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Okay - so I got one of those campaign emails from Bush, going on about Kerry and the flip-flopping, and the weak on this, lacking on that etc...

I'd gotten before, and I usually just delete them, but this time, I blasted out a reply, and I almost sent it; I decided to post it here first, for comment.

Please, don't leave me hanging - tell me what you think. About the politics, the writing itself, the campaigns - whatever.


Mr. Bush, I won't be voting for you - and here's why:

As a Christian, you set a bad example.

When you make definite declarative statements about “what you know”, and then use “what you know” to invade another country, you HAVE to be right. If you were wrong, then admit it. CHRISTIANS admit mistakes.

To omit part of the truth is just as bad as telling a lie; you rob people of the chance to make informed decisions. If the CIA says there probably wasn't a real Niger nuclear tube scandal, but MI6 says there was, then tell the WHOLE truth and not just the truth that supports your position. Christians are fair.

If Kerry voted yes for the $87 billion when there were proposed spending cuts to offset the cost, and then voted against it when the spending cuts were dropped, then say that. Tell us that he changes positions, and let us know that you did too. It’s disingenuous to criticize him for changing his mind about the bill without admitting that the bill was changed. Christians are honest.

If you've changed your mind about nation-building, then say so. Remember when you were so critical of Clinton "nation-building" efforts, and the lack of a clear exit strategy? Well now that you're in charge, If you now find that it's harder than you first thought, you should acknowledge that publicly. Christians are humble.

Christians hide behind technicalities to avoid taking a stand on a tough issue, like the swift boat smear campaign. If it’s wrong, then plainly say so. Christians are forthright. They don’t hide in ambiguity.

Another thing - Christians don't talk about supporting a thing, like the military, while secretly lobbying to cut per diem for troops and benefits for veterans.

I didn't agree with the war in Iraq, but that's not why I'm voting for Kerry. I'm voting for Kerry because he's a career politician who behaves in the way that they all do. He can at times be a little smarmy, and he’s pretty good at pandering too - but he's predicable. You're a born-again charismatic Christian who has a problem following true Christian principles. Talk about inconsistency. I think that you use a perverted form of your faith to set policy, and you excuse behavior that is clearly wrong, because it serves the "greater good" as you see it. That, to me, sounds like "Osama-talk".

The last thing is this - I’d rather have a President who DID consider opinion polls when making decisions. I mean, you’re supposed to represent the will of the people – how can you do that if you don’t CONSIDER the will of the people. Admittedly, there have been times (and there will be times) when the general public gets it wrong, and a President has to make decisions based on a deeply held conviction or a strong sense of morality – even if it thwarts the will of the people; but you should ALWAYS consider what people want, and how they want their government to act. Now this doesn’t really have anything to do with your being a Christian per se, it has more to do with my wanting to feel like I matter on Election Day and beyond. I want to know that my President cares about what I think. I think that Kerry, with all of his pandering, and flip-flopping has shown that he considers opinion polls.

Hey, if Kerry screws up, come back in 2008. If your attitude has improved, I’ll certainly consider giving you a second chance. In the mean time, I hope you land a good job in the private sector; if you need help with your resume, let me know.


(Whatever you think about the writing, whatever you do, PLEASE take the time to comment. I'm looking for constructive critism; blocks upon which I can build. THANKS!!! rajengineer)

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The following comments are for "Reply to a Letter from "President Bush""
by rajengineer

Research, and Choices...
I'm sure you are Christian, I am not sure you are understand everything you have presented ...

Any omissions the President makes are for the security of the nation... Your informed decision is just that, a decision you must make on the information you receive... President Bush did just that...

Hind sight is always 20/20... the Kerry record stands for all to see... If you truly are interested in being informed... then read his voting record for the past 19 years... that will give you the best example of his dedication to his job... and his views of everything he REALLY will do or won't do... if, after you have investigated, as I have... then you too will see that someone who cannot attend the meetings of his office, fulfill his obligation to his constituents, or perform with a sense of duty to his state, nation or the common good... Is not fit to command anything and surely not worth following even to the latrine...

Do you know what per diem is??? I seriously doubt it... So let me explain it's use and the funds purpose as applied to the military... it is to offset an expense that is encountered while some one is on temporary duty usually traveling for the governments good only... where there are no provisions for the soldier to live, eat, sleep and they are on their own for everything except air flight, and in some cases that too... away from their unit or any services for which the military can provide... they are extra funds for expenditures that would not normally be encountered... In 21 years I received them on numerous occasions and they always were provided and in sufficient amount to cover expenses... The troops get it when they will really need it and they get it even more often now than before... I know... because I have two sons serving in the military and one is in Baghdad at this time they receive no per diem while there, as the government provides all... Now civilians are another matter and are on a case by case basis... there is no secret lobbying for cuts in these areas... they need a sponsor to the bill and it has to be ratified... (this is basic government 101) NO ONE IS GONNA TOUCH THESE AREAS WITH A TEN FOOT POLE... It would be political suicide...

I am a veteran and I can assure you we are getting more benefits now THAN EVER BEFORE... My father is a WWII vet and his benefits too have been increased... He has nothing but praise for the VA's true concern of his health...

I suggest that unless you know, and I mean KNOW what you are talking about... as in you have documentation, you have experienced the fact or your child or spouse has told you they have... that you no longer make accusations, assumptions, or repeat hearsay evidence for which you can not substantiate in the least, to anyone with any accuracy whatsoever...

I only picked the points for which I can answer from knowledge, experience etc. which I have proposed as a valid argument... I suggest you do the same...

And as for the rest of your accusations, etc... start by going to the sites that have the us gov. freedom of information and spend a few weekends like I did researching FIRST...

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: October 8, 2004 )

A small point
In the ultimate analysis, Christians are only human , therefore fallible ,and come in all shapes , sizes and persuasions....ranging from St. Francis of Assisi all the way to Tomas de Torquemada.

What really needs to deplored is the holier-than-thou attitude that some tend to adopt.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: October 8, 2004 )

Can't comment but
I don't really have the knowledge to pass serious comment. What chilled me was your last statement 'If Kerry screws up, come back in 2008'. Doesn't that depend on what kinda screw up? Are we talking a Kerrygate type of thing, or something far worse? What if there is no 2008?
Take care
Paul the Ogg

( Posted by: ogg [Member] On: October 8, 2004 )

Christian Warlords?
Can I just say I disliked a reference here that it is a good thing to have a president who makes decisions despite his Christian beliefs. If he professes to be a staunch Christian by principle, then does not uphold those principles...he is waffling, see?

That is not honesty, nor integrity. I dislike those who tout Christianity with judgement and war. Christ asked his followers, please: no judgement, no war. Hypocrisy is not an admirable quality.

( Posted by: Revelation [Member] On: October 8, 2004 )

Bush Letter
Wow, I guess "W" has a lot fans - good for him.

I appreciate all of you for taking the time to comment, but I think that you missed the point.

George W. bush being a Christian is of no particular concern to me, except that he's made it clear publicly that his sense of morality and decency are rooted in his faith. What I'm saying is this - if you claim to be Christian, and that claim helps garner support for your policies, then live FULLY as a Christian. I am a Christian. I was raised in a Christian household. There is a fundamental HONESTY that comes with living a Christian lifestyle, and George Bush doesn't seem to possess that honesty. He DID get a report from the CIA discounting the Niger nuclear story, at the same time, there was also intel from the British that supported it. He also sent someone to check it out. He had two U.S. sources that said the story was problably false, and one foreign source that said it wasn't - so was it entirely honest to mention the intel that supports your position, while hiding the intel that doesn't support your position? I don't think it's ethical, and as a CHRISTIAN, I know it's not moral. The same is true for the Kerry vote on the $87 billion. The initial bill had spending cuts, and he voted for it. The revised bill didn't have spending cuts, and he voted against it. Bush makes hay of the switch in votes, but he doesn't talk about the fact that the bill was changed. He only tells half the story.

I understand that Kerry's record is qestionable, but like I said, he's a career politician, and I don't expect much from him. I do however expect more from a man who makes a personal appeal to me for support based on a shared faith. In short, I expect more from a fellow Christian that I do from a President.

Now, with respect to per diem and the military, I know a little bit about, because I'm a veteran too. 4 years in the Air Force - two years in Ammo, and two years working in an F-111 fighter squadron from 1988 - 1992. During the first Gulf War. In my experience, an area can be classified/reclassifed to include/exclude per diem. A prime example was during the 1st Gulf War where some guys sent to Turkey, where we had a permanent Air Force base didn't get Per Diem, but folks who went to Saudi did get it. The accomdations were better in Turkey, but nobody bought their own meals in either place. Guys would volunteer to go to Saudi, because of the per diem.

As for veteran's benefits, all I know is what I experieced. I used to get glasses, not half of the facilities don't offer them. The same is true for dental. They've cut metal health services for vets too. In Las Vegas, they just closed the VA hospital. The closest one for Nevada residents now is the one in Phoenix. My last appointment had to be scheduled two months in advance. I'm not saying that it's all George Bush's fault, but he's proposing more cuts, while talking about supporting the troops and vets.

Also, my views aren't based on CNN, Fox or any other single source. I saw the debates in 2000. They just rebroadcast the debates on C-Span. Not the commentary - I'm talking about the debate. For instance, George Bush said in one of the 2000 debates that for any US intervention in the world arena there should be a clear exit strategy. I haven't heard George Bush articulate a clear exit strategy for Iraq yet. When the war started, I didn't get the impression that it would last for more than 3 years. Did you? I understand that there are problems that were not anticipated, and that's my point. If you take a position while running for office, and then once in office, you realize that your original position is untenable, then admit it.

Lastly, I am a registered Rebublican. I have been for years. I will continue to be a Republican; I'm waiting for my party to return to the days of fiscal responsibility, and smaller federal government and fairness for all.

Reasons I like the Republican party include:

the EPA was a Republican initiative.

Nixon planted the seeds for reform in China.

Eisenhower was a Civil Rights advocate. He prohibited discrimination in the 50's, and he sent troops to inforce desegragation in Arkansas (I think) in 1957 or so.

Oh yeah, and Lincoln freed the slaves (not really, but that's a different subject)

Again, I appreciate all of you for taking the time to reply, but I would ask one more thing. If I said something that false, call out the specific false charge, and offer a little proof. If I've made a charge, that you're just not sure about, then call that out, and ask me to provide a little proof. I'd be happy to.

It's good to "talk" to folks who see things a little differently - I forces you to evaluate what you believe. I keeps you sharp, and hopefully, it'll keep us all honest.

( Posted by: rajengineer [Member] On: October 8, 2004 )

an honest mistake
In the interest of honesty, Bush didn't actually CUT veterans' benefits. He increased them (the rate of increase was more than Clinton's), but his increase in funding wasn't enough to keep up with the increase in demand for services. With so many people without healthcare, more vets are looking to the VA for medical care. I understand why he can't keep up with demand, he has to excersize some fiscal responsibility, but when he talks to veterans about these issues, he should make his case clearly and plainly. He hasn't.

Oh, and in my last comment, I did have a few typos; "mental health", not "metal health", "Rebublican" instead of "Republican" - there were a few more too. please overlook them.

Lastly, Claire - Please chime in again if you see fit. Even though you don't agree with me, I appreciate that you took the time to read it, and then you cared enough to respond. I value your opinion, and I like to hear more. :-)

( Posted by: rajengineer [Member] On: October 8, 2004 )

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