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You could have beat him.

Yes, but not Kerry. John Kerry defined himself only as an negativistic flaky, glib antidote to President Bush. His Fresh Start formula was a deodorant commercial.

Kerry failed to present a plan that was more substantial than his seduction of the Self-Made Boheme spat back into the emetic pan.

Bush is not the British pound.

Billionaire uberliberal George Soros said he would run Bush out of the White House in the same way he pounded the British pound out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992.

-oops! -

Soros spent over $26 million to lynch Bush, more than any single donor or political action committee.

Soros said on Oct. 28 at the National Press Club in Washington, "I'm really proud of what I have done." - Not good policy for attracting investors: In 1992, Soros gambled $10 billion that the Brits could not be able to defend the sterling trading would have to drop it. He was right. He made $1 billion, = a 10 % return on his investment - -one big oops!-

European Media, Stay Home:

Europe endorsed Kerry. That's the biggest kiss of death, made even more painful when sealed with Eurovenom, and an equivalent of a blessing from Al Gore.

The U.S. press, no matter how Orwellian and liberal, never involves itself in elections of a candidate for chancellor of Germany or president of France.

Europe has to find some other forms of fun. Versailles, Trafalgar Square, San Souci - it is all digicamera-pretty, but it's a tool of art, and a poor qualification for pompous but impotent teaching of its stagnant growth ideas to the rest of the world.

Europawn press is better off devoting its efforts to bringing new ideas, i. e., the ones that are younger than 200 years, to Old Europe, it is safer: there are no dumb cowboys to blow their Chamberlain hot-air balloon off course.

Let them pitch that deodorant.

Hollywood and academia came out in fool force for John Kerry. An unholy union of national-socialist scientists signed a petition to dethrone Bush. Springsteen and Kerry did some fashionable gigs, two giddy zillionaires united for what they said was the working man.

Mainstream USA does not care what the folks in La-La land think about their hobby campaigns, it might as well be the best Beverly Hills nosejob surgeon for U.S. President.

Despite what the press said, I knew that American working man dudn't pay any attention to what the beautiful or professorial or them European people think about substantive issues.

The average American working man is not into the publicity-whipping Internet forum polls. They went to the polls.

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The following comments are for "Belated Election Signature"
by Teflon

Unworn subject?
Let it go!

You sound like a sore winner!


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: November 8, 2004 )

My you are late starter!!! LOL!!

Teflon no matter what you write I will always appreciate it, you have your own style and way of thinking.

However, I was laughing when you talked about the British pound and European press.

Don't forget, £1 is currently worth $1.77. Who's the DADDY!!??!!!


Alex :-P

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: November 9, 2004 )


I like the fact that you use facts to back up your argument even if I disagree with the facts and your argument.:) And, I think a conservative reader would enjoy it very much.

However, it is amazing how the republican media has poisoned you against Soros---He's a philanthropist! He gives money to help people. That's his job. You would like it better if all of Kerry's supporters were energy companies?

Besides, Bush is the biggest whore on the planet...the only way to get on his energy task force was to make a donation! And because they sculpt his energy policies, you most likely digest Atrazine with every class of water if you live in the mid-west or deep south. (Atrazine is a weed killer who's use is banned in Europe. It causes sterility and other abnormalities. He also tried to lift the ban on arsenic in your water...Bush is great isn't he?)

Perosnally, I'd rather the president got his money from Soros.

As for Europe's stagnate growth ideas, you realize your president doesn't believe in about stagnate growth ideas! Or global warming, for that matter.

As for the Hollywood connection, I would like to point out that Reagan was a hollywood actor and so is Arnold...the two biggest stars in your party.

As for the Liberal Media, what the f*%! are you talking about? Tell me one primetime cable personality that's liberal. Tell me one major radio personality that is liberal. List all the major columnists in the country and 90% are conservative. The vast majority of pundits are conservative...and most of your major news magazines are as well. For every Washington Post, there is a Washington Times. As for regular News, they are centerists---which is what they are supposed to be. Just because they don't cheerlead for the republican party, it doesn't mean they are liberal.

So exactly what part of our media is liberal? Yes, I'm waiting......



( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: November 9, 2004 )

The Pound is alive and well?!
So Soros did not beat the British pound? That makes him even bigger loser than I thought he was!! Thank you, Londongrey!

Wait, Pythagoras, you're telling me everyone in the media is CONSERVATIVE? I thought they were the children of the Communists that survived McCarthyism!

Reagan and Arnold were ACTORS? Incredible! They perform like naturally born statesmen. I promise you, man, I won't hold their acting careers against them!

I'm a Republican, I live in the Midwest and I eat Atrazine? That's interesting! The last time I checked, I refused to vote at the US Embassy, I was living in Israel, which is in Middle East, and I was eating my food with spice called athra.

I think what's happening here is assumption, presumption or resumption. This is the story of my life. I go visiting a mosque, I speak to the the acquaintances there, they assume I am an Arab American with $7 trillion willing to subsidize the neighborhood Hizballah club.

I go to the cheesy wine parties in Soho or Greenwitch Villwitch, next thing I know, the aborigines there assume I am a Marxist-Anarchist-Bleeding Heart-Harvey Milk Fan, and they think I owe them to validate their art or jazz or their Scientists United Against Heterosexuals Society.

Next time I'll wear caution signs warning people not to look deeper than what I write or say.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: November 9, 2004 )

re: teflon
Yes, I know the republicans whine that the media is liberal, but that's a lie. Look at it as a whole, and see which party is better represented. But since you live in Isreal I don't know why you would attempt to judge our media anyway.

Secondly, in your piece you pointed out that mainstream america doesn't care what the people in La-la land think...Since the two biggest stars of the Rep. party come from hollywood, your point doesn't make sense.

I never said you live in the midwest, I said IF you live there you'd be drinking atrazine. And the point I was making was that I'd rather have a candidate who accepts money from a philanthropist than corrupt corporations.

As for the caution signs, they are a good idea...I won't look very deep...thanks for the heads up.


( Posted by: Pythagoras [Member] On: November 9, 2004 )

Pythagoras rule again
See, another assumption. I live in Israel, I am a Jew, but I am an American involved in US academic, jurisprudential and literary scene and I commute to US. Maybe this is why everything in US is mine, media included. You donít you know, maybe Rupert Murdock is my assistant?

Arnold and Reagan were intelligent actors that left the Lala Land and pursued Mr. Smith Goes to Washington political career. Only a Trotskyite political revisionist would find this politically incorrect.

Yom Tov,


( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: November 10, 2004 )

Ranting Opinions
My oh my! How do you expect anyone to take your words seriously when they are just a bunch of catch-phrases twisted up and shot out of a vintage cannon?

Good writing at least attempts to get at some part of the truth. You writing, though lively, simply does not ring of it.

I find it curious that you claim to be involved in a literary scene when all you seem to do is sling mud at the arts.

As for "the Self-Made Boheme" - Jack Kerouac said, "Woe unto those who spit on the Beat Generation, the wind will blow it back!"

By the way, I am an average working man who is liberal and voted for Kerry.

In a way it's good that Kerry didn't win. Now Bush will have to wallow in the mess he's made. Infortunately, the world will suffer for it.

By the way, have you read the Richard Clarke book, "Against All Enemies?" Very enlightening.

( Posted by: gomarsoap [Member] On: November 13, 2004 )

Teflon, one of the subjects you might be interested in is the history of currency.

The reason the British pound stays so strong is partly because it is based in silver and NOT gold, the basic value of silver does not fluctuate as much as gold.

So how Soros thought he could pound away at nearly 1000 years of solid currency I do not know!!! Has he not heard of Samuel Beckett!!??!!

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: November 13, 2004 )

Art Commissars and Soros Sorrow
Hey, I am not Soros' publicity agent. I guess he thought too much. I think he ended up winning the battle if not the war, having undermined a specific mechanism for calculating the pound's worth.

Gomar, if I understand you right- someone who's involved in a literary scene is forbidden to sling mud at the arts? From what party does that come from?
Again, this is a blaring sanctimonious presumption that people stumble on. In my case, they patronizingly appeal to my would-be liberalism or pro-Arabism when they hear that spend time in the Middle East and I speak Arabic.

When I cringe from another bit of rotten Bleu cheese, the art gallery androgenes think I am about to gush with gastronomic orgasm and sing praises to the Pigaille Land and its hooker culture, and I would undulate while describing the latest cinematographic snobbery from the Canned movie Pestival.

I live in literature, but I know better not to worship it. Screw it - it is not an entity, it is not a person, it is only a source of income from lecture fees.

So, what party line is this holier than thou Literary iconhood? ICKWBOI (Inner City Kerouac-Wanna-Be Drunk On Thunderbird Wine?), or is it IAAAPEHIAE (I Am An Actor-Professor-Editor-Hippie-I Am the Elite)???

Last time I checked, they told me Bush got re-elected and there would be no such thing as the Intellectual Liberal Sciences Police. I am a true liberal. I question authority. I spit in the face of liberal arts, and I enjoy getting paid for it!

Have a nice weekend, London! Enjoy your day, Comrade Art Commissar!

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: November 13, 2004 )

Whys and Wherefores
>My oh my! How do you expect anyone to take >your words seriously when they are just a >bunch of catch-phrases twisted up and shot >out of a vintage cannon?

This is how the Republicans prefer their followers to think and express themselves. By keeping them dependent on sloganeering and keeping them away from analysis and facts, they cause their language and expression to be iconic rather than truly lingual. Therefore they never really synthesize original thought because they can't analyze what is before them.

That leads me to their problem with liberal arts: liberal arts make people think and teaches them to analyze and intelligently critique. That's what the Republicans don't want people to do. Even the President has admitted he doesn't do that, in so many words! (to Peter Jennings on National TV)
Condoleeza Rice & Co. do that for him...

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: November 17, 2004 )

Liberal media
I've long found the story about the "liberal media" in the United States confusing, as even a half-hearted analysis shows that it isn't. But I suppose it has something to do with context. What's called "liberal" in the United States is often called "conservative" elsewhere, at best "moderate".

To much of the rest of the world, the American political scene is a struggle between moderate conservatives and fanatical conservatives. Not much of a difference as far as we're concerned.

And your media only seems liberal to the extreme conservatives because it's moderate sometimes. Still, much of your media is dominated by extreme conservatism anyway. Very strange how people can be made to believe this "liberal media" story simply by hearing it repeated over and over again.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: November 17, 2004 )

vintage bullseyes
Now, IF the catchphrases are correct,
IF they are logical,
IF they are thought out,
IF they are well-expressed,
AND backed up by facts,
(unlike the liberals' Marxist-like appeals for middle-of-the night arrests, or hits)...
THEN there is nothing wrong in using the funny, biting, truth-in-yo'-face slogans!

Liberal-conservative definition is, yes, a relative thing, and tripartite at that. I understand that there could be moral conservativism, financial conservativism and political conservativism. And I suspect that political conservativism can be further split up into offical, media-conservativism and unofficial, traditional, or societal conservativism.

It dun't matter. Maybe it's better viewed through a McCarthyist lens: whoever wants to off the prezz and install a pro-Euro, pro-Socilaist, flippy-French-o-flunkey, then that whoever is a commie. Sounds vintage, McCarthy vintage, but, hey, the socialists are the ones calling for murder and anti-prezz violence!

Maybe the States need a McCarthy, updated, upgraded, well-versed and dangerous. Dangerous to the pink sanctimoniousness of the old, senile dopey Europie.
Europe's got them meseums and them cheesecake, and that's about eet.

How about this catchy sloganeering? Anyone for a game of pool?
8th ball in this side pocket.



( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: November 17, 2004 )

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