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Glaring with fury and menace, the sun tore it's hot rays through the view screen, begging for the inhabitants of the tiny ship to be torn out and lost in the vast vacuum of space. Inside, the Fy'l stared at the glowing orb that was still light years away, wondering what it would be like to create a ship that could enter the suns atmosphere and to fly into it. He smiled, he would be famous that’s for sure. With a beep of the control panel he tore his eyes from the ancient orb of fire, to look at a screen to his right.

He studied the screen for a little while then continued with his work. A small feminine voice came over a speaker.

"We are entering the Andriah system, Mister Gabrielle." Gabrielle grabbed the flight post with his right hand.

"Thank you Tiria." He moved his other hand over a control panel and with quick movements took manual control of the ship. "Prepare the gate for docking sequence." The computer beeped a confirmation to his request, and he rotated the ship in a 180 turn. He saw the massive ship that had just come out of hyperdrive fifty feet away. Pushing forward on the flight post his tiny ship darted to the side of the gigantic transport. Pressing a button on the headset he wore he spoke.

"Requesting docking permission, this is flightmaster X-Z2536, with orders to deliver a package to Leviathan commander Hunter Pry." He listened and no answer came, puzzled he repeated the procedure over. He checked the frequencies and still got no reply.

"Tiria, could you check for any radio interference in the area?" After a moment.

"Negative, I detect no radio interference in the area." Gabrielle gave the controls over to the automatic docking computer, and got up from the pilot seat. "Do you wish to dock sir?"

Thinking it over Gabrielle nodded. "Yes, Use the manual hatch key to open their airlock and dock us please." He moved to a hatch in the wall and opened it with his handprint, contained inside was a rifle with a pump action reload, a pistol and five phosphorous hydro-Grenades. Picking these up he then moved to a closet and pulled out a decorated poncho. As he was putting it on he felt the ship dock with the leviathan. He returned to the cockpit and pulled out a small chip from the computer frame and inserted it into his mini-comp on his forearm. The tiny screen blinked on and a small female face appeared. "Hello, Mister Gabrielle." He slung the rifle over his shoulder and moved to the exit hatch.

"Hello Tiria." He pushed the button that opened the hatch. It slid open and slowly came to a click at the floor. Silence, nothing made any noise. The power was out and all that he could see was anything within range of the blue light cast from the mini-comp's screen.

"Tiria, I need you to keep scanning ahead of me and inform me through my headset what you find alright?"

"Affirmative." Gripping the pistol he moved forward, stepping carefully. He tried to create the passage mentally in his brain, to tell him where he was going, but the effort was useless. Coming to a fork in the passageway he asked the mini-comp which to take, Tiria didn't know which way to go, so Gabrielle decided to move to the left.

With cautious steps he moved on, holding the pistol in a tight grip. As they passed a dead monitor on the wall, a dark shape slammed into him from behind, he heard a terrifying scream as he fell into a deep roll, smashing his back into the wall he pointed the pistol in the direction of the sound. Whatever it was it was still there, he could hear it breathing heavily. The computer spoke through his headset.

"It is a human, the Fy'ls are much the same. This one is terrified by the way I feel her heart beat." A pause. "Speak to her." Gabrielle took a slow breath and spoke out towards the shadow.

"Are you alright?" No answer. "Look, I am here to help you. Just come closer, I will protect you." He heard a small whisper.

" being hunted." Slowly he moved towards the huddled shape, his cat like eyes began adjusting to the light.

"It's alright I am here now, you don't have to worry." He was now beside the shaking human woman. Reaching out, he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, she shrunk from the touch at first. Then as though realizing that he was real, she frantically grasped him in a tight embrace.

"Help,.. Help me you must help me, He is coming for me!" He held her, this would have been a strange encounter on any other day for him and he definitely wouldn't hold a strange woman in his arms but this strange woman was terrified to a state of almost madness, she needed some sort of grasp on reality before she lost it all together.

He was shocked at the force of her shaking. Sharp spasms of terror that seemed to rip her from consciousness. The trembling form finally relaxed with fatigue as she passed out in his arms. Gently he lifted her, and turned back down the hallway towards his shuttle, when a sudden soul ripping scream tore through the entire ship. So far but yet so close that he felt that the source was next to him.

“Something is terribly wrong.”


Dreams that disturbe you when you sleep,
and haunt you when you are awake.
Make up a mirror of who and what you are,

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The following comments are for "Leviathan"
by chill

to chill
I am guessing there is a second part coming?

Only one thing:
"He held her, this would have been a strange encounter on any other day for him and he definitely wouldn't hold a strange woman in his arms but this strange woman was terrified to a state of almost madness, she needed some sort of grasp on reality before she lost it all together." is a bit long winded.

The rest is quite intriguing.

( Posted by: Furius [Member] On: April 25, 2002 )

Yeah I guess that it was kinda long on that part. And there is a second part I just forgot to put "To be Continued..." ;) Later.


( Posted by: chill [Member] On: April 26, 2002 )

hey Chill
Hello well i told you I'd check this out and it was pretty good!! I can't wait to read the 2nd part it should be good too!!

( Posted by: strawberryshortcake [Member] On: April 27, 2002 )

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