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*Okay, before I give the stroy, here's the lowdown. This is journal style story that I wrote last year from November the 25th to the 21st of December. I did a piece every day and I decided to add myself in the story, it's set before I fell in love and it's also set before the next story that should appear shortly called Always there, yet just met. This is a complete work of fiction and a story that I'm oddly happy with, hope you like it. This story is an R story, it does have swearing and sexual comments, plus it's set where I live, the United Kingdom.*


40 Years earlier: It was a lovely day for the wedding, it was mid summer, the birds were singing, the sky was clear and Michelle Carlass and David Peters were getting married after a relationship of six years. They had met when they were both 14, the first time they met, they were shy and nervous around each other, just like normal teenagers. As the months passed, they began to talk to each other and then had their first kiss together during a tutoring lesson, after that they fell in love and had a strong relationship for six years and then one day, just after David hit 19, David proposed to Michelle and her words were, íWhat took you so long?í and they got engaged after that. Now, a year later, they are getting married. The vows have been said and the walk down the aisle towards the church doors has been done, their family, friends and neighbours watching them, some crying, some cheering, all of them happy for this beautiful couple. They headed for the hired car amid a shower of rice and confetti and got in. After getting in, they kissed and then were taken to the airport to start their honeymoon. There was one more thing to be said and that was said in their first night as a married couple after making love, a wish.

ĎMichelle, for as long as I live, I will always love you and Iíll love you even beyond the grave.í Michelle made the same words, only her way. ďDavid, you are my life, my reason for living, without you I am nothing. I will always love you, in life and in death. We will always be together.í And then they made a wish, saying the words at the same time, holding each others hands, the sigh of their lovemaking clear on their skin in the moonlight through the open window. íWe wish that time would preserve this moment, we wish to always be young to each other, no matter how old we get, we wish to always be young and in love.í As the wish was made, a shooting star had passed in the night sky and the wish was made, and kept for 40 years. A wish can come true.

Chapter one

40 years later: The sound of pen on paper can be heard, a journal is being written in. They both have a journal, which they started on the day after they got married. Everyday they have written in it, forty years of a happy marriage is in those pages, all fifty of them. Once one is full, they start a new one, not one day has been missed in all the forty years theyíve been writing it. From the birth of their first child, Rachel, to the death of Davidís mother last year, there is a whole life in those pages. Now though, the life will begin again, from the very beginning, the wish is beginning.

Michelleís Journal, 2001, November 25th, Sunday: Itís almost our oldest daughterís birthday in a few days, sheíll be 39 years old. We tease her about it a lot, she just laughs. David is writing in his journal right now, he may be 60 years old, like me, but to me, he looks like the man I married 40 years ago, 20 years old, his body against mine, our lovemaking complete. Funny thoughts from an old woman like me, I know, but even in our old age, weíre still at it, if somewhat slower than we used to. We arenít as fit as we used to be, but that doesnít stop us from making the bed springs get well used, I can tell you. Today we watched a little TV after our breakfast, nothing on as usual, why do we pay a TV license if all the money is going to is sports and nothing else? So we spent the day in the garden, David gardening, he started to do that after he retired six months ago, heís got quite the fingers, in and out of bed, if you know what I mean. My day was spent talking with a neighbour, Carla Waison, she just became 70 last week. We talked about all the normal things that us old women talk about, the weather, prices, anything at all. As it hit five noon, I said goodbye and went indoors and made dinner, David was hungry, as was I. We had a small meal, Iíll go shopping tomorrow. Afterwards, we checked to see if there was anything on TV, not a lot, but we watched it anyway. I told David I was going to have a bath and he looked at me, seeing me as I was when I was all thin and young and he smiled.
ďWant me to rub your back for you?Ē He had asked playfully.
ďWhy, I do declare Mr. Peters, you know how to make an old girl like me blush, that would be lovely, see you in a bit then, youíll find me easily, Iíll be the one with nothing on.Ē We laughed and I went to have a bath, David joined me and rubbed my back for me, if we were 40 years younger, rubbing my back wouldnít be the only thing we would be doing, if you know what I mean. Well Iím feeling a little tired now, so Iíll close for the night, goodnight.

Davidís Journal, 2001, November 25th, Sunday: Iím in love with a beautiful young woman, Iíve been in love with her for 46 years now, and she is in love with me. We have had three children together and if we were younger, then we would have more. I would and will do anything for her, my sweet, beautiful and forever young Michelle. Sheís writing in her journal right now, in a while weíll go to bed and if our backs donít put out, make love. Itís hell being old, but itís life, canít be young forever in body, just soul, and a soul canít do what the body can do. Oh to be young together forever! We may see each other as we have always seen each other, 20 years old, naked and in love, but our bodies just arenít that age, well I guess I should stop rambling like an old man, which I am anyway, and join my lovely wife in bed, I can see her now, she may be 60 in body, but in bed, weíre 20 years old. Love is never over when youíre old, it just slows down. Well Iíll get going now, I can hear her calling and my blood is raising a piece of me that is always young, ínight.

Rachelís Journal, 2001, November 26th, Monday: Iím worried about my mum and dad, why? Well I noticed something odd this morning. I went right to see them to say hi and to give them a story that my oldest, Tonya, had written, sheís 18 years old and sheís a writer. She started writing after reading a story called Always there, yet just met on an internet site, the writer of it was someone called WingTony, she had talked to him as well. She was the one who had actually gone out of her way to talk to him and had asked him where he had gotten the idea from. He said that the idea had always been there, he just wrote it. He then gave her a copy of it for nothing at all, even added a second part for her. Sheís read it 20 times now since he sent her the copy a week ago and she treasures it. I read it myself, this Tony seems to have quite a talent, maybe Iíll talk to him myself, he even told Tonya his age and a lot about himself when she asked, he sounds very honest and nice, she always looks forward to talking to him. Well Tonya has written her first story and after showing it to Tony and me, and we both gave her honest comments, Tony had said it was excellent and that she has a lot of potential and I have to agree with him, she does have quite a skill, so I took a copy to show to her grandparents while she was at college, the college is ten miles away in the middle of the city. When the door had opened and I saw my mother, I was amazed at how good she looked, she looked about five years younger. Must have been the light though. After leaving the story with them, I left and went home, but I was still unnerved by the change in my motherís face, my dad was working in the garden, so I didnít say a lot to him, just hi and asked him how he was. Maybe it was nothing, but Iím sure he looked a little different as well, maybe I was seeing things, I donít know. Well I can hear Tonya typing away at the computer again, she must be talking to Tony again, I think Iíll go talk to him as well.

Chapter two

And so it begins, a wish made so long ago, a young couple in a moment of love that would last far longer than they ever knew, a love of ages.

Michelleís Journal, 2001, November 26th, Monday: Donít know why, but I feel pretty good today, still a little stiff, but good none the less. David commented on how I looked this morning, and so did I, he looks like he did five years ago, still the ravages of time showing under his eyes and on his face, but itís as if they're slowly disappearing, maybe itís nothing. Rachel came round today and dropped off a story that Tonya had written, I read it an couple of hours ago after supper, Tonya has a lot of talent in that brain of hers, Iíll be sure to tell her that myself the next time I see her. Well anyway, when I was shopping earlier this afternoon, I met up with one of my many friends, Karen Miker, weíve known each other since we were mere slips of lasses, we talked for a while and then Karen commented on how I looked, she said that I looked different, not by much, just a little more energetic, the sparkle in my eyes a lot more visible, I had just laughed and mentioned it could be because of the sex that me and David had last night, and she laughed as well. Well after a nattering for two hours, we said our farewells and went about what we had come to town to do, mainly shopping. The shopping didnít get long, just needed to buy a few things, and I returned home by half two noon. David was still in the garden, not in the least bit tired, but then heís always been a hard worker once he starts on his work, so I left him to it and sat down and read a book I had gotten out of the library a week ago. I think my eyesight is improving, Iíve always had good eyesight, itís just been a little blurry sometimes lately, but as I was reading, my eyes didnít go blurry at all. Not important, after I read the book, I made our supper and called David inside form his work. Afterwards, we talked and watched a little TV and then at about ten, we decided to go to bed, and here I am, writing in my journal, as I have been for forty years now, well Iím off to bed, I think the earth might be moving tonight again, Ďnight.

Davidís Journal, 2001, November 26th, Monday: Havenít done a lot today, been gardening most of the day. But Michelle looks different, younger I think. My eyes are maybe playing tricks on me, even though she did say that I looked a little different as well, I think she might be right. I had looked at myself in the bathroom mirror earlier, and I do look younger, about five years younger, must be the light. Well canít think of anything else to write now, Ďnight.

Rachelís Journal, 2001, November 27th, Tuesday: Just finished reading four of Tonyís stories, I must admit, Iím surprised to see such talent in someone from Britain, I can see why Tonya loves his work so much. Well today I was just working around the house before I went to work, I work at the Tesco in town from 10 to 4 during the day, itís not a great job, but it puts food on the table since my husband is out of work, he is looking but so far no luck, all the jobs are being taken up by the foreign immigrants who keep trying to get into the country. Weíre not angry at them, we just wish that the jobs werenít so few and far between. So Iím now the only bread winner in the family, my husband does odd jobs for people so that keeps him busy, Tonya is also looking for a job, sheís considering quitting college soon if the lack of jobs mean she has to, she doesnít want to quit, and I donít want her to either, sheís doing very well in her courses. My youngest, Richard, heís 12, is asking about getting a computer of his own since Tonya is almost always writing and talking to Tony when sheís not busy on her college work or helping me out by making supper when Iím too tired to. Iíve told him that it might be a while and maybe he could save up the small allowance I give him, I give him £3.00 every weekend for him to either save up or use to buy himself something he saw during the week that heís interested in. He saves it up instead, last I checked, he has about £55 saved up in his account, Iím surprised at his control, normally he would have spent it. He must really want a computer, Iíll see what I can do, maybe someone is selling a computer that he could have until I can afford a better one for him. Well I guess Iíll stop for tonight, feeling a little tired from sitting at the till all day checking prices, running the barcodes of items across the scanner and just getting bored during the odd quiet moment, I wonder how mum and dad are? ĎNight.

Chapter three

Tonyaís Journal, 2001, November 27th, Tuesday: Iíve started a journal! Tony told me that he started one as well in the site for a laugh, heís quite enjoying it instead, he never knew how much he had to say. Iíve also started one in the site and also outside the site, it is quite fun surprisingly. So here I am, writing into my new journal, not sure what to say, but Iíll try anyway. Hi, Iím Tonya Edwards, Iím 18, female, single and I think I look awful, but then Tony says the same thing about himself, so I think everyone says it. Iím a new writer thanks to a wonderful story I read written by Tony and heís recommended a few books to me which might or might not inspire me with ideas, he is helping me a lot though, so far heís given me about twenty ideas to use. I think Iím in love with him, but he isnít in love with me, he says that heís a little old for me, bullshit! He may be 22, but that means nothing to me, if he was here, I would be trying to get him to show some feelings for me, but then we have only just met two weeks ago, so I think Iím acting a little rashly, he has said the same thing as well. Well anyway, heís a wonderful friend, heís kind, honest, creative and a wonderful help to me, heís even introduced me to a few of his friends, he seems to have made a lot of friends since August and he loves it. Iíve been reading a lot of other stories as well as his and I have to say that there are a lot of talented writers out there, more than I ever thought possible. I have asked him where he gets his ideas, he just says that they appear all the time, heís even written me a couple of tiny pieces in an instant, he says that theyíre basic, but I think theyíre incredible, they just make me try harder to write like him. Heís also been helping me to write and Iím surprised that his small lesson helped me so easily, all he did was give me a basic idea to work on and while I was online talking to him, I wrote the story, and afterwards I found out I could write after all. Iíve written my first story and Iím working on my second, Iíve asked him for help and heís helped me where I need the help. One of these days, Iím going to meet him and hug him as a token of thanks and also in love, even though heíll never love me. Oh well, canít think of anything to say now, good night.

Tonyís journal, 2001, November 27th, Tuesday: Why am I doing this? I have a journal in, but a journal in the real world, something must be wrong with me. Well before I go to bed, Iím just writing a little something about, well anything at all. Just said bye to Tonya and a few other friends and Iím just listening to a little Final Fantasy music as Iím writing this, hopefully the computer wonít go all nuts on me before Iím done. Iíve been writing a little and reading a lot today, in fact Iíve been doing that a lot in the past week, itís fun, but I really want to write more. Iíve been told by a few friends to try and relax a little, not write so much, I think they might have a point. Well anyway, Iíll get going now, falling asleep at the keyboard, shouldnít stay up so long, bye for now.

Michelleís Journal, 2001, November 27th, Tuesday: Not a lot has happened today, unless you count the fact that I look ten years younger than I did on Sunday, somethingís happening, even David is looking younger. Iíve made an appointment with the doctorís for tomorrow, Iíve made sure that David comes with me, a little time away from the garden wonít hurt him. Well since I didnít do a lot today, then I canít think of anything else to say, so good night.

Davidís journal, 2001, November 27th, Tuesday: Something very strange is happening, I think Iím getting younger, sounds odd, doesnít it? Well first I noticed that Michelle looked younger this morning, but I just dismissed it as nothing and after breakfast, I gave her a kiss and went back to my garden. As I worked, I realised that my back wasnít hurting like it has been for the past few years, wonder why? I feel good, really good, like I could run a marathon and win first place, just like I used too when I was 50, Iíve always been watchful of my health, and even when I was 50, I was a fast runner, regular exercise and a lovely wife to help keep young and me young, what could be better? Well I may as well go to bed, tomorrow Michelle has arranged an appointment with the doctor, she seems worried about something. Well Ďnight.

Chapter four

November, 28th, Michelleís Journal: We went to the doctors this morning and had a check up to try and find out if there was anything odd going on. Here, Iíve remembered the words he said. ĎWell Iíve done the check up and you both as healthy as is expected for two people of 45 years old.í Now thatís why weíre worried, weíre 60, not 45. ĎDoctor, I think youíve got it wrong, weíre not even 45 years old, three days ago we were both 60 years old. I guess itís just not showing, is it?í Well he run another test, but the results were the same, we are both 45 years old. Well to say he was confused is to make an understatement, he was really confused and even a little beyond that. ĎMr and Misses Peters, itís physically impossible for the human body to get younger, I know that there are creams and treatments that can make you look younger, but thereís nothing at all that can make the entire body revert to a younger form. The tests say youíre 45, so you must be confused about your age, it does happen to people.í See? Not even a doctor knows everything. íWell never mind then, sorry to waste your time.í And we left and returned home. What now? The only things that seem to be remaining of our real ages are our memories, experiences and love for each other. David returned to his garden when we returned home and I looked up our photo albums. I also had a mirror next to me and I checked it to see how young I look after looking at each photo, itís true, Iím getting younger. How is this happening to us? If this keeps up, we could both be babies in a few days, maybe, just maybe it will stop tomorrow, or in a couple of days. I can only hope.

Davidís Journal: I donít know why Michelle is so worried about this, I think itís great, weíre both getting younger, healthier. Michelle looks great every day and I feel wonderful and I know that tomorrow Iím going to feel a lot better. Iím not worried, maybe weíll stop at our early twenties, that would be nice, I have no desire to go through puberty again, and I think Michelle doesnít either. If this keeps going, we could end up going through our puberty backwards, so I have no idea how that will be if it happens, but anyway, since this is happening, may as well make the most of it. íNight.

Tonyaís Journal: Just read more of Tonyís stories again, and he said something about what would happen if any of his stories became real, we laughed and joked about what could happen and then he said that I should check up on my grandparents about my story, I said I will on Saturday, I wonít be so busy then. Heís just logged off, saying bye and everything and Iím away to wrap up for the night on my college work. Got college in a few hours, may as well get some sleep. Night everyone.

Rachelís Journal: Iím not sure why, but I have a strange feeling that something is happening to my parents, Iím not busy on Saturday so Iíll go with Tonya since I know sheíll go and see them like she always does on a Saturday before she goes and meets her friends at the swimming pool. I hope theyíre okay. íNight.

Tonyís Journal: Either Iíve been talking to Tonya a lot or Iím just tired and my mind is playing tricks on me, but I think something is wrong with her grandparents. Always getting these feelings about friends, maybe itís from lack of sleep. Well Iím off to bed, Iím busy again tomorrow. Bye.

Chapter five

28th November, Wednesday, Michelleís Journal: 40 years old, they say that life begins at forty. Donít know about that, but I donít think forty is the age me and David will be starting at if this doesnít stop anytime soon. Well anyway, may as well enjoy this while itís happening, a second chance like this is not something you get in life. Today Iíve felt incredible, havenít felt this good in a long time to be honest. I went for a walk and not once did I feel tired like I did before this happened, my body looks different, itís thinner since I was putting on some weight slowly, now itís all gone, replaced by a body that every day looks great. David is looking great too, he looks like heís been working out, thatís how good he looks. Heís always been a healthy man, like Iíve always been a healthy woman, but he really does look great. I wonder what Rachel will say when she sees us on Saturday? Hope she understands, by then weíll both be 25 if this keeps up in itís five year spurts, having parents who are younger than you might not be easy to take. Well Iím off to bed, me and David are feeling somewhat sexually excited, so Ďnight.

Davidís Journal: Michelle is looking great, tomorrow sheíll look even better and Iíll also feel and look better. Why this is happening we have no idea, but who cares? Tomorrow Iíll be taking a break from the garden and Iíll go see my old friends, wonder what theyíll think of my new younger body? Well canít think of anything else to write, so Ďnight.

Rachelís Journal: Hard day today at work, a disgruntled member of staff quit and Iíve been promoted to take her place since I know more about her job than she ever knew. I know it means a tiny raise in pay, but Iím not sure if I can keep up working at the new hours, Iíve told Kevin, my husband, and Iíve told the kids. Tonya understands and sheís said sheíll help around the house even more than she already does. I hope it doesnít affect her studies, I donít want to feel bad about ruining her future, Kevin and Richard have also said theyíll try and help, but Kevin is about as good with an iron than I am with a tank, not very good at all. Richard is fairly responsible, but he tends to leave more mess than he tidies it up, so Iím dreading what the house is going to look like tomorrow if Tonya is too busy to do anything. Oh well, maybe now I can set a little money back for Richard's computer, should have enough for one if I budget right, Tonya has already told me that all she wants for Christmas is to meet Tony, thatís something I canít do and nor can he, even though both Tony and Tonya are planning on meeting someday, since Tony lives 100 miles away and he doesnít mind a long trip, even if he gets motion sickness. Well guess I better get to sleep, got to wake up a little earlier from tomorrow, fun. ĎNight.

Tonyaís Journal: Mum got a raise and a promotion today, I donít think sheís looking forward to the new hours. Iíve told Tony about it and he told me that his mum used to work long days and nights and she was always tired afterwards, and with his brother and sister unable to do anything for themselves all that often, then they were always wanting their food made for them. He hardly eats as it is, too busy for a full meal, heís losing weight and happy about it, would love to see him when heís lost a lot of his weight, he says that he used to be fairly fat, not like Goodyear Blimp fat, just depressed fat. Well Iím off now, got college in the morning and when I get back, Iím going to tidy up and make supper, Ďnight.

Chapter six

29th November, Thursday, Michelleís Journal: 35 years old, almost half the age I was only a few days ago. 35, been a long time since I was this age. Both me and David look great, heís even more handsome than he was yesterday. Rachel hasnít seen us like this yet, but when she sees us on Saturday, I donít know how sheíll take the news that her parents are now younger than her. I know I would find it hard to take, very hard, but both mine and Davidís parents are long dead of old age and everything else life throws in your path. Tomorrow, if this isnít the last time, Iíll be 30, so will David, itís hard to take in for both of us, but we are doing well. David went to see a few of his friends today, a few at the old folks home, I donít know what their reactions were, he hasnít said anything to me. Iíll talk to him before or after we have sex, not bothered, with this happening itís hard to sleep without worrying about what our lives could be like if we keep getting younger. Life is weird, and this is just one of those weird things. Right, bed time, Ďnight.

Davidís Journal: Went to see a few of my old friends today, the looks on their faces as they recognised me was a mix of disbelief and horror.
ďWhat happened to you? Got too much of Michelleís anti-aging cream or did a mad plastic surgeon get a hold of you? You look, well, young.Ē I am young, my oldest friend is 70, compared to me, heís as old as the hills, even though in reality heís only ten years older than me.
ďNo, itís hard to explain. Both me and Michelle are, for some odd reason, getting younger by the day. I can tell my the looks on your faces that you donít believe me, but itís true, very true.Ē So I showed them something that I got only a few weeks ago, a scar from when I was working in the garden and the spade came flying out of my hands and smacked me on the shin, the bruise was nasty and the cut had been sore, I had even shown them when they had asked me to show it. I had pulled up my trouser leg and showed them where the cut had been, now before this had happened, the scar was still there, but now it was gone, just a hairy leg was there, no sign of a scar at all.
ďWith my body getting younger, any scars, marks and wounds are disappearing, even the hole in my right hand is gone.Ē I had gotten the hole in my right hand when Rachel was two, she came running out of the house, her nappy sagging and she had a knife in her hand, she came running towards me, wanting to know what it was she had in her hand, as I had tried to get her to drop it, she dropped the knife at a bad moment and it went through my hand, I know that it happened in my early twenties, but itís gone none the less, as if it was never there in the first place. It hadnít been a big hole, more of a cut right though the hand, missing any vital areas thankfully, but it had still hurt a lot. I had showed them and they had just stared. Well after talking to them for a little longer, about four hours, I went back home and looked up the photo albums of what me and Michelle had looked like back then, and what I saw was what I know is going to happen, both of us are going to be having a hard time in a few days, weíll both be twenty years old and our love will either strength or weaken, I think it will weaken. But then we do both love each other more than life itself, so I could be wrong, I hope so, I really do.

Rachelís Journal: Iím too tired for this, but Iíll write something anyway. Just read a few more items of Tonyís work and apart from thinking he has incredible talent, itís the way he writes, itís as if heís lived what happens in his stories. I have asked him about that and he just told me that what he writes is just there, as pictures that he translates into words, he has no idea how heís coming up with these ideas. Well Iíve copied and pasted a lot of his stories and Iíll read them when I can get time at work and after work, Tonya is talking to him now and she really seems to like him, I think sheís fallen in love with him, he doesnít seem to be in love with her though, she says words that even I would have had trouble saying when I was her age, and to my surprise, Tony reacts with normal words, like ĎSorry, youíre just a friend, younger than me, and I donít think it would be right, sorry.í Not that it stops her from trying, I think either Iíll have a talk with her or Tony will, he seems to be more adult than me. Well anyway, my day has been busy, the new work is hard, I have to be there for when Iím needed by the new staff for price checks, a lot of those, and refunds, a few of those. And I also have to make sure that things are going well, not easy when you have children running about as their parents take their eyes off them for even a second. Well at least I can rest for now, Tonya is a fast worker, so everything was done for me when I got home four hours ago. Like me, Tonya is a fast learner and reader, so weíve both got a lot done today. Kevin and Richard didnít help a lot, Kevin just sat in his seat and watched football, Richard was playing football on his Playstation, he doesnít like football, itís just that heís bored and trying to fall asleep playing something with the excitement of an episode of Eastenders, so far itís working, I found him asleep with the joypad in his hand, the game blaring. Iíve tucked him in and switched his Playstation off and then I talked with Tony for a little while, since Tonya was doing a little homework. Well Iím feeling a little tired now, so Iím going to sleep, tomorrow itís probably going to be another hard day. ĎNight.

Tonyaís Journal: Damn, if only Tony was really here, I donít care that heís 22, I want him badly! Sorry, I sound like a love struck teenager, itís just that he is so kind, even when someone says nasty things to him, he just shrugs and takes it in his stride, I asked him why he does that and he just said that he was used to it. Meeting him has been wonderful, heís creative, talented, kind, honest, heís everything that is missing in males these days. I know where he lives and I gave him my address, so Iím hoping weíll meet each other someday. Right, anyway, have to keep control. Apart from my college work, Iíve been working around the house as well. Tided up, my dad was a great help, he just sat there, watching the TV, my brother also didnít help, he said something about being allergic to dust, in other words heís lazy. So Iíve been busy today, not that I mind, Iím a fast worker. Well Iím tired now, said bye to Tony for tonight and now Iím going to sleep, Ďnight all.

Chapter seven

30th, November, Friday. Michelleís Journal: Halfway to 60 years old, hard to believe I was even 60 years old only five days ago, how time flies when youíre getting younger. Itís amazing how different my body looks at this age, Iíve gotten so used to seeing my body age over the years, that seeing it get younger instead is just hard to believe. David looks great as well, so young and handsome, as if heís never really been 60, instead itís like he and even me have always been getting younger or even been young. Tomorrow Rachel will see her parents as 25 years old, so will Tonya, how are they going to take the news that before long they might be changing their parents, and in Tonyaís case, grandparents nappies if this keeps up? Rachel will probably think sheís having a nightmare, Tonya will probably smile and her new writers mind will picture it like this Tony does that Tonya mentioned at the end of her story, she had written that he had helped her to learn to write out of the kindness of his heart and when she had written the test story, she had been amazed at what she had written, all thanks to a basic idea she had been given by him. Once she wrote the test story, she was suddenly overwhelmed with ideas for new stories, so she had asked him if he could help, he was happy too, so when she finished writing the story, she mentioned him and his kind help at the end. I think Tonyaís fallen in love with him, I can tell by the way she wrote the words that she was thinking about him. Well when I see her tomorrow, Iíll ask her about him, until then, Iím off to bed, even though Iím getting younger, Iím still tired, or maybe itís not really fatigue, if you get my drift, hehe. ĎNight.

Davidís Journal: 30 years old, I canít believe it, at this rate, me and Michelle will be crawling around the floor, wearing sagging nappies and too young to do much else. Whatís causing this to happen? Working in the garden was hard work, but not like it was when I was older, my back isnít sore, I donít feel as worn out as I used too, I just feel, well, great. But will this only be temporary? How much longer will it be before Iím not working in garden, but running through it while playing? Hope Rachel understands, she isnít going to like this one bit, and you can quote me on that if you want. Well I canít think of anything else to say, so Ďnight.

Rachelís Journal: Tomorrow Iím going to go and visit my parents with Tonya, Iíve been given a day off to rest and Iíll be called if Iím needed, I hope I wonít be needed. I really need the day off. Just been reading Full Circle, Iím amazed at what Tony wrote in this story, itís as if he was there, itís written oddly because he wrote it as he saw it in the dream, but itís good. If this is what he can write from a dream, what can he write that isnít from a dream? Well as Iíve not got a lot to say today, Iíll stop writing into the journal, Ďnight everyone.

Tonyís Journal: I canít believe it, hopefully in four years time, Iíll be leaving the UK behind and starting a new life, I have a friend who is willing to sponsor me, and if weíre still friends in four years, then Iíll be living with her. We arenít in love, canít allow that at all, but we like being friends a lot more. Just been talking to Tonya and I helped her with a story idea she was stuck on, my work is all done for today and as Iím not feeling great, then Iím off to bed once Iíve finished my journal entry. Tonya is highly talented and itís great to help her and to read her work and all it took to make her realise that she could write was a very basic story idea I gave her to work on, my teaching method is simple, I give a very basic idea for the writer to build on, and then Iíll read it as they work on it, itís how I learned and I like to teach it to everyone else, I already do in my Interactive Stories. Well Iím falling asleep at the keyboard here and a couple of my friends are telling to get offline and sleep, so bye.

Chapter eight

1st, December, Saturday, Michelleís Journal: Rachel came round today, hereís what happened.

There was a knock at the door, I knew who it was, it was Rachel and Tonya. After quickly checking that there was nothing breakable since Iím sure Rachel will faint, I answered the door.
ďHi honey.Ē Rachel stared at me and then choked out a word.
ďMum?Ē Tonya just looked at me, unsure if this 25 year old woman standing in front of her was her grandmother.
ďHi dear.Ē I said to Tonya and then Rachel stepped forward, she recognised me instantly from photos Iíve shown her over the years and I stepped back.
ďMum? What happed to you, your....your...oh fucking hell! Your younger!Ē Tonya stepped forward and touched my arm, as if to check it was really me.
ďMe and your father have something to tell you, you better come in I guess.Ē Stupid thing to say, they were already in, but itís all I could think of.
ďYes, I think we better.Ē Tonya closed the front and Rachel and Tonya followed me into the living room.
ďDavid! Rachel and Tonya are here!Ē He gave a small reply and joined us a few minutes later after we had sat down.
ďOkay, time to talk, what happened to cause this?Ē Iíll let David explain the rest.

Davidís Journal: After Michelle called me into the house, we told Rachel everything. We told her that somehow since Sunday, weíve been getting younger by five years the past few days. We told her that the doctor couldnít find anything wrong with us, so it would appear to be, well, natural. Rachel took al this in well, if you call staring at us for a few seconds each time we moved, as if we were going to get younger in front of her well. ďI canít understand this, this isnít real, I must still be sleeping.Ē Tonya pinched her mum on the arm and then looked at us.
ďNope mum, youíre awake. Iím not sure if I should call you grandpa and grandma, youíre almost as old as I am! Wait till Tony hears of this!Ē Michelle didnít like the sound of that at all.
ďNo, donít tell him, please. I donít think heíll understand.Ē I agreed with Michelle, this was not normal.
ďBut he will understand, heís written stories like this, and he also has even more ideas for stories like this, you should talk to him someday, heíll be able to help you with anything at all. Mum, please, tell them, make them get some help for this.Ē Rachel looked at her daughter and then shook her head.
ďNo, not yet, maybe this will stop, maybe theyíll age back or maybe itís just on the outside. If he can help, then good, but what can he do?Ē Tonya got up and took her mobile from her pocket.
ďIíll call him now, he can help, youíll be surprised.Ē And she left the room.
ďSheís like you at that age. We canít explain how this has happened, all we know is that itís happening. Rachel, if we keep getting younger, then youíll have to look after us, the others wonít help as theyíre too far away, in other countries. I know it will be hard, but weíll need your help if it keeps going. Can we count on you and Tonya?Ē Rachel nodded, unable to think of anything to say and we spent a few more hours talking, Tonya came back in and told us that Tony would be happy to help, all we have to do is talk to him and heíll help us in any way he can, so at least we have Tonyaís friend to count on for now. But what if we get younger? Can anyone help us then?

Rachelís Journal: I canít think of much to say, Iím still in shock. I returned home just three hours ago, I stayed with my parents for the day, talking about what we will have to do if they get any younger. Tonya to meet her friends and I made her promise to not tell any more of her friends, she promised and left it at that. I think sheís talking to Tony right now, she was back when I returned. I just canít believe this is happening, itís not normal. I canít think of what else to say, Iím going to sleep, maybe this is all a dream, please let it be a dream!

Tonyaís Journal: Guess what? Me and Tony have made arrangements for him to come here for a few days and try and help. Heís not all that busy and he says that he can easily make sure the computer of his wonít be used by the ungrateful brother and sister of his. Heíll be here in a few days, I can drive so Iíll pick him up from his home, he only lives a hundred miles away, a long way for some, but for me itís a breeze. My test was easy and I can drive without panicking on the highway, so Iíll be fine. It will take a while, but thatís okay, I have the month off from college anyway since all my work is done already. Well Iím off to bed, wow, my grandparents are probably going to be cute little babies! Iím not sure what itíll be like, but I think it could be fun.

Chapter nine

2nd, December, Sunday, Michelleís Journal: Is this going to stop anytime soon? Today me and David have become 20 years old, the age we were when we married, if this keeps going, tomorrow we could be both 15. Maybe itís stops today, we can only hope. Oh well, I went for a walk today with David and we saw all our friends as they are now, old, older than we are now, it was unsettling to see them like that when weíre so young. We said hello to them and at first they didnít recognise us and then they did, their reactions to seeing two of their friends almost as children was shocking. They asked us how it had happened and we told them what we knew, it isnít a lot. Iím sorry, but the image of talking to them in our young voices is still unnerving, maybe David is writing about it in his journal, Iím going to have a cry about this, this should be wondrous, but instead, itís like restarting and leaving behind what you care about most, bye for now.

Davidís Journal: I can hear Michelle crying, she must still be unhappy about seeing our friends so old when weíre so young. I know how she feels, it was unsettling to say the least. Weíre now younger than our children, weíre almost younger than our grandchildren. This isnít right, this isnít real, but it is, damn it, it is. If this keeps going, Rachel will be changing our nappies, tending to our every need because weíll just be little babies. We donít want this, whatever is causing this is unknown, but it has to stop, it just has too. Weíve had our youth and it was nice, but this is torture. This has to stop or weíll be restarting all over again and our children will still be children to us, but weíll also be children to them. I hope this Tony can help, I really do, if he canít, then at least weíll know he tried. Damn it, now Iím feeling all emotional, Iím going to go to Michelle now, bye.

Rachelís Journal: Why did this have to happen now? Why did my parents have to start getting younger? I know it isnít their fault, itís no oneís fault, but fuck sake! I canít help them and look after my family at the same time, Kevin is a useless bastard these days, he just sits around the house, watching TV and moping around, and Richard has no idea how to look after children, let alone babies. Tonya will help and I know that when Tony arrives in a few days, he will help the hardest he can. But I canít do anything, Iím too busy as it is. If there is a God, then please, help me here, help my parents before they get too young. Iím going to bed now, busy tomorrow again, Tonya has a month off from college, so sheíll help a lot, I can count on her. Fucking bad luck this, why now?!

Chapter ten

3rd, December, Monday, Michelleís Journal: I have no idea if Iím younger today or not, I look 20 years old, but then when I was 19, I did look the same as I did when I became 20, so maybe I have gotten younger. Rachel stopped by after her work to check up on us, she is trying to get used to seeing her parents younger than her, but I can see it in her eyes that sheís getting scared. So am I, so is David. I went shopping as I usually do on a Monday and when my friends who I didnít see the last time saw me, they were shocked at what they saw. I told them that I had no idea how this was happening, and theyíve volunteered to help us out whenever we ask. so at least we can expect our friends to help. During my shopping, I was surprised at how fast I was moving, how fit I felt the whole time, when I was older, I did tend to feel stiff after a while. This time, no, I felt no pain at all, I just felt like I had been this young for years. Maybe itís not so bad after all, maybe. Will Iím not sure what to say now, the rest of the day was nothing special, so thereís not a lot more to say. íNight.

Davidís Journal: Not a lot to say today, but Iíll say this, maybe this getting younger isnít so bad. Iíve been working in the garden all day so thatís why I donít have a lot to say. Sorry, I guess I should have done more today, maybe tomorrow. íNight.

Rachelís Journal: Busy day again, a lot of complaints from people about the prices of the Christmas stock, but what do they expect from the UK? Nothing in this country is affordable and if we join the Euro, nothing ever will be. I hate this country, but Iím stuck here. Anyway, Tonya has told me that sheís going to pick Tony pick from his home tomorrow, how he can help I have no idea, but she seem to have an idea that he could help. Well if thatís what she believes, thatís fine with me. Well Iím tired, so Iím off to bed, ínight.

Tonyaís Journal: Tomorrow Iím going to meet Tony, canít wait to meet him in the flesh, weíve seen each otherís pictures and weíve also heard each otherís voices, so we know enough about each other to recognise each other. Well as Iím going to be needing some sleep since Iíll be driving tomorrow, Iíll get going, ínight.

Chapter 11

4th, December, Tuesday, Michelleís Journal: Met Tony today, Tonya took him round about eight at night, me and David seem to have a lot more energy now with us getting younger. We talked for five hours about how it could have happened and when David mentioned the wish we had made on our wedding night, Tony considered that the wish must have come true, but not in the way we wished. It sounds odd, but stranger things have happened in the world, so it could be that. After Tony and Tonya left just after one in the morning, me and David decided to write in our journalís, which weíre doing now, and then go to bed, we would talk more, but weíre feeling more than a little tired. íNight.

Davidís Journal: Michelle is maybe writing everything in her journal, so I donít really have much to say again. I donít really feel like writing in my journal entry, me and Michelle have been resisting a lot today, weíre feeling somewhat horny to say the least. Iím going to join Michelle in bed now, ínight.

Tonyaís Journal: Iíve just made a bed for Tony in the living room, heís happy enough to sleep on the sofa, so thatís okay. His idea about the wish my grandparents made does seem to most likely cause, so I guess thereís no way of reversing it. Iím feeling tired now, itís almost three in the morning, Iím just going to check if Tony is alright and then Iím off to bed, ínight.

Rachelís Journal: Just been talking to Tony, heís fallen asleep in the living room, on the sofa at that. I can hear Tonya going to check on him. Iím not all that tired today for a change, but Iíll try and get some sleep anyway. Now that I know that the possibly of reversing whatís happening to my parents is unlikely, then in two days if they are getting younger still, me and Tonya will check up on them if they need help and if they get even younger, then either weíll go live with them or move them here to live. Hereís hoping they donít get any younger. Well Iím going to try and get some sleep, ínight.

Chapter 12

5th, December, Wednesday, Michelleís Journal: Damn it, we are getting younger, a lot younger. I looked in the mirror this morning and saw a 17 year old teenager looking back at me, damn it. I feel my age now, I feel everything as I get younger. David must also be feeling odd as well, wonder how heís coping with this? Iím sitting here, doing something I havenít done since last I was a teen, in my underwear. It feels nice, real nice. I can see David at the moment, heís away to write in his journal, but right now heís naked, he just had a bath, and heís making me laugh. Oh God, I have to stop writing, Iím laughing too hard, Ďnight.

Davidís Journal: Just started to write in my journal now, Michelleís still laughing hard, Iím wearing boxers now after I made Michelle almost bust a gut. Iím not going to say a lot, too tired, or rather, horny to write. Anyway, just going to say that this isnít too bad. Maybe weíll get to have a little married life before we get too young. Weíll see. íNight.

Chapter 13

6th, December, Thursday, Michelleís Journal: 16 years old, canít believe it, but me and David are both 16 years old. Weíre teenagers again and we can feel it, the confused feelings, the growing pains, everything. I guess each day from now on weíre going to get a year younger, so weíre going to have to get used to going through puberty backwards. It was bad enough forwards, but backwards, this is going to be hard to get used to. Anyway, I called Tonya, she took Tony back to his home yesterday and told us his ideas, but not even he can help us, pity. I told Tonya that we will be needing help after all in a few days as weíre going to be somewhat small to be able to do a lot around the house. We have also shrunk a little, just like what we thought would happen. We wonít be growing back either if we keep going like this. Iím also feeling my age as well and itís hard to ignore these feelings a lot of the time, how are we going to cope? Oh well, I better get to bed, me and David are going to have our last night of love making, so weíre going to make it special, ínight.

Davidís Journal: Oh man, Michelle looks incredible, even more than yesterday, I think thatís my hormones talking though. Anyway, working in the garden is not even a problem at all, Iím not feeling as stiff as I used to and Iím working even faster as well. I hope I can still work on my garden though as I get younger, if not, what will I do instead? Oh well, Iíll think on that when the time comes, for now though, me and Michelle are going to have a night of passion for the last time. ĎNight.

Rachelís Journal: Tonya has just told me that my parents are teenagers now, does this mean Iíll be looking after my parents, not in old age but in their youth? What can I do about my work, I have to make money and looking after my parents and my worthless husband is just too much, Tonya has said that she will help in any way she can with Richard and my parents, so I can count on her. This is going to be a hard time for the family, but Iíll do what I can, I just hope Kevin helps out. Well Iím going now, may as well get some sleep. ĎNight.

Chapter 14

7th, December, Friday, Michelleís Journal: Being a teenager is hard, I mean, come on! These thoughts, these confused emotions and these raging hormones, Iíll be glad if I never become a teen again! Woke up feeling all confused and just like a pure teen, Iím sure David was feeling the same. We looked at each other, we were both naked and then we hugged and kissed, but kept ourselves in control the whole time, and that wasnít easy, I can tell you. We then got dressed, eying each otherís bodies up the whole time, and had breakfast. We then decided to forgo our normal day to day things and go for a walk. During the walk, we tried our best to control our passion for each other and we kind of succeeded, well if you call falling into the bushes in the park and kissing and almost undressing each other in control. Tonya came round just after we got home and helped us out in a few areas, we thanked her and she left for her home. Right now, David is rubbing my back as Iím writing and it feels so good. Weíve decided to sleep in separate beds from now on, in case we canít control ourselves. Weíre too young now for sex, so the separate rooms will have to do. Well once Iím done here, Iím off to my room. And Iím done, so ínight.

Davidís Journal: Michelleís gone to her room and Iím sitting here in the room we used to share, writing in this journal. Itís odd not to have Michelle here in the room, been used to it for 40 years now and this is just plain odd. But we made the choice to have separate rooms since weíre getting younger a lot more and weíre too young for sex now. Whatís it going to be like as children together, even babies? Well Iím off now, feeling a little tired, maybe thatís from my body going through all these changes, Iím not sure. íNight.

Tonyaís Journal: It is so weird seeing my grandparents younger than me. Theyíre a little smaller, thinner and just so much younger, no more than 15 years old. Well Iíll drop by again tomorrow, I think mum will come with me as well to help out, theyíll be 14 years old tomorrow. Whatís it going to be like when theyíre babies? Well Iím off to bed, ínight.

Chapter 15

8th, December, Saturday, Michelleís Journal: Tonya and Rachel are a great help around the house, guess I need it. Unable to focus right today, my mind is all confused and while I love David with all my soul and heart, itís hard to actually love him the way we really do, Iím shy around him, nervous. Just like when we first met so long ago. Tomorrow weíll be 13 years old, hard to believe that, it really is. Being 14 years old is bad enough, just how am I going to cope being 13 years old again? Iím sure Iíll be fine though, I hope.

Davidís Journal: Hard to keep these feelings down, all day Iíve actually felt shy around Michelle, even though sheís my wife. Who said that teens have it easy must have been in a coma the whole time they were a teen, this is hard. If itís like this as teens, whatís it going to be like as children? Well I canít think of what else to write, so Iím off, íbye.

Rachelís Journal: Seeing my parents as shy teens was hard today, really hard. Tomorrow Iíll drop by and help Tonya while she looks after them for a while. Tonya is taking it well, Iím not and I havenít told Kevin yet that they might be coming to live with us in a couple of days, I know heíll never understand, but he has too. Well Iím going to get some sleep, ínight.

Chapter 16

9th, December, Sunday, Michelleís Journal: Almost at the end of my teenage years, even if it is just the beginning of the teen years in a way. Tomorrow me and David will be pre-teens and then a couple of days after that, children. Itís hard to get used to being a little smaller everyday now, being a year younger everyday as well. It takes a while to get used to it, and Iím still not used to it. You might have noticed that my handwriting is changing the younger I get, Iím very slowly losing skills I learned as an adult, I still have all my memories and my personality, even if I am feeling my age these days, today I feel like a 13 year old and tomorrow Iíll feel like a 12 year old, whatís it going to be like being a child with my memories and experience? Itís going to take some getting used to, thatís for sure. Well itís bedtime now and Rachel is just saying good night to David, Ďnight.

Davidís Journal: Rachel has gone to tuck Michelle in for the night and Iíve asked her if I can stay up and write a little in my journal, Iíll go to bed once Iím done. These feelings, these raging hormones, did as bad as yesterday, but their still there, still strong. Itís so strange not to be sleeping with Michelle next to me, I guess the saying is true, you never know what you have till you donít have it anymore. And I miss her warm body next to me, the feel of her body against mine. I miss it so much and I miss her so much. Right, canít think of anything else to write now, so Iím off to bed, Ďnight.

Rachelís Journal: I feel like a babysitter, my parents are so young now, and the worst of it is that theyíre going to get even younger. I wouldnít wish this kind of thing on anyone, I can tell you. Tonya seems to like watching after them as they act their ages, in act I donít think theyíre acting, I think they really feel their ages. Well anyway, Iíve just tucked my mother in for the night, canít believe I just said that, thatís what my mum used to do to me when I was younger and now Iím doing the same to her. Irony or what? Tonya is talking to Tony right now, she really seems to like him a lot. Iím off to bed, busy day tomorrow again, Ďnight.

Chapter 17

10th, December, Monday, Michelleís Journal: Never thought playing could be so much fun! All day me and David have been playing games, mainly pre-teen games, but games none the less and weíve loved it. Tonya has been looking after us the whole day, once sheís done around here, sheís going to sleep in the living room, on the sofa. She doesnít seem to mind babysitting us everyday, in fact I think she rather enjoys it and she did take her computer round, so she was talking to Tony when we were watching cartoons. I have to admit, this isnít too bad, I feel free, liberated from all the worries and doubts I had as an adult, it feels wonderful. Well Tonyaís coming in to tuck me in, so Iím off to bed, ínight.

Davidís Journal: Itís weird being so small now, as an adult I was a little bigger then Tonya, now though I have to look up to look her in the face. Well I havenít been working in my garden for a couple of days now and I quite frankly donít care. Tonya is good with my garden since she always watched me and helped me a lot when I was older and she was a little younger. Tomorrow Iíll be younger, so will Michelle, weíll be 11 years old. Itís going to be a strange Christmas, a very strange one indeed. Well Iím tired and tomorrow Iím going to feel and be younger, a lot of play probably going to happen. íNight.

Tonyaís Journal: That was a fun day today, been babysitting my grandparents. I know mum is finding it hard to believe her parents are younger than her, but I donít mind it, I think itís rather cool. Mum has planned to move in here in a couple of days, shifting between our home and her parents home at particular times. It will be hard, I know that, but Iím willing to help out in any way I can. Well Iím off to sleep now, ínight, night.

Chapter 18

11th, December, Tuesday, Michelleís Journal: Wonder how much longer Iíll be able to write in this Journal, my handwriting is slowly reverting to a mess. Played again today with David, fun as well. I can feel myself getting younger mentally each day and I donít mind at all, my memories are still there, they just seem hard to remember now as my mind gets younger. Tonya is sleeping in the living room, weíve worn her out. Well Iím off to bed, Ďnight.

Davidís Journal: Not a lot to say, been playing and having fun, thatís all. Tonya seems to like looking after us and she has also been making the spare room into a nursery for us, we know that weíre going to be babies in 11 days. Me and Michelle are ready for it, we know that weíll grow up again. Iím feeling tired now, Ďnight.

Rachelís Journal: Tomorrow I move a few of my things into my parents house, Iím going back to my childhood home, but Iíll be there to look after the children that are my parents. Kevin and Richard will have to be told, but what can I tell them? Iím sorry about this, Iím too busy to write, later.

Tonyaís Journal: My grandparents have gone to bed and Iím going to get some sleep early for a change. Tomorrow Iíll be looking after two ten year olds, odd to believe they are my grandparents. Well Iíll not keep you bored, Ďnight.

Chapter 19

12th, December, Wednesday, Michelleís Journal: Rachel moved in today, itís good to have her here, if only it was in better times. Me and David are so much smaller and younger than her now, looking up into our daughterís face was only when she was going through growth spurts as a teen, but to look up at her through the eyes of a child, well thatís a new one. After helping Rachel out with a few of her things, me and David went off and played as children since thatís what we are anyway. Rachel has been quiet all day, not even talking to Tonya, I think sheís finding this hard to get used too, watching her parents as children, guess I would also have felt odd if my parents had been reverted to children as well, but they never did revert to children, they died ten years ago. Not in the mood to write right now, bye for the night.

Davidís Journal: Sitting here in old clothes of my grandsonís, a pair of pyjamas that I would never even have worn when I was a kid, but now Iím wearing them and I like them. I feel so young, as if my adult mind is fading and being replaced by the mind of a child and soon even younger. Itís not all that bad to be honest, I mean that. Well Iím off to bed now, ínight.

Rachelís Journal: Just tucked my parents in for the night and Iím also about to turn in for the night as well. Tonya is already sleep on the sofa, she looks so young when she sleeps, like she used to when she was ten years old. Even as an eighteen year old, she looks so young, so much the age I wish she was sometimes, my little baby. Now though, me and Tonya are looking after two people who used to be older than us only a short time ago. If this is a joke, then itís not funny. Guess I better get to sleep, could be a busy day tomorrow, ínight.

Chapter 20

13th, December, Thursday, Michelleís Journal: Nine years old! Wow! Havenít been this age in such a long time, I feel so young, so small, so innocent. Been having so much fun today, it feels so good! Rachel looks huge compared to me and David, sheís like a giant and I know that weíre going to get a lot smaller and younger in the next few days. I feel a little tired now, all that play has worn me out, ínight.

Davidís Journal: Everything seems so much bigger than Iím used to, even my bed is huge. Just standing next to Rachel, who used to be so small when she was younger, is like standing next to a house, sheís massive! Itís hard to believe that I was ever this small, hell, Iím that small again, so I guess I really was this small before. Feeling a little sleepy now, ínight.

Rachelís Journal: Tending to two nine year olds who used to be my parents has been odd, they played a lot, run about in childish games and just behaved like the children they now are. Tonya is talking to Tony again, telling him everything thatís going on and seeking any help he can give. I have no idea how he can help, but anything is possible I guess, I mean just look at my parents! Well Iíll go tuck them in for the night and then talk to Tonya for a little while before going to bed, Ďnight.

Chapter 21

14th, December, Friday, Michelleís Journal: My handwriting is becoming hard to read and even write. My adult handwriting is being replaced by childish scribbles as each day passes, in maybe three days, Iíll have to stop writing in my journal, so will David. As I write this, Iím resisting the urge to run around and just play, not easy I can tell you. Unable to focus on anything other than play, itís so hard. Oh Iím off to play before I go to bed, later.

Davidís Journal: Not a lot to say, itís hard to focus on my more adult mind as each passes. I feel so confused sometimes what with having both an adult mind and a child mind, I see the world through the memories and experiences of an adult, but I also see it through the eyes of a child who doesnít understand the world, so you can imagine how hard it is every day. Michelleís standing next to me, Iím off to play, bye.

Tonyaís Journal: As I write this, my ígrandparentsí are running around laughing and playing. Itís sweet to watch them like this, if somewhat weird. When I was younger, I would be the one running about, getting into scrapes and hurting myself on a table or door, but to see it happening to them, I can see why they loved me, no matter how much trouble I was. I think a quote I once heard says something in this lines, íTo be a child is to be unknowing and free, to be an adult is to be wise and full of regret for those days long gone, to be both would be both a blessing and curse. A child in an adult, an adult in a child, both together from the start, both together to the end.í No idea where I heard it, but Iíve heard it. Oh well, better stop writing for the night, Iím being attacked by two eight year olds, Ďnight.

Chapter 22

15th, December, Saturday, Michelleís Journal: What else can I say? This isnít too bad being a child and all, itís fun, relaxing and nice. Sorry, I guess thatís all I can think of, you can see by my handwriting that Iím losing the ability to write good, so Iíll get going now and play some more before bed, íbye.

Davidís Journal: Running out of things to say now, guess the younger I get, the less things I have to say. Tomorrow me and Michelle will be six years old together, adults in the bodies of children and weíll be getting even younger for the next few days. Weíve already accepted that weíll both be babies shortly and even though it will be hard for Rachel and Tonya, they are fully capable of tending to us when weíre that young. Well thatís all I can think of for now, íbye.

Rachelís Journal: Kevin found out today where Iíve been going and he was speechless when he saw my parents and also what weíll have to do for them. Heís out looking for work even more now, when he gets motivated to do something, then he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Richard just took it all easily, nothing seems to faze him. Tomorrow my parents want to go to the park and see their friends if theyíre there. I think itís a bad idea, but theyíre determined, so me and Tonya will look after them. On Monday, Iíll go shopping for baby things, it wonít be long till my parents need them. I canít believe how calm Iím being about this, I should be crying for them, but instead itís as if itís a normal thing. Guess Iím in shock and this is my way of showing it. Well itís been a hard day, so Iím going to have a bath, íbye.

Tonyís Journal: Tonya has been keeping me up to date on her grandparentís problem. She seems to be enjoying looking after her grandparents, despite them being younger than her now. Guess it takes all sorts, my own problems are bothering me a bit, Tonya doesnít know a lot of it thankfully, but a couple of my friends do. Iíve been overworking a lot and itís caused small heart attacks from my high blood pressure. Iíve been told to relax, but I canít relax. But I will try for my friends sake, I donít care about myself, but my friends want me to live. Damn, chest hurts again, I guess Iíll stop writing, íbye.

Chapter 22

16th, December, Sunday, Michelleís Journal: Got some bad news to tell, Tonyaís friend Tony died last night. When she went online to talk to him a couple of hours ago, his mum was telling all his friends online what had happened and was sending e-mails to those who werenít online. Tonya is in tears right now, she didnít stay online for long, I can hear her crying. I wonder what he died off though?

Davidís Journal: Iíve been trying to comfort Tonya in her grief, but Iím not much of a help. I guess itís maybe best to let her mother try and comfort her, I just canít think of anything to say now.

Rachelís Journal: Just tried unsuccessfully to comfort Tonya in her grief, but Iím not a great help. Maybe itís best to leave her to her grief herself until sheís ready to take some help, until then, Iíll be here for her if she needs me for a shoulder to cry on. A dull day upset by the loss of a friend, not something I would wish on anyone.

Tonyaís Journal: As I write this, Iím crying hard, my tear are falling onto the pages of this journal, soaking them. Why did he die? Why?! He was so young for fuck sake! His mum told me he had died of a heart attack, and I know what that means, he was overworking again, to make up for a month where he wasnít feeling well enough to work. Me and all his friends have been telling him to relax more, but he was always stubborn. Now heís just dead, gone. I did talk to one of his dearest friends who he cared about a lot and sheís in tears, saying something about failing him. I miss him already, his kind words, his gentle, helpful spirit. Iíll never forget him for everything he did for me and his friends will never forget him for everything he did for them. He made quite a difference to his friendís lives, a huge difference in fact. I...Iím sorry, I canít keep writing now, my grief is too strong, I miss him so much!

Chapter 23

17th, December, Monday, Michelleís Journal: Today is my last journal entry, I canít write anymore since my hand writing is really bad and my mind feels so much younger than it used too. Tonya is still in tears from Tonyís death, sheís been crying all day and I can hear her crying even now. She really misses him, I wonder how his family is coping? Well anyway, itís been fun writing these journals the last 40 years, Iíve written so much in them. Well to whoever is reading this, I say this, itís better being young than it is being an adult, being an adult might give you more of a say in the world, but it canít compare to feeling so free, so young, to never have to worry about things like bills and death. This is bliss for me and David and even though there was a lot we could do as adults, there are things that we can do as children that we could never do as adults. Well this is goodbye, look after yourselves, live life and have fun, bye, bye.

Davidís Journal: 40 years of journals in front of me, the pile looks even bigger from a childís eyes than it did as an adult. Over 40 years worth of life in them, all written down day by day. Me and Michelle have asked Tonya if she would like to let people read these and even though she is still in grief for her dead friend, she has agreed to post them out for everyone to read in four days. This is my very last journal entry, Iím sure Michelle is also doing the same thing. Itís been a lot of fun writing down our life together and even though weíre still together and very much in love with each other, itís not quite the same since weíre children now. Tomorrow we will be toddlers and then babies a couple of days later, our abilities that we have learned in life are going to no longer be of use to us, our lives will start again. I have to say this, itís not half bad being this young and the sound of being a baby again is somewhat appealing. Well goodbye then, live your lives to their fullest, be more then you think you are and just have good fun, because it can end so quickly like Tonyís had. Goodbye.

Rachelís Journal: I remember when I used to watch my parents write in their journals every night, I would sit and watch them, and then once they were done, they would put the journals on a shelf until the next day. Now here I am writing in mine, but unlike my parents, not for the last time. I will be reading their journalís in a few days once everything is ready for two babies who used to and are still my parents, the two people who gave me life and helped me grow into who I am today. Tonya has been invited to Tonyís funeral and sheíll be going for sure, she cared for him so much and to say goodbye to him is something she wants to do. Iím not sure if his other friends will be there, maybe they will if they can, if not, then Iím sure Tonya will write something to help them remember him always and to make her views known, maybe all his friends will do the same. He seems to have made quite a mark on his friends lives and in Tonyaís especially. Never again will he write from his heart, never again will he make my daughter laugh, never again will he be there for his friends, no matter what. Heís gone now and I feel like my daughter has lost someone highly important, maybe she feels it too. Well Iím off to bed, tomorrow I have two toddlers to look after. íNight.

Tonyaís Journal: Tonyís funeral is in a few days, Iíll be there and I know that my tears will be hard. When I went online two hours ago, I actually forgot he was dead and hoped he was online, but it was just his mum making sure that his wishes were done, he wanted everything about himself wiped from, all his mail accounts deleted, everything about him wiped from existence, something he had asked to be done for him if he ever died. I talked to his dearest friend and she was heavily upset at what was happening, but she had managed to copy his work and also managed to make an item about him in the site for people to read, her feelings for him are strong, a very strong friendship indeed. All his friends have done the same and even Iím going to write something about him, I have all his work on disk and I will be printing it all out, even his very last story, which makes me cry because not only was it his last one, but it was also about a journey that he would be taking in his life. How fitting it is that he finished the story completely and then after that died, how fitting indeed. I miss him so much, I miss talking to him, I miss his work, I miss his words, I miss his kindness. Oh cruel life, give him back to us, give him back his life! Damn it, Iím crying again, Iím going to go and rest, my tears will make me sleep, ínight.

Chapter 24

18th, December, Tuesday, Rachelís Journal: Itís hard looking after two toddlers, especially since these toddlers are also my parents. Theyíre thankfully potty trained, so at least for two more days I wonít have to change nappies, just keep an eye on them since theyíre acting more as toddlers than the adults they are in mind. As well as looking after my parents, Iím also helping Tonya out with her arrangements for going to Tonyís funeral, sheíll stay at an hotel for a couple of days, sheís got enough money saved up and I can give her a little more in case itís needed. Sheíll be going tomorrow, to meet his parents and to talk with a couple of his friends from the village, he made a lot of friends easily. Sheíll return the day after the funeral and by then, my parents will be a year old each. Well I better tend to my parents again, Tonya is going to need help getting two toddlers into their pyjamas, Ďbye.

Tonyaís Journal: My grandparents are in bed, sleeping thankfully after I read them a bedtime story each. Itís hard looking after them, but itís expected with toddlers. Tomorrow I go to Tonyís funeral, well, the day before it anyway. I know that Iím bound to cry a lot, but Iíve accepted that. Well Iím off to sleep, Iíll be driving tomorrow and I donít want to fall asleep at the wheel, Ďnight.

Two toddlers, formally Michelle and David Peters, dreaming the dreams of very young children. As they sleep, they become one year younger, three years old. Their bodies glow a little and then shrink and revert to a younger form by a year, all in the space of seconds. Now they are only one day away from infancy and then the youngest form of their bodies without ever going back to the womb. The wish is almost fulfilled.

Chapter 25

19th, December, Wednesday, Rachelís Journal: Just put my parents to bed, since theyíll both be two years old tomorrow, Iíve managed to force them to wear nappies just in case. Tonya left this morning and Iíve been looking after my parents all day. Hard, I can tell you. They just kept getting their fingers into everything, always curious and always getting into trouble, just like any normal three year olds I guess, whatís it going to be like tomorrow with them both being two years old? I dread to think. Anyway, other than that, itís been hard. Iím glad I managed to get a couple of days off work for this, I wouldnít be able to cope otherwise and Iím due for a couple of days off anyway, so Iíll use them looking after my parents. Richard dropped by for a bit and helped out best he could and Kevin told me he had finally found a job, so heíll be trying to make enough money. This is hard, very, very hard, but Iíve already looked after my own two children when they are toddlers and babies before that, so Iím sure I can do this, if I donít go insane that is. Well I better get off to sleep, tomorrow could be a busy day, two year olds are tricky little things to keep an eye on at all times, I can tell you, ínight.

Tonyaís Journal: Well here I am, in Fraserburgh and Iím with a friend of Tonyís family who have been kind enough to have me for the two days Iíll be here. Itís a quiet little town, there is the usual noise of cars, dogs barking and people talking, normal everyday life in other words. As my computer is back at my grandparents house, I canít talk to any of his friends nor any of mine, so all I can do is write in my journal and remember. To think that Tony lived here in this quiet place, all his creative ideas, all his kindness and honesty coming from being here for so long, now heíll be buried here, never to leave in body, but in soul. He once told me that no matter what, he was going to leave the UK, dead or alive, he was hoping alive, but nothing ever works out for the good guys, does it? Well I guess Iíll just get some sleep and tomorrow, say goodbye to Tony one last time, itís going to be a sad day for me, his friends and his family, a sad day indeed. íNight.

The glow receded and where there were once two toddlers at three years old, were two babies at two years old each. They continued to sleep, unaware of the world any more, their minds and lives as innocent as the day they were born. Young as they wished.

Chapter 26

20th, December, Thursday, Rachelís Journal: The terrible twos, how my parents coped with me when I was that age is beyond me, Tonya and Richard were hard to cope with at that age as well. Looking after two year olds who also happen to be your parents as well is not easy. Theyíve been running about, making mess and noise, filling their nappies and running about with sagging nappies and Iíll try and catch them and clean them up. When they make a mess, they really make a mess. Well Tonya returns tomorrow and Iíll thankfully have someone to help me keep an eye on them, even though by tomorrow theyíll both be a year old and not as bad. I hope Tonya is okay at Tonyís funeral, she hasnít called to say how it went, so she must be spending a quiet night contemplating about her future and about mortality, I did that as well when I lost a friend when I was younger. Well I better get going, I can hear them playing about in my mumís room and I know what that means, mess and probably soiled nappies, íbye.

Tonyaís Journal: Tonyís funeral was lovely and sad, his two favourite songs were played and they seemed somehow fitting, Melodies of Life from a game he liked and a song called Homeworld from another game he liked. All his friends had managed to come to his funeral, not sure how, but they were all here, his soul mate in particular was crying a lot inside, even though she did her best to hide her true feelings, but I could see it in her eyes that she felt she had failed him and also that he was happy at last. During the service, I sat next to her and I heard her say something about his role in a new life, and the hope that they would meet again soon, she was counting on it. I on the other hand just let the tears fall, Iím going to miss him so much. A few poems were said and some work that his friends had done for him was particularly beautiful, even one friend who said that she had trouble writing made something beautiful. I had watched his parents reactions during all this, his mum was in tears, his dad was just quiet, his brother seemed as cold and aloof as his dad and his sister, she was sick, she was smiling through the whole thing, she even said íGoodbye you bastard.í to his coffin as it was lowered in the ground, no wonder he wanted to leave so badly. As his coffin was lowered into the ground, his soul mate said something beautiful and threw a rose on his coffin, what she said was this, íIt took us a long time to find each other and when we did, we became friends from the word go. You told me everything and I told you everything, we shared so much, we talked, we laughed, we cried and we planned for the future. We made a promise to each other that no matter what, you would live the life you truly deserved and you promised me that no matter what, you would and will always be there for me. I feel that even in death, your here with me, protecting me, helping me, keeping your promise. Iíll miss you so much Tony, never will you be gone from my heart and the hearts of your friends, goodbye, for now.í Tonyís mum began to cry a lot worse then and I offered her my shoulder to cry on, as did all Tonyís friends. Me and his soul mate remained at the grave site after everyone left and we cried together. íHe had so much to give, so much potential and his ideas were just ignored, his life ruined by uncaring people. He offered a hand of friendship to a lot of people and only a few took it, while the rest just slapped it away. I was going to give him a life that he deserved for everything he had to put up with and now I canít do that, whatís going to happen now, moving on is going to be hard.í I agreed with her, it is going to be hard, in just the short time I knew him, he made a huge difference in my life, he did that for everyone because it was just the way he was, now he canít be there anymore. Now here I am, ten hours have passed since the funeral and still my tears are many and my memories are a mix of happy and sad. Tomorrow Iíll be going back home, but my life has been changed, as Kain said in a game Tony had played once, the coin is on itís edge and only you can make the change. Now my coin is on itís edge and anything can happen. Iím crying even worse now, Iím going to stop writing before I soak the journal, íbye.

As a life ended, two old lives began anew, their bodies reverting to that of children of a year old. The story is almost finished, the wish almost fulfilled. The wish of forever is nearing itís end.

Chapter 27

21st, December, Friday, Rachelís Journal: Tonya returned from Scotland today, sheís still in grief, but she seems to be trying her hardest to not let it affect her too much. My parents are now a year old each, two tiny babies. Iíve been looking after them better than I thought I would and Tonya has helped a lot. Well I guess I better get going, I think either my mum or my dad needs a nappy change, so look after yourselves, live life to the fullest, íbye.

Tonyaís Journal: Returned home today and Iíve been helping out my mum just to try and keep my mind distracted. Itís working a little, but itís only a mask of my true feelings. Tonyís friends all wrote something about him, about how they would miss him, thereís one in particular that I liked a lot, it was written by Tonyís soul mate, here, Iíll write it down.

Final Good-Bye

We have lost a great friend. Never again will he be here to make us laugh, to help us out, to be our friend. When I think of him, I think of the times we shared, the talks we had, the problems we worked through. He was my best friend, and I will miss him, oh gods will I miss him. There will never be anyone to take his place in my heart. He was too important? no, he is too important to me for that part of my heart to be filled again. Until my own day of departure, that part will always be for him. I could go through his life, and point out his many achievements, but there are so many, I don't know where to begin. What I do know is that he will live on in our hearts for the rest of eternity. We can only hope to be lucky enough to be able to give the kind of love he gave, to be able to reach so many people. He never thought so, but he did, and now, I'm sure he knows that. And so, we say our final good-byes to a magnificent person, a person whose life changed those of many.

Good-bye my friend.

Well this is goodbye, all of the journals are about to be posted, including Tonyís ones which his mum gave me, this is to be my last journal entry. Itís been fun writing this, and I hope youíve all enjoyed it. From me, my mum and my grandparents, goodbye. Live your life for the moment, enjoy it and be yourself, donít let anyone try to control your life. Goodbye.

On a changing mat are two babies, both a year old, once both 60 years old, married for 40 years and in love for so long. The babies look at each other and then manage to roll themselves over to each other easily and then hug. Even as babies, the love they have for each other is still there and it shows as they baby kiss each other, their young eyes looking at each other after the kiss, three unspoken words in their expression, I love you, they made a wish and it was granted. They made a wish of forever.

And posted and finished.

Authorís note: Everything in this story, except for Tony, is a work of fiction, made from one mind, one idea. I hope youíve all enjoyed it and any comments on it would be quite welcome. Itís been fun to write this story, a lot of thought has gone into the characters and Iíve done my best to make sure that you enjoy each part I write, with all the different parts of real life introduced. You may have noticed that I used a lot of UK words, thatís because I live here in the UK, in Scotland in fact, so Iíve written what I know. Thank you for reading it, I hope youíve enjoyed it during the 27 days itís taken to write it. All the journal entries are made as if written in pen, which explains the odd mistake because in pen and making a mistake is a pain and any mistakes are hard to fix, so if you notice any, then itís because itís human error, itís real. Till my next story, which is soon, goodbye.

Tony Watt.

Set before and linked to Always there, yet just met.

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