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Where is Jeb?
I have two sisters. If I were running for the PTA, I would expect them to get behind me.
Where is Jeb?
I haven't seen anything from the governor of Florida.
He is, no doubt, dealing with the aftermath of viscious weather. Truly, my heart goes out to all victims of the horrible storms that battered their state.
-but- Why, four years later, after being the center of the debacle that was election 2000, does Florida still not have voting issues addressed.
I went from sex to motherhood in nine months. The development and marketing of Viagra may have taken less time- must be the reason Viagra is available, and Alzmeimers, Aides, and Cancer are still rampant [don't even want to think about stem cells](I'm sure to die draining the system as I have no health care.)
Saddam is seeing cardiologists and dentists. -We are good people. [Excuse me while I vomit]
Back to my original point. Is there something wrong with Jeb that he's not declared?
I remember Billy Carter. His brother Jimmy was president. As it turned out, I think too kind hearted a man to be as effective as a president needs to be. If only our president could lead a nation that built homes for humanity. Still, my collection houses a 'Billy Beer" can for an oddity.
Where is Jeb? I'd love to have a Bush lover answer.
Have you noticed, it's all about loving or hating that stupid elf faced ignoramous? Truly black and white, so little gray in these issues. I can't imagine how they feel what thay do-
But still, does no one but me wonder where is Jeb?

bless us all-

Elizabeth Maksymiuk

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The following comments are for "Where is Jeb?"
by emaks

Drsoos,,,,I posted...
you must read ... cauuse I wasn't gonna post here again aand you have left m

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: October 29, 2004 )

I Found Jeb!
“I Found Jeb”

Re: Your blog log: “Where is Jeb?”

(I guess posts as “blog” go only to the blog and not the front page?)

I found it to be an invitingly readable posing of a number of compelling questions that clearly need answering.

Re: the questions:


Just kidding- I didn't think you thought I would have the answers. After all, I'm not really a dr, I just play one on the net. And yet I actually DO have the answers!

I had just retreated to my FFS (Fecal Fallout Shelter) in preparation for the upcoming Political S#*%storm of the Century, the consequences of which even I, drsoos, cannot foresee once The Excrement Has Struck The Impeller Blade, when I heard your frantic cry for help. Now I shall examine some of your questions in any order I please.

The Answers:
According to Gov. Bush’s Executive Calendar At:
Jeb is taking a “personal day” today. The site also claims that his term ends Jan. 2007. In spite of my e-mailing his office BEFORE I EVEN BEGAN TO WRITE THIS SENTENCE, his office has failed to answer my questions as to his exact whereabouts and plans for the future. Therefore I can only say this:

The Governor is in an “undisclosed location”. His office again provided no comment when asked if this was due to a grave threat to the state’s citizens. I believe we deserve immediate answers to these urgent questions.

Hyperbole aside, the site states he expects to spend much the remainder of his term dealing with hurricane-related issues.

What this means is that the Bush bros. will be handing out taxpayers’ money like Halloween candy to eagerly grateful VOTERS to replace their flimsy trailers intentionally placed in known paths of destruction with NEW flimsy trailers awaiting destruction.

My heart, as well, truly goes out to the victims of these ravaging storms, but they should take the money and get the h#$$ out!

Instead, the website includes a wealth of information to help and encourage people to MOVE TO FLORIDA! More VOTERS with more stuff for more hurricanes to bust up to be replaced with OUR MONEY!

The destruction of the Everglades is nearly complete, causing a nearly continuous water crisis. The response to this is an $8 billion effort to “save” the Everglades, the only meaningful result of which is a lot of talk about saving it while Jeb’s supporters line their pockets.

Meanwhile Mother Nature is doing her damndest to reclaim her own and we should either let her have it back or let them stay at their own risk and at their own cost! (See what you’ve done- you got me started.)

Leaving Florida aside momentarily, need I state the obvious support for development of Viagra among wealthy old men? I’m sure they also take a kindly view towards the women’s equivalent.

The lifespan of AIDS and cancer patients has been sufficiently (and often painfully) prolonged to ensure a profitably sized long-term consumer market. A profitably achievable cure remains elusive but treatment yields good money.

Regarding Saddam, we’ve no choice at this point but to show that we CAN care for at least THIS one prisoner.

Returning to the “Tail of the South”, I find your implication that we got stuck with the Bush family’s black sheep “Billy” while Florida got “Jimmy” intriguing as well as extremely hazardous. My apprehensions are best expressed thusly:


Just having a little more fun just then, O.K.? Good.

Neglect of the voting issues serves the Bush bros. interests this time at least as well as last, with any legal dispute producing another narrow Bush victory in the popular vote, five to four in the same Supreme Court.

In conclusion, I’d just as soon Florida, our Nation’s flaccid phallus, festered and fell off.

I’m glad you asked.

I enjoyed YOUR item.
Nice to read, good questions well posed.
Nice to see Jimmy get some recognition, he was just one more prez victim of “When Thugs Go Wild”, unfortunately the taking of hostages and his principled
choice to refuse to endanger their lives or to meet their captors’ demands led to his Presidency’s disgrace and demise. Oops! There I go…

I love the phrase “elf-faced ignoramus”!
It has a feel and rhythm to it that, well… it’s a cool phrase that rolls pleasingly through the mind and off the tongue.

Thanks for sharing YOUR work with me.

soos out

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: October 30, 2004 )

p.s. Oh, 1 more thing or 2, really!

I forgot to address this issue:

Inasmuch as I don't know your sisters you must make that call yourself, but if they're anything like the Bush brothers I wouldn't allow them to get behind me OR to join the PTA.

But truly seriously, I feel that Jeb/Jimmy would make George/Billy look bad by comparison, which appears to be true and supporting your observation.

soos out out

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: October 30, 2004 )

drsoos, blog and Jeb's where-abouts
Dr, you gave me a great big chuckle, or two, or three... this a.m.
I posted this as an opinion, but it got
re-catorgorized to blog.... perhaps to keep it off the front page. It seems censorship does exist at Lit. thanks for finding it, and for your insightful, and amusing response. gotta go set my clock... three days now... I need to check my supply of bottled water and masking tape-

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: October 30, 2004 )

pen, Demeter... re Jeb
Penelope, I am in agreement. His "impartiallity" shows in his lack of making certain the same thing could never happen twice in his state..
thanks for commenting-

Demeter, I haven't heard the whole tape yet. Too many newscasters talking, and my Arabic is not so good. I plan on taking the time to check it out thoroughly tho. I have a couple of really good sources for political truth. (my dad is a really good one.)
Your statement doesn't surprise me. Nothing Bin Laden says surprises me. The truth behind his words is what we have to look for. Too bad we didn't keep looking in caves for him. He does scare me. I refer again to my poem 'Osama'- he is a sick twisted man with control of many lemmings of his own.
-didn't mean to go on so. thanks for your comment. (I wonder if this comment is blog, or opinion?)
(kidding staff...)

( Posted by: emaks [Member] On: October 30, 2004 )

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