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It was a very nice day. The sky was blue and the temperature was perfect. Normally, I would have enjoyed this walk, but I was alone and my future was uncertain. Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. I hoped it wasn't a pickpocket. A young girl alone... This was terribly dangerous. I looked behind me and saw a young man heading my way. He was wearing a light brown shirt, light brown trousers and black shoes. I began to walk faster, but he tried to stop me.
"Hey! Wait! Don't run away from me! I won't harm you!" he screamed.
I ignored him, pretended I hadn't heard him.
"Please! Wait! I need your help!"
Then, I stopped. He really sounded desperate. Something made me forget my fear and made me stop. I just couldn't help it.
"Thank you." he said.
I looked at him and waited.
"I'm new here. I... I'm not sure where to go."
"What do you mean?"
"I left my country and now I'm not sure where to spend the night."
It was almost noon. He had plenty of time to look for a place to sleep.
"I don't know this place... Never been here before." he continued.
"Why did you leave?" I asked.
"I had to."
His eyes were resting on me and I didn't know what to say.
"Will you help me?" he asked.
"I left my village too." I said.
He smiled.
"Had to..." I said.
"O.K. Shall we travel together? I can protect you."
I nodded.

We walked through the wood without saying a word. This guy was very quiet. I wondered why he had stopped talking.
"Which country are you from?" I asked him.
"My country is very far away... I got here thanks to this new spell."
"New spell?!"
"Yes." he nodded.
Was he kidding me? What kind of answer was this? A spell?! Again, he had stopped talking. Maybe he didn't speak our language very well. That was it. He was used to speaking his own language of course. Silly me.
"Where did you learn to speak our language?" I asked him.
He seemed very surprised.
"Our language... Where did you learn it?"
"I didn't."
I shook my head.
"That new spell makes sure I can talk to you." he said. "Language doesn't matter... I'm an Elf."
For a moment, I was really stunned.
"This isn't funny." I said.
"I'm not trying to be funny." he said. "I'm serious."
For a few moments, I didn't know what to say.
"I'm not in the mood for this."
"I'm serious." he repeated. "At home, we had many spells, but travelling has made me weak... It almost feels as if I don't have any magical powers anymore." he continued.
Suddenly, the look in his eyes changed.
"I'm not sure if the demons have followed me." he said.
Demons? This was getting worse and worse.
"You are saying you still have magical powers, right?" I asked him.
"Yes. Most of my spells don't work anymore, but I still have it." he nodded.
He wasn't kidding. He really believed that stuff about the spells and the demons.
"Don't you have magical powers?" he asked me.
"You are upset."
I didn't want to hear about spells anymore, so I stopped talking to him.
"What's wrong? I didn't mean to hurt you." he said.
I began to walk faster.
"Hey! Please don't do this. What have I done? Let's help eachother, alright?"
He catched up with me and put his hand on my shoulder.
"Please, let me protect you."
"Leave me alone."
Suddenly, there was a rope around my ankles. I was shocked. What was happening?!
"Listen to me." the guy said. He sounded very calm.
"I'm am willing to help you. Just tell me why you won't accept my help."
I looked into his eyes. He was waiting for an answer.
"I almost fell."
"I'm sorry about that, but you were running away. I had to stop you."
I shook my head.
"No, you didn't. Let me go."
"You don't have to be afraid for the demons. They won't hurt you... and neither will I."
This had to be a dream. This couldn't be happening. A rope around my ankles?
"Listen. I just got here and I'm the only Elf in this world... I left everyone behind and this is all new for me. I'm not sure how I will escape from the demons. They... Well, that's not your problem. You're human. They won't hurt you."
Did he think I could protect him? Why?
"I'm just a young woman..."
"Exactly. I don't know much about this world, but I know that this isn't safe for you. Just... Let's walk to the village together, alright?"
"What village?"
"The humanvillage, of course."
"I'm on my way to the city." I said.
"Oh... Right. Can I come with you?"
I slowly nodded. Suddenly, the rope was gone. I could walk again. This time, I didn't run away. Suddenly, I felt very calm. There was no point in worrying or asking questions. Yes, he was very weird, but that was not my problem. I would have to trust strangers anyway. It was just a shame that this goodlooking guy was so weird. We just kept walking without saying a word. It felt like ages ago that I had left the village. Suddenly, we saw a glimpse of the city.
"Is that the humancity?" he asked.
I nodded.
He had hardly seen anything, but I didn't say anything. We just kept walking. I was very tired and very thirsty.

The Elfguy just kept looking at the houses and at the people in the city. This was all very exciting and new to him.
"We have to look for jobs." I said.
"Of course..."
"What kind of work did you do at home?"
"Me and my friends always used our magical powers to survive. Our magic was even strong enough to help others." he answered. "Elves love to help."
I couldn't help smiling. He had another look around.
"I don't know where to spend the night." he said.
"Don't worry about that. We'll find something."
I entered a shop and explained that we were looking for a job.
"There aren't many jobs here. Are you new here?"
"Yes. We arrived today."
"Don't stay here. This place won't bring you any luck."
"Thanks for the tip." I said.
What were we going to do now? We didn't have a horse. I couldn't just head for another city. I had to keep trying. By the end of the day, I still didn't have a job.
"My friends used to come here sometimes." the Elfguy suddenly said.
"They did?"
He nodded.
"Yes. They told me about it. But if feels strange to be here... They were always vague, though."
"I never thought I would come here. I didn't plan this, you know."
"But why didn't tell you more?"
"It wasn't important."
I was stunned.
"Well... I assume it is important now."
He laughed.
"Yes! It sure is. Actually... They said this place is very dangerous."
He suddenly was very serious now.
"Their stories weren't nice." he continued.
"Elves love to help eachother. We treat other beings right. We're a peaceful people." he explained. "I guess I will never understand your world."
"What are we going to do now? It's getting late."
"I don't have any spell that can help us now."
"I'm hungry and vèry thirsty."
For a few moments, he looked me in the eye. I could see he was up to something. Suddenly, he was holding a beaker in his hand.
"Here you are."
I just kept staring at the beaker.
"Here. Drink it. It's water."
I accepted the beaker and drank.
"Do you feel better now?" he asked.
"Yes... Thank you."
I handed him the beaker. Suddenly, it vanished.
"What happens now?" he asked me.
"Actually... I think we need a horse." I said.
"I have no spell for that. Sorry."
"Then we have to stay here. You saw that there are no jobs in this city."
Suddenly, a middle-aged woman grabbed his arm.
"Please, help me. I have nothing to eat." she said.
She did look very poor. Her clothes were totally worn out. The Elfguy was wearing nice clothes. She thought that he was very rich.
"I'm sorry, but I can't help you. We're new here."
"Please. Have a heart, sir."
Now, the Elfguy had a very sad look in his eyes.
"I wish I could help you." he said. "I really do."
He seemed to be upset! This guy was much too sensitive for this world! You just can't help everybody. Suddenly, we heard footsteps and the poor woman ran away. We stayed. Two men headed for us. They seemed to wear uniforms and they had swards which were pointing in our directions. We started to run too. Without saying a word, me and the Elfguy ran through the streets of the city. It was a shock to know that we weren't safe here. I was very tired, but I kept running. After a while, they were gone. They seemed to be distracted by something else. I was relieved. This time, we had escaped. I began to hate this place. No job, no place to sleep... And now this! I looked at the Elfguy. He didn't say a word. What was he thinking now?
"What... What have we done wrong?" he asked.
"Nothing." I said.
He didn't ask any more questions. He just seemed to wait and see.
"Are you new here?" a strange voise whispered.
"Yes." I answered.
"Come with me."
We followed the stranger into the darkness. I wondered where we were going. He took us to a small house. We entered through a very small door. Inside, there was a bad smell. The stranger made some light. It was an old man who stared at us with a close look.
"I think I can help you. You're looking for jobs, right?"
"Yes." I nodded.
"You can work here if you want. Spend the night here first, I will show you everything tomorrow."
For a few moments, I didn't know what to say.
"Or do you rather get killed on the street?" he asked.
"No." I answered.
"Why would anyone want to kill us?" the Elfguy asked.
"It is not allowed to sleep on the street."
"We didn't know." I said.
"You do now. Do you want the jobs I am offering you?"
"Yes." I said.
The Elfguy nodded.
"Nice. Follow me."
He took us to another room. There, we could spend the night. I layed down and fell asleep. The long walk and the tension had made me very tired.

The next morning, they woke us very early. I was still very tired.
"Time to get up!" a man screamed.
I was still very sleepy and wanted silence. But the man took us to another room through a secret passage. Two men were waiting for us.
"Who are you?" one of them asked.
"I left my village and arrived here yesterday. Do you have a job for us?"
The man smiled at me.
"Sure... And you?"
His eyes were resting on the Elfguy now.
"I had to escape." he said.
Soon, he would start talking about elves, spells and demons. I knew it. I was surprised he hadn't told the guy already.
"Escape from what?"
"Demons." the Elfguy repeated.
Both the other two guys laughed at him. The poor guy didn't understand.
"Demons aren't funny. They are very dangerous." he said.
But the men just kept laughing. The Elfguy shook his head.
"What's wrong with them?" he asked me.
"Shut up! We ask the questions here!" one of the men screamed.
"I'm sorry, I just..."
"Shut up! Who do you think you are?! It was a big mistake to make fun of us. You will regret this!"
Now, he grabbed the Elfguy's shirt.
"Tell us the truth! Now!!"
"I told you the truth. Really. I'm an elf."
Then, the man hit him.
"You're not funny." he said.
The Elfguy just looked at him and then, he looked at me. The next moment, there was a rope around his arms and legs. Then, the Elfguy grabbed my arm and began to run. The other man followed us.
"Stop them! Stop those two!" he screamed.
We didn't get very far. Two tall men stopped us in the hall. They grabbed us. A few moments later, they put ropes around our wrists and ankles. The Elfguy didn't do anything. They brought us to the secret room again. Did they believe the Elfguy now? What was going to happen now? For a while, it wasn't clear what they were going to do to us. Finally, they transported us to another house. There, they removed the ropes. We were in a big, beautiful hall now. The Elfguy said nothing. He seemed shocked and worried but calm at the same time. For a few moments, there was complete silence in that hall. Three strangers were looking at us.
"You say that you are an elf." one of them said.
"Yes." the Elfguy nodded.
"You look human."
"Yes. I know that." the Elfguy nodded.
"Explain about the rope." one of the strangers ordered.
"It's a new spell. Never thought I would ever need it."
For a few moments, the stranger kept looking him in the eye. What was going to happen now? They clearly didn't like the Elfguy.
"Don't worry. All my spells are harmless. Elves never harm anyone. That rope didn't hurt anybody." he continued.
"Why are you here?"
"I had to escape from the demons. It was too dangerous in the Elfworld. I'm not sure if they followed me."
"You ran away?"
"I had to."
Now, the Elfguy had a sad look in his eyes.
"You can't beat us." the stranger said. "We're stronger than you."
Then, he ordered the others to take the Elfguy away. He protested. Suddenly, the strangers were wearing different clothes. For a few moments, they were stunned and let the Elfguy go. He ran away and I followed him. I didn't like the faces of those guys. We reached the door. It was locked. We couldn't get out! The strangers catched up with us and grabbed us. They put the ropes around our wrists and ankles again. The Elfguy didn't do anything. He let it happen. They brought me to a very small room somewhere. One of the strangers came to interogate me.
"Are you an Elf too?"
"No! I'm just a girl from a small village. I have nothing to do with that guy. I have no magical powers." I answered.
I really hoped that he would believe me, but he grabbed my shirt.
"Don't you èver lie to us! Understood?"
I nodded.
Then, he smiled.
Then, he left and locked the door beind him. I was alone now. It was unblievable! What kind of city was this? What were they doing to the Elfguy? I assumed I would never see him again. After some time, one of the guys brought me some food. He unfastened the rope around my wrists.
"What kind of work did you do in your village?" he asked.
"I worked on the farm."
"Can you cook?"
"Of course, I can."
"I have a job for you."
Part of me was relieved because I wouldn't have to stay here any longer, but I knew that something was wrong. The food tasted terribly.
After I had finished eating it, the man unfastened the rope around my ankles and grabbed my arm. He brought me to the big hall. A strange man was waiting for me. I could see the cold look in his eyes.
"She's yours." the guy who had brought me here said.
Then, the other one grabbed my arm and took me downstairs.

The strangers made me do all kinds of work. Every day, they woke me up in the early morning. They never let me leave their big house. It was terrible, but I wasn't the only one.
"How can they do this to us?" I asked one of the other servants.
"We have no rights..."
I shook my head. No rights? I wanted more answers, but everybody was too tired and too busy with work. I was really shocked.
"Why don't we protest?" I asked.
"We have nowhere to go."
Then, my boss came to tell me I had to get back to work. He was a real jerk.
"We need a break." I said.
I just had enough of this hard work. I couldn't take it anymore.
"You're weak." my boss said.
Weak?! How could he say that?!
"Get back to work or we throw you out of the city!" he threatened.
I was desperate. For a few moments, I didn't know what to do.
"You can't survive in the woods. There's hardly any food out there. Dozens of people envy you and would like to get your job. The streets are full of desperate homeless people! Don't you forget that! Now, get back to work!"
I remembered the poor woman. He was probably right. Suddenly, I had to cry. Just couldn't help it. The tears just came. There was no point in staying but I had promised myself to leave the village for good. What would my parents say if I came back? I realised that my life was a mess. My hope for a better life was destroyed. Tears ran over my cheeks. My boss became furious.
"I should throw you out right now! You're worthless!" he screamed.
This was a nightmare. I had just moved from one nightmare to another.
"I'll give you one last chance. If you ever do this again, I'll throw you out! I mean it!" my boss said.
Then, he pushed me and before I knew it, I was at work again. I knew that I could return home, but I didn't. Wasn't sure if that would have solved anything. My boss kept watching me. Didn't seem to trust me anymore. Suddenly, I heard a scream. I looked up. One of my colleages had been wounded. That night, when I went to sleep, I heard my colleages talking about it.
"Poor thing... She was so young..."
"Maybe that's why she got wounded. She was carrying an armour upstairs."
"Why did they let her do that? She was so small!"
"They're just jerks."
I hoped our boss hadn't heard those last words. Couldn't help looking back at him. He seemed calm and didn't say a word. He knew the servants were shocked and he probably didn't want to make things worse. A few moments later, we entered the sleeping quarters. Finally, my body would get some rest! I knew that they would wake me up very early and that was a terrible thought. I laid down and closed my eyes. A few moments later, the boss left and took the torch with him.
"Psst!" I heard someone saying next to me.
"I can't stay here." someone whispered in the darkness. "That girl 's starving out there and she can't afford a doctor. She has no money at all."
That was bad, but what could I say?
"She won't survive. Are you listening?"
"Let's leave together. I'm afraid."
I opened my eyes. Who was this person? It was too dark to see anything.
"Tomorrow, after breakfast, I want to escape." the stranger continued. "I want to leave. Will you help me?"
"I can't."
"We can't stay here."

The next morning, we learned that the boss had a new colleage, but I wasn't planning to let him stop me. I had a close look at the girl next to me. For a few moments, I wondered if she was the one who had talked to me last night. Then, she winked. It was a signal that we would escape together. I winked back. The other servants got up and left the hall.
"Move it!" the boss screamed.
He seemed a bit nervous now, but that was not my problem. We were one of the last servants who left the sleeping quarters. Shortly after that, the girl gave me the signal. The next moment, we ran away and left the big house.
"Fools! You'll starve! There are no jobs out there!" I heard the boss screaming.
There were also two watchmen in the hall. They were very tall and wearing armours. One of them grabbed me. The boss catched up with me.
"I warned you..." he hissed. "Take them upstairs!" he ordered the watchman.
Upstairs, I saw the stranger I had seen on my first day here. The boss told him what had happened. For a while, the man just looked at us without saying a word.
"I am stunned. You have no future on the streets. The watchmen will arrest you."
He really seemed surprised and sounded as if he cared for us. But I knew better.
"Girls... You will starve out there. There won't be any food." he continued.
For a few moments, he looked at the boss.
"Look, I would love to give you another chance, but we cannot employ people who suddenly try to escape."
Then, he looked me in the eye.
"You're not sorry about this, are you?" he asked.
I was just afraid and desperate. I was confused. My hope was destroyed. The man gave a signal to the watchmen who had brought us here. They grabbed my arms and took me away.
"Where are you taking me?" I asked.
"We have to leave the city." the girl answered.
The watchmen brought us to the wood outside the city.
"And don't you èver come back!" one of them warned us. Then, they left. The girl sat down on the ground and said nothing.
"Well? What are we going to do?" I asked her.
She shrugged her shoulders. Suddenly, I heard something behind me. A stranger showed up from behind a big tree. He was holding a big knife. He was attacking us! I was too surprised to react. I'll never know what he was really up to, because before he could harm me, his knife changed into a bunch of flowers. Of course, he was stunned. For a few momets, he just kept looking at the flowers he was holding in his hand. I ran away. I just kept running and running, away from that creep. I didn't look back to see if he was following me or not. Suddenly, I saw the Elfguy.
"It's alright. You're safe now." he said.
He grabbed my arm and I stopped running.
"It was close, but I managed to stop him. My spell worked." he said.
He was clearly relieved.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I used my magical powers to escape. They are looking for me." he said.
I was stunned. All I could do, was staring into his beautiful eyes. Was he safe here? Was I safe? He looked back at me without saying a word. Suddenly, he put his arms around me.
"I'm going to protect you." he said quietly.
His words reassured me. He had changed the knife into a bunch of flowers. He was my hero. I had to be positive.
"It's not going to be easy..." he continued.
"Well, I can't leave the wood and my magical powers are limited. They aren't meant to be used as a defencesystem. And the humans keep looking for me. I have to make sure they don't catch me. Yesterday, they almost did. They had almost seen me."
I looked at him and didn't know what to say.
"Did they harm you?" he asked me.
"They made me work. I escaped."
Then, I told him about the girl and the watchmen.
"Have you told her about me?"
I shook my head.
"Good. Come and sit down."
Suddenly, I realised how tired I was. I was glad to sit down. For a while, we just sat there and said nothing. All was very calm in the wood. I kept thinking about that girl. What was going to happen to her?
"Is something wrong?" the Elfguy suddenly asked.
"I'm fine... Do you think that girl's going to survive?"
"This is your world. You know better than me." he answered.
"She's innocent."
He didn't answer and had no intention of helping her. I tried not to feel guilty. She seemed a very nice girl, but what could I do? Time went by and we were just very lazy. We just sat there and did nothing at all. After a while, he used his magical powers to get us breakfast. We could eat as much as we liked.
"The food in the city tasted terrible." I told him.
He smiled at me and I assumed he had no experience with eating lousy food. He was lucky to have those magical powers. Suddenly, I heard footsteps. The Elfguy got up grabbed my hand. We had to run. It was weird that a guy with magical powers had to run. Two watchmen from the city were following us. They ran very fast and so did the Elfguy. I could harldy catch up with him. Suddenly, I stumbled and hurt my ankle. I couldn't run anymore. It hurt a lot. For a while, the Elfguy stopped running, but he saw that I had too much pain and then started to run faster. There was nothing he could do for me. Of course, the watchmen grabbed me, but it was the Elfguy they were after. For a few moments, they weren't sure what to do, but then they let me go and ran after him. I hoped they wouldn't get him. I sat down and hoped my ankle would cure soon. It kept hurting a lot. I took off my shoe, but that didn't help. Suddenly I realised that without the Elfguy, I had nothing to eat. What was I going to do?! I just sat there and waited. After a while, I got up and limped through the wood as I tried to save my aching ankle.

That night, I had no bed to sleep in. Shortly before it got totally dark, five men showed up from behind the trees. Three of them were very tall, the two others were quite short. But I only had a close look at the tallest one as he was holding a big knife.
"Freeze!" he ordered.
For a few moments, he just had a close look at me. He also looked at my old, worn out dress. Then, he grabbed my arm.
"I hurt my ankle!" I screamed and I heard that my voice sounded really weird.
He ignored my words and checked if I was carrying a knife.
"Maybe we can use her." one of the short guys said.
"Shut up!" the tall guy ordered him. Then, he grabbed my arm again. His tight grib hurt my arm, but I was too afraid to say anything. He was holding a knife in his other hand and I noticed the others had knifes too.
"Who are you?" he asked.
"I was forced to leave the city." I answered.
Suddenly, he grinned. He was laughing at me! The next moment, I saw that he was about to stab me, but then, something strange happened. The men vanished! Suddenly, they were gone.
"Waw! My spell worked better than I thought." someone behind me said.
"Who are you?!" I asked.
"Don't be afraid. I have come to save you. I'm an elf."
This elf looked like a 10 year old girl, but I knew that looks meant nothing. She smiled at me.
"I'm Yian. You can trust me." she said.
I was still shocked and speechless.
"Don't worry. They're gone. I sent them to the Elfwood."
"Yes." she nodded. "The demons will get to them."
For a few moments, we just kept looking at eachother without saying a word.
"I've never met a human before." Yion said.
"I... met another elf a few days ago."
"You met him?!"
She was very surprised to hear this.
"Yes, he was running away from the watchmen when I last saw him."
For a few moments, she didn't say anything.
"Well, my spells are working better than I've ever hoped for..." she said.
What was she up to? She said something I didn't understand and suddenly, she was holding a crystal ball in her hand. I could see a picture of the other elf in it. He was lying under a tree.
"Is he alright?" I asked.
"Not sure... Will have to go and check."
"Don't leave me here. Please."
She was surprised.
"This place is dangerous! They attacked me with a knife!"
"Don't worry, I'll take you with me."
Again, she said something I didn't understand and the next moment, we were with the Elfguy. He seemed to be sleeping. The girl took his hand and looked at him. I expected him to open his eyes, but he didn't. He didn't wake up. The girl just kept looking at him. It was hard to tell if she was upset or worried. I really hoped that he was going to be alright. Maybe, he was just tired? There was no need to worry, he was only in a deep sleep. Suddenly, the girl looked up at me.
"He used up all his magical powers." she said.
"Is he going to be alright?"
"Only if he gets some rest."
"He had to escape from the watchmen."
"I'm here now."
I looked her in the eye. Was she going to protect me? I had no-one else to turn to.
"Our magical powers are limited. We can't use them all the time." she said.
She looked up at the sky. It was really getting dark now. Then, she sat down.
"We have to stay here for a while... until he gets better."
I sat down too.
"Can you tell me more about humans?" she asked.
I told her what had happened in the city. After that, I fell asleep. The next morning, she woke up before me. I wondered if she had slept at all, but she didn't look tired.
"Hi." she said.
"We still can't leave, I'm afraid."
The Elfguy was still sleeping.
"Are you sure he's going to be alright?" I asked.
"Just give it some time." she said reassuring.
She didn't seem worried at all. I had a look around.
"What if the watchmen come back? They just kept looking for him... They know he has magical powers."
Suddenly, she seemed fascinated.
"He's the first elf they've ever seen." she said.
"Yes." I nodded.
I remembered the moment when I had first met him. The fact that I had met two elves still seemed unreal. Time went by and we just sat there and did nothing. Yian still had a few questions about humans, but suddenly, she went quiet.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"The demons, of course..."
I should have known. I could see that she was very worried, but there was nothing I could do.

Later that day, I got bored. I needed something to do. Yian just kept sitting there and said nothing. Finally, I couldn't just sit there anymore. Just couldn't. I got up, but my ankle still hurt. Yian was surprised.
"I'm bored."
"But we can't leave. He just needs time. Have you forgotten about the knife?"
"Of course not!" I answered sharply.
I limped to one of the trees. This laziness was stressing me out. It made me feel ill. But of course, Yian couldn't help it. I realised she had saved my life and suddenly, I felt guilty.
"I'm sorry... I... I don't feel too well. I'm not used to this." I said.
Yian looked up at me without saying a word. She just looked at me silently. She didn't seem angry.
"What will you do if the watchmen find us?" I asked her.
She looked very surprised.
"I have my magical powers."
"That might not help. Your friend had to escape."
"Don't worry, alright?"
Then, she had a look around.
"I'm more worried about the demons. We can't hide here forever."
"I should never have run away from home. I let down my family, that job in the city was terrible and now I need your help." I said.
"Hey, don't be like this. We have to be strong. Don't cry."
But that was easier said than done. My whole life was ruined. What was going to happen to me? Yian stretched her arm.
"Come. Sit down." she said softly.
I limped back and sat down next to her. Then, I looked quietly at the Elfguy.
"We can take you with us to our next hidingplace." Yian said.
"Thanks..." I said.
Yian smiled.
"I'll be glad to help you."
She looked up at the sky.
"I think it's time to eat." she said.
She had already used her magical powers to give me breakfast that morning, and now, she gave me another meal. It tasted very nice. After dinner, Yian told me about the Elfworld and her friends. She said the Elfworld was very beautiful. The elves had a very big castle and a wood with very high trees and a lot of plants.
"The Elfwood is full of plants that we need for our spells." she said.
"But you don't have them here."
"I know. Won't be able to make magic draught."
"Can you do without it?" I asked.
"I'll manage... Some of the magic draught I drank is still working."
"That sounds good..."
"There's something you should know."
She waited a few moments before she continued.
"I have used my magical powers to keep those watchmen away from us."
I was really surprised.
"You have?!"
"Yeah... Like I said: my spells are working better than I've ever hoped for. This place seems to make me stronger."
Yian looked up at the trees. I could see that she loved this wood.
"Thanks..." I said.
"I'm doing it for all three of us." she said.
"Well, thanks anyway..."
We stayed there for the rest of the day and I got more and more worried about the Elfguy. He just wouldn't wake up!
"Are you sure he's going to be alright?" I asked.
"Yes. It just takes time."
Finally, it got dark. Yian and I looked at the sunset and at the stars. The next morning, when I woke up, the Elfguy was looking at me. For a few moments, I was surprised.
"Good morning." Yian said.
"Good morning..."
I saw that she was bringing me breakfast. Then, I looked at the Elfguy again. He was really awake! What a relief!
"How are you?" I asked him.
"I'll be fine..."
"We still have to stay here." Yian said.
"It takes time." the Elfguy confirmed.
But after breakfast, the Elfguy hardly said a word, so again, I was very bored. This was going to be a very long day again. The Elfguy got worried about me and that made me feel guilty. But what could I do? My ankle was much better, but it still hurt a little. I still had to get rest. Yian used her magical powers to get us dinner. This time, she got the Elfguy dinner too.
"Yian, the demons can find us here. Don't stay here for me." he said.
She ignored him.
"It's too dangerous for you. You have to leave."
But the girl shook her head.
"Nonsense. I can't leave you here unprotected. You need me."
Then, she had a close look at him.
"We need to work together."
"I'm of no use to you." he said.
"Soon, you will be."
"It takes time... They'll be here soon."
"You won't survive without me."
"They are strong, Yian."
"Don't loose hope."
I realised that the Elfguy was expecting the worst. Those demons were really dangerous. Suddenly, I didn't want to spend the night here anymore. I wanted to sleep in a safe bed. The thought that Yian was protecting me had helped me to sleep in the wood. But now, it seemed that she wasn't that powerful at all! I was really shocked. That guy was really worried!
"Don't mind him." she said to me.
"They're coming! I'm surprised they're not here yet. Maybe, they already are..."
The Elfguy had a look around, but there was nothing strange or unusual to see.
"No, they're not and you know it." she said.
"Something's not right." he said.
"Stay calm and think positive." she ordered him. Then, we all went quiet. We just sat there and said nothing. The demons didn't show up, everything was very calm in the wood.

It was getting dark and we were still in the wood.
"Do we really have to stay here?" I asked.
"Yes." Yian answered.
The darkness really scared me. She put her hand on my shoulder.
"I can protect you." she said.
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Of course! Nothing happened to you, right?"
"Right." I nodded.
The Elfguy had already fallen asleep. I couldn‘t help thinking about watchmen, robbers and demons. They just kept playing in my head.
“Just try to relax.” Yian said.
But it seemed to be stronger than me. Finally, Yian fell asleep too and I just kept staring at the stars. The next morning, the Elfguy woke me because I had been screaming in my sleep.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
“Yes.” I nodded.
But my nightmare was still playing in my head. I had been dreaming that the watchmen had found us in the wood. They took me back to the city. There, terrible looking demons tried to attack me. I ran away, but I just kept walking in the streets of the city with the demons right behind me. I was glad that the Elfguy had woke me up. It was still early morning. He just kept looking at me as if he was worried about me.
“Did I wake you up?” I asked.
He shook his head. Then, he smiled faintly. The wood was so peaceful... Suddenly, I realised that the city in my dreams looked different than the real city. Then, Yian gave me a beaker.
“Here. Drink some water.” she said.
I really felt terrible and I needed to have something to do. But the Elfguy still needed to rest. So, again, we just sat there and did nothing. The Elfguy told me more about the Elfworld. He told me about the lake there and about the Elfriver that flows through the wood. He also told me about the beautiful flowers, the trees and the sources.
“So, you feel at home here, then?” I asked.
“Kind of...” he smiled.
Later that day, he got more and more worried.
“What‘s wrong?” I asked.
“Something is not right. The demons haven‘t got to get us, but they‘re strong enough to find us here.” He shook his head. “Why aren‘t they here?”
“We‘re safe for now, that‘s what matters.” Yian said.
I knew nothing about demons, so what could I say? That night, before I fell asleep, I looked at the stars again. What was going to happen to me? I expected to hear the scream of a demon, but that didn‘t happen. Finally, I fell asleep, but then, I suddenly heard something. It were footsteps. Suddenly, a strange light appeared. And then, I saw him. A very tall, strange creature with long, purple hair, yellow eyes and big teeth. He looked terrible. He stared at us without moving and without making a sound. Although the Elves hadn‘t told me what the demons looked like, I knew that this had to be one. I just stared back at him and didn‘t move. I was too afraid for that. What did he want? He looked very scary. I understood the Elfguy very well. Suddenly, another strange light appeared. Then, I heard a scream. I looked at the Elfguy. I didn‘t understand what was going on, but it seemed that the demon was attacking him. Suddenly, he vanished. He was gone! I was shocked. Where was Yian? Suddenly, the light was gone.
“Are you alright?” Yian asked.
“The demon is gone.” she said.
“Where’s your friend?”
“Ayan? He‘s fine... for now.”
I was shocked. He was still defenceless! That demon...
“Do you care for him?”
“Yes... I think so, although I hardly knew him.” I answered.
Would I ever see him again? I was too afraid to ask. This was terrible!
“I‘m not sure if I can help him.” Yian said.
She didn‘t sound worried. In fact, she sounded very calm. I was amazed.
“You must try.” I said.
“I am. He is my best friend.”
For a while we both stopped talking. I couldn‘t help thinking about Ayan. I was really upset about this. Poor guy... Suddenly, another strange creature appeared. She looked like a woman, but her face was very pale and a strange light surrounded her. She was wearing a long, blue dress.
“Yian...” she said.
“I need your help. Ayan is in great danger.”
For a few moments, the creature didn‘t say anything.
“This is very serious.” she said after a while.
“I know.”
“Calm down. I will do all I can.”
“Thank you. Thank you.”
Another strange light appeared and the next moment, I felt something strange. It‘s hard to explain. I just felt that something strange was going on. Suddenly, my view was blurry. It got worse, until I could only see blurry colours. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I was at another place. My view was fine again. Yian was standing next to me. We were on a strange road, in the middle of nowhere. It was daytime.
“The fairy is gone.” Yian said.
What was she talking about?
“The strange lady you saw, is a fairy. She brought us here to protect us. The demons can‘t come here.” she explained.
That sounded very good, but were we all alone here? How were we supposed to survive here?
“Come on. Let‘s have a look around.” Yian said.
“Do you know the way?” I asked.
“Not really, but we‘ll be fine.”
She didn‘t sound worried at all. We started to walk and a few minutes later, something bizarre happened. A strange village appeared around us. It was very amazing. One moment, we were walking in a deserted aria, the next moment, all these stone houses slowly appeared before my eyes. And then, I saw them. Two strangers were standing in front of one of the houses and were looking at us. They were short and looked green and they had pointed ears. Their eyes were small and dark and they were bald.
“Hi, guys...” Yian said.
They smiled at us, but still didn‘t say a word.
“We‘re hiding from the demons and a friend has sent us here. Will you help us?” Yian asked.
“Sure.” one of the strangers answered.
He sounded very friendly and that was a relief, but his little, dark eyes were resting on me.
“She‘s human.”
“Welcome.” the other stranger said.
He sounded even more friendly.
“I‘m Sally.” I said.
“Welcome, Sally.”
Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. More creatures that looked green had appeared. They were all short, they were all bald and they all had pointed ears.
“We will be glad to help you.” one of them said.
Yian smiled. It almost seemed as if she wasn‘t worried about Ayan. Suddenly, I noticed that one of the green creatures was holding a beaker in his hand. It was a drink for me and Yian also got a drink. She explained about the demons and all the creatures listened very carefully. Yian discribed the demons as giant, powerful monsters. I learned that they weren‘t all purple and hairy. Dozens of those strange creatures were looking at us. I noticed that one of them was staring at me. Suddenly, he began to talk to me.
“I have never met a human before.” he said.
I smiled and didn‘t know what to say.
“And you never met anyone like me before, right?” he continued.
“Right.” I nodded.
“I hope you’ll like it here. Can I show you something?”
For a few moments, I wasn‘t sure what to do, but then, I nodded. I followed him through the streets of the strange village. Soon, we had left the village and I noticed that the rest of the landscape was still the same. He just kept walking without saying a word and without looking behind him. Of course, I didn‘t know if I could trust him, but it seemed unimaginable that he was evil. Although I had just arrived here, I already liked this place. For some reason, I wasn‘t sleepy. I just felt great. Suddenly, the landscape changed. There were plants everywhere. The green guy stopped and turned round.
“What do you think?” he asked.
“Very nice...”
For a few moments, he looked at me quietly.
“My name is Vap.” he said.
He nodded.
“Maybe... we can become friends.” he said.
I smiled.
“Did you have many friends in your own world?” he asked.
“No. I ran away from home.”
“Because I wanted a better life.”
Now, he smiled. He seemed to understand.
“I hope you will get a better life, Sally.”
“I hope so too... I really do.”
“Cheer up.”
We both sat down and looked around. Time passed and Vap asked if I was hungry. I nodded and he gave me something to eat. The food just appeared in his hands. I was already getting used to this magic and just started to eat. After I had finished my meal, he began to talk again.
“We spend most time of the day practicing our spells.” he said.
I didn‘t know what to say, so I only nodded.
“We have many spells. Our magical powers are very strong.”
“I noticed.” I said.
Now, he laughed.
“We‘re much stronger than the elves.”
“Cool.” I nodded.
“Poor guys... They were just defenceless.”
“What has happened to them?”
“They can still be saved.”
I was very happy to hear that. Vap was nice, but I missed Ayan very much. Suddenly, Vap got up and returned to the village. I followed him. The green creatures gave me a nice room. It wasn‘t too big, but it was comfortable. Then, they all had to practice their spells. Yian wanted to practice too.

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The following comments are for "Friendship"
by Stefanie

my advice
is to submit this story in multiple parts, its going great but more description of the scenery will be helpful.

( Posted by: Furius [Member] On: April 20, 2002 )

This as some interesting scenes, you writing is pretty good and flows well. The first chapter does end a bit abruptly, without giving the reader much to go on, maybe needs expanded slightly, leaving the reader on a more tense note perhaps!
I agree with other comments it does need split into chapters or smaller chunks. Its quite a lot to take in all at once.

( Posted by: Crofty [Member] On: April 21, 2002 )

Good story Stef
Good story Stef, your coming along very well with your English, keep going, keep practicing, you know I'm there to help you out if needed.

( Posted by: TrojanTony [Member] On: April 24, 2002 )

Well I guess much the same as the comments I left for your other story.

Your ideas are interesting ones and with some polishing you will have some truly good stories

Keep writing, keep the faith

( Posted by: Ahze [Member] On: May 11, 2002 )

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