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*This is the second section, carrying off from where it left off, hope you like it so far.*

Chapter 2: Face to face, underway

Tony: Tony had the oddest feeling that he was going around this forest in circles, every time it looked like an exit of some sort, it would show the clearing. Tony noticed it again and just sighed.
“Well I guess the clearing it is then.” He muttered under his breath and he entered the clearing.

Amy: Now Amy doesn’t mind nature and all, but there are limits to how much squirrels she can run into. The little pests were everywhere, almost as if they were following her and it was beginning to annoy her.
“If I see one more squirrel, I’ll kill the whole bloody species of them.” Thankfully the squirrels stopped appearing and she entered a clearing that she had seen before as glimpses.

Steve entered the clearing and saw someone he knew from a photo, Jess, she was sitting by herself, as if she was waiting for someone so he walked towards her and called out to her.
“Hey Jess! What brings you to our little forest?” Jess jumped and turned to see him.
“Steve! It’s so wonderful to see you!” Jess got up from where she was sitting and ran towards him, joy clearly on her face and she gave him a hug. Steve just looked down and Jess broke the hug off.
“Well if your here, then maybe Tony and Amy are here, maybe.” Jess and Steve looked around and they saw them, Tony and Amy, entering the clearing and then spotting one another.
“Amy?” Steve and Jess watched as Tony and Amy ran towards each other and hugged, glad to finally see one another and then they realised they were being watched and they turned to see Steve and Jess.
“Hey Steve, Jess. Well this is a surprise, all of us in one place and not online either.” They walked towards each other and shook hands and hugged hello, happy to see one another. Once the hellos were over with, they then sat down and began talking calmly, as if appearing in strange forests and meeting each other was an everyday thing.
“So where do you think we are?” Jess asked as she ran a hand over the soft grass. Tony and Amy were holding hands and Steve just looked away, not wanting to see if Tony and Amy would lose control suddenly, even though they were staying in perfect control. It was then that they noticed the slight differences in Amy and Jess.
Amy, I might be mistaken but you look different, older. How did that happen? It‘s happened to you as well Jess, you look a little older.” Steve asked Amy and Jess and they looked at each other.
“I’m not sure, I didn’t notice until you mentioned it, guess I was a little focused on trying to get away from those squirrels.” Jess nodded and spoke up after running her hands down her slightly older body.
“I wonder how it happened? Tony, speak up, you’re not saying much.” Tony looked up from where he had been looking at the ground and he blushed a little.
“Sorry, guess I just waited till you were all done. Well I have no idea where we are and as for the age differences, they’re nice to see. Amy, you look even more beautiful as always, by best guess, I would say your about 20 years old now. Jess, I would say your about 16 years old now, me and Steve seem to be the only ones our normal ages.” And then Tony went quiet again and he looked up at the sky, the others looked up as well.
“What? What is it?” Amy asked and Tony looked at her after lowering his head.
“Nothing much, my neck is just a little stiff from where I had been sitting before we arrived at wherever here is.” Tony then looked around and he smiled a little.
“Right, no point sitting around here, is there? Lets see if we can get out of this forest, this time together. I remember something like this as a puzzle, in order to leave a maze, you work together to reach your common goal. So lets work together to reach our common goal, it’s not much but it’s better than sitting here not doing anything.” Seeing the logic of his plan, they all get up and after Tony gets up and brushes himself off, they begin looking for a way out.


Okay, I guess you want details on the four friends, don’t you? Okay, here you go.

Tony: Male(gee and you must have been thinking he was female), 23. He’s 5 foot 3 inches, his skin has an odd constant tan to it, even though he’s somewhat pale from the UK sun(or rather lack of sun), He has jet black hair that is either long or short, at this point it’s short, but it will grow.
His body is in-between plump and thin and he’s happy enough with it, his hands are small, yet powerful and fast for writing and other things, no not sexual wise as he doesn’t do any of that out of respect for his own body. His legs are short, yet strong and well exercised from a lot of walking and from surviving impossible odds when he’s attacked for no reason.
He has hazel brown eyes and somewhat sticky out ears that he hates. His eyes almost seem to meet and they are also dark and mysterious, full of secrets that only he knows from the knowledge he’s been given over the years by us guardians. He is more than he seems, not in personality as he is a very kind, very helpful, honest and caring person who has a dark secret in his past that has wounded him for his whole life.
He may look small, but in a fight he is fast and he knows when to retreat and how to disable his opponent without causing any due harm unless he has to. If you ever need someone to count on, someone to depend on, then Tony is your man. He’s someone who would and will die for his friends if he has no other choice, he already sacrifices his own needs for his friends and family and he has no regrets about it.
He is highly stubborn though and if you ever, and I do mean ever, annoy him, then he’s completely unstoppable in his rage as he has a temper that he can’t control at all, all he can do about it is just keep as calm as possible and not let himself lose control.
He is also very ticklish, has a heart and breathing problem from his family smoking and not noticing that he’s suffering from it and his one weakness is that if he’s held back, he adapts to bad treatment and sticks with it. He already gets mistreated and he’s used to it, so being treated kindly is strange for him. The clothes he’s wearing when he appeared in the World are a blue sweat shirt, black jogging trousers, blue socks, a DS9 T-shirt and a pair of blue slippers, which oddly morphed into shoes for him, so maybe he had managed to make them appear as the world went blurry on him. He never goes for fashion though, he just goes for what his budget will allow and also what he’s comfortable in and stop thinking like that!

Amy: Female(gee, this is easy), 16, yet 20 years old for this story. She’s 5 foot 5 inches, her skin is slightly tanned, yet as normal as you expect for someone in the US and all that sun. She has brown hair that has a red colour to it since she dyed it a little, her eyes are a lovely blue-grey. Her body is a nice mix of what Tony has, both just in-between, even though in the story she has lost weight from aging so fast and also from a diet she was doing her best to uphold before hand.
Her hands are small as well, powerful and fast for what she does in her life, and well you all stop thinking in sexual terms! Her legs are strong as well and she does do her best to get as much exercise as possible and she’s doing quite well so far from what Paul told Mary just a day ago.
Amy wears glasses that Tony feels just make her even more beautiful with them on or off, at Mary’s request and also Tony’s own feelings about the knowledge, Amy knows a lot more than she would have ever thought possible in so short a time frame since Mary and Tony have told her a lot about us and also about what’s really going on in the world. Amy has a vast potential hidden in her and Tony loves her for the way she is and also because Amy is a wonderful person who’s learning things at a wonderful speed.
Like Tony, Amy is very stubborn and never takes no for an answer and like Tony, her stubbornness could end up being her downfall in the future. Her health is good and she is getting even healthier as each day passes, much to her delight. Her one weakness are her ankles as they are a little loose for when she gained weight years ago in one month when she had been highly lazy, but she’s hoping that they won’t be so loose when she’s lost a lot of weight as the years pass. Plus Amy also has a temper as well and while Tony has only seen a tiny bit of it, she has said that it is very deadly in it’s fullest. At the time Amy had appeared in the world, she had been wearing only a T-shirt and her underwear, but oddly enough, some clothes appeared on her when her world blurred. She arrived in the world wearing a pair of blue jeans, a green T-shirt, a yellow blouse that had words on it, don’t go asking me to say what the words were, you imagine them. Plus white trainers, some purple socks and of course her underwear like everyone else, so stop thinking they weren’t wearing any underwear.

Steve: So I have to do gender? I do? Fine, Male. 18 Years old, 6 foot 4 inches, the tallest of the group. His skin is pale for some odd reason, his hair is dark. In the light his hair can be either dark brown or auburn coloured, just depends on the light.
He has a goatee(haha) that Tony thinks makes Steve look like something from Captain Proton from Star Trek Voyager, I think he means that Doctor Chaotica style goatee. Maybe Steve is really an evil power hungry manic with a white cat that meows and says it wants to take over the world, all bad guys I’ve seen in my lives have goatees.
But then again there are those people who love fine art and cultured music, I can picture Steve stroking his goatee(oh God I can’t stop laughing at the image and also the word) and listening to cultured music going, ’Yes, very nice and I must say that the striking colours are simply exquisite.’ and sipping on very expensive French wine. Mary, I think you better take over before I bust a gut laughing.
Okay, anyway as Cara was saying. Steve has big hands that I’m sure he’ll torment Tony with once he finds out that Tony is ticklish everywhere on his body, his legs are long and slightly hairy. But then in terms of body hair, Steve pales behind Tony in every league, Tony is impossibly hairy from his dad’s side of the gene pool.
Anyway as I was saying, Steve also has a long tongue and I don’t want to get an image of him kissing someone and going all tongue with it, shudder.
Okay, that’s enough about body hair, now for the rest. Steve is interested in a lot of things, yet for some odd reason, he can’t accept that that what he sees as life is only a mask of what is really going on, in that I mean with the guardians and the destiny of the Human race that Tony and Amy both know about because of the information I’ve told them. His eyes are a greenish-hazel colour and they’re nice enough, yet they don’t hide the secrets and past that Tony hides from all but Amy, Steve is also somewhat of a social outcast, yet people seem to like him.
Steve is also highly resourceful, if not as resourceful as Tony, he is intelligent and can do things quickly. He has a nasty sense of humour and he insults Tony behind his back, even though Tony has always known and won’t tell Steve how he knows whenever he asks.
Steve seems to be calm a lot of the time and his only real weakness is that he doesn’t understand things are more than they seem, but he will over time. Steve is also very thin and lanky and I personally think he looks like a pole with a big mouth and a long way to go before he’s truly ready for the world itself. But that’s my opinion and Tony scolds me for insulting Steve a lot of the time, not that I can’t help it. But other than that, Steve is a nice enough person, I guess. Steve was wearing the clothes he had worn to work, a sweat shirt, red, trousers that were a faint blue, T-shirt, socks and all the rest, plus trainers. (This is boring me you lot!)

Jess: (side note: Jess declined having her picture added, her choice.) Female, 15 years old, 16 years old for the story. She’s 5 foot 4 inches and still growing, so I have no idea what size she’ll be in the next few years. She has dark blond hair that is past shoulder length and beautiful blue eyes that I personally think make her look very beauty, but then Tony only likes her as a sister he never got, his own sister is a vindictive, spiteful piece of shit who has a heart that is dark and made to make people suffer. Her weight is in-between like Tony and Amy and she is a hard worker since she lives on a nice farm.
She has a sense of humour, but for some odd reason, she has a lot of trouble understanding Tony’s dark humour and it hurts Tony a little when she tells him to quit making jokes, so he’s actually been cutting his own amount of talk with her because she needs to learn to understand beyond what she knows. But then I guess she’s just a normal teen, over time she’ll find out that what she knows and what there is to know is a very different thing indeed.
She loves horses and always goes for a horse ride when she can, so I guess that’s nice. I’m actually starting to wonder how much longer Tony and Jess will be friends as Jess actually annoys Tony at points with her short answers to things and her never-ending silence which he wishes she would stop since it would be nice of she talked more without waiting for him to talk first. Can’t say I blame him myself, he has helped her a lot and whenever he asks for help, she either says she doesn’t understand or doesn’t say a word and he is wondering why she does that.
But then that did start happening just after Tony and Amy met, so I think Jess is jealous of Amy and how Tony and Amy have gotten along so well so easily, even I’m surprised at how well Tony and Amy get along. Well as Jess is sparse with her own info on herself, then there isn’t a lot else about her, shame that. Jess was wearing blue jeans, and you should know the rest, use your imaginations for crying out loud! This isn’t a fashion show! Geez, and you think detail matters, what about the story and the characters? Look, just imagine the clothes as the story goes on, there will be details, but don’t think I’m making this an ABC story for all of you, okay enough ranting, on with the story.

Leaving the forest and beginning their ’quest’

It didn’t take them a lot of time to leave the forest and they left it and entered into a very beautiful land that was beyond anything they could have imagined. Aside from the beautiful, clear blue sky and the gentle warmth of the sun, the land looked like something from a video game.
The land in front of them was multicoloured in greens, browns and even reds, it was a joy to behold. Over by the right in the far distance were some mountains that could have ice on them and over to the left are more mountains, the clouds over there seem to make the mountains look mysterious and worth heading to sometime.
The air is nice with a gentle breeze that could be from an ocean or just passing through, I’m not sure to be honest. There are small dirt roads as well that could be heading to anywhere in this world, one road in particular seems to be heading to a village that looks like a couple of hours walk away. So all in all, this place is really nice. Anyway, I’ve sidetracked enough, on with the story.

Steve smiled as they left the forest and looked around in awe at the landscape, Tony, Amy and Jess did likewise.
“Nice place! Anyone got a camera on them?” Heads shaking, Steve just continued to look at the landscape nonetheless. As Steve and Jess were admiring the landscape, Tony and Amy had a quick kiss and looked into each others eyes.
“I couldn’t say anything before, but I think you look outstanding Amy, my ever beautiful angel. It may not show, but I am overjoyed to see you, to hold you, to just be with you. It’s even better in this amazing place, I hope we never get torn apart.” Amy kissed him and hugged him gently.
“Likewise, this is so much better than the long wait we both had to stick with. Maybe later on, we can so somewhere alone and maybe sleep in each others arms, but only that since I don’t think we should do anything beyond hugging and kissing.” Tony nodded his understanding of that and then they broke apart and looked around for any clues as to where exactly they were.
“Alright, I think that’s enough gaping at the jaw-dropping scenery. Lets move on and see if we can find anything that can tell us where we are, maybe even a native who can help us, if there are people around here anyway.” Steve and Jess tore themselves away from the scenery and after a quick look around for anything out of the ordinarily, they headed for one of the dirt roads.

Odd place to find weapons

As the friends neared the dirt road, Steve spotted something odd and commented on it to everyone else.
“This is new, look over there.” He pointed and everyone looked at what appeared to be weapons sitting on a table of some kind, just out in the open as if saying, ’Please pick us up.’ Taking a look at the others, Steve walked over to the table and picked up what appeared to be a long sword. It looked very strong and it was somewhat narrow, it’s edge looked like it had been recently sharpened and Steve found it to be surprisingly light as he swung it to test it’s weight.
“Nice, maybe someone is offering a weapons for sale day.” Tony, Amy and Jess then went over to the table and picked up the weapons that they felt oddly attached to at first glance. Tony picked up a weapon he knew from memory, Amy picked up a silver dagger that sparkled in the sunlight and Jess picked up a pair of daggers that seemed to glow.
“I like this, it’s a Gunblade, a weapon from a video game. Hmm, nice and light too, should be easy to fight with this if we end up getting into problems, if.” He fingered the key ring that was dangling from it’s handle and he started to look around for something else.
“Think these are magical or something?” Jess asked to no one in particular and Steve took a look at them.
“No idea, they could be. See if they are.” Jess looked at him as if he was asking the impossible and Tony passed her something.
“What’s this?” She asked as she ran her hands over it, it felt like fake leather of some kind. Very strong and stable, it even had slots for what looked like weapons and a strap that probably went over the shoulder.
“I guess they’re weapon holsters, they look like it.” Tony handed one to everyone and then slid the strap of his around his waist and slid the Gunblade into the holster.
“Nice fit.” He commented as the others slid their shoulders, Steve’s seemed to look good as it went behind him and he slid his sword into it.
“You’re right, think they were left here for us?” Amy searched around for a note or something and found one.
“I’ll read it.” She said and she started to read.


Welcome to the World, as you may have guessed, these weapons are for you. Each of you have a particular hidden skill in all of you that you will learn as you use these weapons, it will be hard though since you haven’t exactly had to use weapons in your own lives, with the exception of Tony anyway. I won’t tell you anything about this World since it would be best for all of you to find out yourselves as you try to get home. Well good luck anyway and may you find out your potential, fare thee well, for now.

A friend.

The note was passed around and they all read it and then looked at each other.
“A friend? We must be famous or something to get all this right away. Well what do we do now?” Everyone looked at Tony and Tony looked at everyone else.
“What? What are you all looking at me for?” Tony backed away from everyone as if afraid of something and Amy went over to him.
“Hun, we’re looking at you because it seems your already a leader and as a leader, we’re looking to you to help us out.” Tony shook his head as if in disagreement.
“I’m no leader, you’re all individuals, can’t you make your own choices? I’m as bewildered as to what to do next as all of you.” I decided to step in and help him out with this.
“Tony, your the oldest, you know things that even you can’t explain to Amy and also you’ve always had leadership potential. Take charge, help them get home, for you and for them.” Tony seemed to hate the idea and he commented on it to me.
“Yeah, right. Like I just said, I'm no leader. I’ll probably end up getting them all killed in this place and I don’t want to be the one responsible for my friend’s and Amy’s deaths. Why can’t Amy, Steve or Jess take charge?” Like I said in his profile, he’s stubborn.
“Because, Tony, Amy knows why, Mary knows why and I know why. You are 100% capable of being a leader at any time, if you were given a ragtag army to command and you had to get them through a heavily defended pass, you would manage it with minor wounds and no losses. Your a great deal more than you seem and you have a vast amount of skills in you that you never use for fear of reprisal. Now stop arguing and take charge, they’re counting on you.” I blocked him before he could argue again and he looked at everyone and sighed.
“Alright, fine. I’ll be the leader of this group, but don’t think I’m a miracle worker, I’m not. I’m doing this for all of you and only you, no one else.” Amy squeezed his right hand gently and Steve and Jess went over to him and patted him on the back softly since they knew he was jumpy around people.
“That’s the spirit, so what do we do now? I would say we find a settlement to stop off and get some info.” Tony nodded his head at Steve’s suggestion and looked up at the sky.
“Sore neck again?” Jess asked and Tony shook his head while he seemed to be thinking.
“Nope, just trying to guess at the time of day. I can tell the time by counting the seconds from my waking up and I also tell the time from the position of the sun in sky. Hmm, lets see, my guess is that it’s almost midday. So we’ll go with Steve idea and we’ll head for that village over to the north to our left. Well no point standing around, lets get moving.” And with those orders given, their weapons at an easy to grab place and their leader made, they moved on towards the village in the distance.

Chapter 3: First fight, side quest

Despite the position of the sun in the sky, the group are doing well as they walk towards the village, they’re talking, singing sometimes and just generally trying to make it seem like an everyday thing. Not easy when you’re in a strange new place that you’ve never seen in pictures and never heard of before, not easy at all.
“If I had known we were going for a walk in this weather, I would have packed lunches and drinks for everyone.” Tony said as they turned away from a signpost that had told them how much farther they needed to go.
“Why? Is there a problem?” Amy asked, Steve and Jess were talking about things and Tony could easily hear them thanks to his sharp hearing, but he didn’t want to say anything to them, he wanted to just let them talk as the friends they were.
“Well, yes, there is a problem. I’m in need of salt, plus I need a drink of water or something. I’ve been hiding it since we arrived here, that salt I had wasn’t enough for me and I need more shortly. Plus I didn’t drink a lot back home, so I’m in need of liquids and soon.” If you’re wondering why this is, I’ll tell you. Tony’s body has a problem in which he needs to keep it sated with salt because his body can’t generate enough and also he gets thirsty fast. It was something that happened when he was a teen and it’s a problem for him if it isn’t dealt with soon.
“Damn, well how about we take a short stop and see if we can find somewhere close by, like a farm or something?” Amy stopped walking and so did the others.
“What’s the prob there?” Steve asked and Amy told him.
“Ah, well hang on, I think me and Jess saw somewhere a few minutes back, lets go there.” Tony looked at Amy and then at Steve and Jess.
“Okay, lead the way Mac Duff.” He said and Steve looked at him.
“What?” he asked, I guess Steve never heard that saying before.
“You’ve never heard that saying before? I’ll tell you on the way to this place you mentioned.” Shrugging, Steve and Jess turned round and Tony and Amy followed as Steve and Jess led the way, Tony explaining about the saying all the way there.

The building Steve and Jess had seen was a farm and Jess looked almost at home here, I guess she was getting bored already. The farm was nice, it had two central fields that looked a little empty of animals, but from the looks of things on the crop side, it was ready for harvesting. The sounds of the animals could be heard from the three barns that were adjunct to the farm house and the farm house itself looked quite nice, it’s walls were a nice shade of yellow and it had a pleasant blue roof that seemed to stand out in the daylight. All in all, it was quite a nice place. Anyway they walked up to the farmhouse and Jess knocked on the front door and waited for any sounds.
“Maybe there’s no one home? See if you can find a note that says, ’Gone to cow convention, be baack soon.’ Jess groaned at Steve’s bad joke and Tony and Amy just ignored him and stepped back to see if there was any movement in the windows.
“I think I can hear something, knock again Jess.” Jess nodded and knocked at the front door again, and then there was a sound of something crashing inside and then cursing.
“Alright, alright! Give me a moment will ya?” The front door then opened and a man wearing blue overalls and what appeared to be a very red shirt stood in the doorway and examined each one of them as if trying to determine if they were salesmen or just people who took a wrong turning.
“And who are you lot? If your salesmen, I don’t want any.” Amy stepped back, helping Tony along who was clearly starting to weaken fast, Steve and Jess followed behind, as if to catch Tony if he collapsed.
“Can you help us? Out friend here is in need of water and some salt, do you have any? I’m sure we can repay you somehow.” The man looked at Tony and then at the others again and stepped aside.
“Well you seem to be honest enough, but try anything and I’ll ram my pitch fork so far into all of you, that you’ll be useful as watering cans.” They stepped inside the house, accepting the man’s warning.
“Thank you, is there anywhere he can sit?” The man pointed over to some chairs and Amy and Steve helped Tony over to them and helped him to sit down, Jess looked around and went over to some pictures on the far right wall.
“Nice pictures you have, so do you have any water and salt? We hate to impose on you like this though, so if you don’t want to help us, we’ll move on.” Tony groaned a little and tried to stand up.
“It’s okay, I can still move. Just let me get my breath.” Amy held him down and shook her head.
“Right, and then you’ll collapse as soon as you try to move, just sit there and I’ll go get what you need.” Amy looked over at the man and he pointed over to what was probably the kitchen.
“There’s some salt in there and cold water from the well, it’s all in the buckets. Help yourself I guess.” Amy thanked him and went into the kitchen and then stopped for a second.
“Steve, keep an eye on him, don’t let him get up.” Steve nodded his head and stood over Tony like a guard and Jess sat down next to Tony, the man sighed and sat down as well.
“So any of you have names?” He asked.
“Oh, yeah, I’m Steve, this short man here is Tony and that’s Jess, the woman who went into your kitchen is Amy. Nice to meet you, thanks for helping us.” The man nodded and Steve extended his hand as if to shake his hand, the man looked at it and waved it away.
“It’s okay, didn’t get much of a choice but to help. Well now I know your names, I may as well tell you mine, I’m Jack, no last name since I’ve never seen a use for one. So where you all from?” Tony coughed a little and Amy yelled from the kitchen about something.
“OW! YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT THE BUCKETS WERE RIGHT IN THE DOORWAY!” Steve chuckled and the man shook his head.
“Sorry about that!” He yelled and then he turned his attention back to the others.
“So like I asked you, where you from?” A little more cursing from the kitchen and then a cheer and Steve spoke.
“Me, I’m from a nice little town in Canada, Jess here is from Alberta in Canada, Tony’s from the United Kingdom and the cursing one in the kitchen is from North Carolina.” The man nodded as Steve finished and then looked at Tony.
“He’s rather pale, isn’t he? So what’s wrong with him?” Amy then came through to the living room, from what it appeared to be anyway and went over to Tony.
“Here you go hun, drink up, I’ll give you the salt once you’ve had a sip of the water.” Amy had a glass in her right hand and the salt in some kind of shaker in her left, setting the glass to Tony’s lips, she tipped it slightly and Tony sipped at the water.
“He’s just very thirsty and he also has a slight salt problem, he’ll be fine in a bit.” Amy then helped Tony eat the salt and turned to Jack.
“So how can we repay you?” She asked.
“Well I guess all I want from you all is just some help getting to the village in an hours time, think you’ll be able to help me?” Tony then spoke up, he sounded a little better now.
“Sure, be happy to help you. How about it everyone?” Tony drunk the rest of the water and ate more of the salt and then managed to get up, Amy helping him up in case he had any problems.
“Sounds like fun.” Steve commented as Jess nodded her head at the idea.
“Good, well I’ll let you refresh yourselves and I’ll call for you in an hour. Make yourselves at home.” Jack then got up and went through to the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with some food and water for the group.
“Help yourselves, plenty where that came from.” Thanking him, they gathered round and helped themselves, Jack joined them for a few minutes before getting up to sort things out for going to the village.

Into the fray

Once Jack was ready, he called them outside.
“Alright, now I’ve heard news that people have been getting attacked halfway to the village, it’s just as we near the outskirts of a forest. Now what I want you to do is make sure I can get to the village without any problems, think you can manage that?” The others looked at each other and then nodded their heads and got into the cart that Jack was going to be using.
“Steve, I might be wrong, but doesn’t this seem like that bit in Majora’s Mask where you’re asked to help get a shipment of milk from Lon Lon Ranch all the way to Clock Town? I liked that bit of the game, it was fun, but what about you?” Tony asked as he sat down next to Amy, Jess sat down at the front with Jack and the horses, clearly she was more interested in the horses than being with her friends.
“Seems it, got a bow and arrow set though?” Tony shook his head and smiled.
Naw, your so tall, we could have you lie face down on the cart, we push you to the edge and hold your feet down, you could then reach any attackers and fight them off with your bad jokes and your sword.” Amy giggled and Steve sat down.
“I could shorty, but then you would have to let me take the credit.” Tony shrugged.
“So what? Take the credit if you want it, as long as we help out, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t get yourself hurt, that’s all.” The cart then started to move and they got underway, still talking.

Steve smiled as Tony groaned at the motion of the cart, Amy just helped Tony by trying to make him feel better.
“This is fun I must say, be a leader, get motion sickness. And Steve, if you don’t stop smiling like that, I’ll tear that goatee off.” Steve faked shock and laughed as Tony groaned again, Jess didn’t even say a word again and it was actually getting annoying.
“Hey Jess! Cat got your tongue or something? You haven’t said a word since the farmhouse.” Jess turned in her seat and looked at Steve.
“Sorry, just got nothing to say. Anyway, this is nice.” As Steve was going to comment, there was a sound of yelling and Tony jolted up, seemingly forgetting his motion sickness.
“What was that?” He asked Jack.
“Our attackers, I’ll stop the cart so that you can all get off, I’ll keep going. See you at the village, try and buy me some time.” Tony nodded and Amy and Steve got up, Jack stopped the cart and they hopped off, Jess looked longingly at the horses and then sighed and jumped off.
“Good luck, my friends.” Jack said and then he got the cart moving again. The friends then took their weapons out and walked slowly to where they could see bushes rustling.
“Alright everyone, lets get Jack the time he needs, be careful everyone.” Nods and then the bushes exploded.

Steve smashed his fist into the face of one of the attackers and Jess tripped up a couple of them.
“What are these things?” He muttered and Tony heard him and grabbed one.
“Ok you two, what are these?” He asked and while Mary shrugged, I looked up Tony’s knowledge on monsters from books and games.
“Emm, lets see, ah got it. They’re Goblins, Tony. They’re small, but brave. They attack in numbers mostly and can overwhelm their opponents, they’re not all that lethal, but they can hurt you. Fun this.” Tony thanked me and dropped the Goblin onto the dirt road and kicked it hard enough to make it run away.
“They’re Goblins, not a great problem if we can scare them away, don’t bother killing any unless you really have to.” Amy smashed two of them in the stomachs and went over to help Jess who was getting a little swamped by Goblins.
“Okay. Come on you little bastards! Let’s dance to the rhythm of a long sword!” Steve kept on attacking and Tony kicked out and used his Gunblade at points to make any Goblins back away.
“Who says RPGs can’t teach you how to sword fight?” He muttered as he threw a few Goblins into the bushes behind him and then the Goblins started to back away and retreat. Amy then yelled something at the Goblins and ran after them, so did Tony, Steve and Jess looked at each other and ran after their friends.
Tony and Amy managed to catch up the Goblins and they kept on fighting, clearly in the moment of the fight. Amy slashed a few Goblins throats, Tony gave a few Goblins low budget haircuts by aiming for the necks, they were both engrossed in the passion of the fighting. A few minutes passed and the remaining Goblins ran off, clearly seeing that they are outmatched in strength by Tony and Amy.
“” Tony panted as he and Amy stopped fighting, Amy turned to him and hugged him after sheathing her dagger.
“Yep, it was. You looked so handsome when you were fighting.” Tony kissed her and they managed to break apart for a second, looking into each others eyes.
“And you, my ever beautiful angel, you were wonderful and lovely.” She smiled and then the kisses became harder and Tony and Amy started to feel a great deal more passionate. Before anything could happen though, there was a cough and they broke apart as if they had been found doing something bad.
“Now, now. Kill Goblins now, sex later. Or would you both rather have it as sex first, marriage after and then kill Goblins?” Steve was standing in front of them, a smile on his face and Jess crashed through the bushes and stopped when she saw Tony and Amy blushing.
“What did I miss?” She asked.
“Nothing much, just Tony and Amy about to make love and prove that love and battle really do mix well together.” Jess looked at her friends and then turned and dragging Steve with her, moved back to the dirt road. Tony and Amy looked at each other and kissed again.
“Guess we better learn to control better, lets join the others.” Amy said and Tony kissed her again and they left to join Steve and Jess at the dirt road.

After a quick check for any wounds, they made their way to the village that was thankfully easier to get to now that the road was in the shade. They did talk and Steve sang at times, he even commented on Tony and Amy’s near adult moment. Jess didn’t say a lot as usual, she was admiring the scenery and Tony and Amy talked to Steve and tried to talk to Jess at times, plus they would whisper things to each other, making Steve pretend to eavesdrop. They got into a few tiny fights with a few Goblins that were either brave or foolish to fight them, but all in all, it was a nice walk to the village. It was starting to show that their friendships were strong and also that they were managing to cope being so far away from their homes and in a strange land, they have a long way to go yet though, a very long way.

*Third section later*

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