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News on the television show me pictures of dead men, women, children, and even of the elderly. A bomb blew up a house or ten, what does it matter? 15 Palestinians dead after air raid on…, 2 Americans died after a bomb went off in…, 9 Iraqis died from a blast in… What does it matter really? Human blood has become a cheap commodity in the hands of the world politicians.

Send 150,000 troops….. relocate the troops….. tell the troops they will be here longer than expected. Don’t these people have families that love them? They want to be home and safe also. Sadly, they are sent to kill people living in their own safe homes, people who have done nothing to them, who they have never met or heard of in their lives.

So here is what happens, a few families are eradicated, a couple of hundred orphaned, and a couple of thousand are wounded. They start fighting back, and they are instant criminals-terrorists-murderers (whatever the new word is). Soon, both parties are criminals, no one knows who is right or wrong anymore, no one wants to take the time or effort to find out. Let’s just bomb the hell out of each other and kill off the planet; because honestly, I don’t have the heart to watch the news anymore.

For the sake of what? Greed? Hate? I seem to have forgotten. Just fight the one wearing the other uniform. You see your blood is a bargain, and so is mine. Who is going to care if my house is bombed while I am in it, are they going to know who I am? Are you going to remember me, or know that I died for the sake of something-I don’t even know what it is? Just kill me and get it over with. You won’t gain anything and neither will I, but maybe some politician somewhere will be content.

Your blood is cheap and so is mine, but mine might be cheaper. You see, I am a woman, and I am from that part of the world where people are killed just for being human. My brother, my sister, if one day you should carry a gun and face me, I will forgive you because I know you don’t want to be holding it in your hand. If I should defend myself forgive me also. I pray that at that moment of insanity we will look each other in the eyes and remember our humanity and forget politics. I hope a moment of sanity in the midst of chaos makes you my friend instead.

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding" Khalil Gibran, The Prophet


The following comments are for "Cheap Blood"
by Serendipity

You've got it dead-on.
War is ONLY workers killing other workers.




America and its military adventurism have become the perfect machine, groomed over thousands of years and empire after empire, to help the rich get what they want quickly and easily (for them).

All that needs be done is for your child to die, and to kill someone else's. The workers bear the burden and even pay for all the guns and ammo, and the bosses not only reap the rewards of selling the munitions but also the cheap labor and materials and trade market the adventure opens up... and their children need not die for the family fortune they will inherit... to enlarge again the very same way.

It's not a conspiracy. It's just the technique of rulership. It's CAPITALISM.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: October 27, 2004 )

I agree
I totally agree with what you said Alienist. America is perfecting it's abuse on the world, and most politicians stink. Thanks for the comment.

( Posted by: Serendipity [Member] On: October 27, 2004 )

Carl Sagan predicted the Human Race would get an F on its cosmic report card should another civilization decide whether we would be allowed to survive to get out into interstellar space.


( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: October 27, 2004 )

cheap blood
mona, some might think that "the purpose of all war is ultimately peace", and that is probably something you'd hear coming out of the likes of bush. i don't really think that the americans should blame iraqis or arabs or islam for what's happening. not one of these had a say in whether they wanted to enter this war or not. americans with dead children should blame their own government, which most of them are, but what i'm saying is that this stream of hatred is totally unnecessary. "cheap blood" has brought me so much to think about...thank you.

( Posted by: seniorme [Member] On: October 27, 2004 )

Thank you all for your comments. I hestitated for a couple of days before I posted this. War has been a subject of shear horror, growing up I thought it existed only the history books. Until I saw and read, and then taught history. Thank you all for the comments.

( Posted by: Serendipity [Member] On: October 27, 2004 )

Indictment too basic
I think the Alienist's indictment of the United States is far too generic, and not really representative of what's being illustrated above.

The United States performs a lot of positive work across the globe, and to deny them their credit for that work is to encourage them to cease it. I think you'd be better off to take the sentiment that is being expressed here, of two sides struggling to comprehend each other better, than to just outright reject them.

( Posted by: Capulet [Member] On: October 30, 2004 )

To a great extent, I agree with the Alienist. America is colonizing the world....but you hace to cross the world to see it for yourself. You speak about the loss of your father, and yet you seem to never have thought, what if he was taken away from you by war. Imagine all those children surviving their parents in Iraq? Or all those parents surviving their children. Whatever good America does in the world, that does not make up for it is doing in the Middle East. I am sorry for your loss.

( Posted by: Serendipity [Member] On: October 30, 2004 )

Cheap Blood

I originally looked through you work again as I wanted to coment on your poetry, I have found this exceptional with an expression of feeling unsurpassed in it's interpretation. I admire the way you can express a feeling of acceptance while not understanding the situation in your poetry.

I wanted to comment on this rant, because I too have tackled this subject in my poetry (Nature of War). I think Lucie has got very close to the truth in stating that you also have to look at Anthropology for any answers, although there are other species who will kill purely for pleasure of course.

This doesn't help matters and the killing goes on, with NOBODY being right or wrong. If somebody killed my family I would want to take revenge no matter what the situation leading up to it. I would also want to destroy antbody who presented a threat to my family.

Mankind is wrong in thinking we are the dominant species, for instance, there are more ants on the planet than humans, but even they will kill any others not from their nest!

An interesting rant, I have just posted a poem that, unfortunately, gives an insight that this does not end with our bodies and is part of our very soul. I wish I could be more positive, but we have to accept what is and work within our limitations to try to make things better.

Giving up is not an option!


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: October 31, 2004 )

cheep blood
Great work Mona, I agree with u. There is going to be more blood shed in our part of the world, espacilay after Nov 2nd, need tosay more. Wow You got alot of response on this peace, good job.

( Posted by: lilif [Member] On: November 4, 2004 )

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