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An Arrangement With the Queen

“You are not authorized to speak with the Queen, I am sorry.”
“What do you mean I’m not aloud to? I’ve spoken with her dozens of times!”
“Well, times have changed since you were last in Langston Termithia and many things have changed since then. We can’t be too careful.”
“Well I think at the moment, you already are. What I must speak to her about is very important. It involves our safety, so if you think I’m here to do hurt her, I’m here to do the exact opposite. I’m here to enhance the protection that we already have! If you allow me to speak with her old bonds between borders can be reunited! Don’t you want that?”
The guard, in his plated mail looked around the room, a hollow hall with three story high ceilings filled with color and life. It was empty aside from Termithia and the two guards standing in front of the entrance to the throne room. But Termithia knew that there had to be at least two-dozen more goblins inside.
“Termithia…I believe that you will not bring harm to the Queen, so” the guard sighed as if he was almost saying this against his will, “you may enter.”
Termithia bowed to the guard.
“Thank you very much, you may very well have saved your kingdom just now.”
The guard smiled. The doors were pulled open, and Termithia walked inside, and began down the long narrow strip of blood-red carpet. The end of it was the throne itself of Langston, and she was on it; the Queen.
“Who is that?” The Queen asked as she squinted to catch a better view of the lone goblin, completely clad in ring mail; a sign that he had to be from Gnomelandae since all soldiers that came from Langston wore the plated armor.
He came closer, walking with a perfectly straight back, like a wall gliding along the floor. He was very light on his feet.
“General Termithia?” She questioned as the light hit his face from the great amount of candles in the chandelier that hung above.
“Queen Tare, I have come back on behalf of the World Council.”
“The…World Council,” she said as if she had never spoken those two words before. “I’ve never heard of it, and if it’s important I would have heard about it by now. I want nothing to do with it. Please leave.”
“Oh no you don’t! You’ve done this to me one too many times, now you’re going to hear me out.”
“How dare you speak to me like that, I am your Queen!”
Termithia threw his head back and howled with laughter.
“You! My Queen? You haven’t done a damn thing to help me, or any of my men out over in Gnomelandae. We don’t even consider you our Queen anymore over there. As a matter of fact, I am their King!”
She gasped.
“How could you do this under my authority?”
“You have no authority, you have a title! Queen! You’re just another goblin, just like everyone else! I see no difference in your features; I definitely see no difference in your ways of thinking. You’re not articulate at all, you don’t carry yourself like a queen, you don’t try to improve your country, and you don’t listen to your peoples. You seem like a noble that I would spit upon if I met you in the streets.”
Tears were running down Queen Tare’s cheeks.
“Think about the things I’ve said, and if you do care about your people-which I highly doubt that you do-you will call upon me to speak with you about joining the World Council. Until then, good bye.”
Termithia turned his back to the sobs and left the throne room.

* * *

Termithia walked the streets of Idollical-being the capital city of Langston-looking for his old home. He thought if he waited on the front step, surely the Queen would find him. He knew she’d send for him. His words had struck home and hard to the point.
Sure enough, within twenty minutes of sitting impatiently, the Queen’s personal messenger came to the doorsteps.
“The Queen would like to speak to you.”
Termithia’s eyebrows raised, and he looked around, and then poked his forefinger into his own chest.
“Me? She…she wants to talk to me?” He said teasingly.
“Yes sir.”
“No! There’s no way she would want to talk to me.”
“Please…come with me sir.”
Termithia grinned all the way back to the palace, laughing on the inside once more.
“Termithia, I understand the present danger our country is in. We are in between two very harmful lands; Mordacia and Faigh. To the north of us if Ilvandore, Sarahues and Ezencarr.”
“I’m aware of my geographical surrounding, your highness.”
She glared at him for a split second, before smoothing her skirts and continuing by clearing her throat.
“As I was saying, we are in a dangerous area of the world. I would feel a lot safer with other people on our side. Which countries are in the World Council?”
“Mondea, Goldenhan, Gnomelandae and Sarahues.”
“Sarahues, quite some time back was invaded by the armies of Dargon, which of course is where the danger is really coming from, and the army of the secret city called Grithendale, from Goldenhan came to their rescue, and freed and regained much of their territory. With them joining our side, the Kalshirian army, which is the army of Dargon led by Lord Lepenon their King, will be pushed out of the country for good.”
“I see. And who are the leaders of these countries?” She asked.
“King Boaz himself represents his entire country of Goldenhan, and the Elvin peoples. You too could do the same.”
“And who is from Mondea?”
“Sir Jonathan Lesdain.”
“I’ve never heard of him.”
“Nor had I, but his legend will soon be spread around the world as the true leader and founder of the World Council. Him and Titus Tolshem.”
The Queen laughed.
“I should’ve known he’d be involved.”
“You’ve heard of him?”
“Of course I’ve heard of him; everyone has heard or seen or met him. I’d say he’s the most famous man alive, and has been for however the bloody long his life has been. Being a cloak man or whatever he’s called.
“Yes, that’s it. Well it is comforting news to know that he’s a part of this. Where Titus is, there are good intentions. Where is he now?”
“Lythian? What is he doing in those wastelands?”
“Same thing that I’m doing here,” Termithia replied.
“Recruiting for the…World Council then?”
“Aye. That would be my mission they’ve set for me. And they expected me to accomplish that job too, which is where you come in. Will you join the World Council, handing over your army to them so that they might be combined with three other armies, and that we might finally bring peace back to this world?”
“Lending my army? Sounds like I’d be donating my army?”
“I suppose there’s no need to sugarcoat the words, no?”
“Just tell me exactly what would happen should I say yes to your question.”
“Your army would stay in Langston, keep the crest of the country, and everything unique and it’s own that it already has. Nothing must be added to their armor, no new symbols, no new flags and banners. But when they are called upon, they must be sent immediately to the destination of that call.”
The Queen Tare sighed.
“Damned be your skills of arguing and persuasiveness.”
Termithia grinned.
“Can’t say that that is the first time someone has said that to me.”

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