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George Orwell, noting the behavior of the secret police of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, predicted in his novel '1984' the rise of super-manipulative, omnipotent secret police with sinister psychological weapons and globally-pervasive surveillance.

He predicted also that the entire English-speaking world would come under the sway of a political entity that depended on a constant state of war in order to maintain power.

It truly seems to this writer as if the corporate masters of the governments of the same aforementioned nations, possibly with the exception of Canada, read Orwell's classic with an eye keen for ideas. To observe what is going on at the expense of the ordinary public in terms of media manipulation, government propaganda and military adventurism, one would think perhaps that Orwell inadvertently wrote a manual for statist domination of the Working Class.

The language is even seeing some mild degradation through the oversexed popular culture, both also predicted by Orwell.

In terms of immediate danger to our ability to resist these destructive, authoritarian trends, a question rises on its own volition. Is there a secret police order ready to capture, reindoctrinate and 'disappear' us should we choose to dissent?

In an America where, in the aftermath of the Waco incident, a popular bumper-sticker reads "Is your religion ATF-approved?," this is for certain an issue. There are simply too many questions of ethics and motivation behind everything the U.S. Government does.

Yet to tell the truth, this writer does not believe the Government needs to implement such enforcement of its will. America's corporately-controlled government doesn't need Big Brother's Thought Police. Through some ironic quirk in the character of much of the Nation, this problem is purely academic. The Government and its masters simply do not need such a mechanism in place to defend their ill-gotten power:

They've got Americans.

Now, why would an American citizen such as myself, native to the land and without a hateful or paranoid bone in my body, make this allegation: The American People are possessed of a nature that would lead them to imitate the behavior of the frightened and intimidated citizenry of the Third Reich or the Soviet Union, much less of Orwell's fictional Oceania, no Gestapo, uniformed or not, in sight?

In the formative days of the United States, America was a wild and woolly place where people came from desperate circumstances to share in the wealth that was being stolen from the stone-aged but spiritually and philosophically astute people already living here. To do all the hard work, Black Africans were being shipped forcibly from their homeland to make White people rich beyond their wildest dreams of avarice. The entire enterprise was successful. This is insofar as the objective was to gain wealth.

The part about freedom seemed real enough for a while, at least to the White people. Eventually some White people became more egalitarian in their views and people of color become more assertive.

While the people who owned virtually everything, especially the means of production, schemed to keep the entire Working Class divided against itself via color and other prejudices, Americans began polarizing themselves against each other, and the leaders of Institutional Religion, ever hungry for money and power, stepped in on the part of Authority, as they long had done, and made, to all appearances, a new tenet of spiritual truth: everything outside of capitalism and service to the Captains of Industry and their appointed leaders (for whom we supposedly voted but were now under the control of people wiser or at least devious and richer than the other 99% of the Nation) was of the devil. Whatever apolitical denials might be made by the pious, CAPITALISM HAD NOW BECOME A TENET OF FAITH. No other political or economic system could be tolerated anywhere.

Finally, the last element of our difficulty becomes apparent: Americans, unaccustomed to losing, don't like to espouse difficult or lost causes unless it's precisely the right kind of underdog, and they love to be on the populist bandwagon with everybody. Despite all the bragging, Americans really are not so individual.

All told, Americans are in fact not all that freedom-loving. While many people cite their 'love of freedom' as their motivation for volunteering to fight for the USA in its periodic rapes of nations, their behavior in these wars belies their supposed purpose.

Americans are a Nation of vague conformists with delusions of individually, and of course, grandeur. This is not to say that America has never accomplished anything of value; yet it is inescapably clear that many of the villains America knocks down are exactly what America made or helped make them to be. That includes Adolph Hitler, a good friend and business partner of the grandfather of the sitting President (as of this writing, G.W. Bush).

Finally, I shall just spit out the gist of my presentation: Americans, at least half of them, have fallen into a pattern of behavior heretofore supposedly abhorrent in America. The right-leaning segment of this Nation actively attempts to censure and shut out those of dissenting views, which they do out of natural contempt for the assumed values of the Founding Fathers of the Nation and its Constitution, and the various psychological foibles I have described.

In short, if my reader still doesn't understand: American Republicans are trying to force their viewpoint on everybody by snitching, censuring, ostracizing and silencing anyone they find to be in the left of their own political opinion.

This behavior is becoming so widespread, especially over the upcoming election, that even some Republicans have become frightened of it.

At this point I have said enough. While I expect the Government to do this sort of thing out of its very nature, I do not expect it from my fellow citizen, and I must say that this is one of the things that has most eroded my loyalty to the thing called 'America' than anything else.

As l am certain the Founding Fathers would say, if I cannot trust the Government, that is natural. If I cannot trust my fellow citizen at least to protect my right of free opinion and speech, then the American Nation, such as it is, has become the falsest thing on the face of the Earth, in all of Humanity's time.

The Alienist

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The following comments are for "Americans Censuring Americans"
by The Alienist

o boy alienist
There isn't much I agree with you about, but your last paragraph nails it. I might add that it is the bureaucracy that encourages private citizens to snitch on each other. This is true whether conservatives OR liberals are in charge. Smaller government, less snitchin' I think. Maybe?


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 18, 2004 )

For certain, I agree with you that the obsequeousness of the citizenry (here I mean their willingness to 'snitch' on other citizens) is in direct proportion to the size and power of a government. Also, the degree of authoritarian character of its rule, however explicit or implicit, is a factor. I'm told by my Russian students who are old enough to remember the USSR that while it wasn't quite as paranoid an atmosphere as America's media likes to say it was, there was definitely the possibility of having this happen. In America, it is increasingly evident; people have always snitched others out, mostly to organs like the FBI, but increasingly do so with the rising paranoia and fearmongery and government intimidation of 'The War on Terror' and 'Homeland Security'. I once again will decry the Orwellian, almost German-faschist tone of the term 'Homeland Security'. 'Homeland' is really not a very American word. The term is bred straight from the faschist minds that began this horrid venture and created this atmosphere of fear in the 'Land of the Free'.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: September 18, 2004 )

I agree
Now that was a good peice, and without bashing too! Censorship and forced idiologies are always an immanent threat, no matter what side you're on. I would argue that the patriot act has not taken us there, but we must be ever vigilant to the workings of government.

I'd be interested on hearing something about the recent CBS scandal; the power of unaccountable media to sway idiology.

( Posted by: malthis [Member] On: September 19, 2004 )

the alienist
While I dislike Bush, as everyone knows, I'm disappointed that someone in the Left saw fit to create false documents; I tend to believe the documents are falsified, because I give credibility to those who said they knew this decedent officer who supposedly wrote them and deny that he'd write these.

This is the sort of thing that makes me remind those who know me why I supported Denis Kucinich, who would be in the race today if the Media hadn't refused to cover his campaign in any reasonable way.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: September 19, 2004 )

what, me worry?
Having just read a few more of the details of the Patriot Act, it is hard to do more than agree with what you have written. Alas, you are a bellweather, Alienist. If you should suddenly stop writing, I will be certain of your veracity; maybe to meet you in person in some re-education camp.

The best part of this essay is "The Government and its masters simply do not need such a mechanism in place to defend their ill-gotten power:
They've got Americans." Exactly so. A man told me long ago that everything will go along exactly as planned just so long as we can have our egg mcmuffins and two-car garages. It seems to be the case.

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: September 19, 2004 )

Good S@#T
Good little essay, Alienist. Of course, I'm not American, but in my country we're forced to learn American history, geography, and politics so we can oppress our masters. I've no doubt, though, that if my country had the sheer power yours does, we'd fall into the same abuses.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 19, 2004 )

Your bio shows that you are a sick evil bastard, Viper9. Your writing and your analysis of yourself speaks of a taste for the perverse. You are dangerous for innocent minds everywhere.

I declare you a hero of the Working Class. Keep up the subversion!

If you'd like to write for Candelabra, you're welcome to send us some stuff.

Bacchanalian Patois should be the name of a band, I think. That's brilliant.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: September 19, 2004 )

The American people are no longer capable of effective use of free speech. The sooner we turn off their reality TV shows and anal sitcoms, the sooner we can put power in the hands of an oligarchy of the intellectuals, the artists and the enlightened. Just as Julius Caesar ended the highly corrupt democracy that appeared in the waning days of Roman democracy, so I will serve the people by seizing authoritarian power and using it for noble ends. Needless to say, a certain frat boy and his friends will have some answering to do.
On a different note, I just wished to mention a certain poem of mine that I submitted and was not posted. Now, to the extent that it is truly the desire of to not post this poem, I respect their decision. But the poem: "sure as shit" has only one vulgarity. This vulgarity is a reference to one of Jack Kerouac's most famous poems. I'm highly proud of the work and feel that it should be posted. I'll re-submit it.

( Posted by: seanspacey [Member] On: September 21, 2004 )

In case...'re thinking I'm the new Julius Caesar, no, you're wrong. I don't want leadership. I want a society with no leader. "We're all the boss!"

I'm an anarchist.


Anarchist. No government at all, period.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: September 21, 2004 )

I'll check out this candelabra thing and get back to ya, Alienist. Sounded interesting in your exposed interview.

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 21, 2004 )

Julius Caesar
No, I'm the new Julius Caesar. You're a big frog in a little pond but I'm a Komoto Dragon. My mind is expanding at the rate of the universe; I'm hot!

Na, just kiddin with you. I'll check out Candelabra, too. I use anarchy for shock value and to express certain convictions I have about the empowerment of the enlightened individual. But there will always have to be some kind of system; it's just a matter of making it a civilized one.

( Posted by: seanspacey [Member] On: September 21, 2004 )

That's why...
...I believe in One Big Union.

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: September 21, 2004 )

maybe they don't like Kerouac? I used shit the other day.(in a poem)

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: September 21, 2004 )

Depends on how it's used, you know? I swear occasionally in poems (and like a sailor in the real world), and my partner, who also posts on this site, swears as well when it's warranted. I don't see the big deal at all. Opposition to "swearing" is a sad remnant of our wannabe-genteel past.

Jesus. Who the fuck cares?!

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 21, 2004 )

Who cares.
I care.

I don't care if you swear mind you. People swear in real life, and writing that mirrors real life will probably include swearing.

What I care about is having a forum for everyone to express their views in a manner they're comfortable with. has decided to be a non-vulgar site in a sea of vulgarity. If you have a piece of writing that simply must have vulgarity in it to be appreciated by all means include it.

Just don't post it here. You have lots of alternate options. How's that for anarchy in action?

( Posted by: capulet [Member] On: September 23, 2004 )

Of course, part of the problem is that you think it's "vulgarity" to swear, and I think the concept of vulgarity is silly! It's an irrational concept of an irrational past.

But if you choose not to use "vulgarity" in your work, that's cool with me. I'll read it anyway!

( Posted by: Viper9 [Member] On: September 23, 2004 )

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