I was excited as I slipped into the earth, and I thought the only thing I didnít like was the idea of dirt stuck under my nails.

Apparently the lump Iíd left in the garden was extremely blatant and my parents found it. They dug me up and sent me to the morgue. But Iíll tell you about that later. Just remember, donít do that to your kids, itís mean.

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The following comments are for "The Death Scene"
by ThwanCondu

This doesn't seem much like a fantasy-like piece

( Posted by: ArturHawking [Member] On: December 11, 2004 )

It's about someone dying and being ressurected as a zombie...sounds pretty fantastic to me

( Posted by: ThwanCondu [Member] On: December 14, 2004 )

sounds more like a horror short story to me

( Posted by: ArturHawking [Member] On: December 20, 2004 )

fair enough

( Posted by: ThwanCondu [Member] On: December 22, 2004 )

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