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I am starting this clinic to cure the image block hindering me from describing imrpessions and images. See how it makes my writing stilted, methodical and bulky?

This thread might help many others, too. The clinic's doctor, Windchime, has been gracious to contribute her time to prompting and providing feedback to the responses.

The first assignment from Windchime( )is:

1- Horsebackriding in the forest
2- Your breakfast cereal
3- The couch potato blues
4- Thunderstorm with power failure
5- In the aftermath of sex

I took No. 1 trhough 2:

1. Reins clutched for life,
the chestnut charger yearns
He sees hope for open spaces
And I just trees.

2. Like a promising cocoon
Monring-fresh mind awakes,
the brand-new day grows bright
As the virginal milk,
thoughts crackle and pop
to the rhythm of flakes.

Revelation took No. 3, "Couch Potato Blues":

The promising sun
Winking between slats
Keeps pondering me
Hidden in cushions of images
Pale and shuddered
Weak at the knees

Let's see what the Doctor says.


The following comments are for "The Imagotherapy Clinic"
by Teflon

In the aftermath of sex

Uncovered flesh, glistening, hot
Candles burned at both ends.
Still thirsting for each other.
Breathless from the pleasure.

( Posted by: snapshot [Member] On: October 12, 2004 )

... hm. i don't get this thread. is it open to ... anybody?

( Posted by: die_daily [Member] On: October 13, 2004 )

Sure is..............
Here is the start of this idea. Should clear everything up. ;)

( Posted by: snapshot [Member] On: October 13, 2004 )

Imogotherapy assignment #4

Jagged light, crashing downward,
taking tree limbs from their homes.
Eerie darkness fills the air,
Tired linemen, grab their gear.

* Subject not the title ;) Thanks for taking the time to comment Lucie.

( Posted by: Snapshot [Member] On: October 13, 2004 )

Teflon-Homework 1-2
[I had the whole day to meditate on Doctor's feedback. I submit my redone homework}

My macho stallion obeys a tug on the rein,and we are one brawny animal flying through Mad Bear clearing, splashing along Lone Wolf Creek, through brazen nettles, thundering by the ghoulish Big Foot's Cabin, barraging through the labyrinth and right onto the highway. No, Mr. Ranger, I didn't know there were grizzlies back there.

Ah, the bouquet! The creamy utopia of the down-at-the-farm cream, the ice-cream flavor pasteurized down to the aftertaste of rich tofu! Yes, this is definitely a gift from a Holstein flock after a perfect day at meadows of clover and bluegrass and a some oat straw. Sugar-frosted flakes? Itís a sin! Iíll have Lucky Charms on the side, to rinse my palate with this white-as-the-heavenly-snow balsam, to suddenly remember myself as the happiest of breast-fed babies.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 13, 2004 )

Inspired by my cereal
I was inspired by breakfast this morning, and here's how I feel about my cereal:

I am struggling still with these choices
A box of yellow
A box of blue
Some are grand old classics
Some are sweet and bright and new
I like the plain, or peanut-buttery
But honestly
In the scope of things
Too tired to care
Too tired to choose

( Posted by: Revelation [Member] On: October 14, 2004 )

Okay, I hope I can jump in when the tide of patients slow down a bit.

( Posted by: PETERPAULINO [Member] On: October 14, 2004 )

Teflon-The Ride and Milk Redone
A tug on the rein
and we are trotting through the Meadow of Death,
the brawny stallion is my ship,
I have no fear;
We are flying through Mad Bear clearing,
splashing through Lone Wolf Creek,
stomping brazen nettles
leaping over the hulks of Devilís Logs pines,
thundering by the ghoulish Big Foot's Cabin,
trampling the labyrinth of ferns
and right onto the Dismal Moor highway.
Yes, Mr. Ranger, I know there are grizzlies back there.

Ah, the bouquet! The wintry-field utopia of the down-at-the-farm cream,
The ever-perceptible viscosity of the plentiful whiteness lingering at its shores,
I swirl the ambrosia onto the walls of the glass Ė what a heavenly treat to watch the lissome flow return to the nourishing lake,
And though its ice-cream flavor has been pasteurized down to the aftertaste of rich tofu, I still savor it.
Yes, this is definitely a gift from a Holstein flock, I can almost taste the idyllic day at meadows of clover and bluegrass and bountiful oat straw.
Sugar-frosted flakes? Itís a sin! I crunch Lucky Charms, on the side: the sugary stars, crescents, hearts, the rumpus-room taste of marshmallows Ė it is nothingness, it is lowly cat food which I rinse off my palate with this white-as-the-heavenly-snow balsam.
Suddenly I am the happiest of breast-fed babies.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 15, 2004 )

Wow windchime!
Your analysis was very perceptive. "Lack of appeal of the ordeal will not invite the best images". Now THAT is a revelation. Thank you.

( Posted by: Revelation [Member] On: October 15, 2004 )

classic windchime: Verb Liberation
This Storm is an example of the most liberated imagination. That's a pathetic description. I'd say, learning the meaning of verbs, metaphors and similes, that's what I am doing here at the clinic.

Even the scientific "synapses" from which I would shirk, are instantly un-nerdified by the liberated verbs. That's it--the verb liberation!!!

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 16, 2004 )

I hope you can have part two of this, with a new set of topics.

Would you post a new one? :)

( Posted by: PETERPAULINO [Member] On: October 17, 2004 )

Peter: up for grabs

Take whatever number. Just be easy on Dr. Windchime.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 17, 2004 )

Dr. Windchime: Verb Liberation, Milk Ďní Horse
By verb liberation I mean liberating verbs from their average roles, associating them eith images heretofore unknown to them.

I am still doing exercises with the multi-adjective images. Something pull me into that direction. Can you give me general pointers, maybe you see in the Milk Ďní Horse work a pattern that gets in the way?

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 21, 2004 )

Dr.? Wind? how wonderful
I wanted to stop by and tell you I enjoyed this thread alot. I want to read it over several times again and I think this was such a GREAT idea, kudos to you and your Patients Doc. Suitable name even on here Wind.......Like that.
You deserve to have your ego boosted.


( Posted by: dareva [Member] On: October 23, 2004 )

On Dr. Windchime
I guess what's at work here is "what goes around, comes around." I didn't think I was anywhere good enough where I needed no constructive criticism. So I openly asked for help. In helping me, Windchime found unexpected help too.

I am back to drawing board, doing exercises on verbs and adjectives, reading them over, just like the doctor advised.

Maybe I'll come up with standup comic material!


( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 24, 2004 )

Windchime-The Couch Potato
[an]Windchime, I couldn't write this as a poem[/i]

(1)It is a circus of commercials, its colors strobing, mesmerizing, as California voices peddle plastic.
Back to the show, adjust the volume, like this, loud enough but definitely not deafening.
My cordless phone-where are you? And where are you, the remote? Hereís the remote.

(2)Push the special button, it rouses my cordless, my link to the outside world, what else would allow me do business with my banks while watching the reality shows.

(3)I love them, I canít afford to go to the bathroom. I drink fluids after the shows only. Maybe I should think of rigging up a bag, like those hospital patients have, so I donít have to go the bathroom? Iíll make a note of this on my snack table on wheels. If I kick it right it will scoot straight into the kitchen.

(4)MTV! Finally, the silky Whitney Hughston. I donít see her much these days. What a treat! What a paradise: my VCR is blinking and ready.

(5)Hereís my space-age remote. It blinks, too, a reminder: channel 55, TV Classics, Star Trek. I switch over to 55, and hear the trippy, dreamy intro, it transports me into my high school days, to eating cheese-and-pepperoni pizza and sipping gallons of Dr. Pepper.

(7)What a cherry-perfect nostalgia! Talking about bathroom - I can wait another ten minutes, while I check MTV. Everything is set and perfect - the Doritos, unopened, I am sure crunchy and fragrant. So what that my girlfriends says they smell like menís socks.

(8)Wait a minute, whatís that smell? Smells like a laundry fermenting in a basket, like a taxi cab, like a seat in a taxi cab - thatís right. I forgot to shower. Three garlic and pepperoni days in a row.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 26, 2004 )

Windchime-please remind me.
Thanks for the assessment.

Please remind me, where does the "Vatican Citizen's trust" come from? Soemthing i wrote?

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 30, 2004 )

the Vatican theme
I remember writing something like that but it is hopeless to check since it is buried in comments and the Search feature doesn't look in them.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: October 31, 2004 )

Teflon for Dr. Windchime
The Aftermath

The feeling of boredom I feel is exact equivalent to the aftermath of sex,
to the morning after a promiscuous fling: once the conquest is over, the return to the trysting grounds is as onerous as caroling outside your Scrooge-like neighborís house on a minus 70 degree night.
I have entertained the images, I have played with them, I have sketched them on paper, erasing, I have exposed them to my favorite music, I have dined with them, I have computerized them, I have taken them out in the finished form to show them off to everyone I know, I have sent them to my on-line friends, I have harvested praise and admiration and compliments.
I look at them written on a crumpled piece of paper just like at a bed churned by the night of voracious gymnastics. I look at them and the butter stains of the morning omelet, of the orange juice Ėdesignating nostalgically where I kept coming back to the real fun stuff, where I gasped at seeing my own work Ė just like the stains of love on the sheets of Sax Fifth Avenue satin.
It is not boredom but promiscuity. She is a genre, I used her once and she must be left behind.

( Posted by: Teflon [Member] On: November 7, 2004 )

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