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Author notes. hi I'm new here I know the grammar is not perfect, I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks very much.

Imagine if you will that you were a spy fighting in world war 2, one of the best spies in the business with a wife who loves you and the possibility of one day raising children what would you do if one day all that was taken from you, you were changed, you were turned into a vampire, living only by night and feeding off the blood of humans, told that if you ever tried to contact your wife again or didn’t do what you were told that she’d be killed or worse. Living night by night, with the knowledge that you are hunted by the few mortals that know you exist and other vampires, what would you do become hunter or hunted…


Jimmy O’Malley was dead he’d been dead for ten years now, it had to be said that Jimmy was loving himself it was great fun, being Jimmy well that’s in his mind. Jimmy was scum in the purest form of the word; he was a terrorist, a pimp and a vampire who didn’t give shit about human life. Jimmy was exiled to the states after he caused an explosion that destroyed three houses killing three families in the process not even the vermin survived. The official report stated that the explosion was caused by illegal activities involving six pounds of semtex explosives, a barrel of home made Napalm and the gas pipes that ignited when the semtex blew. The resulting fire had lasted one day and the cost the lives of five firemen and the population of the nearby streets being evacuated. The IRA was the first suspect and a number of known terrorists who were in prison at the time suddenly decided to hang themselves in their cells one night not long after the devastation, all thanks to our boy Jimmy deciding that his role of gunman in the IRA was beneath him and that he should make bombs the only problem being that the timers didn’t work, he’d only just got out of there with his skin. Unfortunately for him his commander wasn’t too happy with his experimentation and Jimmy was exiled under pain of death.

None of this seemed to bother the man, Jimmy was one of those annoying people who always landed on their feet, on his arrival to the US of A Jimmy always the lady man set about the most profitable career of prostitution and gun running using his old IRA contacts and even selling weapons to them life for Jimmy was peachy the American dream was his. Well is was for two years, then one night he’d pissed off the wrong person and was turned into a vampire and hunted throughout the US, one night he stole away in the hold of a cargo ship headed for Southampton, back to the UK for Jimmy. His appearance had changed enough for him to not be recognized by the authorities or his former colleagues besides the police believed he was dead and cremated so what problem was there and knowing Jimmy he’d be back on his feet in no time and this time he had an edge, he was a vampire. So here he was ten years later doing well for himself as a hitter for a powerful vampire and running a nice sideline of whores and guns, life was good. As he took another cigarette from the pack he could taste the nicotine without even lighting it he craved the small impulses of pleasure tingling down his spine and a nice warm feeling in his lungs at the thought of the cigarette. The flame from the lighter illuminated his cold hard eyes their steely blue colour adding a type of cruelty to his face as he stared intently at his quarry a teen-aged prostitute who stood in the only area of light on the street he’d had his eye on her for a couple of nights now and wanted to get her on his books and the best way to see if they’re any good he thought to himself was to pretend to be a punter besides he could do with a quick fuck and if she was no good he was thirsty. He took another drag from his cigarette and as the girl lent against the nearby lamppost he slowly exhaled, watching the blue-grey smoke as it briefly hung around his face then it was snapped up by the wind and was carried away. Jimmy flicked the butt of his cigarette in the surrounding darkness watching as its glowing end left a line of flickering ashes as it flew through the air and suddenly blew out as it hit the pavement, slowly and silently like a mist moving over the ground he moved towards the girl keeping to the shadows.

Jane De’non had, had a slow night saying that she’d had a slow couple of nights maybe Ginny was right, maybe she should try changing areas the only problem with that was Doug her pimp he’d be pissed saying it was all her fault that she needs to show more cleave and more leg, but you try doing that when its freezing cold she’d catch her death then what good would she be, suddenly she heard movement to her left hand side, it was a footstep followed by another, “hmm maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad.” She said to herself. She turned to face the footsteps and out of the gloom emerged a tall thin man, wearing a jacket that looked two sizes too big for him and scruffy green combat trousers and what looked like huge black boots, Jane thought to her self “I hope it’s true about what they say about men with big feet.” And a seductive smile crept across her face a the thought, he also wore a thick army green jumper that looked and smelt like it hadn’t been washed for a couple of years. She wasn’t sure whether it was the streetlights or not but he looked really pale, he smiled at her without showing his teeth like most people.

“Hello der darlin tis a cold night to be out now.”
Jane felt a warm glow inside her “Irish hmmmm I love Irish men.”

“Hello yourself handsome, fancy showing a girl a good time?”
“Aye dats an idea an how much would a goodtime cost nowadays.”

“Well full whack is forty quid, blowjob is thirty and a hand job is fifteen but as it’s you good-looking call it twenty for the full whack.”

“ Now dats lovely of ya where shall we go… how a bout de alley I never done it there before.”

“Fine come on then. So what to you want then?”

“What was it full whack forty but twenty for me. Well dats grand but I got a different idea.”

“Sorry sweet cheeks I don’t do anal.”

“That’s all right darlin I got a business proposition for you.”
They moved into the nearby alley empty boxes littered one corner, and graffiti was sprayed all over the one wall Jimmy manoeuvred himself so that he was blocking all possible escape from the alley, Jane noticed this and looked up at him, she did she noticed something different about him, he was smiling, that in itself wasn’t strange but what was, was the fact she could see that his sharp canine teeth were large than most people’s and he seemed to be showing them off then it hit her what he reminded her of, a vampire. This was stupid she thought to herself vampires don’t exist, but what other explanation was there for it. Jane tried to move away from him, but he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards him, she winced at the power in his grip and at how cold his hand was, she tried to scream but nothing came out, she tried to pull away from his grasp but he held firm, Jane felt in his grasp that he wasn’t using his full strength, that if he wanted he could snap her arm in seconds. Jimmy heard the approaching man before any human

could have, he heard the click of the blade from the flick knife, his total attention stayed on Jane as her pimp, who had been lurking in the shadows lunged forward to stab Jimmy in the back. The pimp’s throat was caught in Jimmy’s iron grasp before he even got close enough to use the knife, with one hand Jimmy lifted him off the ground while crushing the mans windpipe with one hand, after the last gurgled breaths escaped the dead pimp, Jimmy threw his body across the alley as if it was nothing, with a soft wet crack the body landed on the floor at the far end of the alley the pimps skull cracking open and the blood draining from it into the gutter. Jane looked from the corpse to Jimmy, his eyes showed no emotion for the dead pimp or for her, he pulled he closer to him holding her to his chest and leaning his head down towards her, his canines exposed and ready to bite into her exposed flesh. While this was going on, neither of them noticed the figure moving silently on the rooftop over looking the opposite side of the alley, there wasn’t a sound from him as he launched himself off the roof down towards them.

Jimmy felt the weight on his back before he knew what was happening all he knew was that one minute he was about to get his end away and a nice snack and then the next he was face down on the pavement, but before he had time to voice his anger which was boiling inside him now, he was lifted bodily from the ground and thrown against the opposite wall of the alley face first, with a crack his face and body impacted on the rough brick work breaking his nose jimmy felt the world spinning and blurring his head pounded as if someone was using his head for a hammer, as he slumped down on the alley floor after sliding down the wall using his face as a brake the blur in front of him stood over him talking to him saying something about the bringer of death and murderers. The perpetrator of this crime was stood calmly staring at him not showing any signs of fatigue after just tossing a grown man around an alley and babbling on about shit that jimmy didn’t give a fuck about, slowly Jimmy tried to raise himself to his feet but couldn’t quite make it, Jimmy looked up at his attacker who was towering over him with a strange grin spreading across his face.

“ If you’re looking for some fooking trouble then you’ve found it I’m gonna fucking kill you for this just cause I tried poaching some of your meat, well hope she’s worth it as I’m gonna butcher you.”

The stranger looked at Jimmy then at the cowering girl who was now in floods of tears and praying that if she came out of this alive she’d give up the game and go back home then back to Jimmy in a gentle voice he smiled and said

“You think I own her and want her? No my little friend you’re the one I want, her crimes are nothing compared to yours.”

“ What der fuck are you talking about sonny?”
As the stranger smiled realization as to what he meant flared like fire into Jimmy’s mind this fucker must be IRA or British army wanting revenge for the bomb and was gonna kill him. As he thought this the attacker smiled baring extended canines then something else dawned on him, Jimmy O’Malley was about to become a vampire’s dinner… again. Jimmy decided no way was this guy gonna get him, he reached under his jacket grabbing at the pistol tucked in the waist band of his trousers but the attacker was on him pinning him to the ground before he could bring the pistol round to bear, now Jimmy was no weakling despite his thin build but even with his vampiric strength he couldn’t move this guy the sweat began to run down his forehead, the stranger leaned forward and said in his ear.

“I shall bring death to the evil ones like you who walk this earth for I am the bringer of death. Vampires are my prey.”
Suddenly Jimmy felt the others fangs sink into his exposed neck and the gush as his blood, his own goddamn blood flowed from him into this freak he felt his strength draining from him, the sensation of the bite sent shivers through he fought with all his strength but it didn’t even budge this guy, he could feel his body emptying of blood his strength failing until nothing he could feel nothing his last sight of this world was the star less night sky above.

Jane tears’ blurring her eyes looked up and was transfixed by the sight that met her, her would be attacker was being pinned down to the ground by a figure dressed in a long dark blue coat that looked liked it had come from one of those boring old Victorian style films that her mum used to watch, tight black trousers and when he rose from the still figure she saw he was wearing a black shirt then she noticed the blood around his lips which disappeared as he licked them like a cat that got the cream, he had close cropped black hair and as he turned to face her she hoped that her saviour was actually her saviour and didn’t want desert. He gave her a smile then started to walk towards her with slow deliberate steps, she looked up at him and all she could think of was running, running as far and as fast as she could away from this place but she couldn’t, god how she wanted to move, she he kept saying to her self. “all you got to do is get up for Christ sake just get to your feet and run.” She wanted to be back home behind nice secure locked doors. It felt like a hand was holding her in place some invisible wall blocking her way. She noticed that he was closing in on her but there was no danger in his movements even though she’d witnessed him rip out some ones throat and drink his blood she didn’t fear him she felt in awe of him and from nowhere he produced a rose and handed it to her, her hand reached out and accepted it, she felt as if she wasn’t controlling it and was surprised when it came back to her side with the rose grasped in it, he gave her one more smile then vanished into the night, the body of her the Irishman lay where he lay, as Jane passed out could swear that she heard laughter.

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The following comments are for "Hunted"
by thewildwelshman

Please Read!!!
John, I have known you now for so many years and you have been one of my greatest friends, yet I cannot believe that I have never read your work!!!

Yes, the grammar needs working on, but I would be more than happy to help you with that. Just send over a copy and I'll start work!!!

The story telling is brilliant, the content keeps you reading all the way through. I'm so chuffed to have such a talented friend!! (Much better than you know who of the womens underwear wearing society) hehehe!!

This is actually a very original way of looking at the topic of vampires, and I can also see the screenwriter in you aswell.

I loved it!!

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: September 17, 2004 )

Thanks man will send you the rest of it to fix

( Posted by: Thewildwelshman [Member] On: September 17, 2004 )

I would like you to meet John, he is very talented, and I think you may be interested in this story.

Alex :-)

( Posted by: londongrey [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

Thankyou very much I'll post up the second part fo the 1st Chapter soon so you can actually read the rest of it.

Thanks again I hope you enjoy the rest

( Posted by: Thewildwelshman [Member] On: September 20, 2004 )

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