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*Okay, as this story is huge, I'll submit two parts today, two tomorrow and so on, so forth. So here's the first section, hope you like it. It's an R of course, as is the whole story, so lets do this.*


Fresh air, the sounds of nature going on as it always does, never changing, always the same old flow of nature and time together. A part of nature I am, a part of beauty that has and always will be there well after I am gone and dust in the ground. I love it here and I never want to leave it unless I have no choice but to leave. This is bliss, this is my personal heaven in my life.
The sky is cloudless and blue, so clear and serene. This is my home, this is where I belong forever. The gentle breeze is soft against my skin, it is like a caress from a loved one and the loved one is nature. A gentle kiss from the sun, hugged by the air around me, this is living. In the distance are the glens, mountains, hills and valleyís that make the landscape of this untouched and unspoiled land, this is the World of our Making, this is home. Is this World perfect though? No, it isnít, it is just how it is made by the four who made it. Their minds, their souls, they are linked to this World through the bonds of friendship and respect, two in love, two living their lives and hoping for the future they desire. The creations of the two lovers are there as well, helping them to get home, but the leader of the group feels that the other two, Steve and Jess, need to put aside their disbelief in the World that they helped create, then their own characters would appear to help them.
The lovers, Tony and Amy, are the ones who seem to have integrated to this World, they seem to have made a part of themselves belong and that is showing in so much ways. I can see where the signs are showing the most, Tonyís love of nature, Amyís love of knowledge, Steveís love of the sky and the stars and Jessís love of life, all is showing and becoming stronger the longer they live. I am a product of their imaginations, I am their helper as I was made to be. I left their weapons waiting for them, I followed them and noted down their journey.
The guardians are also important here, only Tony can talk to his guardian, or now guardians as something happened three months ago that merged his older and newer guardians together. The others are not able to hear theirs as they have not had something happen in their lives that has changed everything for them, but their lives have a long way to go and something is bound to happen that will allow them to hear their guardians. They are all unique in their own ways, they are all gifted with special skills that make them more than they were born as in the Real World. I called them the Soul Warriors, but they only feel that they are just normal in their own ways and maybe they are, but they are still special. Now I must go, I have left the weapons here, they will be here soon, their first adventure here is about to begin once again. Time circles itself in this world, only if they wish the world to change, will it move on from their first adventure, they are the creators, they are friends. Farewell and may this adventure be the first in their friendship bond. Goodbye.

They dream, they imagine. The World of their Making is them and yet not them, it is their hopes and dreams, their fears and nightmares. As they sleep, they create a world that takes their imaginations and makes it all real for them, they create as if they are Gods, yet they arenít Gods, theyíre just mortals.
I am Cara and this is Mary, we are the guardians for Tony and itís because of us that the bond of friendship grew between the four friends. If you wish for details, then very well. I am called Cara, I hate to use my full name, I was 29 years old when I died and I am 29 years old until I can be reborn. I have blonde hair, my eyes are a sparkling blue and I am no ditz. In height I am 5í6, I am a pleasant mix of plump and thin and it suits me well, I am of any race, any creed, I can be white, dark skinned, red, yellow or any colour in the rainbow, I can do whatever I wish, but only if Tony isnít in need of my help. I am a guardian and I will explain them or Mary will, for now thought I will let Mary explain herself, Mary, you go on here.
Hi there, Iím Mary and Iíve been Tonyís guardian since the day he was born. Five months ago, I died to protect Tony and then I was brought back when Tony began to die painfully, not that his family noticed he was suffering. I merged with Cara and both of us healed him and cured him of a nasty little illness. You know my name, so Iíll just explain my details. I am 5í8, 35 years old and unlike Cara, I can be any age I choose. I am thin since I was thin in life as well, I died of a fall from a roof top in 1975 and I do miss my family a great deal. Like Cara, I can be any race and colour I choose, but I never bother with it much. My hair is brunette with a nice strand of silver since I liked it a lot when I did it as a teen. My eyes are a gentle brown, like Tonyís, and I do my best to help Tony out if he needs my help or not, I love him like a mother would a son.
Now if you are finding this strange, then you do not understand the world as it truly is and always has been. The guardians are what you would call angels, but we have no wings and halos, we cannot do magical powers and we cannot make the world better. Our roles are to protect the one we are attached to at the point of our deaths as mortals, it is hard to explain if you donít think of the world as something more than you see with your mortal eyes. Well I think weíve given you some details, there will be more later, for now though, I will let Cara begin this telling of the story, not that it is a story, but then life is but a dream and a story that keeps on going, so maybe it is. Cara, you take us into the story please.
Thank you Mary, well my dear readers, letís begin this story. Welcome to the World of our Making, welcome to the friendship that transcends words.

Chapter 1: Souls linked and entered

In a world where billions of lives live, work, play and just generally go about their lives just doing what they know, there are four people, friends, who have a special talent inside them all that they use in spare time purposes or just to picture things in a different light. The talent they have is an extra active imagination where they can see things in pictures and then translate them into words, that way writing them out as stories. These friends go by these names, Amy Elizabeth Frost, Stephen, or Steve, Tyler Chmilar, Jessica, or Jess, Christine Reeves and Anthony, or Tony, Neil Watt.
Itís almost a year now since they became friends after meeting from e-mails they sent after a review of each others work on a short story site on the Internet, a year where things have changed their lives in ways they never imagined. Amy is 16 years old, Steve is 18 years old, Jess is 15 years old and Tony is the oldest at 23 years old, yet despite these age differences, these four people have a very strong friendship that gets stronger as each day passes.
Tony and Amy have even fallen in love with one another and have made plans to meet in the near future, they canít meet yet though since theyíre not ready yet. Steve and Jessís friendship is doing very well and it could be a friendship that might become more in the future. Theyíve all seen pictures of each other and have heard each otherís voices, so they not in the dark about each other. Anyway as I was saying before I went all detail on you all was that these four people are friends and also they all live in different countries. Tony lives in the United Kingdom in the land mass known as Scotland, Amy lives in the US in North Carolina, Steve lives in British Columbia, Canada, Jess lives in Alberta, Canada, Steve and Jess live a bit away from each other compared to Tony and Amy. For Tony and Amy itís a few thousand miles that separate them and they feel it everyday, the strong desire to be with each other, yet they know they have to wait for the six years that they need to be ready.
Well I think Iíve wasted enough time, so letís get this started.

Amy: Taking a sip of her thankfully ice cold Pepsi, Amy sits back and types the last words out for a story that sheís been working on for the last few days and gives herself a mental pat on the back for getting it done without too many mistakes. She notices that Tony is being rather quiet and she opens the Chat window to say something.

Kitty-Enjoying the sun and cooking to a crisp says: You okay? Thinking or sleeping?

Tony saving the world and yawning each time says: Iím fine hun, just sorting out some files, damn comp decided that it wanted to play silly buggers again.

K: Oh, well it could be worse, your comp could have crashed again and you would have to reset. Knowing those two, theyíll then use that phone out of spite for hours again.

T: I know, maybe I should have phones grafted to their ears, would save them going through withdrawal symptoms when they arenít using it.

K: Yep, that it would, oh hang on love, brb.

T: K.

Amy then got up and went to relieve herself, all that Pepsi just goes right through her.

Jess: One thing Jess liked about summer was that there was no snow and for that she was grateful, if somewhat sweltering from the heat outside. She has just had a horse ride with Spud, her favourite horse on the farm, and now she was looking forward to a little shade and something cold to drink to cool her off and then sheíll see if Steve is online.
It takes a few minutes to get out of her riding clothes and into something a little more cooling and then after getting something to drink, she goes online to see if Steve and maybe even any other friends are online as well.
Tony and Amy are, Steve isnít there yet, which means he could be online shortly, she hoped he was.

Horsecrazy says: Hi

T: Hi

K: Hi

H: So whatís new?

T: Not much, just editing, fixing, yawning and wondering if I should ram the phone receiver into M and Vís ears.

K: Hehe, me, Iím just finishing a story and talking to you and Tony, also doing a little browsing at points.

H: Okay, Iíve just been out for a ride with Spud and now Iím here, so not a lot. Has Steve been online?

T: Nope, not yet.

K: Not that I know of.

H: Oh, hope heís online shortly then.

T: I think heís at work. I wonder how heís liking his job at the Computer shop? Must be right up his street.

H: Maybe.

As they talk, Jess yawns from the heat and continues to wait for Steve.

Steve: Steve cursed his bad luck as he wiped away sweat from his forehead and opened the front door.
ďHoney, Iím home.Ē He muttered as he took his coat off and placed it on the coat peg, why did it have to be this lovely outside on a work day? Was it something that Tony would call sodís law or was he just unlucky?
Well whatever, he would get something to cool him down and then look for a bite to eat, all that helping costumers and trying to stop little kids from turning the stock in the shop into scrap had been hard work, much harder than he thought the job would be. He could hear his sisters going about their summer things, TV, music, sunbathing, just about anything since it was a lovely day. Well he couldnít complain, at least he was finally making some money for his way into college and then in three and a half years, maybe five, he would finally meet Tony and also be able to support himself. It was hard work though, very hard.
Well once he cooled down enough and got something to eat, he went upstairs to his room and decided to go online for a little while to pass some time, so after opening a window so that he could get some heat from the sun that would soon be setting, so logged online and saw that Jess, Amy and Tony were already there so he started talking to them.

Into the breach once more and donít spare the mass destruction says: Hot day.

T: Is it? Not here, itís a little cold here since the sun is playing peek-a-boo with the clouds and we have a lot of clouds today.

K: It is, itís rather nice here.

H: Yep, lovely weather that I love.

I: Could be worse Tony, you could be melting over there, make you smaller than you already are.

T: Haha, well as itís hot there, then youíll melt and be smaller than me, you wouldnít like then, would you? Wouldnít be able to stand over me when we meet, could step on you.

K: Stop tormenting him on his size, Tony canít help it if heís a little small in size, means nothing.

H: Exactly.

I: Alright, alright. So whatís doing?

Well as Iím somewhat tired of doing this, then Iíll get to the point of the story. As they talk, they all end up getting into a topic about what kind of world they would make if they were in control. Steve came up with a lot of silly ideas, but he did sometimes come up with some serious ideas. All the ideas were good anyway and as they talked, the World of their Making formed fast and then it called for them.

Tony: Tony listened as his family slept and he sighed with relief, at last he could get some peace. He knew he had to keep quiet though, so he just did things quickly, quietly and easily, doing his best to stay quiet.
It was 00:20 in the morning and while he wasnít feeling tired yet, he was feeling stiff from sitting in such a tiny space while using his computer. He couldnít afford a desk and even if he could, where would he put it? There wasnít anywhere for one in the house and he was still waiting for Social Services to get back to him about him getting a house of his own for a couple of years, so far heís been waiting since March to get some word from them. Wonderful British service indeed.
Amy had just left to go and get something to eat and he, Steve and Jess were still talking about this world of their imaginations, Tony was getting bored though and he really wanted to just go offline and get some rest, itís been a long summer for him what with having to take even more insults and abuse and not being allowed to fight back since heís been ordered to keep on the right side of the law.
ďAnd as the beasts sleep, the Human gets up and works. Fear and awareness in his heart and hope in his soul of the future so near, he carries on with his life and waits for the day of reward.Ē Tony realised that I had taken him over at that point and shook me from his thoughts, you see, me and Mary have a method of taking him over at points so that he can rest and heal better, but he always resists us and tries to do things himself, stubborn as a mule I must say.
He reads everything Steve and Jess say and he softly taps a small tune on the keyboard in his boredom, he wanted to be asleep in the arms of his beloved, not here talking about something he was actually finding himself losing interest in fast.

I: You there?

T: Yeah, yeah, Iím here. Good ideas and all.

H: Whatís wrong bro?

T: Bored, very, very bored. But donít mind me, you two go on and talk on.

I: You havenít given any ideas, nor has Amy, is this our world or just me and Jessís world?

T: Not sure and not really bothered, whatís the chance of a world of our making ever being real?

H: Donít know, you sound pissed off.

T: Iím not, go on, donít mind me.

I: Alright, but if you have any ideas, then just say them.

T: Alright, I will.

Tony took a sip of his warm Pepsi and sighed softly, since his writing was being hindered by his worthless brother and sister every day, he wasnít managing to get any done and it was starting to hurt him a lot. As Steve and Jess talked, Tony got up and quickly relived himself and then looked for a quick bite to eat and had a few cups of water, plus he got some raw salt and slowly ate it.
Tonyís body canít generate a lot of salt, so he tries to make sure he can get either a lot of salt or a small amount to keep his body from going odd on him, which it has done a few times already since he never has enough money to get the amount he needs and also he hates to let his family know that he has a problem like that. They have their own problems and he just manages to cope on his own.
Returning to the others, he notices that Amy is back and talks to her before saying anything to the others.

K: Where did you go?

T: Needed to do a few things, got some salt as well.

K: Thatís good, Steve tells me youíre bored, wish we would get rid of that boredom.

T: Oh? And what ideas do you have for that?

K: Iím sure I would think of something.

T: I guess, canít wait to find out.

Ack! Iím getting tired of these, come on Mary, let me get to the good parts!
Oh, go on then.
Thank you.

The world of their making finished forming and then it called them in, it called them to their self made home.

Amy: Amy started to wonder if Tony was okay when he suddenly went all quiet for longer than 15 minutes and she started to type something out and then she felt a really odd tingling sensation down her spine and as she pressed the return key, everything blurred and her last thought was of Tony and how she wished to be with him and as close in age to him as possible.

Jess: Jess smiled at a joke Steve made and then as she typed out her reply, the world blurred and Jessís last thought was of Steve and of her friends.

Steve: Steve watched from his window as the sun set slowly and then he turned back to his computer and everything blurred and his last thought was of the world they had made.

Tony: Fucker! A splitting headache now, blast his eyesight! Tony rubbed his temples and then realised that everything was blurring.
ĎIs this your doing, you two?í He asked us and we told him that it wasnít and then as everything disappeared, his last thought was of Amy and his sudden hope that they would be together shortly.

Enter the World

Tony: A gentle warmth on his face, the sound of birds singing, the feeling of soft grass on his back and he opens his eyes.
ďWhere am I?Ē He muttered and he sat up so see what appeared to be a forest in itís most blooming time of year.
ďNice place, remind me to take first class express next time. Didnít get any peanuts on the trip to wherever this place is.Ē Tony stood up and brushed himself off and then looked around once more.
ďWell canít stand around here all day, I better find out where I am.Ē And with that said, Tony began looking around for any clues as to where he was.

Amy: Amy opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was her worst enemy in the animal kingdom, a squirrel. It was watching her with black eyes and Amy was sure it was planning to attack her.
ďTouch me and have your lovely fur coat torn off and used as a hood.Ē Amy then sat up, making the squirrel jump off and run up the nearest tree, leaving her to look around.
ďNow where am I? Havenít seen this place before.Ē She stood up and brushed herself off, smelling the scents of the trees and other forest related things as she looked around for an exit and found one.
ďWell I guess I best find out where I am, might be something around here that helps.Ē Amy takes one last look around and then heads off to find any clues to her whereabouts.

Steve: An upside down world, nice. Steve sighed and then with an easy tug, pulls himself free of the treeís branches and falls to the ground, thankfully not too hard. Steve picked himself up and looked around at wherever he was, it was a nice place to be sure.
ďHmm, good place for a camping trip, shame I didnít bring the tent with me.Ē Steve walked towards what he guessed could be a clearing and then started to look around for clues as to where he was.

Jess: The first thing Jess saw when she opened her eyes was a baby deer looking at her cautiously and she smiled.
ďArenít you a nice little thing then? Any idea where I am though?Ē The deer looked at her for a few more seconds and then ran off into the forest, leaving her alone to look around. The trees were beautiful and big, very big. At her feet were flowers and some mushrooms, Jess didnít want to take any chances of getting herself harmed though in case anything here was harmful and she walked into what she guessed was a clearing, it was big, very big. It was like a kind of meeting place and Jess decided to try and see if anyone would appear, so she found a soft place to sit on and she waited to see if anyone appeared, maybe they would tell her where she was.

And now it has began! This is where their adventure begins, where their friendship will take them into a world of imagination and dreams of all kinds. Welcome to World of our Making.
*Next section coming up.*

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